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"The Best DS Game Out!"

When this game first came out, I wasn't so sure that I wanted to get it because I wasn't a big fan of the previous Metroid games and the demo in stores wasn't so fun. Then, I heard that this game has voice chat. I thought that just that alone would make the game worth getting, so I got it. I wasn't disappointed. This game is an intense First-Person Shooter. The single-player mode is pretty good, but the multi-player is what you will love about this game. Trust me, this is the best DS game out!

Storyline: 8/10
The storyline to this game isn't bad. The Galactic Federation has sent Samus Aran to seek and destroy the "Ultimate Power". In order to do this, Samus has to collect 8 Octoliths, which are giant crystals used to power a certain something. (I don't want to ruin the story) It turns out, Samus isn't the only one searching for the Octoliths. Six other bounty hunters are also collecting the Octoliths and searching for the "Ultimate Power". These hunter's names are Kanden, Spire, Trace, Noxus, Sylux, and Weavel. It's up to Samus to collect everything before them. If you lose a battle against one of these hunters, they'll steal an Octolith from you. The only way to get it back is to track them down and kill them. It could've had a better storyline if there was more.

Controls: 8/10
There are four types of controls. Two control types are used with the Stylus, and the other two control types are you with the control pad and buttons. The control type that is best for you is what handed you are and if you prefer the stylus or the buttons. The stylus mode are probably the best because they give precise aiming. Suit yourself, though. The only thing that dropped the score down is that, after playing the game for a while, your fingers might feel a little cramped, afterwards.

Gameplay: 9/10
Basically, in Single-player Adventure Mode, you progress through the adventure mode. The adventure mode isn't too hard to beat, but it depends on your skill level. I beat the game in two weeks, while others beat it in a weekend. You'll have to fight a bunch of monsters, scan objects to get information about them, and collect 8 Octoliths by defeating bosses. The only thing that I didn't like so much is that you have to fight 2 bosses pretty much through out the game a LOT. The bosses pretty much just get a little more advanced each time. It could've been better if they made different bosses.

In Multi-player Mode, you have Single Card Play, Multi Card Play, and the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. In Single Card Play, your other friends with a DS can download Metroid Prime Hunters and you can battle them. Your friends can only use Samus, but she's one of the best, anyway. In Multi-card Play, you can pick one of seven game modes to play. They are Battle, Survival, Bounty, Prime Hunter, Nodes, Defender, and Capture. Also, your friends can be any hunter that they want in this Multi-Card play. Finally, there's the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. You can either battle your friends and rivals, or search for random people to battle. When you battle your friends, you have the ability to talk to them by voice chat. The voice chat is awesome and sounds just like a cellular phone. When battling on WiFi, you can raise your rank and become feared if you become a five star. The ranking system makes me want to play it even more to raise my rank. It's awesome.

Graphics: 10/10
The graphics on this game are incredible! The short movies that happen before you face each boss looks VERY realistic. There's no blockyness to this game, what so ever. They make the planets look very dark and scary; they are very detailed. The enemies look pretty simple, but the ammo that they shoot looks awesome. The weapons in this game look awesome, such as a long, red beam, known as the Imperialist and the small yellow beam known as the Volt Driver. There aren't any flaws here.

Sound / Music: 10/10
The music on this game suits the situation that you are in. For example, when battling a different hunter and Adventure mode, a violin comes on and plays a really high note. The sounds that come on when someone is shooting at you sound great. You can even hear footsteps. The sound and music on this game is great!

Replay Value: 10/10
If you have the Wi-Fi internet in your house, this is a game that you'll never want to put down. The Wi-Fi alone is enough to last you for a long time. You also have the Adventure mode which will take you some time to scan all of the objects in the game and defeat all of the bosses. Plus, you'll have fun trying to raise your rank.

Bottom Line: 10/10
This game definitely deserves a 10 because of how fun the multi-player is. Even if you don't have Wi-Fi, single player isn't bad either, and you can still battle bots. And with the ability to have voice chat, this is a must-have DS game.

Rent or Buy?

Definitely buy this game. You won't be disappointed. :)

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/20/06

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