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"A great online FPS, meh offline."

Yes, meh. By itself, the game is much like any other Meroid Prime game. The basic look and hunt, search for items, and shoot what moves. Noticeably shorter then the first two Metroid Prime games, but it's understandable. The DS can't hold as much as a Gamecube can, and everyone knew from the start the Adventure mode wasn't where the most fun was to be had.

The games Adventure mode is fun while it lasts. Goal of the game is to collect these crystalesque shards known as Octoliths. Yet you're not alone in collecting these. Aside from Samus Aron, there are six other Bounty Hunters looking for them. If you lose a fight between one of them, they will claim their bounty and take anywhere from a single Octolith from you, to all that you are carrying. To retrieve them, you must track them down, sometimes on another planet, just to fight, and win to retrieve your Octolith back.

The controls in the game just cry out for a thumb stylus. Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to buy one yet. There's four control methods. Stylus, and Button, then reversed for left handed players. With the stylus, you must have the dexterity to aim where you point in the game. Sounds easy, but the view area isn't on the touch screen at all. So you'll need some hand-to-eye coordination as well. The button control option is downright horrible in my opinion. You move with the + pad, yet only strafe left and right. To turn and look up and down, you use the ABXY buttons. The main problem with that control scheme is, however that you still need to use the touch screen. It can be kinda hard to hold your stylus and use both sets of buttons at the same time. It may just be me, but it's a lot harder to get used to after playing Metroid Prime 1 and 2.

The graphics aren't bad at all. But it's not like Metroid Prime graphics are that complex in the first place. They may be stellar graphics, but it's still limited by the DSs screen size. Sometimes in the game, you just wish it was a tad bigger. As well, in the bigger rooms with many enemies, the framerate can drop quite a bit. The touch screen is fairly simple. It has a radar, your scan visor and your morph button. Unfortunately, your map isn't displayed on screen. You must fully pause the game to view it, yet the worlds are a lot smaller in this game, and it's not very hard to find your way around. The different planets all have a diffrent setting. From hot and firey to cold and iced, bioligy to technology, and are all put together pretty well.

The multiplayer now, is where the game really shines. Without a wifi connection, it's not bad if you have a friend with a DS. Single card play allows you to transfer a Battle game type to a friend, who can only choose Samus. In all other mutliplayer gametypes, you can be any of the seven bounty hunters, each having diffrent abilities in their alternate form (same as Samus and her Morph Ball). In multicard play, you can play any game type, with whomever. Same goes with Wifi. When playing online, you cn create a game, however you must have people on your friends list, or your rival list (come from past games or with the rival radar) before being able to start like that. You can join a game a rival or friend has started, or search for a new game. Look for players at any or at your ranking, worldwide to a simple local search. Arenas are a single room or area from the Adventure mode, with different weapons and health units set up around the area.

Now there are seven different gametypes you can play, as long as you're not playing Single card multiplayer. Battle is the most popular game type according to, and for good reason. It's straight up killing. Run around, kill someone and get a point. First to the needed points wins. There's also team options, where the first team to the required points become the winner. Next, Survival. You have a number of lives. Get killed or kill yourself and you lose one. As with any video game, it's game over when they're gone. Bounty mode is basically capture the flag. Take an Octolith to a location set in the map to win. Defender mode is where you must secure a spot on the map, and keep it tagged as your own longer then anyone else. Prime hunter mode is much like a Rambo match. First to make a kill becomes the "Prime Hunter" and the rest of the players must kill this one. Capture is also like Capture the flag. Take Octoliths from the enemy base, and bring them back to your own. This is a team game. And finally, Node match. Basically, it's like Defender mode, but with multiple smaller "Nodes" you must claim.

So just typing that makes me wanna play again. As you can tell, the games playability is up there. You can have endless hours trying to get ranked one of the best online. Even if you don't have Wifi at home, it's fun to run off to a hot spot and play there. The game is a great FPS for the Nintendo DS. And I highly recommend it. And this is coming from a player that hates first person shooters. I'm giving it a total of 7/10 in this review, as the Single player game was fun, but too short, even if I did only buy it for the Wifi connection.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/26/06

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