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"Samus is up and at it again, and probably nothing can stop her."

Control Options: 8/10

This game isn't bad, but the controls are really a minor drawback. When you first start, the touch-screen controls are really what you first appear with. Changing them still doesn't exactly help - the right-handed people use the four buttons but you still can't aim probably and accurately without hitting something else. The left handed people use the other pad but I can tell it doesn't really get good aiming as well.

Single Player Mode: 8/10

The single player game play is pretty good, actually, though it's hard and needs a lot of logical thinking and exploration. The bosses and Hunters are, okay, and have better aiming and stronger powers than you do, but you can beat them quite easily if you know how. The only setback is that the bosses are repeatedly fought (except for the Hunters, which die when you kill them) and they get stronger everytime, but it's annoying that we have to fight them again.

Multiplayer Mode: (Haven't played yet, no people I know have this game)

I've heard of the Multiplayer Modes in Metroid Prime: Hunters, and they all say that the mode is good and deserves a good note. I've read the reviews about it and they all say they enjoyed playing it so I'm assuming that it's a pretty good thing.

Graphics: 9/10

The graphics are really good for a DS game, and they are detailed and are extremely clear even from a distance. Though, if you jump up and bump a wall while you're facing it, large pixels are in your sight and they don't really look very good, but it's a DS game, and that's probably all you can get from the best games. It has good graphics overall, I guess.

Music: 7/10

Music isn't really practised in Metroid Prime: Hunters. Hardly any music is played when you go through levels. It's just threatening silence, as if something is going to jump out at you and you have to be prepared. Despite the misuse of the music, they do capture the eerie feeling of silence and if kind of makes you look around in real life as if something's wrong.

Sound: 6/10

It is kind of like music, there is not a lot of it. The sound only captures the occasional shout of agony from Samus and when the bosses get shot they let out a scream which hurts your ears. The sound is overall okay, not bad, but not the best of the world either.

Story Line: 8/10

Geez, this is the only thing that sets back the game two points away from 10/10. The other sound or single player draw backs are only minor compared to what the story line is. Samus recievs a message from an anonymous person that says some stuff about ultimate power and she wants it? Naw, not really explained very well.

Gameplay: 7/10

The gameplay isn't actually too bad. The morph ball mode is also pretty impressive. It's cool that Samus can live in a ball the sive of a probable seven inch TV screen. The enemies are pretty cool as well, and the bosses are hard and need quick thinking and use of your brain to actually defeat them probably or your going to get killed and your still scratching your head and going, "What am I supposed to do?" It needs practical thinking and common sense. I also think that this game is good for practising your rank at games and knowledge of them....well not really.

Personal Overall Rank: 8/10

This game is gotten a pretty impressive rank for a DS game, although others have given it a much better rank than I have. I personally think this game could get much more out of it, like when you pause you can save right then and there, without having to recieve three Alimbic Artifacts and open a portal to your ship so you can waddle over there and go into your ship. It makes it more frustrating. And the bosses are annoying to me as well. If you can't beat it, it makes the game more hard than you thought it would be.

First Thoughts:

When the Nintendo DS first appeared in 2003/2004, I never noticed it and regarded it without much though or wished I had it. During 2006 Christmas, my dad bought it for me and I got only one game becuase that was all the money I had and could use. The first game I bought was Metroid Prime: Hunters. I searched on Gamefaqs when I first planned to buy a DS and watched the gameplay movies on Metroid Prime: Hunters and I thought it was a great game. When I played it for the first time I knew I had the perfect game to play. DS had a reliable game, and it was this very one.
I bought one game after that one, which has no reason to be mentioned, and I didn't play that one as much as Metroid Prime: Hunters. The game is a very good one, and is recommended highly and I put in good note: this game deserves to be played. Kirby, Mario, Yoshi....kick 'em off like a deflated soccer ball. Forget about them, buy Metroid Prime: Hunters! Buy it! You'll like it. People how say that this game sucks, I don't understand why it's THAT bad. Sure, this game has it's good and bad points, but it does NOT need a two out of ten! That's just plain stupid. I think this game is great!

Good Points:

The best part of this game is the exploration and the planets you go to. The Vesper Defense Outpost was pretty hard, though, and I kinda got lost but it was okay in the end. A lot of places in all the levels were hard but they all were good in the end. I think this game is as good as everyone says it is, and it really gets you with it's enemies and bosses, it just makes you think. Not all games do, but this one you get stuck and you search on the walk-throughs and they tell you, and you go, "Aw, dammit! Why didn't I do that before?" It's really annoying and you kick yourself when you know what to do then.

Bad Points:

The saving is really hard. You have to always go back to your ship and enter it. Really, it doesn't help because that's the only thing you can do, other than replace your weapons or get your health back or some other stupid useless stuff that you don't need. Other than that, that's the only really bad thing. Like I've mentioned before, the story line also needs major improvement. I mean, it doesn't make sense! Going to different planets, recieving artifacts, and doing stuff that doesn't do anything much except open useless portals to your own ship or some repeatedly fought boss. I think that's a setback. But it is a very good game, overall.


After gathering all the good points and the bad points, my final conclusion of Metroid Prime: Hunters is that it is a good game, a great game. It is a game that you should play and that you should get when/if you get a DS. The game might frustrate you when you first play it and don't know what to do - don't worry, checking Gamfaqs never hurt anyone. It helps sometimes to go through walk-throughs. Buy this game! It deserves to be played because it's a good game, hah! I'm not kidding though. It is. I'm not done yet, but I am getting through it. This game is good. I won't say anything more get Metroid Prime: Hunters!

Roll over, Gameboy lovers, this game's gonna whack you away like a golf club!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/03/07

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