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"Another Annoying Metroid Game? One way to find out"

Metroid Prime: Hunters

Great…Another annoying Metroid Prime Game? Will it be confusing much? Yeah, but in my opinion, this is probably just as confusing at Metroid Prime: Echoes for Gamecube, but not to worry because plenty of guides are out there to help you. But before you read the guide, we have another way to stress you out in this game. The demo compared to the game is all that I can say that it was a disgrace to this really, really, really good game! If you think the demo was good, wait to you play this! Now, if you thought the demo sucked, same here, but I have gotten the game and it is not sucky like that demo.

Story: 8

As you start your new journey, you play as Samus (Obviously!) and have to collect all, if I remember correctly, 8 Octiliths. The Octiliths are the ultimate power in the game. Basically, there are 8 new hunters named, Weavel, Spire, Noxus, Sylux, Trace and Kanden, if I remember correctly (I might be saying “If I remember correctly” a lot more). So, there are 5 levels or planets or places or whatever you want to call them. Samus has to beat those levels,BUT WAIT! There's another thing to it? Yes, in the last level named, Oubliette, You have to fight some weird monster thing named, Gorea, and when you get to a certain spot in that level you will see some cool weird looking cut-scene. Gorea has two phases, the first is annoying and long and the second is easy! Just read the guides correctly and it will help you.

Gameplay: 9

It is pretty cool and stuff, like always you go around to random planets and stuff and shoot random things like crazy (or that might just be me). There are many enemies, but all games have many. One thing that upset me is that unlike Metroid Prime: Echoes for gamecube, it doesn't have a giant turret. Sometimes when you lose to the enemies and people it not like you want to destroy the DS or anything, but the certain bosses can get very annoying! There are 4 levels and one final level where you fight the final boss. All 4 levels are very long and in order to save, you must go back all the way to the beginning of the level to the ship. I know what your thinking, “Whoopdee do!” But one good thing is that you can go through some teleporter back to the beginning. In each level, there are 2 Octoliths, and you can only get 1 Octolith per level, so guess what that means! You have to come back into the again later.

Controls: 9

Okay, I'm not sure about the other games in DS, but the people who made Metroid Prime: Hunters must have thought about the controls. I say that because now in the options section, you can choose Stylus Left Hand, Stylus Right Hand, Dual Left Hand, and Dual Right Hand, which means if your left hand, you can actually use it, so technically they give a fair advantage toward people who are Left Handed, and just to say, the controls are barely anything like the demo, so don't worry!

Graphics: 8

I would say the graphics are pretty good, I've seen better in games but this has the best graphics over the 3 Metroid Prime games. One thing that amazed me the most was how the cut-scene looked pretty amazing, but other than that it was ok… But one thing is that the graphics may have been awesome, but I found out a numerous amount of glitches in the game. So when you play Wi-Fi (which also has great graphics, but not as awesome as Mario Kart DS) if you see walls or something shooting at you, obviously, someone has glitched. (Use to see how to do some glitches, but please don't be a noob).

Single Player: 7

In my opinion, the single player was ALMOST just as confusing at Metroid Prime: Echoes for Gamecube. I couldn't do this myself and I admit I have to find a guide for this game. It took me about 15+ hours to beat the game according to my ‘records' section and I still haven't gotten the whole 100% of scanning all the items and stuff, but they could of worked on it and make it not as confusing, but the Multiplayer is a WHOLE different story. There are 5 levels, they are named (in the order you go to them) Celestial Archives, Alinos, Vesper Defense Outpost and if I'm correct, Arcterra and the last level, Oubliette, but remember, you have to go through the first four levels twice!

Multiplayer: 9

If are going to get this game, buy it for the Multiplayer! The reason is that this game has an incredible Wi-Fi online thing. If you're the only one with the game pak, have no fear! It can be used for single game pak, multiplayer and Wi-Fi! Plus, if you're the only one with the game pak you have more advantages! Another thing is that your win/lose record is recorded so you can either show off or embarrass yourself.

If I'm correct, this is only for the multiplayer. Now they have 7 different types of multiplayer. Survival, battle, bounty, nodes, prime hunter, Capture and defender, in the first different multiplayer type, battle, it is like all other ones. Basically, get to a certain amount of kills in a certain amount of time. Next is survival, what you do is limit the number of times you and all the other players can respawn and try to be the last one standing. In defender, secure a designated area and increase your timer while you are the only hunter to occupy it, if there is another player in the area then the time stops. In bounty, you have to fight the other hunters for the possession if the Octolith and be the one to deliver it in the specified spot. In prime hunter, you have to survive a certain amount of time while being in first place overall out of all the hunters, but the catch is that as long as your in first place, your health decreases until your in second to fourth place, and in order to gain health you have to kill other players. So that means you can't get the health power-ups. Capture obviously comes from Capture the Flag, but now changed to Capture the Octolith. In case you don't know what ‘Capture the Flag' is, what you do is, Raid the enemy team's territory and steal the Octolith (like the flag) and score when both Octiliths are at your base. Now last but certainly not least, Nodes. I bet your all thinking what in the world is a ‘Node'. Well I'll explain to you what you do. In Nodes, you have to find and secure the node rings and earn points while they are in your control.

Sound: 9

The sound wasn't half bad. They could've improved on it but the best times were doing the cut-scenes, and toward me I don't really criticize the sound because most of the time I don't leave my sound on, but during the times I did have the sound on it was pretty good.

Replay Value:
Single Player Replay Value: 7

The reason why I rate the Single Player Replay Value a 7 is because after you beat the game and get everything scanned to 100%, it can get very boring. I mean, its not all so bad because you can still replay Gorea and your enemies, but seriously why would you do that?

Multiplayer (including Wi-Fi) Replay Value: 9
If you don't have Wi-Fi: 5

Unless you don't have Wi-Fi then I would suggest renting this game. The reason why is because in Wi-Fi is absolutely amazing! It records everything PLUS, it will 99% of the time get boring. Now unless you don't have Wi-Fi, three words, sucks for you! The only thing you would be able to do is play robots in the Multiplayer Pak. That can get very, very, very boring after beating them for a while, but if you have Wi-Fi, I guarantee there will be a plethora of things to do.

Overall: 9

If you love shooting games, this is for you. This might well be the next Halo. I guarantee you may get pissed off a LOT from the single player, but the multiplayer/ Wi-Fi part is the best! Pretty good game, but just to say, my guide does not lie and when I have to talk about any Video Game, I am 100% serious and want to give GOOD advice to people and not make them get some stupid, boring game and make them waste their money. But when I say this game is worth it for the Wi-Fi it is.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/07/07

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