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"Simply Amazing..."

Ah, Metroid Prime Hunters, I remember it well. When the demo first came out, fans were amazed. Eye dazzling graphics, Amazing sound, spectacular gameplay, it was all there. However, will the real game be that great? I guess we're about to find out......

Story: 8/10 (great)
'' The secret to ultimate power lies within the Alimbic cluster." This telepathic message has been sent across the universe, in a thousand different words, in a million different languages, but the message has always been the same. " The secret to ultimate power lies within the Alimbic cluster. " The Galactic federation has sent their top notch bounty hunter Samus Aran to secure this power, or otherwise destroy it, fearing that it falls in the wrong hands. However, Samus is not alone. 6 other bounty hunters have also heard the message, and want it for different reasons, even if it means charging up their arm cannons. So the hunt is on for ultimate power.

Graphics: 10/10 (perfect)
The graphic.... Dazzling, simply dazzling.... The lava, the surroundings, your arm cannon, everything looks great! In large arenas, there's almost no choppiness. Even while in some of the small ones, everything looks neat. Each and every hunter is unique, with totally different looks and awesome looking alt-forms. Every time you encounter and defeat a boss, you will first enjoy a lovely cut-scene with eye candies in full 3-D. Each gun looks different, from a yellowy spark of the Voltdriver to a blazeing fireball of the Magmaul. Nintendo did an awesome job of showing off what the DS can do.

Sound: 9/10 (awesome)
Music, explosions, grunts of pain, gunshots, it's all here. During adventure mode, when you enter a room and the music suddenly gets hot, you know your in big trouble. In multiplayer, you can actually know what weapon' s being fired by just listening to the sound it makes. Don't forget the music. Each and every planet has their own theme, from the eerie music of the Oubliette, to the deadly silence of Arcterra.

Gameplay: 10/10 (perfect)
The true core to MPH. You control the bounty hunter Samus Aran, as you explore the wild and uncharted territory of the Alimbic cluster. While you walk through the eerie hallways of this deadly world, you will be ambushed by monsters of all sort, ranging from ferocious bounty hunters to bloodthirsty dinosaurs-like aliens.

This game features 2 space stations and 2 planets, each with 2 sections so you can come back later and open new areas with your new weapons you'll get along your journey. Each section requires you to find 3 artifacts, which are necessary to open a stronghold portal which will allow you to fight the boss of that area. After defeating that boss, they will leave behind one of the eight energy crystals called Octliths which is needed to gain access to the so called ''ultimate power''. Then, after defeating the boss, the countdown begins. You get a certain amount of time to get back all the way to your Gunship, save, and take off before the planet goes boom.

The game also has way more weapons than any previous Metroid game, such as the Ice beam which is now called the Judicator, to the blazing fireballs of the Magmaul.

You see the world through the eyes of Samus Aran, also known as the HUD (head up display), just like any other prime game, making this unique to the non-prime games as well. One thing worth mentioning is that there is no lock on, so you do the aiming yourself, however, the precise aiming of the stylus easily makes up for this flaw.The controls are extremely easy to use, and will be detailly explained later on in the controls section.

Nintendo really put all their effort into this game, so we can have a blast of a time!

Multiplayer: 10/10 (perfect)
The heart to Metroid Prime Hunters. The multiplayer really rocks, and I say it by heart. There are three ways to play, one being Wi-Fi, another being multi-card and the last one being single-card play. Each one is unique, with different styles of gameplay.

In Wi-Fi, you can go online and get randomly paired with three people, vote for an arena and the hunt is on! However, if you have their friendcode you can go to a whole new level of gaming experience. Before battle, you get the opportunity to talk to your friends over Nintendo Wi-Fi, then, you can pick a mode to play, ranging from the classic battle mode, defender, which is like king of the hill, bounty, where you deliver an octlith to a certain drop-off point, prime hunter, in which you grow into a killing machine, and killing people to stay alive, as your energy is dropping by the second, and killing is the only way to regain it, node, in which you claim territory around the arena to earn points, capture, which is like capture the flag but with octliths, and survival, which you try to be the last man standing.

Next is multi-card, in which if people around you have the game, you can play locally without Wi-Fi, and the gameplay is the pretty much the same, select an arena, chose a mode, and start battling.

Now, single-card, if your the only one playing, you can send demos over to other DSs, but only if their within the local range. So select an arena, and your ready to go, but here's the catch, your only allowed to play battle mode, as the demo they've got has limited data, and when they turn their DSs off, the demo is automatically deleted.

Here's something new about the multiplayer, is that you can now play as other bounty hunters! Each hunter has a unique alt-form, from Samus's trademark morphball to Weavel's halfturret, and each hunter has a affinity weapon, a weapon in which they get a special effect out of, including Samus. These abilities range from Noxus's freeze ability to Samus's homing missiles.

There is also a Rival radar in Wi-Fi play, in which you leave your DS out to search for other MPH owners with the rival radar on, and you will automatically exchange friend codes. Another fun feature is each person with the game has a hunter license, which records your game data such as games played, total play time, favorite weapon, etc. It's just there so you can look at your progress and show off to others.

Controls: 8/10 (great)
The controls, they may be a little hard to get used to, but over time you'll be zipping around all over the place with ease.

First up is stylus mode right, in which you aim with the touchscreen, move around with the D-pad, shoot with L , and double-tapping the touchscreen with make you jump. The controls are reversed while using stylus mode left, for left-handed people.

Next up is dual mode, which you use the X, Y, A, and B buttons to aim, move with the D-pad, shooting is still the same, done with L , and jumping is moved to the R button. However, precise aiming is a pain without the stylus. The controls are reversed as well while in dual mode left.

Replayability: 8/10 (great)
The single player mode isn't all that exciting once you get 100%, but there's always the multiplayer to keep things fresh, even if you don't have people around you with a DS, you can still play against bots.

Overall: 10/10 (perfect)
This game is wonderful, truly wonderful! Without hesitation, this could easily be the best DS game ever! It pushes the DS to it's true limits, and no other game could possibly be better. It's also a sigh that the Metroid series will never fall, seeing that one successful game could change it all. Long live Metroid!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/15/08, Updated 03/06/08

Game Release: Metroid Prime: Hunters (US, 03/20/06)

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