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"Long awaited, quickly finished."

I have only played one Metroid Prime game, and I hope the others are not as terrible as this. Having got the game a few months ago, I have finished the game, as it seems it is repetitive and proves no real challenge.

Single Player: 2 out of 10

The single player is the worst part of the game, except for Wi-Fi that is. There is no, I repeat no, actual background story to this game. All you get is a 2 minute film introducing the 6 other, annoying, completely useless, bounty hunters that you will encounter. Anyway, the object of the story mode is to gather 8 ocoliths to gain the 'ultimate power' (Quite pathetic story for a Metroid game, as the reviews of other Metroid Prime games say that they have great story lines). Unfortunately, you are not the only Hunter to have received the message from someone (don't know who). 6 other hunters, Slylux, Trace, Noxus, Kanden, Spire, and Weavel, all want the ocoliths for their own use. (Again, it doesn't tell you what for, but there you go). To get these special crystal thingummies, you have to travel to 4 other planets and defeat the bosses there. But the bosses are easy! There are only 2 bosses(they get more challenging as you progress through the game, as they are in 4 different forms each), a giant eyeball thingy and a long thin pole, both packed with useless weaponry that barley does any damage to your ever upgrading power suit, so there is no real challenge. The only part of the boss that is even remotely challenging is getting back to your ship after you have killed the boss. (There is a timer. :s) This is really annoying because loads of guardians come out of nowhere and start shooting at you! Ok if you can just keep on running, but you can't, as they must be destroyed before getting to a different room! After gaining all 8 ocoliths, you have to fight a boss called Gorea and it's really easy because it's just: shoot, shoot, blast. Shoot, shoot, blast. Etcetera .To sum up, the story mode is possibly the worst story mode I have ever seen.

Multiplayer: 2 out of 10

Now, just to let you know beforehand, I have never been on a local game with anyone, so this part of the review is about Wi-Fi. The reason that I have given Wi-Fi such a terrible score is that some players are cheaters. They use such classics as: Invincibility, Auto aim for headshots, Invisibility, (although trace can become invisible if he stands still) rapid fire for the Imperialist and they turn off their DS if they're losing. Also, I find that only 3 hunters are used, Samus, Trace, and Sylux. This is kind of a blow, because if you use the other 4 hunters you are targeted by all the other players, and become the prey. (I heard this name on the internet; don't ask me who came up with it). The prey is the worst player in the battle, and is used by other hunters to gain points quickly, without having to face good players.

Also, when searching for opponents, not only does NWFC take long, but it doesn't do what you want it to do. There are two types of opponents to battle, ‘Any Rank' or ‘Match my rank'. Seems simple, except that if you are a 1 or 2 star bounty hunter like me, (I am Called Matthew™) and you select ‘Match my rank' you will find yourself battling 3 star hunters who just pick on you. I mentioned earlier that I had never been on a local game against anyone, but I lied, because you can easily just battle bots and improve your Hunters licence that is displayed on Wi-Fi. This is sort of fun, but I guess that if you're a 5 star hunter the 3 star bots are no match for you. Another problem with Wi-Fi is that everyone chooses the Oubliette, as this holds the Omega cannon, a deadly weapon that can kill instantly. Sounds good, but at the start of the battle, it's just a race to get there, and you usually find yourself dead in about 30 seconds if you're not quick. So I guess Wi-Fi is only good if you're, well, good at the game.

Graphics: 9 out of 10

Ok, I admit it. The graphics in the game are the best I've ever seen on a handheld console. The only thing that stops it being a 10 is that if you get really close to a wall, enemy, or something else you can see all the pixels and it's a bit disappointing. However, I think that the designs of the 6 other bounty hunters are superb. They are all individually coloured and all look completely different. They each have different arm cannons and have different weapons that are unique to Metroid Prime (as far as I know). And, to my surprise, the explosions and cut scenes are one of the best I have ever seen anywhere (except for TV). I think on this occasion, Xbox 360 has competition on the graphics thing. In conclusion, if the rest of the game were as good as the graphics, I would definitely give the game 9 out of 10.

Sound/Music: 6 out of 10

The sound in this game is good, but not a great as it could be. The atmospheric music when you're on a planet is a bit annoying, and makes you want to turn the sound off, but you know you can't because when you're about to fight a bounty hunter this music comes on and if you're not prepared it will make you jump. The sound effects, e.g. bullets, crashes, grunts, are quite good because it all happens at the right time so you get the sense that your actually there, and not playing your DS. If it weren't for the music, the sound/ music score would be a lot higher.

Overall: 3 out of 10

The reason is that I have given this game such a crappy score is that Nintendo has really let what could be a good game fall down the toilet, (If you get me). There are some parts of the game that are really great, like the graphics and cut scenes for example, but because of the rest I couldn't let the game be hidden behind the 'pretty graphic' things.(And the fact that you get to see Samus Aran WITHOUT her power suit. Like that hasn't been used before). XD

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 06/02/08

Game Release: Metroid Prime: Hunters (EU, 05/05/06)

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