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"Metroid Prime Hunters, at very long last..."

Well, it's finally here, the game many Nintendo DS owners have been waiting patiently...or impatiently for the past year and a half. I've been waiting so long for this game, that I felt compelled to write a review for it. Pardon me if this review wasn't what you were looking for, as it's my first one ever, but I'll try to be as objective as I can be for anyone looking at this game.

ANYWAYS, ON WITH THE SHOW! (everything's on a 10 point scale, 10 being the best, and 1 being the worst.)

Controls: 9
FPS! ON A PORTABLE CONSOLE!!! AND AIMING IS EASY WITH THE STYLUS (variable sensitivity! and inversion!)!! Honestly, what more can you ask for? I would say the stylus is what really makes this game great. The action is rather fast paced, and should cater to many gamers as the controls are easy to pick up in the span of 5 minutes (give or take a few). The only problem with the controls, and maybe it's just me, but after maybe half an hour, the hand holding the DS is gonna be really sore...or cramped up. (If you have advice on a better way to hold the DS, I'd greatly appreciate it.)

Gameplay: 10
Lots of multiplayer modes to choose from, including Capture (CTF), Deathmatch, Bounty (sorta like CTF), survival (stock matches), Defender (King of the Hill), Prime Hunter (Kill the Leader...of sorts), and Nodes (sorta like...capture and hold bases sort of thing), many great maps, offline bots Nintendo's Wi-Fi system for multiplayer matches, and even a single-player mode for those not feeling up to taking on the world. This game pretty much covers all the bases in terms of what you're feeling up to playing.

Story: 6.5
In single player mode, Samus is on yet another quest. This takes place in between the first Metroid Prime, and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. This time around, Samus is on a quest to discover the ultimate power, and a bunch of other Hunters are out for it too.
Honestly, it's not a very interesting, or compelling story. Nothing that'll keep you on the edge of your seat, or anything. It does the job, and I consider it mainly just gravy on top of the great gameplay already offered.

Characters: 9.5
Not only do we get to play as Samus this time around, WE GET ANOTHER 6 DIFFERENT HUNTERS to choose from. Each has their own unique abilities, and affinity weapon, with which they can launch better than normal attacks with. I certainly enjoy this option, as it's nice not to wander into games of Samus fighting herself all the time. One possible imbalance if you could even call it that, would be the abilities of certain characters. Trace and Weavel who are rumored to be "broken", but so far, all the hunters play out pretty evenly in my eyes.

Graphics: 9.5
This game has wonderful graphics, and plenty of effects and things like that, not that you'll really have time to enjoy them while everyone else is blasting at you (maybe you'll have time in single player, when you're trying to scan anything and everything.) On a portable console nonetheless. The only possible thing that can go wrong with these graphics is when you're on a huge map, brawling it out in close-range with 3 other Hunters, and with all that action, it can get a bit pixel-ly, but not to fear, you can still make out their heads for a great headshot. :D

Sound: 8
A Metroid game, complete with Metroid game music. To be honest, I haven't had that much time to pay attention to the music, but I assure you, it does the job, and isn't annoying or anything, heck, you'll probably prefer to listen to this over most other things when you're blasting away.

Replayablity: 10
Wi-fi. Need I say more. As long as human opponents are there, this game should never EVER GET BORING. Like CS, but PORTABLE. :D Besides, even if there aren't human opponents there, the bots offer up one heck of a fight too. (Though, I doubt you'll want to play single-player story mode that often.)

Difficulty: Variable.
Honestly, this game is going to be as hard as the challenge your opponent gives you. Chances are, you'll be playing the Wi-Fi modes far more often that the story modes. However, if you're in story mode, it's not difficult, and if you're new to the Metroid Prime Series, a good place to start to pick up some basics and maybe even some combat tricks before you go to dominate the online scene.

Overall: I give this game a 9 out of 10. IT'S SIMPLY PURE FUN.

The reasons why this game doesn't get a perfect score in my eyes:
1. I don't know, but a perfect 10 is sorta supposed to be...impossible. This is still pretty darn close though. :D
2. The DS kinda gets heavy after a while, hopefully the DS Lite will rectify this. (or, some kind of unique holding method, or a stand of sorts...)
3. The storyline. It just doesn't hold my attention, when I'd much rather be playing Wi-Fi.

Buy or Rent: WHAT?!?! YOU'RE EVEN QUESTIONING THIS? BUY IT OF COURSE! (and a DS for those of you who don't own one, you just don't know what you're missing out on)

I hope that my first review was insightful to those of you who will read it!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/24/06

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