Review by Marioface5

Reviewed: 03/24/06

I'd hate to be an enemy in this game...

Ever since the DS came out I had been waiting for this game... Then I went to the game store to finally pick it up. This game, is a new brand of greatness.
I will now give you the category reviews. (I'll split up my review)

Story(10): Pretty good. Pretty good. The ultimate power has been rumored about and only the best bounty hunter will obtain it. Who will win? Overall, 10/10.

Graphics(10): Whoa... They were not kidding when they made this game's graphics. They are as good, if not better, than the Game cube's. The colors and shading make cut scenes like something out of a non-animated film. The details are too the extreme. You can finally see Samus's face! Overall, 10/10.

Sound(10): Very realistic. Very Metroid Prime. Very awesome. The sound in this game is perfect. From shots to deaths, from re spawns to ship landings, the sound in this game is great. Overall, 10/10.

Music(10): Music too my ears. Literally. Classic Metroid Prime and New Metroid Prime. If you don't love the music in this game then, MUSIC HATER!!!
j/k. But seriously, I don't know how you couldn't love this music. Overall, 10/10.

Single player(10): WHOA!!! They UPGRADED the series. AGAIN! you can land Samus's ship on new planets. You can even get new weapons from the other hunters. It's semi-hard. Each level is unique and a lot like the hunter that occupies it. The hunters are not the bosses though. And you will fight the different hunters A LOT. The enemies vary, so the game won't get repetitive.
The weapons are vast too. Morph ball is back and each hunter has their own secondary form to fight you with. Overall, 10/10.

Multi player(10): Pretty good. You can play download play, but it's not as fun as DS to DS. There is voice chat in the lobby. It really adds replay to the game. You can use the other hunters in this mode. To unlock the other hunters, you either have to rank higher than them in a multi player match, or kill them in single player. Each hunter has different abilities, so choose carefully! Plus, In multi-card, you can have bots fight you! Overall, 10/10.

Wi-fi(10/10): One thing that makes you want to play and play. Come on people, Metroid Prime WIRELESS! Again, you can use the hunters you've unlocked. Overall, 10/10.

Buy or Rent?: Buy. Unless you somehow despise Metroid Prime games.

Overall: You need to get this game when you can. You'll love it!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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