"Hunt down Hunters before it's too late!"

Metroid Prime: Hunters is the best in the series. Not only is it the first 3D portable game in the series, it's also the first portable that features online battling!

Gameplay: 10/10

The gameplay is, always has been, and always will be the best. There isn't a Metroid game I haven't played that wouldn't get a 10 in gameplay, and Hunters is no exception. There are six new weapons, and six new Hunters, aside from the Power Beam, Missiles, and Samus. Each hunter has their own variation of Morph Ball, and all of them except Samus have their own signature weapon. They all have access to every weapon, however, in multiplayer, the signature weapon is easier to find, and I pretty sure it also gets ammo faster.

There's still all the essentials that all of the Metroid games have, Missile Expansions, Energy Tanks, Scan Visor, etc. The game should feel pretty comfortable to those who have known the series for a while.

Graphics: 6/10

The cutscene graphics are probably the best ever for a portable, but the graphics during gameplay aren't all that great. It definately could have been better.

Sound: 10/10

Sometimes, while I'm waiting for players in Wi-Fi, I find myself tapping to the music on the top screen. The game still has its signature sounds like the "aaaaah!" voices.

Story: 9/10

The story is pretty basic. You're on a mission to find some "ultimate power" (This is mostly in the mission log when you start a file, and the rest doesn't take long to find out) somewhere in the Alimbic System. You must either ensure GFMC control of it, or, if that's not possible, destroy it or make sure it remains top secret. Apparently, the way to find it is to collect eight heavily-guarded "octoliths". To access the bosses guarding the octoliths, you must find three Alimbic Artifacts for each. Doing so will open a portal to the boss defending it.

Control: 8/10

The control takes a few minutes to get used to, and can give you carpel tunnel if you play too long. The touch screen has many of the functions that you'll use, so make sure you have a spare stylus, in case your first one falls in between your car seats or something.

Multiplayer: 10/10

The multiplayer has been upgraded a ton since Echoes. There are way more arenas, way more modes, way more just about everything. You can only play a simple deathmatch in normal Wi-Fi, but can set up any game with friends and rivals. I reccomend a lot of video game experience before you go Wi-Fi, though, because the people there are TOUGH!

Overall: 10/10

Nintendo just keeps bringing on Metroid greatness, and making every game better and better. Hunters is at least two or three giant steps ahead. The game rocks, and not many people that love violence are going to be happy without it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/27/06

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