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"Samus is in her Prime as a Hunter!"

Metroid Prime: Hunters is the first real Metroid game to hit the DS market, and it took it by storm! After teasing everybody with the wimpy demo, Nintendo has given us a real gem of the Metroid and DS market.

Plot 8/10
We've all played a game were you have to get something or someone before some other dude gets it right? Well, how about getting a lot of stuff before anyone of the other 6 guys get them? In this game, 6 bounty hunters get a message telling them to go to the Alimbic Cluster so acquire the ultimate power that is hidden inside. Samus is sent to get this "ultimate power" if possible. If not, to make sure it stays a secret, or destroy it. Along her way to finding the "ultimate power", she will battle the other hunters. The other hunters are trying to get the "ultimate power" For a number of reasons. Some for power, some for revenge, some for choas, and one is there just to make sure no one else gets it.

Graphics 9/10
The graphics on this game are the tied for the best graphics I've seen on a DS, the other game is MegaMan Battle Network 5: Double Team DS. The intro movie graphics when you turn on the game is almost as good as it was on the computer, the graphics in play was almost as good as the Metroid Prime on Game Cube. The cutsences where clear, the levels looked almost real, it was just great! My only beaf is that the hunters themselfs looked a little blocky at times, but other then that, nothing to complain about.

Controls 10/10
The controls...its right next to impossible to complain about them! There are 4 different control set ups you can use. There are; Stylus Mode Right, Stylus Mode Left, Dual Mode Right, and Dual Mode Left. If you have a stylus mode on, you use the touch screen to aim in bipedal form(standing up), the control pad to move, and the L button to shoot. The touch screen is also used to jump. If you have a Dual Mode on, all the buttons have a do something. In both modes, you use the touch screen to switch weapons, to switch visors, and to change to Alt-Form and back. Very easy to use.

Sound 9/10
The sound in this game is your best bet at understanding how close the next bass battle is. When you get close to another boss battle the music gets scarer, more danger is near like. While fighting, you can hear the hunters cry out in pain, same with the creatures that inhabit the game. Each weapon also has its own unique sound, from the power beam, to the missiles, to the special sub-weapons. You can even hear footsteps!

Replay 7/10
This game is very easy to play again and again and again, because there are three save slots, so you can save your best file, and play agian on different ones. Too bad it doesn't let you explore after you beat the game....

Multiplayer 9/10

The multiplayer Wi Fi...ITS AWESOME! In adventure mode, you can unlock the bounty hunters, you start off with Samus and two other hunters. With up to four players, you can try out 7 different modes of play! Also, when on Wi Fi, you can send messages, and talk to your friends before and after the battles! Too bad you can't have more the 4 at a time....(BTW, I haven't gone on Wi Fi yet, so I don't know much about that mode of play, but I will soon! :) )

Over All

This is and a great game to add to your collection of DS games. Buy it. Buy it. Buy it. NOW! Or else I'll seek the Hunters on you! XD

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/27/06

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