Review by corrax8

"Best portable FPS of all time, stunning visuals, great multi-player and single player."

For a portable system this game blew me away. It has the best visuals that make the game easy on the eyes. There is a great attention to detail such as the glowing affect on samus's morph ball or when you charge up the beam cannon you see heat and smoke emitting off the cannon. It is all the little touches that give a game good visual effect.

The sound is great in this game. It easily has the best sound of any DS game. It has the same eerie sounds effects on the game cube versions. You can even hear samus's boots click on metal surfaces and changes to other surfaces too. Yet again it is the little things in this game that make it great. It really makes you fells that you're behind the visor.

This game has nice and meaty single player. There are tons of neat and diverse weapons to collect. Like all other metroids before this you can still find energy tanks and missile upgrades. However the only down side to the single player is that it may seem little linear, but this is a portable game and there is a very limited amount of storage space, so I can't mark off to much. The single player still has the great metriod challenges that will keep you interested in the game.

Now time for the multiplayer. If you really want to play death match with your friends don't really won't to shell out the extra $35, well don't your fret. The single card in this game is amazing! There is very little to no slow down when you play. If you don't have the card, you can only play as samus, but she is one of the best hunters anyway. Also only death match is available to you however it still is action packed! All the weapons and maps are still available which is amazing because most games only give a basic map which sucks. Now the multi-card is great too. If you don't have four of your friends around you can turn on bots. Yes this game actually does have good AI. The three star bots will always be a challenge to most. There are also tons of great game modes such as team death match and capture the flag. All of the game modes are fun to play too. Okay now time for online play, however I do not have a wireless router, so I will honest and not make things up like what some do on the this site. The bottom line is that this game has a great multiplayer with a lot of depth and is amazing that it is also portable.

I would recommend this game to DS users and any metriod lover. The little things is what makes this game great. It easily the best shooter to land on a handheld, yes even better than the PSP ones.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/27/06

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