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"Samus still has what it takes"

Samus returns in another game, this time for the DS, and it's just as beautiful as the other Prime games.

The main game itself is named "Adventure mode", though it's really not an adventure, being that it's so short, but it's not the adventure that really satisfies gamers. In this game, there are superweapons Samus must get before other bounty hunters. Yay, we have multiple enemies.

There are six rival bounty hunters appear at prefixed points throughout the game (and later on they appear at random to attack Samus). Each hunter also has their own unique 'Alt Form' (the name for Samus' Morph Ball), and a weapon the hunters specialize in (called an Affinity Weapon). These strengths don't play much of a role in Adventure mode, because you only can play Samus, but do affect multiplayer.

Throughout the four planets in the Alymbis System are hidden eight different 'Octoliths.' Once all eight Octoliths are obtained, then Samus can enter the game's final area and take on the final boss, in typical Metroid fashion. However, to stray away from the original games, enemies (the other hunters)can now fight you and steal your Octoliths.

Unfortunately, this game is just far too short, which is where the main game falls.

The really main spotlight of this game would be the multiplayer. There are so many maps, and bots to help you play offline if you can't gone on Wi-Fi, but then the game really isn't for you if you don't have Wi-Fi.

The different modes available to play are typical FPS fair: a straight deathmatch, a survival mode, and capture the flag . Also available are Prime Hunter (basically, tag with guns), Defender (King of the Hill), Nodes (Capture the Flag on steroids) and Bounty (a simpified Capture the Flag premise).

The greatest downfall of multiplayer are two stupid bounty hunters with pretty awesome skills that could shadow other hunters for most gamers. Meet Weavel and Trace. Weavel can seperate from his lower half to make an auto turret with his torso and legs, while his body still can freely move and fight. Trace, on the other hand just has to stay still and he can turn invisible. With that, he's also a damn sniper. Which means, he's invisible, and a sniper, and can constantly hunt enemies just by staying still. He's a predator. Not only that, these two are also seemingly the only two that the masses online play. There's like one Samus in a hundred Weavels, and one Sylux (my favorite) in every thousand Traces. So here are my ratings.

Gameplay: a beautiful 4 ... out of 5
Story: a mediocre 3 ... out of 5
Controls: another mediocre 3 ... out of 5
Graphics: awesome graphics for the DS, a 5 out of 5
Sound and Music: another great 5 out of 5
Extras: 4 out of 5, enough of them
Game Length, Difficulty and Replay Value: nope, too short and easy- a 3 out 5
Overall Score: 4/5

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna play some more online. Let's see who I'm up against: Trace, Trace, Trace, Weavel, Weavel, and Samus. Wow, someone actually plays Samus?

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/27/06

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