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"Just when you thought it was safe to play on Wi-Fi."

Oh, Nintendo though have once again given us another divine game to enjoy and play together. Unfortunately we are just killing each other...Wait that's a good thing. Anyway Let my soft silky and sexy linguistic skills explain to you why Metroid Prime: Hunters is a game you must buy, and why it is possible the best Wi-FI game yet.

Game play 9/10

Well if you are familiar with the Metroid Prime series then you have an idea as to what you should expect from this game. But we have new stuff aplenty in this installment. First off the Lock On is gone, which if his game did have it then it would be just like the craptacular Metroid Prime Echoes Deathmatch. Well anyway your control is shifted with either the ABXY pads or the touch screen. I have yet to try the ABXY but the touch screen controls feel remarkably comfortable and much better than the demo released with our DSs more than a year ago. Well anyway as Samus you must go through different planets with your space ship. Once you land on the planet the exploring is much more linear than that of Prime or Prime 2 (in this case welcomed, not saying that either were bad, both rocked) you usually don't have allot of choices of paths but the shooting aplenty makes up for it. Since you will often end up fighting other bounty hunters and the planets inhabitants you will constantly have your hands full and you thumb strap tied. As you progress you find power ups, new weapons and more items called Octoliths, which are the key to the Ultimate Power (WOOOOHHHH mystical). I wouldn't say the game play is flawed but since at the moment I am only referring to single player mode I will say this. It can tend to feel tedious albeit fun just somewhat arduous and boring at times.

Story 8/10

The story takes place sometime after Metroid Prime but before Echoes... Which any big Metroid fan knows all take place before the first Metroid game. Anyway Samus was once again called upon by the galactic Federation to find the Ultimate Power, which was spoken of, in a telepathic message. But on her ventures across other planets she finds that she was not the only one who heard of this, other bounty hunters from across the galaxy want it too.

Controls 9/10

Good stuff, nothing to complain about. The controls can conform to righties or lefties, whichever you are; you will feel right at home. Like I said earlier I have only tried playing with the stylus and it feels very natural and resembles the accuracy you feel with a mouse on a computer. I imagine the ABXY controls feel closely to that of Goldeneye007 or Perfect Dark. All in all my only beef with the controls is that sometimes you may just have a little bit of trouble aiming, but that's our fault. So it's cool.

Graphics 10/10

Wow, stills cannot do justice for this game. If you thought the demo had nice looking graphics get a load of these. For a handheld it is spectacular, maybe even good enough to go toe to toe with the PSP. Everything is lit well and looks crisp clear and smooth. And the CGI cut scenes is some nice stuff to look at, what with Samus being all shiny on a handheld and whatnot. No beef whatsoever with the graphics.

Sound/Music 9/10

Good stuff here, we got some Retro Metroid music remixed and some new stuff.
All the music feels good and does what it should. It all helps set the mood of the level your playing in. The sound is great as well; the blasters sounds like a blaster would if they existed and all the different weapons have a good feel and sound to them and it all plays well into the game. Doors go "whoosh" which is always good and classic. Nothing wrong with the sound or music here.


Man if you thought the multiplayer would suck like it did in Echoes, you were wrong. Finally Nintendo has their first Online FPS and it's amazing. You can play with other people all around the globe duking it out in heavy firefights throwing laser from across a rocky chasm. Plus before and after the match you can voice chat and type messages to people, which is good fun as well. There are 7 game modes to play from, all classic FPS playing modes (no crazy wacky TimeSplitters stuff, even though it all rocks) which all add a great deal of diversity to the game. And guess what... There are 25 whole levels to play and kill each other to death in. And since there are a good amount of bounty hunters and a whole bunch of ways to play with each one, you'll be playing this game for a loooong time.

Replayability 9/10

If you have online then you will be at this game for months and we'll be seeing each other in the matches for a long time from now. There's always an opponent out there for you, and with Gamefaqs its easy to get friend codes and start playing, although you do not need friend codes to play against people. If you are playing random people you can add them on your rival list, which is almost the exact same thing as a friend. Pretty much the same really. The Adventure mode is fun, but you'll only play it again if you're like me and wants to get all the upgrades and scans possible. Man Prime is hard to beat on hard and 100% complete it. Echoes I have yet to finish normally but ill get around to it.

Rent or Buy?


This game rocks in so many ways and I think is a very welcome addition to the Metroid family. You will love this game and you will love the online. Go out and buy this game now.

Thanks for reading my review, hope to meet you blaster to blaster some day.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/03/06

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