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"A must-have for those with wifi. Without wifi, it's still pretty good"

Metroid Prime: Hunters is, at the time of writing, the latest Metroid game to be released, and the first to be released on Nintendo's dual screen wonder. Those who bought one of the first shipments of the DS also got a free demo of Hunters included, subtitled "First Hunt." Although the demo was fun, it was more of a tech demo of the DS' abilities, and was nowhere near how the final game is now. Also, Metroid Prime: Hunters is the first Metroid game to have multiplayer. You may be saying to yourself that I am an ignorant fool for forgetting about Echoes, but the multiplayer in Echoes was too weak to even be considered multiplayer. It was more of a question of who could press the A button the fastest.

Presentation: 10/10

Presentation is basically sound and graphics quality. I put the two together because they're basically in the same category and neither are very significant. The graphics are wonderful, the best on the DS alongside Nintendogs. The pre-rendered cutscenes also look superb, equal to and even better than many pre-rendered cutscenes on current generation consoles. The music is sound (pun intended), with tunes very similar to those in Metroid Prime.

Gameplay: 9/10

Single player: 8/10
The single player in Hunters slightly strays away from the gameplay in other Metroids. Instead of a game based around exploration with shooting on the side, it's a game based around shooting with exploration on the side. It plays more like a traditional FPS with a little twist of Metroid. There is still the scanning involved from previous Metroid Primes, which is good, but it seems a bit more linear. The level design doesn't seem as genius. What I mean by this is that in previous Metroids, it seemed that the whole game, every area, was open to you from the beginning, it's just that you didn't have the powers to reach them. Instead of having to space-jump to reach an area, you just need the right weapon to open a door in Hunters. It seems like this isn't a big deal and that it's essentially the same thing, but it seems different, less satisfying. You feel that the game wanted you to go there, that that's where you were supposed to go next. In previous Metroids, this feeling was replaced by a feeling that you sort of beat the game, that before it wouldn't let you go there but now, with your new powers, you went there. You outsmarted the game. If you still don't understand (it's forgivable), basically, in this game, you feel like you're following a set path, whereas in previous Metroids you felt like you created the path. Maybe previous Metroids were as linear as Hunters, but they at least felt more open-ended. Still, the single player is excellent. A tad short, but still very fun. It would be a 9/10, but loses a point for not having a complete Metroid feel to it.

Multiplayer: 9/10
Being the game's main selling point, Hunters' multiplayer doesn't disappoint. It is the joint fourth DS game to go online (tied with Tetris). You can play against bots and/or friends locally in multi-card play, go against friends who don't have the game in single-card play, or go online. There are seven hunters to choose from in multiplayer: Samus, the hunter we all know and love; Spire, a creature apparently made out of rocks; Kanden, a lab experiment gone wrong; Trace, a cool-looking character who is the sniper; Noxus, a purple-ish blue-ish creature that looks surprisingly similar to the Elites in Halo; Weavel, a space pirate that had some surgery to let him split up into a half turret and a small creature (personal fave); and Sylux, a blue thing that I think is a robot, but no-one really knows. The online portion is very fun and there is little lag, but the thing is, it's so unnecessarily hard to connect to wifi and find a game. Sometimes it can take up to a full five minutes, including all the error codes you get and such. Overall, pretty fun, though.

+Great online multiplayer
+Wonderful graphics and presentation
+Good single player

-Takes too long to find games online
-Single player doesn't feel like Metroid

For those without Wifi: 8.6/10

For those with Wifi: 9.2/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/03/06

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