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Reviewed: 04/10/06

A must have if you're into FPS multiplayer games.

It's been awhile since the first demo of Metroid Prime: Hunters was released with the Nintendo in late November of 2004. After a couple of delays, it is finally released and is probably one of the greatest multiplayer DS game of all time.

Story: 10/10

"The secret to ultimate power lies in the Alimbic Cluster." This message came from the Alimbic Cluster located in the Tetra Galaxy. This was home to the Alimbics who were a powerful and peaceful race. They disappeared, only leaving their artifacts. The message was also translated into a thousand different languages and was heard on a thousand distant worlds. The Galatic Federation also heard the message and decided to send Samus in to seek this "ultimate power." Here's the catch. She is not the only hunter seeking this power. Six hunters that are new to the series are seeking this power for their own reasons, whether it was for themselves or for their people. Is this power a potential threat or not? Either way, Samus must go to the Alimbic Cluster to either secure the power for the federation or destroy it.

Single Player: 7/10

Believe it or not but the single player mode is pretty repetitive. You need to collect 8 octoliths to access the ultimate power and the octoliths are located in the 4 planets of the Alimbic Cluster. To get a Octolith, you get these 3 artifacts, enter this portal to the stronghold room where you fight a boss for an octolith, and escape the planet with a time limit. It's starts to get repetitive when you do this after 3 or 4 times. Not only that but you fight the same 2 bosses, they just have 4 different versions of them, each other than the last one. Plus, the expansion packs aren't that well hidden, there is not many of them in this game but you can easily find them yourself because they are usually hidden in some random tunnel or somewhere obvious unlike the other 2 games.

Graphics: 10/10

The graphics are very impressive for just a handheld game. The graphics in this game is just as great as the ones for the Gamecube. Not only the graphics are great but so are the cutscenes and this game has plenty of it. The opening cutscene is probably the best cutscene and you will more likely watch it over and over and won't get tired of it. All the cutscenes can be viewed through the movie section under the file selection of the adventure mode where you can view all the cutscenes in the game. (assuming you saw them already in Adventure Mode.)

Play Time/ Replayability: 9/10

First time through the Adventure Mode should take you around 10 to 12 hours to complete, assuming that you tried to scanned everything you see. That's kind of short compared to the other Metroid games. Once you are done with Adventure mode, there is always Multiplayer Mode to mess around with which you'll probably spend most of your time there.

Multiplayer: 10/10

The best part of the game and the reason why you should buy this. Multiplayer is divided in to three different modes.

Single Card: Up to three other people that own a DS can download the game from you. The host gets to set the rules and the map but the only mode available for single card play is Battle which is pretty much a deathmatch to get the most points. Here's the catch to single card play, those who don't have to game will have to be Samus while the host can choose any character that they unlocked. Those who do have the game can still join in single card play and they get to choose their character as well.

Multi Card Play: Up to three other people that own the game can play here. The person that is the host can choose between seven different modes from Battle which was explained earlier to Capture which is pretty much a Metroid version of "Capture the Flag." The host also gets to choose the rules like the time limit and of course the map. After that, everyone can choose what hunter they want to be. Once that's over with, you may start your game. If you have less than 4 people, you may add bots or commonly known as CPU and you can even select their difficulty level between 1 and 3 stars where 1 is the easiest and 3 is the hardest. It is possible to play Multi Card Play by yourself by selecting three bots.

Wi-fi: Wi-fi is the best mode on Multiplayer and is the reason why it was delayed before. Here is where you get to compete against other people online to see who is the best. Wi-fi is much better than the other games like Mario Kart: DS where everything is available including maps and modes. There is a catch though. Only people on your friend and rival roster can play all the modes. Otherwise, your stuck with one other option, the Find Game option where you find three random people to play with. To search for them, you can choose between Local Region or Worldwide and Match your Rank or Any. Once you find at least one person, each of you choose your hunter and vote for a map to play on. Majority rules and in case of a tie, one level will be randomly choosen from the levels that you and your opponents decided. All matches on Find Game mode are always a deatchmatch mode with a 7 minute time limit and you need to get 7 points to win. The one with most points after 7 minutes will win. When you view the results after a match, you'll notice a add rival box. Click on that if you if they were a worthy opponent so you can face him again later. You can only add them to your rival roster if you both agree to add each other as rivals. If not, then too bad.

The other option to fight people online is the Find Friends and Rivals option which you need at least one friend or rival to select this. Once connected, you can view who is online unlike Mario Kart where only an icon showed up. In this game, you can see the name of the person that's online making it a lot easier to set up matches with other people. It's like the same as Multi Card Play, either you make a game or wait for someone to make it and join that. It has all the modes here and everything. The only difference is that you can't add bots and you can allow friends only, rivals only, or both for a match. A nice feature in this mode is chatting. You can send a message using a keyboard and by typing it out or voice chat which is pretty obvious what it does. You can onldo this with people on your friend roster though. Just to reveal any personal information when using this feature.

The last options is editing your friends and rivals which shows a list of all your friends and rivals. You can add friends by swapping with different people online. You can also view your friend's hunter license as your own. A hunter license contains important imformation like number of kills, favorite hunter, a connection history which goes down when you disconnect from a game, your rank points, and your rank. To earn rank points, either fight one of your friends locally that has the game or someone online and win a battle to increase your points depending on your opponent's rank. If you beat someone with a higher rank, you earn more points. You lose points as well and the only way to do that is lose a match. If you lose to somebody with a lower rank, you'll lose more points. After earning a certain amount of points, your rank increase. Everybody starts at one star which is the Bounty Hunter rank. After getting the required amount of points, they become a two star. The highest you can get is up to five stars.


I recommend this game to the people that either like FPS shooting games, have friends to play with whether they have the game or not, or if you can connect online. Single player isn't worth $34.99 but Multiplayer is certainly is, especially wifi.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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