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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ThunderMan

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 08/08/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Bomberman DS Walkthrough
    Version 1.1
    E-Mail: ThunderMSP@yahoo.com
    Table of Contents 
    1. Introduction
    2. Basics and controls
    3. Items
     3a. Power-ups
     3b. Bombs
     3c. Ability
     3d. Limited Time
     3e. Other
     3f. Battle Mode only
    4. Walkthrough
     4a. Level 1
     4b. Level 2
     4c. Level 3
     4d. Level 4
     4e. Level 5
     4f. Level 6
     4g. Level 7
     4h. Level 8
     4i. Level 9
     4j. Level 10
    5. Bosses
    6. Battle Mode
    7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    8. Vesrsion update
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    1. Introduction.
    Welcome to my Bomberman DS Walkthrough. This guide is made to cover all 100
    stages of normal mode, the bosses and Battle mode. If you have any comments
    or questions E-mail me... Your questions will be answered and posted here
    if you wish. If you wish to host this Walkthrough on your site, ask for
    permission before doing so.
    The following sites have received permission to host my walkthrough:
    2. Basics and Controls.
    The aim of this game is to restore the crystal by beating all 10 levels.
    To beat a Level you have to beat it's stages and boss. To beat a stage all
    you have to is destroy all of the enemies and take the exit which is found
    in a breakable block.
    D-pad - Movement and Menu selection
    START - Pause the game or Resume it
    MIC - Use for a Mic mode in battle mode
    SELECT - Place an arrow above your bomberman in battle mode
    A Button - Choose selection, Drop bombs, Throw bombs with power glove
    B Button - Cancel Selection, detonate RC bombs, Cancel a power up
    X Button - Stop a kicked bomb
    Y Button - Use for Shield, Line bomb and Bomb punch
    L Button - Stop a kicked bomb
    R Button - Display Player's name in battle mode, Returns you to display of
    Touch Screen - Access items in normal mode and Operate a revenge bomb
    3. Items.
    Here are the items you'll find in the Game:
    3a. Power Ups: 
    1. Bomb up
    Increases how many the number of bombs you can place by 1.
    Rare: *
    Description: Bomb
    2. Speed up
    Increases you Speed by 1
    Rare: *
    Description: Blue Roller Skates
    3. Fire Up 
    Increases the Range of explosion by 1
    Rare: *
    Description: Fire with a smile
    4. Full Fire
    Maximize Explosion range 
    Rare: *****
    Description: Fire with a happy smile
    3b. Bombs: can only be used on the current stage, cannot use 2 at a time
    1. Remote Control bombs (RC)
    Lets you detonate it with B button
    Rare: ***
    Usefulness: *****
    Description: Heart with a bomb
    2. Hyper Bomb A.K.A Pass Through Bomb
    Flames pass through breakable blocks
    Rare: *** and found at least once in Stages with huge lines of blocks
    Usefulness: ****
    Description: Bomb with spikes
    3. Power Bomb
    Firepower is Max, second bomb is a standard
    Rare: ***
    Usefulness: **
    Description: Bomb with a P on it
    4. Land Mine bomb
    First bomb is a land mine that explodes when touch by anything
    Rare: **
    Usefulness: **
    Description: Land mine
    5. Dangerous bomb
    Flame of the First bomb will expand in a Square
    Rare: ***
    Usefulness: ****
    Description: bomb with a Skull
    3c. Ability: can only be used in current stage
    1. Bomb kick
    Run to a bomb to kick it and stop it with X button
    Rare: ***
    Usefulness: *****
    Description: Bomb being kicked
    2. Bomb Punch @
    Stand next to a bomb and punch it with Y Button
    Rare: **
    Usefulness: ***
    Description: Boxing glove
    3. Line Bomb  @
    Place all bombs at once With Y Button
    Rare: ***
    Usefulness: *****
    Description: 3 bombs in diagonal order
    4. Power Glove
    Pick up a placed bomb with A Button
    Rare: ***
    Usefulness: **** 
    Description: Blue glove
    5. Shield  @
    Protect from flame in front of you with Y button
    Rare: ***
    Usefulness: *****
    Description: Blue shield with gold outline
    @: These items can't be used at the same time since they all use Y button
    3d. Limited time Usage: These have a time limit to how long they can be used
    1. Metawall
    Lets you walk through breakable blocks
    Rare: **
    Usefulness: ***
    Time Limit: 55 Seconds
    Description: Bomberman running
    2. Metabomb
    Walk through placed bombs
    Rare: ***
    Usefulness: **
    Time limit: 55 Seconds
    Description: Bomb with dash marks behind it
    3. Fire suit
    Invincible against fire
    Rare: ***
    Usefulness: *****
    Time limit: 30 Seconds
    Description: Bomberman's face with a red aura
    4. Invincible!
    The name speaks for itself
    Rare: ****
    Usefulness: ***** (Basically an upgrade of Fire suit)
    Description: Bomberman with a yellow aura
    3e. Other: These items don't apply to the other categories
    1. Glasses
    Allows you to see hidden items and the exit
    Rare: ***
    Usefulness: ****
    Usage: 1 use Lasts for the current stage
    Description: Glasses
    2. Heart
    Let's you avoid one mistake
    Rare: ***
    Usefulness: *****
    Usage: 1 use lasts for the current stage
    Description: A heart with a smile
    3. Clock
    Extend time by 1 minute
    Rare: **
    Usefulness: ***
    Description: Clock
    4. 1 Up
    gives 1 one more life to bomberman
    Rare: *****
    Usefulness: *****
    Description: Bomberman Icon
    3f. Battle mode Exclusive: These will only be found in Battle mode
    1. Bomb down
    Decreases the Number of bombs you can place by 1
    Rare: *
    Usefulness: ... It decreases your bombs, the only thing it's for is suicide
    Description: Bomb with an X
    2. Speed Down
    Decreases Speed by 1
    Rare: *
    Usefulness: Use this if you want to learn how slow a snail can be
    Description: Looks like a Sandal
    3. Fire down
    Decreases fire
    Rare: *
    Usefulness: Let's see... you won't be bothered by people who say fire is 
    Description: sad blue fire
    4, Skull
    The work of the Damned, causes Illness which result in these:
    - Speed all the way down
    - Bomb at level 0
    - Bombs will be placed randomly
    - You'll freeze sometimes
    Rare: * Can't be destroyed unless some goes through it completely
    Usefulness: The only uses this has is cursing your opponents
    Description: The name speaks for it's evil self
    5. Rubber Bomb
    Bounces when kicked or punched
    Rare: **
    Usefulness: Random
    Description: Looks like blue Jelly (Chu jelly if you played LOZ WW)
    6. ? (Question mark)
    Random effect
    Rare: depends on stage
    Usefulness: Depends on your luck
    Description: Name speaks for it's random self
    NOTE: Items in the Limited time and OTHER category do not appear here
    4. Walkthrough
    Here I cover the normal mode of the game. You play through a couple of 
    stages and then fight the Boss to proceed on the next area. 
    NOTE: I only cover the enemies and the Length of a stage because that and
    the time limit are the only Non-random things of a stage... The time limit
    isn't anything to worry about in most stages so i won't list it.
    4a. Level 1
    Area 1-1
    Here is where you start the game. The stage is really easy and small.
    It's 9 squares from top to bottom and 15 squares from left to right. All
    you have to do here is destroy 3 balloon-like enemies and find the exit.
    Be sure to destroy all breakable blocks and collect the power-ups you find
    and use them as you'll need them to make the game easier. Also... be sure
    not to hit the exit with a bomb because a fast enemy (for now) will pop-up
    out of there and you are very likely to lose at this point and the exit 
    won't open till you destroy every enemy.
    Area 1-2
    Start here with every Power-up you have. This stage is as big as the first
    one and has only 3 enemies. Only difference is that it has more blocks and
    more power-ups.
    Area 1-3
    Same lenght as Stage 1 but 2 balloons and Pink enemy that gives you 400
    points and moves slightly faster than the ballon guys. A good thing here
    is that you'll find some different items besides the power-ups. This stage
    isn't hard so i suggest having bomb, speed and fire on level 3 and save
    the other power-ups you pick up.
    Area 1-4
    The stage is the same size again and you have 1 balloon enemy, a green
    floating enemy that looks like a UFO. It takes 2 bombs to kill it, it
    doesn't always go in the same row and gives 600 points. Another Enemy here 
    is a light green colored creature that has the ability to walk over 
    breakable blocks (he gives you 1000 points). He dies in one so his ability
    is all you need to worry to about. Save anything you find here, there's 
    really no need for any use of items here.
    Area 1-5
    If you saved all the other items you found and have Bomb, Speed and Fire
    in level you should have a good amount of power-ups and at least 1 bomb
    in storage. Here you have that pink enemy from stage 2 and the other 2
    enemies from the previous stage, Plus you'll notice that the Unbreakble
    blocks are arranged in a different way so be careful. Be
    sure to use ALL of your power-up items before you exit. 
    The first bonus in the game and fist place to save. Here you have to 
    destroy every enemy with the power-ups you're currently using and the
    Invincibility you're given. You have 30 seconds to destroy all enemies
    on the bottom screen and get all the items in the top screen. When you
    finish the game will save and you'll proceed to the next stage.
    Area 1-6
    This stage is bigger than the previous five stages and packs 5 enemies.
    The stage is 9 squares from top to bottom but 21 squares from left to
    right. The enemies are 3 pink blobs, 1 of the pass through creature 
    (green light colored enemy from area 1-4) and a new one. This one looks
    like a blue colored onion whose movement patter is random so you'll 
    have to lock him. He dies in one hit and will only give you 200 points.
    Area 1-7
    Same size as the previous. 2 blue Onions, 1 Pass-through enemy and 1
    pink blob. The exit is on the top row and 4th square from left to right.
    Area 1-8 
    The UFO like enemies are back here and there 2 of them here. There's
    also the Pass-through creature and an orange bulldozer who can pick up
    and throw your bombs away. He moves very slowly in a random pattern,
    dies in 2 hits and gives you 1000 points.
    Area 1-9
    Same size. 2 Pass-through creatures, 1 blue onion and a bulldozer. No
    need to use any items here so save them.
    Area 1 BOSS STAGE
    Use Ctrl + F and type BOSS 1 to find it in the boss section.
    4b. Level 2
    Area 2-1
    The stage has a different look from Level 1's stages and it's 19 squares 
    from left to right. The breakable blocks now look like boxes with gold 
    coins on the them. The enemies here are 2 pass-through creatures and 2 pink
    Area 2-2
    Same size as before but and a new enemy. There are 2 pink blobs, 1 that's
    pass-through and the new enemy is a golem who moves slowly, Punches a bomb 
    away, dies in one hit and gives you 1500 points.
    Area 2-3
    The only thing to point out here is the enemies since this quite easy. 
    There's 1 golem, 2 blue onions and 1 Pass-through creature.
    Area 2-4
    Here are 2 golems, 1 blue onion and 1 Pass through creature. There's also
    a good amount of power-ups here.
    Area 2-5
    This area has 15 squares from left to right, it's full of blocks and you
    get only 1 minute and 30 seconds so you should use the Hyper bomb A.K.A
    Pass-Through bomb. Don't worry, you'll get that back if you look for it.
    There's only 3 enemies here and they're all the Pass-through creatures.
    Be sure to use all power-ups before you exit.
    Same as before... Take out the enemies and get the items as quickly as
    possible. Here's a good trick: Drop a bomb and then start dropping bombs
    (when the one you just dropped explodes) to make explosions go wherever
    you go.
    Area 2-6
    This stage is 23 Squares from left to right. There are now 2 new enemies 
    here. An sad looking orange ball and evil red fire. There's 2 of the orange
    guy, 1 of the red fire and 2 pass-through creatures. The orange ball dies
    in one hit and gives you 800 points and so does the red fire. The red fire
    makes a small flame that it explodes a bomb if it touches it so be careful
    and don't place your bombs near it.
    Area 2-7
    Same size as before. There are 3 golems here, 1 pass-through creature and
    a new one... a pink squid that can also pass through breakable blocks and
    is faster than the other guy. But like the light green guy, he dies in one
    hit and gives you 1000 points.
    Area 2-8
    This stage is 27 squares from left to right and the usual 9 from top to
    bottom. Another new enemy is here... 1 hooded figure who carries a lamp, 2
    light green creatures, 2 golems and 1 red fire. The ghost dies in one hit,
    only problem is you have to attack him first to stun him and then quickly 
    attack him again in order to kill him, he gives you 2000 points.
    Area 2-9
    This stage is only 15 squares from left to right. Hyper bomb would work
    well here since there are many blocks and you have only 2 minutes. The
    Hyper bomb is recommended for passing this stage quickly but it's possible
    to finish this stage without it. There are 2 golems, 2 Light Green guys,
    1 hooded figure and 1 red fire.
    Area 2 BOSS STAGE
    Use Ctrl + F and type BOSS 2 to find it.
    4c. Level 3
    Area 3-1
    You're now on a pirate ship. The stage is 19 squares long and the barrels 
    are now the breakable blocks. The enemies here are 2 Light green guys, 1 
    living bomb (new enemy), 2 pink blobs. The living bomb movers around 
    randomly and works like your bombs (range is level 3). It'll die in 1 hit 
    but it can protect itself if it goes into exploding and he'll give you 800
    Area 3-2
    19 squares long and nothing new. The enemies here are just 2 blue onions, 2
    pink blobs and 1 living bomb.
    Area 3-3
    19 Squares long and the same enemies as the previous stage.
    Area 3-4
    19 squares long and a New enemy here... a red ball moving with a blue top.
    He also has the pass-through ability, dies in 3 hits and gives only 600 
    points. The other enemies here are 2 pink blobs, 1 orange ball and 1 living
    Area 3-5
    15 squares long and a place for Hyper bomb. The enemies here are 3 living
    bombs and 1 orange ball. Be sure to have Bomb, Speed and fire in level 8
    Same as before...kill all enemies and collect the items on the top screen,
    Area 3-6
    21 squares long, the enemies here are the 1 red ball, 3 light green 
    creatures, 1 pink squid and the new guy: A pirate. Like the hooded figure,
    you must hit him once to stun him and then attack, but you must do it 
    twice to kill him. He'll give you 3000 points.
    Area 3-7
    19 squares long, Enemies are 1 Red ball, 2 pass through guys, 1 squid and
    1 bomb
    Area 3-8
    The enemies here are 1 red ball, 2 bombs 1 pirate and 3 of the new guy...
    a head that looks like an orange cat. He's faster than every enemy you've
    seen so far (except for the one that pops out of the exit). 1 hit will 
    kill him, his movement patter is random and sometimes it follows you and
    he'll give you 4000 points
    Area 3-9
    15 squares long. Hyper Bomb is HIGHLY recommended but not needed. Enemies 
    are 3 pirates, 2 bombs and 1 cat. The time here is 1 min so use a clock if
    Area 3 BOSS STAGE
    Use Ctrl + F and type BOSS 3 to find it.
    4d. Level 4
    Area 4-1
    You're Now in a desert area where the Non-moving cactus are the breakable
    blocks. The stage is 21 squares long and has 5 enemies. There are 2 moving
    cactus who move a little faster than the cat, dies in 1 hit and gives you
    400 points. The others are 2 blue onions and a Medallion like enemy. It 
    dies in 1 hit, gives you 1000 points and he's also quick.
    Area 4-2
    21 Squares long. Nothing new here and all you have are 2 moving cactus, 2
    sad orange balls and 1 medallion. The only thing to worry about here is 
    how the unbreakables are arranged.
    Area 4-3
    Same thing as before but with a new enemy. The new enemy is a flotaing
    who can pass through soft blocks. You kill him the same way you kill the
    pirates: Stun him, then kill him to get 2000 points. The others are 1 
    Light green creature, 1 squid and 2 Cactus.
    Area 4-4
    Same lenght as before but this time it packs 6 enemies. 1 pass-through
    jelly (the ligh green creature... i'll just call him that from now on),
    1 squid, 2 Moving cactus, 1 medallion and 1 Floating head.
    Area 4-5
    15 squares long and it's another Hyper stage. Use the hyper bomb to get rid
    of 1 Cactus, 1 Pass-through jelly, 2 pink blobs and a medallion. You have
    2 minutes in this stage... Be sure to have Speed, Bomb and Fire on level 8
    before you exit.
    Again... kill the enemies and get the power-ups, just like before.
    Area 4-6
    2 pink blob, 2 flotaing heads, 2 Pass-through Jelly and 2 catctus is the
    only thing you'll find here.
    Area 4-7
    2 cactus, 2 floating heads, 1 cat head, 1 medallion, and 1 squid is all
    you'll find here... yet another stage with nothing new.
    Area 4-8
    27 Squares long and 4 minutes to do this stage and a lot of enemies. 2 cat
    head, 2 Medallions, 2 Squids, 2 floating heads and 2 cactus await you here.
    Area 4-9
    Another 15 square long stage... No hyper bomb needed however. There are 4
    flotaing heads and 2 cactus here, and 2:30 as your time limit.
    Use Ctrl + F and type BOSS 4 to find it.
    4e. Level 5
    Area- 5-1
    You are now in the cementary, the breakable blocks are shrine like objects,
    23 squares long and as you can expect... new enemies. The new enemies are a
    yellow ball who moves slowly and dies in 1 hit giving you 800 points, it 
    can also hide by digging. The other one is a bat who's pretty equal to the
    yellow ball but it only gives you 200 points and can't hide. There are 2 of
    each of them, 1 blue onion and a pink blob.
    Area 5-2
    23 Squares long and nothing new... The enmies here are just 2 bats, 2 
    yellow balls and 2 Pass-through jelly.
    Area 5-3
    Also 23 squares long but one new enemy. It's a ghost that can pass through
    walls (obviously), dies in 1 hit and gives you only 400 points. The other 
    enemies are 3 yellow balls, 2 bats and 1 pass-through jelly.
    Area 5-4
    Again, 23 squares long. No new enemies and only 3 bats, 2 pass-through 
    jelly and 1 ghost. 
    Area 5-5
    Once again... a Hyper bomb stage. The are only 4 Pass-through jellies so
    nothing much to say. Be sure to have Bomb, Speed and fire at level 8
    Once again... Kill the enemies and collect the items by dropping bombs 
    Area 5-6
    The stages is 29 squares long and the enemies are 3 bats, 3 ghosts, 3 
    yellow balls. Nothing much to say about this.
    Area 5-7
    29 squares long and the enemies are 4 yellow balls, 2 bats, 2 ghost, 1 cat
    head and 1 squid.
    Area 5-8
    same size as befoe 2 Squids, 1 ghost, 3 yellow balls, 2 bats and 1 cat 
    Area 5-9
    21 squares long and a place stage for Hyper Bomb. Use the hyper bomb to get
    rid of the 3 squids, 2 bat, 1 ghost and 1 yellow ball within 2 minutes.
    Use Ctrl + F and type BOSS 5 to find it.
    4f. Level 6
    Area 6-1
    You're now in a forest, the breakable blocks are bushes and it's 23 squares
    long. There are 2 new enemies here. 1 is a blue ball with fangs and 1 eye.
    He dies in 1 hit, can eat your bombs and gives you 1000 points. The
    other enemy is a walking plant. It dies in 1 hit, only gives you 200 
    points and moves randomly. There are 2 of each of them and the other 
    enemies are 2 orange balls.
    Area 6-2
    23 squares long A new enemy here is a skunk... yes a skunk. The Skunk will
    make small stink clouds that can kill you and explode your bombs so be 
    careful. He dies in one hit and gives you 800 points. There are 2 skunks 2
    plants and 2 blue 1-eyed balls.
    Area 6-3
    23 squares long. A new enemy is here as well... a mole. He has good speed,
    he can dig to quickly move to other around, dies in 1 hit and gives you 
    400 points. There are 2 moles 2 orange balls and 2 plants here.
    Area 6-4
    23 squares long, 1 blue ball, 2 skunks, 2 moles, 2 plants is all there is
    to say here.
    Area 6-5
    Another 15 squares long hyper bomb stage. Use the hyper bomb to get rid of
    7 skunks within 1:30 but be careful with their stink clouds and have bomb,
    speed and fire on level 8 for a bonus stage.
    Again... Throw bombs Repeatedly and kill the enemies to collect the items
    Area 6-6
    29 squares long. The enemies are 2 plants, 2 orange balls, 2 moles and 2 
    Area 6-7
    Same size as before. 2 Moles, 2 Blue balls, 2 Skunks, 2 Plants is all there 
    Area 6-8
    29 Squares long. 4 plants and 4 moles are the enemies here... Nothing else.
    Area 6-9
    29 sqaures long. Hyper bomb is recommended but not needed if you have 
    clocks. There are 15 skunks here... Damn.
    Use Ctrl + F and type BOSS 6 to find it.
    4g. Level 7
    Area 7-1
    You're now in a cave full of ice, Breakable blocks are the snowmen and this
    stage is 25 squares long. This stage carries 3 new enemies: Blue fire, Snow
    golem and 3 metal heads... he's just 1 enemy when united with the others 
    though. Blue fire dies in 1 hit and gives 600 points, it's basically the 
    same as red fire. The metal heads each give 800 points, but if you kill 
    all 3 your points will be 800, 1600, 2400, in total of 4800 points and they
    all die in 1 hit. The snow golem is the same as a standard only that it 
    moves a little faster and gives you 1500 points. In the this stage there 
    are 2 snow golems, 1 Squid, 2 blue fire and 3 metal heads.
    Area 7-2
    Same size as before. 3 Snow golems, 3 blue fire and 2 orange balls is all
    there is.
    Area 7-3
    Same size. 2 Snow golem, 4 metal heads, 2 blue fire is all you'll find
    Area 7-4
    4 snow golems, 2 orange balls, 2 blue fire, easy stage.
    Area 7-5
    Another Hyper Bomb stage, 25 squares long though. 5 snow golems and 5 metal
    heads await here. Again... be sure to have bomb, speed, fire at level 8
    drop bombs reapetedly to kill all enemies and get the items.
    Area 7-6
    This stage is 31 squares long. The enemies are 2 of everything here. cat 
    head, metal head, snow golem, orange ball, blue fire.
    Area 7-7
    31 squares as well. The enemies are 5 metal heads, 3 blue fires and 2 snow
    Area 7-8
    2 snow golems, 6 metal heads, 2 blue fires and 31 squares long is all there
    is here.
    Area 7-9
    Another 15 squares long Hyper bomb stage. The enemies are 8 metal heads 
    and 1 snow golem. To get this thing done quickly just use the hyper bomb
    and Fire suit to reapetedly drop bombs and rid the stage quickly, you're
    given 2 minutes here.
    Use Ctrl + F and type BOSS 7 to quickly find it.
    4h. Level 8
    Area 8-1
    You're now in the volcano. If you have many of every items, I suggest using
    them to finish the stages quickly. The stage is 31 squares long and the new
    Enemies here are 2 Flame golems, 2 Orange bombs and 2 Living bombs. The 
    living bomb may have been seen before, but this time its effect is that of
    a hyper bomb and they die in 2 hits, so beware. The orange bomb doesn't
    make any explosion, it just moves around like any enemy and dies in 2 hits,
    but when you hit it the first time it screams "I'm on FIRE!" and starts 
    running around like crazy. The Flame golems are different from the others 
    but like the others they die in 1 single hit. The difference is that it 
    doesn't punch a bomb away but instead makes fire move in a circular motion
    and as you would expect it explodes bombs and obviously kills you. The 
    other enemies are just 2 blue onions.
    Area 8-2
    1 Flame Golem, 2 blue onions, 1 living Hyper bomb, 4 orange bombs and the
    a same sized stage is all there is here.
    Area 8-3
    31 square long, 3 Hyper bombs and 3 orange bombs... that's it.
    Area 8-4
    2 hyper bombs, 4 orange bombs and 2 flame golems await you here and again,
    it's 31 squares long
    Area 8-5
    31 squares long Hyper bomb stage with 1:30 as time limit. The enemies are 2
    flame golems and 6 hyper bombs. Just use Invicible! and repeatedly use the
    hyper bomb. Be Sure to be at level 8 on Bomb, speed, and fire.
    Like always... have a crazy party with those bombs and enemies to get the
    Area 8-6
    31 squares long. 2 flame golems, 1 orange ball, 2 hyper bombs, 1 cat head 
    and 2 orange bombs.
    Area 8-7
    2 Orange bombs, 3 hyper bombs, 2 cat heads and 1 golem are the only things
    you'll find here.
    Area 8-8
    2 Hyper bombs, 2 flame golems, 2 orange bombs, 2 squids and 31 squares the
    stage is 31 squares long... that's it.
    Area 8-9
    Yet another 15 squares long, Hyper bomb stage. The enemies here are 4 flame
    golems, 3 hyper bombs and 2 orange bombs. The time is 2:00 minutes here but
    if you want to finish this stage quickly just use hyper bomb and Fire suit.
    Use Ctrl + F and type BOSS 8 to quickly find it.
    4i. Level 9
    Area 9-1
    You're now in a castle and the breakable blocks are red shields. 3 New
    enemies are in this area and one of them takes time. The new enemies are a
    Mother bomb and her babies, a rook and a Knight with a lance and a shield.
    The Mother bomb and babies die in 1 hit and give a huge amount of points.
    The rook moves slowly, dies in 1 hit and gives you 600 points. The rook can
    also make shields. The knight, as I said carries a shield which protects 
    him from frontal assault so you have to hit him from behind. He dies in 4 
    hits and gives you 4000 points. There are 4 rooks, 1 mother and babies, 1
    knight and 1 orange ball. From now I suggest that RC bombs should be used
    most stages. This stage is 31 squares long.
    Area 9-2
    2 Squids, 4 rooks, 1 mother bomb and babies. This stage is also 31 squares
    Area 9-3
    4 rooks, 2 knights and 1 mother bomb with babies. Same size as before.
    Area 9-4
    1 Squid, 1 orange ball, 1 mother bomb with babies, 2 knights and 2 rooks is
    all you'll find here. 31 squares long.
    Area 9-5
    You guessed it... yet another hyper bomb stage. The enemies here are 1 
    mother bomb with babies and 5 knights. The time limit here is 1:30 so be
    sure to use a clock. I suggest using Invincible! and They hyper bombs 
    Repeatedly when you're invincible. Be sure to have Bomb, Speed and Fire at
    level 8.
    Party and collect what you can
    Area 9-6
    31 squares long. 2 rooks, 2 knights and 2 Mother bomb with babies. Use
    RC bombs here, not needed though.
    Area 9-7
    3 rooks and 3 knights is the only thing you can find here... besides the
    Area 9-8
    2 rooks, 2 mother with babies and 3 knights. you have 3 minutes here so
    don't worry and this stage is also 31 squares long.
    Area 9-9
    Hyper bomb stage 15 squares long. Put Invincible and hyper bomb to good
    use here in order to kill the 3 knights and 3 Mother bombs with babies
    within 2 minutes. As you can guess a boss fight is next.
    Use Ctrl + F to find it.
    4j. Level 10
    Area 10-1
    You are now in The crystal palace, New enemies exist here. A new enemy here
    is the Rat bomb. He runs around like a regular enemy and dies in 1 hit but
    when does, he leaves a bomb with fire at level 3, and gives you 800 points.
    Another new enemy is the King bomb. The king bomb is a big bomb with a 
    crown who takes a lot of time to explode but... it's explosion is that
    of a Dangerous bomb so watch out for that, the good thing is that he gives
    4000 points. The last new enemy is like a rockect. It dies in 1 hit and 
    then launches it self to hit you so don't stand around too long. There are
    3 rat bombs, 2 king bombs and 2 rockects. 31 squares long
    Area 10-2
    3 rat bombs, 1 king bomb, 2 squids and 2 rockets is all you'll find here.
    Same size as before.
    Area 10-3
    4 rockets, 2 orange balls, 2 rat bombs. 31 squares long
    Area 10-4
    1 rocket, 2 squids, 1 king bomb, 2 rat bombs and 2 orange balls. Nothing
    else here.
    Area 10-5
    Hyper bomb stage 15 squares long. Use the Invincible item and hyper bomb
    to kill all 10 Rat bombs and prepare for a bonus stage. Finish within
    The last bonus stage in the game as well as the last save.
    Area 10-6
    There are only 5 stages left (including this one) so use you RC bombs, 
    hearts, Invincible! and line bomb to blast through the stages. This stage
    has 3 rat bombs, 1 king bomb, 1 Mistake enemy (the one that appears when
    you attack the exit), 2 pass-through jellies and 2 squids. 31 squares
    Area 10-7
    2 king bombs, 3 rockets, 1 rat bomb and 2 mistakes are the enemies you'll
    find here.
    Area 10-8
    3 Mistake, 3 rockets, 1 rat bomb. Same size as before.
    Area 10-9
    Hyper bomb stage. Use invincible to get rid of 7  mistakes and 3 rockets.
    The stage is 31 squares long and sort of cut into 2 sides due to some 
    stairs that lead to the last boss (you can't take the stairs though)
    Use Ctrl + F and type FINAL BOSS to find it.
    Well that's end of the walkthrough for normal mode. Congrats on beating
    this game.
    5. Bosses
    Here is where I'll cover the boss fights.
    BOSS 1
    The first boss in the game. You play on both the top and bottom screen and
    you can go around either of them right away. This boss starts out as a 
    round, floating pile of metal trash. He'll start by dropping 2 spikey
    enemies. Their slightly faster than the UFO and have a random pattern and 
    they give only 200 points. When you destroy those 2 he'll drop 2 more and
    continue to do that. The 3rd time it drops its enemies it will come to the
    fight. He looks like a giant metal flower and attacks by throwing metal 
    Spikes. He'll attack over long periods of time and whenever ot sees you.
    Hit him 5 times to make him red and hit him once more to win and collect
    the items.
    BOSS 2
    Set the RC and Line bomb (and maybe the shield) Items for use here. The 
    boss doesn't appear until you destroy all 6 hands which die in 1 hit. 
    Once you destroy them and go to the top screen, the boss will appear. The 
    bottom screen will be sealed so you're stuck up there. The boss is a green
    head with 3 orbs around it. It's weak point will shuffle around the 3 orbs
    and you have to attack it while avoiding the hands. Hit him 4 times to 
    make him red and then hit him again to again to kill him.
    BOSS 3
    The Boss here will appear right away and he is a giant red crab. He'll
    Attack you by throwing his claw at you, spitting bubbles (which will 
    freeze you) and he'll also Charge at you. He'll constanly move from screen
    and spit bubbles to keep you on the lookout. Attack from the side or 
    behind 4 times and he'll shed his Skin. He'll no be smaller, faster and 
    launch more bubbles at a time. Hit him 3 more times after he shed his
    skin to kill him.
    BOSS 4
    Here you face 2 Cactus brothers, a fat one and a skinny one with a 
    sombrero. They will pass the Sombrero back and forth. The fat one will
    throw spikes and the sombrero when he wears it. The skinny one will lock
    out the lower area and throw 3 spikes at once. They're not that hard
    however... they will die in 3 hits each. To get this battle over with
    quickly just use the Invincible item and the RC bomb.
    BOSS 5
    Set RC bomb, a heart and Invincibility. You now face a vampire. 4
    teleport spots will be placed on the bottom screen so you can get to
    him (since it's the only way to get there.  All he does is summon ghosts,
    throw bats and wide beams at you. Teleport to where he is and attack him.
    He'll seperate into bats and move to the other screen. Continue that
    until he's dead. Hit him 10 times to kill him.
    BOSS 6
    Just like BOSS 1, the boss here starts out as a round pile of grass. This
    boss is basically powered-up version of BOSS 1. It drops 4 plants at once
    and just like BOSS 1 you have to kill them and do it 3 times to get that
    pile of grass to come down. The pile of grass is a giant plant like the
    metal one that is BOSS 1. Get rid of the small plants go for the big guy.
    Hit the Giant plant 5 times to win.
    BOSS 7
    As you would have guessed this boss is an upgrade to BOSS 2. The only
    difference is that the hands can now attack from a distance usig some
    energy attacks. Like in BOSS 2 just get rid of the hands which die
    in 1 hit and then attack the big head and it's weak spots. Since you're
    near the last boss I suggest you start using Invincible and RC bombs
    to get rid of bosses quickly. Hit him 5 times like before to win.
    BOSS 8
    This one is a Metal Scorpion. He attacks the same way that BOSS 3 does
    and gets hurt the same way. This boss is really easy since he dies in
    only 5 hits... I find this guy easier.
    BOSS 9
    The Vampire's lady is the boss here. She's the same as the Vampire guy
    but the only thing is that she can summon ghost faster. Equip a heart,
    Invincible, RC bomb, and line bomb to make this easier. Fight her
    the same way that you fought the Vampire guy: Teleport, attack and
    reapeat till she's dead. Like the Vampire guy, she dies in 10 hits.
    Equip Line bomb, RC bomb, Heat, Invincible... Just equip anything you
    want since it's last stage. This boss is not an updrade to any of the
    other bosses. The boss looks a giant floating statue or shakkoumon if
    you've seen digimon. The boss will attack by throwing it's arms at 
    you and projectiles. You have to teleport to his screen and hit him 
    once each time (you can only hit him once at a time). When you hit
    him he'll move to the other screen. Hit him 5 times and his bottom
    layer will break, here he'll learn a new attack: He'll make his arm
    the row it goes on so move away from it. Hit him 3 more times to 
    destroy him. When you beat him you'll see the land back to it's 
    original state. 
    6. Battle mode
    Ah battle mode... the place where you get the most fun in the game. Here 
    you can battle by your self or with friends who have a DS by single-card
    You start this mode by selecting the player options. Here you choose who
    plays and if you want teammates. Once you're ready confirm to go to 
    stage select. Here, you can select the stage you want to play and the 
    handicap that the characters will have when playing that stage. When you
    are done here you will go to Rule settings. Here you choose how many 
    trophies must be won, tiebreaker match, Revenge, Skull, Time, Slots and
    starting position. When you're done with that press OK to Check the rules.
    If you're good with the rules start your game or go back if you want to
    change them.
    In battle mode you can play in the following stages:
    Standard place to play, can change settings and set handicap.
    Play only with the Power-up items and bomb kick. You can only set time,
    sets and position
    V (voice) detonate
    All items except for bombs can be used here, you place bombs and detonate
    them by blowing into the MIC. You can set everything here except the 
    V bomb
    Here you blow into the MIC to deploy bombs. The rules and Handicap here
    are the same as V detonate
    V shield
    All Items are allowed here but the slots can't be set again. Blow on the
    MIC to use shield
    Every1 is equipped with shields here. All items except for those that
    use the Y button are allowed here. ALL settings can be set here.
    All items allowed, All settings except for skulls can be set. This
    stage packs lots of skull blocks
    Mystery Items
    All items allowed, all settings can be set. The only panel you can find
    here is the ? panel
    All items and settings. All characters play at full speed
    All items and settings. Tunnels are all over the stage for you to hide
    in, use them well
    Only 1 tunnel connects the screens. All items and settings
    3 tunnels connect the screens. All items and settings
    Conveyor belt
    All items and settings. Conveyor belts move you and bombs around
    Trap doors
    All items and settings. Trap doors are here and make you go to the
    other screen.
    All Items and Settings. Kick a bomb that's on an arrow panel
    All Items and Settings. Use the See-saws to throw bombs around
    Full power
    Slots and skulls can't be set. Only power down items are allowed.
    Lotsa Itmes
    Slots and skulls can't be set. All items allowed. Collect all the
    Items to get stronger
    All items and settings. Everyone plays in 1 screen.
    All settings and items. No blocks.
    All items and settings. Spike panels that can destroy you.
    Crown battle
    No revenge or Tiebreak, All items. The first person to get the crown
    on the top screen wins. If one remains, all obstacles cease to exist
    Full-power crown
    Same as before but with full power
    Merry-go crown
    Same as before but crown is moving on the conveyor belt.
    All items, no tiebreak. Thou who sets the most blocks to their
    colors is the victor.
    Kick Blocks
    Kick-kick and Blocks mix together.
    Same as blocks but with Immortality
    No revenge, all items. Bomb traps throw bombs on the stage
    No revenge, all items. Ballon enemies also exist here.
    Random stage appears. No handicap and only Sets can be changed
    Master the stages and become the best player there is.
    7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    Q: I bought a used copy of the game which came without the instruction
    booklet and all the save slots are occupied. How do I delete a save?
    A: On the file selection screen, just click the save you wish to delete 
    on the touch screen and drag it to the trash can icon.
    Q: I have beaten the game but my save file only displays 95%. Is there
    any way to get 100%?
    A: The percentage displayed is how far you are in the game and whenever
    you load save you've already beaten, you'll still start a few stages 
    before the end, thus you're not going to see 100% because you're always
    starting at 95%
    8. Version update
    Version 1.: Started on 8/5/05 at 2:38 pm est
                Finished on 8/8/05 at 3:17 pm est
    Version 1.1 (current): Added a FAQ section as well as a list of sites
    that currently have permission to host my FAQ on the introduction.

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