What is the best and quickest way to make money (bells)?

  1. I wanna pay off my house and get it upgraded.

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    mhenker86 - 8 years ago

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  1. I too myself have once written a(n) Animal Crossing guide so I know alot but here's what I can do to help you. For those who CHEAT and TIME TRAVEL do that, Such as leaving money in the bank and skip 10 years to get 99,999 and another after another to gain more bells. I call that cheating. If you care about your town I reccomend these ..

    *Hit the Bell Rock once a day. Gets you about 4,000 bells easy.

    *Every Sunday buy a RED TURNIP from Joan and plant it. Water it for about a week.
    Whence you dig it up and sell it to Nook it's about 16,000 - 20,000 bells! And you only bought it for 1,000 bells! Good profit.

    *Shake trees as random furniture, items, 100 bell bags, and of course ... BEES! Fall out. Pick them up and sell em. Keep the money though. When the honey comb falls ... Make sure you run. :) Just a reminder.

    *Your regular fruit tree won't help much as one full inventory is only 1,500 bells. meaning each fruit is only 100 bells x 15 spaces = 1,500 bells.

    *Fossil digging: Dig up pointy little stars buried under the ground, however it can be pitfalls and those annoying little roid guys. Each day (If God Loves You) he will have 1 fossil for you a day. (If God REALLY loves you) he will give you two fossils. Have Blathers of your town's museum identify it, but be careful as he asks you to donate it and if you hit that stylus or a button to fast he will take it! Sell it to Nook afterwards for a hefty price of at least 10,000 bells or more.

    Fishing : Fishing is great as though I don't reccomend fishing in the Winter Season. If you do though you will normally get Popeyed Goldfish, Goldfish, Bitterlings, Bass, Black Bass, and your annoying lil' Horse Mackerals. Full Invo is about 6,000 - 8,000. In other seasons you can make up to about 15,000. Try summer best time for fishing.

    Bug catching : If you know bugs are deathly afraid of the cold. In the Winter Season you will normally see, Pill bugs, moths, and hardly and beetles.

    Helping your folks: Talk to the residents of your town as they might need a delivery. Deliver it to the person who it was assigned to and if you do it real fast the resident assigning it just might have something special for you.

    I'm sure this will be helpful to you as I used to do this very same methods myself I no longer use most of them, because I have already payed off everything and live in my wonderful mansion. If you took the time to actually read this I thank you from the bottom of my heart. ~.A special Thank You goes to all Animal Crossing Players who have also used these methods in their guides.~ See ya later! ^.^

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  1. Well,
    you can shake trees, (the problem with that is that the ees may sting you )
    check on the recycle bins

    Plant other fruits that werent origanally at ur town (u can seel 2 Nook 4 500 bells)

    Go to the lost and found

    Sell unused furniture, and fossils that the Museum already has

    Do townsfolk favors and they will pay you or award you with stuff that you can sell for money.

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  2. Use the bell rock and sell foreign fruit

    If you do shake trees you should shake them to find bees because they sell for a lot of bells

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  3. I usu make about 15,000 in half an hour sellin fish plus the bell rock!

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  4. Something that helped me greatly - I got an apple, planted it, then planted the three fruits that came off of it, ect. until I had a huge apple orchard. It doesn't have to be apples, of course, but it needs to be foreign fruit.

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  5. Time travel. (you must have over 50,000 bells) put 50000 bells in saving account. change ds 20 years ahead. 99,999 bells.

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    Do you care about your neighbors and enviornment? If so, do not attempt the following way to make tons of bells. What you do is put money in your bank account (any amount will do I think), then travel 10 years in the future and the bank will send you a letter with 99,999 bells. Jump another 10 years and get another 99,999 bells and so forth.

    WARNING! This method destroys your town. Weeds everywhere, no flowers, big red flower called raffielsa which has flies swarming around it, and also other side affects which are, moved neighbors, HRA letters, and cockroaches in your house. If you don't mind this happening to your town, DON'T DO IT!

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    brownybob - 8 years ago 3 3
  7. i have found that turnips are the best method if you dont mind a few weeds, letters, and moved neighbors.

    fast foward your DS to sunday and seek out joan(you will need 50000+ bells for a good profit) buy all the turnips you possibly can, save and fast forward 1 day and check the turnip price(s) --turnip prices change after 11:59-- only sell if the price is 150+ bells and repeat process

    TIPS: you can make turnips never spoil if you drop an item in front of a table and then drop a turnip,making them go onto the table and never spoil.

    I have done this and i turned my 120K bells into 1.7million in two hours this is a great method all you need is a little patience and some luck

    Selling prices range from 30-545 bells
    Buying prices range from 80-150 bells

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  8. Re: BrownyBob's suggestion:

    This is the best way, in all honesty. After you get a million bells in your account, you don't have to fast forward every ten years. Once I hit the two million mark, I was only advancing by 1 or 2 years and getting max interest. Plus, it's easy to fill up your catalogue at Nook's and getting clothes/accessories from the Able sisters.

    Using this method, I quickly paid of the rest of my house, and donated all 6,400,000 bells to boondox to get all the feathers. Just a short while ago I bought a throne from Nookington's. It cost 720,000 bells, but I had the money for it, and it got me a few thousand points on the Tom Nook Point System.

    Really, it's not a bad method. You can only get so many weeds in your town, and it'll only take a short while to pull all of them (30 minutes, maybe, and it's not bad considering that you can get an unlimited amount of bells). You only have to pull the weeds when you're done collecting bells, and once the weeds are gone, the rafflesia goes too. As for neighbours, it'll give you a chance to meet new people in the town, and I've even had people move away and then come back at a later time.

    This is the fastest, most profitable way. The only drawbacks are neighbours moving, and weeds growing everywhere (but that'll only take a short while to get rid of them). If you do it right, you can make 1,000,000 bells in no more than 10 minutes.

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  9. To be honest Turnips by far, I believe are or is the best methods to becoming rich. The RED TURNIP that she sells you in a seed package for 1,000 bells can get you 15,000 bells more than what you spended. Just make sure you water the RED TURNIP like 10 times a day for a week straight. Same thing with just the regular turnips. When Nook's Turnip prices change afer 11:59p.m you should be wishing prices go up real high. Here's your part. Sell them. Best of luck. :) ~.NubChubz~.

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  10. I know the ultimate way to get rich two words, action replay, lol

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