Really crazy redd?

  1. What is the secret code to enter Crazy redd's store?

    User Info: xab2x

    xab2x - 7 years ago

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  1. Ask and you shall- Be charged.
    Bottom dollar- Top Dog.
    Crazy Redd- Is 35.
    An open wallet- Is often empty.
    Even robbers- Have Safes.
    Fan in one hand-cash in other.
    Top Dollar- Top dog.
    What smells?- Bean curd.
    What's inside- Is fabulous.
    When the cat's gone- Mice shop.
    Why buy the cow- Buy milk here.
    Foot in the door- Eye on the prize.
    For my fans- Shop here again.
    Give 2 cents- Ask for change.
    The grass is greener- On my side.
    The pen- Is cheaper .
    Tom Nook- One ugly fellow. (I totally agree.)
    Hot and cold- Money makes it.
    I'm all alone- But I have cash.
    Head in the sand- Find something.
    Look at People- Wallets Full.
    No Money- Means no fun.
    Roses have- High prices.
    Rough childhood- Lax adulthood.
    Someone to wed- No way Nook.
    Spoiled rotten- Bean curd.
    Talk is cheap- So is Redd.
    Life Expectancy- Redd is 35.

    Question- Answer.
    (Ignore the Capital Letter at the beggining of the Answer. At least I can type with proper capalization.)

    User Info: Olivia_av

    Olivia_av - 7 years ago 3 1


  1. It's different each time. Talk to a neighbor while Redd is in town. They'll tell you ,if not talk to someone else. Then go to Redd's he'll ask you the code. Just put it in and your welcome inside. If he doesn't let you in go see if you put the code in right.

    User Info: O1928

    O1928 - 7 years ago 1 2
  2. to expand on O928's answer you can become a member of the family and become his "cousin" then he will mail you the code every week a few days before he comes to your town.

    User Info: pie_queen

    pie_queen - 7 years ago 3 3
  3. I know that one he will ask you "give 2 cents" just say "ask for change"

    User Info: wyt_and_nrdE

    wyt_and_nrdE - 7 years ago 0 4
  4. Redd's Passwords
    Q: Ask and you shall A: be charged - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: An open wallet A: is often empty - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: Bottom dollar A: top dog - Shax
    Q: Crazy Redd A: is 35 - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: Even robbers A: have safes - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: Fan in one hand A: cash in other - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: Foot in the door A: eye on prize - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: For my fans A: shop here again - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: Give 2 cents A: ask for change - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: Head in the sand A: find something - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: Hot and cold A: money makes it - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: I'm all alone A: but I have cash - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: "Life Expectancy" A: "Redd is 35" - Chaos Stryker
    Q: Look at People A: wallets full - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: No Money A: means no fun - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: Roses have A: high prices - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: Rough childhood A: lax adulthood - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: Someone to wed A: no way Nook - Shadow blackHedgehog, solarboydjango5
    Q: "Spoiled rotten" A: "bean curd" - neslabel2
    Q: Talk is cheap A: so is Redd - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: The grass is greener A: on my side - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: The pen A: is cheaper - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: Tom Nook A: one ugly fellow - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: Top Dollar A: top dog - MegaCam
    Q: What smells? A: bean curd. - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: What's inside A: is fabulous - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: When the cat's gone A: mice shop - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: Why buy the cow A: buy milk here! - Prince Vegeta 222

    BTW: this didnt come from me, it came from the people above (prince vegeta 222, etc.) and i got this from Animal Crossing: Wild World: Redd's Password Guide by antiflag. the things that arent here, you can get from neighbors and mail like what O1928 and pie_queen said

    User Info: cataprincess

    cataprincess - 7 years ago 5 3
  5. Ask a neighbor they usually tell me what it is when i trash the note.

    User Info: Rtaper

    Rtaper - 7 years ago 1 1
  6. When you see Crazy Redd for the first time you can talk to your neighbors and one of them will tell you the password. Then if you pay however many bells, then he will mail you the password. If you don't want to pay then you can keep asking your neighbors every week.

    User Info: bballfan25

    bballfan25 - 7 years ago 1 1
  7. i think that look at cataprincess and Olivia_av have the best answer . go to the torquoisish tent tap the curtain and redd will talk to you and he will whats the password he will say something that appears in blue.example
    spoiled rotten you will say bean curd and then he will have a surprised expression and he will probably say hey youre not part of the redd family and then you will have to beg to be in his family (if you want to buy furn.) he will finally give up and say that you can be part of the family for three thousand bells after you pay the price he will call you a cousin ill write down Olivia_av answer for you okay
    ask and you shall - be carged
    bottom dollar - top dog
    crazy redd - is 35
    what smells - bean curd
    what inside - is fabulous
    when the cats gone - mice shop
    why buythe cow - buy milk here
    foot in the door - eye on the prize
    for my fans - shop here again
    give 2 cents - ask for change
    the grass is greener - on my side
    the pen - is cheaper
    tom nook - one ugly fellow (i too agree but i think his son is cute)
    hot and cold - money makes it
    im all alone - but i have cash
    head in the sand - find something
    look at people- wallets full
    no money - means no fun
    roses have- high prices
    rough childhood - lax adulthood
    someone to wed - no way nook (thats funny)
    spoiled rotten - bean curd
    talk is cheap - so is redd (false)
    life expectancy - redd is 35

    User Info: heyyy55555

    heyyy55555 - 7 years ago 1 0

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