How do you get unlimited coins/money?

  1. Unlimited cash?
    How do you get the golden axe,net,fishing rod?

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Accepted Answer

  1. Golden axe: 1. Start the pass-it-on thing by planting a Red turnip from Joan.
    2. Once it's planted, give it to Wendell
    3. Get a Turban from Wendell
    4. Give the Turban to Saharah and get the message chair.
    5. Tortimer comes at a holiday so give him the message chair. Get the scallop
    6. Give the Scallop to Pascel and he will give you the Golden axe or his picture. Get the golden axe to complete these steps.

    Golden fishing rod: Catch all fishes{ Tortimer will come to your house to give the golden fishing rod }

    Golden net: Catch all bugs { Tortimer will come to your house to give the Golden Net }

    Golden sling shot: Shoot 15 presents {If you miss, you need to shoot 2 more presents.}

    Golden shovel: 1. Get 2 shovels
    2. Bury a shovel
    3. Wait 24 hours or a day
    4. Shovel your location where you buried it.

    Golden watering can: Keep your environment rate Perfect for 16 days.

    Now your question was about the money. You can't unless you have a TTDS or a action replay. You need to cheat. You can get bells in a certain way. But no infinites.

    1. Sell fishes and the most selling fishes are the Coelacanth, Dorado, Shark and string fish.{Price: 15,000 bells per fish}

    2. Sell bugs and the most selling bug is the Hercules beetle. {Price; 12,000 bells}

    3. Sell junk.

    4. Each new year, your player's mom gives you 10,000 bells.

    Good Luck!

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Other Answers

  1. Golden net: catch all the bugs
    Golden fishingrod: catch all the fish
    Golden wateringcan: Have a perfect town for so many days straight (cant remember)
    Golden slingshot: shoot 15 down
    Golden axe: cant remember

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