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    Special Visitors FAQ by pixelblues

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    *                         ANIMAL CROSSING: WILD WORLD                         *
    *                           Special Visitors Guide                            *
    *                                    v1.01                                    *
    1.     Introduction
    2.     Version History
    3.     Visitor Information
           A)   Blanca
           B)   Cornimer
           C)   Dr. Shrunk
           D)   Gracie
           E)   Gulliver
           F)   Joan
           G)   Kaitlin & Katie
           H)   Katrina
           I)   K.K. Slider
           J)   Lyle
           K)   Pascal
           L)   Pete
           M)   Redd
           N)   Saharah
           O)   Snowman
           P)   Wendell
    4.     Pass the Buck
    5.     Thanks to...
    6.     Legal & Contact Information
    Welcome to the richly complex world of Animal Crossing! Even though you moved
    to your town to get away from it all, you'll find a steady stream of visitors.
    Travelers and vendors stop by regularly, keeping your town lively and full of
    fresh faces. From fortune-tellers to black marketeers, musicians to insane
    aviators, you'll always be assured of plenty of variety in your life.
    In addition to bringing new stories and gossip to town, visitors are often a
    source of rare and valuable goods that you can't get anywhere else. Get to
    know and love them; it's well worth your while.  Some of them are rather
    slippery customers, but this guide is here for you.  
    Read on for the vital stats on all the visitors, and learn how to make the
    most out of your encounters with them!
    Coming Soon:     Tom Nook's buying prices for special items.
    Version 1.01:    Added: a few special items; Thanks To... section; notes about
    (12/19/2005)     diacritics in K.K.'s songs. 1up.com is now authorized to host
                     and distribute this guide.
    Version 1.0:     First version of the Special Visitors Guide posted.
    A)   Blanca
    When:       Random day after WiFi play
    Where:      Wandering your town
    No one quite knows how it happened, but once upon a time a kitten was born
    without a face. Although she washes off her face every night when she takes off
    her makeup, Blanca still wants to see the world. She travels from town to town,
    seeing the sights and relying on the residents to help her apply a new face
    every day. She'll stop by your town from time to time; if you run into her, she
    will ask you to give her a new face. It's like the ultimate makeover!
    B)   Cornimer
    When:       The Acorn Festival (second week of October), 24 hours
    Where:      In front of Town Hall
    Once a year, your town goes nuts over acorns (hah, pun).  During this week,
    you'll find an acorn-masked individual hanging out in front of the Town Hall,
    encouraging everyone to take part in the celebration.  He just loves those
    acorns.  You can sell them to Tom Nook for 100 Bells apiece, but it's much
    smarter to bring them to Cornimer.  Give him enough, and he'll reward you with 
    a piece of the rare Mush furniture set.  You can't get the furniture
    anywhere else!  (Just don't bring Cornimer rotted acorns.)
    Mush Bed            Mush Lamp
    Mush Closet         Mush Stand
    Mush Chair          Mush Stool
    Mush Dresser        Mush Table
    Mush End Table      Mush TV
    C)   Dr. Shrunk
    When:       Random Monday - Friday, 6 a.m. - midnight
    Where:      Wandering your town
    Add some oomph to your conversations with the help of Dr. Shrunk! Okay, so the
    man looks like he could use a little therapy himself, but he really can teach
    you a few things. Dr. Shrunk will instruct you in the fine art of nonverbal
    communication.  Afterward, you too will be able to generate punctuation and
    hearts in the air above your head.  Hey, if nothing else, this oughta help
    you avoid potential misunderstandings with your neighbors.
    D)   Gracie
    When:       Random Monday - Friday, 6 a.m. - 6 a.m. next day
    Where:      Town Hall
    Designing your own clothes is nice, but for true Animal Crossing couture, you
    have to go to Gracie.  The fabulous fashionista will drive her car (a flashy
    convertible, of course) right into your town and park it in the Town Hall
    courtyard.  So, how chic are you?  Gracie will tell you.  Before she'll even
    talk to you about her own trendy designs, she'll insist on giving you a pop
    quiz.  You'll get an evaluation in the mail and a shirt design...a normal
    shirt design.
    If you want access to Gracie's special collection, you're going to have to be
    persistent.  Continue to talk to her until you wear her down, and eventually
    she'll concede that you just might have what it takes to sport her fashions:
    style, poise, and above all, cash.  Dish out enough dough, and she'll favor
    you with the coveted clothing.
    Occasionally, you'll get back the Moldy Shirt with your evaluation.  Yech.
    Although it's not attractive, and...doesn't smell that good, I'd imagine,
    it's still an exclusive item, and that's the only way to get it!
    Barber Shirt            Giraffe Shirt           Sandwich Shirt
    Butterfly Shirt         Grape Shirt             Snow Shirt
    Caterpillar Tee         Grass Shirt             Splendid Shirt
    Citrus Shirt            Gracie's Top            Strawberry Shirt
    Cool Shirt              Groovy Shirt            Tiger Shirt
    Coral Shirt             Hot Dog Shirt           Tin Shirt
    Cow Shirt               Kiwi Shirt              Watermelon Shirt
    Crossing Shirt          Ladybug Shirt           Zebra Shirt
    Fiendish Shirt          Melon Shirt
    Flan Shirt              Orange Pinstripe
    E)   Gulliver
    When:       Random Monday - Friday, between 6 a.m. and noon
    Where:      Sky (top screen)
    It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Gulliver, an eccentric seagull who prefers a
    UFO to his own wings.  If you see him, you can use your slingshot to bring him
    down to earth so that you can talk to him.  When you do, he'll ask you to help
    him find spare parts for his UFO so that he can get back into the air. After
    all, you're the one who damaged it--fair's fair.
    You can find the missing UFO parts buried in the ground, so unship your shovel
    and get searching. Find them, return them to Gulliver, and he'll give you a
    nice souvenir from his aerial rovings around the world.
    Gulliver also has a little treat for Metroid fans.  Will you be lucky enough
    to find it?
    Arc de Triomphe         Metroid
    Chocolates              Moai Statue
    Compass                 Mouth of Truth
    Manekin Pis             Pagoda
    Matryoshka              Plate Armor
    Merlion                 Tower of Pisa
    Mermaid Statue          Tribal Mask
    F)   Joan
    When:       Every Sunday, 6 a.m. - noon
    Where:      Wandering your town
    Other places have farmer's markets; you have Sow Joan, purveyor of finest
    turnips. You can find her peddling her wares all around town every Sunday
    morning, and it's always a wise idea to seek her out. The turnips Joan sells 
    come in two varieties: white and red.  Both are worth getting, since Tom Nook 
    pays pretty well for root vegetables.  
    White turnips can be sold to Nook any day within a week, but his buying prices 
    fluctuate from day to day.  You'll have to check on the going rate every day if 
    you want to make it big in the stalk market.  Just don't hold out for a high 
    price TOO long!  Turnips rot after a week.
    Red turnips allow you to get your foot in the door of the lucrative turnip
    trade. Buy a few from Joan and then grow your own! The better you care for
    them, the bigger they get, and the more Nook will pay for them.  Having a red
    turnip around has other benefits, too; you can read about those in the "Pass
    the Buck" section.
    G)   Kaitlin & Katie
    When:       Random day after WiFi play
    Where:      Wandering your town
    Oh, no! While your town's gates were open, a kitten wandered off from her
    mother and got herself lost in another town. Obviously, the decent thing to do
    is to help reunite the family. If you find either of the pair in your town,
    you'll have to link up with the town they mention.  The player with Katie the
    Kitten should lead her to the town gate and take her to her distraught mom.
    Aww, doesn't that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?  Well, even if it
    doesn't, there's a less altruistic reason to reunite the feline duo.  In
    Animal Crossing, good deeds seldom go unrewarded.  Kaitlin will be so relieved
    to have her daughter back that she'll send you a rare gift along with a thank-
    you note!
    Apple TV            Music Box
    K and K's Pic       Papa Bear
    Lily-Pad Table      Papa Panda
    Lovely Phone        Portrait
    H)   Katrina
    When:       Random Monday - Friday, 6 a.m. - midnight
    Where:      Her tent in your town
    Ooh, I see mountains of Bells and pockets full of fish in your future. Every
    once in a while, a mystical medium will set up shop in your town for a day.
    For 100 Bells, she'll tell your fortune or let you know how compatible you are
    with any person you know! Considering even a cup of coffee from Brewster costs
    200 Bells, it's a pretty good deal.
    If the tea-leaves-and-crystal-ball standard doesn't satisfy you, you can also
    have your aura cleansed by Katrina. Be warned, however, that such a service
    does not come cheaply. Katrina expects 10,000 Bells for her trouble.  It's up
    to you to decide whether or not it's a worthwhile investment.
    I)   K.K. Slider
    When:       Saturdays, 7:30 p.m. - midnight
    Where:      The Roost
    K.K. Slider, your town's resident musician, will be familiar to all those who
    played the original Animal Crossing. For those of you new to the AC world,
    K.K's a guitar-slinging, ultra-laid-back independent artist. You can catch him 
    every Saturday night at the cafe in the museum's basement. He doesn't play
    for pay, man, he plays for the joy of the music. This works out pretty well for
    you, since at the end of his performance, he'll give you a free recording of
    the set du jour to play at home.  Let him pick what to play, or request one of
    your favorites--it's all the same to him!  You should know, though, that some
    of his songs are secret; he'll only play them for you if you ask for them by
    [Note: ASCII does not include diacritical marks, but Animal Crossing does,
    so I'd like to note that to get K.K.'s songs by request, you have to type
    in the exact names of the songs (case-sensitive).  Cafe K.K. includes an
    acute accent over the e, and Senor K.K. takes a tilde over the N.]
    Agent K.K.          K.K. Faire          K.K. Steppe
    Aloha K.K.          K.K. Folk           K.K. Swing
    Cafe K.K.           K.K. Fusion         K.K. Tango
    Comrade K.K.        K.K. Gumbo          K.K. Technopop
    DJ K.K.             K.K. Jazz           K.K. Waltz
    Forest Life         K.K. Lament         K.K. Western
    Go K.K. Rider       K.K. Love Song      King K.K.
    I Love You          K.K. Lullaby        Lucky K.K.
    Imperial K.K.       K.K. Mambo          Marine Song 2001
    K.K. Aria           K.K. Marathon       Mountain Song
    K.K. Ballad         K.K. March          Mr. K.K.
    K.K. Blues          K.K. Metal          My Place
    K.K. Bossa          K.K. Ragtime        Neapolitan
    K.K. Calypso        K.K. Rally          Only Me
    K.K. Casbah         K.K. Reggae         Pondering
    K.K. Chorale        K.K. Rock           Rockin' K.K.
    K.K. Condor         K.K. Rockabilly     Senor K.K.
    K.K. Country        K.K. Safari         Soulful K.K.
    K.K. Cruisin'       K.K. Salsa          Steep Hill
    K.K. D & B          K.K. Samba          Surfin' K.K.
    K.K. Dirge          K.K. Ska            The K. Funk
    K.K. Dixie          K.K. Song           To the Edge
    K.K. Etude          K.K. Soul           Two Days Ago
    J)   Lyle
    When:       Every Saturday, 6 a.m. - 6 p.m.
    Where:      In front of your house
    Lyle knows all about life's little disappointments: finding out Redd sold you
    a worthless forgery, finding bees instead of Bells in that tree.  Sure, he
    might be a little oily, but Lyle will sell you insurance against life's little
    mishaps. Next time you get stung by bees, you'll get something other than a
    swollen face! His company will mail you settlements (not large ones, but
    something's better than nothing, isn't it?).
    We wouldn't like to cast aspersions on the agent's character, but Lyle will
    also offer you a chance to fix a day of the week for Redd's next visit. Hmm...
    K)   Pascal
    When:       Random Monday - Friday, 6 a.m. - midnight
    Where:      Beach
    Listen up, maann, for a dose of uniquely fried philosophy, keep an eye on your
    town's shorefront.  If you see a beaver in a hat, it's your lucky day.  Pascal
    will let you in on his frequently hilarious take on the cosmos, then slip back
    into the ocean to think those deep thoughts.  Before he goes, though, he'll
    give you a lovely parting gift: a piece of rare furniture. Pascal is in fact
    the exclusive source of Pirate theme furniture.
    Anchor              Sea Deck
    Barrel              Sea View
    Helm                Ship Cannon
    Keg                 Ship Compass
    Pascal's Pic
    L)   Pete
    When:       Random Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. or 5 p.m.
    Where:      Sky (top screen)
    Neither rain, nor snow, nor gloom of night shall stay Pete the pelican about
    his appointed duty...slingshots might, though.  Once a week, you can see the
    feathered mail carrier flying through your town on his rounds.  If you just 
    -must- speak to him, or you're feeling a bit impish, you can shoot the poor
    guy down with your slingshot. 
    M)   Redd
    When:       Random Monday - Friday, 6 a.m. - midnight
    Where:      Town Hall Courtyard
    Psst...hey!  Yes, you.  You interested in one-of-a-kind rareties?  Well, Crazy
    Redd's got 'em.  Redd's a sly itinerant black marketeer who swings through
    your town from time to time.  He arrives sometime in the night, sets up shop
    for a day, then disappears again.  Redd deals in the finer things in life...
    just don't ask where he got them. In fact, don't ask any questions at all.
    Redd's wares may be pretty nice, but just getting inside his tent to look at
    them is an undertaking.  He's a bit (probably reasonably) paranoid, so he
    demands a password before he'll let you in.  To get that password, walk around
    your town when he's there and talk to all your neighbors.  One of them will
    have the password.  Alternatively, you can join his club for 3,000 Bells, and
    he'll mail you the password every time he comes to town.
    Even if it seems like a lot of trouble, it's well worth it.  Redd's is the
    only place you can get most of the paintings, and he regularly carries other
    goods that are harder to find at Nook's.  Of course, if you wait for them to
    show up at Nook's, you'll save some money, since Redd marks up his items quite
    a bit.  Hey, a fox has gotta make a living.
    Oh, and if your town is named Hyrule (or you just like Zelda), you might
    especially like one of Redd's finds.
    REDD'S MERCHANDISE (* denotes Redd's exclusive items):
    Amazing Machine         Green Wardrobe          Red Corner
    *Amazing Painting       High-End Stereo         Regal Bed
    Baby Bed                Hospital Bed            Regal Chair
    Backyard Pool           Judge's Bell            Robo-Closet
    Basketball Hoop         Kiddie Bed              Robo-Lamp
    Black Katana            Kiddie Clock            Rocket
    Black Knight            Lawn Mower              Saddle Fence
    Black Rook              Lefty Lucky Cat         Saw Horse
    Blue Bed                Lovely Armoire          *Scary Painting
    Blue Table              Lovely End Table        Snake Plant
    Cabana Bed              *Lovely Painting        *Solemn Painting
    Cabana Chair			Lucky Black Cat         Space Shuttle
    Cabin Chair             Mama Panda              Spaceman
    Cabin Dresser           Medicine Chest          Steam Roller
    *Calm Painting          Merry-Go-Round          *Strange Painting
    Classic Vanity          Modern End Table        Super Toilet
    Classic Wardrobe        Modern Wardrobe         Tabletop Game
    Clear Model             *Moving Painting        Timpano Drum
    *Common Painting        *Nice Painting          Train Set
    *Dainty Painting        *Opulent Painting       *Triforce
    Deer Scare              Pantheon Post           Turntable
    Dice Stereo             *Perfect Painting       *Warm Painting
    Exotic Bed              Pothos                  Well
    Exotic Table            *Quaint Painting        White Katana
    *Famous Painting        Racoon Figurine         White Knight
    *Flowery Painting       Ranch Chair             White Rook
    Frog Woman Pole         Ranch Dresser           Wide-Screen TV
    Green Dresser           *Rare Painting          *Worthy Painting
    N)   Saharah
    When:       Random Monday - Friday, 6 a.m. - midnight
    Where:      Wandering around town
    From the desert to your very own town, Saharah brings you the rarest of wall
    treatments and carpets. Though she's able to find her way into towns, she
    never stays in one place long enough to learn the details. If you help her out
    by delivering her wares to your friends and neighbors, she'll reward you with
    one of her exclusive wares.  It really does pay to be polite!
    Ancient Wall        Meadow Vista
    Blue Tarp           Ringside Seating
    Desert Vista        Shoji Screen
    Industrial Wall     Tropical Vista
    Lunar Horizon       Western Vista
    Music Room Wall
    Ancient Tile        Music Room Floor
    Boxing Ring Mat     Saharah's Desert
    Closed Road         Sandlot
    Concrete Floor      Tatami Floor
    Daisy Meadow        Tropical Floor
    Lunar Surface       Western Desert
    O)   Snowman
    When:       Every day there is snow on the ground
    Where:      Wherever you build him
    You're never too old to play in the snow! It's fun and keeps you young at
    heart, and it can actually be profitable.  Every day that there's snow on the
    ground, you can find two snowballs somewhere in your town. With just a little
    help from you, they can realize their potential as a fantastic snowman.  Roll
    the first around in the snow until it's as big as possible, then go fetch the
    other.  Make a second ball slightly smaller than the first (if you go too far,
    roll it on bare ground to shrink it a bit) and then push the two together.
    Voila!  Snowman.  In fact, living snowman!
    That's right, your snowman will come to life once you've assembled him.  If
    you got the proportions right, he'll thank you for bringing him to life. Later
    that day, you'll get a piece of exclusive Snowman series furniture in the mail.
    (For a snowman, he's got pretty good penmanship.) Of course, if you got it
    wrong, he'll just make fun of you. 
    Snowman             Snowman Lamp
    Snowman Bed         Snowman Sofa
    Snowman Chair       Snowman Table
    Snowman Clock       Snowman TV
    Snowman Dresser     Snowman Wall
    Snowman Fridge      Snowman Wardrobe
    P)   Wendell
    When:       Random Monday - friday, 6 a.m. to midnight
    Where:      Wandering your town
    Starving artist: a little cliche, but very much the truth in Animal Crossing.
    You'll find this starving artist wandering around randomly.  If you feed him
    (a pretty easy task, since he'll eat virtually anything), he'll offer you one
    of his designs in exchange.  The designs are related to what you feed him, so
    it may take a bit of experimentation to find out what brings the best results.
    Once you're done supporting the arts and Wendell's impressive waistline, you
    can deck out your town with his finest work.
    4.     PASS THE BUCK
    Are you after some of THE rarest objects in the game...ones you'll never find
    on your own? Well, in Animal Crossing, as in life, nothing is quite as
    straightforward as you'd think. Some of your visitors have secret desires, and
    fulfilling them will set off a long chain of trades that will lead you to
    awesome items.  Intrigued? Just follow the plan laid out below and discover
    fame and riches...or at least riches.
    Step 1:   JOAN - On Sunday, buy a RED TURNIP and plant it in the ground. Take
              good care of it and let it grow nice and big. Once you do, dig it
              back up and carry it around with you.
    Step 2:   WENDELL - When Wendell appears in your town the next time, give him
              the RED TURNIP. He'll give you either a TURBAN (3a) or a 
              COUNTRY GUITAR (3b) in exchange.
    Step 3a:  If you got the TURBAN, give it to SAHARAH. She'll give you a RED
              VASE (4a) or a MASSAGE CHAIR (4b).
    Step 3b:  If you got the COUNTRY GUITAR, give it to K.K. SLIDER on Saturday.
              You'll get the K.K. SLIDER PIC, which completes this line of trade.
    Step 4a:  If you got the RED VASE, show it to REDD and he'll give you a
              SAFE (5a).
    Step 4b:  If you got the MASSAGE CHAIR, offer it to TORTIMER, who'll
              appreciate it enough to give you the rarest of all shells, the
              SCALLOP (5b).
    Step 5a:  If you got the SAFE, bring it to TOM NOOK. Now that he considers
              you a friend, he'll give you TOM NOOK'S PIC, which completes this
              line of trade.
    Step 5b:  If you got the SCALLOP, bring it to PASCAL when he washes up on
              your beach. He'll give you either the GOLDEN AXE or PASCAL'S
              PIC, which completes this line of trade.
    Whew! This could take a while.
    5.     THANKS TO...
    If you have read this guide, thank you. My goal was and is just to write
    something that would be useful to fellow gamers; if I've done that, that's
    good enough for me.
    I would also especially like to thank all those who have contributed to this
    guide in ways large or small, including those who declined credit. Kudos to all
    of you for continuing in the spirit of collaboration and free information...
    this is what makes the Internet great.
    So, thanks to... 
    AniDanny -           for information about the Snowman special item.
    RandomPwnage -       for information about (and photographic proof of) the
                         Metroid and Triforce special items.
    XPhacter -           for information about the Triforce special item and the
                         train set.
    Questions, comments, corrections, and suggestions related to this guide should
    be sent to papertruths [at] mac.com. Spam will result in the sender being
    immediately blocked, but I welcome all legitimate input.
    Thanks for reading the guide, and happy gaming! Now, on to the boilerplate:
    Animal Crossing, and all associated characters and scenarios, are the property
    of Nintendo of America Inc., copyright holder. This guide is not authorized
    or endorsed by Nintendo of America, Inc. Some information from this guide was 
    drawn from Animal Crossing: Wild World, The Official Nintendo Player's Guide, 
    copyright 2005, Nintendo of America, Inc.
    This guide is the work of Michelle Croyle, copyright 2005, and may be used
    only for personal, private purposes. This guide may not be reproduced or
    distributed in whole or in part without the express written consent of the
    author. This guide is authorized for distribution through GameFAQs.com and
    1Up.com. Use of this guide on any other website is strictly prohibited.

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