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    FAQ/Walkthrough by xftrx

    Version: 1R.5 | Updated: 03/27/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                      `-yMMNmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmNmNNNNNmo-   ````
        ./ydhs///+hds-` `:hdhsoo++++///:::::::ydNMMMmy/:/+osyhd+`
        `oddhyo//odds-   -ydhysooo+////:::--:/ymMMMMmy/:/+osyhh+`
         `shdhs++sdh+.   -yddysoo++////:::::::ohmNNmh+/:/+osyhy/`
           .:/oyo/-.`    -yddysoo+/////:::::::/++oso+/::/+osyhy/`
              ```        .+hdysoo+////::::::::////////://+oshho:`
                  .d8b.  d8b   db d888888b .88b  d88.  .d8b.  db
                 d8' `8b 888o  88   `88'   88'YbdP`88 d8' `8b 88
                 88ooo88 88V8o 88    88    88  88  88 88ooo88 88
                 88~~~88 88 V8o88    88    88  88  88 88~~~88 88
                 88   88 88  V888   .88.   88  88  88 88   88 88booo.
                 YP   YP VP   V8P Y888888P YP  YP  YP YP   YP Y88888P
           .o88b. d8888b.  .d88b.  .d8888. .d8888. d888888b d8b   db  d888b
          d8P  Y8 88  `8D .8P  Y8. 88'  YP 88'  YP   `88'   888o  88 88' Y8b
          8P      88oobY' 88    88 `8bo.   `8bo.      88    88V8o 88 88
          8b      88`8b   88    88   `Y8b.   `Y8b.    88    88 V8o88 88  ooo
          Y8b  d8 88 `88. `8b  d8' db   8D db   8D   .88.   88  V888 88. ~8~
           `Y88P' 88   YD  `Y88P'  `8888Y' `8888Y' Y888888P VP   V8P  Y888P
                    __       __)            __       __)
                   (, )  |  /  ,  /)  /)   (, )  |  /         /)  /)
                      | /| /     // _(/       | /| /  _____  // _(/
                      |/ |/  _(_(/_(_(_       |/ |/  (_)/ (_(/_(_(_
                      /  |                    /  |
                      Written and compiled by xfollowthereaperx
            Newest versions of my guides are always found at GameFAQs.com
    *                                                                            *
    *                               C O N T E N T S                              *
    *                                                                            *
    	|                                                            |
    	|  1. Introduction..................................[01.00]  |
    	|  2. Verisons History..............................[02.00]  |
    	|  3. Newbie Guide..................................[03.00]  |
    	|      - Starting out...............................[03.01]  |
    	|      - What do I do now?..........................[03.02]  |
    	|      - Controls...................................[03.03]  |
    	|  4. Lists.........................................[04.00]  |
    	|      - Bugs.......................................[04.01]  |
    	|      - Fish.......................................[04.02]  |
    	|      - Fossils....................................[04.03]  |
    	|      - Furniture Series...........................[04.04]  |
    	|      - Furniture Themes...........................[04.05]  |
    	|      - Furniture Sets.............................[04.06]  |
    	|      - Misc. Furniture............................[04.07]  |
    	|      - Wallpaper & Carpet.........................[04.08]  |
    	|      - Hacked Items...............................[04.09]  |
    	|      - Gyroids....................................[04.10]  |
    	|      - Paintings..................................[04.11]  |
    	|      - Paper......................................[04.12]  |
    	|      - Shells.....................................[04.13]  |
    	|      - Tools and hand held equipment..............[04.14]  |
    	|      - Clothes and Apparel........................[04.15]  |
    	|      - Villagers..................................[04.16]  |
    	|      - Town Tunes.................................[04.17]  |
    	|      - House Upgrades.............................[04.18]  |
    	|  5. Mini-Guides...................................[05.00]  |
    	|      - Feng Shui and Luck.........................[05.01]  |
    	|      - Perfect Town...............................[05.02]  |
    	|      - Making 'Bells'.............................[05.03]  |
    	|      - Breeding Flowers (Hybrid Guide)............[05.04]  |
    	|      - Your Character (Hair and Appearance).......[05.05]  |
    	|      - Turnips & The Stalk Market.................[05.06]  |
            |      - Happy Room Academy (HRA)...................[05.07]  |
    	|  6. Miscellaneous Information.....................[06.00]  |
    	|      - Shooting Stars.............................[06.01]  |
    	|      - Weather....................................[06.02]  |
    	|      - Roommates..................................[06.03]  |
    	|      - Special Visitors Items/Info................[06.04]  |
    	|      - Calendar...................................[06.05]  |
    	|      - Buildings in Town (Info on each Building)..[06.06]  |
    	|      - NGC/DS Version Differences.................[06.07]  |
    	|  7. Wifi..........................................[07.00]  |
    	|      - Wifi Safety................................[07.01]  |
    	|      - Wifi Games.................................[07.02]  |
            |      - Wifi Gliches and Prizes....................[07.03]  |
    	|  8. Tips, Tricks, and Easter Eggs.................[08.00]  |
    	|      - Tips.......................................[08.01]  |
    	|      - Tricks.....................................[08.02]  |
    	|      - Easter Eggs................................[08.03]  |
    	|  9. F.A.Q.........................................[09.00]  |
    	|  10. Credits......................................[10.00]  |
    	|  11. Contact Info.................................[11.00]  |
    	|  12. Copyright....................................[12.00]  |
    	|  13. Closing......................................[13.00]  |
    	|                                                            |
    *                                                                            *
    *                           I N T R O D U C T I O N                          *
    *                                                                            *
    Wecome to my FAQ, I have completely revised it, making it easier to read with
    a much better layout. I redid the "Table of Contents" and I added a "Points
    of interest" list at the end of some sections refering you to other sections
    in my FAQ. Please note that each "Points of interest" link uses a comma and
    not a period just for much easier browsing.
    The asterisks are foot notes. At the end of each section, there will be a
    list of foot notes. Make sure to check them out, they are important.
    Please Tell me what you think about the new version.
    "XfollowTHEreaperX" is my most common alias, you might have seen me on the
    Nintendo boards. My other alias' are "XfollowTEHreaperX", "ChildofBodom",
    and "Misbeliever01" all depending on the length of characters aloud in user
                        |          Points of Interest          |
                        |                                      |
                        | Table of Contents............[01,00] |
                        | Verison History..............[02,00] |
                        | Starting out.................[03,01] |
                        | Controls.....................[03,03] |
                        | Contact Info.................[11,00] |
    *                                                                            *
    *                        V E R S I O N   H I S T O R Y                       *
    *                                                                            *
    1R.5 - New e-mail address and some small information addded.
    1R.4 - Fixed Copyright, pruned a few extra items that were no longer valid.
    1R.3 - Typos, linking, and added some more info in various places.
    1R.2 - Fixed minor typos, added two town tunes. Added Nook's Prices for each
    Acorn. Totally finished the Feng Shui section unless there is an error in it.
    Edited the contact info section. New Redd password.
    1R.1 - Fixed most of the "Points of Interests". Formated the Tips, Tricks, and
     Easter Eggs to the new format. Fixed some minor typos. Added a Wifi Gliches
     and Prizes which will include what Nintendo has sent out and known glitches
     or prizes. Perfected the Bugs and Fish section, sorry about that, that was a
     mess! E-mail me if you would like the month by month section for the bugs
     and fish. Accidently deleted the peak times of each bug and fish, Doh'!
     I added ASCII letters at the top (Animal Crossing Wild world). Added a new
     diagram to the House Upgrades Section. Totally compacted and updated the
     Special Visitors Items/Info section. I took all of the info of all of the
     visitors and put it in this one section.
    1R.0 - Totally remodeled it, still some work to be done. Added a bunch of
    4.0 - Remodeled some of this FAQ. Please tell me what you think.
    3.33 - Jordon K. gave me the price of a missing item. I alphabetized some more
     stuff. Shinkuu proved the "insure fake paintings" trick wrong. Minor fix ups
     here and there, new Redd password, made a new fish guide sorted by months
     avaliable. New ASCII at the top, tell me what you think of it.
    3.32 - Alphabetized some things, still needs a lot of work. Fixed some more
     typos, added all of the villager species, seperated the "Villagers" and the
     "Special Characters" into two sections. Added two types of paper I was
     missing. Added Ranch Series, needs more info on that. Maybe next verison I
     will alphabetize everything.
    3.31 - New version of "The Daily Show Theme Song". 1up.com is now hosting my
     FAQ. Added about 20 more catchphrases. I will add each villager's birthday
     later. Added about six questions in the "F.A.Q." section. I added a hacked
     item section. Started and finished the roommates section. Added how to insure
     real paintings.
    3.30 - Added "Turnips that never spoil" and "Instantly Cure Sick Villagers"
     Tricks.Finaly fixed 1/2 of my "Bugs" section. Fixed and finished "Flowers"
     section. Added an FAQ for the "Red Tulip Glitch". Took off my messanger
    3.22 - Fixed typos. Maybe I'll get off my lazy butt and fix the bug section.
     maybe not.
    3.21 - Added the visitors at the Café (aka The Roost), added how to get
     Wendell's Patterns. Gave tips, tricks, and easter eggs its own section. I
     also put Redd's Passwords in it's own section, but now the table of contents
     is very overwhelming. I think I need to fix the table of contents again.
    3.20 - Still many errors in the bug section, I added two bugs and I fixed the
     HRA guide so it looks much nicer and added even more info!
    3.17 - I switched it over to my username on GameFAQs and fixed errors.
    3.15 - Minor changes, added some wifi games and stuff.
    3.10 - "Flower Crossbreeding" section fixed, and the "Feng Shui" section is
     100% done, maybe I might organize it a little better. Now I feel I should
     say that this guide is a "complete guide" because I have pretty much
    3.00 - Changed around the sections again, added a "wifi safety" section (its
     just tips on being safe in wifi straight from a nintendo mod). Changed around
     the bug section, fixedsome typos again. "Flowers" section, "Fruits & Trees"
     section and the "Turnips & The Stalk Market" section were all separated.
     and am not going to play wifi with anyone through this FAQ, and now I'm
     hosting this FAQ on a new site.
    2.60 - So many little changes I cant even list them, some typos also.
    2.57 - "The Rules of Growing Trees" section had major messups, I fixed that,
     Added a way to avoid Resetti!
    2.55 - Minor errors fixed, Added more techniques for catching bees. added
     a "What I still need" section if you would like to help me.
    2.50 - Villagers Catch phrases, added a Wifi sectionm complete with wifi
     games! I split up the Tips, Tricks, and Easter Eggs section since it was
     getting too large :P. I think im going to redo the table of contents.
     Since i made my town into a huge orchard, I made a new section called
     "The Rules of Growing Trees".
    2.41 - one thing, added "WiFi play" in my contact section, E-mail me if you
     want to play online!
    2.40 - Not much new yet again, I added more "behind the scenes" as I'll call
     it. This Version was not published on GameFAQs, instead it was published to
     the new Hosts (listed under the "Copyright" section).
    2.30 - I fixed some minor errors, mostly some from E-mails, thanks for
     everyone who E-mailed me, so far, since my FAQ has been public (8 days) I have
     received 29 E-mails.
    2.20 - Finished Calender, and finished minor changes, fixed a few typos. I
     forgot to list my whole e-mail address!
    2.00 - clothes section finished, Keepsakes finished, Town Tunes section has
     4 new town tunes, Apparel, etc section finished, not a lot more to do to
     finished this FAQ, just the Bugs section needs to be reoranized, add the bell
     price for it, Calendar, Weather, Flowers, Trees, Fruits, and Turnips, and
     Villagers section needs the catch phrases, maybe sort them by species?
    1.30 - Finished Fossils, Fish, K.K. Slider Songs, Gyroids, added TONS of Tips,
     Tricks, and Easter Eggs, added all of the names of the villagers, edited a
     lot of little details, finished most of the your character section, so on...
     public release
    1.20 - New graphic located at the top, completed a lot of everything and made
     this verion public. I have also rearranged the whole FAQ. making it a bunch
     easier to read, I also added a "Your Character" section because I just found
     out that you actually without knowing it customize your face. Correction, not
     public still.
    1.10 - Most of everything to almost already complete, I have added a
     "Rumors/Secrets" section, added all of the paper types
    1.00 - Just started the FAQ. Table of Contents is done and  everything else is
     just started
                        |          Points of Interest          |
                        |                                      |
                        | Contact Info.................[11,00] |
    *                                                                            *
    *                           N E W B I E   G U I D E                          *
    *                                                                            *
    If your new to this game, this would be the best place to learn a little
    about it. The three sections below this will help you out. Don't be afraid to
    E-mail me for any reason and long as you searched around on my FAQ for an
    answer to your question.
                        |          Points of Interest          |
                        |                                      |
                        | Introduction.................[01,00] |
                        | Starting out.................[03,01] |
                        | What do I do now?............[03,02] |
                        | Controls.....................[03,03] |
                        | Contact Info.................[11,00] |
    *                                                                            *
    *                           S T A R T I N G   O U T                          *
    *                                                                            *
    Once you begin your Journey you will be in a cab, driving in the rain.
    Kapp'n will ask you the date and the time, input them in. Then he will ask
    you about the rain, it does matter what you answer in this game, you will get
    a face based on what you say, if you want to get a certain face, don't answer
    these questions until you check the face section (Look at the "Points of
    Interest" at the bottom of this Section). During so, he will ask you your
    name you reply with either He will then ask you for your name, this you cannot
    Once there you will be greeted by Pelly or Phyllis (depending on time
    of day) She will ask what she can do for you, you can reply with "I moved in!
    or "I came in by cab!". She will then give you a map and ask if you know how
    to use it, you can reply with "What?" which she will then help you out, or
    "Yup" meaning you don't need any help. Find your house, and walk inside of it.
    Go ouside to meet Tom Nook, the townshop manager. He tells you that you owe
    him 20,000 bells for the house (Bells is your towns currency) then he will
    tell you that you need to help him at his shop. Go straight to Nook's Cranny.
    He wants you to wear the shop's uniform, put it on. Then he wants you to
    plant some trees and flowers around the shop, although you can plant it any-
    where in your town. Once done with that go and talk to Tom again. He wants you
    to meet everyone in your town including the Mayor. This won't take long as
    long as your villagers aren't walking around. One of the villagers must ask
    you your birthday to continue, then again talk to Tom. He will want you to
    send furniture to one of the villagers. Talk to that villager and then select
    "Delivery!". Next thing Tom wants you to do is to send a letter to someone,
    it can say anything you want, although the game erases bad words. Next task is
    to give the same villager you sent that letter to, a watering can. They will
    probably pull out the letter. And the final task is to put an advertisment up
    on the bulletin board in front of the town hall. Once done go to Tom and he
    will deduct 1,400 bells from you're debt, and now your free.
                        |          Points of Interest          |
                        |                                      |
                        | Your Character...............[05,07] |
    *                                                                            *
    *                      W H A T   D O   I   D O   N O W ?                     *
    *                                                                            *
    Now that you started your game, your probably wondering what your supposed to
    do. Well, you have a lot of freedom, you can fish, catch bugs, breed flowers,
    etc. First thing I suggest you do is to get some money, or in this game,
                        |          Points of Interest          |
                        |                                      |
                        | Bugs.........................[03,01] |
                        | Fish.........................[03,02] |
                        | Making 'Bells'...............[05,03] |
    *                                                                            *
    *                               C O N T R O L S                              *
    *                                                                            *
    A: Talk, Select an option, & interact with furniture.
    B: Hold to run, Press during conversation to speed up, Press during option
     to choose "no".
    Y: Brings up Menu.
    X: Brings up Town map.
    L: Hold to run.
    R: Hold to run.
    Start: Brings up "Would you like to save and quit?" menu.
    Select: Brings up chat function.
    Directional Pad: Used to move around, move furniture, move through menus.
    *                                                                            *
    *                                  L I S T S                                 *
    *                                                                            *
                        |          Points of Interest          |
                        |                                      |
                        | Bugs.........................[04,01] |
                        | Fish.........................[04,02] |
                        | Fossils......................[04,03] |
                        | Furniture Series.............[04,04] |
                        | Furniture Themes.............[04,05] |
                        | Furniture Sets...............[04,06] |
                        | Misc. Furniture..............[04,07] |
                        | Wallpaper & Carpet...........[04,08] |
                        | Hacked Items.................[04,09] |
                        | Gyroids......................[04,10] |
                        | Paintings....................[04,11] |
                        | Paper........................[04,12] |
                        | Shells.......................[04,13] |
                        | Tools and hand held equipment[04,14] |
                        | Clothes and Apparel..........[04,15] |
                        | Villagers....................[04,16] |
                        | Town Tunes...................[04,17] |
                        | House Upgrades...............[04,18] |
    *                                                                            *
    *                                   B U G S                                  *
    *                                                                            *
    Bug Name	 $$$$ Where		Month		Time	Peak
    Agrias Butterfly3,000 Flying (Flower)	Jun-Sep		9am-4pm	Apr-June Noon
    Ant		   80 Ground		all year	9pm-9am	Apr-June Noon
    Atlas Beetle	8,000 Palm Tree 	Jun-Aug		9pm-4am	May-June Noon
    Banded Dragonfly4,500 Flying		Jun-Aug		9am-4pm
    Bee		4,500 In Trees		all year	all day
    Bell Cricket	  430 In Grass		Sep-Oct		4pm-4am
    Birdwing**	3,000 Flying (Flower)	Sep-Oct		9am-4pm
    Brown Cicada	  200 On Trees		Jul-Aug		9am-4pm
    Cockroach	    5 On Trees		all year	all day
    Common Butterfly   90 Flying (Flower)	Mar-Sep/Apr-Jun 4am-4pm
    Cricket		  130 In Grass		Sept-Nov	9pm-4am
    Darner Dragonfly  200 Flying Anywhere	Jun-Aug		9am-4pm
    Dung Beetle	  800 Near Snowballs	Dec-Feb		4pm-4am
    Dynastid Beetle	1,350 On Trees		Jul-Aug		9pm-4am
    Elephant Beetle	8,000 On Palm Trees	Jun-Aug		9pm-4am
    Emperor**	 2500 Flying (Flower)	Jun-Sep		9am-4pm
    Evening Cicada	  550 On Trees		Jul-Aug		4am-9am/4pm-9pm
    Firefly		  300 Near Fresh Water	June		9pm-4am
    Flea		   70 On Neighbor	Mar-Nov		All Day
    Fly		   60 ***		All Year	All Day
    Fruit Beetle	  100 On Trees		Jul-Sep		All Day
    					Jul-Aug		9pm-4am
    Giant Beetle   10,000 On Trees		Jul-Aug		9pm-4am
    Goliath Beetle	6,000 On Palm Trees	Jun-Aug		9pm-4am
    Grasshopper	  160 In Grass		Jul-Sep		9am-4pm
    Hercules Beetle12,000 On Palm Trees	Jul-Aug		9pm-4am
    Honeybee	  100 Near Flowers	Mar-Aug		9am-4pm
    Jewel Beetle	2,400 On Trees		Jul-Aug		9am-4pm
    Ladybug		  200 On Flowers	Jun-Oct/Mar-May	9am-4pm
    Lantern Fly	1,800 On Trees		Jun-Sep		4pm-4am
    Long Locust	  200 In Grass		Mar-Aug		9am-4pm
    					Mar-Jun		9am-4pm
    Longhorn Beetle   260 On trees		Jun-Aug		9am-4pm
    Mantis		  430 On Flowers	Sep-Nov		9am-4pm
    					Aug-Nov		9am-4pm
    Migratory Locust  600 In Grass		Sep-Nov		9am-4pm
    					Sep-Oct		9am-4pm
    Mole Cricket	  280 Underground	Nov-May		All Day
    Monarch**	   90 Flying (Flower)	Sept-Nov	9am-4pm
    Mosquito	  130 Flying Anywhere	Jun-Sep		4pm-4am
    Moth		   60 Near Lights	May-Sep		9pm-4am
    					Jun-Aug		9pm-4am
    Peacock**	  220 Flying, Violet	Mar-Sep		9am-4pm
    		      Blue/Black flower May-Jun		9am-4pm
    Pillbug		  250 Under Rocks	all year	all day
    Pondskater	  130 Pond/Hold Ponds	Jun-Sep		9am-4pm
    Oak Silk Moth	1,200 On Trees		Jun-Sept	9pm-4am
    Orchid Mantis	2,400 On Flowers	Aug-Nov		9am-4pm
    Rainbow Stag   10,000 On Trees		Jun-Sept	9pm-4am
    Red Dragonfly	   80 Flying		Sep-Oct		4pm-9pm
    Robust Cicada	  300 On Trees		Jul-Aug		9am-4pm
    Saw Stag Beetle	2,000 On Trees		Jul-Aug		All Day
    Scarab Beetle	6,000 On Trees		Jul-Aug		9pm-4am
    Scorpion	8,000 On Ground		Jul-Sep		9pm-4am
    Snail		  250 On Flowers	Apr-Sep		All Day
    Spider		  300 In Trees		Mar-Nov		All Day
    Stag Beetle	2,000 On Trees		Jun-Aug		9pm-4am
    Tarantula	8,000 On Grounds	Jun-Aug		9pm-4am
    Tiger Butterfly	  160 Flying		Mar-Sept	4am-4pm
    		      (Red/Pink flower) May-Jun		9am-4pm
    Walker Cicada	  400 On Trees		Jul-Aug		9am-4pm
    Walkingstick	  600 On Trees		Jul-Nov		4am-4pm
    Yellow Butterfly   90 Flying (Flower)	Mar-Sep		9am-4pm
    					Apr-Jun		9am-4pm
    **This bug is a butterfly,
    ***Near Rafflesia, Rotten Turnips or Garbage.
    *                                                                            *
    *                                   F I S H                                  *
    *                                                                            *
    Fish Name	 $$$$ Where	When (Month),		When (Time)
    Angelfish	3,000*river 	May-Oct			morning-night
    Arapaima       10,000*river	Jul-Sep			all day
    Arowana	       10,000*river	Jun-Sep			all day
    Barbel Steed	  200 river 	all year		all day
    Barred Knifejaw	5,000*ocean 	Mar-Nov			all day
    Bitterling	  900 river 	Nov-Feb			all day
    Black Bass	  300 river 	all year		all day
    Blue Gill	  120 river 	all year		noon.
    Blue Marlin    10,000*ocean 	Jul-Sep			all day
    Carp		  300 river	all year		all day
    Cat Fish	  800 pond	May-Oct			morning evening night
    Char		3,800 waterfall Mar-Jun/Sep-Nov		morning evening
    Cherry Salmon	1,000 river	Mar-Jun/Sep-Nov		morning evening
    Clownfish	  650 ocean	Apr-Sept		all day
    				May-Aug			noon
    Coelacanth     15,000*ocean	rain/snow all year	morning evening night
    Craw Fish	  250 hold pond Apr-Sep			all day
    Crucian Carp	  120 river	all year		all day
    Dab		  300 ocean	Oct-Apr			all day
    Dace		  200 river	all year		morning evening night
    Dorado         15,000*river	Jun-Sep			morning noon evening
    Eel		2,000 river	Jun-Sep			morning evening night
    Football Fish	2,500*ocean	Nov-Mar			morning evening night
    Freshwater Goby	  300*river	all year		morning evening night
    Frog		  120 hold pond May-Aug			all day
    Gar		6,000*pond	Jun-Sep			morning evening night
    Giant Snakehead 5,500 pond	Jul-Aug			noon
    Gold Fish	1,300*river	all year		all day
    Guppy		1,300*river	Apr-Nov			noon
    Hammerhead Shark8,000*ocean	Jun-Sep			all day
    Horse Mackeral	  150 ocean	all year		all day
    Jelly Fish	  100 ocean	Aug			all day
    Killifish	  300*hold pond Apr-Aug			all day
    King Salmon	1,800*river	Sep			all day
    Koi		2,000*river	all year		morning evening night
    Loach		  300 river	Mar-May			all day
    Ocean Sunfish	4,000*ocean	Apr-Sept		morning noon evening
    Oc- pus		  500 Ocean	Sep-Jan/Mar-Jul		all day
    Olive Flounder	  800*Ocean	all year		all day
    Pale Chub	  200 river	all year		noon
    Piranha		2,500*river	Jun-Sep			noon night
    Pond Smelt	  300 pond	Dec-Feb			all day
    Popeyed Goldfish1,300*river	all year		all day
    Puffer Fish	  240 ocean	Jul-Sep			all day
    				Aug			all day
    Rainbow Trout	  800 river	Mar-Jun/Sep-Nov		morning evening
    Red Snapper	3,000 ocean	all year		all day
    Salmon		  700 river	Sep			all day
    Sea Bass	  160 ocean	all year		all day
    Sea Butterfly	1,000 ocean	Dec-Feb			all day
    Seahorse	1,100 ocean	Apr-Nov			all day
    				May-Sep			noon
    Shark	       15,000*ocean	Jun-Sep			morning evening night
    Squid		  400 Ocean	Dec-Aug			all day
    Stringfish     15,000*river	Dec-Feb			morning evening night
    Sweetfish	  900 river	Jul-Sep			all day
    Tuna		7,000*ocean	Nov-Mar			all day
    Yellow Perch	  240 river	Oct-Mar/Nov-Feb		all day
    Zebra Turkey Fish 400 ocean	Ape-Nov			all day
    				May-Sep			noon
    *Rare (shown inbetween price of fish and 'where')
    *                                                                            *
    *                                F O S S I L S                               *
    *                                                                            *
    	Anklyo				Seismo
    	 Anklyo Skull		3000	 Seismo Skull		5000
    	 Anklyo Torso		3000	 Seismo Chest		4500
    	 Anklyo Tail		2500	 Seismo Hip		4000
    					 Seismo Tail		4500
    	 Apato Skull		5000	Stego
    	 Apato Torso		4500	 Stego Skull		5000
    	 Apato Tail		4000	 Stego Torso		4500
    					 Stego Tail		4000
    	 Dimetrodon Skull	5500	Tricera
    	 Dimetrodon Torso	5000	 Tricera Skull		5500
    	 Dimetrodon Tail	4500	 Tricera Torso		5000
    					 Tricera Tail		4500
    	 Iguanodon Skull	4000	T-Rex
    	 Iguanodon Torso	3500	 T-Rex Skull		6000
    	 Iguanodon Tail		3000	 T-Rex Torso		5500
    					 T-Rex Tail		5000
    	 Mammoth Skull		3000	Misc.
    	 Mammoth Torso		2500	 Amber			1200
    					 Ammonite		1100
    	Pachy				 Dino Droppings		1100
    	 Pachy Skull		4000	 Dinosaur Egg		1400
    	 Pachy Torso		3500	 Fern Fossil		1000
    	 Pachy Tail		3000	 Dinosaur Track		1000
    					 Archaeopteryx		1300
    	Ptera				 Peking Man		1100
    	 Ptera Skull		4500	 Trilobite		1300
    	 Ptera Right Wing	4500	 Shark Tooth		1000
    	 Ptera Left Wings	4500
    	 Ptera Body		4000
    	 Plesio Skull		4500
    	 Plesio Neck		4500
    	 Plesio Torso		4500
    	 Sabertooth Skull	2500
    	 Sabertooh Torso	2000
    *                                                                            *
    *                     F U R N I T U R E    S E R I E S                       *
    *                                                                            *
    A group of ten, matching, traditional furniture pieces, with accompanying
    wallpaper and carpet. A Series includes such items as beds, lamps, and
    tables. An example of a Series is the Classic Series. Series include the
    Necessities of Life.
    	Blue Series            Buy Price       Seller
    	 Blue Cabinet           2400		Tom Nook
    	 Blue Bench             1900		Tom Nook
    	 Blue Chair             1200		Tom Nook
    	 Blue Dresser           2100		Spotlight Item*
    	 Blue Bureau            2160		Tom Nook
    	 Blue Clock             1600		Tom Nook
    	 Blue Table             1800		Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Blue Bed               2100		Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Blue Bookcase          1900		Tom Nook
    	 Blue Wardrobe          1920		Tom Nook
    	 Blue Wall              1260		Tom Nook
    	 Blue Flooring          1580		Tom Nook
    	Cabana Series
    	 Cabana Armchair        1800            Spotlight Item*
     	 Cabana Vanity          1800            Tom Nook
    	 Cabana Chair           1600            Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Cabana Dresser         2400            Tom Nook
    	 Cabana Table           1800            Tom Nook
    	 Cabana Lamp            1700            Tom Nook
    	 Cabana Screen          2000            Tom Nook
    	 Cabana Bed             2200            Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Cabana Bookcase        2400            Tom Nook
    	 Cabana Wardrobe        2240            Tom Nook
    	 Cabana Wall            1480            Tom Nook
    	 Cabana Flooring        1680            Tom Nook
    	Cabin Series
    	 Cabin Armchair         2280            Tom Nook
    	 Cabin Couch            2480            Tom Nook
    	 Cabin Chair            1700            Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Cabin Low Table        2100            Tom Nook
    	 Cabin Clock            2000            Tom Nook
    	 Cabin Table            2100            Tom Nook
    	 Cabin Bed              2400            Tom Nook
    	 Cabin Bookcase         2300            Spotlight Item*
    	 Cabin Wardrobe         2480            Tom Nook
    	 Cabin Wall             1200            Tom Nook
    	 Cabin Rug              1540            Tom Nook
    	Classic Series
    	 Classic Table          1600            Tom Nook
    	 Classic Sofa           2240            Tom Nook
    	 Classic Chair          1800            Tom Nook
    	 Classic Desk           2200            Tom Nook
    	 Classic Buffet         3360            Tom Nook
    	 Classic Clock          2180            Tom Nook
    	 Classic Vanity         2560		Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Classic Bed            2520            Tom Nook
    	 Classic Bookcase       2560		Spotlight Item*
    	 Classic Wardrobe       2560            Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Classic Wall           2100            Tom Nook
    	 Classic Carpet         2300            Tom Nook
    	Exotic Series
    	 Exotic Lamp            1800            Tom Nook
    	 Exotic Bench           1900            Tom Nook
    	 Exotic Bureau          2400            Tom Nook
    	 Exotic Chair           1400            Tom Nook
    	 Exotic End Table       1600            Tom Nook
    	 Exotic Chest           1800            Spotlight Item*
    	 Exotic Table           2300            Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Exotic Bed             2540            Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Exotic Screen          2250            Tom Nook
    	 Exotic Wardrobe        2180            Tom Nook
    	 Exotic Wall            1420            Tom Nook
    	 Exotic Rug             1820            Tom Nook
    	Green Series
    	 Green Lamp             1800            Tom Nook
    	 Green Bench            1800            Tom Nook
    	 Green Chair            1200            Tom Nook
    	 Green Desk             2000            Tom Nook
    	 Green Dresser          2320            Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Green Pantry           2290            Spotlight Item*
    	 Green Table            1700            Tom Nook
    	 Green Bed              2160            Tom Nook
    	 Green Counter          2400            Tom Nook
    	 Green Wardrobe         2300            Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Green Wall             1050            Tom Nook
    	 Green Rug              1540            Tom Nook
    	Kidie Series
    	 Kiddie Stereo          1900            Spotlight Item*
    	 Kiddie Couch           2200            Tom Nook
    	 Kiddie Dresser         2150            Tom Nook
    	 Kiddie Chair           1400            Tom Nook
    	 Kiddie Bureau          2200            Tom Nook
    	 Kiddie Clock           1480            Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
    	 Kiddie Table           2200            Tom Nook
    	 Kiddie Bed             2100            Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
    	 Kiddie Bookcase        1800            Tom Nook
    	 Kiddie Wardrobe        2180            Tom Nook
    	 Kiddie Wall            1500            Tom Nook
    	 Kiddie Carpet          1630            Tom Nook
    	Lovely Series
             Lovely Lamp            1600            Tom Nook
             Lovely Loveseat        2000            Tom Nook
             Lovely Vanity          2200            Tom Nook
             Lovely Chair           1600            Tom Nook
             Lovely End Table       1800             Tom Nook/Redd
             Lovely Dresser         2160            Tom Nook
             Lovely Table           1800            Tom Nook
             Lovely Bed             2000            Tom Nook
             Lovely Kitchen         2280            Spotlight Item*
             Lovely Armoire         2240            Tom Nook/Redd
             Lovely Wall            1880            Tom Nook
             Lovely Carpet          1980            Tom Nook
    	Modern Series
             Modern Lamp            1400            Tom Nook
             Modern Sofa            2620            Tom Nook
             Modern End Table       1900            Tom Nook/Redd
             Modern Table           1800            Tom Nook
             Modern Chair           1500            Tom Nook
             Modern Desk            2480            Tom Nook
             Modern Dresser         2250            Tom Nook
             Modern Bed             2320            Tom Nook
             Modern Cabinet         2580            Spotlight Item*
             Modern Wardrobe        2560            Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
             Modern Wall            1450            Tom Nook
             Modern Tile            1540            Tom Nook
    	Mushroom Series***
             Mush Lamp              2400            Cornimer
             Mush End Table         2200            Cornimer
             Mush Dresser           2450            Cornimer
             Mush Chair             1900            Cornimer
             Mush Stool             1800            Cornimer
             Mush Stand             2400            Cornimer
             Mush Table             2500            Cornimer
             Mush Bed               3000            Cornimer
             Mush TV                2500            Cornimer
             Mush Closet            2450            Cornimer
             Forest Wall             -              Cornimer
             Forest Floor            -              Cornimer
    	Ranch Series
    	 Ranch Bed
    	 Ranch Wardrobe
    	 Ranch Couch
    	 Ranch Armchair
    	 Ranch Table
    	 Ranch Tea Table
    	 Ranch Bookcase
    	 Ranch Chair
    	 Ranch Dresser
    	 Ranch Hutch
    	Regal Series
             Regal Lamp             2400            Tom Nook
             Regal Sofa             3100            Tom Nook
             Regal Chair            2100            Tom Nook/Redd
             Regal Table            2450            Tom Nook
             Regal Clock            3360            Spotlight Item*
             Regal Vanity           3200            Tom Nook
    	 Regal Dresser          3520            Tom Nook
    	 Regal Bed              3120            Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Regal Bookcase         3120            Tom Nook
    	 Regal Armoire          3820            Tom Nook
    	 Regal Wall             2420            Tom Nook
    	 Regal Carpet           2850            Tom Nook
    	Robo Series
    	 Robo-Clock             1400            Tom Nook
    	 Robo-Sofa              2000            Tom Nook
    	 Robo-Chair             1600            Tom Nook
    	 Robo-Dresser           2560            Tom Nook
    	 Robo-Stereo            2200            Spotlight Item*
    	 Robo-Lamp              1800            Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
    	 Robo-Table             2200            Tom Nook
    	 Robo-Bed               2000            Tom Nook
    	 Robo-TV                2360            Tom Nook
    	 Robo-Closet            2400            Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
    	 Robo Wall              1780            Tom Nook
    	 Robo Floor             2400            Tom Nook
    	Snowman Series**
    	 Snowman	        8888            Snowman
    	 Snowman Lamp           8888            Snowman
    	 Snowman Sofa           8888            Snowman
    	 Snowman Dresser        8888            Snowman
    	 Snowman Chair          8888            Snowman
    	 Snowman Clock          8888            Snowman
    	 Snowman Fridge         8888            Snowman
    	 Snowman Table          8888            Snowman
    	 Snowman Bed            8888            Snowman
    	 Snowman TV             8888            Snowman
    	 Snowman Wardrobe       8888            Snowman
    	 Snowman Wall           8888            Snowman
    	 Snowman Carpet         8888            Snowman
    	*Spotlight items are items Tom Nook displays under a
    	 spotlight, these are only avalible under the spotlight.
    	**The Snowman Series can only be obtained by building a
    	 Snowman between December 25th and February. You must
    	 proportion the snowman perfectly (large body, slightly
    	 smaller head) or it won't reward you with one of the
    	 items from The Snowman Series. The price listed is the
    	 sell price. Here is a funny little easter egg, the
    	 snowman series sell price is 8888 right? eights look
    	 like a snowman!
    	***The Mushroom Series can only be obtained during the
    	 Acorn Festival in October. During this time, Cornimer
    	 will appear near the Town Hall. You can exchange the acorns
    	 you've collected for pieces of the Mushroom Series. He will
    	 not take rotten acorns. The price listed is the sell price
    *                                                                            *
    *                     F U R N I T U R E    T H E M E S                       *
    *                                                                            *
    A large or medium sized group of related items, with an accompanying wallpaper
    and carpet. Unlike Series, Themes consist of unconventional furniture. An
    example of a Theme is the Construction Theme. The furniture reflects what one
    might find in a Construction area rather than in a regular house.
    	Construction Theme     Buy Price       Seller
    	 Iron Frame             1200		Tom Nook
    	 Wet Roadway Sign        850		Tom Nook
    	 Orange Cone             600		Tom Nook
    	 Traffic Cone            800		Tom Nook
    	 Striped Cone            800		Tom Nook
    	 Jackhammer             1880		Tom Nook
    	 Saw Horse              1200		Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Detour Arrow            600		Tom Nook
    	 Handcart                800		Tom Nook
    	 Manhole Cover          1000		Tom Nook
    	 Cement Mixer           1600		Spotlight Item*
    	 Steam Roller           4500		Tom Nook
    	 Blue Tarp              1400		Saharah
    	 Closed Road            1625		Saharah
    	Boxing Theme
    	 Ringside Table         1320		Tom Nook
    	 Boxing Barricade       1050		Tom Nook
    	 Judge's Bell           1790		Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Weight Bench           3590		Tom Nook
    	 Red Corner             6800		Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Blue Corner            6800		Spotlight Item*
    	 Neutral Corner         5500		Tom Nook
    	 Boxing Mat             1180		Tom Nook
    	 Speed Bag              2990		Tom Nook
    	 Sandbag                3190		Tom Nook
    	 Ringside Seating       2250		Saharah
    	 Boxing Ring Mat        2500		Saharah
    	Mossy Garden Theme
    	 Bird Feeder            1260		Tom Nook
    	 Bug Zapper             1200		Tom Nook
    	 Picnic Table           1390		Tom Nook
    	 Birdhouse              1620		Tom Nook
    	 Hammock                1320          	Tom Nook
    	 Tiki Torch              870          	Tom Nook
    	 Backyard Pool           990         	Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Barbecue               1760         	Tom Nook
    	 Lawn Chair             1180          	Tom Nook
    	 Mr. Flamingo           1530          	Tom Nook
    	 Mrs. Flamingo          1530          	Tom Nook
    	 Garden Gnome           3380          	Spotlight Item*
    	 Lawn Mower             2760           	Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Bird Bath              1450         	Tom Nook
    	 Sprinkler              1640          	Tom Nook
    	 Backyard Fence          800           	Tom Nook
    	 Backyard Lawn           880         	Tom Nook
    	Mad Scientist Theme
    	 Medicine Chest         2280          	Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Lab Chair               220            Tom Nook
    	 Amazing Machine        3600          	Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Complex Machine        3840          	Tom Nook
    	 Unknown Machine        4800       	Spotlight Item*
    	 Lab Bench              4800           	Tom Nook
    	 Florence Flask         1600          	Tom Nook
    	 Lab Wall               1460           	Tom Nook
    	 Lab Floor              1280           	Tom Nook
    	Nintendo Set
    	 Triforce		 -
    	 Nintendo Bench          120		Tom Nook
    	 Arwing***               7200		Spotlight Item
    	 Master Sword**          2800		Spotlight Item
    	 Metroid                  ?		Gulliver
    	 Tri-Force*               ?		Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
    	Nursery Theme
    	 Rocking Horse           600          	Tom Nook
    	 Cradle                 3800          	Tom Nook
    	 Wobbelina               700          	Tom Nook
    	 Elephant Slide         1200          	Tom Nook
    	 Baby Bed               2900          	Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Dolly                  6800           	Spotlight Item*
    	 Train Set              1600           	Tom Nook
    	 Clackercart            1380           	Tom Nook
    	 Merry-Go-Round          640           	Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Stroller               1960           	Tom Nook
     	 Playroom Wall          1320           	Tom Nook
    	 Playroom Rug           1360           	Tom Nook
    	Pirate Theme
    	 Helm                    475           	Pascal
    	 Ship Compass            400       	Pascal
    	 Ship Cannon             455         	Pascal
    	 Barrel                  200         	Pascal
    	 Anchor                  475         	Pascal
    	 Keg                     200         	Pascal
    	 Sea View               1000          	Pascal
    	 Sea Deck               1000           	Pascal
    	Space Theme
    	 Flying Saucer          2400         	Tom Nook
    	 Satellite              2600          	Tom Nook
    	 Lunar Rover            2560           	Tom Nook
    	 Asteroid               1800          	Tom Nook
    	 Space Station          2800          	Tom Nook
    	 Moon                  32000            Spotlight Item*
    	 Rocket                 2400          	Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Space Shuttle          2780           	Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Spaceman Sam           2800          	Tom Nook
    	 Lunar Lander           3200         	Tom Nook
    	 Lunar Horizon          1900         	Saharah
    	 Lunar Surface          2000           	Saharah
    	Western Theme
    	 Western Fence           880         	Tom Nook
    	 Storefront             3680         	Tom Nook
    	 Cow Skull              1020            Tom Nook
    	 Tumbleweed              520        	Tom Nook
    	 Saddle Fence           2180        	Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Wagon Wheel            1230          	Tom Nook
    	 Water Trough           1100          	Tom Nook
    	 Well                   2700           	Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Desert Cactus           890           	Tom Nook
    	 Covered Wagon          3800  		Spotlight Item*
    	 Western Vista          1500          	Saharah
    	 Western Desert         1700		Saharah
    	*Spotlight items are items Tom Nook displays under a
    	spotlight, these are only avalible under the spotlight.
    *                                                                            *
    *                       F U R N I T U R E    S E T S                         *
    *                                                                            *
    	A small group of related items, sometimes containing as
    	 few as two or three pieces. Furniture sets do not have
    	 matching wallpaper or carpet. An example is a Teddy Bear
    	 Set which consists of mama bear, papa bear, and a baby
    	Apple Set              Buy Price       Seller
    	 Apple Clock            1200         	Tom Nook
    	 Apple TV                400      	Lost Kitten
    	Backyard Set
    	 Deer Scare             1800        	Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Tall Lantern           1980          	Tom Nook
    	Bonsai Set
    	 Azalea Bonsai          1500        	Tom Nook
    	 Hawthorn Bonsai        1800       	Tom Nook
    	 Holly Bonsai           1600           	Tom Nook
    	 Jasmine Bonsai         1700         	Tom Nook
    	 Maple Bonsai           1700         	Tom Nook
    	 Plum Bonsai            1900         	Spotlight Item*
    	 Quince Bonsai          1600         	Tom Nook
    	Cactus Set
    	 Tall Cactus            1700        	Tom Nook
    	 Cactus                 1700       	Tom Nook
    	 Round Cactus           1700      	Tom Nook
    	Café Set
    	 Coffee Maker            800         	Tom Nook
    	 Checkout Counter       3480       	Tom Nook
    	 Jukebox                3200       	Spotlight Item*
    	 Cash Register          6480     	Tom Nook
    	 Siphon                 1780     	Tom Nook
    	Chess Set
    	 White Bishop           2800         	Tom Nook
    	 White King             8000          	Spotlight Item*
    	 White Knight           2800           	Tom Nook/Redd
    	 White Pawn             1100          	Tom Nook
    	 White Queen            8000         	Spotlight Item*
    	 White Rook             2800        	Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Black Bishop           2800           	Tom Nook
    	 Black King             8000           	Spotlight Item*
    	 Black Knight           2800        	Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Black Pawn             1100           	Tom Nook
    	 Black Queen            8000           	Spotlight Item*
    	 Black Rook             2800           	Tom Nook/Redd
    	Citrus Set
    	 Grapefruit Table       1500        	Tom Nook
    	 Lemon Table            1500        	Tom Nook
    	 Lime Chair             1300        	Tom Nook
    	 Orange Chair           1300         	Tom Nook
    	 Citrus Rug
    	Classroom Set
    	 Hamster Cage           2290        	Spotlight Item*
    	 Mop                     900          	Tom Nook
    	 Skeleton               3360       	Spotlight Item*
    	 Anatomical Model       3360        	Tom Nook
    	 Clear Model            3360        	Tom Nook/Redd
    	Dharma Set
    	 Giant Dharma           1600          	Tom Nook
    	 Dharma                 1200         	Tom Nook
    	 Mini-Dharma             800         	Tom Nook
    	Flower Set
    	 Daffodil Chair         1400          	Tom Nook
    	 Daffodil Table         1900          	Tom Nook
    	 Tulip Chair            1400            Tom Nook
    	 Tulip Table            1900           	Tom Nook
    	 Iris Chair             1400            Tom Nook
    	 Iris Table             1900           	Tom Nook
    	Froggy Set
    	 Froggy Chair           1200           	Tom Nook
    	 Lily-Pad Table          400           	Lost Kitten
    	Golf Set
    	 Blue Golf Bag          1600         	Tom Nook
    	 White Golf Bag         1600         	Tom Nook
    	 Green Golf Bag         1600       	Tom Nook
    	Hospital Set
    	 Hospital Bed           3600		Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Vision Tester          2280           	Tom Nook
    	 Scale                  1200          	Tom Nook
    	 Stadiometer            1680          	Tom Nook
    	 Trunk Measure          1680          	Tom Nook
    	House Plant Set
    	 Aloe                   1200          	Tom Nook
    	 Bromeliaceae           1300           	Tom Nook
    	 Caladium               1300           	Tom Nook
    	 Coconut Palm           1200           	Tom Nook
    	 Corn Plant             1300          	Tom Nook
    	 Croton                 1300         	Tom Nook
    	 Dracaena               2000        	Spotlight Items*
    	 Weeping Fig            1200        	Tom Nook
    	 Lady Palm              1200         	Tom Nook
    	 Pachira                1200        	Tom Nook
    	 Fan Palm               1300          	Tom Nook
    	 Pothos                 1300          	Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Rubber Tree            1300          	Tom Nook
    	 Snake Plant            1200         	Tom Nook/Redd
    	Japanese Set
    	 Samurai Suit           4500        	Spotlight Item*
    	 Black Katana          12000       	Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Bow                    1400       	Tom Nook
    	 Hearth                 1600       	Tom Nook
    	 Ninja Sword            9600        	Spotlight Item*
    	 Screen                 1650       	Tom Nook
    	 Sword                  1400      	Tom Nook
    	 Tea Table              1000       	Tom Nook
    	 White Katana          36800     	Tom Nook/Redd
    	Lava Lamp Set
    	 Blue Lava Lamp         1800        	Tom Nook
    	 Purple Lava Lamp       1800        	Tom Nook
    	 Green Lava Lamp        1800          	Tom Nook
    	Lucky Cat Set
    	 Lucky Black Cat        1700          	Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Lucky Gold Cat         6200           	Spotlight Item*
    	 Lefty Lucky Cat        1700           	Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Lucky Cat              1700         	Tom Nook
    	Musical Instruments Set
    	 Bass                   2400         	Tom Nook
    	 Biwa Lute		1800       	Tom Nook
    	 Cello                  1800         	Tom Nook
    	 Conga Drum             1600          	Tom Nook
    	 Country Guitar          -             	Wendell
    	 Djimbe Drum            1900         	Tom Nook
    	 Ebony Piano		3800       	Tom Nook
    	 Folk Guitar            1600         	Tom Nook
    	 Harp			1700       	Tom Nook
    	 Ivory Piano		3500		Spotlight Item*
    	 Japanese drum		1300       	Tom Nook
    	 Metal Guitar           1900          	Tom Nook
    	 Metronome		1000       	Tom Nook
    	 Rock Guitar            1800         	Tom Nook
    	 Timpano Drum           2100        	Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Ukulele		1600       	Tom Nook
    	 Vibraphone		1900       	Tom Nook
    	 Violin                 2200       	Tom Nook
    	Office Set
    	 Office Desk            1600          	Tom Nook
    	 Office Chair           1100    	Tom Nook
    	 Officer Locker         1200     	Tom Nook
    	Oil Drum Set
    	 Brown Drum              800          	Tom Nook
    	 Green Drum              800        	Tom Nook
    	 Red Drum                800         	Tom Nook
    	 Haz-Mat Barrel          830          	Tom Nook
    	 Oil Drum                840           	Tom Nook
    	Panda Bear Set
    	 Papa Panda              120       	Lost Kitten
    	 Mama Panda              480         	Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Baby Panda              480        	Spotlight Item*
    	Pear Set
    	 Pear Wardrobe          1400      	Tom Nook
    	 Pear Dresser           1600     	Tom Nook
    	Pine Bonsai Set
    	 Mugho Bonsai           1800        	Tom Nook
    	 Ponderosa Bonsai       1800           	Tom Nook
    	 Pine Bonsai            1800         	Tom Nook
    	Pine Set
    	 Pine Chair             1800           	Tom Nook
    	 Pine Table             2280           	Tom Nook
    	Study Set
    	 Writing Desk           1900        	Tom Nook
    	 Writing Chair          1000       	Tom Nook
    	 Globe                  1200           	Tom Nook
    	Red Furniture Set
    	 Red Armchair           1800         	Tom Nook
    	 Red Sofa               2050       	Tom Nook
    	Teddy Bear Set
    	 Papa Bear               550       	Lost Kitten
    	 Mama Bear              1600       	Tom Nook
    	 Baby Bear               800        	Tom Nook
    	Totem Pole Set
    	 Bear Pole              1400        	Tom Nook
    	 Eagle Pole             1400         	Tom Nook
    	 Frog Woman Pole        1400       	Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Raven Pole             1400        	Tom Nook
    	Vase Set
    	 Blue Vase              2500         	Tom Nook
    	 Red Vase                -             	Saharah
    	 Tea Vase               2400           	Tom Nook
    	Watermelon Set
    	 Watermelon Chair       1300        	Tom Nook
    	 Watermelon Table       1800        	Tom Nook
    	 Melon Chair            1300        	Tom Nook
    *Spotlight items are items Tom Nook displays under a spotlight, these are only
    avalible under the spotlight.
    *                                                                            *
    *                       M I S C .    F U R N I T U R E                       *
    *                                                                            *
    	Arcade Games           Buy Price       Seller
    	 Arcade Machine         4400           	Tom Nook
    	 Pinball Machine        1960          	Tom Nook
    	 Tabletop Game          2480         	Tom Nook/Redd
    	Beach Items
    	 Beach Chair            1850         	Tom Nook
    	 Beach Table            1600          	Tom Nook
    	 Bonfire                2240         	Tom Nook
    	 Diver Dan              3200          	Tom Nook
    	 Life Ring              1250           	Tom Nook
    	 Treasure Chest         8600           	Spotlight Item*
    	 Wave Breaker           1760         	Tom Nook
    	 Basic Blue Bed          200        	Tom Nook
    	 Basic Green Bed         200         	Tom Nook
    	 Basic Red Bed           200          	Tom Nook
    	 Basic Yellow Bed        200        	Tom Nook
    	 Pineapple Bed          1990         	Tom Nook
    	Camping Gear
    	 Backpack               1980        	Tom Nook
     	 Compass                 320      	Gulliver
    	 Cooler                 1300       	Tom Nook
    	 Campfire               1360         	Tom Nook
    	 Kayak                  3460           	Tom Nook
    	 Lantern                1180      	Tom Nook
    	 Sleeping Bag           1960      	Spotlight Item*
    	 Propane Stove          1470        	Tom Nook
    	Chairs & Sofas
    	 Cream Sofa             2000         	Tom Nook
    	 Gold Econo-Chair        800         	Tom Nook
    	 Jade Econo-Chair        800          	Tom Nook
    	 Massage Chair            -            	Saharah
    	 Rocking Chair          1400        	Tom Nook
    	 Ruby Econo-Chair        800        	Tom Nook
    	 Throne               800000        	Spotlight Item*
    	 Alarm Clock            1000    	Tom Nook
    	 Antique Clock          2350       	Tom Nook
    	 Cube Clock             1100     	Tom Nook
    	 Glow Clock             1500     	Tom Nook
    	 Kitschy Clock          1800    	Tom Nook
    	 Odd Clock              1800      	Tom Nook
    	 Owl Clock              1300      	Tom Nook
    	 Red Clock              1300        	Tom Nook
    	 Daffodil                680        	Tom Nook
    	 Gerbera                 780         	Tom Nook
    	 Sunflower               980        	Tom Nook
    	Holiday Items
    	 Big Festive Tree       2480         	Tom Nook**
    	 Birthday Cake           -            	Neighbor
    	 Festive Candle          -            	Tom Nook**
    	 Festive Flag            680          	Tom Nook**
    	 Festive Tree           1300          	Tom Nook**
    	 Jack-In-The-Box        4124         	Tom Nook
    	 Snowman                 -             	Build in the snow
    	Household Items
    	 Automatic Washer       4800        	Tom Nook
    	 Claw-Foot Tub          1280         	Tom Nook
    	 Deluxe Range           3200          	Tom Nook
    	 Deluxe Washer          5200           	Spotlight Item*
    	 Fireplace              2200         	Tom Nook
    	 Garbage Can             500          	Tom Nook
    	 Garbage Pail           1100        	Tom Nook
    	 Kitchen Corner         1800          	Tom Nook
    	 Kitchen Sink           2400       	Tom Nook
    	 Men's Toilet           1600          	Tom Nook
    	 Microwave              2300       	Tom Nook
    	 Mixer                  1000        	Tom Nook
    	 Potbelly Stove         2000        	Tom Nook
    	 Radiator               2380         	Tom Nook
    	 Range                  1800          	Tom Nook
    	 Refrigerator           1200         	Tom Nook
    	 Retro Fridge           2300         	Tom Nook
    	 Shower                  880          	Tom Nook
    	 Sink                   1960         	Tom Nook
    	 Space Heater           1700         	Tom Nook
    	 Stove                  1980         	Tom Nook
    	 Super Toilet           1980          	Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Toaster                 720         	Tom Nook
    	 Toilet                 1800          	Tom Nook
    	 Trash Bin               400         	Tom Nook
    	 Trash Can              1400        	Tom Nook
    	 Washer/Dryer           1800        	Tom Nook
    	 Candle                 1280        	Tom Nook
    	 Desk Light             1280       	Tom Nook
    	 Table Lamp              640       	Tom Nook
    	 Mini-Lamp              1280        	Tom Nook
    	Miscellaneous Items
    	 Portrait                 50    	Lost Kitten
    	 Fire Hydrant            960       	Tom Nook
    	 Extinguisher           1300      	Tom Nook
    	 Barber's Pole          1600     	Tom Nook
    	 Outdoor Bath           4900      	Tom Nook
    	 Nintendo Bench          120        	Tom Nook
    	 Birdcage               1700        	Tom Nook
    	 Bottled Ship           3360        	Tom Nook
    	 Mochi Pestle           1400          	Tom Nook
    	 Candy Machine           980        	Tom Nook
    	 Chocolates              680         	Gulliver
    	 Clothesline Pole        960       	Tom Nook
    	 Computer               1720        	Tom Nook
    	 Racoon Figurine        2000         	Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Doghouse               1200         	Tom Nook
    	 Fan                    1200          	Tom Nook
    	 Gas Pump               1280       	Tom Nook
    	 Lovely Phone           2600        	Lost Kitten
    	 Matryoshka              980          	Gulliver
    	 Miniature Car         10000          	Tom Nook
    	 Music Box              1050         	Lost Kitten
    	 Piggy Bank             Have a balance of 10 million in
    				 Town Hall account
    	 Scarecrow               420           	Tom Nook
    	 Telescope              5800          	Tom Nook
    	 Sewing Machine         1350          	Tom Nook
    	 Sleigh                 1200           	Tom Nook
    	 Stool                  1360      	Tom Nook
    	 Glass-Top Table        2200       	Tom Nook
    	 Tea Set                 300        	Tom Nook
    	 Box of Tissues         Have a balance  of 1 million in
    				 Town Hall account
    	 Executive Toy          1100      	Tom Nook
    	 Water Bird             1400        	Tom Nook
    	 Vacuum Cleaner         1200        	Tom Nook
    	Sports Items
    	 Basketball Hoop        2120       	Tom Nook/Redd's Tent
    	 Billiard Table         1800         	Tom Nook
    	 Ball Return            6200         	Tom Nook
    	 Bowling Pins           1200        	Tom Nook
    	 Dart Board             1520         	Tom Nook
    	 Mahjong Table          4200        	Tom Nook
    	 Mountain Bike          3380        	Tom Nook
    	 Tennis Table           1800        	Tom Nook
    	 Snowboard              1400         	Tom Nook
    	 Surfboard              1400        	Tom Nook
    	 CD Player              1600          	Tom Nook
    	 Dice Stereo            2150          	Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Gold Stereo            2640        	Tom Nook
    	 Hi-Fi Stereo           5400          	Spotlight Item*
    	 High-End Stereo        2750         	Redd
    	 Phonograph             1840          	Tom Nook
    	 Red Boom Box           1500        	Tom Nook
    	 Reel-To-Reel           2000          	Tom Nook
    	 Retro Stereo           5500           	Tom Nook
    	 Tape Deck               700        	Tom Nook
    	 Turntable              2580         	Tom Nook/Redd
    	 White Boom Box         1500          	Tom Nook
    	 Pink Box                980         	Tom Nook
    	 Blue Box                980         	Tom Nook
    	 Beige Box               980         	Tom Nook
    	 Cardboard Box           100          	Tom Nook
    	 Clothes Closet         1340       	Tom Nook
    	 Wooden Box              200           	Tom Nook
    	 Safe                     -           	Redd
    	 Storage Case            980         	Tom Nook
    	 Retro TV               1600          	Tom Nook
    	 TV with VCR            2000          	Tom Nook
    	 Wide-Screen TV         2200         	Tom Nook/Redd
    	Town Models
    	 One-Story Model        Earn 70000 Points for the HRA
    	 Two-Story Model        Earn 100000 Points from the HRA
    	 Mansion Model          Earn 150000 Points from the HRA
    	 Nook's Cranny          Earn 300 Points for shopping at
    				 Tom Nook's
    	 Nook 'n Go             Earn 5000 Points for shopping at
    				 Tom Nook's
    	 Nookway                Earn 10000 Points for shopping at
    				 Tom Nook's
    	 Nookington's           Earn 20000 Points for Shopping at
    				 Tom Nook's
    	 Museum Model           Donate more exhibits to the
    				 Museum than anyone else
    	 Town Hall Model        Have a balance of 999,999,999 in
    				 your Town Hall account
    	 Bug Trophy		 -          	The Bug-Off
    	 Fish Trophy             -              Fishing Tourney
    	 Flower Trophy           -              Flower Fest
    	Worldly Items
    	 Broken Post            1800          	Tom Nook
    	 Corinthian Post        3600          	Tom Nook
    	 Ionian Post            3600        	Tom Nook
    	 Pantheon Post          3600        	Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Plate Armor            1850          	Gulliver
    	 Manekin Pis            1300          	Gulliver
    	 Tribal Mask            1100   		Gulliver
    	 Merlion                2300         	Gulliver
    	 Mermaid Statue         1900         	Gulliver
    	 Moai Statue            1900         	Gulliver
    	 Mouth of Truth         1900          	Gulliver
    	 Mummy's Casket         4400    	Spotlight Item*
    	 Pagoda                 1280          	Gulliver
    	 Tower of Pisa          2300           	Gulliver
    	 Pyramid                3800        	Tom Nook
    	 Spaceman               1440        	Tom Nook/Redd
    	 Sphinx                 3200        	Tom nook
    	 Arc de Triomphe
    	*Spotlight items are items Tom Nook displays under a
    	spotlight, these are only avalible under the spotlight.
    	**These are only during a certain time, but are still
    	pretty common
    *                                                                            *
    *                    W A L L P A P E R    &   C A R P E T                    *
    *                                                                            *
    	Wallpaper/Carpet       Buy Price       Seller
    	 Classic Wall		2100           	Tom Nook
    	 Classic Carpet		2300        	Tom Nook
    	 Cabana Wall		1480		Tom Nook
    	 Cabana Flooring	1680        	Tom Nook
    	 Modern Wall		1450        	Tom Nook
    	 Modern Tile		1540        	Tom Nook
    	 Green Wall		1050         	Tom Nook
    	 Green Rug		1540        	Tom Nook
    	 Exotic Wall		1420        	Tom Nook
    	 Exotic Rug		1820        	Tom Nook
    	 Lovely Wall		1880		Tom Nook
    	 Lovely Carpet 		1980        	Tom Nook
    	 Ranch Wall    		1450         	Tom Nook
    	 Ranch Flooring 	1750        	Tom Nook
    	 Blue Wall   		1260          	Tom Nook
    	 Blue Flooring 		1580        	Tom Nook
    	 Regal Wall		2240         	Tom Nook
    	 Regal Carpet  		2850        	Tom Nook
    	 Cabin Wall    		1200          	Tom Nook
    	 Cabin Rug      	1540
    	 Kiddie Wall    	1500          	Tom Nook
    	 Kiddie Carpet   	1630        	Tom Nook
    	 Snowman Wall   	8888		Snowman
    	 Snowman Carpet  	8888		Snowman
    	 Western Vista 		1500 		Saharah
    	 Western Desert 	1700 		Saharah
    	 Blue Tarp     		1400 		Saharah
    	 Closed Road    	1625 		Saharah
    	 Backyard Fence		 800           	Tom Nook
    	 Backyard Lawn  	 880        	Tom Nook
    	 Playroom Wall 		1320          	Tom Nook
    	 Playroom Rug   	1630        	Tom Nook
    	 Pastel Dot Wall 	1480           	Tom Nook
    	 Pastel Dot Rug  	1300        	Tom Nook
    	 Robo-Wall		1780           	Tom Nook
    	 Robo-Floor      	2400        	Tom Nook
    	 Forest Wall   		  _		Cornimer
    	 Forest Floor    	  -  		Cornimer
    	 Lunar Horizon 		1900		Saharah
    	 Lunar Surface  	2000		Saharah
    	 Ringside Seating	2250		Saharah
    	 Boxing Ring Mat 	2500		Saharah
    	 Lab Wall      		1460        	Tom Nook
    	 Lab Floor       	1280        	Tom Nook
    	 Sea View        	1000 		Pascal
    	 Ship Deck       	1000 		Pascal
    	 Parlor Wall     	1120        	Tom Nook
    	 Checkered Tile  	1680        	Tom Nook
    	 Mod Wall        	1200        	Tom Nook
    	 Ceramic Tile    	1390        	Tom Nook
    	 Mosaic Wall     	2100        	Tom Nook
    	 Mosaic Tile     	2300        	Tom Nook
    	 Plaster Wall    	 880        	Tom Nook
    	 Birch Flooring  	 800        	Tom Nook
    	 Ornate Wall     	1580        	Tom Nook
    	 Ornate Rug      	2100        	Tom Nook
    	 Rose Wall      	2240        	Tom Nook
    	 Fancy Carpet    	2980        	Tom Nook
    	 Shoji Screen    	1875 		Saharah
    	 Tatami Floor    	2125 		Saharah
    	 Concrete Wall   	 800        	Tom Nook
    	 Steel Flooring  	1480        	Tom Nook
    	 Groovy Wall     	1280        	Tom Nook
    	 Diner Tile      	1300        	Tom Nook
    	 Blue-Trim Wall  	1420        	Tom Nook
    	 Red Tile        	1680        	Tom Nook
    	 Chic Wall       	1960        	Tom Nook
    	 Plush Carpet    	2160        	Tom Nook
    	 Citrus Wall     	1120        	Tom Nook
    	 Citrus Carpet   	1330        	Tom Nook
    	 Old Brick Wall  	1200        	Tom Nook
    	 Charcoal Tile   	 800        	Tom Nook
    	 Stone Wall      	 800        	Tom Nook
    	 Old Flooring    	 800        	Tom Nook
    	 Shanty Wall     	 800        	Tom Nook
    	 Shanty Mat      	 720        	Tom Nook
    	 Wood Paneling   	1320        	Tom Nook
    	 Cowhide Rug     	1540        	Tom Nook
    	 Music Room Wall 	1600 		Saharah
    	 Music Room Floor	1800 		Saharah
    	 Plaza Wall      	1960        	Tom Nook
    	 Plaza Tile     	2180        	Tom Nook
    	 Stately Wall    	2450        	Tom Nook
    	 Round Carpet    	1080        	Tom Nook
    	 Arched Window   	2150        	Tom Nook
    	 Parquet Floor   	2350        	Tom Nook
    	 Ivy Wall        	1250        	Tom Nook
    	 Slate Flooring  	1380        	Tom Nook
    	 Exquisite Wall  	1470        	Tom Nook
    	 Exquisite Rug   	1960        	Tom Nook
    	 Floral Wall     	2250        	Tom Nook
    	 Palace Tile     	3200        	Tom Nook
    	 Manor Wall      	1050        	Tom Nook
    	 Opulent Rug     	1230        	Tom Nook
    	 Lattice Wall    	1780        	Tom Nook
    	 Kitchen Tile    	1890        	Tom Nook
    	 Imperial Wall   	2660        	Tom Nook
    	 Imperial Tile   	2980        	Tom Nook
    	 Bamboo Wall     	1150        	Tom Nook
    	 Bamboo Flooring 	1360        	Tom Nook
    	 Ancient Wall    	2300 		Saharah
    	 Ancient Tile    	2400 		Saharah
    	 Persian Wall    	1480        	Tom Nook
    	 Persian Rug     	1280        	Tom Nook
    	 Industrial Wall 	1875 		Saharah
    	 Concrete Floor  	1800 		Saharah
    	 Fairy Tale Wall 	2400        	Tom Nook
    	 Fairy Tale Floor	2400        	Tom Nook
    	 Meadow Vista    	2000 		Saharah
    	 Daisy Meadow    	1800 		Saharah
    	 Desert Vista    	2250 		Saharah
    	 Saharah's Desert	1800 		Saharah
    	 Sky Wall        	1200        	Tom Nook
    	 Cloud Flooring  	1480        	Tom Nook
    	 Cityscape Wall  	1600        	Tom Nook
    	 Stone Tile      	2750        	Tom Nook
    	 Common Wall     	1240         	Tom Nook
    	 Common Floor   	1280        	Tom Nook
    	 Library Wall    	1680        	Tom Nook
    	 Tartan Rug      	1820        	Tom Nook
    	 Illusion Wall   	1360        	Tom Nook
    	 Illusion Floor  	1600        	Tom Nook
    	 Tropical Vista  	2300 		Saharah
    	 Tropical Floor  	2050 		Saharah
    	 Chainlink Fence 	2400        	Tom Nook
    	 Sandlot         	1700 		Saharah
    *                                                                            *
    *                          H A C K E D    I T E M S                          *
    *                                                                            *
    These items don't appear in the game, they are items that have been hacked.
    You can only get these if you hack them yourself or buy them from someone
    from wifi. I don't know much else about them but here they are.
    	Hacked Items
    	 Brick block
    	 Fire Flower
    	 Super Mushroom
    	 Green Pipe
    	 ? Block
    	 Koopa Shell
    	 1-Up Mushroom
    	 Fire Bar
    	 Blue Falcon
    	 Mushroom Mural
    	 Block Flooring
    	 Champ's Picture
    	 Nana's Picture
    	 Simon's Picture
    	 Tammi's Picture
    	 Monty's Picture
    	 Elise's Picture
    *                                                                            *
    *                               G Y R O I D S                                *
    *                                                                            *
     |Gyroids								|
     | Alloid Set		Mini, Mega, Tall,				|
     | Bovoid Set		      Mega, Tall,				|
     | Bowtoid Set		Mini, Mega, Tall, Bowtoid			|
     | Buzzoid Set		Mini, Mega, Tall, Buzzoid			|
     | Clankoid Set		Mini, Mega, Tall, Clankoid			|
     | Croakoid Set		Mini, Mega, Tall, Croakoid			|
     | Dekkoid Set		Mini, Mega,       Dekkoid			|
     | Dingloid Set		Mini, Mega, Tall, Dingloid, Squat, Wee		|
     | Dinkoid Set		Mini, Mega,       Dinkoid			|
     | Drilloid Set		Mini, Mega,       Drilloid			|
     | Droploid Set		    	    Tall				|
     | Echoid Set		Mini, Mega, Tall				|
     | Fizzoid Set		Mini, Mega					|
     | Freakoid Set		Mini, Mega					|
     | Gargloid Set		Mini,       Tall, Gargloid			|
     | Gongoid Set		Mini, Mega, Tall, Gongoid			|
     | Harmonoid Set	Mini, Mega, Tall, Harmonoid			|
     | Howloid Set		Mini, Mega,       Howloid			|
     | Lamentoid Set	Mini, Mega, Tall, Lamentoid			|
     | Lullaboid Set	Mini, Mega, Tall, Lullaboid			|
     | Metatoid Set		Mini,             Metatoid			|
     | Nebuloid Set		Mini, Mega, Tall, Nebuloid, Squat, Slim		|
     | Oboid Set	      	      Mega, Tall, Oboid				|
     | Oombloid Set		Mini, Mega, Tall, Oombloid			|
     | Percoloid Set              Mega, Tall				|
     | Plinkoid Set		Mini, Mega,       Plinkoid			|
     | Poltergoid Set	Mini, Mega, Tall, Poltergoid			|
     | Puffoid Set		Mini, Mega, Tall				|
     | Quazoid Set		Mini, Mega, Tall, Quazoid, Slim			|
     | Rythmoid Set		Mini,             Rythmoid			|
     | Rustoid Set		Mini, Mega,       Rustoid			|
     | Sproid Set		Mini, Mega, Tall, Sproid			|
     | Sputnoid Set		Mini, Mega, Tall, Sputnoid			|
     | Squelchoid Set	Mini, Mega,       Squelchoid			|
     | Strumboid Set	Mini, Mega, Tall, Strumboid			|
     | Timpanoid Set	Mini, Mega, Tall, Timpanoid			|
     | Tootoid Set		Mini, Mega,       Tootoid			|
     | Warbloid Set		Mini,       Tall, Warbloid			|
    *                                                                            *
    *                             P A I N T I N G S                              *
    *                                                                            *
    	 Amazing Painting	3920	Redd
    	 Basic Painting		3920	Redd
    	 Calm Painting		3920	Redd
    	 Common Painting	3920	Redd
    	 Dainty Painting	3920	Redd
    	 Famous Painting	1960	Tom Nook's Spotlight*
    	 Fine Painting		1960	Tom Nook's Spotlight*
    	 Flowery Painting	3920	Redd
    	 Lovely Painting	3920	Redd
    	 Moving Painting	3920	Redd
    	 Nice Painting		3920	Redd
    	 Opulent Painting	3920	Redd
    	 Perfect Painting	3920	Redd
    	 Quaint Painting	3920	Redd
    	 Rare Painting		3920	Redd
    	 Scary Painting		3920	Redd
    	 Solemn Painting	3920	Redd
    	 Strange Painting	3920	Redd
    	 Warm Painting		3920	Redd
    	 Worthy Painting	3920	Redd
    *Spotlight items are items Tom Nook displays under a  spotlight, these are
    only avalible under the spotlight.
    *                                                                            *
    *                                 P A P E R                                  *
    *                                                                            *
     All regular paper is 160 bells and can be bought from Tom Nook.
       |Paper								  |
       |									  |
       | Airmail Paper	Flowery Paper		Notebook Paper		  |
       | Bathtub Paper	Forest Paper		Ocean Paper		  |
       | Bejeweled Paper	Four-Leaf Paper		Petal Paper		  |
       | Birthday Cards	Geometric Paper		Piano Paper		  |
       | Bubble Paper	Goldfish Paper		Plaid Paper	          |
       | Buttercup Paper	Hamburger Paper		Polka-Dot Paper		  |
       | Butterfly Paper	Industrial Paper	Rainbow Paper		  |
       | Camouflage Paper	SMB3 Paper		Ribbon Paper		  |
       | Card Paper		Lacy Paper		Snowy Paper		  |
       | Chic Paper		Lemon-Lime Paper	Southwest Paper		  |
       | Chinese Paper    	Leopard Paper		Sparkly Paper		  |
       | Cloudy Paper	Lined Paper		Star Paper	  	  |
       | Composer Paper	Lotus Paper		Tartan Paper		  |
       | Cool Paper		Lovely Paper		Tile Paper		  |
       | Cow Paper		Maple-Leaf Paper	Town View Paper		  |
       | Crater Paper	Mosaic Paper		Unique Paper	 	  |
       | Egyptian Paper	Mushroom Paper		Vine Paper		  |
       | Fireworks Paper	New Year's Card					  |
       | Floral Paper	Night Sky Paper				  	  |
       |									  |
       |Special Paper							  |
       |									  |
       | Academy paper	Join the happy room academy. Room evaluations	  |
       | 			 will be sent on this.				  |
       | Bottle Paper	Can only be obained when you purchase a Note in   |
       | 			 a Bottle.					  |
       | Elegent paper 	Costs 800 bells	at Nook's.			  |
       | Formal Paper	Win an event (The Fishing Tourney, etc) and it	  |
       | 			 will arrive with your prize.			  |
       | Fox Paper		Join Redd's membership, he will send a letter	  |
       | 			 with this paper.				  |
       | Insurance Paper	Buy insurance from Lyle and get hurt or buy a	  |
       | 			 fake item. He will then send a letter with 100   |
       | 			 bells and this paper.				  |
       | Snowman Paper	Obtain a prize from the snowman; you will see	  |
       | 			 the paper with the gift. 			  |
       | Nook Paper		Can only be seen when something from your	  |
       | 			 Personal Catalog is mailed to you.		  |
       | Town-Hall Paper	Your Town Hall Account statements will be sent	  |
       | 			 to you on this paper.				  |
       | Tortimer Paper	Obtain as many acorns as possible during the	  |
       | 			 Acorn Festival.				  |
    *                                                                            *
    *                                S H E L L S                                 *
    *                                                                            *
     Conch              	 	350
     Coral            	 	250
     Dall's Top       	 	 90
     Pearl Oyster     	       1200
     Porceletta       	 	 30
     Sand Dollar      	 	 60
     Scallop          	 	600
     Venus Comb       	 	150
     White Scallop    	 	450
    *                                                                            *
    *            T O O L S   A N D   H A N D H E L D   E Q U P M E N T           *
    *                                                                            *
       |Tools								  |
       | Fishing Rod	500	For fishing			 	  |
       | Golden Fishing Rod	 -	Holds fish on the lure longer		  |
       | Bug Net		500	For bugcatching				  |
       | Golden Bug Net	 -	Bigger net				  |
       | Slingshot		500	Shoots rocks into to top screen		  |
       | Golden Slingshot	 -	Shoots three rocks			  |
       | Shovel		500	For Digging up Gyroids, Fossils and	  |
       |				 planting				  |
       | Golden Shovel	 -	Lets you plant bell trees		  |
       | Watering Can		500	Waters flowers			  |
       | Golden Watering Can	 -	This lets you make golden roses	  |
       | Axe			400	Cuts down trees			  |
       | Golden Axe		 -	Never breaks				  |
       |Golden Tools (How to obtain)					  |
       | Golden Fishing Rod	Catch every type of fish atleast once		  |
       | Golden Bug Net	Catch every type of bug atleast once		  |
       | Golden Slingshot	Shoot 15 items out of the sky, 16th item will	  |
       |			 have it. Don't worry if you miss it, it will	  |
       |			 come back					  |
       | Golden Shovel	Bury a regular shovel in the ground, and then	  |
       |			 dig it up a full  day later. It will then be	  |
       |			 golden. You'll need two shovels to do this.	  |
       | Golden Watering    Keep the environment perfect for  16 days in a	  |
       |			 row. Pelly or Phyllis  will reward you with	  |
       |			 the golden  can (see "Perfect town" section)	  |
       | Golden Axe*	Purchase a red turnip from Joan and plant it in	  |
       |			 the ground for one day. (Joan appears every	  |
       |			 Sunday from 6am to 12pm). Dig up the turnip and  |
       |			 feed it to wendell, who will give you the	  |
       |			 turban. (Wendell appears a random weekday	  |
       |			 from 6am to 12am, ask Booker to find out if he	  |
       |			 is in your town.) Trade the turban to Sahara	  |
       |			 for the massage chair. (Sahara appears a random  |
       |			 weekday from 6am to 12am). Trade the massage	  |
       |			 chair to the Mayor to get the scallop. (The	  |
       |			 mayor is in front of the town hall during any	  |
       |			 holiday). Trade the scallop to Pascal to get	  |
       |			 the golden axe, wich will never break. (Pascal	  |
       |			 appears a random weekday from 6am to 12am)	  |
    *In the process of this trade, if you get the Country Guitar, give it to
     K.K. Slider to get K.K.'s Pic, and ifyou got the Red Vase, give it to
     Crazy Redd in exchange for the Safe. Give the safe to Tom Nook for the
     Tom Nook Picture.
       |Other								  |
       | Timer	     500   Tom Nook					  |
       | Medicine        400   Tom Nook					  |
       | Note in Bottle  200   Tom Nook					  |
       | Party Popper     -	   Speak to Tortimer during the Fireworks Show	  |
       | Sparkler         -	   Speak to Tortimer during the Fireworks Show	  |
       | Roman Candle     -    Speak to Tortimer during the Fireworks Show	  |
       | Pitfall Seed     -	   Must be found underground, Recycling Bin,	  |
       |			    Lost and Found, or given as a gift.		  |
       | Paint	     980   Nookington's					  |
                        |          Points of Interest          |
                        |                                      |
                        | Perfect Town.................[05,02] |
    *                                                                            *
    *                  C L O T H I N G   A N D   A P P A R E L                   *
    *                                                                            *
    	Shirts		       $     Seller	       When
    	 A Shirt 		370 A Able Sisters	All
    	 Airy Shirt 		420 C Able Sisters	All
    	 Amethyst Shirt 	360 B Able Sisters 	Fall
    	 Aqua Polka Shirt 	360 A Able Sisters 	Fall
    	 Arctic Camo 		320 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Argyle Knit 		460 C Able Sisters 	Spring
    	 Armor Suit 		400 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Asian Shirt 		380 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Aurora Knit 		380 B Able Sisters 	Winter
    	 Bad Plaid Shirt 	420 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Barber Shirt 		--- - Gracie 		All
    	 Baseball Shirt 	320 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 BB Shirt 		350 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Beaded Shirt 		420 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Bear Shirt 		390 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Beatnik Shirt 		360 A Able Sisters 	Spring
    	 Beige Knit 		320 A Able Sisters 	Winter
    	 Big Bro's Shirt 	320 B Able Sisters 	Fall
    	 Big Dot Shirt 		340 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Big Star Shirt 	400 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Blossom Shirt 		370 A Able Sisters 	Spring
    	 Blue Check Print 	360 A Able Sisters 	Fall
    	 Blue Check Shirt 	380 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Blue Diamond Top 	370 C Able Sisters 	Winter
    	 Blue Grid Shirt 	340 A Able Sisters 	Summer
    	 Blue Pinstripe 	380 C Able Sisters 	Fall
    	 Blue Retro Shirt 	 80 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Blue Stripe Knit 	340 A Able Sisters 	Summer
    	 Blue Tartan 		390 A Able Sisters 	Summer
    	 Blue Tie-Dye 		380 B Able Sisters 	Summer
    	 Bodice 		400 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Bold Check Shirt 	360 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Bone Shirt 		280 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Bright Shirt 		320 B Able Sisters 	Spring
    	 Bubble Gum Shirt 	380 B Able Sisters 	Fall
    	 Bubble Shirt 		410 B Able Sisters 	Summer
    	 Bunny Shirt 		360 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Burglar's Shirt 	420 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Butterfly Shirt 	--- - Gracie 		All
    	 Cafe Shirt 		420 A Able Sisters 	Winter
    	 Cake Shirt 		600 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Camel Shirt 		280 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Candy Gingham 		320 C Able Sisters 	Spring
    	 Captain's Shirt 	340 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Caterpillar Tee 	--- - Gracie 		All
    	 Caveman Tunic 		380 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Chain-Gang Shirt 	260 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Checkerboard Tee 	340 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Checkered Shirt 	390 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Cherry Shirt 		360 B Able Sisters 	Fall
    	 Chevron Shirt 		320 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Chichi Print 		180 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Chinese Shirt 		320 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Chocomint Shirt 	340 C Able Sisters 	Winter
    	 Circus Shirt 		370 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Citrus Gingham 	360 C Able Sisters 	Spring
    	 Citrus Shirt 		--- - Gracie 		All
    	 Cloudy Shirt 		320 A Able Sisters 	Spring
    	 Club Shirt 		360 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Comfy Sweater 		360 B Able Sisters 	Winter
    	 Concierge Shirt 	350 A Able Sisters 	Fall
    	 Cool Shirt 		--- - Gracie 		All
    	 Coral Shirt 		--- - Gracie 		All
    	 Cow Shirt 		--- - Gracie 		All
    	 Crewel Shirt 		380 C Able Sisters 	Winter
    	 Crossing Shirt 	--- - Gracie 		All
    	 Daisy Shirt 		380 C Able Sisters 	Spring
    	 Danger Shirt 		340 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Dapper Shirt 		350 C Able Sisters 	Winter
    	 Dark Polka Shirt 	350 B Able Sisters 	Winter
    	 Dawn Shirt 		380 A Able Sisters 	Summer
    	 Dazed Shirt 		350 C Able Sisters 	Summer
    	 Deep Blue Tee 		380 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Desert Camo 		320 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Diamond Shirt 		380 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Dice Shirt 		340 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Dragon Suit 		340 C Able Sisters 	Summer
    	 Dreamy Shirt 		400 A Able Sisters 	Spring
    	 Dutch Shirt 		280 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Earthy Knit 		390 B Able Sisters 	Winter
    	 Eight-Ball Shirt 	340 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Elephant Shirt 	260 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Explorer Shirt 	400 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Fairy Tale Shirt 	320 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Fall Leaf Shirt 	280 B Able Sisters 	Fall
    	 Fall Plaid Shirt 	370 A Able Sisters 	Fall
    	 Fern Shirt 		300 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Fiendish Shirt 	--- - Gracie 		All
    	 Firefighter Tee 	320 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Five-Ball Shirt 	340 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Flame Shirt 		360 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Flan Shirt 		--- - Gracie 		Fall
    	 Floral Knit 		420 B Able Sisters 	Spring
    	 Flowery Shirt 		400 B Able Sisters 	Summer
    	 Fluffy Shirt 		400 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Folk Shirt 		380 A Able Sisters 	Winter
    	 Four-Ball Shirt 	340 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Fresh Shirt 		380 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Frock Coat 		290 C Able Sisters 	Summer
    	 Frog Shirt 		340 B Able Sisters 	Summer
    	 Funky Dot Shirt 	430 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Future Shirt 		390 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Gaudy Sweater 		330 A Able Sisters 	Spring
    	 Gelato Shirt		 330 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Giraffe Shirt 		--- - Gracie 		All
    	 Go-Go Shirt 		360 C Able Sisters 	Fall
    	 Gold Armor Suit 	540 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Gracie's Top 		--- - Gracie 		All
    	 Graduation Gown 	320 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Grape Shirt 		--- - Gracie 		All
    	 Grape Stripe Shirt 	320 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Grass Shirt 		--- - Gracie 		All
    	 Gray Tartan 		420 C Able Sisters 	All
     	 Green Bar Shirt 	320 B Able Sisters 	Summer
    	 Green Tie-Dye 		380 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Green Vest 		380 A Able Sisters 	Summer
    	 Groovy Shirt 		--- - Gracie 		All
    	 Gumdrop Shirt 		390 C Able Sisters 	Spring
    	 Heart Shirt 		360 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Hot Dog Shirt 		--- - Gracie 		All
    	 Hot Spring Shirt 	520 B Able Sisters 	Spring
    	 Icy Shirt 		390 C Able Sisters 	Summer
    	 Jade Check Print 	360 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Jagged Shirt 		360 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Jester Shirt 		420 A Able Sisters 	Spring
    	 Jungle Camo 		320 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Kiddie Shirt 		340 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Kimono 		520 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Kiwi Shirt 		--- - Gracie 		All
    	 Laced Shirt 		370 C Able Sisters 	Winter
    	 Ladybug Shirt 		--- - Gracie 		All
    	 Latin Uniform 		320 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Leaf Shirt 		260 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Leather Jerkin 	380 A Able Sisters 	Winter
    	 Lemon Gingham 		340 A Able Sisters 	Spring
    	 Leopard Shirt 		320 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Li'l Bro's Shirt 	320 A Able Sisters 	Summer
    	 Lightning Shirt 	380 C Able Sisters 	Summer
    	 Lite Polka Shirt 	380 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Lotus Shirt 		400 B Able Sisters 	Summer
    	 Loud Bloom Shirt 	360 B Able Sisters 	Summer
     	 Lovely Shirt 		400 C Able Sisters 	Spring
    	 Melon Gingham 		340 B Able Sisters 	Spring
    	 Melon Shirt 		--- - Gracie 		All
    	 Military Uniform 	380 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Mint Gingham Top 	330 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Misty Shirt 		380 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Moldy Shirt 		--- - Gracie 		Summer
    	 Molecule Tee 		360 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Mummy Shirt 		180 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 MVP Shirt 		370 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Natty Shirt 		380 C Able Sisters 	Summer
    	 Nebula Shirt 		390 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 New Spring Shirt 	520 C Able Sisters 	Spring
    	 Night Sky Tee 		420 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Nile Shirt 		400 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Nine-Ball Shirt 	340 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 No. 1 Shirt 		250 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 No. 2 Shirt 		250 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 No. 23 Shirt 		250 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 No. 3 Shirt 		250 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 No. 4 Shirt 		250 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 No. 5 Shirt 		250 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 No. 67 Shirt 		250 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Noble Shirt 		380 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Nurse's Uniform 	300 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 One-Ball Shirt 	340 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 One-Way Tee		420 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Optical Shirt 		430 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Orange Check Tee 	280 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Orange Jumpsuit 	200 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Orange Pinstripe 	--- - Gracie 		All
    	 Orange Tie-Dye 	380 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Paw Shirt 		360 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Peachy Shirt 		390 B Able Sisters 	Spring
    	 Pep Squad Shirt 	280 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Picnic Shirt 		330 A Able Sisters 	Fall
    	 Pink Tartan 		420 C Able Sisters 	Spring
    	 Pink Wave Shirt 	420 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Polar Fleece 		360 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Poncho 		320 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Pop Bloom Shirt 3	 60 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Princess Shirt 	480 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Prism Shirt 		370 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Purple Tie-Dye 	380 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Racer Shirt 		380 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Racing Shirt 		460 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Rainbow Shirt 		777 A Able Sisters 	Summer
    	 Red Bar Shirt 		360 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Red Check Shirt 	330 B Able Sisters 	Spring
    	 Red Down Vest 		380 C Able Sisters	Winter
    	 Red Grid Shirt 	360 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Red Riding Hoody 	350 A Able Sisters 	Fall
    	 Red Tie-Dye 		380 B Able Sisters 	FAll
    	 Red Warmup Suit 	260 B Able Sisters 	Winter
    	 Reggae Shirt 		240 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Ribbon Shirt 		370 A Able Sisters 	Spring
    	 Rose Shirt 		480 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Rose Sky Shirt 	320 B Able Sisters	All
    	 Royal Shirt 		380 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Rugby Shirt 		360 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Sailor's Uniform	320 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Sandwich Shirt 	--- - Gracie 		All
    	 Scale Armor Suit 	480 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Security Shirt 	420 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Seven-Ball Shirt 	340 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Sharp Outfit 		280 A Able Sisters 	Winter
    	 Silk Bloom Shirt 	480 A Able Sisters 	Spring
    	 Six-Ball Shirt 	340 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Skull Shirt 		320 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Sky Shirt 		360 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Snow Shirt 		--- - Gracie 		All
    	 Snowcone Shirt 	420 A Able Sisters 	Summer
    	 Space Suit 		360 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Spade Shirt 		340 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Spanish Shirt 		360 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Spiderweb Shirt 	320 B Able Sisters 	Summer
    	 Splendid Shirt 	--- - Gracie 		All
    	 Spring Shirt 		320 C Able Sisters 	Spring
    	 Star Shirt 		370 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Strawberry Shirt 	--- - Gracie 		All
    	 Subdued Print 		320 B Able Sisters 	Fal
    	 Sunset Top 		290 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Swell Shirt 		400 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Three-Ball Shirt 	340 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Tiger Shirt 		--- - Gracie		All
    	 Tin Shirt 		--- - Gracie		All
    	 Toad Shirt 		340 C Able Sisters 	Winter
    	 Toga 			280 C Able Sisters	All
    	 Tropical Shirt 	370 C Able Sisters 	Summer
    	 Tulip Shirt 		280 C Able Sisters 	Spring
    	 Turnip Top 		350 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Tuxedo 		380 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Twinkle Shirt 		480 A Able Sisters 	Summer
    	 Two-Ball Shirt 	340 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 U R Here Shirt 	350 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Uncommon Shirt 	360 B Able Sisters 	Winter
    	 Vegetarian Shirt 	280 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Vertigo Shirt 		380 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Vogue Top 		380 B Able Sisters 	Spring
    	 Waffle Shirt 		430 C Able Sisters 	Fall
    	 Waitress Shirt 	320 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Watermelon Shirt 	--- - Gracie 		All
    	 Western Shirt 		350 C Able Sisters 		Winter
    	 Winter Sweater 	290 C Able Sisters 	Winter
     	 Witch Shirt 		360 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Work Uniform 		--- - ---
    	 Wrap Shirt 		320 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Wrestler Shirt 	280 C Able Sisters 	All
    	 Yellow Bar Shirt 	320 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Yellow Bolero 		430 B Able Sisters 	All
    	 Yellow Pinstripe 	360 B Able Sisters 	Winter
    	 Yellow Tartan 		430 B Able Sisters 	Spring
    	 Yodel Shirt 		350 A Able Sisters 	All
    	 Zebra Shirt 		--- - Gracie 		All
    	 Zipper Shirt		320 C Able Sisters 	All
    	Umbrellas		   Buy Price
    	 Bat Umbrella 		    160
    	 Beach Umbrella 	    160
    	 Blue Dot Parasol 	    160
    	 Blue Umbrella 		    160
    	 Busted Umbrella 	    160
    	 Camo Umbrella 		    160
    	 Candy Umbrella 	    160
    	 Daisy Umbrella 	    160
    	 Eggy Parasol 		    160
    	 Elegant Umbrella 	    160
    	 Flame Umbrella 	    160
    	 Forest Umbrella 	    160
    	 Gelato Umbrella 	    160
    	 Green Umbrella 	    160
    	 Lacy Parasol 		    160
    	 Leaf Umbrella 		    160
    	 Lemon Umbrella 	    160
    	 Leopard Umbrella 	    160
    	 Melon Umbrella 	    160
    	 Mint Umbrella 		    160
    	 Modern Umbrella 	    160
    	 Paper Parasol 		    160
    	 Paw Umbrella 		    160
    	 Petal Parasol 		    160
    	 Picnic Umbrella 	    160
    	 Red Umbrella 		    160
    	 Ribbon Umbrella 	    160
    	 Spider Umbrella 	    160
    	 Sunny Parasol 		    160
    	 Toad Parasol 		    160
    	 Yellow Umbrella 	    160
    	 Zebra Umbrella 	    160
    	 1-Up Cap		    160
    	 Badge Hat 		    160
    	 Bandana 		     80
    	 Beret 			    160
    	 Bicycle Helmet		    400
    	 Big Bro's Hat		    320
    	 Blue Knit Hat		    160
    	 Blue Ribbon 		    160
    	 Captain's Hat 		    360
    	 Cavalier Hat 		    360
    	 Chef's Hat 		    160
    	 Combat Helmet 		    960
    	 Crown 			1000000
    	 Dandy Hat 		    160
    	 Detective Hat 		    240
    	 Dutch Hat		    320
    	 Explorer's Hat 	    160
    	 Grandpa Hat 		    240
    	 Green Cap 		    160
    	 Green knit Hat		    160
    	 Halo 			   2400
    	 Heart Hairpin 		    160
    	 Hunter's Cap 		    300
    	 Jester's Cap 		    360
    	 Li'l Bro's Hat		    320
    	 Light Blue Cap 	    160
    	 Moon Hairpin 		    160
    	 Orange Knit Hat	    160
    	 Outback Hat		    160
    	 Paperboy Cap 		    280
    	 Pink Knit Hat		    160
    	 Pirate's Hat 		    240
    	 Police Cap 		    480
    	 Puffy Hat 		    240
    	 Purple Cap		    160
    	 Purple Knit Hat	    160
    	 Red Cap 		    160
    	 Red Pom-Pom Hat 	    160
    	 Red Ribbon 		    160
    	 Royal Crown 		1200000
    	 Safety Helmet 		    300
    	 Sailor's Hat		    300
    	 Scholar's Hat 		    420
    	 Silk Hat		    120
    	 Sombrero		    240
    	 Star Cap 		    160
    	 Star Hairpin 		    160
    	 Straw Hat 		    160
    	 Swimming Cap 		     80
    	 Top Hat 		    400
    	 Tyrolean Hat		    160
    	 Viking Helmet 		    540
    	 White Cap 		    160
    	 Witch's Hat 		    160
    	 Wizard's Cap 		     80
    	 Yellow Cap 		    160
    	 Yellow Ribbon 		    160
    	Feathers* (Hats)
    	 Green Feather: 	  10000
    	 Blue Feather: 		 200000
    	 Yellow Feather: 	 500000
    	 Red Feather: 		 800000
    	 Purple Feather: 	1100000
    	 White Feather: 	1400000
    	 Rainbow Feather: 	6400000
    	 Afro Wig 		    160
    	 Baby's Hat		    160
    	 Bunny Hood		   1600
    	 Cow Bone 		    160
    	 Diving Mask 		   2200
    	 Dressing 		    120
    	 Fireman's Hat		    960
    	 Football Helmet 	   1200
    	 Geisha Wig 		   1600
    	 Kaffiyeh 		    160
    	 King Tut Wig*** 	  12000
    	 Knight's Helmet 	   1000
    	 Motocross Helmet	   1400
    	 Mowhawk Wig		    160
    	 Ninja Hood 		    240
    	 Pig Tail		    120
    	 Pilot's Cap		    720
    	 Powdered Wig 		    160
    	 Racing Helmet		   1200
    	 Regent Wig 		    160
    	 Roman Helmet 		   1200
    	 Samurai Wig 		   1200
    	 Ski Mask 		    600
    	 Space Helmet 		   2400
    	 Turban**		     -
    	 Warbonnet 		   1000
    	 White Veil		    400
    	 Wrestling Mask 	    900
    	 3-D Glasses 		    120
    	 Big Bro Mustache 	    600
    	 Blue Frames 		    120
    	 Brown Glasses 		    120
    	 Curly Mustache 	    160
    	 Doctor's Mirror	    160
    	 Eye Mask 		    160
    	 Eye Patch 		    120
    	 Funky Glasses 		    120
    	 Gas Mask 		    240
    	 Goggles 		    280
    	 Green Glasses 		    120
    	 Hero's Mask 		   1200
    	 HMD 			   1800
    	 Hockey Mask 		    200
    	 Huge Shades 		    160
    	 King's Beard 		   8000
    	 Mask 			     80
    	 Masquerade Mask 	    120
    	 Mini-Mustache 		    160
    	 Mint Glasses 		    120
    	 Monocle 		    240
    	 Pacifier 		    120
    	 Pilot Shades 		   2400
    	 Pink Glasses 		    120
    	 Post-Op Patch 		    120
    	 Purple Glasses 	    120
    	 Red Glasses 		    120
    	 Red Nose 		     80
    	 Rimmed Glasses 	    120
    	 Silver Frames 		    120
    	 Snorkel Mask 		    320
    	 Sporty Shades 		    160
    	 Stache & Glasses 	    240
    	 Thick Glasses 		    120
    	 Tiny Shades 		    120
    	 Triangle Shades 	    120
    	 Yellow Glasses 	    120
    Want to make your own shirts, umbrellas, or flooring? Try this program.
    You can pick flowers from the ground and stick them in your hair as normal
    head gear. Also, if you pick a rose, you stick it in your mouth, instead,
    and it counts as an accessory.
    *You receive these if you donate enough money at the town hall. Make sure not
    to donate 6,400,000 bells all at once because you will only get the Rainbow
    Feather and skip all the other feathers.
    **Purchase a red turnip from Joan and plant it in the ground for one day.
    (Joan appears every Sunday from 6am to 12pm). Dig up the turnip and feed it
    to wendell, who will give you the turban. (Wendell appears a random weekday
    from 6am to 12am, ask Booker to find out which day.) In the process of this
    trade, if you get the Country Guitar, give it to K.K. Slider to get K.K.'s
    ***This Wig is cursed, it makes you trip about once a minute. Although you
    recieve 100 bells for every fall if you have insurance.
    *                                                                            *
    *                             V I L L A G E R S                              *
    *                                                                            *
    Here are all of the names of the villagers and their catchphrase (When the
    villagers say their catch phrases they do not have any capitals, unless it's
    all in capitals)
    Villagers      Catch Phrase    Species	       Birthday
     Agent S	Ace		Squirrel
     Alfonso	Chaps		Alligator
     Alice		Guvnor		Mouse
     Alli		Graaagh		Alligator
     Amelia		Eaglet		Eagle
     Anabelle	Snorty		Ant Eater
     Anchovy	Chuurp		Bird
     Angus		Macmoo		Bull
     Antonio	Honk		Ant Eater
     Apollo		Pah		Eagle
     Aurora		B-b-baby	Penguin
     Baabara	Daahling	Sheep
     Bella		Eeks		Mouse
     Benedict	Uh-hoo		Rooster
     Big Top	Villian		Elephant
     Bill		Quako		Duck
     Biskit		Dawg		Dog
     Blaire		Nutlet		Mouse
     Bluebear	Peach		Bear
     Bob		Pthhpt		Cat
     Bones		Yip-yip		Dog
     Boone		Baboom		Baboon
     Bree		Cheeseball	Mouse
     Buck		Pardner		Horse
     Bud		Maaan		Lion
     Bunnie		Tee-hee		Rabbit
     Butch		ROOOOOWF*	Dog
     Camofrog	Ten-hut		Frog
     Caroline	Hulaaaa		Squirrel
     Cesar		Highness	Monkey
     Chevre		La ba		Goat
     Chief		Harrumph	Wolf
     Chow		Aiya		Bear
     Coco		Doyoing		Rabbit
     Cube		D-d-dude	Penguin
     Curly		Nyoink		Pig
     Curt		Fuzzball	Bear
     Cyrano		ah-CHOO*	Anteater
     Daisy		bow WOW*	Dog
     Deena		Sugarbill	Duck
     Derwin		Derrrr		Duck
     Dizzy		Woo-oo		Elephant
     Dora		Squeaky		Mouse
     Dotty		Wee one		Rabbit
     Drake		Quacko		Duck
     Drift		Brah		Frog
     Egbert		Doodle-duh	Chicken
     Elmer		Tenderfoot	Horse
     Eloise		Tooot		Elephant
     Elvis		Unh-huhn	Lion
     Filbert	Bucko		Chipmunk
     Freckles	Ducky		Duck
     Friga		Brrrmph		Penguin
     Frobert	Fribbit		Frog
     Gabi		Honeybun	Rabbit
     Gaston		Mon chou	Rabbit
     Genji		Otaku 		Rabbit
     Gladys		Strech		Ostrich
     Goldie		Woof		Dog
     Goose		Buh-kay		Chicken
     Gwen		H-h-h-hon	Penguin
     Hopper		Slushie		Penguin
     Hugh		Snortie		Pig
     Jay		Heeeeey		Bird
     Jeremiah	Nee-deep	Frog
     Jitters	Bzzert		Bird
     Joey		Bleeeeeck	Duck
     Kabuki		meooo-OH*	Cat
     Kid Cat	Psst		Cat
     Kiki		Kittyca		Cat
     Kitt		Child		Kangaroo
     Kody		Grah grah	Teddy Bear
     Lily		Toady		Frog
     Limberg	Squinky		Mouse
     Lobo		Ah-rooooo	Wolf
     Lucky		Rrr-owch	Dog
     Lucy		Snooink		Pig
     Maelle		Duckling	Duck
     Mallary	Quackpth	Duck
     Maple		Honey		Teddy Bear
     Margie		Tootie		Elephant
     Marina		Blurp		Octopus
     Mathilda	Wee baby	Kangaroo
     Melba		Toasty		Koala
     Mint		Ahhhhh		Chipmunk
     Mitzi		Mew		Cat
     Moe		Myawn		Cat
     Monique	Pffffft		Cat
     Nan		Kid		Goat
     Nibbles	Niblet		Squirrel
     Octavian	Sucker		Octopus
     Olivia		Purr		Cat
     Opal		Snoot		Elephant
     Pango		Snooooof	Anteater
     Pate		Quakie		Duck
     Patty		How now		Cow
     Peanut		Slacker		Chipmunk
     Pecan		Chipmunk	Chipmunk
     Peewee		Li'l dude	Gorilla
     Pierce		Hawkeye		Eagle
     Pinky		Wah		Bear
     Pippy		Li'l hare	Rabbit
     Pompom		Rah rah		Duck
     Poncho		Li'l bear	Teddy Bear
     Portia		Ruffian		Dog
     Puddles	Splish		Frog
     Pudge		Pudgy		Teddy Bear
     Punchy		Mrmpht		Cat
     Purrl		Kitten		Cat
     Queenie	Chicken		Ostrich
     Rasher		Swine		Boar
     Rhonda		Mrmpht		Rhino
     Ribbot		Kitten		Robot Frog	2/13
     Roald		B-b-buddy	Penguin
     Robin		La-di-da	Bird
     Rocco		Hippie		Hippo
     Rod 		Ace		Mouse
     Rodeo		Chaps		Bull
     Rolf 		Grrrolf		Tiger
     Roscoe		Nay		Horse
     Rosie		Silly		Cat
     Rowan		Mango		Tiger
     Ruby		Li'l ears	Rabbit
     Sally		Nutmeg		Chipmunk
     Samson		Pipsqueak	Mouse
     Savannah	Y'all		Zebra
     Snake		Bunyip		Rabbit
     Static		Krzzt		Chipmunk
     Stitches	Stuffin'	Teddy Bear
     Tabby		me-WOW*		Cat
     Tangy		reeeeOWR*	Cat
     Tank		kerPOW*		Rhino
     Teddy		Grooof		Bear
     Tiffany	Bun bun		Rabbit
     Tipper		Pushy		Cow
     Truffles	Snoutie		Pig
     Twiggy		Cheepers	Bird
     Vesta		Baafffo		Sheep
     Victoria	Sugarcube	Horse
     Walker		Wuh		Dog
     Wart Jr.	Grr-ribbit	Frog
     Whitney	Snappy		Wolf
     Wolfgang	Snarrrl		Wolf
     Yuka		Tsk tsk		Koala
    *                                                                            *
    *                            T O W N    T U N E S                            *
    *                                                                            *
    If you would like to suggest me your own Town Tune, just go down to the
    contacts and E-mail me. There are two sets of every letter besides the
    letter "f".
    	     |Orange| Yellow|Green|BlueGreen| Blue  |Purple|
    	     |  E   | D C B | A G | f e d c | b a g |  _ Z |
    	 Drag the note on	_
    	 Rest			Z
    	 Random Note		?
    	 E, D, C, B, A, or G	Higher Octave Notes
    	 f, e, d, c, b, a, or g	Lower Octave Notes
    	Animal Crossing Default Town Tune
    	 g E _ g f D _ B C z d z c _ _ z
    	Animal Crossing: Wild World Default Town Tune
    	 C E C g f g B D C z g z c _ _ z
    	Imperial March from Star Wars
    	 A _ A _ A _ f C A _ f C A _ _ Z
    	The Simpsons theme
    	 F _ _ A _ G _ D C _ _ A _ f _ D
    	Super Mario Bros. theme
    	 e e _ e _ c e _ G _ _ Z g Z Z Z
    	Mario Sunshine - Bianca Hills
    	 C D E C Z G e f e f D _ _ Z Z Z
    	The Legend Of Zelda theme
    	 A _ e _ _ A A B C D E _ _ Z Z Z
    	Zelda: Orcarina of Time - Saria's Song
    	 F A B _ F A B E D _ B C B G e _
    	Zelda: Link's Awakening - Ballad of the Windfish
    	 A B C _ _ A B C _ B A e G _ A _
    	EarthBound Theme
    	 f A C B _ C _ A C G _ A _ _ _ z
    	Theme to Guardian Heroes
    	 E g C F Z E Z D _ E C _ _ Z Z Z
    	Final Fantasy X - Suteki da Ne
    	 c d e _ G _ d Z e _ d c a c c d
    	Final Fantasy 8 - Eyes on me
    	 a C D E G E _ D E C _ a C D _ _
    	Final Fantasy - Victory theme
    	 G A B C _ D _ G _ A G A _ _ Z Z Z
    	Metal Gear Solid Theme
    	 A G F _ _ G A F A _ G _ _ z z z
    	Yoshi's Story
    	 g g g g G Z g g Z e Z g a _ _ _
    	Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting
     	 d d e e G _ B _ _ A _ _ A _ B _
    	Pirates of the Carribean
    	 A B C _ _ B C _ D _ C _ D _ _ Z
    	Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
    	 f _ c _ _ Z f e f e c d _ g _ _
    	Pink Floyd - The Wall
    	 c d _ e _ d _ c d _ e _ c _ Z Z
    	My Chemical Romance - Helena
    	 e e f f _ e _ G _ e _ f e f _ _
    	Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train
    	 d d Z Z Z f f Z Z c c Z Z d d Z
    	Oh, Christmas Tree
    	 g _ c z c c _ d _ e Z e e _ Z Z
    	Chinese tune
    	 e e e e d z d z b z b z d _ z z
    	Daily Show Theme Song
    	 C _ E C D E D C A _ C A g f Z Z
    	Jaws theme song
    	 F_ _ _ G Z F_ _ G Z F _ G F G
    	To create a song of your own, you can use this easy
    	 program (Click on K.K. Slider at the bottom):
    *                                                                            *
    *                        H O U S E   U P G R A D E S                         *
    *                                                                            *
    	House Upgrades         Debt
    	 Expand House (1st)  	Pay the debt of 19,800 bells.
    	 Expand House (2nd) 	Pay the debt of 120,000 bells.
    	 Upstairs Room		Pay the debt of 298,000 bells.
    	  (3rd floor)
    	 Left Room 		Pay the debt of 598,000 bells.
    	 Right Room 		Pay the debt of 728,000 bells.
    	 Back Room 		Pay the debt of 848,000 bells.
                               |                    |
                               |                    |
                               |                    |
                               |                    |
                               |     Save Room      |
                               |                    |
                               |                    |
                               |                    |
                               |                    |
                               |                    |
                               |                    |
                               |                    |
                               |                    |
                               |    3rd Expansion   |
                               |       298,000      |
                               |                    |
                               |                    |
                               |                    |
                               |                    |
                               |                    |
                               |                    |
                               |                    |
                               |    6th Expansion   |
                               |       848,000      |
                               |       (Final)      |
                               |                    |
                               |                    |
                         |                                |
                         |                                |
                         |                                |
                         |                                |
                         |                                |
                         |              Basic             |
      ___________________|                                |___________________
     |                   |                                |                   |
     |                   |          1st Expansion         |                   |
     |                   |             19,800             |                   |
     |                   |                                |                   |
     |   4th Expansion   |          2nd Expansion         |   5th Expansion   |
     |      598,000      |             120,000            |      728,000      |
     |                   |                                |                   |
     |                   |                                |                   |
     |                   |                                |                   |
    	A more visual verison of this is avaliable at the link.
    *                                                                            *
    *                           M I N I - G U I D E S                            *
    *                                                                            *
                        |          Points of Interest          |
                        |                                      |
                        | Feng Shui and Luck...........[05,01] |
                        | Perfect Town.................[05,02] |
                        | Making 'Bells'...............[05,03] |
                        | Breeding Flowers.............[05,04] |
                        | Your Character...............[05,05] |
                        | Turnips & The Stalk Market...[05,06] |
                        | Happy Room Academy (HRA).....[05,07] |
    *                                                                            *
    *                    F E N G   S H U I   A N D   L U C K                     *
    *                                                                            *
                        |       Credit for the following:      |
                        |                                      |
                        |          Shuko-Chan of NSider        |
    What is Luck?
    "Luck" is a loose term in Animal Crossing that is actually the very same thing
    as "Feng Shui", for the simple fact that your Feng Shui points ARE your luck
    points. What are Feng Shui (Luck) points? They're the quantity of points
    you've accumulated through the placement of items in your house. Sound simple?
    Well, it can be, but it can also be complicated. I'll try to make it as easy
    to understand as possible, but I make no promises.
    Feng Shui - The Ancient Art of Decorating
    Feng Shui is easy to understand if you keep in mind the different color
    regions present inside your house's rooms at all times. These regions are
    defined in such a way as to bring about a natural balance, and achieve
    tranquility. It is believed that a side effect of this balance is that your
    luck will improve. That is the basis for the Feng Shui system in Animal
    Crossing. If you can achieve such balance in your home, it is believed that
    you can ensure yourself better fish, bugs, and items in the game. It is also
    believed that shooting stars and flower hybrids are affected by luck, but
    www.animalxing.com has maintained that none of the above is true. In reality.
    good Feng shui ensures that you'll get better rewards for running errands,
    such as rarer rewards and higher bell bonuses.
    The Layouts
                        |KEY: Y = Yellow    X = Yellow/Green |
                        |     R = Red       Z = Green/Red    |
                        |     G = Green     - = Blank        |
    Each letter represents a space inside your room. You'll start off with a tiny
    16-space room, but you'll eventually be able to expand, thus allowing more
    room for more items. Spaces of only one color should have only items of that
    corresponding color. Spaces of two colors can have items that are of either
    color. The following map shows the perspective of your room when you first enter
    it (Yellow on the West side, Green on the South, and Red on the East).
     Y Y R R      Y Y - - R R            Y Y - - - - R R
     Y Y R R      Y Y - - R R            Y Y - - - - R R
     X X Z Z      Y Y - - R R            Y Y - - - - R R
     X X Z Z      Y Y - - R R            Y Y - - - - R R
    1st Floor     X X G G Z Z            Y Y - - - - R R
                  X X G G Z Z            Y Y - - - - R R
                 1st Expansion           X X G G G G Z Z
                                         X X G G G G Z Z
                                          2nd Expansion
    Be sure to keep these charts in mind when placing items in your room. The
    closer your room matches these charts, the higher your Feng Shui is going to
    be. The more points you accumulate, the greater your luck will be.
    Feng Shui Points:
    Feng Shui Points are awarded for placing an item with a Feng Shui color in
    it's appropriate place in the room (to find out an item's Feng Shui color,
    you can refer to www.animalxing.com's master item list and look it up there).
    Some items have only one point for one color. Some have two for one color.
    Some even have one for each of two colors. The main idea is to get as many
    items with as many points in your room as you can. This may prove difficult,
    as most series and sets don't have a high variety of Feng Shui items in them.
    As with many facets of this game, there's a tradeoff involved. If you want
    to sacrifice the aesthetic and HRA value of your rooms in exchange for high
    luck, you can simply mix items of different sets, series, and themes to
    achieve the maximum number of Feng Shui points. The HRA will love the
    placement of your items, but won't like the mixing of different series and
    sets. It's up to you. Your house will look like an antique shop, but you'll
    have the highest luck you could ever need.
    "Lucky" Items:
    In this game, there exist certain items that, in addition to the Feng Shui
    points they give you for their color group, will also give you bonus points
    simply for having them in the room. That means that no matter where you place
    them in your room, you will ALWAYS get these bonus points. These items are
    very important, because you can put them in the colorless areas of your rooms
    for extra points. As an added bonus, each of these items will also net you
    7777 HRA points! Lucky!
    These are the "Lucky" items in this game:
    Big Festive Tree      Garden Gnome        Lucky Gold Cat
    Birthday Cake         Ivory Piano         Piggy Bank
    Bug Trophy            Jack-in-the-Box     Portrait
    Dracaena              Lefty Lucky Cat     Raccoon Figurine
    Festive Tree          Lovely Phone        Samurai Suit
    Fish Trophy           Lucky Black Cat     Scarab Beetle
    Flower Trophy         Lucky Cat           Treasure Chest
    Four Leaf Clover      Music Box           Washer/Dryer
    Special "Luck" Cases
    There are certain things that can happen in the game that will affect your
    luck and have nothing to do with your Feng Shui. These are only temporary
    though, and should be either used or endured with that in mind. First of all,
    we have the King Tut's Mask. While you wear the King Tut's Mask, you will
    be "cursed", which will result in your character's tripping a lot. What most
    people DON'T know, is that it also curses your luck. I wouldn't suggest
    wearing the mask if you go fishing or bugging.
    Another thing that affects your luck is Katrina. If you get your fortune told,
    you might end up with a great fortune, that will temporarily increase your
    luck. On the other hand, you might end up with a bad fortune, which will
    decrease your luck tremendously. I have heard two different sides about this.
    Some people say that Katrina's curse lasts until you purchase the 10k
    "excorcism" from her the next time you see her. Others say it's only
    temporary. I haven't experienced it for myself, so I can't say for sure.
    Yet another thing that affects your luck is the fortunes you get from Tortimer
    during New Year's. Like Katrina's fortunes, Tortimer's have the ability to
    either boost or decrease your luck. But his are most definitely temporary.
    Questions and Comments
    There are a few things about Feng Shui that I have questions about, and so
    far, I have not been able to find any answers to them. First off, do duplicate
    items give you multiples of their Feng Shui points, or do you only get
    "credit" for that item once? Also, there are some items not listed on
    www.animalxing.com's guide (the beta items, or "Mario Set" to be precise).
    Do any of them have Feng Shui points associated with them?
    In any event, increasing your Feng Shui is a worthwhile practice if you're
    suffering from a lack of good items. And the beauty of it is that it can
    always be reversed, so it's at least worth a try. Why not try it out, and tell
    me how it works out for you? I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
    		    |					   |
                        |              End Credit              |
    		    |					   |
    The following is a list of all peaces of furniture that affect Fung Shui.
    Each item is listed under the color it counts as.
     |Yellow								|
     | Alarm Clock 			Lefty Lucky Cat				|
     | Basic Yellow Bed 		Lucky Cat				|
     | Blue Bed 			Lucky Gold Cat 				|
     | Blue Table 			Lunar Lander				|
     | Bow 				Mama Bear 				|
     | Bug Trophy 			Mountain Bike				|
     | Candle 			Mummy's Casket				|
     | Cash Register 		Odd Clock				|
     | Cement Mixer 		Oil Drum 				|
     | Classic Sofa 		Phonograph 				|
     | Clothes Closet 		Picnic Table 				|
     | Common Painting 		Pineapple Bed 				|
     | Diver Dan 			Portrait				|
     | Elephant Slide 		Pyramid 				|
     | Fish Trophy 			Rare Painting 				|
     | Flower Trophy 		Samurai Suit				|
     | Flowery Painting 		Samurai Suit				|
     | Flying Saucer 		Screen 					|
     | Gold Econo-Chair 		Sphinx					|
     | Gold Stereo 			Sprinkler 				|
     | Hi-Fi Stereo 		Steam Roller 				|
     | Jasmine Bonsai 		Striped Cone				|
     | Judge's Bell 		Sword 					|
     | Jukebox 			Tea Vase				|
     | Kayak								|
     |Yellow or green							|
     | Melon Chair			Sunflower				|
     | Lemon Table			Glow Clock				|
     | Daffodil Chair		Treasure Chest				|
     | Daffodil Table		Tea Set					|
          Azalea Bonsai
          Baby Panda
          Basic Green Bed
          Big Festive Tree
          Billiard Table
          Bird Bath
          Book's Cranny
          Clothesline Pole
          Coconut Palm
          Corn Plant
          Deer Scare
          Desert Cactus
          Fan Palm
          Festive Tree
          Froggy Chair
          Grapefruit Table
          Green Bed
          Green Bench
          Green Chair
          Green Counter
          Green Desk
          Green Dresser
          Green Drum
          Green Golf Bag
          Green Lamp
          Green Lava Lamp
          Green Pantry
          Green Table
          Green Wardrobe
          Hawthorn Bonsai
          Holly Bonsai
          Hospital Bed
          Iris Chair
          Iris Table
          Jade Econo-Chair
          Lady Palm
          Lily-Pad Table
          Lime Chair
          Mahjong Table
          Mugho Bonsai
          Mugho Bonsai
          Museum Model
          Pear Dresser
          Pear Wardrobe
          Pine Bonsai
          Ponderosa Bonsai
          Ranch Armchair
          Ranch Couch
          Ranch Tea Table
          Retro Fridge
          Rock Guitar
          Round Cactus
          Rubber Tree
          Ship Cannon
          Sleeping Bag
          Snake Plant
          Table Lamp
          Tall Cactus
          Tennis Table
          Train Set
          Weeping Fig
     |Red or green								|
     | Watermelon Chair		Bromeliaceae				|
     | Watermelon Table		One-Story Model				|
     | Tulip Chair			Two-Story Model				|
     | Tulip Table			Mansion Model				|
          Apple TV
          Basic Red Bed
          Candy Machine
          Clear Model
          Detour Arrow
          Executive Toy
          Fire Hydrant
          Garden Gnome
          Gas Pump
          Giant Dharma
          Haz-Mat Barrel
          Iron Frame
          Lawn Mower
          Life Ring
          Maple Bonsai
          Metal Guitar
          Miniature Car
          Mush Bed
          Mush Stand
          Mush Table
          Mush TV
          Nice Painting
          Orange Cone
          Quince Bonsai
          Red Armchair
          Red Boom Box
          Red Clock
          Red Corner
          Red Drum
          Red Sofa
          Red Vase
          Saw Horse
          Tiki Torch
          Traffic Cone
          Trash Bin
          Vacuum Cleaner
          White Golf Bag
     |Red or yellow								|
     | Apple Clock			Throne					|
     | Music Box								|
     |Lucky in general items
          Angler Trophy
          Autumn Metal
          Big Festive Tree
          Birthday Cake
          Bug Trophy
          Festive Tree
          Fishing Trophy
          Flower Trophy
          G Logo
          Garden Gnome
          House Model
          Ivory Piano
          Lefty Lucky Cat
          Lovely Phone
          Lucky Black Cat
          Lucky Cat
          Lucky Gold Cat
          Luigi Trophy
          Manor Model
          Mario Trophy
          Music Box
          Piggy bank
          Piggy Bank
          Post Model
          Racoon Figurine
          Samurai Suit
          Samurai Suit
          Spring Metal
          Tanabata Palm
          Tissue Box
          Treasure Chest
          Treasure Chest
                        |          Points of Interest          |
                        |                                      |
                        | House Upgrade................[04,19] |
    *                                                                            *
    *                            P E R F E C T   T O W N                         *
    *                                                                            *
    The first thing you need to do is to divide your town up in 16 evenly spaced
    areas, I would suggest using patterns. Like so: (each acre will be 16x16
                             |      |      |      |      |
                             |      |      |      |      |
                             |      |      |      |      |
                             |      |      |      |      |
                             |      |      |      |      |
                             |      |      |      |      |
                             |      |      |      |      |
                             |      |      |      |      |
                             |      |      |      |      |
                             |      |      |      |      |
                             |      |      |      |      |
                             |      |      |      |      |
    In each space there is a requirement, 12-14 trees, and about 3 flowers per
    acre. I suggest you stock up on flowers and save them in a wardrobe since you
    will need many of them. You can also plant these flowers next to villagers
    houses so that they start to water your flowers for you. Don't plant flowers
    or trees near walls or signs just in case someone moves in.
    Make sure to keep a record of what days your town was perfect. Remember that
    you cannot time travel while doing this!
     * Atleast 12 trees per acre,
     * Less than 3-4 weeds in your whole town.
     * 3 or more flowers in each ancre.
     * Keep it in perfect for 15 days.
     * One flower cancels out one weed, so plant many many flowers and when weeds
       do appear, you will have enough time to pick them up before they break your
     * No items on the ground.
     * No trash on the ground.
    If your town is not perfect, make sure:
     * Picking up all your items off the ground.
     * Picking up all of your fruit off the ground.
     * Picking up all of your trash off the ground.
     * Making sure your trees are correctly placed.
     * Replacing saplings that may have died if your town was perfect the day
     * Making sure you have all 8 villagers in your town.
     * Pulling your weeds.
     * Making sure that there are enough flowers everywhere.
     * Watering your flowers instead of leaving them dead.
     * Seeing whether the last person who entered your town changed something.
     * Seeing whether a new villager has moved in and trees disappeared.
                        |       Credit for the following:      |
                        |                                      |
                        |   Liquefy! and M_C_Y_1008 of NSider  |
    Liquefy! Also made a formula for a perfect town (M_C_Y_1008 transphered it
    into math). All of this is per acre. Hope you paid attention in school.
    If t=# of trees, and f=# of flowers, then a "perfect" acre requires:
    If t < 12, then f=27-2t
    If 12 £ t £ 15, then f=3
    If t > 15, then f=2t-27
    For a "decent" acre, use the following equations:
    If t < 10, then f=21-2t
    If 10 £ t £ 17, then f=0
    If t > 17, then f=2t-33
    *                                                                            *
    *                           M A K I N G   'B E L L S'                        *
    *                                                                            *
    Besides fishing and bug catching here are some ways to make bells. The "(TT)"
    besides some of the titles of the ways to get bells quick means that you will
    have to time travel. Time Traveling will fill up you town  with weeds.
    Fruit Orchards:
    Most people resort to this way of making bells. Clear a big part of your town
    making sure there are no signs in the way. Fill this empty space with exotic
    fruits that are not native to your town. Each fruit sells for 500 bells,
    three pieaces of fruit per tree (Besides coconuts) making 1,500 bells per
    tree. Make sure your trees are close to Tom Nooks.
    Bell Rocks:
    If you go around town hitting rocks with your shovel, you might hit one that
    will spit out some bells, keep hitting it and it will keep giving out bells
    for an extended amount of time. To get a lot more bells from each bell rock,
    use the diagram below.
                                |      |      |      |
                                |      | Hole |      |
                                |      |      |      |
                                |      |      |      |
                                |      | You  | Hole |
                                |      |      |      |
                                |      |      |      |
                                | Rock |      |      |
                                |      |      |      |
    You can also use trunips to help you. Buy them for under 100 bells at the
    most. You can also use the "Turnip Glitch" to avoid rotting them.
    1. Stand in front of a table (facing it).
    2. Drop any item that you can stand on (i.e. tools, paper, unidentified
       fossils, etc.)
    3. Now when you drop your turnips, they should land on the table. While on
       tables, turnips will not spoil!
                        |       Credit for the following:      |
                        |                                      |
                        |          LT.AGAR  of NSider          |
    Interest trick (TT):
    1. Gather 50k or above and put it in bank.
    2. Save and reset clock in game to Jan 1 2000 (Use the clock in Animal
       Crossing: Wild World)
    3. Save, turn off power.
    4. Change date on DS to 2000 (Use the clock on your DS)
    5. Start Game. Save. then turn off power
    6. reset DS calendar to 2011
    7. start game, open mail, around what ever you put into the bank at the
       begininng between 100k is what you earned.
    8. Save turn off power
    9. Change DS to 2022
    10. Start game, this time in mail you should recieve 99,999
    Repeat steps Eight - Ten to get 99,999 everytime. (Don't go by 10, go from
    2000 to 2011 to 2022 to 2033 etc.)
                        |          Points of Interest          |
                        |                                      |
                        | Trunips & the stalk market...[05,07] |
    *                                                                            *
    *        B R E E D I N G   F L O W E R S   ( H Y B R I D   G U I D E )       *
    *                                                                            *
                        |       Credit for the following:      |
                        |                                      |
                        |         SHUKO-CHAN  of NSider        |
    What is Flower Breeding?
    Flower breeding is the act of pairing flowers together in hopes of creating
    alternate color flowers from them. This can occur any day after you put two
    breedable flowers together, and can happen whether you intended it to or not.
    On any given day, your town will produce from 3-5 flowers in the wild. These
    wild flowers can either be a) completely out of place and removed from other
    previous flowers, b) Jacob's ladders or Dandelions, or c) "children" of
    flowers already in your town. However, these wild-grown flowers are not to be
    confused with the flowers your neighbors plant around their houses, which
    will occur separately.
    How do you breed flowers?
    In order to successfully breed two flowers, they must at the very least be of
    the same species. In other words, you can't pair a rose with a tulip - it has
    to be two roses. If you do that, you have the potential to produce child
    flowers. But if you want specific color variations, you must also make sure
    that the flowers you pair together have the potential to produce that color
    in their children.
    Hybrid Pairing Table:
    Here is a table which includes all the possible pairings for breeding hybrid
    flowers in Animal Crossing. It's important to remember that there are more
    combinations listed, but these are the only ones that will produce hybrids
    (aside from pairing a hybrid with another of its species). Also, it's
    important to keep in mind that when two parent flowers produce a child
    flower, that child flower has the possibility of being a) one of the two
    colors of its parents, or b) a hybrid color, if applicable. So you can also
    get more of the same hybrids by breeding them with other colors of their
    species (except for gold roses - they are the only ones that do not breed).
    Color Combination                 Hybrid Results
                        Roses      Pansies       Tulips       Cosmos
    Red    + Red        Black      Purple        Black        Black
    Red    + Yellow     Orange     Orange        Purple       Orange
    Red    + White      Pink       -------       Pink         Pink
    Yellow + Yellow     -----      -------       Black        ------
    White  + White      Purple     Blue          ------       ------
    Black  + Purple     Blue       -------       ------       ------
    *note* I did not include gold roses on this table because I don't consider
    them to be hybrid children. You obtain gold roses by watering a wilted
    black rose with a gold watering can, not by breeding a black rose with
    another flower.
    How do I arrange the flowers?
    In order to ensure that two flowers can breed, they must be placed in such
    a way that they are touching each other. In this game, "touching" is
    achieved when they are placed alongside, up and down, and diagonal from one
    another. All empty spaces "touching" one or both of these flowers make up
    the area in which child flowers can occur. See the following diagrams for
    more details:
    Side-by-Side     Up and Down     Diagonal 1     Diagonal 2
      O O O O           O O O          O O O           O O O
      O F F O           O F O          O F O O       O O F O
      O O O O           O F O          O O F O       O F O O
                        O O O            O O O       O O O
    Where each "F" is a breedable flower, and each "O" is a surrounding space
    where child flowers can occur. Note that in the case of the diagonal
    pairings, there are more spaces for child flowers to occur. It is for this
    reason that I choose to employ diagonal pairings in my Power Flower
    Breeding scheme.
    Power Flower Breeding - The Layout
    In here I'm going to share with you my newly devised method of breeding
    flowers. It takes a lot of time, effort, and patience, but I guarantee it will
    produce maximized results. Still interested? Take a look at this chart I've
    created to demonstrate my method:
    In it you will find breeding plot samples for each flower specie, with a note
    on which flower types are most likely to be produced. Now, let's begin with
    the description of these plots, how they work, and why they're set up like
    they are.
    What Are They?
    Each of these plots contains a representative section of a "Power Garden", or
    a massive array of flowers that can stretch as far across your map as you'd
    like it to. And they all have several things in common: 1) each one is set up
    with the potential to create each of the first-level hybrid flowers (I'll get
    more into detail about first- and second-level later); 2)Each one only allows
    pairings of flowers that produce hybrids (with the unavoidable exception of
    red pansies + white pansies); and 3) Each one is mostly biased toward one
    hybrid color. Because of the first two items, this is a "maximized breeding
    situation". Your potential for hybrid flowers is at its greatest with a setup
    like this, because there are no pairings of flowers that do not produce hybrids
    (i.e. a white tulip next to a yellow tulip), and at the same time, allowing
    possibility for each first-level hybrid type.
    Why should I do this?
    If you're looking to take your garden to the next level, this is an option for
    you. But be advised that doing so will involve buying lots of flowers, and
    performing daily maintenance on your garden. Wilted flowers must be watered.
    Child flowers must be moved. As your power garden grows, so will the amount of
    time you have to spend to maintain it every day. Power gardening is not for
    the faint of heart.
    It's also important to note that your town will only produce around 3-5
    wild-grown flowers each day. Plus, this total includes any Jacob's ladders,
    Dandelions, and clovers that grow as well. So far as I've been able to gather,
    this number DOES NOT increase as you add more and more flowers to your town. I
    was hoping that as I expanded my garden I'd find otherwise, but I've got a
    good two thirds of my town covered in flowers, and so far I have yet to count
    more than five wild-grown flowers on any given day. (This number does not
    include the flowers your neighbors plant) Since hybrid flowers (as far as I
    know) are only wild-occurring, this leaves few spots for them to occur. There
    is no practical reason for creating a massive garden, unless you're like me,
    and want to see flowers everywhere. So as long as you keep the pairing scheme
    I've devised in mind, you're likely to do just as well as I, who have over 600
    flowers, am doing in my town.
    Why are the plots biased toward one hybrid color?
    In order to ensure that each hybrid type had some kind of representation, and
    all the while maintain hybrid-only pairing status, I had to limit the number
    of flowers that could only breed with one other color. In the case of the
    roses, it was yellow. In the case of the pansies, yellow; the tulips, white;
    and the cosmos both yellow and white. As a result, certain hybrid colors came
    out dominant over others. If you like other hybrid colors more, then this
    setup is not for you. But you'll be hard pressed to come up with another one
    that satisfies rule number one AND rule number two for a maximized breeding
    How do I use these samples?
    These plots are representative, meaning that you can start with the pattern
    shown and continue it for as far as you like. If you'd like a recommendation,
    I would begin in the corners of your map, with a different flower specie in
    each corner. That way, eventually your flower species will meet each other,
    and you can form boundaries. But also be sure to leave yourself room for your
    hybrids to reside as well.
    So what are first- and second-level hybrids?
    First level hybrids are hybrids that can be attained by only one
    hybridization - in other words, you can get the new color by combining two of
    the basic colors (red, yellow, white). Second level hybrids require one more
    hybridization, involving one or more hybrid color as the parent. The only
    instance of a second-level hybrid is the blue rose, which requires a black
    rose and a purple rose as its parents. I don't consider gold roses to be
    second level hybrids, because hybridization isn't what transforms a black
    rose into a gold one; the gold watering can is. At any rate, if you want to
    create a plot for 2nd level hybrids, you may do so. But they aren't covered in
    these designs. I've just given you plots to represent all the others.
     |Nook's Flower Buying Price						|
     | All Red Flowers			   40				|
     | All White Flowers			   40				|
     | All Yellow Flowers			   40				|
     | Pink Roses				   80				|
     | Orange Roses				   80				|
     | Purple Roses				  240				|
     | Black Roses				  450				|
     | Blue Roses				2,500				|
     | Gold Roses				2,500				|
     | Pink Tulip				   80				|
     | Purple Tulip				   80				|
     | Black Tulip				  240				|
     | Purple Pansies			   80				|
     | Orange Pansies			   80				|
     | Blue Pansies				  240				|
     | Pink Cosmos				   80				|
     | Orange Cosmos			   80				|
     | Black Cosmos				  240				|
    *                                                                            *
    *  Y O U R   C H A R A C T E R   ( H A I R   A N D   A P P E A R A N C E )   *
    *                                                                            *
    You can only do this once you begin a new game, otherwise you're stuck with
    the face you got. Believe it or not but this is not new to the series, it was
    in the Gamecube verison, but now its more noticable. It is impossible to show
    you the faces through this FAQ, so I will instead post a link to a place that
    can explain it.
    Once you have Nookington's you can change your hairstyle, It is impossible to
    show you the hairstyles to choose from over FAQ, so ill give you this link.
    If you talk to Harriet a lot, over a number of days, she will offer to give
    you a girl's haircut if you are a boy, or a boy's haircut if you are a girl.
    *                                                                            *
    *             T U R N I P S   &   T H E   S T A L K   M A R K E T            *
    *                                                                            *
    Turnips are an easy way to gain bells, as well as lose bells. There are two
    types of Turnips, red turnips which are almost foolproof way to get 15,000
    bells in a week. White turnips are a little more risky. Joan sells both
    turnips on sunday mornings.
    Red Turnips
    Joan sells these for 1,000 bells and you can only buy one red turnip each
    week. You will need to plant this into the ground and water it with your
    watering can everyday for one week. It will become fully grown and Tom Nook
    will buy it from you for 16,000 bells! You also need this to get a golden axe.
    You can only buy one red turnip each week.
    White Turnips
    White turnips price varies. Although the max amount of bells Tom buys these
    from is about 600 bells each, 100 bells is usualy a lot to buy white turnips
    for since most of the time the peak is 70 bells. These rott within a week so
    you better sell them quick. Once rotten, these are worth nothing! Wifi is a
    good idea when you try to sell these. Something most people don't know is that
    everyday at 12:00pm the price changes again, make sure you take note of that.
    Here is a trick to bypass the rotten turnips!
     1. Stand in front of a table (facing it).
     2. Drop any item that you can stand on (i.e. tools, paper, unidentified
        fossils, etc.)
     3. Now when you drop your turnips, they should land on the table. While on
        tables, turnips will not spoil!
    *                                                                            *
    *               H A P P Y   R O O M   A C A D E M Y   ( H R A )              *
    *                                                                            *
    The HRA aslo known as the Happy Room Academy rates your house once you have
    your house upgraded for the first time. Here is their point system:
    	Basic Points
    	 Accessories (Hats, Wigs, Glasses, etc)		    3
    	 Acorn Festival Prizes (Mush Furniture)		  412
    	 Available at Nook's (Furniture)		   51
    	 Available at Nook's (Wallpaper/Carpet)		    0
    	 Available from Saharah (Wallpaper/Carpet)	    3
    	 Clothing					    3
    	 Creatures caught with a fishing rod		    3
    	 Creatures caught with a net			    3
    	 Festive Items					  151
    	 Flowers					    5
    	 Fossils (Excluding Skeletons)			  300
    	 Fossils (Skeletons)				1,000
    	 Gifts from Nintendo (over WFC, Mario Theme)	  210
    	 Gifts from neighbors (Birthday Cake)		1,111
    	 Gulliver Items					  412
    	 Gyroids					  828
    	 House Models (HRA Rewards)			1,111
    	 Lost Kitten Items				1,280
    	 Museum Model (From Completing the Museum)	1,111
    	 Pascal Items					1,543
    	 Red Turnip Trade Item				  325
    	 Redd Items (Excluding Paintings)*		  412
    	 Redd Items (Non-forged Paintings)		  151
    	 Savings Account Prize				  912
    	 Shells						    3
    	 Spotlight Items (at Nook's)			  151
    	 Store Models (From Nook Membership)		1,111
    	 Texture/Pattern**				    3
    	 Town Event Items				1,111
    	 Trophies (Bug, Fishing, Flower)		  800
    	 Umbrellas					    3
    	 Villager Pictures				3,200
    	Complete Necessities of Life*** (same series)	5,000
    	Complete Necessities of Life*** (diff series)	1,000
    	Completed Furniture Series		       20,000
    	 WITH Wallpaper OR Carpet of Same Series       25,000
    	 WITH Wallpaper AND Carpet of Same Series      30,000
    	Wallpaper AND Carpet of the same Theme		3,000
    	Completed Theme (with wall & carpet)
    			    3,000 + (# of Theme items x 3,000)
    	Completed Furniture Set (per item)		1,000
    	Properly placed Feng Shui items	     # of items x 100
    	Lucky Items (per item)				7,777
    	Category items**** (per item)			  400
    	90% Color Bonus*****	       # of total items x 600
    	70% Color Bonus		       # of total items x 200
    	90% Genre Bonus******	       # of total items x 300
    	70% Genre Bonus		       # of total items x 100
    	Point Deduction
    	 Items on Floor			     # of items x -1
    	 Unusable Items		             # of items x -100
    	 Items Facing Walls	             # of items x -100
    	HRA point Prizes*
    	 One-Story mode				 70,000 points
    	 Two-Story Model			100,000 points
    	 Mansion Model				150,000 points
    	*umbrella, clothes, or painting
    	**These items must be Redd items, not Nook items sold at
    	 Redd's tent. To determine whether an item is a "Redd"
    	 item, use the Furniture list.
    	***Necessities of life include a bed, table, chair,
    	 wardrobe, dresser/bureau
    	****You need at least 8 items from the same Category
    	 (Plants, Musical Instruments, Paintings, or Models) to
    	 receive a Category Bonus.
    	*****You need at least 10 items in the room to be eligible
    	 for a Color Bonus. One color must dominate over 90% of
    	 the room to receive this bonus. (70% for the 70% Color
    	******You need at least 10 items in the room to be
    	 eligible for a Genre Bonus. Modern or Retro OR Lovely
    	 or Chic must dominate 90% of the room to receive this
    	 bonus. You can receive this bonus twice (for Modern vs.
    	 Retro and Lovely vs. Chic). (70% for the 70% Genre
    *                                                                            *
    *              M I S C E L L A N E O U S   I N F R O M A T I O N             *
    *                                                                            *
                        |          Points of Interest          |
                        |                                      |
                        | Shooting Stars...............[06,01] |
                        | Weather......................[06,02] |
                        | Roommates...................,[06,03] |
                        | Special Visitors Items/Info..[06,04] |
                        | Calendar.....................[06,05] |
                        | Buildings in Town............[06,06] |
                        | NGC/DS Version Differences...[06,07] |
    *                                                                            *
    *                        S H O O T I N G   S T A R S                         *
    *                                                                            *
                        |       Credit for the following:      |
                        |                                      |
                        |         SHUKO-CHAN  of NSider        |
    To sum up, Shooting stars are just what they sound like: they're meteors that
    streak across the sky in your top screen. What's so special about shooting
    stars? You can make wishes on them. Although you have no control over what
    you'll be wishing for, I can assure you that the rewards make it well worth it
    to try to make a wish occasionally. And I guarantee it's true. I've made over
    a dozen successful wishes already. Basically, here's the deal:
    1. To see a shooting star, it can't be snowing or raining (although mild to
    moderate clouds are okay), and it has to be night. Shooting stars won't start
    appearing until at least 7:00, and stop appearing after 4:00a.m. (which is
    when night time officially ends in AC and morning begins). Also, Shooting
    stars make a kind of a jingly, twinkly sound as they go by. So you could
    always do what I do and leave the volume turned way up, and if you hear the
    twinkle, make your wish.
    2. In order to make a wish, you have to have no tools equipped. That means no
    shovel, no fish pole, nothing. Also, you can't be facing any trees or any
    NPCs (Non player characters). To wish on one, simply press the A button (or
    if you've been using your stylus, tap your character with the stylus) before
    it's finished streaking across the sky. If you do, your character will make a
    bow, and in the next mail delivery you'll get a letter from Wishy the Star,
    with a gift attached.
    3. The gifts: The gifts are all spotlight items at Tom Nook's. This makes
    catching shooting stars a VERY lucrative pasttime, because it means you don't
    have to wait for these ultra-rare items to pop up in Nook's shop. And on top
    of that, some of them are extremely pricy (Like the throne, for instance).
    Here is a list of all the spotlight items available in AC, and therefore all
    the items you could get from Wishy (Thanks to Bigbeak for most of this list):
    -Exotic Chest       -Moon              -Samurai Suit
    -Lovely Kitchen     -Cement Mixer      -Ninja Sword
    -Classic Bookcase   -Blue Corner       -Jukebox
    -Ranch Hutch        -Garden Gnome      -Plum Bonsai
    -Cabana Armchair    -Unknown Machine   -Lucky Gold Cat
    -Blue Dresser       -Dolly             -Dracaena
    -Modern Cabinet     -White King        -Famous Painting
    -Regal Clock        -White Queen       -Fine Painting
    -Green Pantry       -Black King        -Ivory Piano
    -Cabin Bookcase     -Black Queen       -Deluxe Washer
    -Kiddie Stereo      -Baby Panda        -Hifi Stereo
    -Robo-Stereo        -Hamster Cage      -Throne
    -Covered Wagon      -Skeleton          -Mummy's Casket
    -Sleeping Bag       -Treasure Chest    -Master Sword
    4. Things to remember: If you wish on one shooting star, there's no need to
    wish on another the same night. You'll only receive one letter. I have tried
    it myself to make sure.
    5. You can see shooting stars on wifi and DS to DS! That's right. If you make
    a wish on a shooting star in someone else's town, it still counts as your
    wish, and you'll receive the letter in your mailbox the next day. It's a good
    idea to have your friend save for you if this happens.
    6. Meteor Storms: It has recently come to light that occasionally, large swarms
    of shooting stars may happen on random nights. Some people (myself included)
    have noted their appearance over and over again, within five minutes of each
    other. When this happens it's an ideal time to invite your friends over to your
    town for stargazing. Easy wishes all around make for happy friends. xD
    I would suggest that if you intend to do some late night fishing, get very
    good at only pulling your rod out when you see the fish you wanna go for.
    Because you can't have ANYTHING equipped to make a wish. And no, you won't
    have time to unequip before the shooting star is gone. You'll have at most
    just a second. That's barely enough time for the average human to react.
    *                                                                            *
    *                                W E A T H E R                               *
    *                                                                            *
    Do you want to know the weather tomorrow? If you have a T.V. turn it on at 15
    minutes til the next hour (xx:45) then it will tell you tomorrow's the weather.
    Good time to go fishing, rarer fish are easier to catch, but a bad time to
    catch air bugs.
    Good time to go fishing, rarer fish are easier to  catch, but a bad time to
    go bug catching.
    If your town is experiencing a thunderstorm, then be sure to visit your town's
    waterfall the next day.  If you didn't time travel or cheat in anyway, then
    you should see a rainbow across the top.
    You can get a tan during sunny days, it will wear off after a while.
    *                                                                            *
    *                               R O O M A T E S                              *
    *                                                                            *
    When you start up the game for the first time, Kappn will only ask about
    things like your name (seeing as the time and all is already set by the first
    player). When you move into the house, you get a bed set in your desinated
    save room.
    When your playing, the other player character is "asleep". You cannot do
    anything to them while they sleep. However in the other rooms of the house
    your character can pick up or sell anything the other roommate might own.
    Everything in the house is shared along with the morgage.
    However the insurance that you can buy only covers the individual player. The
    other player has to buy their own. Also the savings account belongs to each
    individual, you can't share a savings account. Apart from this nothing much
    else changes. The animals sometimes mention the other player character in
    conversation but thats it.
    *                                                                            *
    *            S P E C I A L   V I S I T O R S   I T E M S / I N F O           *
    *                                                                            *
    There are NPC visitors that come to your town from time to time, here is a
    list of them and when they come. I have compacted everything about that
    certian Special Visitor into this Section just because it will be much easier.
    The best way of meeting a visitor that you want whent hat visitor only comes
    on a random weekday is to first set up a day for Lyke (Say Friday for
    example), and then come on the days Monday-Thursday on that same time and
    visit Booker and ask whose in town.
                        |              K.K. Slider             |
    Where: The Café (aka The Roost)
    When: Saturday 7:30pm to 12:00 midnight
    What: gives you music
    Go to The Roost Café in the basement of your museum on Saturday nights
    between 8:00 p.m. and 12:00 midnight and talk to K.K. Slider. You can have him
    pick a song for you or you can request a song. These are all of his songs:
     |K.K. Slider Songs							|
     | Agent K.K.		K.K. Folk		K.K. Swing		|
     | Aloha K.K.		K.K. Fusion		K.K. Tango		|
     | Café K.K.		K.K. Gumbo		K.K. Technopop		|
     | Comrade K.K.		K.K. Jazz		K.K. Waltz		|
     | DJ K.K.		K.K. Lament		K.K. Western		|
     | Forest Life*		K.K. Love Song		King K.K.		|
     | Go K.K. Rider!	K.K. Lullaby		Lucky K.K.		|
     | I Love You		K.K. Mambo		Marine Song 2001	|
     | Imperial K.K.	K.K. Marathon		Mountain Song		|
     | K.K. Aria		K.K. March		Mr. K.K.		|
     | K.K. Ballad		K.K. Metal		My Place		|
     | K.K. Blues		K.K. Parade		Neapolitan		|
     | K.K. Bossa		K.K. Ragtime		Only Me			|
     | K.K. Calypso		K.K. Rally		Pondering		|
     | K.K. Casbah		K.K. Reggae		Rockin' K.K.		|
     | K.K. Chorale		K.K. Rock		Señor K.K.		|
     | K.K. Condor		K.K. Rockabilly		Soulful K.K.		|
     | K.K. Country		K.K. Safari		Steep Hill		|
     | K.K. Cruisin'	K.K. Salsa		Surfin' K.K.		|
     | K.K. D & B		K.K. Samba		The K. Funk		|
     | K.K. Dirge		K.K. Ska		To the Edge		|
     | K.K. Dixie		K.K. Song		Two Days Ago		|
     | K.K. Etude		K.K. Soul					|
     | K.K. Faire		K.K. Steppe					|
    *This is the opening song to Animal Crossing for the Gamecube, it's called
    Forest Life because the game was translated from Animal Forest in japan.
                        |                 Pete                 |
    Where: top screen.
    When: random week day from 9am to 5pm.
    What: shoot him down.
                        |                 Lyle                 |
    Where: outside your house.
    When: Saturday from 6am to 6pm.
    What: buy insurance and tell him what day you want redd to come. Make sure not
     to talk to him if you don't want to insurance, he will force you into it if
     you have the money.
                        |                Pascal                |
    Where: on beach.
    When: random weekday from 6am to midnight.
    What: gives you pirate furniture.
     |Pascal's Items							|
     | Anchor 				Sea Deck			|
     | Barrel              			Sea View			|
     | Helm                			Ship Cannon			|
     | Keg                 			Ship Compass			|
     | Pascal's Pic								|
                        |                Saharah               |
    Where: around town.
    When: random weekday from 6am to midnight.
    What: sells rare wallpaper and flooring.
    You can only get these items from her, so I suggest you talk to her.
     |Saharah's Wallpapers							|
     | Ancient Wall        			Meadow Vista			|
     | Blue Tarp           			Ringside Seating		|
     | Desert Vista        			Shoji Screen			|
     | Industrial Wall     			Tropical Vista			|
     | Lunar Horizon       			Western Vista			|
     | Music Room Wall							|
     |Saharah's Carpets							|
     | Ancient Tile 			Music Room Floor		|
     | Boxing Ring Mat			Saharah's Desert		|
     | Closed Road         			Sandlot				|
     | Concrete Floor      			Tatami Floor			|
     | Daisy Meadow        			Tropical Floor			|
     | Lunar Surface       			Western Desert			|
                        |                Gracie                |
    where: outside town hall.
    When: random weekday from 6am to midnight.
    what: wash her car to get rare clothes.
     |Gracie's items							|
     | Barber Shirt            Giraffe Shirt           Orange Pinstripe	|
     | Butterfly Shirt         Grape Shirt             Sandwich Shirt	|
     | Caterpillar Tee         Grass Shirt             Snow Shirt		|
     | Citrus Shirt            Gracie's Top            Splendid Shirt	|
     | Cool Shirt              Groovy Shirt            Strawberry Shirt	|
     | Coral Shirt             Hot Dog Shirt           Tiger Shirt		|
     | Cow Shirt               Kiwi Shirt              Tin Shirt		|
     | Crossing Shirt          Ladybug Shirt           Watermelon Shirt	|
     | Fiendish Shirt          Melon Shirt		   Zebra Shirt		|
     | Flan Shirt              Moldy Shirt*					|
    *This shirt, although not very attractive, it still is only available
     through Gracie.
                        |                Wendell               |
    Where: around town.
    When: random weekday from 6am to midnight.
    What: feed him to get interesting patterns
     |Fresh Water Fish							|
     | Footprints		Char						|
     | Overhead view A	Catfish						|
     | Overhead view B	Giant Snakehead					|
     | Overhead view C	Pond Smelt					|
     | Overhead view D	Gar						|
     | Puddle		Crawfish, Frog, or Killifish			|
     | Checkpoint 1		Salmon						|
     | Checkpoint 2		King Salmon					|
     | North/South road	Any freshwater fish*				|
     | East/West road	Any freshwater fish*				|
     | South/East curve	Any freshwater fish*				|
     | South/West curve	Any freshwater fish*				|
     | North/West curve	Any freshwater fish*				|
     | Intersection		Any freshwater fish*				|
     | Crosswalk		Any freshwater fish*				|
     |									|
     |Salt Water Fish							|
     | Stones		Barred Knifejaw					|
     | Fossil Dummy		Coelacanth					|
     | Storm Drain		Shark, Hammerhead Shark, or Ocean Sunfish	|
     | Stop Sign		Any saltwater fish**				|
     | No Entry Sign	Any saltwater fish**				|
     | Right Turn Sign	Any saltwater fish**				|
     | Left Turn Sign	Any saltwater fish**				|
     | Exclamation Sign	Any saltwater fish**				|
     | No U-Turn Sign	Any saltwater fish**				|
     | House This Way	Any saltwater fish**				|
     | Town Hall This Way	Any saltwater fish**				|
     | Museum This Way	Any saltwater fish**				|
     |									|
     |Other									|
     | Speed Boost		Coconut						|
     | Brick Box		Orange, Cherry, Apple, Peach, or Pear		|
     | "?" Box		Acorn						|
     | Down Stairs		White Turnip					|
    *Besides the Char, Catfish, Giant Snakehead, Pond Smelt, Gar, Crawfish,
     Frog, Killifish, Salmon, or the King Salmon.
    **Besides the Barred Knifejaw, Coelacanth, Shark, Hammerhead Shark, or
     the Ocean Sunfish.
                        |                Gulliver              |
    Where: top screen.
    When: random weekday from 6am to midnight
    What: find his ufo part by digging it up then shoot him down to give it to
     him and get a special gift.
     |Gulliver's items							|
     | Arc de Triomphe         		Metroid				|
     | Chocolates              		Moai Statue			|
     | Compass                 		Mouth of Truth			|
     | Manekin Pis             		Pagoda				|
     | Matryoshka              		Plate Armor			|
     | Merlion                 		Tower of Pisa			|
     | Mermaid Statue          		Tribal Mask			|
    For ease of use, here is a quick list of the steps to take to get a specific
    item from Gulliver. Follow them exactly, and in this order:
    1. Shoot Gulliver down.
    2. Talk to him.
    3. Collect all five pieces.
    4. Save.
    5. Talk to Gulliver. If he doesn't give you what you want, reset.
    6. Talk to resetti. Go inside a building and come back out.
    7. repeat steps 5 and 6 as necessary.
    Repeat steps 5-7 until you receive the item you want, I suggest getting
    the Metroid. If you missed him, reset your game without saving and face
    Mr. Ressetti.
    Gulliver will be seen on the 2 or the 7 and will follow a pattern for the most 
    part as to which day he comes.  Eg: I always see him on a Friday, only once in 
    a year has he come on a different day.  If you miss Gulliver, you can set your 
    clock back to 5:57 or so, start up the game, get your slingshot and head 
    directly to the top of your screen (be aware that this is counted as a new day 
    and flowers will have to be re-watered).  Gulliver will appear at 6:02
    or 6:07. Gulliver also appears within the first  7 to 17 minutes of starting
    up the game for that day. 
                        |                 Joan                 |
    Where: around town.
    When: Sunday from 6am to midnight.
    What: sells you turnips and red turnips.
                        |              Dr. Shrunk              |
    Where: 6am to midnight.
    When: random weekday from 6am to midnight.
    What: gives you different emotion buttons.
                        |                Katrina               |
    Where: in a tent around town.
    When: random weekday from 6am to midnight
    What: gives you a fortune.
                        |                Snowman               |
    Where: push 2 snowballs to from the perfect snowman
    When: December 25 to mid February
    What: awards you with furniture from snowman set in a letter the next day.
     |Snowman's Items							|
     | Snowman Bed 				Snowman Sofa			|
     | Snowman Chair			Snowman Table			|
     | Snowman Clock			Snowman TV			|
     | Snowman Dresser			Snowman Wall			|
     | Snowman Fridge			Snowman Wardrobe		|
     | Snowman Lamp				Snowman				|
                        |            The Lost Kitten           |
    Where: kitten is in one town mother is in the other.
    When: random day (must visit another town)
    What: reunite them to get special gifts.
     |The Lost Kitten's items						|
     | Apple TV            			Music Box			|
     | K and K's Pic       			Papa Bear			|
     | Lily-Pad Table      			Papa Panda			|
     | Lovely Phone        			Portrait			|
                        |                Blanca                |
    Where: somewhere in your town.
    When: after you visit someone in Wifi.
    What: Blanca will come to your town with either drawings on her face, or
     nothing at all. Either way you can draw on her face. The link below
     contains interesting drawings.
                        |                 Redd                 |
    Where: in front of town hall
    When: random weekday 6:00 am till midnight. Can be changed by talking to
     Lyle the day after redd shows.
    What: get a password from neighbors to get in and buy stuff, all of the
     passwords are in the "Redd's Password Guide" section.
    Before buying something, this list will tell you if it is worth it. If it
    is avaliable somewhere else, I suggest you skip buying the item from Redd.
     |Redd's Item List							|
     | Amazing Machine	   Green Wardrobe          Red Corner		|
     | Amazing Painting*	   High-End Stereo         Regal Bed	 	|
     | Baby Bed 		   Hospital Bed            Regal Chair		|
     | Backyard Pool           Judge's Bell            Robo-Closet		|
     | Basketball Hoop         Kiddie Bed              Robo-Lamp		|
     | Black Katana            Kiddie Clock            Rocket		|
     | Black Knight            Lawn Mower              Saddle Fence		|
     | Black Rook              Lefty Lucky Cat         Saw Horse		|
     | Blue Bed                Lovely Armoire          Scary Painting*	|
     | Blue Table              Lovely End Table        Snake Plant		|
     | Cabana Bed              Lovely Painting*        *Solemn Painting*	|
     | Cabana Chair		   Lucky Black Cat         Space Shuttle	|
     | Cabin Chair             Mama Panda              Spaceman		|
     | Cabin Dresser           Medicine Chest          Steam Roller		|
     | Calm Painting*          Merry-Go-Round          Strange Painting	|
     | Classic Vanity          Modern End Table        Super Toilet		|
     | Classic Wardrobe        Modern Wardrobe         Tabletop Game	|
     | Clear Model             Moving Painting*        Timpano Drum		|
     | Common Painting*        Nice Painting*          Train Set		|
     | Dainty Painting*        Opulent Painting*       Triforce*		|
     | Deer Scare              Pantheon Post           Turntable		|
     | Dice Stereo             Perfect Painting*       Warm Painting*	|
     | Exotic Bed              Pothos                  Well			|
     | Exotic Table            Quaint Painting*        White Katana		|
     | Famous Painting*        Racoon Figurine         White Knight		|
     | Flowery Painting*       Ranch Chair             White Rook		|
     | Frog Woman Pole         Ranch Dresser           Wide-Screen TV	|
     | Green Dresser           Rare Painting*          Worthy Painting*	|
    *Only available through Redd.
    Below is the list of questions and answers Redd will ask for you to enter
    his tent. Although you can get the answer from a villager in your town.
     |Redd's Password Guide							|
     | Ask and you shall		Be charged				|
     | An open wallet		Is often empty				|
     | Bottom dollar		Top dog					|
     | Courage is nice		Cash is freedom				|
     | Crazy Redd			Is 35					|
     | Even robbers			Have safes				|
     | Fan in one hand		Cash in other				|
     | Foot in the door		Eye on prize				|
     | For my fans			Shop here again				|
     | Get an Education		Or win it big				|
     | Give 2 cents			Ask for change				|
     | Gold ingots			Redd Bells				|
     | Head in the sand		Find something				|
     | Hot and cold			Money makes it				|
     | I'm all alone		But I have cash				|
     | Life expectancy		Redd is 35				|
     | Look at people		Wallets full				|
     | No money			Means no fun				|
     | Roses have			High prices				|
     | Rough childhood		Lax adulthood				|
     | Spoiled rotten		Bean curd				|
     | Talk is cheap		So is Redd				|
     | Thankless Task		goes unpaid 				|
     | The grass is greener		On my side				|
     | The pen			Is cheaper				|
     | Tom Nook 			One ugly fellow				|
     | Turn back			What'd you miss				|
     | What smells?			Bean curd.				|
     | What's inside		Is fabulous				|
     | When the cat's gone		Mice shop				|
     | Why buy the cow		Buy milk here!				|
                        |               Cornimer               |
    Where: In front of Town Hall
    When: The Acorn Festival (second week of October)
    What: Give him the acorns found around town (all but the rotten ones) to him,
     and you will receive a gift.
     |Cornimer's items							|
     | Mush Stool 			  5 Acorns				|
     | Mush End Table 		 10 Acorns				|
     | Mush Lamp 			 25 Acorns				|
     | Mush Chair 			 40 Acorns				|
     | Mush Dresser 		 60 Acorns				|
     | Mush Closet 			 80 Acorns				|
     | Mush Stand 			100 Acorns				|
     | Mush Table 			120 Acorns				|
     | Mush Tv 			140 Acorns				|
     | Mush Bed 			170 Acorns				|
     | Mush Wall 			200 Acorns				|
     | Mush Floor			230 Acorns				|
    Below is the list of each Acorn and how much Tom Nook will buy them for.
    Although it is not worth it to sell them to him.
     |Nook's Prices for Acorns						|
     | Rotten Acorn			  2 Bells				|
     | Small Acorn			 50 Bells				|
     | Acorn			 80 Bells				|
     | Round Acorn			100 Bells				|
     | Large Acorn			200 Bells				|
    *                                                                            *
    *                                C A L E N D A R                             *
    *                                                                            *
    January 1st
     Countdown & New Years Day: December 31st - January 1st.
    January 14th
     La-Di-Day: All day long every second saturday of odd-numbered months.
    January 15th
     Fishing Tourny: 12:00pm - 6:00pm every third sunday of January, March, May,
     November and December. 12:00pm - 6:00pm every fourth sunday of February,
     April and October.
    January 22nd
     Yay Day: All day long every fourth Sunday of every month.
    Febuary 4th
     Flea Market: All day long every first Saturday of each month (except in
     January & August).
    Febuary 6th through 12th
     Bright Nights: All week long during the second week of February.
    Febuary 26th
     Fishing Tourny: 12:00pm - 6:00pm every third sunday of January, March, May,
     November and December. 12:00pm - 6:00pm every fourth sunday of February,
     April and October.
    March 4th
     Flea Market: All day long every first Saturday of each month (except in
     January & August).
    March 11th
     La-Di-Day: All day long every second saturday of odd-numbered months.
    March 19th
     Fishing Tourny: 12:00pm - 6:00pm every third sunday of January, March, May,
     November and December. 12:00pm - 6:00pm every fourth sunday of February,
     April and October.
    March 26
     Yay Day: All day long every fourth Sunday of every month.
    April 1st
     Flea Market: All day long every first Saturday of each month (except in
     January & August).
    April 3rd through 9th
     Flower Fest: All week long during the second week of April.
    April 23rd
     Fishing Tourny: 12:00pm - 6:00pm every third sunday of January, March, May,
     November and December. 12:00pm - 6:00pm every fourth sunday of February,
     April and October.
    May 6th
     Flea Market: All day long every first Saturday of each month (except in
     January & August).
    May 13th
     La-Di-Day: All day long every second saturday of odd-numbered monthes.
    May 21st
     Fishing Tourny: 12:00pm - 6:00pm every third sunday of January, March, May,
     November and December. 12:00pm - 6:00pm every fourth sunday of February,
     April and October.
    May 28th
     Yay Day: All day long every fourth Sunday of every month.
    June 3rd
     Flea Market: All day long every first Saturday of each month (except in
     January & August).
    June 18th
     The Bug Off: 12:00pm - 6:00pm every third Sunday of June, July, August and
    July 1st
     Flea Market: All day long every first Saturday of each month (except in
     January & August).
    July 8th
     La-Di-Day: All day long every second saturday of odd-numbered monthes.
    July 16th
     The Bug Off: 12:00pm - 6:00pm every third Sunday of June, July, August and
    July 23rd
     Yay Day: All day long every fourth Sunday of every month.
    August 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th
     Fireworks Show: 7:00pm - 12:00am every Saturday of August.
    August 20th
     The Bug Off: 12:00pm - 6:00pm every third Sunday of June, July, August and
    September 2nd
     Flea Market: All day long every first Saturday of each month (except in
     January & August).
    September 9th
     La-Di-Day: All day long every second saturday of odd-numbered monthes.
    September 17th
     The Bug Off: 12:00pm - 6:00pm every third Sunday of June, July, August
     and September.
    September 24th
     Yay Day: All day long every fourth Sunday of every month.
    October 7th
     Flea Market: All day long every first Saturday of each month (except in
     January & August).
    October 9th through 15th
     Acorn Festival: All week long during the second week of October.
    October 22nd
     Fishing Tourny: 12:00pm - 6:00pm every third sunday of January, March, May,
     November and December. 12:00pm - 6:00pm every fourth sunday of February,
     April and October.
    November 4th
     Flea Market: All day long every first Saturday of each month (except in
     January & August).
    November 11th
     La-Di-Day: All day long every second saturday of odd-numbered months.
    November 19th
     Fishing Tourny: 12:00pm - 6:00pm every third sunday of January, March, May,
     November and December. 12:00pm - 6:00pm every fourth sunday of February,
     April and October.
    November 26th
     Yay Day: All day long every fourth Sunday of every month.
    December 2nd
     Flea Market: All day long every first Saturday of each month (except in
     January & August).
    December 17th
     Fishing Tourny: 12:00pm - 6:00pm every third sunday of January, March, May,
     November and December. 12:00pm - 6:00pm every fourth sunday of February,
     April and October.
    December 31st
     Countdown & New Years Day: December 31st - January 1st.
    *                                                                            *
    *                      B U I L D I N G S   I N   T O W N                     *
    *                                                                            *
    	Your House
    	 You may not go to it a lot but this is where you
    	 can store your furniture, you are also albe to save here
    	 but its much faster to use the quick save feature. For
    	 house upgrades check the "House Upgrades" section.
    	Nook's Shop
    	 This is where you will go most of the time, you can sell
    	 fish, bugs, fossils, furniture. You can buy furniture,
    	 carpeting, wallpaper... so on. Nook can also upgrade his
    	 store when you buy enough stuff from him. Here are the
    	  1. Nooks Cranny	Avalible from start
    	  2. Nook 'n' Go	Spend/Sell 25000 bells worth
    	  3. Nookway		Spend/Sell 65000 bells worth
    	  4. Nookingtons*	Spend/Sell 240000 bells worth
    				 and have a friend shop at the
    	 When you buy things at Nook's shop, your PIM point total
    	 goes up. When you reach a specific point total, it will
    	 result in a new level of membership. Later Nook will
    	 send you a letter with a present congradulating you on
    	 reaching the new status. For every 100 bells you spend,
    	 you earn one point.
    	 Unlockable		How to Unlock
    	  Nook's Cranny Model 	 300 Points
    	  Nook' n Go Model & 	 5,000
    	   5% Store Discount
    	  Nookway Model & 	 10,000
    	   10% Store Discount
    	  Nookington's Model &   20,000
    	   20% Store Discount
    	Town Hall/Post Office
    	 This is where you send letters, give donations, pay off
    	 your morgage, recyle items (even though selling  is a
    	 much better idea), put your extra money into your
    	 account, and change your town tune. You can also see what
    	 your villages like and don't like about your town and if
    	 you want to move, this is where you can do it. Donating
    	 will give you feather, although it is not worth it.
    	  Green Feather		Donate 10,000 Bells
    	  Blue Feather		Donate 200,000 Bells
    	  Yellow Feather	Donate 500,000 Bells
    	  Red Feather		Donate 800,000 Bells
    	  Purple Feather	Donate 1,100,000 Bells
    	  White Feathe		Donate 1,400,000 Bells
    	  Rainbow Feather	Donate 6,400,000 Bells
    	Town Gate
    	 This is where you can let people come into your town
    	 if you have Wifi avaliable. Also, Booker will give you
    	 stuff that was lost in your town for free, even if you
    	 didn't lose it.
    	 The Museum is where you donate Fish, Bugs, Fossils,
    	 and Paintings. If you go downstairs you can buy coffee for
    	 200 bells, and if you go upstairs you can make your own
    	 constilations. Sometimes people will vist the the Café (aka
    	 The Roost), below are the times.
    	 Appearances at the Café (The Roost)
    	  Harriet**		11:00pm - 12:00am, Mon - Fri.
    	  Kapp'n		12:00pm -  1:30pm, all week
    				 2:30pm -  4:00pm, all week
    	  Lyle			12:00pm -  1:30pm, Sunday
    	  Pelly			 6:00am -  6:55am, all week.
    	  Phyllis		 9:00pm -  9:55pm, Sunday - Friday
    	  Resetti		 2:30pm -  4:00pm, Sunday
    	  Rover			12:00pm -  1:30pm, all week
    				 2:30pm -  4:00pm, all week
    	Able Sisters Shop
    	 This is where you make your own clothes, umbrellas, hats,
    	 and floor patterns. If you want to make more  elabrate
    	 patterns, you can use one of these web pages, the
    	 secound one you would have to donwload.
    	Villagers Houses
    	 Villagers houses don't have much to them at all
    	 although when a new villager moves in, if you go into
    	 their house, they accually have moving boxes all over.
    	*Nookingtons now comes with a hair saloon.
    	**Must have Nookingtons for her to come.
    *                                                                            *
    *             N G C / D S   V E R S I O N   D I F F E R E N C E S            *
    *                                                                            *
    	There are no NES games.
    	Your house has 3 extra rooms that you can upgrade to. No
    	 basement in Wild World.
    	Wifi connection is now avaliable.
    	New Visitors include Dr. Shrunk, Pascal, and Lyle.
    	Holidays are not offical holidays, they are now made up!
    	The golden tools are aquired differently now.
    	There is no cliff inbetween your town anymore.
    	You don't have a gyroid at the outside of your house.
    	Hats are not mandatory anymore.
    	No more lighthouse at the beach.
    	Nookingtons now has a Hair Saloon.
    	The shells on the beach reappear, and there are new shells.
    	Redd's Tent now requires a password to enter.
    	There is an observitory and a coffee shop in the museum.
    	When fishing in the ocean, your lure goes out to sea
    	 instead of in to the shore.
    	No more codes with Tom Nook.
    	No more wishing well.
    	You can save from anywhere in the game now, not just from
    	 your gyroid.
    	Blathers can now identify your fossils instead of sending
    	 them away.
    	The dump is now inside the town hall, it is also called
    	 the recyle bin now.
    	There is no island. (If you disagree, check my "FAQ"
    	The police station's lost and found is now at the town's
    	Bottle notes!
    	Every time you buy an item at Tom Nook's shop, it will add
    	 points. As your points accumulate, you will receive special
    	No more train. Instead there is a taxi who picks you up.
    	No more wisps, have fun picking your own weeds you time
    	There are only three different colors of Feng Shui.
    	There are many new characters, and many characters that
    	 have only been available in Japanese version.
    	You will be able to change and make your own
    	 constellations by visiting the Observatory.
    	The moon has different phases.
    	The Able Sisters sells clothing and accessories such as
    	 glasses and hats.
    	You can now wish upon a star, you will recieve furniture in
    	 the mail when you press A (or tap your character) when the
    	 star comes by.
    	Sea Basses are bigger.
    *                                                                            *
    *                                  W I - F I                                 *
    *                                                                            *
                How to connect to wifi: www.nintendowifi.com for info
                        |          Points of Interest          |
                        |                                      |
                        | Wifi Safety..................[07,01] |
                        | Wifi Games...................[07,02] |
                        | Wifi Gliches and Prizes......[07,03] |
    *                                                                            *
    *                           W I - F I   S A F E T Y                          *
    *                                                                            *
                        |       Credit for the following:      |
                        |                                      |
                        |       MongolianMoose  of NSider      |
    DISCLAIMER: I am in no way endorsing the process of sharing friend codes with
    other users.
    First off, many users are complaining of clans destroying towns and uprooting
    plants. You, as the host, have complete and utter control over what gets
    saved and what doesn't. Keep these things in mind:
     1.The game will save when a person enters your town.
     2.The game will save when a person leaves your town.
     3.The game will save when you open your gates.
     4.The game will save when you select "Party's Over"
     5.When in another town, the game will always save when somebody enters or
     6.If any person disconnects, all progress after the last save is wiped.
    If a person starts to do bad things in your town, it may be accidental.
    However, if they continue to do so, turning off your Nintendo DS or your router
    will undo all of the damage, and you will go back to the save point when the
    most recent visitor entered/exited your town. Additionally, you won't have to
    pay a visit to Resetti at all!
    If trading with somebody, always ensure the host (the player native to the
    town) drops his/her part of the trade first. If you drop your portion first,
    the host can easily select "Party's Over" and boot you, ensuring you get
    nothing. However, if the host drops first, they can turn off the DS if the
    recipient starts to run away. This is a guaranteed method of trading, assuming
    you trade soon after the person enters your town; that way, you will lose
    very little progress when you forcibly end the Wi-Fi session.
    Never, under any circumstances, allow a person you do not trust to wander
    around your town. It's best to set some guidelines before the person enters
    and to reset if they break any of them. If they should like to see your town,
    keep them in eyesight at all times.
    When letting people you don't know into your town, try to make sure you only
    have one other person in your town at a time. If they run away from you make
    sure you follow them. If you allow 2 or more other people it is easy to lose
    track of them and they could wreak havoc on your town.
    Some clans send people out in pairs; one person talks to an NPC, which stops
    you from using "Party's Over" trick, then the other person destroys and loots
    your town. As soon as they're done, one of the people will quickly leave so it
    automatically saves the destruction. When the "Someone's Leaving" icon starts
    flashing, you can safely turn off the power.
    If you must let 2 strangers in make sure you have a friend (or someone else
    you trust) so you each can keep an eye on each guest.
    Even though Animal Crossing has a built in censor it is easily bypassed.
    Because of this when you let some one unkown into your town they can write
    some nasty stuff on your town board and even worse they might send, "adult
    themed" letters to your animals in your town.
    This means your little brother, sister, or someone else might accidently
    stumble into your town and onto these letters. This is all the more important
    while it is vital to keep track of visitors in your town if you do not trust
    *                                                                            *
    *                            W I - F I   G A M E S                           *
    *                                                                            *
    If you would like to suggest me your own Wifi game, just go down to the
    contacts and E-mail me. Be warned these games are very hard to play with
    any lag!
     |Axe Tag								|
     | This game requires three or four players, each player must have an	|
     | axe or a shovel or a bug catching net, and a timer. One person uses	|
     | the timer to count to 30, he starts at the town hall. He then runs	|
     | around with an axe (or shovel or bug catching net) and tries to hit	|
     | one of the other three players. Once someone is tagged, they must	|
     | count to 30 with their timer then use their axe to tag someone else.	|
     | Throw in some pitfalls!						|
     | 									|
     |Treasure Hunt								|
     | This game requires three or four players, one player puts trash	|
     | (hide under trees/dig) in his/her own town with his/her town gate	|
     | closed. He/She hides one item which the other players mush find that |
     | one item. Throw in a big prize of bells or furniture to make it fun! |
     |									|
     |Freeze Tag (AKA Horror Movie)						|
     | You use 4 people an axe and a hockey mask. The killer wears the	|
     | hockey mask and wields the axe and runs around and tries to hit	|
     | people with the axe. once hit with the axe you are dead and must	|
     | stand in the same stop till the game is over. Last hit with the axe	|
     | is next games killer.						|
     |									|
     |Checkers								|
     | You need an open space (eight squares by eight squares). For the	|
     | pieaces you use fruits (16 fruit for each player), and your opponet	|
     | would use a different fruit. Use 100 bells as a king.		|
     |									|
     |Tic-Tac-Toe								|
     | Use fruits for X's and O's, make sure they are different fruits.	|
     | That's pretty much it.						|
     |									|
     |Capture the Flag							|
     | This game requires four players, each player must have an axe or a	|
     | shovel or a bug catching net, The flags will be, umbrellas. Use one 	|
     | of the three weapons to tag people with, and once you take the 	|
     | umbrella you have to wear it and you cannot put it in your inventory,|
     | you have to either drop it or hold it. Once you are tagged, you must	|
     | go back to your home base. Throw in some pitfalls!			|
    *                                                                            *
    *              W I - F I   G L I T C H E S   A N D   P R I Z E S             *
    *                                                                            *
    Mr. Iwata's Coin (NOA, 01-12-06)
    1,000 bells (NOA, 02-13-06)
    Lovely Loveseat (NOA, 02-14-06)
    Top Hat (NOA, 02-21-06)
    Red Tulip Glitch (NOA, 01-26-06)
     After using wifi, a letter shows up in your mailbox. The title of this letter
     is garbled characters, and it is usually blank when read. There is a present
     attached. When you unwrap it, you will find a furniture leaf called "red
     tulips" inside. However, if you put it in your house, it disapears and cannot
     be picked up again. Now you cannot place anything where this tulip once was.
     Dropping it outside doesn't do anything. I don't know anything else about it.
     Nintendo is the corprate, it was a unfinished letter that was acidently sent
     out. They are working on a donwloadable fix so sit tight. If you just got it,
     do not drop the item in your house, do not drop the item outside your house,
     If you did drop it, do not save your game.
    *                                                                            *
    *           T I P S ,   T R I C K S ,   A N D   E A S T E R  E G G S         *
    *                                                                            *
    Tips are just things that were purposely put into the game, while tricks are
    not and maybe considered cheating, easter eggs are just referances or whatever
    just put into the game for a good laugh. Easter eggs won't help you in the
    game at all.
                        |          Points of Interest          |
                        |                                      |
                        | Tips.........................[08,01] |
                        | Tricks.......................[08,02] |
                        | Easter Eggs..................[08,03] |
    *                                                                            *
    *                                   T I P S                                  *
    *                                                                            *
    Bell Tree
     Once you have the Golden Shovel, you can bury some bells  and it will grow
     into a tree. The more bells you bury, the more bells the tree will grow. It
     will take one week for the tree to grow bells and sometimes it won't grow
     bells at all, if you want to make sure you get bells from the bell tree,
     improve your feng shui. Check out the Feng Shui mini-guide.
    Non-native Trees
     Using WiFi you can get bells more easily, 80 non-native trees will give you
     120,000 bells, harvesting then in rows will make it much easier.
    Bell Rock
     If you go around town hitting rocks with your shovel, you might hit one that
     will spit out some bells, keep hitting it and it will keep giving out bells
     for an extended amount of time. To get a lot more bells from each bell rock,
                                |      |      |      |
                                |      | Hole |      |
                                |      |      |      |
                                |      |      |      |
                                |      | You  | Hole |
                                |      |      |      |
                                |      |      |      |
                                | Rock |      |      |
                                |      |      |      |
    Receive Birthday Cake Item
     Log into your town on your birthday and get a Birthday  Cake item from one of
     your neighbors.
    Party Poppers
     Speak to Tortimer any time during New Year's Eve. He'll  give you Party
     Poppers to help celebrate the occasion.
    Fireworks Show Items
     These items can only be obtained during the Fireworks Show. The Fireworks
     Show takes place every Saturday in August, from 7-12PM. Speak to Tortimer
     during that time to obtain the sparkler and roman candle.
    Become friends with Brewster
     Once a day you can buy coffee at the cafe'. At first he just gives you coffe
     and says "Thanks...". But If you buy some from him coffee every day he will
     start asking you questions, treating you like a friend, asking you if he can
     put special ingrediants in your coffee, and thanking you for coming by.
    Become friends with Sable
     Whenever you enter the Able Sisters store and try to talk to Sable (the
     hedgehog sitting behind the sewing machine in the back left corner), she
     usually just ignores you, or tries to tell you talk to her sister because
     she's busy. To develop a "friendship" with Sable, you must talk to her at
     least once every day for a number of days. Eventually, she will start having
     conversations with you, and even thank you for stopping by.
    Easy way to Catch Bees
     When the bee appears do not run from it, just open up your items screen. The
     bee will just fly around your head, equip your bug catching net. Then you
     just have to press "B" to close the items screen and tap "A" a few times and
     you should catch it.
    Find Ants/Coachroaches
     Leave turnips out side for a day or two a cocaroach or ants will be found on
    Bee Sting? Fake Paintings?
     If you buy insurance from Lyle, you get money for being stung by bees or
     buying fake paintings. You can also set what day Crazy Redd will appear on.
     By the way, Lyle is infront of your house every saturday. 100 bells for each
     bee sting.
    More Gifts!
     If you send letter to your villagers, they will send you back letters and
     gifts. Sometimes you will get non-native fruits.
    String Fish Tips
     Turn the volume up as loud as possible, and fish in the river, when you see a
     shadow as big as about the sea bass's, its probably a string fish worth
     15,000 bells each, scare the smaller fish away by running by them. The best
     time to go fishing for this fish is at 6am (In the winter of course.)
    Ballon Presents aren't Random?
     A balloon present will only appear between the times of 9 am and 5 pm, and it
     will randomly appear at a time where the minutes have a 4 or 5 in the last
     digit. Once a balloon appears, another one will appear either 10 minutes, 20
     minutes or 30 minutes after, no sooner and no later, Gulliver doesn't follow
    Shooting Star Gift
     When you see a shooting star on the upper screen tap your character, or press
     A and you will get a gift in the mail on the next day. View the Shooting Stars
     section for more info.
    Free Non-Native Fruit, Without WiFi
     If you send a letter to your villagers, with your native fruit as a present,
     then they will send you back a non-native fruit. This might take a while.
    Keep Villagers in Your Town
     Your animal friends may have their future plan, they may prepare to move out
     suddenly. If you want to keep your best, you have to  visit them everyday. If
     your friend has pack all things, you must talk to him/her several times and
     write a letter to him/her. You may able to keep this friend if do it with
     your heart. Also when your villagers are sick, give them medicine or they will
     pack up and leave your town!
    Fishing Tournement, Win Every Time
     You want to barley beat the record, because you have to beat your own record.
     Give him a seabass for your first tournement, every fish has a different
     length, meaning some seabasses are longer than others.
    Need Some Storage Room?
     If Nook is upgrading, you can bury most of your items (besides fruits) into
     the ground to free up your storage. When Nook gets back dig everything up and
     sell it. You can also use your house for everthing else. If you have WiFi you
     can go to someone else's town to sell your things. One last thing is to buy a
     dresser that can store tons of things (depending on the dressing). Multible
     storage items in the same room of your house share the same storage room. If
     you make an extra character in your town, they can store a lot.
    Eyeballing your Villagers Furniture?
     If you want something your villagers have send them a letter with a complete
     sentance and no typos with a present of something you do not want. The villager
     should then replace one of their items with yours. Their old item will go to
     the recycle bin.
    Bring the Fish to you!
     Sprinkle water into the river (doesn't work very well in the ocean), and by
     the third time the fish will come to you.
    Free items from Saharah
     If Sarah visits and you say you do not want to deliver, then she gives you
     the item.
    A Villager in Your house?
     Your Villagers (NPCs) may ask you to visit you in your house, be inside your
     house five minutes before they wanted to meet you, and wait ten minutes for
     them. They should come.
    Change the background of your inventory
     1) Grab a shirt or pattern.
     2) Drag it to the lower left corner.
     3) It'll be over an invisible space, drop it.
    Whats the Weather like?
     45 minutes into every hour, xx:45, if you have a T.V. then turn it on. The
     weather channel should be on and it will show you the weather.
    Easy Bells (Wifi)
     You will need WiFi. Empty out your inventory and pick up all the fruit you
     can. Go to a friend's town that has a different native fruit. Sell all of
     your fruit to your friend's Nook. Pick up a bunch of your friend's native
     fruit. Go back to your town and sell the fruit to your Nook. You can make
     15,000 bells per round trip, without the "Hold 10 extra items" Trick.
    *                                                                            *
    *                                T R I C K  S                                *
    *                                                                            *
    Instantly Cure Sick Villagers
     When one of your villagers is sick, you'll have to give him/her some Medicine
     every day for about a week to cure him/her, but an easier way to cure him/her
     is to get on WiFi or multiplayer, then the villager will be immediately cured
     when someone visits your town.
    Turnips that never spoil
     First get a table and place it in your house. Now take any item preferred item
     is fishing pole or shovel and set it down in front of the table, now stand
     directly on that item and try to place your turnips on the ground. Instead of
     the turnips falling on the ground they go onto the table. This prevents any
     spoiling as opposed to setting them on the ground.
    Cure a Bee Sting, Without Medicine
     Saving and restarting your game cures your bee sting. Also putting a mask over
     it (King Tut's Wig, etc) makes it so no one notices it.
    Hold 10 extra items
     This is a really easy trick. Just buy 10 letters, leave  them blank, than pull
     an item onto it so that it becomes a present. Tada, 10 extra slots.
    Make your Villagers Take Care of Your Flowers
     Plant four flowers by a villager's house. That villager will then take care of
     all the flowers in your town, and even plant more! This also makes some weeds
     appear as flowers instead.
    Time Travel
     Although most people do not do this, even though they know about it because it
     does ruin the game (not literarly), you still can. Go to the phone in your
     house and set time to your destination. (Not recomended)
    Interest trick (TT)
     1. Gather 50k or above and put it in bank.
     2. Save and reset clock in game to Jan 1 2000 (Use the clock in Animal
        Crossing: Wild World)
     3. Save, turn off power.
     4. Change date on DS to 2000 (Use the clock on your DS)
     5. Start Game. Save. then turn off power
     6. reset DS calendar to 2011
     7. start game, open mail, around what ever you put into the bank at the
        begininng between 100k is what you earned.
     8. Save turn off power
     9. Change DS to 2022
     10. Start game, this time in mail you should recieve 99,999
     Repeat steps 8 - 10 to get 99,999 everytime. don't go by 10, go from
     2000 to 2011 to 2022 to 2033 etc.
    Duplicate your Items (Wifi)
     The original owner of the item(s) to be cloned will visit a friends town with
     the desired items to be cloned in their inventory. The owner drops the items
     to the friend whose town the cloner is in. Leave the town and about two seconds
     after you hear the beeping "Register" noise turn the power off. (Rumored to
     erase your save file, use with caution)
    Stalk Marketing (Wifi)
     If you want quick bells, ask people what their turnips go for at their town.
     Once you find a good price, go back in time to Saturday morning and buy a lot
     of turnips (make sure your making a profit). Then go to their town and sell
     them! If you have two DS's and two Animal Crossing: Wild World games you can
     also fast forward each day, until you find a good price. On the other DS go to
     Saturday morning until you have also a good price and buy a lot! Sell them
     at the other DS with the good profit!
    Undo WiFi Kaos (Wifi)
     If someone takes your bell trees or worse, chops them down just restart your
     game without saving, you will have to face Resetti, but thats not that bad.
     Make sure you saved before going online though!
    *                                                                            *
    *                           E A S T E R   E G G S                            *
    *                                                                            *
    Pitfall Fun
     Use Pitfalls in WiFi mode, place them behind trees and let your friends fall
     in them, have fun with them.
    Wave to your Friends
     Touch your bottom screen when a friend is near you, including NPCs.
    Legend Of Zelda series reference
     Go to a neighbor's house that has the Kiddie set of furniture. This is the
     set with the floor that looks like puzzle pieces. Find the long dresser that
     takes up two squares. Press A or tap yourself while facing it to open the
     drawer. A message box will pop up, reading "You found 10 rupees! Lucky! Too
     bad you can't use them in this town."
    Boy's Hair... With a Girl?
     If you talk to Harriet a lot, over a number of days, she will offer to give
     you a girl's haircut if you are a boy, or a boy's haircut if you are a girl.
    Snowman Easter Egg
     The snowman series sell price is 8888 right? Eights also look like a snowman!
    Roof Color
     The color of your DS (the color you choose at the home menu of the DS)
     determines your first roof color.
    Town Gate color
     Whatever colors your background from your DS will become the town gate's
     color. You must be the first one to start a game.
    Flowers in your Hair
     You can pick flowers from the ground and stick them in your hair as normal
     head gear. Also, if you pick a rose, you stick it in your mouth, instead,
     and it counts as an accessory.
    King Tuts Curse
     The King Tut Wig makes you fall about once every minute, although if you
     have bought insurance you will get 100 bells for every single fall (only 100
     bells a day).
    Real Paintings
     The paintings you buy from Redd are accual paintings, like the "famous
     painting" is accually a picture of the Mona Lisa.
    *                                                                            *
    *                                F . A . Q . S                               *
    *                                                                            *
    These are the questions I've seen asked numerous times in Forums, if you have
     one of your own or have some kind of proof to prove me wrong, please E-mail
     me. My e-mail is in the "Contact" section.
    Q) I can't seem to get any special vistors! All I get is Blanka,
    A) Your a time traveler I suppose, go to the phone and turn off Blanka (the
     cat with no face). Then your visitors may come to your town without Blanka
     scaring them away.
    Q) How many emotions can I hold?
    A) Four.
    Q) When I try to bury my shovel to get the golden shovel, It won't let me,
     whats going on?
    A) You need two shovels to pull this off, one to bury the other.
    Q) I've heard on the forums if you go to the back of Tom Nook's shop between
     12:00 and 2:00 p.m. Use a shovel to hit the back wall three times, then hit
     the front entrance once to be able to enter and see Tom Nook in pajamas
     with a teddy bear.
    A) False.
    Q) I've heard on the forums if you restart the game without saving at least two
     times to have Mr. Resstti  appear. Then, use a shovel to hit all the rocks
     until one cracks. Hit that rock again, then enter the hole that appears to
     find Mr. Resetti's home.
    A) False, but you can in Animal Forest e+ (Japan only).
    Q) When I was on Wifi someone surrounded me in holes and I have no shovel! What
     do I do?
    A) In this game you can kick sand into holes unlike the Gamecube verison by
     pressing the B button.
    Q) Where is it better to fish, in the river or the ocean?
    A) The River, more fish, better prices, no sea basses.
    Q) Something like that grew in my friends town.... Anybody know what this is?
     Or what it does, how it got there, how to get rid of it?
    A) It's  Rafflesia! It's a super weed, pick all of our other weeds to get rid
     of it (your a time traveler aren't you?)
    Q) Redd didn't let me buy anything from him, he said that I need high quality
     clothing, what clothes do you need?
    A) You just have to have some money, at least 3,000 bells.
    Q) You don't have the Animal Island secret in your guide, why is that?
    A) There is no Animal Island in this game, that secret was spreaded, as far as
     I know, by GameFAQ.com, I am not sure why they did it (I asume just to see
     how many websites steal their info without any credit, or just to play with
    Q) My bell tree didn't make bells, why?
    A) You need to improve your Feng Shui, check my Feng Shui and Luck section.
    Q) I heard about a treasure chest thats full of bells! Where could I find it?
    A) Although I haven't done much research on it, I highly doubt that's even
     true. Notice how they took out most of the cheap ways of getting bells?
    Q) Is it true you can get a, if you are a male in the game, a girl's haircut?
    A) Yes! If you talk to Harriet a lot, over a number of days, she will offer
     to give you a girl's haircut if you are a boy, or a boy's haircut if you are
     a girl.
    Q) I got a fake painting what can I do?
    A) You can get insurance and give it to Lyke for 100 bells, that's it. I'd
     suggest you sell it to someone through wifi if you can get away with it.
    Q) When you get villager's pictures does the animal have to be an opposite sex?
    A) No.
    Q) If I go to someone's town with a white turnip and they have time travelefd
     before I got there, if I come back to my town will they have spoiled?
    A) No.
    Q) Does Blanca make other special visitors not appear?
    A) Although I don't know, you should go to your phone and ask Blanca not to
     appear at your town.
    Q) Is there an Action Replay for Animal Crossing: Wild World?
    A) Yes, you can get it almost anywhere. It does work with Animal Crossing:
     Wild World. Don't E-mail me with questions on this, I don't own the action
    Q) How would I take a picture of my town?
     1. Take pics in a dark room with some environmental backlight (not unnatural
         (ie room) light, definitely not flash).
     2. Use the "macro" feature on camera (the icon for which usually looks like
         a flower), hold camera from about 4  to 6 inches from DS then zoom in,
         the macro feature should auto-adjust your lens.
     3. Take 2-3 pictures as DS screen might show "scan" lines.
    *                                                                            *
    *                                C R E D I T S                               *
    *                                                                            *
    If you gave me info but your name is not listed under here, please check the
    "contact info" section. I don't give you credit unless I got info from you
    without telling you (mostly from just websites), or you asked me to, agian
    check "contact info" section.
     1. Captaincode.com		Tips, Tricks, and Easter Eggs section
     2. Nintendo.com Forums		Tips, Tricks, and Easter Eggs section
     3. Text-Image.com		The program that helped me make the graphic at
    				 the very top of this FAQ.
     4. Javapadawan.com		The House Upgrades, Characters, Hairstlye, and
    				 Fossil prices.
     5. SirPasta 			Adding the L and R controls, and for correcting
    				 the Nook 'N Go model points.
     6. Zortania			Correcting me on displaying shirts in your house
     7. Nintendo Cory		Correcting me on Slider's song "Go K.K. Slider!"
     8. Shinji Ghosh		Some of the catch phrases, and the Gaurdian
    				 Heroes town tune.
     9. Penguinson FrieNDS		"Fishing Tournement, Win Every Time" Tip. Some
         of HongKong of		 of the catch phrases in the "Villagers/
         http://139394.net/friends	 Characters" Section. Adding on to the "Keep
    				 Villagers in Your Town" Tip. Fixed my Typos.
     10. Master_Bratac		Informed me that I didn't seprate the
    				 Clankoids and Croakoids.
     11. Nintendo Player's Guide	Feng Shui.
     12. MongolianMoose  of	NSider	The Section "Wifi Safety" is writen by him.
     13. Evilzombie			"Pirates of the Carribean" Town Tune & "My
    				 Chemical Romance"
     14. Parmesan of Neotokyo 	Reminding me of the Dung Beetle.
     15. Darth Pyro			He pointed out 18 typos, and also corrected
    				 them. Also showed me a site with flower
    				 crossbreed information.
     16. Animalxing.com		Lots of information! Flower crossbreeding
    				 section, Face guide, Hairstyle guide,.
     17. DONKYMONKYMAN		"Checkers" in the "Wifi games" section
     18. aikin_X of GameFaqs	"Yoshi's Story" Town Tune.
     19. Layander			Notified I had a missing "Redd Password".
     20. seraph_unsung		Saharah typo.
     21. Jenny Tablina		Roommates setion, she did all of it.
     22. Shinkuu			Proved the "insure fake paintings" trick wrong.
     23. shady_1			"Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting" Town Tune.
     24. Jordon K.			He gave me the price of the "Green Knit Cap".
     25. T.AGAR  of NSider		The Interest trick.
     26. Liquefy! of NSider		He made the Perfect Tower formula.
     27. M_C_Y_1008			He translated it into Math.
     28. SHUKO-CHAN of NSider	He helped me the absolute most. He 100% made
    				 the Happy Room Academy (HRA), Feng Shui and
    				 Luck, Shooting Stars sections. Along with
    				 Gulliver's info.
     29. http://www.network-	The ASCII Letters (Only the words).
     30. rupan777			For the tips on taking pictures.
     31. Dodge			Redd Password.
     32. Evilink123			Cirtus Rug.
     33. Autumn12 of NSider		Some more Gulliver Information added.
    *                                                                            *
    *                           C O N T A C T   I N F O                          *
    *                                                                            *
    Label the title something along the lines of "Animal Crossing: Wild World
    FAQ" with what exactly your sending me (IE: Town Tunes). Please don't be
    afraid to E-Mail me. You can always find the most up to date verison of my
    FAQ at gamefaqs.com. The following are my guidlines, read them before
    E-mailing me. Thanks.
                        |              Guide lines             |
    Wi-Fi Friend Codes
     Do not E-mail me about playing on Wi-Fi, I do not play this game anymore.
     If you have any questions about any of the info in my FAQ, please E-mail me,
     I will be able to answer it in 24 hours unless It is misplaced into my Junk
     E-mail section or I am gone. Please make sure you looked through my FAQ.
     (best places to check miscellaneous information is in the F.A.Q.s Section)
     If you have answers to any missing information, please send it to me, as well
     as your alias you want me to put it under, if you don't, I will not list you
     under credits. Though its never to late for me to add you under it, just
     E-mail me again with what info you gave me and what you what alias you want me
     to put down.
     Constructive Critisism is also welcomed. If i have a typo, please tell me as
    Praise Mail
     Please if you want, praise me good or bad about this FAQ, if you liked it I
     might just make another one. If you send me praise mail, please rate my FAQ
     as well. Feedback is always welcomed.
    Permission to use this FAQ
     If you want to put this somewhere, please ask my permission. I will
     probably let you as long as:
      1. I receive 100% Credit.
      2. Nothing is modified in my FAQ, If you want me to change something, E-Mail
         me with your suggestion.
      3. Your website does not contain many ads.
      4. Your website does recieve a fair amount of hits.
     If you find a website that is hosting my FAQ without permission or hosting a
     old verison of my FAQ please tell me. It will be very appreciated.
     Anything else is welcomed, please e-mail me.
                       |                                      |
                       |    xfollowthereaperx @ gmail .com    |
    *                                                                            *
    *                             C O P Y R I G H T                              *
    *                                                                            *
    This document is Copyright 2006-2007 xfollowthereaperx. It may be not be
    reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may
    not be placed on any web site outside of the below list. It may not be
    distributed electronically outside of the below listed websites, and it may
    not be distributed otherwise at all.  Use of this guide on any other web site
    or as a part of any public format is strictly prohibited, and a violation of
    copyright.  If you see this FAQ onany website other then the below webites,
    and it seems as if they did not receive permission, then please e-mail me.
    GameFAQs is always the most responsible website, always check their website for
    the latest version.
    These following websites have permission to host my FAQ:
     1. GameFAQs			GameFAQs.com
     2. Neo Seeker			Neoseeker.com
     3. Supercheats			Supercheats.com
     4. World of Gaming		WOGaming.com
     5. Nook's Cranny		NooksCranny.net
     6. Gameplay World		gameplayworld.com
     7. NDS Community		ndscommunity.com
     8. 1up				1up.com
     9. Game Revolution		gamerevolution.com
     10. Game Spot			gamestop.com
     11. MTV			videogames1.mtv.com
     12. Get into the game		getintothegame.com
     13. Yahoo			yahoo.com
    These following websites DO NOT have permission to host my FAQ:
     1. Freeola			freeola.com
     1. Spong			spong.com
    *                                                                            *
    *                                C L O S I N G                               *
    *                                                                            *
    Thanks for reading my FAQ. I would apperciate any E-mails as long as you
    looked over my FAQ for an answer. The main thing you could do for me is to
    rate my FAQ. This is my first FAQ, and I will be planning on making one for
    the next Animal Crossing game. Thanks for reading, and thanks to those of you
    who rated my FAQ.
                        |          Points of Interest          |
                        |                                      |
                        | Contact Info.................[11,00] |
                        | Copyright....................[12,00] |

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