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    Redd's Password Guide by antiflag

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/24/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Crazy Redd's Password guide
    This Walkthrough is copyright of Jason Druckenmiller 2005
    Legal Mumbo Jumbo:
    Under no circumstances can this FAQ be posted on any site (aside from any
    Gamefaqs affiliates, nor be reproduced for any kind of profit.  If you desire
    to put this on your site please email me at antiflag@gmail.com.  If I find out
    this walkthrough is on another site I will follow with legal pursuit if you
    don't take it down when I ask you.
    Current Websites with permission to use this FAQ:
    www.gamefaqs.com (or any sites in connection with this site)
    Version History:
    Version 1.0 (12/24/05):
    Basically have the first list of passwords.
    Next Version: More passwords as they are discovered.
                    /               \
    _______________/Table of Contents\_______________
    \                                               /
    1. Intro - <INRP>
    2. Passwords - <PWRP>
    3. Contacting Me - <CMRP>
    4. Goodbye - <GBRP>
                    /               \
    _______________/      INTRO      \_______________
    \    |<INRP>|                       |<INRP>|    /
    With this mini-FAQ I hope to lessen the ammount of topics on the board about
    passwords.  That can only be done with your help, the list I have right now is
    not complete, and I am not even sure how many more question/password
    combinations are in the game.  Every time Redd comes to my town I will add it
    if it is new, I would like everyone else to do the same thing.  I will credit
    you however you would like to be, if you do not specify, then depending on
    where you sent me the info I may use your email, gamefaqs name, or screen-name.
    So if you want that information unknown, let me know how to credit you.  
    I would appreciate it if you checked the list in the topic (linked below) if
    the password you are submitting is already there.  I will update the topic each
    new one I get, however this FAQ will not be updated as often.  That would put
    too much un-needed work on the reviewers of this.  
    If, and when you send me the information it is extremely important that you
    send me both the Question, and answer type EXACTLY as it says in the game.  DO
    NOT capitolize something if it does not appear so.  These passwords are
    explicitely case, and punctuation sensitive.  If you are going by memory of a
    past code, I would rather you noth send it unless you are 100% sure that is
    what it is.  If I am giving out wrong passwords it will only end up increasing
    the topics on the board.
                    /               \
    _______________/    PASSWORDS    \_______________
    \    |<PWRP>|                       |<PWRP>|    /
    Here is the section I am sure most people came for, but first let me explain
    how to use it quickly.
    Passwords listed are highly case, and punctuation specific.  If it looks like
    bad English to you, stop thinking and put it in how I typed it.  If you find a
    password that does not work for you please contact me.  If you can not find
    you can not find you password please scroll up and follow the link to the GFAQs
    topic above.  That list, will be more likely to be updated more often.  If it
    is still not there you have to do the work yourself.  Everytime Redd comes one
    of your villagers will know the password.  Talk to each one until you find
    which villagers knows.  When you do this it would be very helpful if you wrote
    it down, and then send me the password/question combo to avoid people in your
    situation a little work.  After you find the password that way you can buy
    membership into Redd's club and he will mail you a password the day before he
    comes each week.  If you don't mind, when you get this, if you could check the
    list if I have it already or not.  If not it would be awesome if you could send
    it to me.  
    What is the point of this FAQ then if anyone can get membership after the first
    time?  Well not everybody who will be playing this game bought it on the first
    day.  New people will be getting the game for a long time to come.  So why
    can't those new people ask the villager?  Well they can, but sometimes that
    particular villager is asleep.  When that happens people come to the message
    board and ask, just cluttering up the already highly cluttered board even more.
    Aside from new players, some times people will start over with their town, and
    this will just be a quick little guide for their first Redd visit in the new
    Sorry for babbling on as I am sure you really only want to see the passwords,
    and not be reading all that garbage.  So without further delay, I bring you:
    Sorry, I couldn't let you get away without reading just a little bit more.  The
    list is alphabetized by the first word of the question.  So it really shouldn't
    be hard to find your particular question.  The passwords are labled with an A:
    before it, and are surrounded by quotations.  ("" are quotations if you didn't
    know  ^_^)  Do not type the quotes into the password when Redd asks, however
    any other punctuation that appears within the quotes is a MUST when typing the
    password in.  Each password is acompanied by the person who sent me the
    password first.  Ignore that, or find the person and thank them.  Whatever.  So
    here is the list finally.  (Oh, just a name plug, I am neslabel2)
    Redd's Passwords
    Q: “Ask and you shall” A: “be charged” - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: “An open wallet” A: “is often empty” - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: “Bottom dollar” A: “top dog” - Shax
    Q: “Crazy Redd” A: “is 35” - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: “Even robbers” A: “have safes” - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: “Fan in one hand” A: “cash in other” - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: “Foot in the door” A: “eye on prize” - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: “For my fans” A: “shop here again” - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: “Give 2 cents” A: “ask for change” - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: “Head in the sand” A: “find something” - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: “Hot and cold” A: “money makes it” - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: “I'm all alone” A: “but I have cash” - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: "Life Expectancy" A: "Redd is 35" - Chaos Stryker
    Q: “Look at People” A: “wallets full” - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: “No Money” A: “means no fun” - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: “Roses have” A: “high prices” - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: “Rough childhood” A: “lax adulthood” - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: “Someone to wed” A: “no way Nook” - Shadow blackHedgehog, solarboydjango5
    Q: "Spoiled rotten" A: "bean curd" - neslabel2
    Q: “Talk is cheap” A: “so is Redd” - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: “The grass is greener” A: “on my side” - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: “The pen” A: “is cheaper” - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: “Tom Nook” A: “one ugly fellow” - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: “Top Dollar” A: “top dog” - MegaCam
    Q: “What smells?” A: “bean curd.” - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: “What's inside” A: “is fabulous” - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: “When the cat's gone” A: “mice shop” - Prince Vegeta 222
    Q: “Why buy the cow” A: “buy milk here!” - Prince Vegeta 222
                    /               \
    _______________/  CONTACTING ME  \_______________
    \    |<CMRP>|                       |<CMRP>|    /
    The best way to submit your password is through the topic on the AC:WW board.
    If for whatever reason that is not possible, you can also reach me the
    following ways:
    email: antiflag@gmail.com
    YIM!: fawnester
    MSN: antiflag@gmail.com
    you have to be able to get me one of those methods, if not, well you are SOL.
    -If you want to submit a password
    -If you have a problem with a password
    -If you need help for some reason
    -If you want to say hi
    -If you need psychiatric help (wait, nvm on that one.  I gave up psychiatry)
    -Any other reason you can think of, but mainly the first three.
                    /               \
    _______________/    GOODBYE!!    \_______________
    \    |<GBRP>|                       |<GBRP>|    /
    I would like to extend a huge thanks to Prince Vegeta 222 for submitting so
    many of the passwords.  Also I would definitely like to thank the other people
    who submitted, especially that neslabel2 hottie.  He is so cool!
    Thanks of course to Mr. CjayC for allowing me access to this wonderful board
    still through all the accounts I've been through.
    Thanks go out to anyone else who thinks I should have thanked them, THANK YOU!
    Oh, and rawk on!

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