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    Money Guide by Migitoneo3

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    Animal Crossing: Wild World money guide
    Written by Migitoneo3
    Tiny Update: I now run my own gaming blog, which has the same sense of humor 
    as this guide. So please support it! It's www.slapstic.com Go check that junk
    This is it. The final edition. The last one. The last samurai. The last of the
    Mohicans. The ugly duckling. The dolly llama (I don’t even know what that is
    someone please explain that to me) I ran out of comparisons. The point is I’ve
    finally gotten tired of filtering through countless emails all about the same
    thing. So here’s the deal. Stop. I’m done. While I appreciate everything that
    all of those who contributed had to say, I’m about done with the guide. Ready to
    move on. Saddle up ma horse and ride into the city. Time to hang up the water
    hose filled with sand and quit my faq updating ways. Plus I got a job as a game
    reviewer at gamehelper.com! I mean come on! How awesome is that?! It’s just a
    testament that writing faqs for this website actually can get you places.
    Anyway. No more contributions to the guide. If you have something that you
    contributed but that I didn’t add, it was because I had a reason. Like the whole
    money rock thing? I’d have to take out a whole joke if I added in that
    information, and honestly everyone knows about that anyway. So. See you guys
    later. It’s been a fun time. Approximately 350 people from all over the world
    have emailed me with questions, comments, and criticisms about my guide. I’ve
    gotten 70,000 hits on the guide since it’s release half a year ago. Hm. Not bad.
    Thanks for the run guys. And if you have something good(or bad) to say about the
    guide or just me in particular, I’ll still gladly answer any emails you send me.
    Although keep in mind that I’m not an animal crossing helpline. Thanks again.
    This has got to be a sign of the friggin apocalypse. I’ve received more crap
    mail in the last two months than I ever hoped to in my entire life. It’s
    official, the Animal Crossing: Wild World community is plagued with some of the
    most ignorant people on the planet. This, for your viewing pleasure, is the new,
    special edition of my guide: v.rant
    Also, the next update will be composed of what you think, not me. So read the
    new sections and then tell me what you think and I promise that I will add it in
    your original words in the next update.
    Okay, it's finally here.  I know a lot of the walkthroughs have promised
    one of these in future updates, but for those tired of waiting, here it is. An
    in depth, fully detailed money guide.  This is my first FAQ, but me cun spel
    gud, so you know I'm not a complete idiot.  You may want to read this guide
    simply for entertainment reasons, as I plan to let my cynical humor shine.  I'll
    try to use no longer than 2-syllable words, (Donut, Tractor, Dog)so the weak of
    heart and mind can under- I mean, get what I'm communi- never mind.
    Moving on to the topic of copyrights; look, I don't care what you do with
    this guide, post it anywhere, just don't change my quotes.  For instance, you
    could change the word "quotes" in that last sentence to "pants" and post it
    somewhere and next thing you know I'm gettin all kinds of strange comments in
    my e-mail account.  You get the idea.
    I fully invite anyone who wishes to contribute anything.  My e-mail is
    No I'm not kidding, that's really what it is.  I'll contribute your um...
    contributy thingy if it's good enough AND RELEVANT.
    Okay... how's that for an introduction?  Now for what the title claims
    this to be: the money guide.  Nah.  I'm just messin with you.  You're still
    going to have to scroll through the contents and version history and my notes
    and- scroll! Scroll like the wind!
    Version History
    Using Money for More Money
    How to Fossils
         Fossils: Sell or Donate?
    How to Fishing
         Thoughts on Fishing
    How to Fruit
         Planting Strategy
         Thoughts on Fruit
    Foraging For Funds
    How to Money Trees
         Thoughts on Money Trees
    Online/Local Trading
         Cheating Your Friends and Family for Fun and Profit
         Local/Online Stalk Market
    Red Turnips
         Thoughts on Red Turnips
    White Turnips
         Investment Strategy
         Thoughts on White Turnips
         Notes on White Turnips
    Other Cash Making Techniques
         The Flea Market
         Animal Deliveries
         Animal Hobbies
         "Magical" Rocks
              Rock Strategy
    Overall Best
    Overall Thoughts
    RANT: Your Emails
    RANT: The Online Community
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Cheats that I Know About but Won’t Tell You Because it’s Cheating
    Thanks and
    Contribution Recognition
    What's Supposed to be Copyrights
    The End
    Version History
    0.1  3/23/06  11:15 PM
    I'm workin on everything. Got down the intro. Contents. Obviously this version
    history entry.  Buckets of fun stuff.  It's eleven o'clock, so I'm gone just
    leave it at this.  Haven't contributed to GameFAQs yet, and I probably won't
    until this is near completion.  I'm nice like that.  Plus, I want to have a
    laugh on nearly every line to make this the most enjoyable guide possible.  K.
    Maybe not line, but paragraph.  I just want this to be as acceptable as
    possible. Expect this done in a week.  I'm not adding any more v. history until
    I contribute.  I swear.
    0.2  3/23/06  11:16 PM
    I lied.
    1.0  3/24/06  10:37 PM
    Wow.  You know you're bored when you type an entire guide in 2 days.  Yeah, I
    know I gave a week estimate, but this is pretty much done.  You'll notice my
    sales pitch on the money tree section.  Also, the online trading section I'm
    waiting for.  Other than those two sections, this FAQ is ready for contribution
    to GameFAQs.  Sweetness.  I know I said this would have a laugh in every
    paragraph, but it kinda doesn't right now.  I'm going to go through tomorrow
    and funny up the guide, because that is what for me makes writing this guide
    worth it.  I'll have this baby pitched to GameFAQs by tomorrow night.
    Hopefully they won't let the baby hit the pavement, because that would probably
    kill it... That was the weirdest metaphor I've ever used.  Anyway, this is it
    until tomorrow night.  I'm crossing my fingers for good luck.
    1.5  3/30/06  11:40 PM
    Woah.  It got accepted.  That's awesome.  Yay for me! I is teh roxorness!!!1!1
    Anyway, thanks GameFAQs.  Another thing, I'm getting some seriously insane
    feedback.  Keep it coming yall.  I thought I was pretty well done with this
    guide.  Obviously not.  Thanks to simple short suggestions, this guide will be
    nearly double it's original planned size.  Huge feedback.  I really appreciate
    this.  I know I've got a lot of stuff marked for release on the next update,
    that's because I'm going to use a lot of this guy Tim's suggestions, but it's
    nearly Midnight, and I'm going to pass out any moment.  Later.
    2.0  4/18/06
    Sorry it took me so long to update... I went on like this trip with my church
    to Tampa, Florida and our van broke down and we ran out of food and I mowed the
    lawn at a homeless shelter and we shoveled horse crap at the YMCA... They hate
    the song.  Anyway, I'm back... and surprise! Somebody made another money guide
    on the same freakin website! Alright! I'm not angry though. Yeah...  I'm
    changing the copyrights at the bottom, as you people have no dignity.  Welcome
    to America.  On the subject of the guide, I finished adding everything that one
    guy that I recognized at the bottom sent me.  Thanks.  I also added the money
    tree section and my thoughts on it, thanks to Jared Molinaro, who gave me it.
    I'm also working on a Frequently asked questions section, because I'm getting
    e-mails with some good ones in them, and some not so good ones.  Other than that
    I added some tiny things on turnips and some recognition to those who've helped
    me.  Thanks guys! Version 2.00 is up and running.  Don't expect anymore major
    changes, unless you guys can think of anything.  Which reminds me, help me with
    online trading! Somebody!
    3.0 6/18/06
    Whoa. I am so sorry. It’s been exactly two months since the last update. I
    sincerely apologize to everyone that I’ve kept waiting. The one person that I
    owe the biggest apology to is Ariel Aguayo. Man, I am so sorry. I see that you
    finally just gave up and contributed to the other money guide, but I can
    understand your frustration entirely. This is, as the title suggests, the next-
    to-last edition of the money guide. I’ve been receiving some of the same old
    questions and suggestions over and over lately, so unless I get something truly
    original, it’s gonna be a while until I finally call it quits and label this the
    final version. Big thanks for the estimated 90 letters I’ve received, the
    reader’s have built this guide just as much as I have. And those letters were
    all interesting, whether they were helpful or not. From the ones like the letter
    with the useful flea market trip, to my conversation with that guy on why Redd
    is a worthless idiot, to that guy, Billy Klebe, who flooded my box with requests
    to play online with me, I’ve enjoyed every letter. Also, please check out my
    notes, as they’ve been updated massively, as has the frequently asked questions
    section. I also added an entirely new section, the “Cheats That I know About But
    Won’t Tell You Because It’s Cheating” section.” I also corrected every single
    misspelled word in the document, excluding the words that I either misspelled on
    purpose or just made up entirely. You’ll also notice the greeting at the top,
    reminding you that the guide has been changed a TON. I’ve added every single
    person who’ve ever sent me an e-mail helping with this guide or asking a new
    question, and why I’m thanking them to the contributions section. Once again,
    after the next update, you won’t have a chance to contribute any more, so
    please, whether you have new information, an unanswered question, or anything
    else that I wouldn’t deem to be complete garbage, send it to me.
    I’ve updated the guide massively, and I apologize for the wait. Email anything
    related to Animal Crossing. I need the support. After this I will be working on
    a new, weekly Animal Crossing Newsletter, which will have fanfics, joke
    articles, patterns, house and town makeover ideas, and ideas for games to play
    in multiplayer, among lots of other things. Look it up and try it out, not only
    will it bring new life to your worn ACWW game, it will have me as one of the
    main writers, so expect much of the same humor shown here. If you like my
    writing style, or just get a kick out of it, please give this newsletter a try.
    I’m not the editor, but from what I’ve seen it’s going to be good. We might post
    the first the first three editions as a FAQ on GameFAQs. Oh, and stuff on the
    Animal Crossing for Wii. It’s going to have it. Check it out.
    READ THE VERSION UPDATE COMPLETELY. It’s long, but it has some important stuff.
    Another day, another update. Somethin like that, I don’t know, it’s been like
    two weeks since the last update.
    As I stated in the new intro, half of you, the readers, are intelligent, well-
    mannered people with some very kind and uplifting words for my guide. I truly
    appreciate the immense support. On the other hand, the other half is composed of
    some of the most challenged people to ever walk the face of the earth. Since the
    nice people don’t make for good jokes, this version is dedicated to the
    stupidity of this game’s community. I’ve added two entire new sections, one
    based on all the emails I’ve received, and one based on just ignorant things
    that I’ve noticed about the people that play this game. I’ve censored the names
    of the people that these sections are based on, one by request, the others
    because they would probably thank me for including them in the guide. This, my
    friends, is gamefaqs magic. Welcome to v.rant
    (See intro)
    I'm not an expert an online trading, as evidenced by some topics I've
    posted on the boards ("Nintendo Bench for a Bajillion Bells Der!!"), so I'd
    really appreciate someone who would e-mail me their own written rendition
    of that section so I can add it in.  100,000 Bells and a very big mention
    in the guide for whoever contributes the most helpful guide first.
    I swear, if I get one more e-mail about "u forgoteded teh tabel tricksess!
    duuuuuuur" my head is going to implode.  I know about the table trick.  I
    don't like it.  It's cheating.  Stop telling me about it please.
    I know I said that anybody could use my FAQ.  But I never thought my info
    would be taken, copied, and used ON THE SAME WEBSITE.  I can't believe that
    GameFAQs would actually allow it.  Yeah.  So much for common courtesy.
    Well, mine's going to be better.  And I'm changing my copyrights.  You
    bunch of rotten, egg sucking, yella bellied, squirrel shootin, grandma
    slappin city slickers... :)
    Never in all my life have I had so many people interested in my work. 100
    contributions and 30,000 hits later, I’ve got myself a kickstart to a nice
    resume for jobs in Game Journalism. I’ve just been presented with a job on both
    that AC newsletter, but also as a reviewer for gamehelpers.com, a growing
    website. Life. Is. Gravy.
    Please, please, please email me anything you can think of related to AC. This
    is the guide’s final run, and I need to have absolutely everything perfect
    before I make the final casting call. In case you missed everything else in the
    guide but this note, my email is inohabloespanol@yahoo.com
    If you want something to make your Animal Crossing game fun again, I’m going to
    ask you one more time to check out this newsletter. If you want to contribute to
    it, or even write an entire article, send me an email, and I’ll pass the good
    word along to the editor. We’ve got big plans for this thing.
    Using Money for More Money
    Before I begin rattling on about all the wonderful nonsense mentioned in
    the contents, I have to make a few suggestions.  Before you can even begin to
    buy things with all the wealth you will (hopefully) accumulate from following
    this guide, you need to pay off your house to the point where you have a
    usable second story.  Trust me, you're going to have white turnips coming out
    your ears.  Very painful.  You'll need the space.  That and the purchase of a
    dresser is all you need.  I say this because you WILL need the storage and you
    WILL- no wait, there was only one reason.  Anyway, keep that in mind.
    How to Fossils
    Only in AC would hundreds of dead critters show up on a daily basis in
    your back yard.  Odd as it seems, three stars appear in your town every day.
    These stars can be dug up using the shovel, revealing either a pitfall, gyroid,
    or fossil, the latter of which is what this chapter is all about.  Fossils sell
    for quite a lot of money usually, but you can't do anything with them until you
    get them identified by the museum curator, Blathers, whom from what I can
    gather, cannot move his legs.  Simply talk to him, select "check fossil" and
    choose the fossil to be identified.  Blathers will faithfully begin studying the
    fossil while making a series of disturbing grunts and gasps for breath.  After
    this epileptic episode, he will ask whether or not you will donate the piece to
    the museum.  He won't ask if that type of fossil has already been donated.
    Fossils:  Sell or Donate?
    Here comes the eternal question, should you sell for the quick 2-5,000 bells,
    or Donate in order to make your museum a better place?  I recommend using
    fossils as a form of making cash only in the beginning of the game.  You'll
    need the extra dough to pay that house off as soon as possible (for the first
    few upgrades, anyway).  After that, rely on some of the following methods for
    your income, while you soup up that museum.  If you don't care about your
    museum, go ahead and sell.  No skin off your back.  Unless somebody you know
    needs a transplant.
    How to Fishing
    This is the best moneymaker that doesn't require an investment.  Save the
    measely 400 for the fishing rod and you have an all new source of income.
    Fishing is a very simple concept.  Stand facing a body of water and press A.
    This casts your line.  You'll have a floatymajigger type thing that will dip
    when a fish bites.  The most important thing to remember is that the fish has
    to be facing the thingymajigger to see it and to possibly take the bait.  You
    have to take into consideration the flow of water when casting towards a fish.
    In case you haven't already figured it out, the fish is that fish-like shadow.
    No der.  You also might want to let the line float a ways before pulling in so
    as to give a chance for the fish to react.  When a fish nibbles on your line,
    don't pull in (A) right away.  Wait until right after the floaty thingy goes
    under and makes the sploosh noise before reeling.  Get some practice in, and
    learn to time it right, and the fish is yours.  I tried eating them raw, but it
    seems that someone at Nintendo has some common sense.  Sell the fish for quick
    cash, donate it if it's a first timer, or keep it as a pet.  Practice, and
    you'll perfect the technique in no time.  O. And the reason that I called it the
    "floatymajigger" thing, that was a joke.  You know.  Like, hah hah.  I got an e-
    mail from some guy tellin me that it made me appear unintelligent.  Tell you
    what, if you actually have nothing better to do than correct spelling errors in
    some unimportant online FAQ, do it to somebody else's. I don't find it humorous
    when I get insulted.  I'll correct the spelling errors.  If that bothers you,
    print it out and use white out, but don't tell me about it.  I couldn't care
    Thoughts on Fishing
    This is the best quick cash method.  Once you get good at it, you'll be
    haulin in squirming nuggets o gold faster than a Californian with magnet
    gloves.  A full pack of fish can sometimes sell for 10,000.  It isn't the
    fastest way to make money, but it is an unlimited supply source, and it doesn't
    require but a 400 bell investment.  I highly recommend this technique until
    you're rich enough to live off of the "stalk market," which we'll get into
    later.  So go out and start endangering species, their pitiful lives are worth
    tons! Of money!
    How to Fruit
    This is, without a doubt, the biggest moneymaker in the game.  It is also
    one of the most time consuming, as it may take weeks before your orchard is
    complete.  There are 6 types of fruit: Apples, Oranges, Peaches, Cherries,
    Pears and Coconuts.  These are planted by digging a hole anywhere and dropping
    a fruit of any type in.  If you don't trample the sapling like some clumsy oaf,
    a new tree that will produce three of the type of buried fruit every three days
    will grow.  Trees can be planted in any soil but the sand on the beach.  The
    one exception are coconuts, which can only flourish in the soil directly above
    the sand; NOT THE SAND.
    Planting Strategy
    You're town starts out with one of the normal five fruits (never coconuts).
    This fruit sells for 100 bells apiece at Nook's shop.  Since each tree
    produces three fruits every three days, that adds up.  But it's not where the
    real money's at.  The reason this made this list is the selling price for fruit
    that isn't native to your town.  500 bells FOR A SINGLE FRUIT.  The fact that
    you can get over 200 trees in your town, each producing 3 500 bell fruit, is
    literally a mind-blowing amount of bells.  That equals 300,000 bells every 3
    days.  Yeah.  That's a lot.  How do you get these foreign fruits?  Everybody
    recommends going online to get them.  That's because everybody is an idiot.
    The quickest way to get some foreign fruit is to simply send a letter to a
    villager with one of your native fruits attached.  They will probably send a
    foreign fruit back.  Chop down a tree and plant the fruit where the stump used
    to be.  This is so you are pretty much guaranteed that the fruit tree will grow
    successfully.  After that, plant every fruit that grows from the tree (don't
    chop down anything for them), and every fruit that grows from those trees.  Do
    this until the town hall attendant tells you that you have too many trees in
    your town.  Chop down a few until she's satisfied, then start chopping down
    and replacing the stumps with that type of fruit.  Doing this will not only
    give you a perfect town, but a near unlimited supply of bells.  It's not
    balanced, but it'll make the other kids cry with jealousy.
    Thoughts of Fruit
    This is the way to get rich.  The only problem is, if you do the 200 trees
    thing, you'll have to spend about 3 hours picking the fruit.  If you are, you
    know, a nerd with no life, that's all fun and swell, but for me that just isn't
    worth it.  I got like, chicks and stuff.  Seriously.  Anyway, it IS the best
    way to make the moolah, so you pick.
    Foraging for Funds
    Heh. That has a nice ring to it.  Tongue twister.  Peterpiperpicksapeck-
    you know, it's not quite as challenging when you type it.  Anyway, that was
    random, and I apologize.  This is about using all the things you find to sell.
    I'm gone crack this off Dvd Duesday style, for all you AOTS fans.
    Seashells:  Good.  Quick.  Good money.  Takes a while to reappear.
    Native Fruit:  Quick cash.  Good for when you need a few extra bucks.
    Old Furniture:  Not much cash.  Sell it if it isn't rare.
    Recycled Furniture:  If you don't want it, sell it.
    Gyroids:  I hate em.  Nearly 1000 bells apeice.  Sell em all.
    Lost and Found stuff:  Nearly always crap.  Quick buck.
    Your own leg:  I'm joking.
    How to Money Trees
    Finally.  It's here.  MONEY TREES!!! yay.  whatever.  To grow one of these, you
    first need a golden shovel.  This will take about two days.  Buy a shovel.  Got
    it? Good. Now buy another shovel, like the next day or something.  Got it? Good
    .  Now bury one shovel with the first shovel, and just leave it.  The idea is
    to wait at least 24 hours before you dig the second shovel up again.  Before
    exactly that and this won't work.  After your 24 hours, dig it back up and it
    will be a golden shovel.  This would bring down the value of gold to nothing
    in a matter of hours if the media found out, so don't tell.  After you've
    gotten the golden shovel, dig a hole.  I know, you're tired of it.  Suck it up.
    Now the interesting part.  See, if you bury a money bag in this hole, there's a
    chance that it will grow into a tree that bears 3 bags containing the same
    amount of bells that was in the buried bag.  But there's a catch.  It might not
    grow AND the maximum you can get is three 30,000 bell bags, or 90,000 bells,
    for our less mathematically gifted viewers. So burying over 90,000 bells is
    pretty much pointless.  Also, if you bury 1,000 bells, there's a 1% chance a
    money tree will grow.  A tree will grow regardless, but it might not have money
    on it. If you bury 10,000 bells, on the other hand, there's a 10% chance a
    money tree will grow.  50,000 buried bells equals a 50% chance of growth, and
    so on. Every thousand bells adds one percent chance of growth to your overall
    chance. Got it? Good. Keep in mind that the tree won't grow more than 90,000
    bells, though.  Also, it will not regrow bells like a normal fruit tree.
    Thoughts on Money Trees
    It's Chancy. Your Choice
    Online/Local Trading
    I'm no expert at online trading, in fact, I suck at it.  That's why I'm
    begging anyone to help me.  PLEASE.  Turnips I got, I just need maybe a list of
    items considered rare and that therefore sell for more, some strategies, and
    whatever else you throw in.  There is a bell award.
    Cheating Your Friends and Family for Fun and Profit
    Now this is something I can tell you about.  Once you already have a
    decent catalog, prepare to make some cash if you have access to online or local
    multiplayer.  My dad is a really philosophical kinda guy.  An engineer for NASA
    actually.  Basically, he has way to much think time on his hands.  Anyway, he
    one day explained the basis of trading.  It's called the "greatest fool."  Now
    you may be thinking, oh boy, here comes a sarcastic Migito moment.  But it's
    really pretty practical.  You see, everybody has wants.  Depending on how much
    they value these wants, they set a price in their mind.  You can always push
    this price up a bit.  The trick is to not push the item you are selling up too
    far, or they will become stubborn and revert to that original price they had
    set in their mind.  Here comes the fool part.  When figuring out how much that
    particular item is worth, you must decide how much to pay for it.  If you don't
    have an item in your catalog, where everything is pretty much cheap, you may
    have to go online to buy the item.  If you buy the item for more than the
    customer is willing to pay, you have become the greatest fool.  Don't ask how
    much the person is willing to pay, because then they'll figure out that they
    are at the moment they are the greatest fool, and then YOU once again become
    the greatest fool.  That's about as complicated as I'm going to get this whole
    guide, so be wary of vampiric squirrels!!!(joke explained in thanks)
    Local/Online Stalk Market
    Here comes my take on the one thing that 90% of the topics on the boards
    are about.  If you know nothing about turnips, skip this and go to the white
    turnips section.  If you do have an IQ above 20, stay here and read on.  As you
    know, everybody that owns the game has their own turnip price every day.  Some
    are better than others.  A lot better.  This is where taking advantage of
    others begins.  If you have an incredible price on turnips, (400+) and have an
    online connection, take your town to market.  What I mean is post your price on
    a board and charge an entrance price.  Before doing so, check out what other
    people have in their towns, and see what THEY are charging for entrance.  No
    one wants to pay 100,000 for entrance to a town with turnips buying for 500
    bells when some other guy has nook shelling out 600 bells a pop and he's only
    charging 75,000 bells for entrance.  Local people will generally let you in for
    free, or for however much money you have, since it's assumed you're friends
    since you're playing together.  If they won't let you in for cheap, simply lob
    something heavy at them, that way when they're passed out, you can open their
    gates.  You could also blackmail.  Lobbing things is more fun, though.  When
    the cops ask, I didn't tell you that.
    Red Turnips
    Every Sunday from six to twelve in the morning, a creepy old hog type thing
    wearing a bonnet, named Joan, shows up randomly walking around your town.
    She's packing two typed of turnips, red and white, the former being the subject
    of this chapter.  Good 'ol Joan has the memory of an elephant... that has had a
    lobotomy.  Every single time she shows up, she only remembers to bring ONE PACK
    OF SEEDS.  Aggravated?  You will be when you find out how much these things are
    worth.  Buy the pack, which cost only 1,000 bells.  Find a easily visibly area,
    and plant it.  (Doesn't require a hole, plant like a flower)  Now here's the
    catch:  you have to water this thing every single day or it will die.  That
    doesn't sound so bad.  I mean, you know, what's a thousand bells?  The little
    wussy will die after a week also.  BUT, if you water it every day and sell it
    the end of the week, Old Man Nook will take it off your hands for 15,000 bells.
    Now you know why it's aggravating that you can only buy one.
    Thoughts on Red Turnips
    This is an okay way to make cash, but it really doesn't feel worth the
    dedication in the end.  If you play AC every day of the week, buy you a pack of
    big red.  But if for any reason you can't make it to your ds even one day of a
    whole week, this is a waste of time and money.  Not my favorite.  Also, the
    fact that you can only buy one pack at a time makes this technique a pass.
    It pretty much sucks.
    How to White Turnips
    Heeeeeeeeeeere we go.  Your one way ticket to "retirement" from picking
    fruit.  Also from the large-headed Joan, these are AC's version of a one-
    product stock market.  Joan will sell these at varying prices every Sunday.
    There is an unlimited supply, so buy all you like.  Joan's selling prices
    usually hover around 100 bells, with exceptions.  The reason you should spend
    all your hard-earned cash on the turnips?  Tom Nook's buying price raises or
    lowers randomly from Monday-Saturday.  Buy low, sell high, make a load, milk
    the system.
    Investment Strategy
    Like I said before, Joan's selling price is usually around 100 bells.  The
    only time you should refrain from buying is when she's selling for more than
    about 130 bells.  More than that and you're risking it.  But if you feel lucky,
    go ahead.  If you're rich to the point that you're just making more money for
    bragging purposes, invest every time.  Though you'll probably want to rip off
    someone’s face when you get messed over.  Fair warning.  Check Tom Nook's every
    day.  If you don't get a price that you would make a decent amount of money on
    by Wednesday, sell on the next price that comes up that will get you your money
    back.  If Nook at any time offers 30 bells more than what you bought them for,
    sell.  It's worth it.  DO NOT WAIT UNTIL SATURDAY TO SELL.  Why the urgency?
    Like their red counterparts, white turnips spoil after Saturday.  These are
    some good rules to follow when investing.  Don't follow them and you'll
    probably get hosed.
    Thoughts on White Turnips
    This is the way to make the REAL money.  Paired with a good fruit orchard,
    you'll have your house paid off in no time with smart investments.  Always
    check with Joan.  ALWAYS.  If you have to time travel a few hours to get her,
    do it.  But the turnips don't survive tting, so be warned.  You won't be able
    to change back till you sell.   Suck on that, tters.
    Notes on White Turnips
    I got a very interesting e-mail from some random dude named Master5871
    (whole lot of masters out there) who held a very interesting bit of knowledge
    that I'd never heard before.  Turns out old man Nookinton changes his turnip
    prices after noon.  That means you have two chances a day to make tons, not
    just one.  I didn't know, so maybe you didn't.  Then again, I also don't know
    what I ate for breakfast, so it's not a high standard.
    Get a lot of money, put it in the bank, get a very small amount of
    interest.  Not very useful if you're trashed, but if you have a ton of cash
    anyway, why not?  You're better off putting your money into turnips though.
    Somebody kill this man.  This is the biggest cash devouring monster in any
    game in my recent memory.  Give the insane little stalker a good bug net whack,
    but for the love of God, don't talk to him.  If you do make the mistake of
    speaking to this weasel, who shows up every Saturday, he'll make you answer a
    3-question survey that always ends the same way: him offering you insurance.
    Sounds useful right?  If so, you have an ear infection.  This pays about a
    100th of what you paid for the insurance in the first place.  Sort of like
    insurance in real life.  Anyway, if you get stung by a bee or hosed by Redd,
    he'll give you some money.  And by money, I mean just enough to wipe your tail
    with.  Not a lot.
    The Flea Market
    Every once in a while, every animal in town hosts their very own small
    shop in their home.  Go, because they will buy some items for up to three times
    what Nook would pay.  A very nice way to make cash.  Not much else you can say.
    Just don't depend on it.  It's not an every day thing.
    UPDATE: I’ve recently been informed of a trick you can use to exploit the
    foolish little villagers. Sometimes after you sell an item to an animal, it will
    appear in the recycle bin, where you can go and pick it up again. This allows
    you to potentially sell the same item multiple times to the same animal. Proving
    once and for all that not only that elephants DO forget, but also that there’s
    always someone dumber than you.
    Ever notice those little floaty things that, you know, float around on the
    top screen sometimes?  Those are BALOONS.  Much to the excitement of millions
    of brain-dead children around the world, balloons are in this game.  It doesn't
    make much sense, but for some reason, balloons will float over your town about
    every ten minutes.  There is a reason Nook has all those slingshots in his shop
    .  That's what you use to shoot down those balloons.
    Animal Deliveries
    If you ever played the first Animal Crossing, you'll probably be expecting
    to have to do tons of deliveries in this game.  Let's face it, in the first
    game there were about three things animals would say to you: "I lost my
    glasses, bought this shirt for (insert random pantless animal here), or I
    found (insert other random pantless animal here)'s Gameboy and you can't play
    it because this is a stupid game and Nintendo likes to torture people."  It got
    old.  Real fast.  BUT, you were also expecting NES games, and we didn't get
    those either.  Yes.  No more stupid, repetitive animal deliveries.  You can
    still deliver for animals by simply talking to them and hope it comes up in the
    conversation, but there is no longer the option to deliver on the screen.  You
    know what I mean.  Delivering for the animals is a pretty bad way to make cash.
    If you want furniture, or just brownie points with the animals, this is a good
    way to pass the time, but if the animals do decide to pay you, it probably won't
    be over 1,000 bells.  Not really worth your time.  On the other hand, you could
    sell the furniture and other items you are likely to get from them, which could
    bring in some cash flow.  Your choice.  It's almost worth it just to watch your
    neighbor pull a couch out of his pants.
    Animal Hobbies
    Okay, Animals have hobbies.  These really annoying mindless desires for a
    certain type of thing, such as pink furniture, or the left leg of all the other
    animals.  One of the two, I forget.  Anyway, these hobbies pop up in random
    conversation with your townspeople AND DON'T GO AWAY UNTIL YOU FUFILL THEM.
    Sometimes they'll stay even though you fulfilled them, but I'm not sure.  Anyway
    if you really just hate money, go right ahead.  I bought a pink couch for Cesar,
    because, apparently, he's like that, and he paid me about half of what I paid to
    get the thing.  Sometimes you get furniture, but you're safer off doing some
    "Magical" Rocks
    I don't really care what you call them, magical or red, players of the original
    Animal Crossing for GCN will probably remember one of the tricks in the game
    that made even less sense than the others.  Basically, hit a rock with a shovel,
    and money might come shooting out of it.  Yeah.  See, every day a different rock
    is... financial... um. Well, it has money in it. Basically just run around like
    an idiot every day hitting every rock in town.  You could add some strategy to
    it.  I'm serious.  I'm literally about to give you a strategy for hitting a rock
    with a shovel.  What has our world come to?
    Rock Strategy
    Okay, the more you hit the rock that has the money within a certain time limit,
    the more money comes out.  It comes out in an order something like this.
    1 hit- 100 bells
    2 hit- 200 bells
    3 hit- 300 bells
    4 hit- um. More than that.
    Look, I don't know.  Just hit the rock a bunch and money comes out.  The details
    aren't really necessary.  Although the way you stand is, see, you get knocked
    back every time you hit the rock, and since you only have a small amount of time
    that the rock will produce money, that's a bad thing.  Luckily for you, some guy
    whose name I'll have to add in a later version came up with a way to stop the
    recoil.  Simply dig two holes like this: Oh, crap. I accidentally made it so the
    graph is split between two pages... I'll fix that with some random thoughts.
    If you throw money at people, is that assault, or charity?
    How'd that whale fly over that kid at the end of "Free Willy"? It should of
    like, crushed him.  That would have been a better ending.
    How much wood COULD a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
    Okay, I'm done.  Wait, they don't have pages in FAQs, do they? God, I'm stupid.
    Key: R=Rock 0=Hole X=You
    RRRRRR XX  000
           XX 00000
          000  000
    I for one think that's a very good picture.  Anyway, you stand approximately
    where the X is, and face the rock.  Then start hitting and don't stop, if you
    placed the two holes correctly, you won't move backwards enough to the point
    that you will miss the rock.  This will assure that you can hit the rock as many
    times as possible before it stops spitting out the cash.
    Overall Best
    Do some foraging and whatnot while you expand your foreign fruit orchard.
    Doing so will give you the funds to get into white turnip investment, which is
    the absolute best way to make money.  That's pretty much all there is too it.
    Just have fun.
    Overall Thoughts
    Make your own strategy using any of the suggested ways to make cash, then
    buy what you want with it.  That's the point of AC, customization and
    uniqueness on every cartridge.  Don't conform.  But remember, if you let your
    obsession with getting virtual money go to far, such as planting an orchard
    that takes 3 hours to pick, you've stepped over the line.  There's more to life
    than video games, don't donate so much of yours to them.  That's about it.
    Have fun and make some cash.  Just don't expect it all to happen in one day,
    cuz it won't.  I hope you enjoyed reading this FAQ, and found it useful.  If
    you didn't, you can die for all I care.  Thank you.
    RANT: Your Emails
    This is unbelievable. I’m about to hurt some people’s feelings. They deserve it.
    All of the following emails were sent to me within ONE MONTH AGO. After the
    biggest inside joke in my guide is the hated “table trick,” these people still
    sent me this, as if it was their idea. One person even went so far as to
    personally mail me about how much he hated my writing. I’ve withheld all names,
    because I have like, 1 kind bone in my body. Here we go.
    Email 1: hey, well, i just got done reading your guide, and i noticed your white
    turnip section. you said that they spoil the next sunday. but, if you place the
    turnips on a table, they will not spoil. eh? it always works for me...
    anyways, if you want to "recognize" me for this tip my GameFaq name is CENSORED.
    if you dont want to i dont care. nice guide though
    My Response: Holy mother of squirrels that is genius. I’m adding this
    Email 2: I would like to know how to get 5 million (or a million) bells on this
    game (Animal Crossing : Wild World), so that I can pay off my loan, on the game
    I have read your Animal Crossing : Wild World guide (money guide) and doesn't
    say nothing about getting 5 million bells
    I would appreciate your help as to how you can do this
    Could you send me this As Soon As Possible
     Thank you
    My Response: That’s a fantastic idea. Wish I’d thought of that (what the?)
    Email 3: this is a very nice guide but is not the best for someone that just
    bought the game, lol. i could use a few better tips and stuff.
    My Response: Well thanks for that little tip, CENSORED. Unfortunately, I don't
    care about your opinion, and i could have spent the time reading your message to
    do something important, like wiping my own butt. So now, i'm going to print out
    your email and use it as toilet paper. Thanks!
    Email 4: ok, I saw in your Animal Crossing money FAQ that you didn't have any
    thing about how to keep your turnips frsh for more than a week...it's a glitch,
    but a good one none the less. all you have to do is own a table. go to your
    table and drop your something (like a tool or paper). then drop your turnips.
    instead of them going onto the floor, they'll go onto the table and they'll
    never spoil!! I thought that was pretty neat...
    My Response: (Okay, this person I actually felt bad for, because they were very
    quick to realize their mistake, so I posted this anyway without their name)
    Email 5: Hi, I read your guide, nice job, it really helps. Anyway, you mentioned
    a tabley cheat, and even though I might not do it, I would like to know how to
    do it and what it does.
    My Response: Whoa. Thanks for that. I’m adding an entire section in your name
    buddy. (Side note, he did compliment my guide, so I still like that guy, but he
    did send me like 50 emails, and I’m just trying to prove my point, so there ya
    And that’s just a little sample of the horrors that I’ve endured. All of these
    are very recent. But for the love of not boring the reader to death, I’ve
    decided that that’s all you really need to see to get my point. Out of all 175+
    emails I’ve received about the guide, about 1 out of 5 is like one of those.
    People correcting ma grammar and speelling in the guide (deep joke), people
    telling me they want a better guide, or people sending in the same trick over
    and over and over. I love every single one. Even the ones that are personal
    insults I enjoy. Why? Because I’m better at insults, and it brings me joy to
    shoot some right back at em. Some people mentioned above are not really
    ignorant, but you have to admit, I talk about how much I hate the table trick
    all over the place. It’s pretty bad. Now on the my next section of ranting.
    RANT: The Online Community
    These are the people that I don’t tolerate with a smile on my face. The people
    that I don’t just shoot some clever little remark at. The people that don’t like
    me, because I don’t like them. It’s you. It might not be. You might not even
    have a wifi connector. If so, good. You aren’t hurting anybody. If you do have
    one, I’m talking to you. Since the launch of this game, people have been trying
    to find out ways to either A: Shoot through the game with absolutely no effort,
    making millions of bells so they can flood the community with cash, or B:
    Destroy other’s towns for laughs. If you think that’s funny, you’ll probably
    think this is funny too: You have no life. You probably have never had a
    girlfriend, and you are almost 100% to be overweight. Hard. Cold. To the point.
    That’s how I roll.
    Once upon a time an ugly little person came up with the fantastic concept of
    HACKING into AC. Squealing with joy over his brilliant idea, he then proceeded
    to flood the online community with his program, and billions of bells that no
    one worked for. This led to people having absolutely no life whatsoever, as they
    made it their only goal in life to collect every friggin item in the game using
    all their little hacker tools. In short, that person deserves to be stripped
    naked and drug out into a road, where he should then be flogged with a rabid
    squirrel tied to a stick. I hate hackers. Email me about it if you don’t like
    Other people are fed up with you too. Here’s a little rant that someone
    requested for me to add in.
    people with golden fishing rods and nets bug me because 1. the game hasn't even
    been out a full year and you either have to hack or TT to get them, both of
    which I highly disaprove of. second they piss me off because a lot of the people
    who have them probably didn't do all of the work to get them. (that may sound
    weird to you because you have the whole "don't let video games rule your life"
    thing which I agree with) but I've noticed that this game kind of reflects real
    life (only there are animals that talk and stand on two legs... but you get my
    point)and using hacks and cheating to get ahead is bad and I guess it proves
    that nice guys and fair players do finish last... it's a sad world... but the
    good thing is that you can't really time travel in real life and hacking in acww
    would be like using magic in real which is also impossible so that's one good
    thing to know that the hackers and cheaters won't be able to do that to get
    ahead in the real world. but it still pisses me off. booty
    He has horrible spelling, grammer, and method, but that’s not the point. He also
    asked me to “funny it up,” so I added the word booty at the end. That’s not the
    point either. The point is, you people are very very very aggravating. I plan on
    making a v.rant2, so I’d like any and all comments, questions and critisms, to
    be sent to my email address. I want your input, whether good, bad, or ugly. I
    even want it if you hate me. Send it to
    The next update will be the peoples update. All new sections will be composed of
    what you think, no me. I just want your voice to be heard. I promise I will add
    every opinion, no matter how much I disagree with it. Get writing. And try to
    spell things correctly.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Oh boy, here comes the mindlessness.  These are the questions that I've
    received at my e-mail account since the launch of this guide.  Some are good,
    some are bad, one of them was a virus.  Whatever the case, I'd like to thank
    everyone who mailed me.  Even if I did go off on you for the table thing.
       Hey do yoo no abouted teh tableh trick!!?!!?!!1!1eleven1!?/!? I am
    contribooted to yoor faaq of teh website gamefaaqs.comn!!!1!1!pancakes1!!1 Yoooo
    will rekoognize me for telleen yoo bout teh talbeh trickss???1///?
       I'm going to scream if I get one more e-mail about the table trick using the
       turnips.  I know what it is.  It's cheating.  This guide is not intended for
       cheaters.  I know most of you don't care and probably don't consider it
       cheating.  But it exploits a fault in the game and it opens up a whole new
       reason to time travel.  Don't do it.  It's way more interesting that way.
       Table Trick
    Question: You said Redd is worthless, but what about the King Tut’s mask?
    Answer: Yes. I am aware that Redd pays you a small fee whenever you fall down,
    and I’m also aware that the King Tut’s mask makes you fall down. But here’s the
    thing. That fee that Redd pays you? It’s not big. In fact, if you play all day,
    you’ll get about 1000 bells. Even if you have no social life, and you enjoy
    playing a video game all day, this feature makes Redd even more worthless. What
    do I mean? It’s free MONEY! I’ll tell you. Every time you fall down, not only do
    you lost a couple of seconds of playtime, you lose a couple of seconds of your
    real life. Making 1000 bells not only requires about 5 hours of gameplay, it
    adds up to about 3 minutes of gametime lost. You could have spent this 3 minutes
    picking fruit to get 1000 bells in that amount of time: 3 minutes. Or, you could
    have spent 5 hours enjoying real life. This adds to my summary of Redd. Not only
    is he a waste of money, he is programmed to destroy your life. And that, my
    friends, is my conspiracy theory of the day.
    Question: Do money trees regrow money like fruit trees?
    Answer: In the immortal words of Mr. T, I pity da fool. No, it doesn’t regrow,
    and I’m sorry for not pointing that out originally. I’ve added that to the money
    tree section.
    Question: Can I play an online game with you?
    Answer: No.
    Question: Would you like the opportunity to invest in our hottest new stock?
    Answer: I literally get about 7 of these per day. And they all say the same
    thing, and they all come from (supposedly) a different person. Whoever the
    genius is, I have some words of wisdom for you. Stop the crap or I’ll track you
    down, and shut you down. This is the only time I’ve been serious in this guide,
    but I’m dead serious. I have the resources and boredom to fuel your demise.
    Cheats that I Know About but Won’t Tell You Because It’s Cheating.
    If you think about the title long enough, you’ll get it. I’m not going to
    explain how to do the trick, since all you filthy cheaters apparently already
    know how. I’m just going to name the cheat and why I think it’s wrong.
    Cheat: The tabley trickeysess!!11!1seven!11!!!
    Why Not: Okay. A lot of the reasons doing most of the tricks on this list is
    because of its affect to the online community. If you don’t have online, table
    trick your heart out. If you DO, however, DON’T DO IT. Why? Because it brings in
    tons. And tons. Of money. Anybody with half a brain and a wifi connector is of
    course going to go out there and buy lots of stuff. This floods the virtual
    community with money, and raises the value of even the most common of items.
    Most people like to call this cycle “bad.” That’s because it is. Very. It
    destroys the online community.
    Cheat: Centennial TT for cash.
    Why Not: It requires you to tt ahead 100 years. This one is just stupid. Not
    only does it completely destroy your town, It only gives you like 10,000 bells
    every time you do it. It’s like you people have all had lobotomies of something.
    Seriously. Go ahead and do this one. If you’re a cheater you deserve to have
    your town destroyed.
    Cheat: TTing.
    Why Not: I could go on all day with this one, as it is the root of all evil in
    AC. Not only does it flood the online market with money by the gallons, it
    floods it with items that no one else has yet. This one cheat is the thing that
    completely destroyed the Animal Crossing online community. If you don’t go
    online, it’s still not completely fine as it disrupts what makes AC AC. That’s
    not quite as bad as what the fools with their little wifi connectors have done,
    but just don’t do it.
    Cheat: Hacking.
    Why Not: If you are simply making landscape changes are adding some “hacked”
    items, I encourage this. Things like Mansion Seeds cause no harm to the online
    community, and it’s a great distraction for when you become otherwise bored with
    your game. However, if you use your hacking ability to create tons of rare
    items, like crowns, this is even worse than tting. I’ve been in towns where you
    could literally see nothing but golden crowns. They filled the entire screen,
    and covered about 1/4 of his town. It reminded me of those harvesting fields in
    the Matrix. Bad.
    Cheat: TT for interest
    Why Not: Ok. This is the thing that Ariel sent me. I told him I would put it in,
    and kept him hanging for about 3 months. I feel kinda bad about it, so I’m going
    to go against the good name of this section and explain this trick. Basically,
    what you do Is put all you money in the bank and tt ahead about thirty years.
    Then you collect your interest and add it back into the bank, then you tt ahead
    another 30 years, collect the interest again, and add it back to the bank.
    Repeat the process one more time and you will have increased your funds by a
    huge margin. Yes. It’s cheating. But I’d be a complete jerk to let Ariel down
    after 3 months. So, there you go.
    Why Not: I’m going to say this in Caveman form, so even the least gifted of you
    can understand. Table Trick BAD. TTing BAD. Hacking BAD. Flooding the online
    market with hundreds of items and a surplus of bells BAD. YOU NO DO THESE OR NO
    Thanks and Contribution Recognition
    I just updated this massively. To be exact, if you’ve ever contributed or
    attempted to contribute by emailing me, you got a recognition here. If I left
    out anybody, I apologize. Tell me and I’ll add it.
    My insomnia and ADHD, which worked together to form an uncontrollable urge
    to stay up till 3:00 in the morning and to type this in two days.
    Jesus, because I felt like it, have free speech, and am a Christian.
    Offended?  Oh well.  Don't be.  Welcome to America.
    GameFAQs, because I'm  guessing if you're reading this, they accepted it.
    My Uncle Clyde, who gave me this laptop.
    FEMA, who helped my devastated hometown recover to the point that we now
    have electricity, internet, and everything that basic life in the US of A
    requires.  Took a while, but we got it done.  A special thanks to the guy
    who invented chainsaws.  We'd be hosed without you.
    Master5871, for his vital info on White Turnips.
    Tim Burrows, for giving me the greatest constructive criticism I've ever
    had.  The man practically wrote this guide.  Thanks a bundle.  And I'm so
    sorry I got your name wrong the first time.  Seriously, my bad.
    Jonathan Broom, for his reminder that you can cheat people you know out of
    cash.  He also requested that I make a vampiric squirrel joke.  So I did,
    look for it.  By the way, dude, that was weird. :)
    A special thanks to "Jizzah a.k.a. Dawg from the Netherlands." His name on   his
    e-mail account was Jay Wie.  Also to his girlfriend, (And I have no idea   what
    this means) SonjaMortalKombatBanneDeluxe.  That was a weird request man.
    Whatever.  Shout out to his girlfriend though.  Or somethin.
    Jared Molinaro, for sending me an entire guide on money trees.  I mean like
    ten pages.  Thanks man.
    Ariel Aguayo, and I finally got his name right, and added his contribution. Plus
    I have a G-rand total of about 19 references and apologies to him scattered
    randomly throughout the guide. He gave that evil tt cheat that I was forced to
    add. Sorry for the wait man.
    Devin Walker, for reminding me to include info on money tree bell regrowth.
    “Derek,” for inspiring me to do the rant on the King Tut’s mask.
    Caleb Coulter, for the flea market recycle bin trick.
    Ian Fagan, for inspiring my rant on the Centennial tt trick.
    Paul Sheperd, for making me laugh at his illiteracy.
    Joe Vandee, for again, reminding me about money tree regrowth.
    Paogio Cartasegoa- For having such an unusual name that all of his messages went
    straight to the spam folder, and for correcting himself after he sent me a blank
    Billy Klebe, for flooding my box with the most random garbage I’ve ever heard in
    my life. (sarcasm implied)
    “Shadez,” for info on Redd.
    Christophe Baudet, for his kind and uplifting words about the guide.
    Sian Steen, for his positive feedback.
    Nathan Schneekluth, for reminding me about money rocks.
    Sally Kiner, for showing her appreciation for my openness about being a
    Polly Jordas, for wasting half my life (inside joke)
    Ben Fletcher, for having a name that sounds like an actor, and for questions
    about money tree regrowth.
    Kaylz Mcdonald-Lawson, for her compliments about my writing.
    Daniel Rouse, for his strategy for fruit picking.
    “Suicide Queen,” for a red turnip strategy and info on the flea market.
    Alexander Schirling AKA “Rayne,” for a massive amount of info on everthing from
    magic rocks to fishing. That was helpful. Big thanks.
    Lars-Christian Gylland, for his unique info on balloons, which I would have
    doubtless never found anywhere else.
    Vina Bahrag, for the kind words.
    John Shamsholan, for his 10/10 rating for the guide.
    Erik Ingeman, more info on the flea market.
    Jared Slate, for further fuel on the King tut/Redd rant
    Mark A Kral, for more flea market info.
    Lauren Claoninger, a fellow Christian with kind words
    Tristan Theburge, for the very invaluable info on the Red Turnips.
    “Noah,” both for his fuel for the king tut rant, and for that whole “putting the
    animals on the boat so they don’t go extinct” thing.
    What's supposed to be Copyrights
    I now know what copyrights are for.  If I see one more thing that I wrote
    first pop up on this website, (the other money guide) I'll report it.  I don't
    care if you link to this, or post it on your own website, or tape it to your
    fridge! Just don't make another money guide on the same website I did! Is it
    that difficult?  Common sense people!  Anywhere BUT DIRECTLY UNDER MINE, post it
    anywhere, just not HERE!!! And don't change my words, or take credit.  I'll
    throw a taco at you.
    The End

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