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    WFC Letters FAQ by Liquefy

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    A Specialized FAQ for Animal Crossing: Wild World
    Nintendo WFC Letters
    This is version C, created by Liquefy on January 4, 2008.  Version A was 
    created on March 5, 2007.  If you have any questions, corrections, additions, 
    suggestions, or comments, please contact me at jps5@hotmail.com.
    In Animal Crossing: Wild World (ACWW), you can receive letters, with gifts 
    attached, from Nintendo!  To get them, you must enable downloads using the 
    Telephone in your attic bedroom.  Connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection (WFC) by 
    either opening your Gate or attempting to visit another town.  If you connect 
    during the time period that the letter is being distributed, it will appear in 
    your mailbox.
    The following lists the beginning date of distribution, the gift attached, the 
    name of the stationery used, and a transcript of the text for each of the WFC 
    letters distributed so far.
    ********** Date:  late November 2005
    Gift:  Crown
    Stationery:  ???
    "Dear [name],
    Thanks for your testing
    Letter downloading test
    Version:8(appended key)
    From Animal Crossing Stuff"
    This first WFC letter was reported by some of the IGN ACWW Contest winners, who 
    received copies of ACWW about a week prior to its North American release date.  
    Reports of receiving this WFC letter also appeared at NSider forums on December 
    15, 2005.
    ********** Date:  January 12, 2006
    Gift:  Coin
    Stationery:  New Year's Cards
    "Dear [name],
    I hope you are enjoying
    your Nintendo DS. Please
    accept this New Year's
    gift with my gratitude.
    From S. Iwata"
    This Nintendo "celebration" of New Year's Day was disrespectfully late.
    ********** Date:  January 26, 2006
    Gift:  glitched Red Tulips
    Stationery:  Butterfly Paper
    "Dear [name],
    From Nintendo"
    This WFC letter was accidentally available only for several hours on January 26,
    2006.  It was the result of a temporary internal error with the communication 
    tool used to upload the letters onto the network.  The Red Tulips could be 
    planted anywhere in town (including plazas and bridges), creating a permanent 
    spot where anything else could be planted or buried.  Also, the Red Tulips 
    could be dropped in your house, creating a permanently unusable spot.
    ********** Date:  February 13, 2006
    Gift:  1,000 bells
    Stationery:  Snowy Paper
    "Dear [name],
    It's been far to [sic] long
    since my last letter.
    From Nintendo"
    ********** Date:  February 14, 2006
    Gift:  Lovely Loveseat
    Stationery:  Lovely Paper
    "Dear [name],
    Roses are nice
    and chocolates are, too.
    But what's even nicer
    is a bud that's true blue.
    Your friendo [sic], Nintendo"
    This WFC letter was meant to celebrate Valentine's Day.
    ********** Date:  February 21, 2006
    Gift:  Top Hat
    Stationery:  Tortimer Paper
    "Hello there, [name],
    Though I'm not technically
    president (yet!), you
    should still take this day
    to celebrate ME!
    Your leader, Tortimer"
    This WFC letter was meant to celebrate President's Day, an American holiday.
    ********** Date:  May 5, 2006
    Gift:  Sombrero
    Stationery:  Fireworks Paper
    "Dear [name],
    Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Vamos
    a celebrar en la manera
    mas bella y poetica:
    con sombreros grandes.
    Tu Amigo, Nintendo"
    This WFC letter was meant to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican holiday.
    ********** Date:  May 8, 2006
    Gift:  Daffodil
    Stationery:  Butterfly Paper
    "Dear [name],
    Buy low, sell high, and
    call your mom on Mother's
    Day. These are the keys
    to a regret free life.
    This WFC letter was meant to celebrate Mother's Day.
    ********** Date:  July 27, 2006
    Gift:  Sleeping Bag
    Stationery:  Mushroom Paper
    "Dear [name],
    Nothing says summer like
    camping and playing Animal
    Crossing under the stars!
    Now go outside!
    From Nintendo"
    ********** Date:  August 1, 2006
    Gift:  Lawn Chair
    Stationery:  Fireworks Paper
    "Dear [name],
    KABLAM! KABLOOM! Remember
    that you can watch the
    fireworks every Saturday
    night in August too!
    From Nintendo"
    ********** Date:  August 14, 2006
    Gift:  Jade Check Print
    Stationery:  Notebook Paper
    "Dear [name],
    It's almost time again to
    pack up the grill and hit
    the books. Here's a new
    pattern to ease the pain.
    From Nintendo"
    ********** Date:  August 18, 2006
    Gift:  Combat Helmet
    Stationery:  Vine Paper
    "Dear [name],
    The Bug-Off is coming up!
    Don't waste your time
    with fleas, because only
    the biggest bug will win!
    From Nintendo"
    A notice to look for this letter appeared at www.nintendo.com.
    ********** Date:  September 1, 2006
    Gift:  Kayak
    Stationery:  Cloudy Paper
    "Dear [name],
    Labor Day's the perfect
    time for a trip. Why not
    visit a friend in another
    town? It'll be fun!
    From Nintendo"
    This WFC letter was meant to celebrate Labor Day, an American holiday.
    *********** Date:  September 8, 2006
    Gift:  Arwing
    Stationery:  Star Paper
    "Dear [name],
    Star Fox Command stats
    are live! We were going
    to give you Slippy, but
    take this instead!
    From Nintendo"
    ********** Date:  September 15, 2006
    Gift:  Sandbag
    Stationery:  Notebook Paper
    "Dear [name],
    It's time to study hard
    again, but don't forget to
    kick back once in a while.
    This may help you out.
    From Nintendo"
    ********** Date:  September 28, 2006
    Gift:  Candy Machine
    Stationery:  Hamburger Paper
    "Dear [name],
    Yay Day is next week!
    Remember, if you can't
    say something nice, say
    something creative.
    From Nintendo"
    This WFC letter was delayed from September 22, due to a temporary disruption in 
    the availability of WFC servers.
    ********** Date:  September 29, 2006
    Gift:  Fall Leaf Shirt
    Stationery:  Forest Paper
    "Dear [name],
    The Acorn Festival draws
    near! Soon, all my loyal
    followers will pay me an
    oaky tribute. Heh heh!
    Cornimer the Mysterious"
    ********** Date:  October 6, 2006
    Gift:  Sewing Machine
    Stationery:  Town View Paper
    "Dear [name],
    The Flea Market is today!
    It's the perfect time to
    unload your old junk
    onto unsuspecting victims!
    From Nintendo"
    ********** Date:  October 20, 2006
    Gift:  Watermelon Chair
    Stationery:  Maple Leaf Paper
    "Dear [name],
    Only one day remains in
    the Acorn Festival, so get
    moving! My hunger for
    acorns remains unsated!
    Cornimer the Mysterious"
    A notice in Nintendo Power Magazine said to look for a WFC letter on October 20,
    2006, with a very rare gift.  Instead, the letter above was distributed, 
    obviously a week late because the Acorn Festival ended earlier in the month.  
    The WFC letter with the "rare" gift never arrived.
    ********** Date:  November 17, 2006
    Gift:  Master Sword
    Stationery:  Forest Paper
    "Dear [name],
    Sunday's the big day, so
    take this to distract you
    from those last, painful
    hours of waiting!
    From Nintendo"
    A notice to look for this WFC letter appeared in Nintendo Power magazine.  It 
    was meant to celebrate the release of the Nintendo Wii.
    ********** Date:  November 23, 2006
    Gift:  Bowling Pins
    Stationery:  Nook Paper
    "Dear [name],
    Here's a little something
    to celebrate the release
    of Wii Sports!
    From Nintendo"
    ********** Date:  December 8, 2006
    Gift:  Red Pom-Pom Hat
    Stationery:  Snowman Paper
    "Dear [name],
    It's a proven fact that
    hats with pom-poms keep
    you 34 percent warmer
    than other hats.
    From Nintendo"
    ********** Date:  December 22, 2006
    Gift:  Bonfire
    Stationery:  Snowy Paper
    "Dear [name],
    Nothing says "Season's
    Greetngs" [sic] like a giant
    bonfire in your living
    room. Happy Holidays!
    From Nintendo"
    ********** Date:  January 5, 2007
    Gift:  New Year's Cards (one)
    Stationery:  Fireworks Paper
    "Dear [name],
    Happy 2007! Why don't you
    celebrate the new year by
    writing letters to your
    favorite villagers?
    From Nintendo"
    ********** Date:  January 12, 2007
    Gift:  Lucky Cat
    Stationery:  Goldfish Paper
    "Dear [name],
    Nothing livens up a house
    like a shiny gold trophy.
    The fishing tourney's next
    Monday, so get ready!
    From Nintendo"
    This WFC letter demonstrates Nintendo of America's lack of understanding how 
    ACWW's in-game events are scheduled:  Fishing Tourneys take place on Sundays.
    ********** Date:  January 19, 2007
    Gift:  Big Star Shirt
    Stationery:  Rainbow Paper
    "Dear [name],
    Yay Day is coming up!
    Remember, you catch more
    flies with honey than
    vinegar, so be NICE!
    ********** Date:  January 27, 2007
    Gift:  20,000 bells
    Stationery:  Card Paper
    "Dear [name],
    The Clubhouse Games
    gaming hub is up, so come
    pay us a visit. Or rather,
    let US pay you!!
    ********** Date:  February 6, 2007
    Gift:  Cityscape Wall
    Stationery:  Night Sky Paper
    "Dear [name],
    Twinkling lights are the
    best cure for the Winter
    blahs, so stop by for
    next week's Bright Nights!
    From, Nintendo"
    ********** Date:  February 12, 2007
    Gift:  Lovely Chair
    Stationery:  Lovely Paper
    "Dear [name],
    Roses are nice
    and chocolates are, too.
    But what's even nicer is
    a bud that's true blue.
    Your friend, Nintendo"
    This WFC letter was meant to celebrate Valentine's Day.
    ********** Date:  February 16, 2007
    Gift:  Jester's Cap
    Stationery:  Sparkly Paper
    "Dear [name],
    Happy Mardi Gras!  Now go
    put on your party hat and
    make some noise!
    This WFC letter was meant to celebrate Mardi Gras, an American festival.
    ********** Date:  March 2, 2007
    Gift:  Bottled Ship
    Stationery:  Chic Paper
    "Dear [name],
    You'll sell more stuff if
    you market it as "family
    treasures" and not "old
    junk." Just FYI.
    ********** Date:  March 9, 2007
    Gift:  Huge Shades
    Stationery:  Airmail Paper
    "Dear [name],
    Happy Daylight-Savings-
    Comes-Early Eve!
    Saving energy is one
    Briiiiiiiiiiiiiight idea!
    This WFC letter was meant to celebrate the beginning of Daylight Savings Time, 
    an American adjustment to official timekeeping.  Starting in 2007, Daylight 
    Savings Time begins three weeks earlier, compared to previous years.
    ********** Date:  March 16, 2007
    Gift:  Green Rug
    Stationery:  Four-Leaf Paper
    "Dear [name],
    If you happen to catch a
    leprechaun in the
    Fishing Tourney, we
    advise letting him go.
    From Nintendo"
    ********** Date:  March 23, 2007
    Gift:  Mop
    Stationery:  ???
    "Dear [name],
    Not to imply anything, but
    since it's officially
    spring now, may we
    recommend some cleaning?
    From Nintendo"
    ********** Date:  March 30, 2007
    Gift:  Massage Chair
    Stationery:  ???
    "Dear [name],
    Flowers need water, but
    they also need a peaceful
    environment. So stop
    spazzing out all the time!
    From Nintendo"
    ********** Date:  April 20, 2007
    Gift:  Retro Stereo
    Stationery:  Airmail Paper
    "Dear [name],
    One animal's trash is
    another's treasure, so
    don't forget about the
    upcoming Flea Market!
    From Nintendo"
    The Flea Market does not occur for another two weeks, so it is not clear why 
    Nintendo of America would release this letter so early.
    ********** Date:  April 27, 2007
    Gift:  Straw Hat
    Stationery:  Butterfly Paper
    "Dear [name],
    Did you know that May is
    Clean Air Month? Why not
    celebrate it by planting
    more trees and flowers?
    From Nintendo"
    ********** Date:  June 1, 2007
    Gift:  Backyard Pool
    Stationery:  Cool Paper
    "Dear [name],
    As the weather heats up,
    use this to stay cool. And
    don't forget a hat!
    From Nintendo"
    ********** Date:  June 25, 2007
    Gift:  Puffy Hat
    Stationery:  Buttercup Paper
    "Dear [name],
    Ice cream: summer treat
    or risky indulgence? Don't
    be another victim in the
    brain freeze epidemic!
    From Nintendo"
    ********** Date:  July 16, 2007
    Gift:  Refrigerator
    Stationery:  Notebook Paper
    "Dear [name],
    We at Nintendo would like
    to share our innovative
    new stay-cool plan with
    you. Here, stand by this.
    From Nintendo"
    ********** Date:  August 8, 2007
    Gift:  none
    Stationery:  Fireworks Paper
    "Dear [name],
    It's August! That means
    the weekly Fireworks Fest
    is starting again!
    Kabloom! Kablam! Kablooey!
    From Nintendo"
    Date:  late November 2005
    "Written by Stuff
    Thanks for your testing
    Bulletin board message
    downloading test
    Version 8(appended key)"
    This first message was reported by some of the IGN ACWW Contest winners, who 
    received copies of ACWW about a week prior to its North American release date.  
    Reports of receiving this message also appeared at NSider forums on December 15,
    Date:  February 14, 2006?
    Written by Nintendo
    Our fingers have been so
    frozen this winter, we
    couldn't type a single
    word! Oh, and the dog ate
    our homework, too! Sorry!
    Thank you to MLBloomy for completing information.

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