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    Boondox Guide by Darth Mom

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    Darth Mom (Marion Beauchamp), mbeau@hotmail.com
    This In-Depth FAQ has been created for use by GameFAQs.com (and also Gamespot
    by association) only.  If you see that this FAQ has been posted on another
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    Copyright 2009 Marion Beauchamp
    19 May 2009 -- v. 1.01
    Revised language to reflect the fact that letters do not necessarily
    arrive the very next day.  Also emphasize that multiple donations in a
    single day can be dangerous.
    14 May 2009 -- v. 1.00 -- Initial Version
    Purpose of this document
    How this document was written
    What is Boondox?
    Purpose of donating to Boondox
    What happens when you donate
    The timing of the letters
    List of letters and their contents
    What should I do if...?
    Purpose of this document
    This document has been written because, despite this game being fairly old,
    questions about Boondox donations still arise from time to time. Besides, the
    information contained here can be of some small use, even by seasoned players.
    For example, if a player has forgotten how much he has contributed thus far, it
    is easy to find out his current contribution level.
    How this document was written
    This document was written by playing through the game, making donations, and
    writing down the responses.  Neither I nor DLM_The_Fourth hacked the game
    code to see what is actually contained in the game's coding.
    I play a US version game, and an Australian version. DLM_The_Fourth uses a
    German version.  Consequently, the exact words used in your game might not
    match up exactly with what you see written here, as you might be playing a
    different version than was used to write this document.
    If your game has responses that are greatly different than what you see here,
    I invite you to send me the responses that you get, as well as any other
    information that you think relevant, such as what version of the game you have.
    What is Boondox?
    Boondox is the name of a town which you only hear about, and can never visit.
    Boondox residents are said to be very poor, and need all the donations you can
    spare.  You send money to Boondox by going to the Town Hall.  Go to the left
    window, and in the resulting menu select "Donations!"  You can donate any
    amount of money that you wish, as many times as you wish.  The game keeps
    track only of your cumulative total, and will never show you that total.  You
    have to keep track of it yourself. Bear in mind that although each of your
    characters can make donations, all donations are credited to the same
    cumulative total.
    Purpose of donating to Boondox
    The reason for sending money to Boondox is to earn the feathers.  This is a
    set of seven feathers of various colors that can be worn as headgear.  They
    are sent to you attached to thank you letters.  They will arrive, one feather
    at a time, according to a certain predetermined schedule based on the
    cumulative total of your donations.  Since everyone contributes to the same
    cumulative total, you can only receive one of each feather, per town (in other
    words, once in each game).
    You might want to think of Boondox as a huge pot.  You put money in (never
    taking it out!), and when the money rises to certain preset levels, Boondox
    generates a response in the form of a thank you letter with a possible gift
    attached (a feather).
    What happens when you donate
    Think of donations to Boondox as being your contribution to their current
    project.  When you make a donation, Pelly or Phyllis will give you a certain
    response based on the Boondoxians' current project.  As long as you stay on
    the same donation level, the Boondoxians will not finish their current
    project and the response you receive from Pelly or Phyllis will remain the
    same.  When you have donated enough, the Boondoxians will finish their project
    and will send you a thank you letter, and Pelly or Phyllis will change her
    Letters are generated, by the way, based on the total of your donations in a
    day.  Donating 1,000 bells each time for 10 times is the same as donating
    10,000 bells all at once.  Remember this, because it means that you cannot
    donate enough for a feather, then make another donation right after that
    for the next feather. If you do that, you will not receive the first feather
    you donated for.  For example, if you donate 10,000 bells, you generate
    the Green Feather.  However, if you donate another 190,000 bells that
    same day, you generate the Blue Feather, and have skipped the Green Feather.
    The game only generates at most one letter at the end of a day, and that
    letter is based on the TOTAL of your donations so far.  In this scenario,
    your total is 200,000, so the game generates the Blue Feather letter, and
    will ignore your previous donation of 10,000.
    Pelly and Phyllis' responses, by the way is how you can figure out how far
    along you are in your donations.  Say you haven't played the game in
    months or years, and you have forgotten what you've done in regards to your
    Boondox donations.  Donate a small amount, say 1000 bells.  Then take note
    of what Pelly or Phyllis says. Look up the response in the "List of letters
    and their contents" section to see what range your cumulative total is in.
    Continue to make small donations until Pelly or Phyllis changes what she says.
    That way you'll end up knowing your approximate cumulative total.
    The timing of the letters
    When you donate enough to generate a thank you letter, STOP DONATING.  Don't
    make any more donations until you receive the thank you letter. The Boondox
    letters will arrive in the 6 a.m. mail.  Usually it will arrive the next
    morning after you made your last donation; however, sometimes it does take
    another day.  I've never had any thank you letters take any more than two
    days, though.  If you've been waiting longer than that, then my guess is that
    you're not going to receive the letter you're waiting for.
    When you donate enough to get a thank you letter from Boondox, you will
    receive only the last letter you are entitled to.  You can thus skip
    letters, either by accident or deliberately.  If you aren't interested in
    the empty letters, for example, you don't have to receive them. Simply
    donate enough for the next feather.  
    However, this also means that you can accidentally miss out on receiving
    a feather.  For example, suppose you donate 100,000 bells the very
    first time you make a donation.  This will generate the irrigation system
    letter from Boondox, which has no gift attached, and you will miss the first
    two letters, one of which comes with the Green feather attached.  What this
    means is that, since you can only increase your donation level and can't go
    backward to a previous donation level, you will never receive the Green
    feather unless you completely restart your town.
    List of letters and their contents
    Explanation of terms:
    Cumulative total: This is the total of all donations made to Boondox so far,
    including the donation you just made. If your cumulative total is in
    the stated range, Pelly and Phyllis will give you the response indicated
    just below the stated range.
    Pelly's/Phyllis' response:  This is what Pelly or Phyllis will say when you
    make a donation.  When this response changes, that tells you that
    Boondox generated a thank you letter that you will receive in the 6 a.m.
    mail, either on the very next morning or perhaps the day after that.
    When Pelly/Phyllis makes a certain response, your cumulative total
    is in the range listed ABOVE that response.
    Boondox letter:  This is the contents of the thank you letter that you
    receive when your cumulative total first reaches the range stated
    above that letter. Remember that these letters arrive in the 6 a.m. mail.
    They will usually arrive in the next morning's mail, but sometimes take an
    extra day.
    Gift:  If the current thank you letter comes with a feather attached, this
    tells you which color feather to expect.
    Example scenario:
    When you make your first donation, Pelly or Phyllis will explain Boondox
    to you -- how they're so poor they have to eat dirt, sob sob sob.  Then you
    will be asked how much you want to donate.  Suppose you donate 1000 bells.
    Pelly or Phyllis will give you their response indicating that the Boondoxians
    are collecting enough money to have a feast with their loved ones.
    Now suppose you keep donating 1000 bells each time.  Pelly or Phyllis will
    continue to give the same response you've been getting all along. However,
    when you donate the 10th time, meaning that you have donated 10,000 bells,
    Pelly or Phyllis will change their response to indicate that now the
    Boondoxians are planning to build houses next.
    The next morning you will receive the thank you letter about eating
    croissants, with the Green Feather attached.  Remember that letters might take
    two days to arrive.  Be patient when waiting for a letter.
    Now on to the nitty-gritty.
    Cumulative total: 0 - 9,999
    Pelly's response: Thanks to your gift, the Boondoxians will enjoy a feast
    with their loved ones.  Though I heard the main course is dirty rice.
    Old habits die hard, I suppose.
    Phyllis' response: Your generous donation means that a family of four can
    feast on pastries!
    Boondox letter: none
    Gift: none
    Cumulative total: 10,000 - 49,999
    Pelly's response: They're planning to build houses in Boondox next.
    Isn't it wonderful?  Once built, the townsfolk will enjoy sleeping in
    warm adobe houses...instead of the dirt piles they've been using thus
    far. Thanks very much.
    Phyllis' response: Your generosity will build warm homes and provide cheese
    for grilled cheese.
    Boondox letter: Thanks to your gracious donation, instead of the usual
    day-old donuts, today we ate croissants!
    Gift: Green feather
    Cumulative total: 50,000 - 99,999
    Pelly's response: The Boondoxians are working the land so they can eventually
    grow vegetables!  Of course, a few can get distracted by all the free
    dirt...Anyhow, thank you!
    Phyllis' response:  Your generous donation will make Pelly very happy.
    (Like she needs any help!)
    Boondox letter: Thanks to your kind donation, we made some much-needed
    repairs to our post office!
    Gift: none
    Cumulative total: 100,000 - 199,999
    Pelly's response: It's flu season in Boondox, so supply convoys are bringing
    medicine daily. Thanks to your gift, (your name), they should all  be
    feeling better soon!
    Phyllis' response: Your donation will supply Boondox with much-needed
    wheelbarrows...I think.  Not to mention snacks that aren't dirt. Like
    mud pies! (Heh heh heh!)
    Boondox letter: Your donation helped us complete the town's irrigation
    system. Now our crops will grow stronger!
    Gift: none
    Cumulative total: 200,000 - 299,999
    Pelly's response: The Boondoxians are building a well! And you know what
    that means! Mud baths for all! On behalf of them, I thank you for your
    Phyllis' response: Your generous donation means that a pit will be dug in
    Boondox. The dirt from that pit will be sauteed in a light cream
    sauce and served to all!
    Boondox letter: Thanks to your donation, I was able to buy medicine! Now my
    pet turtle is all better!
    Gift: Blue feather
    Cumulative total: 300,000 - 399,999
    Pelly's response: We recently received a request from Boondox to build a
    reservoir.  Donations like yours, (your name), help bring their
    dreams to reality.
    Phyllis' response: Your donation to Boondox will give tiny Nicky Hick a
    proper fifth birthday! He'll enjoy a feast of mud pies and rocky road
    ice cream!
    Boondox letter: Thanks to your donation, we had a well dug in the center of
    town. Delicious fresh water anytime!
    Gift: none
    Cumulative total: 400,000 - 499,999
    Pelly's response:  The children of Boondox run around town barefoot, for
    they cannot afford shoes. They've got to run, (your name). They're
    children after all. But with your help, we might be able to put
    sneakers on their feet. Hmm. Now that I think about it, everyone in
    (your town) runs around barefoot...Nevertheless, on behalf of the
    children of Boondox, I thank you.
    Phyllis' response: Your generous donation will probably make Pelly get all
    weepy again.
    Boondox letter: With your donation, we completed the reservoir! We're raising
    koi and crucian carp!
    Gift: none
    Cumulative total: 500,000 - 599,999
    Pelly's response: Just yesterday, we received a request from Boondox to build
    a school. They've dug the foundation already, but progress has stalled.
    You see, they've become a bit distracted by their sudden dirt windfall...
    Phyllis' response: Your generous donation will go towards building a new
    school in Boondox.
    Boondox letter: Thanks to your donation, I was able to buy brand-new sneakers!
    No more walking around barefoot!
    Gift: Yellow feather
    Cumulative total 600,000 - 699,999
    Pelly's response: You now, I've been thinking, if we built a bakery in
    Boondox...rather than send delicious bread there...they could make their
    own bread (and mud pies) fresh, which would taste better!
    Phyllis' response: With your gift, Boondoxians will get a shipment of beets
    for their borscht.
    Boondox letter: Thanks to your donation, we were able to build a school! Yes!
    Gift: none
    Cumulative total 700,000 - 799,999
    Pelly's response: It's wedding season in Boondox.  This means your genrosity,
    (your name)...will provide the townfolk with, um...honey to throw at
    the happy couples.
    Phyllis' response: It's wedding season in Boondox! And thanks to your generous
    donation...Boondoxians will now have no shortage of rice to throw at
    Boondox letter: Using your kind donation, we built a bread factory.
    Mmm... Just smell the delicious bread baking!
    Gift: none
    Cumulative total 800,000 - 899,999
    Pelly's response: We received a request from Boondox to have an orchestra
    visit.  (Your name), your gift will become a beautiful melody heard
    by all.
    Phyllis' response: The lovely ladies of Boondox will thank you for your
    generous donation.  Now, instead of dirt, they can afford rouge to
    highlight their cheekbones.
    Boondox letter: Thanks to your donation, my sister enjoyed the wedding of
    her dreams!
    Gift: Red feather
    Cumulative total 900,000 - 999,999
    Pelly's response: I heard, (your name), that the people of Boondox have
    never seen a car.  I wonder how much it would cost to buy a car for
    Phyllis' response: Your gift has provided the children of Boondox with
    sand to build sand castles.
    Boondox letter: Using your kind donation, we hired an orchestra for the
    town's first concert ever. It was lovely.
    Gift: none
    Cumulative total 1,000,000 - 1,099,999
    Pelly's response: Boondox asked us to build an amusement park for the young
    people there. Amusement parks ARE nice...but they should really solve
    the dirt-eating issue first.
    Phyllis' response: Lately, Boondox has been making some very odd requests.
    They want an amusement park for the children (What? Sand isn't enough?!)
    Boondox letter: Monsieur Nook, the town's wealthiest raccoon, bought his
    dream car.  I polish it daily for tips!
    Gift: none
    Cumulative total 1,100,000 - 1,199,999
    Pelly's response: We just received a request from Boondox to build a cake
    shop...I wonder what Boondox cake tastes like?  I'd really like to
    try some.  Oh...right. Um, never mind.
    Phyllis' response: Your donation has provided Boondoxians with ketchup for
    their scrambled dirt.
    Boondox letter: We finally have an arcade in town!  It only has Donkey
    Kong, but it's still a lot of fun.
    Gift: Purple feather
    Cumulative total 1,200,000 - 1,299,999
    Pelly's response: We have a request in from Boondox for construction pants.
    If they didn't have them all this time...what were they wearing?
    Phyllis' response: Lately, the Boondoxians have been requesting some odd
    things.  Like...vintage bootcut jeans.  What in the world?
    Boondox letter: My sister and her husband opened a bakery.  They use a lot
    of butter there.  And dirt. Mmm-mmm.
    Gift: none
    Cumulative total 1,300,000 - 1,399,999
    Pelly's response: I know that Boondox has come a long way...But I'm sure that
    compared to (your town) they've still got a long way to go....
    Phyllis' response: Your generous donation will help Boondox with their
    rural renewal project.
    Boondox letter: I bought a pair of vintage jeans the other day.  I had a
    hard time squishing my tail into them.
    Gift: none
    Cumulative total 1,400,000 - 1,499,999
    Pelly's response: I heard that in Boondox, the average household nas two cars
    now.  I guess living in a place with a lot of land has its advantages,
    (your name)!
    Phyllis' response: Lately, Boondox has been acting a lot like Snootyville.
    Last I heard...they were pushing for two cars per household. (You
    gotta be kidding me!)
    Boondox letter: My cousin Thomas bought a mansion! It's a towering
    three-bedroom with a view of the water!
    Gift: White feather
    Cumulative total 1,500,000 - 1,599,999
    Pelly's response: I heard that the Boondox residents are going on vacation
    in record numbers.  Now that they have pants, I guess they can venture
    to new places!
    Phyllis' response: Your generous donation will expand the tourist industry
    in Boondox.
    Boondox letter: I know a chicken with a fancy car.  He can't grip the
    steering wheel, so he just polishes it a lot.
    Gift: none
    Cumulative total 1,600,000 - 3,199,999
    Pelly's response: I heard that Boondox is undertaking a massive reconstruction
    project! It's been awhile since we started sending donations...but it's
    still so inspiring!
    Phyllis' response: I heard, that they're working on some kind of "Boondox
    Renewal Project".  There are bulldozers everywhere paving the way,
    stockpiling the dirt....
    Boondox letter: An eagle I know is taking a trip around the world! She's
    not flying, though. She's taking a cruise!
    Gift: none
    Cumulative total 3,200,000 - 6,399,999
    Pelly's response: I heard that Boondox has changed its name to Boondopolis.
    As you can see, (your name), your donations have been put to good use!
    Phyllis's response: Thanks to your generosity, Boondox is a booming
    metropolis now!
    Boondox letter: The mayor just got gold dentures.  When he smiles, it's
    Gift: none
    Cumulative total 6,400,000+
    Pelly's response: I get the feeling that it's no longer necessary, but
    it IS my job, so...I will continue to send your donations to Boondox...
    I mean "Boondopolis."  You know, they're doing so well that they really
    should be sending donations to US.
    Phyllis' response: Thank you, for your continued "generosity"!  (Not that it
    helps me any!)  It's my job to send your chump change to Boondox.
    (Ugh, what a pain...)
    Boondox letter: I've been studying day and night for the Lake University
    entrance exams. I hope I pass!
    Gift: Rainbow feather
    What should I do if...?
    1.  What should I do if I haven't contributed anything at all to Boondox?  I
    really really don't want to screw anything up.  I want all those feathers!
    At all times, you really should make sure that your mail system is working
    properly.  Check to see if you are getting mail that you expect.  If you send
    letters to your neighbors, do you receive their replies?  Can you place an
    order from Nook's Catalog?  And if you do place an order, do you actually
    receive the item?  When you are certain that your mail is operating properly,
    then you can begin your donations.
    I assume that most people really aren't interested in the empty thank you
    letters.  Most people just want to collect the seven feathers.  In brief,
    this is the donation schedule you need:
    At 10,000 bells, you get the Green Feather
    At 200,000 bells, you get the Blue Feather
    At 500,000 bells, you get the Yellow Feather
    At 800,000 bells, you get the Red Feather
    At 1,100,000 bells, you get the Purple Feather
    At 1,400,000 bells, you get the White Feather
    At 6,400,000 bells, you get the Rainbow Feather
    What you'll do is this:
    First donate 10,000 bells. Don't donate any more until you receive the Green
    Feather. Usually, but not always, this will be the next morning.
    Then donate 190,000 bells.  This takes your cumulative total to 200,000. Wait
    until the next morning and you should get the Blue Feather.  Remember to have
    some patience when waiting for a letter, as it sometimes takes another day.
    From now on until you get the White Feather, donate 300,000 bells per day.
    Remember NOT TO DONATE again until you actually get the next feather!  Then,
    when you receive the White Feather, donate 5,000,000 bells.  The next day
    you should receive the Rainbow Feather in the mail. Remember that you do
    not have to donate 5,000,000 bells all at once. In fact, you can't carry
    that much.  Donate in small amounts, but remember to keep track of how
    much you've donated.  You don't want to overdonate, as it's a waste of money.
    While you are collecting the feathers, make sure that your mail queue is
    not too full.  Don't send too many letters to your neighbors, don't place
    too many orders out of Nook's Catalog. And remember to have each character
    take all letters out of his or her mailbox.  If your mail queue is too full,
    you can miss letters even if your mail system is not otherwise glitched. It's
    happened to me on a different matter, and I assume that you can miss
    Boondox letters as well.  So remember to keep your mail queue cleared.
    2.  Help.  I haven't played my game in a long time and I really don't remember
    what I've done so far with my donations.  What do I do?
    First make sure your mail queue is cleared out.  Remove all letters from
    each character's mailbox.  Make sure that you receive letters that you are
    When you're sure your mail is working properly, then make a small donation
    to Pelly or Phyllis.  Write down their response.  Look up the response in
    the "List of Letters and their contents" section.  Now you know what range
    your cumulative total is in.
    Don't make any more donations yet.  Since you don't remember what you've
    done so far, you don't really know whether or not the donation you just
    made generated a thank you letter.  So wait for two days to pass. If you don't
    receive a thank you letter from Boondox, then continue making small donations
    until Pelly or Phyllis changes their response.  When that happens, you know
    that you just generated a thank you letter.  Wait for that letter.
    Now, based on the fact that you just got a thank you letter, you know your
    approximate cumulative total. Assuming that your donations have been small
    enough, you know that your cumulative total is at or just above a level that
    generates a thank you letter.
    If your donations have been small enough, you don't care that you only
    know your approximate cumulative total and not the EXACT total.  This is why
    you should have been making only small donations each time; since you just
    got a Boondox letter, you know that you are, at most, only a small amount
    over a letter generation point.  That small amount won't matter, and you will
    be able to continue making your donations without having to worry about
    accidentally skipping a letter.
    If you do want to know exactly, though, use the empty letters to help you
    nail it down exactly.  When you feel your donations are getting close to the
    next letter, donate really small amounts until you generate the next letter.
    Eventually, donate only 1 bell at a time until Pelly or Phyllis changes
    their response, indicating that you just generated a thank you letter.  If you
    donate only 1 bell and that generated a thank you letter, you must be at
    a generation point EXACTLY.
    Darth Mom (Marion Beauchamp):  author and initial information collector
    DLM_The_Fourth: collected all information regarding Phyllis' responses and
    verified information collected by Darth Mom.  A MAJOR thank you to
    If you have any information pertinent to this guide and would like to
    contribute, please send an email to:
    And please put "Boondox Guide" in the subject line.  Thank you.

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