Action Replay Max DS (.dst) Game Save (North America)

Save Game File04/17/06infinityblade57K
This town is covered in gold roses! Even the water!

Action Replay Max DS (.duc) Game Save (North America)

Save Game File06/22/06Link_4ev4256K
A-MAZE-ing Giveaway - Rocks form maze, prize is mush set.
Save Game File01/29/06fourstrifes256K
Action Replay DUO: Full Catalogue, Full Museum, Full Expansions, Billion Bells in Account, All Nintendo Items, All Gold Tools, 12-14 Trees in Each 'Acre', Furnished House
Save Game File02/25/14pickme4256K
All Gold tools no river or ocean 3 villagers furnished house with clothes a lot of money in bank custom town map
Save Game File08/08/06kurtthegreat256K
Based off of a town by Venus_Adept_06. Hacked. Very rare items and 99000 bags on bells on ground. Full cash.
Save Game File02/13/06benthekid22256K
Full Museum, Full Catalog, Fully upgrades house, 999,999,999 bell All Nintendo Items, All Gold Tools, 12-14 Trees in Each Acre, All Gulliver items
Save Game File03/15/06Kamek24256K
I made this save to show of some weird features. Includes animal pics, weird river, an army of Camofrogs :P and a full catalog!
Save Game File02/16/06DigitalIceadv256K
Marathon. This town is called marathon and the persons name is Guest. Its a big maze that goes out of the wall boundaries and has all monky neighbors. Figure out the maze to get to money trees.
Save Game File03/12/06Venus_Adept_06256K
Perfect town- Secret Monkey Neighbors, Tons of trees, exclusive map features only available by hacking
Save Game File02/07/06RayUltimate256K
Perfect town, secret monkey neighbors, hackd river layout for easy mobility, paid off debt, and Nookington's store. Hacked Redd's Tent, decorated house with Mario items!
Save Game File03/14/06Kamek24256K
Randomness. Features tons of hybrids, monkeys, and my discovery - the rafflesia mask (I know it's old now, but...) (plants are in seed form)
Save Game File12/23/06squoitle256K
This is about the sickest a town ca get: all the neighbers are along the beach except 2, they live in dense forests (they're widows), almost abillion in bank account , tons of trees probably "perfect town", very fun to play in !
Save Game File03/12/06Venus_Adept_06256K
Town filled with rare items- KK songs, Mario items, "Not Used", and more! Great for hosting giveaways.
Save Game File02/17/06YourtheNewb256K
Town of Gold:Filled with Gold roses,all fruit,jacobs ladders,all mario items,many pics if not all,customized landscape

Action Replay Max DS (1.00-1.03) Game Save (North America)

Save Game File02/04/06RayUltimate256K
The perfect save! Perfect town status, complete museum, hacked items, secret "monkey" neighbors, and a hacked river layout for easy mobility. Debt paid off and house is decorated. Nookington's and hacked Redd's Tent.

Action Replay Max DS (.duc) Game Save (Europe)

Save Game File12/17/06Nintendokid1234256K
Town: DeadZone Character: Jonno. Great designed town, loads of palm trees and gold roses, edited river and animal houses all in one area for extra space.

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