How do I get past the ghost house in level 7?

  1. Ho do I get past the Ghost House in level 7

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    greeneyes61 - 8 years ago

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  1. In the room where you start, hit
    the left block to make a ? switch pop out; hit it and 5 doors will appear
    around the middle area. Start by going into the left door. Jump across the
    wobbly floor, bouncing on the pumpkin enemies if needed, and you will find
    Star Coin #1 in the air. Exit via the door at the right side of this room.

    Go into the top room next. There, stay to the left side and ground pound
    through the yellow ooze to sink through it. Pound your way down to get Star
    Coin #2, then move to the right and ground pound to the ? switch. Hit it,
    then jump out to reach the door that appears. Back in the center room, go
    into the bottom-right door (the other two doors are optional).

    In this room, you will see a whole row of ghostly hands above you, and they
    appear to be moving something back and forth. Jump below the ones that are
    moving and you will reveal a hidden block with a ? switch on it. Use the
    springboard to hit the switch, then go right and ride the moving platforms
    upward. Then, jump up the ledges and enter the door to the left.

    When you arrive in the next room, hit the P switch above you, then run to the
    right. Here, you must be quick to jump across the platforms (try your best to
    dodge the Boo on the second ledge), then hop up the small steps leading to
    the ceiling before the time runs out. If you do this successfully, run all
    the way right along the ceiling and you will find Star Coin #3 at the end.
    Then, go back left and drop down to the ground, and enter the door to the
    right. Now that you are outside, simply go right and the flagpole is there.

    NOTE: If you want to reach the secret exit instead, run left from the P
    switch and you will find a block on the upper ledge with a shine to it.
    Hit that block to make a beanstalk grow, then quickly jump up the
    ledges to reach the stalk before the blocks turn back into coins. Enter
    the hidden door at the top of the stalk and jump to the secret exit
    flagpole. This will open up the path to a Green House, as well as
    provide a shortcut to the Tower.

    Taken from DBM11085's Walkthrough

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