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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Snow Dragon

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 06/08/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       "What has been will be again; what has been done will be done again;
        there is nothing new under the sun."
                                                    --Ecclesiastes 1:9 (NIV)
       "The head learns new things, but the heart forever practices old
                                                   --Henry Ward Beecher
       FAQ/Walkthrough v1.1
       Written by Snow Dragon © 2006.
       All rights reserved.
       Contact at: [sdfaqs@gmail.com]
       NOTE: This FAQ makes frequent use of the overscore ( ¯ ), a non-standard
             ASCII character. Please make sure that your Internet browser of
             choice is properly encoded that you do not view this character as
             a bunch of gibberish.
       = | =================
       = | =================
       1   Updates
       2   Intro
       3   Controls
       4   Items
          4.1   Classic Powerups
          4.2   New Powerups
          4.3   Miscellaneous Items & Objects
       5   Walkthrough
          5.1   Plains
          5.2   Desert
          5.3   Water
          5.4   Forest
          5.5   Snow
          5.6   Mountains
          5.7   Sky
          5.8   Bowser's Kingdom
          5.9   After You Beat the Game
       6   Mario vs. Luigi
       7   Minigames
          7.1   Action
          7.2   Puzzle
          7.3   Table
          7.4   Variety
          7.5   Vs. Exclusives
       8   Credits & Copyrights
       = | =======
       1 | UPDATES
       = | =======
    6-8-06: Caught one myself. Added descriptions of Mushroom Houses to section
            4.3. Also, with the inclusion of an update section, adjusted section
            numbers accordingly.
       = | =====
       2 | INTRO
       = | =====
    So says the adage, "Everything old is new again." And that's just the case with
    New Super Mario Bros, the newest Mario game for the Nintendo DS and the first
    major two-dimensional platformer for any Mario system in 15 years (yes, it's
    really been that long!). NSMB combines plenty of creamy retro goodness with a
    generous dose of all-new material to create a game that's easily good enough to
    stand tall with the classics of yore.
    If you have any questions, suggestions, important information, ideas for
    additions, fan mail, or anything of a similarly relevant nature, send it my way
    at [sdfaqs@gmail.com]. For rules regarding permission to post this document on
    your website, see the copyright section at the bottom of this document.
    Let's play New Super Mario Bros!
       = | ========
       3 | CONTROLS
       = | ========
    Mario has a variety of moves both old and new for you to learn and master.
    Left/Right: Move left and right on the world map.
                Walk left and right within a stage.
                Select mini-games in the versus menus.
                When up against a wall, hold the direction you are facing to slide
                slowly down the wall. This puts you in position to do a wall-kick.
                When hanging from a rope or vine, alternate between Left and Right
                to gain momentum for a better jump.
    Up/Down: Move up and down on the world map.
             Move through menus.
             Climb up and down beanstalks, ropes, vines, etc.
             Increase/decrease bets in card-based minigames.
             (Down) While in midair, press Down to do a "ground-pound". You can
                    break bricks as Super Mario or greater, do greater damage to
                    certain enemies, or open power-up blocks using it.
             (Down) Certain springs, when you jump off them, make you spin and
                    float slowly down in the air. While spinning, press Down to
                    spin like a drill, allowing you to break through columns of
    L/R: Hold (along with A) at the file selection screen to play as Luigi.
         Hold on the world map to move the screen left and right.
         Hold during a level to look behind or ahead of yourself.
    Start: Pause (both on the world map and in a level) for a series of menu
           Confirm menu selections.
    Select: No apparent use.
    A/B: Jump.
         While holding the direction of the wall you're facing, press to perform a
         Jump while running to perform a double and triple jump. There is no
         discernible reason for the presence of these techniques in the game, as
         they are never really necessary.
         (A) Enter levels on the world map.
         (A) Confirm menu choices.
         (B) Go backward through menus.
    X/Y: Hold down and move in a direction to run.
         Shoot fireballs if you have a Fire Flower.
       = | =====
       4 | ITEMS
       = | =====
    New Super Mario Bros offers up a refreshing blend of items both old and new to
    whet your old-school retro appetite.
       --- | ----------------
       4.1 | Classic Powerups
       --- | ----------------
    Super Mushroom
    Everyone who's ever picked up a video game knows what this is. When Mario gets
    one of these, he'll grow in height and get much stronger. As Super Mario, he
    can jump higher and ground-pound through bricks.
    Fire Flower
    Another classic powerup that's been in nearly every Mario game since the
    beginning. This enables Mario to shoot fireballs that bounce along the ground.
    Also, in a throwback to Super Mario World, enemies will drop coins if you 
    kill them with fireballs.
    The classic invincibility item. When Mario gets one of these, he can withstand
    any enemy assault for a short time (but can still die by falling into pits). 
    As in Super Mario Bros 3, he affects a somersault-type jump while invincible. 
    Also like in SMB3, there are sometimes instances where blocks that normally 
    contain coins will yield Starmen if Mario hits them while he is invincible,
    thus creating a chain of invincibility.
    Another thing that sometimes happens during invincibility - albeit rarely - 
    is that Mario leaves a trail of silver coins in his wake that he can collect 
    for massive 1-up gain.
    1-up Mushroom
    This green mushroom gives Mario an extra life when he collects it. There are
    ample opportunities for 1-up collection in this game.
       --- | ------------
       4.2 | New Powerups
       --- | ------------
    Mega Mushroom
    When Mario uses a Mega Mushroom, he will grow to a height equal to nearly the
    entire screen and can take out anything in his path - enemies, blocks, pipes,
    you name it - just by walking into it. The Mega Mushroom's effect is only
    temporary; Mario turns to Super Mario after it runs out (regardless of whatever
    item he had before turning into Mega Mario).
    After the Mega Mushroom's effect wears off, you will be rewarded 1-ups based 
    on the amount of destruction you caused.
    Mini Mushroom
    This blue mushroom causes Mario to revert to a state even smaller than his
    regular small self. However, this shrunken state has many advantages.
    First of all, Mini Mario possesses a sort of low-gravity jump which is useful
    in reaching oddly situated ledges that regular-sized Mario cannot reach. He can
    also move through small cracks and enter specially designed narrow pipes to get
    to bonus rooms and alternate exits. In addition, Mini Mario is so light that he
    can run across the surface of water, like that one lizard that shows up in
    every National Geographic documentary on the Amazon rainforest.
    Disadvantages of the Mini Mushroom include being able to be killed in one hit
    and an inability to kill enemies by just jumping on them. (To cause damage to
    enemies as Mini Mario, you must use your ground pound attack.) However, the
    inability to kill enemies can be converted into an advantage if you need to
    reach stuff that is suspended way up in the air.
    Because game developers are very sadistic people, many secrets in this game
    require the use of the Mini Mushroom in order for you to gain access to them
    (most notably in ghost houses and castles).
    Blue Koopa Shell
    When Mario dons this shell, he'll be able to take on the powers of the Koopa
    Troopa. Run a little bit to retreat to the inside of the shell, where Mario
    will then start sliding around along the ground. While in the shell, Mario is
    basically indestructible, but he's kind of hard to control, so don't fall into
    any pits while you're rolling around. You can jump while sliding. To put on the
    brakes, hold Left or Right on the D-pad (depending on which way you are
    Like the Mini Mushroom, the Blue Koopa Shell must often be used to find secret
    areas and alternate exits.
       --- | -----------------------------
       4.3 | Miscellaneous Items & Objects
       --- | -----------------------------
    Classic golden pieces of currency found in tons of Mario games. 100 of these
    will net you an extra life.
    Star Coins
    The major collectible in New SMB. Three of these are hidden throughout each
    level. You can spend them at gates that open paths to item houses and new
    levels, among other things.
    At the end of most non-tower/castle levels is a flagpole. Touch the flagpole to
    end the level. Depending on how high up you are on the flagpole when you touch
    it, you can score points or even a 1-up.
    You can also make different kinds of Mushroom Houses appear on the world map
    based on what the timer reads when you touch the pole.
    Red Flagpole
    Some levels in New Super Mario Bros possess two separate exits. The regular end
    of the level is marked with the black flagpole, whereas the alternate or secret
    exit is marked by a red flagpole. This red flagpole is almost always hidden
    very well, and more often than not requires Mario to use a power-up beyond the
    scope of just Super or Fire Mario powers.
    There are 17 levels with red flagpole exits:
      3-Ghost House
      4-Ghost House
      5-Ghost House
      7-Ghost House
    Happy hunting!
    Mushroom Houses
    On each world map there are multiple Mushroom Houses which allow you chances at
    different kinds of items. There are three main types of Mushroom Houses:
    1. Mushroom House: Looks like a typical Mushroom on the map. When you enter one
                       of these, Toadsworth will bring forth a block that shuffles
                       between four different items - a mushroom, a Fire Flower, a
                       blue shell, and a Mini Mushroom. Hit the block to get one of
                       those four.
    2. 1-Up House: Looks like a 1-Up Mushroom. Hit the six question blocks until
                   you run into the Bowser card. When you hit the Bowser card, you
                   will receive all 1-ups you have earned up to that point.
    3. Mega Mushroom House: Looks like a Mega Mushroom, which is also the only item
                            you can earn from that house.
    In addition to the Mushroom Houses that are already on the map, you can make
    them appear at the starting point on any world map by hitting the flagpole in a
    stage at certain timer intervals. These are as follows:
    If the timer ends in 11, 22, or 33 when you touch the flagpole, a Mushroom
    House will appear.
    If the timer ends in 44, 55, or 66 when you touch the flagpole, a 1-Up House
    will appear.
    And if the timer ends in 77, 88, or 99 when you touch the flagpole, a Mega
    Mushroom House will appear.
    This comes in handy if you have used all the Mushroom Houses on the map
    Red Coins/Red Ring
    Used in Super Mario 64 to get you stars, here they'll land you items if you can
    collect eight within a very short timeframe. To make red coins appear, you must
    pass through a red ring.
    If you successfully collect the eight red coins, you will get a different item
    based on Mario's current state of power. If he is small or Mini Mario, you will
    get a mushroom; if he is Super Mario, you will receive a Fire Flower; and if he
    is Fire Mario or anything greater, you will get a 1-up.
    A blue button with a "P" on it that turns bricks into coins and vice-versa.
    Often used to reach secret areas.
    "?" Switch
    An orange button with a question mark on it. The effect differs depending on
    the situation. Its effect can either be temporary or permanent. Who knows what
    CRAZY things could happen??? (a-hyuk)
    "!" Switch
    This red switch fills in outlined blocks for you to walk on. Its effect is
       = | ===========
       5 | WALKTHROUGH
       = | ===========
    It's a fine day outside, and Mario and Peach are walking outside in the
    Mushroom Kingdom when a cloud over the castle distracts Mario. While he goes to
    check it out, Bowser Jr. sneaks up from behind and captures Peach. So begins
    the chase!
       --- | ------
       5.1 | Plains
       --- | ------
       PLAINS MAP                         Legend
       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                         ¯¯¯¯¯¯
         &            MM   *-5---*        1, 2, A, B, etc - Level number/letter
         |             |   | |   |        S - Starting point for the map
       S-1-2---3-o-T---4---o *-X o-BC     T - Tower
           |     | |       |     |        M - Mushroom House
           *-M---* *-W   M-A-----*        W - Warp Cannon
                                          MM - Mega Mushroom House
                                          X - 1-up House (X for "eXtra life")
                                          BC - Boss Castle
                                          o - a place where Mario stops on the map
                                              that is not a level
                                          * - the rounded corner of a road; Mario
                                              does not stop on these
                                          & - Mushroom House that looks like a Mini
                                              Mushroom; you can buy backgrounds for
                                              your status screen with Star Coins
                                              here; only appears after you have
                                              beaten the game once
    1-1: The first level, as with most first levels in Mario games, is a good place
         for familiarizing yourself with some of the most basic basics, like
         running around and jumping and such. There's plenty of room for this sort
         of thing, so have at it.
         This level also introduces you to the Mega Mushroom, which allows you to
         run through nearly the entire level unobstructed. The Mega Mushroom is
         only temporary; when it runs out, you'll turn back into Super Mario and
         will be rewarded an amount of 1-ups based on the amount of havoc you
         This stage also introduces Star Coins, of which there are three in every
         stage. They are larger than normal coins. Sometimes they're in plain sight
         and easy to get; other times, not so much. Star Coins allow you to unlock
         paths to item houses and sometimes other levels, and will allow you to buy
         other things once you've beaten the game.
         As for the Star Coins in this stage, the first is easy to find. Jump from
         the pipe before it onto the brick ledge to reach it.
         Shortly ahead, you'll see a trio of three-brick ledges. Jump between the
         bottom two to reveal three invisible coin blocks. While standing on the
         newly revealed coin blocks, jump up and hit the middle block of the top
         three to reveal a beanstalk. Climb it. Once in the sky stage, jump through
         the ring you see to reveal some red coins. If you get all eight, you will
         receive an item. If you are small, you'll receive a mushroom; if you are
         Super Mario, you'll get a flower; and if you are Fire Mario or any form
         greater than that, you'll get a 1-up. Drop to the bottom once you've
         finished. The red coin rings recur often throughout the game.
         When you drop back to the stage proper, go left a little bit to find a
         Star Coin. It is trapped beneath some bricks. To break these bricks, use
         your ground pound technique (just push Down on the D-pad while in midair).
         As you'll see when you get it, this is the third coin in the stage, so
         you'll have to backtrack a little for the second one. Go back until you
         find a pipe you can enter. In this cave is the second Star Coin. Grab it
         and exit to the right. This will put you near the exit to the stage. Head
         right and touch the flagpole to clear the stage.
         You can get special things to happen by hitting the flagpole when the
         timer is on certain numbers; these are explained in detail in section 3.3
         (Miscellaneous Items & Objects).
    1-2: If you're Super Mario, you can use your ground pound to find several
         hidden coins at the beginning of the stage, including one treasure trove
         hidden below your sight (it's marked by two rows of bricks instead of
         one). After finding that one, use the springboard to get back up and get
         the first Star Coin to the upper right.
         Proceed until you find the second Star Coin, and use your ground pound to
         retrieve that one as well (or a nearby Koopa shell if you're small). Past
         the tilting log, you'll see three pipes. When the Piranha Plant is inside
         the first one, jump on it and enter. If you're not Blue Shell Mario, you
         will have to use the Koopa Troopa provided to break the bricks below and
         get him to make you small so you can fit through the passage. On the other
         side is a question block with a Mega Mushroom. You can't make too much
         carnage, but you can make enough to get two 1-ups. Do what you can and
         leave through the pipe to the left.
         When you leave that room, go forward to find another tilting log. Stand on
         the left side so it dips as low as it can get, then run to the other side
         and use the height of the right side to get up to the ceiling. Run along
         the ceiling until you find the third Star Coin.
         When you enter this pipe, you'll notice that the flag outside is red
         instead of black. This means that you've found the secret exit in a level.
         These are often very well hidden. Be sure to find them all - you have to
         complete every level in the game if you want a perfect save file!
         Be sure also to play the level again so you can beat it the regular way
         and proceed to 1-3. The alternate exit leads to a Mushroom House, which
         then lets you skip ahead to 1-Tower. You want to beat everything though!
    1-3: This level has springs that launch you high up in the air and spin in a
         spiral when you jump off them. Press A while standing on them to launch
         yourself. The second of these will launch you up to a purple mushroom
         ledge with a thin stalk. This one is bouncy. Land on it while spinning to
         bounce extra high and get the first Star Coin, then follow the spiraling
         path of coins to the right to reach the second Star Coin.
         After the midway point you'll come upon some bobbing mushroom ledges. It
         is here where you'll find the third Star Coin; wait for the ledge beneath
         it to gain some height before jumping from it. After a red coin ring where
         the eight red coins are easy to collect, it's not far to the exit.
         Note that on the world map there is a sign by 1-3 which has a picture of a
         Star Coin and the number "5" written next to it. If you move in the
         direction of the sign, you will be asked if you want to spend the amount
         of coins necessary to open the path ahead (which usually leads to a
         Mushroom House of some sort, or sometimes another level). If you say yes,
         you will also be asked if you want to save your game. Say yes if you want
         to save, and no if not.
         You can choose to spend Star Coins at any time you like, but note that you
         will eventually have to spend (and thus find) all of them to get one of
         three possible stars next to your save file.
    1-T: This level is pretty straightforward for the first half. Be sure not to
         get squished between any moving platforms as you make your way up. After
         the first Star Coin, keep going until you reach a pipe. This pipe will
         launch you like a cannonball upward. On the way up, you'll run into some
         circular dotted-line patterns; when you touch these, they fill in as
         coins. Drop back down and get them, then go in the door you saw on the way
         There are several moving ledges in here, as well as the second Star Coin.
         Grab that, then jump up to the empty space to the right. There is a hidden
         pipe off to the side. You'll need the Blue Shell for this next room. Start
         dashing to break into a slide which will break the bricks situated along
         the ground. Use that same slide to break the bricks blocking the red pipe,
         which will take you to the tower's alternate exit. This exit leads to a
         cannon stage that warps you to World 5.
         If you don't take that route, get the second Star Coin from that room
         anyway, then leave the way you came in and drop down, taking the path up
         to the right to find the third Star Coin. Continue up from there until you
         see another green pipe, which, like the one before it, is a cannon. Wait
         for a moment until you won't get squished by the walls to shoot upward -
         ideally, while they are squished together and just before they are about
         to open back up. If you do it successfully, you'll reach the double doors
         leading to Bowser Jr.
         The fight against Bowser Jr. is easy. He runs pretty slowly at this point
         and doesn't have any super-tricky tricks for you yet. Either bounce on his
         head three times or pelt him with a barrage of fireballs to take him out.
         After defeating him, you will be asked if you want to save your game.
         Accept and proceed.
    1-4: A bit of the way into the level you'll find a question block with a Mini
         Mushroom inside. Grab it, then go through the narrow pass to the left and
         into the extremely narrow pipe (which Mario can only fit into in his
         miniaturized state). As Mini Mario, Mario can run across the surface of
         water. To get the Star Coin in the bonus room, run along the water, then
         use Mario's wall kick maneuver at the wall to the far right. To perform
         it, jump and hold the direction you're facing when against the wall. Mario
         will skid down the wall at a decelarated rate; press A while skidding to
         pull it off.
         Once you leave, head right and grab a mushroom out of the block just prior
         to the R-shaped pipe coming up out of the ground. There are bricks in
         front of the bottom half of the pipe; use the ground-pound to eliminate
         them. In the bonus room that the pipe leads to, go to the right without
         getting any of the coins, then hit the right one of the two bricks next to
         the pipe to reveal a P-switch. Use the coins that turn into bricks to
         reach the second Star Coin.
         After leaving that underground room, backtrack a little bit and run into
         Goombas until you become small Mario. Run through the lowered corridor to
         the right as small Mario to reach the third Star Coin, then backtrack a
         bit to find a mushroom at the top of the hill. From there, jump over the
         yellow pipe to the right that releases Goombas and jump to the flagpole.
    1-5: The purple mushrooms are spring-loaded, allowing Mario to jump higher.
         Hold the jump button to allow Mario to reach the first Star Coin, then go
         forward until you reach the pairs of platforms on pulleys. Stand on the
         first one until you get the two coins just below it, then jump to the next
         one and then to the high mushroom ledge for the second Star Coin.
         Shortly ahead are two more pairs of platforms on pulleys. Stand on the
         first platform of the second pair to raise the other platform enough to
         get into the pipe above you. In this bonus stage, ride the mushroom that
         bobs back and forth and collect the Star Coin that hangs suspended in the
         group of coins arranged like a mushroom. When the mushroom gets to the end
         of its route, jump into the pit to return to the stage proper.
         Before you reach the exit, make note of the red coin ring (it's easy to
         nab all eight) and the fun arrangement of multiple coin-bricks just above
         a springy mushroom.
    1-A: To access this level, pay five Star Coins to open up the gate on the way
         to 1-5. Save when prompted.
         At a point near the beginning of the stage, the screen will start to
         scroll on its own. Sharks (actual sharks, not Mariofied ones) will advance
         straight ahead in pairs, but you can take one out with a single fireball
         if you're equipped with a flower. When you find the P-switch attached to
         the ceiling, swim forward through the bouncy bubbles and collect the
         silver coins.
         After obtaining some silver coinage, swim along the top of the seemingly
         empty area to reach the Star Coin. There are several invisible blocks in
         this area that can keep you from getting it. The second one is in the pipe
         just after the first one.
         Another P-switch ahead will trigger another mess of silver coins. Now the
         sharks start swimming in from behind, and the pipes that blow bubbly
         currents that force you upward and downward don't make things any easier.
         To get the last Star Coin, just swim through the crack if you're small, or
         keep to the right and then just head up and left if you're large, then
         head over to the pipe at right to return to dry land and the exit.
    1-Boss: When standing on the ropes, you get a boosted jump when it's stretched
            as low down as possible. You'll use this knowledge later on.
            At the part where the spikes come down slowly from the ceiling, use the
            wall kick to get the first Star Coin. The next one looks as though it's
            situated dangerously just over the lethal lava pool, but wait patiently
            on the tall gray block next to it. When that one dips down near the
            lava, a previously hidden one will poke out of the lava. Get in, get
            the coin, and get out.
            On the second rope after the second Star Coin (the really long one),
            jump with the maximum boost provided by the rope. The screen will shift
            up just a hair and you should catch a glimpse of a pipe. Align yourself
            underneath it and jump up and in to find the third Star Coin. Return to
            the level via the same pipe and hit up the double doors to the right to
            reach the boss's lair.
            It's none other than Daddy Bowser himself! If you're Fire Mario, you
            can take him down with a steady diet of fireballs. Otherwise, wait for
            him to approach you, then jump on the ledge moving up and down and jump
            off to the right when it's at the top of its path, then hit the button
            at the end to bring down the bridge. However you decide to do it,
            Bowser will fall into the lava once you've dominated him - and even
            better, the fiery liquid will eat his skin off! Ewwwww!
            After taking off to World 2, tap World 1 on the touch screen. If you
            found all the Star Coins and alternate exits, you'll see a Star Coin
            emblem with the word "Complete" next to it on the touch screen. If you
            don't see that, whether you do it now or later, you've got some
            backtracking to do!
            In any event, let's move on to the desert world.
       --- | ------
       5.2 | Desert
       --- | ------
       DESERT MAP                       Legend
       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                       ¯¯¯¯¯¯
           M      MM   X     M          P - Pipe
           |       |   |     |          For other symbols, see the map for section
       S-1-2---3---4-T-o---5-o-6-BC       5.1.
               |   |         |    |
             W-A-P *-----M---*    P
    2-1: You would do well to come into this level equipped with a Fire Flower. The
         tall Pokeys you see can be taken out section by section with fireballs, or
         instantly with a fireball to the head. If you don't have firepower, there
         are several means available for jumping over them.
         All three Star Coins are located in plain sight. This level is just a
         matter of avoiding the Pokeys and their various means of conveyance.
         Toward the end, there is a bonus room that can only be accessed by Mini
         Mario, but it contains only regular coins; visiting it is by no means
         At the final screen, hit the P-switch to create a bridge of bricks over
         the Pokey's head, which will allow you to make the jump to the flagpole.
    2-2: Come in this level with a Fire Flower. When you reach Lakitu, get up on
         his level and pelt him with a fireball. He'll die, but his cloud will
         remain. Jump in it and ride it up and to the right into the sky to find
         the first Star Coin.
         You'll need to ground-pound in order to get the second Star Coin. After
         retrieving it, keep going until you see a yellow pipe with a slightly
         taller green pipe next to it. Enter that pipe to be shot up into the air
         and hold Up to enter the pipe you'll hit. In the sky bonus area, both of
         the green pipes in the middle are cannons. Use one to get the third Star
         Coin way above.
         When you leave the third Star Coin bonus, you'll be right near the end of
         the stage. Use the coin block by the flagpole for prime 1-up positioning.
    2-3: The pipe ahead of you will take you to an underground sewer labyrinth. At
         the part where the arrow points downward, wall-kick up to find the first
         Star Coin.
         Ground-pound to get through the manhole, then touch the doors with arrows
         on them to open them up. Go to the far left and ground-pound through the
         three manholes, then head right to the door maze. Use fireballs to take
         out the Piranha Plant, then jump up from where he was to find the second
         Star Coin. Reach the next screen by exiting in the bottom right corner.
         In the next room, you'll find an orange "?" switch that raises the water
         level. Swim up into the next area and hit another "?" switch to raise it
         some more, then jump up and take the exit that leads outside to the red
         flagpole, taking you to World 2-A.
         For the regular exit, swim to the right after touching the first "?"
         switch. The next area harbors a gigantic Piranha Plant that takes not one,
         but three fireballs to take down. He also releases several coins upon his
         death, so pick up all of those. When the path goes up and right diagonal,
         take it and then head left once it opens up. To get the third Star Coin,
         go all the way to the far left and jump up through the ledge, then jump up
         through the one on the right. Run straight off the edge to reach the
         alcove where the Star Coin is hidden.
         Once you have all three Star Coins, find the red "!" switch to create a
         bridge of red blocks below. Go in a circle to let the door down so you can
         walk onto the red blocks. The arrow pointing right will take you outside
         to the exit. Place the springboard on the right end of the pipe and bounce
         up to reveal a hidden coin block. Use that to earn yourself a 1-up from
         the flagpole.
    2-A: For most of this level you'll have to avoid a large fish patrolling the
         waters below who also likes to jump out and attack you from time to time.
         He can be killed with a fireball or a Koopa shell, but this is only a
         temporary fix, as he will return after a short period of time.
         Shortly after getting the first Star Coin, you'll be able to avoid the big
         fish using a series of springboards. Jump on them, then press A to launch
         yourself into the area. Mario will do a spin-jump off these types of
         springboards which makes him fall much more slowly.
         Use these until you reach the end of the level. The second Star Coin is
         located just underneath one of the log platforms. After getting it, glide
         over to the red Koopa Troopa. Bounce off him while spinning to get the
         propulsion necessary to reach the yellow pipe. This pipe leads to both the
         third Star Coin and the alternate exit, which takes you to a warp cannon
         that blasts you off to World 5.
         The regular exit opens a path to a pipe that takes you directly to World
         2's end castle. But you want to beat every level, right?
    2-4: This stage has "?" switches that create both hills and dips in the land.
         The first of these will raise the ground and allow you to get a power-up
         from the row of question blocks. Move forward and use a wall-kick to get
         past the Piranha Plant guarding the first Star Coin.
         When you go down into the underground part of the level and reach the
         water, you'll find to your left a pipe that only Mini Mario can enter. You
         need to enter this pipe to reach the level's secret exit. Get a Mini
         Mushroom from a regular Mushroom House, then come to this point in the
         level and use it. It is easy to enter the pipe since Mini Mario can run
         across water.
         Continuing to the regular exit from this point, go right to find a P-block
         that creates an arc of silver coins above you. Get them, then go down into
         the water. Swim underneath the rock to reach a short red pipe next to a
         tall green one. Enter the red pipe and make your way to the other side.
         The next pipe will transport you back to dry land. You will see a "?"
         switch, but DO NOT hit it just yet. Run over to the left to claim the
         second Star Coin, THEN hit the "?" switch to make a hill that can get you
         out of that lower area.
         Hopefully you have a Fire Flower for up ahead - it will help greatly when
         you try to clear the hills made by the next "?" switch with Piranha Plants
         sitting on top of them. You'll have to use the hills made by the switch to
         make it to the top of the high plateau before the time runs out, or else
         you have to run back and do it again.
         A pair of Hammer Brothers guards the final Star Coin. From there, it's not
         a far run to the exit.
    2-T: Take the regular path through the stage until you reach a red coin ring.
         Drop off the rope and off the spinning quad-ledges to find the first Star
         Coin in the bottom right corner. At this point, backtrack to the set of
         quad-ledges just before that one. When you're at the top of the circle,
         jump to the left. Hug the left wall and use about four wall-kicks to reach
         a door.
         In this room you'll see a set of gold bricks without a bottom. Jump into
         it and start wall-kicking. When you do this, the gold blocks will start
         moving along a pulley. Wall-kick to stay inside, then drop out once you're
         above the wall to the right. Jump up on the thin ledges and then on top of
         the gold blocks once they go down and left. Once on top of the gold blocks
         you can get the second Star Coin. Jump up and left and use another of
         those wall-kick devices to reach the door leading out of here.
         When you reach the next room, you'll see a red and yellow block. Bump it
         to reveal some square ledges that rotate every now and then. Go to the far
         left and jump from the red rotating square there to the left. If you jump
         and wall-kick, you will be able to reach the third Star Coin (you must be
         at least Super Mario to reach it).
         When you get the third Star Coin, backtrack to the first two rotating
         squares. When you jump on them, you'll see a red pipe above you that leads
         to Bowser Jr. Jump on him three times or pound him with fireballs to get
         rid of him.
    2-5: This level features stacks of bricks that are controlled by enemies inside
         question blocks. When you approach them, they'll wiggle a little, get up,
         and either walk or jump around. Use some of them to get the first Star
         Coin, then proceed forward until you reach an area with several gray
         background blocks. You should see rows of coins up in the air; don't get
         any of them. After them, you'll see a row of bricks, the middle of which
         contains a P-switch. Use the boost from one of the walking brick stacks to
         get on top of the bricks so you can hit the P-switch, then follow the
         trail to the left for the second Star Coin.
         From there, continue right until you see a Boomerang Brother. After you
         get rid of him, sink in the quicksand and hold Right on the D-pad. When
         you start to move right, press A repeatedly to stay above the quicksand,
         then jump out in front of the gray block and go right to find a hidden
         Drop down through the gray block tunnel and go right to find a walking
         stack of bricks. Stand on top of it and let it guide you. It will jump at
         the appropriate time to help you reach the third Star Coin. From there, go
         back up through the gray blocks and right to reach the end of the level.
    2-6: In this stage, you ride along on a large moving platform while Piranha
         Plants move up and down around you. You will benefit greatly from having a
         Fire Flower in this stage. Sometimes, when the Piranha Plants touch the
         ledge you're riding on, they'll be transferred from theirs to yours. You
         can keep your ledge from getting cluttered up by shooting them as soon as
         they invade your space. The level offers ample chances to get a flower in
         case you don't enter the level with one.
         All Star Coins here are in plain sight and easy to get. At the end of the
         stage, the exit pipe is blocked by a Piranha Plant resting atop a cork.
         Jump on the air puffer repeatedly until the air buildup blows the cork out
         of the pipe, then enter and make your way to the flagpole.
    2-Boss: Before you just barrel ahead, wait for the large spiked ball to crush
            the bricks above you, roll forward, then hit the wall and fall into the
            pit. You'll spend your time in this first area dodging spiked balls
            that roll at you. Most of them, thankfully, are smaller than that first
            one. There are several ways to avoid them, including ropes and ducking
            into tiny pits. Don't forget to wall-kick to the first Star Coin before
            When you pass through the door, you'll be outside in the desert. To get
            the second Star Coin, get a boost by jumping off a Bullet Bill. Use the
            rope above the next large spiked ball to make it to the ledge with two
            question blocks. The one on the right contains a Mini Mushroom. Grab it
            and go forward through the tiny tunnel to reach the third Star Coin.
            When you jump out through the top and go right, you'll see a "?" switch
            up against the wall. When you touch it, the land will dip downward to
            reveal the double doors leading to the boss. Enter to fight a mummified
            version of Pokey.
            The Pokey mummy will occasionally retreat back into the ground. When he
            resurfaces, he will grow to a height of either three or five segments.
            If three, just jump on him; if five, use a wall-kick to get the height
            necessary to jump on him (but make sure he's close enough to reach).
            Be sure to watch out for the projectiles he fires also. Three hits and
            this guy's toast.
            After this battle, you can go to one of two worlds. If you defeat the
            mummy as regular Mario, you'll go straight on to World 3. However, to
            access World 4, you must defeat the Pokey mummy as Mini Mario. Mini
            Mario can't affect enemies by stomping on them, so you'll have to use a
            ground-pound to deal damage. When the Pokey mummy appears, wall-kick
            off the left wall, sail through the air, then press Down when directly
            over him to score a hit. He takes three hits in this manner also.
            When Mini Mario goes through the door, it will appear as if he's headed
            for World 3, but he will fall through the thin crack in the floor and
            spin the sign around to World 4 on his way out! Be sure to play the
            castle at least twice in order to access both worlds.
       --- | -----
       5.3 | Water
       --- | -----
       WATER MAP                        Legend
       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                        ¯¯¯¯¯¯
         *-1---*    MM-3---G---*        G - Ghost House
         |     |       |   |   |        For other symbols, see the map for section
       S-o   M o-2-T---* X *-W o-BC       5.1.
         |   | | |       |     |
         *---A-* *---B---C-----*
    3-1: The giant Cheep-Cheeps in this stage can be felled with a single fireball,
         so it's best to come in with that power at hand. After the red coin ring,
         you'll find a roulette power-up block that you can get one out of; ideally
         you want either a Fire Flower or a Starman.
         After meeting your first giant blue Cheep-Cheep (they follow you around;
         fireball them on sight), you'll see a group of three pipes. Go in the
         middle one to reach a room filled with coins in bubbles. The first Star
         Coin is also in here. When you leave, swim right to find the second one.
         Fireball the blue Cheep-Cheep before getting it or he'll get up in your
         grill and go hard on you.
         The third Star Coin is also an easy pickup. When you hit the P-switch,
         just swim forward and up - you have plenty of time to pick it up. There's
         another red coin ring just before the pipe that takes you outside to the
    3-A: The main thing to avoid here are the water skimmers. You can jump on them,
         but it's easier to take them out with fireballs. Near the beginning of the
         level is a red coin ring that's fairly easy to get the power-up from. You
         won't even find the first Star Coin until after the midway point of the
         stage. Right after activating the midpoint flag, dip down into the water
         where the skimmer is dropping bombs that blow up otherwise indestructible
         blocks. When he clears out a passage for you to get the Star Coin, kill
         him and grab it.
         Stay above the water to get the second Star Coin, but after getting it,
         take a dip and head left to the block that contains the Mini Mushroom. Get
         it and head into the pipe to the far right. Once in the next area, jump on
         the spinning tri-ledge and then over to the right, then up into the pipe
         you see. Use Mini Mario's ability to run on water to get a running start
         and jump to the third Star Coin.
         When you return to the level, go right and into the pipe, then up the
         Donut Lifts to the top of the flagpole.
    3-2: Use the Koopa Troopa at the beginning to get the 1-up from the seemingly
         impossible-to-reach brick. You can score another 1-up shortly after that
         by using the next Koopa Troopa and following his shell as he knocks out a
         line of Goombas. Once you reach the midway point, enter the yellow pipe
         and get the first Star Coin.
         Use the pulleys to maximize your height, following the high road to reach
         the lofty second Star Coin. Just after that, you'll reach a wobbly
         mushroom platform that moves forward once you jump on it. You'll see three
         pipes sequenced red, yellow, green. Enter the green pipe, jump on the P-
         switch, and use the spring that gives you the spinning float to rack up
         some silver coins. When you leave, you'll have to navigate an extremely
         tricky series of ascending, descending, and bobbing mushroom platforms,
         but if you make it across, you'll reach the secret exit leading to World
         Back to the regular route: that wobbly mushroom ledge doesn't last long.
         Before the next one is a red coin ring that will test your knowledge of
         the boundaries of the pulley system. Let the platform drop to get Nos. 5
         and 6, then jump before falling to your death.
         At the second mushroom, use a flying Koopa Troopa to get the boost needed
         to get that third Star Coin. When you reach safe unwobbling land once
         more, you'll find yourself at the end of the stage.
    3-T: Of the three cannon pipes, only the middle one will fire you straight up.
         First, drop a little bit and hold onto the bottom fence, then climb left
         and up to reach the first Star Coin.
         Use the middle pipe again and this time start making your way up. When you
         get to the fence with electrical black balls on it, hit the fence while
         attached to it by pressing either Y or X to flip it around. Keep going up
         until you reach another such flippable door. Flip it around, then ground-
         pound the two columns of bricks you end up above (you have to be Super
         Mario to do it). Jump left for the second Star Coin.
         From there, go back up and right to reach a door. When you enter, you'll
         see a red "!" switch on your left. If you make it to the top before the
         timer runs out, you'll be rewarded with the final Star Coin; otherwise,
         try, try again.
         The next door puts you smack-dab in front of the double doors that lead to
         Bowser Jr. Although his lair is surrounded with water, he's no harder to
         beat than before. Employ your usual standard of three pounces or a barrage
         of fireballs.
    3-3: Without a Fire Flower, this stage is a living hell, and even with one, it
         ain't a walk in the park either, thanks to the Bloopers constantly
         harassing you. Having one before entering this level is a must.
         Shoot anything that moves until you reach a point where you can start to
         move down rather than right. You should find a pipe emitting a strong
         bubble current (the kind that's really hard to swim through) along with a
         "?" switch. First, kill the Blooper and swim left to find the first Star
         Coin. Then, hit the switch and swim up, right, and down. The "?" switch
         temporarily disables the bubble currents, so swim quickly to get past them
         Once you've managed that, you can take part in a red coin ring bonus that
         tests your swimming skills but is still pretty easy. Once you've done
         that, go to the right to the ascending pipes and go in the third one from
         the left (it's green). This leads to a HUGE room chock full of Bloopers -
         some of which even have tiny offspring at their disposal! Don't waste time
         in here. Make your way to the very lower right-hand corner where the
         second Star Coin is, then go straight up and exit this torture chamber.
         Upon arriving back at the main part of the stage, go up and right. The
         exit pipe is above you, but go down through the currents instead to the
         third Star Coin. As soon as you grab it, four Bloopers will appear out of
         nowhere to ambush you - yikes! Swim upward rapidly to avoid getting
         slaughtered, then exit through the pipe above and hit up that flagpole.
    3-G: The switch at right will create steps for you so you can scale the really
         steep hills in this level. Climb up the new steps and go forward, entering
         the first door you see. There are two power-up blocks in here. The one on
         the left contains a regular power-up, whereas the one on the right holds a
         Boo. Get the power-up and vamoose.
         Continue right to the door past the "?" switch. Jump on the pumpkin
         enemies to reach the Star Coin, then leave and hit the switch. When going
         up the steps, take a detour to the left to find that second Star Coin. Hit
         the switch again after getting it and head right. Go until you hit a brick
         that yields another "?" switch.
         This particular switch is the key to reaching the secret exit. When you
         hit the switch, make a mad dash for the door that led you to the first
         Star Coin. If you reach it in time, you'll see another door now located
         next to it. You have to get to it very quickly, however, or it will
         disappear and you'll have to go back and hit that switch all over again to
         try again. (Don't worry, this will probably take several tries.) If you
         make it in the door, you'll find the red flagpole that will take you to a
         warp cannon leading to World 6.
         The regular exit is much easier to access. After hitting the final switch,
         go up the steps and fall down the hole there to reach the door.
         In the final room, go to the left and up to find a roulette block. You
         want to stop it on the blue shell. You need this so you can get the third
         and final Star Coin. Once you have it, go right and hit the "?" switch to
         make steps appear. Jump your way up them, and when you get to the top,
         start running past the door. You'll crunch the brick blocking the coin.
         Grab it and leave the ghost house.
    3-B: Piranha Plants aplenty here - make sure you've got a flower to exterminate
         them with.
         The first Star Coin appears impossible to get at first, but continue past
         it until you see a very small red pipe. Enter and go left. Get a treat
         from the roulette block, then go up the red pipe to reach that elusive
         coin. Backtrack until you're back at the small red pipe that brought you
         to the bottom-screen area, then move forward.
         The second Star Coin is pretty high up but easy to get. Stand on the green
         pipe to the left of the two coin blocks below the Star Coin, then wall-
         kick from the red pipe to the green pipe and onto the top of the red pipe.
         Walk off the red pipe to get the coin.
         The third Star Coin is laid out in plain sight among the pipes, in an area
         where the number of Piranha Plants is outrageous and things start to get
         hairy. It's an easy one to nab though, and it's located right in front of
         the stage's end.
    3-C: Oh no! The big fish is back! And there are shaky falling ledges scattered
         throughout the stage to boot. However, as long as you have a flower or use
         Koopa shells wisely, he isn't all that bad. Let the ledges drop to get the
         first Star Coin, then after the midway point, kill the fish before dipping
         into the water for the second Star Coin.
         The third one's a bit of a challenge to obtain, but if you're a good
         runner/jumper, you shouldn't have much trouble. Once you hit the upside-
         down P-switch, run like the wind, using the silver coins as a guide for
         when and how far to jump. You need to make it to a red pipe above a row of
         bricks (which will become coins if the P runs out). Enter the red pipe to
         fall directly onto the third Star Coin. Incidentally, you're also now at
         the exit. Huzzah!
    3-Boss: Your first challenge in this castle is getting past the gigantic spikes
            that come down and up from the ceiling and floor (making their return
            from Super Mario World). They move pretty slowly at this point, so it's
            not a big deal. Be sure to get the first Star Coin along the way.
            After the spikes, you'll encounter some Whomps, like from Mario 64.
            When you approach them, they'll attack by falling on their faces. While
            they're prone, you can ground-pound them for a modest coin reward.
            However, you don't want to kill the one located directly below the
            second Star Coin. Move ahead to the pole, climb it, then run down and
            jump across the Donut Lifts atop the water. Jump to the rope, get your
            momentum going, and jump off to the left. Walk above the ceiling to the
            left and wait for the Whomp to do this thing as you get near. When he
            pounces on his face, fall to get the Star Coin and land on top of him.
            Return to the rope from earlier and swing right to get the giant Whomp
            to land on his face. Jump over him once he's down. You're now faced
            with more spikes. Tread carefully as you make your way to the double
            doors. When you reach them, don't enter just yet. The third Star Coin
            is located to the right. If you're large, run and duck as the spike
            starts to move back up to its resting position. Jump out of the water,
            up left, and up right before it can crash back down. (It helps to be at
            least Super Mario when grabbing this one.)
            The boss here is a giant purple fanged Cheep-Cheep, but worry not. It's
            not using its mouth. Its main line of offense is jumping out of the
            water hoping to hit you. The real thing to watch here is the three
            small Cheep-Cheeps flanking the boss at all times. They up the ante a
            little, but not much if you've got the skills. Don't bother with fire-
            balls here; just plant your feet on the boss Cheep-Cheep whenever it
            hops out of the water. Three stomps'll do the trick, and you'll be on
            your way to World 5.
       --- | ------
       5.4 | Forest
       --- | ------
       FOREST MAP                       Legend
       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                       ¯¯¯¯¯¯
           M      MM-A-*     X M        For symbol meanings, check maps for
           |         | |     | |          sections 5.1 and 5.3.
       S-1-2---3-T---o o-G---5-6-BC
         |       |   | | |
         *---X---*   *-4 *-W
    4-1: DO NOT under any circumstances touch the purple goop lining the bottom of
         the stage - that's an instant kill for our friend Mario right there. For
         the spiders, it's usually better to jump on them rather than kill them
         using a shell or a fireball, as you'll see when you need their boost to
         get the first Star Coin.
         Soon you'll find a goggled dinosaur waiting in the goop to take you
         forward. After you get the second Star Coin, wait until you reach the
         ledge with a question block on each end and three bricks in-between. Get
         on top and jump in the middle to reveal an invisible beanstalk block.
         Climb it and enter the pipe to find the alternate exit, which wraps around
         to 4-Tower with a 1-up House along the way.
         The third Star Coin appears to be the hardest to get, but you can get a
         Koopa Troopa to do your dirty work for you. Get either the red or green
         one from earlier, then carry it to the coin and hit it with the shell;
         this will collect the coin for you. Just after the third coin is the
         regular exit.
    4-2: The purple mushroom ledges lean depending on which end you're standing on,
         and they lean pretty sharply. You've got the first half of the level to
         get used to them, but as you move on, you'll have to start using their
         leaning abilities to get Star Coins. Wall-kick the high wall at the first
         one to grab that one, then lean on the right end of the purple platform to
         get the second one and jump before you slide off into the pit.
         After a red coin ring, you'll come to a stepped platform. Go to the purple
         mushroom after it, then go back to the left, let it lean a little, then
         jump over and hit the brick above you to reveal a beanstalk leading to a
         bonus area. When the beanstalk finishes off, jump to the brick to make
         another one pop out. This one leads to the third Star Coin. When you're
         finished here, exit through the green pipe and head for the exit.
    4-3: This is a pretty straightforward swimming level. It scrolls forward
         automatically, and you'll have to watch out for the giant eels that come
         crashing through. The first two Star Coins are easy to get; they're right
         in plain sight and aren't surrounded by many obstacles.
         For the third one, wait until you find a "?" switch that, when hit, cuts
         off the currents in the pipes ahead. Swim to the green one that sits right
         next to the yellow one and enter before the switch's timer runs out. Swim
         to the left and down in the new room to let the current sweep you to the
         third Star Coin.
         Leave the third Star Coin's room the way you came in. From there, it's a
         short way to the exit.
    4-T: Go up the gray ledges as they close in, then get the power-up at the top
         before moving on to the next room.
         The lava rises rapidly in this room, so you've got to be on your toes.
         When you climb the fence, knock one of the doors so that you're on the
         back side. Continue up and then stay near the left as much as possible to
         get the first Star Coin. Proceed upward to find the second one between
         some electrical black balls. Shortly after this, you'll reach the halfway
         The gray rocks here slide back and forth and can squish you if you're
         careless. There's a small gap between the top one and the ceiling; if you
         duck or are small Mario, you can ride through it to the last Star Coin.
         A red coin ring awaits you as you climb up the final set of fences to the
         double doors.
         Bowser Jr. is here as usual, but he's got a new trick up his sleeve this
         time. You can't just straight jump on him anymore; he'll retreat under his
         spiky shell while he's running. Occasionally he'll stop to throw you a
         green shell. Jump on it to stop it, then pick it up and throw it at him.
         When it hits him, he'll be stunned; jump on him while stunned to score a
         hit. Three of these will do him in.
         Of course, if you have fireballs, those still work as well.
    4-4: Here you'll meet Wiggler, who gets angry and turns red when you jump on
         him. When he's red, you can't hurt him at all, but you can use this to
         your advantage, as with the red coin ring near the beginning, which
         requires Wiggler's services in order to complete.
         For the first Star Coin, slide down the wall opposite the coin and kick
         when you're in front of it. Proceed until you see the roulette block, then
         back up a little bit and hit one of the bricks to find a beanstalk that'll
         take you up. Go left and jump on the blocks above the Wiggler, then wall-
         kick to reach the very high second Star Coin.
         Advance until you see the third one. You'll have to have mastered the
         wall-kick to get it - just slide down the wall and kick over to the mini-
         pipes once you've snagged it. There's an opportunity for a 1-up before the
         pipe leading to the flagpole. Just hop on each flying green Koopa Troopa
         until you've netted the extra life, then go through and bring down the
         flag to put another notch on your belt.
    4-A: In this level you avoid the KILLER GOOP mainly by swinging along the vines
         that operate exactly like the ropes you've seen in castles before now.
         There are also some quad-ledges that operate by Mario's weight; make it
         lean to the right to make it move forward. You'll get your first Star Coin
         jumping off one of these.
         Right after that, you'll see another wheel ledge with a green flying Koopa
         Troopa above it. Bounce off of him to reach a vine situated way high up,
         then swing from there to a pipe to the right. Enter to reach a cave, where
         you should jump on top of the rectangle of bricks and hit the P-switch to
         reach the second Star Coin. There's also an opportunity for a 1-up if you
         knock out one turtle and use his shell to take down the others.
         When you leave the cave, you'll find to the right three pipes, sequenced
         green-yellow-green. Enter the short green one to reach a small underground
         area housing the third Star Coin. Leave via the longest pipe, then go in
         the pipe to your right, use the vine to get up to the high blocks, and
         touch the flagpole.
    4-G: Enter the first door and touch the "?" switch to make four coin blocks
         drop down from the ceiling on strings. The second one contains a power-up;
         grab it before the time runs out and they all go back up from where they
         Once you return to the main level, jump on the striped platform to be
         taken around the wall to the next area. These things figure pretty heavily
         into this level.
         Once around the wall, go up and right to find the first Star Coin. Jump on
         the platform to wrap around. You'll find a big inflated Boo who loses air
         when you've got your back to him but gains air when you face him. Wait
         until he deflates a little, then move past him and go up and left to find
         the red "!" switch that'll allow you access to the door.
         In the next room, head left to find another "!" block. Wall-kick up the
         parallel ones to find your second Star Coin, then drop back down to the
         left and hit it again, this time going to the pipe that leads up.
         There are two things you can do here. If you don't have a Mini Mushroom,
         you have to take the pipe upward and just make your way to the exit. With
         a Mini Mushroom, however, you can reach the secret exit. Hit the "!"
         switch and get on top of the pipe. Stand next to the pipe and wall-kick
         off it, then sail to the right to reach a ledge. Jump up and wall-kick to
         a tiny passage that only Mini-Mario can get to. Don't go through the door
         when you reach it, however; wall-kick to the ceiling to get that third
         Star Coin, THEN go through the door.
         The alternate exit will take you to a warp cannon leading to World 7.
    4-5: Bob-Ombs are the key to this level. You can blow up almost any block you
         need to in this stage, and that's how you'll extract the Star Coins. The
         first half of the level gives you time to practice with Bob-Ombs and get a
         feel for their explosion range.
         Once you pass the midway point, use one of the two Bob-Ombs ahead to blow
         up the concrete wall holding in the first Star Coin. Shortly after that,
         you'll find the second one in a chamber above a yellow drawbridge. Bump
         the Bob-Omb from below to start his fuse, then jump in when he blows the
         blocks away and retrieve the second Star Coin.
         The third coin is in a pipe blocked by concrete blocks. Stomp on a Bob-Omb
         (you can also set them off with fireballs) and grab it, setting it down on
         the blocks when the drawbridge above splits open. You need to blow up at
         least one of the blocks directly covering the pipe to be able to enter.
         Once inside, use the Bob-Ombs to break through the network to the Star
         Coin in the middle.
         After you leave the room with the third Star Coin, you're just a stone's
         throw from the exit.
    4-6: You'll ride another dinosaur over the KILLER GOOP here, this one even
         larger than the one from 4-1. There's a red coin ring just near the start,
         but it isn't worth the effort, and you need to take the upper ledge to get
         the first Star Coin anyway.
         A Fire Flower is helpful against the Piranha Plants you'll face up ahead -
         and these aren't the only ones either. Once you pass these three, hop back
         on your dino friend and hit the P-switch to allow yourself access to a
         power-up and the second Star Coin.
         After that story, the number of pipes, Piranha Plants, and Koopa Troopas
         increases drastically. Watch your step and wait for a red "!" switch on
         the ceiling. Stand on the dinosaur's head and wait for it to lift up, then
         jump left and bump the switch with your own head. You can now access the
         pipe to the right. In this room, you'll find a pretty big coin payout and
         that last Star Coin, along with a 1-up next to the pipe that takes you
         back to the main level.
         Upon leaving, you'll be dropped off near the pipe that takes you to the
         exit. Hit it up posthaste.
    4-Boss: You'll start off with an easy exercise in crossing pendulums. Wait till
            the last one is poking up to the right and take a running jump to reach
            the first Star Coin.
            You're up against some Thwomps next. You can easily leap over the first
            few, but wait on the ones that are raised up just slightly before you
            pass through. You can avoid a particularly tricky passage by wall-
            kicking up the purple walls to the raised area.
            To get the second Star Coin, wait on the gigantic Thwomp to break
            through the three rows of concrete before dropping down. When he does,
            you can grab the second one. Wait for him to move back up from another
            drop before moving on.
            The third coin is easy to get - just jump from one of the edges of the
            pendulum and come back in a little to seize it. You're back to the
            pendulums, speaking of which, but the only thing difficult is how far
            apart they're spaced. Once you cross them, however, you're at the doors
            that'll take you to the boss.
            The boss looks simple enough - he's just a tiny Goomba! Only for a
            second, though. He quickly grows giant-sized. When he starts to charge,
            drop into the alcove with the "?" switch. When you hit it, a green
            rounded platform will appear on either the right or left side of a
            level. When you jump on it, it will raise up, allowing you to jump on
            the giant Goomba's head. But just a stomp won't do the trick for this
            big boy! To score the hit, ground-pound him. Do this three times and
            he'll go down for the count.
            Grab the key to head to World 5.
       --- | ----
       5.5 | Snow
       --- | ----
       SNOW MAP                             Legend
       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                             ¯¯¯¯¯¯
           *-2-*  P1-3-----G-o-----*        P1, P2 - Indicates multiple pipes on a
           | | |     |     | |     |                   world map. Matching numbers
       S-1-o P1o-T---o P2W-* C   X-4-BC                mean that one pipe leads to
           |   | |   | |     |        |                another.
           *-A-* *-M *-B-----o-MM    P2     For other symbols, check the maps for
                                              sections 5.1 and 5.3.
    5-1: Wait for the penguin to spit out a snowball so that he'll bowl over the
         line of Goombas for you. Just ahead of that, you'll find that there are
         some tree branches that drop their snow load. These do not hurt Mario, but
         it's not advisable to get under them either, since they'll knock Mario
         down and keep him on the ground momentarily, leaving him open to enemy
         You'll also have to deal with deep snow banks that inhibit both your
         walking and jumping abilities. Usually there are blocks situated over them
         so you can cross them without slowing down. You'll have to use one such
         block to reach the first Star Coin. Shortly after that is the level's
         halfway point.
         Don't worry if you kill the Koopa Troopa at the snow bank after the midway
         point - there's also a flying coin block that will help you reach that
         second Star Coin. Just after that is the third one. Kill the penguin atop
         the cliff first, then hit the block three times to make a stack of blocks
         pop out. With that new stack, wall-kick to the cliff and jump to reach the
         coin, giving you all three for that level.
         The exit is not far from that last Star Coin. Just be sure to watch out
         for the snow that falls from the trees and a few more snowball-tossing
    5-2: A flower will work against the bats in this cave, but not against the
         Spike Tops that crawl along all surfaces. For that, you'll need a blue
         shell suit, but in this icy cavern, that's pretty risky.
         When you come to the Piranha Plants, maneuver through them and crunch the
         bricks overhead for the first Star Coin. When you get out, you'll find a
         yellow pipe above you next to a red pipe. Remember this spot.
         Go a bit forward to find a portable springboard situated below a Star Coin
         and bounce up to it when you see an opening between the Spike Tops. This
         is actually the third Star Coin in the level. Carry the springboard back
         to the yellow pipe mentioned earlier and jump up and in. Outside, there's
         a coin that turns into a bouncing enemy when you approach it. Follow him,
         then bounce off of him once at the pipe to reach the Star Coin.
         Back in the main level, go forward until you find a large ice block with
         two Spike Tops crawling around it, and a pipe in the ceiling with a
         Piranha Plant coming out of it. This pipe will take you to the secret
         exit, which leads to a pipe that takes you directly to 5-3 - not much of a
         leap, if you ask me.
         From there, make the careful leaps across the ice chunks to reach the
         regular end of the stage.
    5-A: Yet another new type of mushroom platform is introduced in this stage. The
         new blue ones alternate between shrinking inward and stretching way out.
         The first part of the stage is obstacle-free so that you can get the
         timing of the platforms down. Not far ahead, however, you get to try your
         hand at navigating them during a red coin ring bonus, as well as having to
         use one to get the first Star Coin. When you get that coin, hit the red
         "!" switch to create a bridge back to safety.
         Immediately after this, you'll see a brick situated above a mushroom ledge
         with a single Koopa Troopa. When the mushroom is stretched out, bounce off
         the turtle and hit the brick to reveal a beanstalk. In the cloudy bonus
         area, hit the P-switch and then jump off the launch pad to reach the
         second Star Coin.
         When you return to the stage, ground-pound the middle part of the brick
         clump you see and hold Down while pounding to get all the coins out of the
         multiple coin brick. As you move forward, there are more treasures for
         you, including a 1-up, coins that appear when you pass over the outlines,
         and the third Star Coin. When you have all three Star Coins, leap from the
         mushroom ledge above and to the right to hit the flagpole.
    5-T: The big nuisance here is jumping over the spiked balls as they roll onto
         the platform that moves up. You'll occasionally run into some Dry Bones,
         but let the spiked balls take care of them. Try to look ahead and stay on
         the side opposite of where the next spiked ball will come from. There is
         no halfway checkpoint in this level, so stay on your toes!
         After the second Star Coin, things start to get really out of control.
         When you see the bricks in the wall to the right, get over to the left,
         because a giant spiked ball is about to crash through them, and it's not
         going away any time soon.
         At this point, you'll really need to start staying ahead of the curve.
         Generally, try to keep to the right. That way, you can get the third Star
         Coin when it comes up, and plus there's a dividing wall part of the way
         through and you'll get stuck with the giant ball and with nowhere to go if
         you take the left path.
         After the spiked ball leaves the room, pick up the power-up and jump up to
         the double doors to face Bowser Jr. in his precarious ice lair. He doesn't
         do the turtle shell thing here, so you only have to focus on jumping on
         him, or pelting him with fireballs, which is as always the preferred
         course of action.
    5-3: Start this one off by sliding down the hill. Hold Down the entire time, as
         the hills are perfectly designed to net you a 1-up for hitting just enough
         enemies. When you come to a rest at the top of the flat ice hill, jump
         over to the next ledge and off the right for the first Star Coin.
         Upon reaching the midway point, you can take one of two paths. You can go
         straight ahead and take the low road, or take a beanstalk up to the high
         road. Seeing as how the low road contains the rest of the Star Coins, that
         is the one you want to take.
         You'll have to be Super Mario at least to get the second one. It appears
         in a cage of bricks just after you slide through the narrow passageway to
         get to that area. After facing three armored foes with horns on their
         fronts (bop them on the head to get them to slide into the pits), you'll
         notice the third Star Coin. Wall-kick up to it, then drop back down,
         proceed forward, and take a jump off the final hill for prime flagpole
    5-G: The first part of this ghost house features some Boos equipped with boxing
         gloves who can punch through concrete. They require three regular jumps or
         one ground-pound to destroy, but you don't want to kill most of them - you
         want to use them for their abilities. The first example of this comes a
         bit of the way up, when you have to let one pound through so you can get
         through a passage where you wall-kick your way up to the first Star Coin.
         As you go up a few flights of stairs, you'll see a door up in the left-
         hand corner. Run and jump to it, or use the boxing Boo for a boost, and
         enter. To get the second Star Coin, you'll have to wall-kick up the
         concrete blocks before the ghosts punch through them. If you don't pull it
         off, just exit and re-enter and everything will be back as it was so you
         can try again. It helps to do this part as at least Super Mario, as there
         is a good chance you'll get hit somewhere along the way.
         After leaving the second Star Coin's room, go up the stairs to the right,
         then left where you see three bricks. Jump on top of them and jump while
         standing on top of each individual brick. You will reveal three hidden
         coin blocks that form a sort of triangle. Jump on top of those new blocks
         and then duck while standing on the top one. While ducking, jump yet again
         to reveal a beanstalk that will take you up to a door. Let the boxing Boo
         punch through the wall and fall, then enter.
         The platform that moves up here does strange things. First it will pause
         for about a second. Next, it will wobble around when you get to the
         scattered pairs of coins - stand in the middle and keep jumping so you
         don't get dumped off. It will soon straighten out and start going back up.
         After another short pause, it will fall a long way. It will then shoot up
         like a rocket. Keep to the right, and when you see an opening, jump off to
         the right to enter a side area with lots of regular coins plus the third
         Star Coin. Use the beanstalk to get up to the door that leads you out of
         this room.
         Along with the third Star Coin, that weird room takes you to the secret
         exit, which leads you to a cannon warping you to World 8! For good flag
         position, get the springboard out of the question block and set it atop
         the brick.
         As for the regular exit, continue up the long flight of stairs next to the
         three bricks. You'll find another crazy platform like the one that led you
         to the secret exit. It follows the exact same pattern as that other one as
         well, except there are no detours to take. Jump up and take the door to
         the regular exit when you're finished.
    5-B: The first Star Coin is in a sticky spot, but if you stomp his shell and
         throw him into the 1-up block to the left, he'll ricochet off that, roll
         into the small tunnel to the right, and collect it for you. Right after
         that coin is the level's checkpoint.
         The second coin looks pretty high up, but don't bother to try and make
         impossible jumps to get it. If you head right (after pulling off a Koopa
         Troopa-style line of 1-ups, of course), there's a P-switch you can hit.
         Backtrack, taking the top path, and don't fall through the coins and you
         should reach the second Star Coin in time.
         Keep going right, and when the path forks and you see one of those
         annoying armored guys on the lower path, take it to find the last Star
         Coin sitting right next to the pit.
         There are two exits in this stage, and they're both pretty close to each
         other. You'll see that you have to wall-kick to get high enough to get in
         a good spot on the regular flagpole. If you wall-kick even higher and go
         above the screen and to the left, however, you'll find a hidden area that
         you need a blue Koopa shell suit to access. Get one from an item house and
         don't use it until you're next to the pipes for ensured success. The
         secret exit will open up a pipe on the map that puts you smack dab in
         front of the castle.
    5-C: More boxing Boos in this cave stage. As in the ghost house, it's better to
         use them for their ability rather than to kill them straight away. This is
         especially true of the first Star Coin. You might think you can ground-
         pound to get to it, but you can't - you need the power of the boxing Boo
         to break through the bricks below it. (If you have a blue shell on, that
         also works.)
         After the boxing Boos you'll see Buzzy Beetles crawling along the ceiling
         that fall when you approach them. You'll need the services of one of these
         guys to get the second Star Coin. Just throw the shell at the coin to
         collect it. It's impossible to get it yourself, so make the toss.
         The third one is the hardest to find, and plus you need to set up properly
         to get it. Just after the checkpoint, there is a row of four bricks with a
         longer row of bricks above it. Kill the punching ghost when he comes down
         the steps just to get him out of your hair, then jump on the four bricks
         and break the one directly above the one on the far right. Come back down
         and hit the brick you were just standing on to reveal a beanstalk that
         takes you to an outside area.
         Jump over the ghost and hit the P-switch, then lure him over to the blocks
         that you can't break. When he punches through them, grab the Star Coin,
         then wait for the timer to run out. When you fall through the narrow hole,
         you'll find yourself right at the end of the stage. Touch the flagpole for
         another solid victory.
    5-4: What!? Not ANOTHER mushroom ledge to accustom yourself with!! And there's
         no time for a learning curve on this one, since this level's a scroller
         (albeit a slow one). As you'll no doubt learn quickly, the yellow ones dip
         down when Mario stands on them, whereas the red ones shoot up. You've also
         got Bullet Bills to deal with, so there are a lot of things to keep on
         your mind when playing this stage.
         The first and second Star Coins are right next to each other but are
         separated by a barrier that only Mini Mario is capable of passing. If you
         have a Mini Mushroom on hand, that's a good time to whip it out, as the
         slow scrolling speed allows you plenty of time to get out the stylus. (It
         is also possible to get it as a bigger Mario - just really hard.)
         After getting those, keep jumping on the red mushroom prior to the third
         Star Coin to keep it down so you can slip into the area where it is. From
         here on out, there are no Bullet Bills coming at you, and the mushroom
         ledges more or less alternate between yellow and red, making it easy to
         move among them.
    5-Boss: Come in this level equipped with a Fire Flower. The conveyor belts you
            see will send Piranha Plants your way. Along the way you'll see the
            first Star Coin, so hang down and get that, then jump to the stationary
            ledges and stomp the Dry Bones as you make your way across.
            Soon the enemies start to come in faster, and the Dry Bones start to
            roll in at a pretty fast clip. Along with them, a springboard will also
            sometimes come your way. Use one to leap up to the second Star Coin.
            After a roulette block and a very large Piranha Plant that takes three
            fireballs to eliminate, you'll see a coin block with a hole in the
            ceiling right above it. Go to the next ice ledge and stomp the Dry
            Bones so that he doesn't distract you, then make a huge running jump to
            the top of the block, jumping once there to keep yourself in place.
            From there, jump up and wall-kick up to the ceiling.
            You will now be above the screen's field of view. Run to the right and
            drop onto the conveyor belt, then run left to grab the third Star Coin.
            You can get up to the double doors through the thin floor above the
            power-up block.
            Your boss for this world is none other than Petey Piranha. When he goes
            airborne, he'll dive once you get under or near him. Keep jumping and
            try to let the ice slow you down too much or he'll dominate you easily.
            When he dives and hits the ice, he'll slip and fall on his back. While
            he lies prone, jump on top of him and ground-pound. After he's hit, he
            will jump around a little bit before flying again. Repeat the whole
            process three times to take him out.
            As with the Pokey mummy boss from World 2, you can reach World 7 rather
            than World 6 by defeating Petey Piranha as Mini Mario; however, if you
            have found the secret exit in World 4's ghost house, this is not
       --- | ---------
       5.6 | Mountains
       --- | ---------
       MOUNTAIN MAP                     Legend
       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                     ¯¯¯¯¯¯
         1---* X  MM   M   5---*        For symbol meanings, refer to section 5.1.
         |   | |   |   |   |   |
       S-o M o-2-T-3---4-T-o X 6-BC
         | | |             | | |
         *-A-*             *-B-*
    6-1: You're introduced to two new things in this level: rotating Bullet Bill
         cannons, and walls which Mario walks with his back against. When Mario has
         his back against a wall, you can walk and jump as normal (although your
         jumping power is somewhat inhibited), and you can press Down to hang from
         the floor and Up to pull yourself back up.
         The first Star Coin is earned with a simple wall-kick after the first such
         instance of Mario with his back to the wall. Wall-kick up the area next to
         that to reach a power-up. From there, you'll see the second Star Coin.
         Getting it is a simple wrap-around.
         Go forward until you reach a rotating Bullet Bill cannon with three
         turrets on it. From here, you can either go up or down. If you go up and
         you have a Mini Mushroom, you can access a bonus room where, if you get
         the star before killing any mini-Goombas, you can net yourself a 1-up.
         This is largely not worth it, however, and you should take the lower path,
         where amid all the Bullet Bill crossfire, you'll find the third Star Coin
         below a ledge that you can hang from. This is right in front of the exit.
    6-A: Almost immediately, Lakitu will be on your case in this level. Get rid of
         him by stomping his head or with a fireball (the latter is preferred), and
         go forward until you see a large tornado. Jump in it to be launched into
         the air, then float gently forward to retrieve the first Star Coin. Drill
         downward by pressing Down.
         Go forward until you are met with two Lakitus at once. You should be at a
         part of the quicksand that is raised higher up than the rest. Allow
         yourself to sink into this pit and you'll be rewarded not with death, but
         with passage to an underground area that yields the second Star Coin.
         Wall-kick to reach it, then fireball the three Spinies and exit through
         the yellow pipe, which plants you directly at the halfway mark.
         Run across the thin floor (where you're at eye level with the Lakitus) and
         drop down and left, where the question block reveals a star. Blindly run
         ahead to the pipe and enter the single yellow one to reach an underground
         area where the third Star Coin hangs above a giant Piranha Plant. If you
         run fast enough, you should be able to kill the plant with your invinci-
         Upon exiting, you're once again hit with a double-Lakitu assault. Duck
         down into the green pipe next to the red pipe you just exited. It will
         bend to the right and shoot you over and past them. Quickly escape into
         the horizontal pipe to the right.
         It may look as though you're too far away from the flagpole to get a 1-up
         out of it, but there are two invisible coin blocks hidden above the small
         hill in front of the flagpole.
    6-2: Get a power-up from the second of the two flying blocks at the beginning,
         then proceed through the red pipe at right.
         Here, it's best to have a Fire Flower, what with the Spinies getting
         caught up in the rising and falling tide. The first Star Coin is a bit of
         a toughie to find, but it's right there near the start. You'll see a
         question block with two coins above it. Between those two coins are two
         hidden blocks, of which the one on the right contains a beanstalk. Climb
         it and hit the brick you see to reveal a P-switch. Hop along the flying
         question blocks to reach two brick bridges, and grab that Star Coin.
         When you drop, go right until you see two very tall pipes. Don't go in the
         first one, which rockets you up to a bonus level, that while very nicely
         designed, is awkward to actually play through and is generally a waste of
         60 seconds (plus, it drops you off past a Star Coin, so you have to waste
         more time backtracking). Instead, go to the one to the right, which will
         tip to the right and rocket you over a wall to the next area. Wait for the
         tide to rise to grab the second Star Coin.
         At the midway point, you'll see a roulette block. Ahead of it is a regular
         block containing a star; if you grab it at the right time and the tide
         works to your advantage, you can score a 1-up before getting the third
         Star Coin.
         Pass through the yellow pipe, then hop up to each successive log ledge to
         score some prime real estate on the flagpole.
    6-T1: The giant spikes are back, and there's no playing nice this time. They
          come at you in full force from the start. Wait until they retreat, and
          then race to the next safe spot. Along this route is the first Star Coin,
          and shortly after getting it, you'll reach the checkpoint.
          The giant Dry Bones can't be hurt with a regular stomp, but the boost you
          get from jumping on him will allow you to reach a peculiarly situated
          Fire Flower. Continue up to the door.
          In the next room, make sure you're at least Super Mario, because this one
          can get tough. Stand at the very edge of the first thin floor, then make
          your way up as soon as the bottom-most spike allows you room. If you take
          the detour to the second Star Coin, you'll almost certainly take a hit,
          which is why it's necessary to enter this room as Super Mario.
          You can only get the third Star Coin if you have a Mini Mushroom as your
          spare item. When you reach the double doors leading to Bowser Jr., use it
          to shrink yourself. Wait for Dry Bones to walk over to the left, then hop
          up to the ledge with him on it and jump to the right. Wall-kick and hold
          Y or X to get some distance on the jump, and you'll reach a pipe. Enter.
          There are four spikes in this room, and they all cross over each other.
          It may seem difficult to get the coin, but you will notice that when all
          four spikes are extended, there is a tiny gap in the middle of them that
          Mini Mario can stand in safely. Jump to that gap, get the coin, return to
          the gap, then leave the room the way you entered.
          The big disadvantage to getting the third Star Coin is that it forces you
          to defeat Bowser Jr. as Mini Mario. However, he doesn't do his sudden
          turnover trick and you don't have to defeat him with turtle shells, so
          take him out with three precisely aimed ground-pounds.
    6-3: Hit the first red question block when the spikes are pointed up to
         eliminate the spikes and get a power-up. There is also a coin block
         bouncing around crazily on a string. Hit it to make it stop, then get a
         running jump off that block to get the first Star Coin. Enter the red pipe
         to the right to move on. There is a VERY easy red coin ring in this cave,
         so there's no excuse for skipping it.
         When you come out of the red pipe into the area with several pipe, enter
         the pipe two to the right of the red one you just came out of to find the
         second Star Coin in an isolated cave area. Go in the pipe to your far
         right and navigate that cave. Nearly every pipe in here has a Piranha
         Plant in it, so a flower is very useful here.
         When you get out, a bouncing guy will hop toward you. Wait until he gets
         on the pipe you exited out of, then hit him at the top of his jump and
         hold left. If successful, you'll walk over the pipe and grab the third
         Star Coin. Wall-kick between the two pipes to escape.
         Follow the bouncing guy and fireball him when you see him. If you kill
         him, he'll let loose with a 1-up. Follow the path from there to the end of
         the stage.
    6-4: When you see the giant rotating fire trap, wall-kick up to its right and
         get above it as quickly as possible to retrieve the first Star Coin.
         Continue forward until you see a red "!" switch. It will create two blocks
         to the left so you can go up some more. Avoid the fire trap to the right
         by moving into the corner and ducking, then quickly wall-kick up and hop
         up the ledges. Upon reaching the checkpoint, kick back to the left to find
         the second Star Coin.
         Enter the red pipe to the right to reach a room that is almost entirely
         navigated with Mario's back to the wall. Remember that you have almost
         zero jumping ability, so only jump to the moving platforms when they're
         right there next to you. The path forks at a point, leading both up and
         down. Take the upper path to reach the pipe that leads to the third Star
         Coin. When you exit that room, take the green pipe right next to you to
         reach the end.
    6-T2: The usual trouble with conveyor belts is compounded here by the addition
          of spikes to the level's layout. Make your way up through the level until
          you reach two pipes. The one on the left will launch you in an arc that's
          perfect for getting the coins to the left, and the right one will take
          you up. You can only get the second Star Coin if you're Super Mario or
          greater. Wait for a clear space between the Spike Tops, then duck and
          jump at the bricks. Jump on the rope after that to snag the third Star
          Coin, then take the pipe cannon up to the double doors.
          Bowser Jr. uses his turtle shell trick here, so if you don't have fire
          abilities, wait for him to toss a turtle shell, toss it back at him, and
          hit him while he's stunned.
    6-5: A Fire Flower is practically a necessity here, what with the green Cheep-
         Cheeps that home in on you. Among them is the first Star Coin.
         After the red coin ring, you'll encounter a whirlpool that turns on and
         off. You definitely don't want to get sucked up in this thing, as it
         basically spells instant death for Mario. After crossing it, move forward
         until you hit a block with a star in it. If you move quickly enough,
         subsequent blocks will contain stars as well, creating a chain of
         invulnerability that will score you a 1-up if you run into all the Cheep-
         Cheeps in your way. At the yellow pipe, enter to find the second Star
         Coin, then exit through the same pipe.
         Swim forward from there until you find a whirlpool with bricks surrounding
         the bottom of it. You want to get sucked down into this one, as it will
         take you to the third Star Coin. Leave through the red pipe at the top. If
         you can avoid the two giant green Cheep-Cheeps that meet you when you come
         out, you're golden.
    6-B: Take the pipe on the right to be cannonballed up to the top of the ice
         wall. You'll encounter some new devices that work like regular ropes and
         vines, except they move along a set path (indicated by the black lines).
         To get the first Star Coin, use the shell of the red Koopa just before it
         to pick it up, then bounce off the green flying Koopa to reach the rope.
         After passing some familiar purple leaning mushrooms, shoot out of the
         cannon pipe and hang a short left, using the flying Koopa Troopa to get
         the Star Coin that's just out of the cannon's reach. You'll hit some more
         leaning mushrooms, then you'll have to jump between ropes as they move
         along their tracks. Get a good swing going on the second one, then jump to
         the top ice ledge, ducking as you slide. When you get the third Star Coin,
         the wall in front of you will explode, allowing you further passage.
         From here, you have to make some tricky jumps to reach the tops of the
         pipes, unless you're small or Koopa Mario, in which case you can just blow
         straight through to the end.
    6-6: Make your way kind of up and left using the spinny springs provided. This
         level makes prolific use of the drill technique. To do this, press and
         hold Down on the D-pad while spinning through the air. While doing this,
         you can even crunch through bricks as small Mario. When you find the wall
         of bricks with the Star Coin behind it, spring up to the top of the column
         in front of the wall, then drill down. Hitting the bottom brick reveals a
         P-switch, which you can use to get the coin.
         The second Star Coin is located atop a Chain Chomp post to the left of the
         part where you can start going right rather than up (near the top of the
         stage). You can extract coins from Chain Chomps by ground-pounding their
         posts three times, but this isn't recommended. Just get the coin and carry
         After reaching the midway point, move slowly downward and launch yourself
         off the spring. Allow yourself to move down past it, then hit the red coin
         ring, which tests your directional skills while in midair. Use momentum
         from the Koopa Troopa to pick up Nos. 7 & 8.
         From where you just hit the Koopa Troopa, ground-pound through the bricks
         to access another spring. Hang to the right, then do some more ground-
         pounding. You'll reach another spring. From this one, wing it to the right
         and use the flying red Koopa to hit the P-switch, then keep right and use
         the one to the right to bounce up, collect the coins, and enter the pipe.
         In the new cave, spring up to the top, then slide down the walls, kicking
         over to the other one when the coins alternate. The third Star Coin is in
         this room, so don't leave without nabbing that. A series of cannon pipes
         outside will lead you to the exit.
    6-Boss: There are a lot of tricky jumps to be made here on account of the
            nature of the gray blocks that move back and forth. Use a turtle shell
            to get the first Star Coin, then move ahead (the second one's along the
            way) until you reach the midway point. At that point, jump up to the
            top where the thin slab of stone is sliding back and forth, then jump
            along the ledges until you see two slabs moving in toward and out from
            each other. Run and jump to the top of the upper one when it's at its
            lowest point, then run out of view of the screen along the ceiling to
            reach the third Star Coin. (This is best done as small Mario.)
            Drop back down once finished and avoid the small slabs on your way to
            the door. The next room is significantly easier, since you only have to
            jump between alternating platforms. At the top are the double doors
            leading to the World 6 boss, a tank-sheltered Monty Mole.
            The first time you see him, his tank is small and moves slowly. After
            you bop his head once, however, he starts to go crazy. Avoid the ammo
            being fired by jumping either over or on it. The tank will go wild
            again when it grows to a height of two tiers. Monty Mole will pop up
            once more once it's three tiers high, and in addition to Bullet Bills,
            he will also appear in person to throw Bob-Ombs at you. Get to the top
            of his tank and jump on him one more time to do him in for good.
       --- | ---
       5.7 | Sky
       --- | ---
       SKY MAP                      Legend
       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                      ¯¯¯¯¯¯
        MM   M X     *-X---*        For symbol meanings, refer to the map for
         |   | |     |     |          section 5.1.
           |       | | |   |
           *-----X-* *-6-7-*
    7-1: This level is all about riding platforms on rails. Get the power-up off
         the first one, then ride the second one. You'll see a Star Coin below you,
         but wait to get it. The platform will look like it's going to fall at the
         end, but it simply falls to another rail. Grab the Star Coin, then when it
         comes back to the right, jump off at the cloud platform.
         When you cross through to the next series of platforms, you will also see
         a flying coin block. DON'T HIT IT! You need to get on top of it and ride
         it. Wait patiently and it will take you to a pipe you can't reach any way
         else. In that pipe is a bonus room where you must swing to each rope on a
         rail in order to get the Star Coin at the top. Also be sure to get the
         1-up in the very top corner before leaving.
         The pipe will drop you off in the middle of an area infested with flying
         Fire Chomps, which spit fireballs at you. Luckily, you can also use
         fireballs to defeat them, and there are plenty of chances for a flower,
         including the easy red coin ring ahead of you. Fireball each Fire Chomp
         you meet as you make your way to the pipe.
         To snag the 1-up from the flagpole, jump onto the left side of the rail
         platform, then run right and jump just as it's about to fall off the rail.
    7-G: The orange "?" switch reveals five doors. First, go in the one on the
         upper left and jump on the pumpkins to get boosted to the first Star Coin.
         When you leave this room, you'll note that the doors are now in place
         permanently. Go in the one on top and head left. Ground-pound the jelly
         floor four times to reach the second Star Coin, then wait for it to lift
         you back up. Hit the orange switch to reveal the door leading out of here.
         Next, go in the door on the bottom right. The hands above you are pointing
         at an invisible block that moves back and forth. Jump when a hand is
         pointing directly at you to reveal the hidden block, which contains a "?"
         switch. Springboard up to it, then quickly go up the two platforms to the
         right and make it to the door at the very top.
         To get the Star Coin, hit the P-switch above, then make a mad dash to the
         right, hopping to each brick platform along the way. If you make it to the
         top floor before time runs out, you'll find the coin nestled in an alcove
         against the wall. Drop in and take it, then go down and right to reach the
         regular exit.
         To access the alternate exit, you must be Mini Mario. When you hit the P-
         switch, instead of going right, go left and up until you reach a wall.
         Jump while still fairly far away from it and do a wall-kick, holding the
         run button to get good distance. If you need to, you can perform three
         wall-kicks to get to the door within the P-switch's time limit. If you run
         out of time, just pause, choose Return to Map, and try again. The door you
         reach will take you right to the red flagpole.
    7-2: This level features a platform that moves up as you stand on it and left
         or right at varying speeds depending on how far to either side you're
         standing. This level also allows you to move instantly to the right side
         of the screen by crossing through the left side, and vice versa. This
         trick is necessary to completing the red coin ring you'll find in this
         stage. Make sure also that you're Super Mario so you can break the bricks
         encasing the first Star Coin without getting Koopa Troopas involved.
         At the midway point, ground-pound the question block to the left for a
         power-up, then keep going up until you see the second Star Coin. Let a
         turtle shell loose in that mess of bricks and it'll get the coin for you.
         Ride up some more and you'll see the final Star Coin over to the left,
         guarded by flying Koopa Troopas. Steer the platform over there so you have
         something to land on, then bop/fireball the crap out of them to get them
         out of the way.
         For the flagpole, use both flying Koopas for the boost in height.
    7-3: You get to ride a giant Wiggler throughout this level. Make sure you have
         a flower on hand, since it'll come in handy.
         Once you go through the pipe and see him, get on board and prepare for a
         crazy ride. The first Star Coin comes after a pipe that spits out Goombas.
         Jump when the Wiggler segment you're standing on bobs up, then bop the
         Boomerang Brother and grab the coin.
         The block just after that contains a Starman. What's so great about this
         one is that not only can you hit subsequent coin blocks to create a stream
         of Starmen that, if you're on the ball, can last clear up to the end of
         the level, but you also create a trail of silver coins behind you wherever
         you move, which you can collect and rake in the 1-ups bigtime. Don't miss
         out on the second Star Coin along the way.
         To get the third one near the end of the stage, you have to be at least
         Super Mario. Ground-pound the top brick to make a beanstalk grow downward.
         Take it down to the area below, jump off to the right to retrieve the Star
         Coin, then go back up using the yellow pipe and hit the flag. There is
         also a hidden coin block to the upper right of the beanstalk block that
         allows you to easily earn a 1-up from said flag.
    7-T: While the first area may seem tricky, there's nothing special to it. It's
         a basic exercise in expert platforming. However, it can get wild and
         woolly, so have a backup item with you just in case. There's only one Star
         Coin in the first big room, and when you get to the checkpoint, you're
         blessed with a power-up.
         The next room is more of the same, only slightly more challenging. Move
         slowly to prevent silly screw-ups, and get the second Star Coin over on
         the far right side above the power-up. When you reach the exit, it'll take
         some doing to grab the third Star Coin without getting squished. Wait for
         the entire pattern to move inward, then grab it as they all move back out.
         There are no hidden passages to seek out, so go in the double doors to
         face Bowser Jr.
         Without a flower, you'll have to manage fancier footwork than usual since
         the platform you fight on moves around. Use the turtle shell stun tech-
         nique or a bunch of fireballs, as per the usual.
    7-4: If you vary your trajectories from right to left and explore all over, you
         shouldn't have much trouble finding the Star Coins. Start by going all the
         way to the right and up a tiny bit, then keep exploring fully left and
         right. You should have two of them by the time you reach the checkpoint.
         When you get the third Star Coin, you'll notice to your left a flying box.
         If you're not Mini Mario, ignore it and go right. (We'll come back to it
         shortly.) Take the pipe to the next area. Hit the block with the beanstalk
         and climb up, then jump off the spring and make your way around to the
         As for the flying box, come back to it when you have a Mini Mushroom in
         your spare item slot. When standing on that box, use the mushroom, then
         fit into the tiny slot to the left. Jump up and left to reach the mini-
         pipe in the upper left-hand corner. This will take you to the red flag,
         giving you a direct route to the castle.
         You must find at least this secret exit or the one in 7-6, or you will not
         be to reach this world's castle.
    7-5: Blowing up a Bob-Omb isn't necessary to reach the first Star Coin. You
         only need a boost from two Bullet Bills at once. Get one to the left to
         follow you, then go right a little bit. It's not too difficult to pull
         To get the second Star Coin, you have to be Mini Mario. Ground-pound one
         of the four Bob-Ombs in front of the blocked mini-pipe and kick it so that
         it lands close enough to the block to blow it up. Go all the way to the
         right in the bonus room to find a Mega Mushroom in a question block. Go
         left and destroy things, then push the horizontal pipe blocking off the
         Star Coin in with your mighty size. Once you return to Super Mario form,
         exit to the right.
         The third Star Coin is located in-between a whopping five Bullet Bill
         turrets, but pauses in the crossfire come relatively often, so it's easier
         to get than it appears. Just ahead you'll find a pipe blocked by several
         indestructible blocks. You'll need two Bob-Ombs to get through these, and
         that's exactly how many you have in order to pull this off.
         Skip the one before the yellow pipe and kill the one already on the pile
         first (you don't want to accidentally carry one into the other and knock
         both out). This may take several tries; if you can't manage it, pause,
         Return to Map, and try again. If you do make it, you'll enter a short
         tunnel with a few coins, then return outside to the red flagpole.
         The regular flag is past a gigantic Banzai Bill cannon not far from the
         pipe with the pile of bricks over it.
    7-6: This level is crammed to the hilt with Koopa Troopas. Watch your step here
         for sure.
         There's nothing special until after the midway point. You'll see two rows
         of five blocks. Get a mushroom out of the fourth one on the top row if you
         happen to be small, then crunch the third brick on that row. Hit the one
         directly below it to make the beanstalk grow up to a bonus area. Ride the
         mushroom, making sure to maintain your balance as you jump to get coins,
         including the stage's first Star Coin. The pipe at the end of this area
         will also take you to the secret exit for this exit, allowing you access
         to World 7-7. You must find at least this secret exit or the one in 7-4 or
         you will not be able to reach this world's castle.
         When you've found the secret exit, replay the level and move forward from
         the midway point. Drop down and jump up through the thin floor to find the
         second Star Coin. Move on and enter the first yellow pipe you see. You can
         go left or right in the new area. Ignore the coin blocks to the left and
         bounce off all three flying Koopas to reach the red pipe to the right. You
         will receive the third Star Coin upon coming out the other end.
         There are a bunch of turtles leading up to the exit, but they are for the
         most part contained, and if you take the high road and let the bouncing
         ones jump over you, there won't be any problems.
    7-A: Inside the pipe maze, jump to the right of the purple ledge to reveal a
         trio of hidden coin blocks. With those in place, go in the pipe in front
         of them to get the first Star Coin. Kill the mini-Wiggler that pops out of
         the one above before moving on.
         Go up to the next area, then up the short pipe to the left to locate a
         power-up. Next, hit up the pipe on the far right, which is a cannon. You
         will pick up some regular coins on the way up, and the ones where you fill
         in the outlines on the way down. Near the top of the shot is a pipe to the
         left. As you're coming down, wall-kick and jump up inside it to reach a
         hidden room containing the second Star Coin. Back in the last room, jump
         to the blue ledge and take the pipe on the left.
         Jump in the gaps between purple ledges to reveal more coin blocks, then
         use a Koopa shell from above to get the 1-up in the hard-to-reach brick
         below. In front of that Koopa is a mini-pipe. There is a Mini Mushroom for
         you in this level, but don't use it to go through here - it's a meaning-
         less diversion. To find the Mini Mushroom, go to the far right from the
         mini-pipe, then up and to the left, jumping to each vertical pipe. Go up
         through the pipe at the end, then to the far right where the question
         block containing it is located.
         As Mini-Mario, go back to the left. Wait for the Piranha Plant to retreat
         back into his pipe, then jump up and wall-kick up to the mini-pipe that
         takes you to the third Star Coin. Exit through the pipe to the right and
         be careful of the many Piranha Plants here. Once past them, hit the tan
         block with the face three times to make a stack of four blocks, then exit
         the stage from the top of that stack.
    7-7: Not only is this one a scroller, but you've also got those nasty platforms
         that you operate with your weight to deal with, plus a slew of Donut
         Lifts. Use the wheeling ledge to get the first Star Coin, then move
         forward until you reach the rail, then stay ahead of the game when you get
         the red coin ring to get them all just before the timer runs out. To get
         the second Star Coin, let the Donut Lifts drop, then jump as soon as you
         have the coin.
         The level will start scrolling up again at a series of Donut Lift plat-
         forms that shrink in length as you get higher up. Nab the third Star Coin
         by making a running jump to the left, then hang a right back so you don't
         plummet to your death. As the screen goes to the right, don't bother with
         the coins if you don't feel safe on the Donut Lifts. When you get to the
         wheel ledge, make sure you jump enough to get it to the right each time.
         When you reach the end of the rail, you'll be at the flagpole.
    7-Boss: Here you encounter a green platform wherein the front block creates
            blocks while the back one eats them. (The old-school gamer might recall
            these from Super Mario World.) You have to move with the platform while
            avoiding obstacles the whole time. The first one is pretty easy to deal
            with, requiring only minor jumps here and there. Don't miss the first
            Star Coin while travelling along that platform.
            The second one, located just after the midpoint, is a tad tougher than
            the first. When you see the Star Coin, jump off onto the block where it
            is found and wait for the green platform to come back around before you
            go farther. After the swinging spiked balls, you have to maneuver
            through fire shooters (from SMB3). They're easier than the spiked balls
            for the simple reason that they don't move, but still, be on your toes.
            The last Star Coin is located just before the double doors. To get it,
            you have to jump off as the last block of the platform collapses. Stand
            on the right end when it starts to fall, then jump as soon as you hear
            the bling sound indicating that you got it.
            Jump up the ledges and head right until you meet the black Lakitu, who
            can shoot lightning out of his cloud. Jump on him the first time he
            swoops down at you. When he goes back up, he will either throw down a
            couple of Spinies or chase you with lightning. Avoid whatever he tosses
            your way, then get him on the next swoop. Three cracks to the noggin
            will eradicate him, and then you can move on to the final world.
       --- | ----------------
       5.8 | Bowser's Kingdom
       --- | ----------------
       BOWSER'S KINGDOM MAP                        Legend
       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                        ¯¯¯¯¯¯
           *-MM  M                                 KC - Koopa Castle
           |     |                                 For other symbol meanings, refer
       S-1-2---T-3---4-BRIDGE-5-6-7-8-T     KC       to the map for section 5.1.
                     |                |      |
                   X-*                *-BRIDGE
    8-1: This level sees you being rained down upon by some pesky ravens. If you
         don't stomp them when they swoop down on you. The farther you progress,
         the more the amount of ravens that will tail you at once becomes. Despite
         their bothersome nature, go forward until you hit a question block with a
         portable springboard inside. Carry it to the two blocks just ahead and set
         it down there, then jump. You will go to a secret passage and nab a Star
         Coin hidden high in the clouds.
         Down on earth, the raven assault ends shortly. Just past the first Boo is
         the checkpoint. Just ahead of that are three Bullet Bill cannons ascending
         in placement; use a boost from the second one to get the Star Coin above.
         The third one is not far from the second. Wait for a Banzai Bill to shoot
         out of the cannon, bop him, grab the coin, then wall-kick up and stomp the
         next one to come out to get to the top of the cannon. The exit is right
         next to the Banzai Cannon.
    8-2: In the first room of the cave, you'll meet those annoying surface skimmer
         guys. Hit the orange switch to the right and swim to the top before the
         water level returns to normal.
         There are four pool skimmers in the next room. There is a mini-pipe here;
         however, going in is unnecessary and actually causes you to miss the first
         Star Coin. Fireball all the skimmers, raise the water level with the "?"
         switch to the far left, swim up, and hop across the barrels to the normal-
         sized pipe.
         In the next room, nab the power-up, then stand in the middle of the fourth
         and fifth bricks from the right. Ground-pound straight down the whole way
         and you'll get the first Star Coin. Exit through the pipe at right and hit
         the switch in the next area. To get the Star Coin, you'll need to bounce
         off one of the two skimmers when the water is at its highest level; it's
         preferable to be at least Super Mario when attempting this (could take
         several tries). Go through the shorter pipe to the right when you have it.
         The final room has a Star Coin up in the upper right-hand corner. Hit the
         switch to raise the water level, make the trip up for that, then go up to
         the left and in the pipe to reach the end of the level.
    8-T: The first Star Coin is right there at the beginning. Just jump on the
         second slab up when it moves to the left to snag it. Keep going until you
         see a giant slab that moves all the way to the wall. Just above that is a
         very thin one. Duck and let it push you under the spikes to the right.
         Jump up and go left to the slab with the Spike Tops moving around above
         it. Jump on it and duck (careful, it's easy to get squished if you're
         Super Mario), allowing it to take you to the left. Jump up once on the
         other side and grab the coin, then let the thin slab push you out to the
         The final Star Coin is above the double doors. Run and jump up and just a
         little to the left of the doors to reveal two invisible coin blocks. Wall-
         kick to the top of them and then hop to reach the coin.
         Bowser Jr. closes you in pretty tightly with a pair of fire shooters and
         moving stone slabs on each side, plus you have to defeat him using his
         turtle shell stun technique. If you're Fire Mario, this is an easy bout,
         but without it, you'll have to jump very carefully in order to succeed.
    8-3: There are no Star Coins to worry about until after the midway point.
         Before that, make sure to have a Fire Flower for the path after the mid-
         point. It'll help you with the little things that get in your way and
         cause you to get hurt by the big thing. Don't bother with the red coin
         ring here.
         Once you hit the checkpoint, swim up and grab the power-up, then go up
         through the thin floor. Once you're up there, a humongous eel will bust
         through the bricks to the left. You're going to spend the rest of the
         level trying to get away from him. You can get help in getting ahead of
         the eel by swimming into pipes that blow current out to the right.
         Start near the top and stay there until you find a P-switch that creates a
         boatload of silver coins. After swimming through the silver coin field,
         take yourself down near the bottom. You'll find the first Star Coin behind
         a rock. Immediately after getting it, return to the top until you see the
         second one enclosed in brick. You'll have to be at least Super Mario to
         get it.
         The third one is the absolute hardest to get, since it actually requires
         you to swim backwards a fair distance. Stay in the middle of the level
         until you see it under the bricks and behind the wall, then get it as
         quickly as possible. The eel isn't very kind if he catches up to you - not
         only will he take away your power-up, but if his head gets ahead of Mario,
         he'll crowd him with his body, ensuring death.
         There are two ways to escape the water - through a green pipe and a red
         pipe. The red pipe ensures prime position on the flagpole but is harder to
         get to, and by the time you're at the end you'll probably be too ready to
         get away from the eel to even care.
    8-4: Here you're repeatly attacked by pairs of spiders that drop in, cut their
         webs off, and start walking. Use either a spider's boost or a running jump
         to get the first Star Coin, immediately after which is the midway point
         and a much-needed power-up. Make your way carefully across the floating
         ledges to get the second Star Coin, then move forward.
         For the third Star Coin, you need to have a Mini Mushroom in reserve. It's
         really hard to manage the touch screen while trying to get away from the
         spiders, so try going forward to the raised rock in front of the flagpole.
         The spider pairs stop harassing you there, giving you time to relax and
         break out the Mini Mushroom. Once miniaturized, backtrack and hit the
         mini-pipe. You should be able to get in before too many spiders appear.
         In the bonus room, get the Starman from the question block, then book it
         to the right before your invincibility runs out to get another one. Jump
         up into the tiny tunnel on the ceiling and run through the mini-Goombas to
         get the Star Coin.
         The really annoying part is that you return to the stage via the same pipe
         you just went through, meaning you have to make your way through a cadre
         of spiders as Mini Mario. Fortunately, it's only a short distance to the
         flagpole from that pipe.
    8-Boss: When you hit the red block at the beginning, it will change the
            position of the platform, putting it on a different rail. Get the first
            Star Coin by using this red block. Pass it at first, but at the next
            ledge, hit it to make the platform appear at the right end of the top
            rail now behind you. Jump from the question block to the platform and
            ride to the first Star Coin.
            To get the second one, hit the red block so that a platform appears on
            the N-shaped rail in front of you. Ride that, then jump to the platform
            on the top one of the three rails ahead. It will drop to the bottom
            rail, allowing you to get the second Star Coin.
            When the platform goes in the other direction after you get the second
            Star Coin, jump up to the ledge where the next red block is, but DON'T
            HIT IT!! The next platform will be on the lower of the two rails. Ride
            it and swing across the rope to the midway point.
            Make your way to the end of the stage. If you sequenced the rails
            correctly, there will be a platform on the rail just before the exit.
            Ride on it and duck as you go through, then jump to the three rotating
            platforms to the right. The third Star Coin is at the end, but you'll
            have to wait until the third one turns vertical-wise so that it pokes
            up out of the lava enough for you to stand on and get it.
            You're not in the clear yet. Now you have to ride the platform BACK to
            the double doors. Once you're through, jump up to the thin floor and
            enter the doors. Note that you must do this part and the next without
            dying in order to the secure the third Star Coin. If you don't make it,
            you'll be returned to the midway point and the platform won't be there
            on your second try.
            Upon entering the boss doors, you'll face none other than ... Bowser?
            But you killed him in the first world! Nevertheless, he's back with a
            Dry Bones-style vengeance. You can defeat him very quickly, however, by
            figuring out the pattern of his first three moves. First, he will throw
            three bones in an arc. Next, he will move forward and blow one fireball
            at you. After you jump over that, stand very close to him, because he's
            about to jump really high. When he does, run under him and take down
            the bridge with the button to the right.
            Bowser Jr. appears behind the door once you've proven yourself
            victorious, and he's got the princess! Whoops .... looks like this
            ain't quite the end yet. You've still got six more levels to go after
            the bridge behind the castle rises up from the lava. Hop on it!
    8-5: The two main types of ledges in this stage are the thick steel ones
         hanging from chains that wobble as you walk about them, and some very
         large flat-topped rocks resting on some very thin stalagmites. The latter
         will start tipping as soon as you step on it, so don't hang around on them
         for long or you'll eat magma. The first Star Coin is plenty easy to get,
         as it rests on one such ledge.
         The second Star Coin is impossible to get yourself, so knock a turtle
         shell into it to snag it. For the third, you'll find it after a long
         stretch of tipping rocks floating on lava. It'll take a mighty running
         jump to get it. Just after that is the pipe leading to the level's end.
         Reveal a hidden coin block above the red pipe to get the 1-up from the
    8-6: The key to this level is to move quickly but smartly. The lava rises, and
         you can cross over to the right side of the screen by walking through the
         left, and vice versa (just as in World 7-2). Of course, you'll probably
         figure this out quickly once you start the level and it looks like you're
         trapped, but really aren't.
         To get the first Star Coin, enter the first pipe you see. It's a cannon,
         and it'll tilt to the left just slightly and shoot you over onto the
         cliff. Go down and left to get it.
         After the red pipe that releases Goombas is a series of the springs that
         twirl you up in the air. When you see the second Star Coin, bounce off the
         spring, then steer left and use the drill technique to get it. At this
         point, the lava is probably so close you can feel it, so quickly jump up,
         move left, and hit the next spring.
         The third coin is on the right side of the pipe, and there's a small
         passage separating the left and right sides that only small Mario can fit
         through. If you can manage it, it actually helps to be him here so that he
         can get the coin, go left and jump up to the left, and then scurry up into
         the cannon pipe that takes you outside and to the end of the stage.
         To get on top of the flagpole, go left and jump on the spring from the
         cliff to the left, holding Right the entire time.
    8-7: The first Star Coin is situated under a chubby Sledge Brother, a type of
         Hammer Brother who can shake the earth with his jumps, leaving you
         immobile if you're on the ground. The best approach is to fireball him
         from the tall ledge to the left, then get down on bottom and run across
         the blocks to the Star Coin.
         After a short segment where you cross cliffs with your back to the wall,
         you'll face two Fire Brothers after the midway point. Fight fire with fire
         if you have it; if not, stomp them and move forward. Kill the Boomerang
         Brother on the moving platform to gain a path to the second Star Coin.
         The third one is just ahead of it. The Sledge Brother can break through
         bricks with his stomp, but if you go light on the ground-pounding, you can
         snag it yourself. Just get directly over it and ground-pound, but let go
         of Down the split-second you break the first row of bricks. You don't want
         to go too far and die.
         A fun red coin ring leads up to the exit. Nos. 1 and 2 are by a Boomerang
         Brother, and you'll get 3 through 7 when you take the pipe cannon. Jump
         after the skid to get #8.
    8-8: This one's a super-toughie. All throughout the level, the volcanoes in the
         background spew chunks of rock at you. There are also enemies scattered
         throughout that go off like bombs if the hot rocks touch them, compounding
         your troubles. Fortunately, the first Star Coin is fairly easy to get.
         Just jump on the first row of bricks you can reach and then backtrack
         along the top.
         The second Star Coin is not so much fun to get. As if you didn't have
         enough problems already, you have to be Mini Mario to get it. Go forward
         until you see a mini-pipe blocked by concrete. Clear out all enemies and
         wait for the rocks to blow a hole you can fit through, then change to Mini
         Mario and enter. The maze looks daunting, but is easily navigated. There
         are coin trails on the way to and from the Star Coin to let you know that
         you're on the right track.
         When you leave the room, you'll actually be farther back in the level than
         you were when you entered the bonus room, but not by much. Tread VERY
         carefully ahead, watching both the falling rocks and the bomb enemies. The
         third Star Coin is encased in coin blocks, so you'll have to wait for the
         rocks to break them before getting it.
         Just ahead of that is a rock bridge that is the final obstacle before the
         end of the stage. If you're Mini Mario, hit the first question block
         before the volcano rocks can break it and get the mushroom posthaste. A
         mad run to the exit is the wisest course of action, but be careful not to
         fall through any holes the rocks might make.
         It helps to play through this level multiple times - once to get the first
         and third Star Coins, then again with a Mini Mushroom in reserve to get
         the second so that you don't have to focus on anything else.
    8-T2: You'll have to ride another moving-block platform for the entire first
          half of the level, but it's actually easier than previous ones since the
          fire obstacles are small and easy to evade. Grab the first Star Coin when
          it comes up along the way and jump to the concrete ledge afterward to
          score the checkpoint.
          Just after the red coin ring, there's a power-up to snag followed by the
          second Star Coin. Run and jump to it while making sure to keep the moving
          platform in your sights. When the platform starts to move up again, you
          will be attacked by various spiked balls, some of which roll along on the
          ledge with you as it moves. Be on the lookout for when they're coming and
          you'll be fine. On the third one, the third Star Coin lies where it used
          to be. Make a quick jump there and back.
          Bowser Jr.'s lair rests on a platform over lava with a Podoboo on each
          side. Keep things restricted to the middle and this will be an easy
          Now we move on to the final stage.....
    8-Final: Run past the fireballs and enter the door to the second room. The "?"
             switches in this stage, as you can see, turn the room you're in 180
             degrees clockwise. When the room turns around, enter the new door on
             the floor.
             Beware the large fire shooters in the next room. They turn on and off
             at regular intervals, and you can tell when they're about to turn back
             on because a few embers will shoot out ahead of the flame. Make your
             way carefully to the right to the next door, where you'll find a giant
             Thwomp. Move past him and hit the second brick from the right in the
             row next to the Thwomp to reveal the "?" switch. Get the power-up on
             the other side of the wall, then jump over, hit the switch, and leave
             through the door on the left to return to the previous room, which has
             also been flipped around.
             Go past the fire shooters and all the way to the far left. There is a
             brick at the very end with another "?" switch in it. This one doesn't
             flip the room - in fact, its effect is not immediately apparent, but
             it will serve you well in getting the second Star Coin later.
             After hitting the switch, go to the right and up when the path forks.
             The last two fire shooters are short and don't turn off at all, so be
             particularly careful around them. Go to the next room and patiently
             make your way up and to the right. Fall through the hole and get the
             power-up over by the wall, then hit bricks until you find the "?"
             switch. When the room rotates, venture into the upper left corner to
             get the Star Coin, then over to the right to find the door.
             This is where hitting the "?" switch that didn't appear to do anything
             earlier comes in handy. If you hit it, there will be a platform to
             your left when you enter this room. Without it, you can't get over
             there, and thus you'll miss the second Star Coin (unless you're Mini
             Mario, and even then it takes some mighty skilled wall-kicking). If
             the platform's there, go through and get the coin next to the pit,
             then proceed through the door above.
             This door dumps you at the midpoint. Grab the power-up and move to the
             next challenge. In this area, you must take the correct one of the
             three paths or else the same segment of the castle will loop
             continuously (á la the very first SMB). If you run through the wrong
             path, you'll hear a dull buzz, and if you run through the correct one,
             you'll hear a high-pitched ding.
             The first correct path is right along the bottom row. When you see the
             swirling fire trap, jump up and stick to the top path for the next
             ding. The third one is slightly trickier. There is a block jutting out
             from the platform in front of the middle path. Drop to the bottom,
             then jump up to the middle and run through it.
             To get the third Star Coin, you'll have to be Super Mario at least.
             Ground-pound the bricks in front of it, then get on the higher ledge
             to the right. Run left off the ledge and duck to slide in to where the
             coin is, then jump out and continue right to the gigantic slide-open
             When you face Bowser Jr., he throws his daddy's bones into a smoking
             cauldron. The cauldron expands and finally breaks to reveal a fully
             revived Bowser! You must now fight both Bowser Jr. and Daddy Bowser
             simultaneously. Deal with Bowser Jr. first. Regular Bowser lumbers
             around slowly enough so as not to be too much of a nuisance, his blue
             homing fireballs aside. Use the usual turtle shell technique to stun
             Bowser Jr. When you hit him three times, he's out of your hair for
             Upon defeating Bowser Jr., Daddy Bowser unleashes a huge torrent of
             fireballs in all directions. He also shoots three blue fireballs at a
             time now rather than just one. After he shoots the fireballs, stay
             close and wait for him to jump. If he stomps on you, you won't get by
             with running through him while you're temporarily invincible - no sir,
             Bowser will bounce you back and make you beat him fair and square.
             When you run under him and hit the switch, you'll have restored peace
             to the Mushroom Kingdom once more. Peach will float down from her
             prison and thank you with a kiss. Way to go, Mario!
             Now sit back and enjoy the staff roll and scrapbook photos of each
             level. Don't turn the DS off yet though - you're not quite through
             Save when prompted, then reload your file.
       --- | -----------------------
       5.9 | After You Beat the Game
       --- | -----------------------
    Since this section covers things you can only reveal once you've beaten the
    game, it's best not to read it if you haven't done so, as it might contain what
    some would consider SPOILERS.
    If you have beaten the game, however, or don't care about that sort of thing,
    then by all means read ahead.
    If you look at the background on the touch screen when prompted to save after
    beating the game, you will notice that the background is wallpapered with a
    code for playing as Luigi. Hold L, R, and A when selecting a file to play as
    Luigi. He plays identically to Mario; there is no difference between the two.
    When you beat the game, you can earn a total of three stars next to your save
    file, each of which means something different. You get one star just for
    beating the game one time. To get a second one, you must find all 17 red flag-
    poles scattered through the first seven worlds. (See section 3.3 to see exactly
    which levels these are located in.)
    The third star comes from spending every single Star Coin in the game. To do
    this, there are two things you must do.
    First, you must pay to open every signpost on every map that requires five
    coins to pass. When you have found every single Star Coin and opened all the
    signpost paths, you should have 80 Star Coins still left to spend. Reload your
    file to find an Item House located above World 1-1 that looks like a Mini
    Mushroom. In here, you can buy new backgrounds for the touch screen. There are
    four new ones available, and they cost 20 Star Coins apiece. Once you purchase
    one, you can return here and select it whenever you like. My personal favorite
    is the blue-toned brick one.
    Upon spending all the remaining Star Coins in the Mini Mushroom House, you will
    be prompted to save your game once again. Quit and check your file to see that
    you got the third star next to it. When you have all three stars, they will be
    arranged in a triangle to the right of your save file. You have now officially
    completed the game 100%. Congratulations!!
    Aside from those features, you now have the ability to save anywhere on the
    world map rather than just doing so after opening a signpost path or completing
    certain levels. All Mushroom Houses are also back on the map (regardless of
    whether you used them or not), and they don't go away when you use them. These
    are especially advantageous if you needed certain items for certain stages that
    you didn't beat thoroughly the first time.
    Good job on completing the game!!
       = | ===============
       6 | MARIO VS. LUIGI
       = | ===============
    The Mario vs. Luigi game is so short and trivial so as to be almost entirely
    worth glossing over. However, for the sake of comprehensiveness, here's a brief
    Hook up with a friend with a DS in order to play. At least one of you needs the
    New Super Mario Bros cartridge.
    The rules of the game are simple. It works kind of like a mix of the regular
    game and the SMB3 battle mode. You and a friend are pitted against each other
    in a short level with no goal that, while 2D, is basically a circle. Somewhere
    in the level, a star will appear, and you must race your opponent to get it
    before he does. However, just because you get the star doesn't mean you have it
    permanently. Your opponent can either hit you on the head or from underneath to
    bump out of you, and you can do the same to him. When a star gets loose, your
    opponent can steal it from you, or you can get it back if you're quick on the
    A round ends when someone collects five stars. You can adjust the number of
    rounds at the menu screen prior to playing.
    The MvL game in no way affects the Mario Game or the minigames.
       = | =========
       7 | MINIGAMES
       = | =========
    In case you get tired of the adventure aspect of the game, New Super Mario Bros
    offers up a number of minigames to keep you distracted. These are completely
    separate from the Mario Game and have no bearing on the progress of your 
    savedfile's completion, so feel free to play them as little or as much as you 
    like. All minigames are available from the outset; none have to be unlocked.
    Minigames can be played alone or with a friend through the use of the DS's WiFi
    capabilities. Only one copy of New Super Mario Bros is required.
    All minigames require the use of the DS stylus (pen), except for Balloon
    Racing, which requires you to blow into the microphone.
       --- | ------
       7.1 | Action
       --- | ------
    Snowball Slalom
    In this game, you roll a snowball to the goal by rubbing the stylus on the
    touch screen. Running into rocks and penguins slows you down.
    Rub in an upward motion to make the ball roll. It will get bigger the farther
    it rolls. You have 20 seconds to get the snowball to the goal.
    This is actually a pretty difficult minigame; there is not even leeway for a
    single mistake in most cases.
    In multiplayer mode, the track is much longer.
    Lakitu Launch
    Use the stylus to launch Spinies from a slingshot into the overturned Koopa
    shells on the upper screen. Pull back by holding down the pen, then let up to
    release the Spiny into the air. You have 30 seconds to get as many Spinies in
    the shells as you can.
    In versus mode, you must launch your ammo into the shell of the same color. If
    you shoot one into your opponent's shell, he/she gets the points for it.
    Danger, Bob-Omb! Danger!
    Drag the Bob-Omb around with the stylus to keep him from running into errant
    fireballs. Your score will keep increasing as long as you keep the Bob-Omb
    alive. Watch out for both the small dot-type fireballs and the Bowser statue's
    large streams of fire.
    Versus mode replaces the running score with three lives and features adjustable
    New SMB's own spin on Whack-a-Mole. Tap the stylus whenever you see a Monty
    Mole to whack it. Whack the moles, but don't whack Luigi or you'll lose points.
    You gain 1 point for every mole whacked and lose 3 each time you whack Luigi.
    Whoever has the most points after 30 seconds is the winner.
    The versus mode features adjustable difficulty.
    Balloon Racing
    Blow into the mic on the DS to make Yoshi's balloons rise. The object is to get
    him to the goal within the time limit.
    Microphone sensitivity varies among DS games, but here, you'll get the best
    results by holding the DS about four or five inches away from your face and
    blowing gently at the screen rather than directly into the mic.
       --- | ------
       7.2 | Puzzle
       --- | ------
    On the top screen you'll see a picture of either Mario, Luigi, Wario, or Yoshi.
    Once you see the picture, you'll have to find them in a crowd on the lower
    screen. Tap the person from the picture once you find them. Tapping the right
    person adds 5 seconds to the amount of time given to you to search; tapping the
    wrong person subtracts 10.
    As you get farther and farther, the crowds become more densely packed and even
    start to move around. One solid method for finding the right person is to look
    at their eyes, since sometimes that will be all you can see of them. Also know
    the bottom half of their faces, since sometimes these will be arranged along
    the top of the touch screen for you to identify. In moving crowds, the person
    you're looking for often moves along a different trajectory than the rest of
    the crowd.
    This is by far my favorite mini-game of all 23 included with the game.
    In versus mode, time is not added to the total searching time for a correct
    selection. Difficulty is adjustable, and you only lose one point for a wrong
    choice rather than ten seconds. Whoever has more points at the end wins.
    Which Wiggler?
    Find and tap the Wiggler on the touch screen whose pattern of spots matches the
    one on the top screen. Time is added to your timer if you identify the correct
    Wiggler, and time is subtracted if you choose the wrong one. In addition, on
    later rounds you can be docked further time since choosing the wrong Wiggler
    makes them angry, and you cannot play while they are red and seething with
    In multiplayer, no time is added or subtracted for a right or wrong choice; you
    get one point for a correct choice and lose one for an incorrect choice. The
    difficulty can also be adjusted before the game starts. Whoever has more points
    at the end wins.
    Hide and Boo Seek
    When the screen turns dark, rub where the Boos are to reveal them before your
    time runs out. This minigame is severely lame when you're playing alone but is
    MUCH better on multiplayer.
    Puzzle Panel
    When you tap a panel on the touch screen, that panel and the ones surrounding
    it will flip over. The object of the game is to turn the panels over given a
    set amount of turns (which increases the farther in you get) so that your
    design matches the design on the top screen. A moderately fun minigame.
    In versus mode, whoever picks the correct solution first gains a point. All
    puzzles in versus mode can be solved in one turn. Guessing wrong docks you one
    Watch carefully to see which bricks the coins that rain down from the sky land
    in. When they have all entered the bricks, pick the ones with coins in them. A
    brick can contain anywhere from zero to three coins. If you pick a brick with
    no coins in it, the game ends. The object, then, is to get as many coins as you
    can before happening upon a brick without any.
    In versus mode, players take turns choosing bricks. Choosing an empty brick
    costs you two points rather than ending the game immediately. After all the
    bricks with coins are chosen, the higher point total wins. Each player is
    granted the option to pass their turn, which they can only use one time.
       --- | -----
       7.3 | Table
       --- | -----
    Memory Match
    Luigi, in his adorable casino dealer outfit, deals out a certain amount of
    cards - eight at first, twelve once you win at least five rounds. (A win is
    indicated by a star. These are grouped in the bottom right-hand corner of the
    lower screen. They stack up as you earn them, and when you get five, those
    group together in a single cluster.)
    The object is to find all the picture matches. You can make a maximum of three
    mistakes per round. In later rounds, Luigi will show a few cards to get you
    started. These shown cards may or may not match, and they are less likely to 
    do so as you win more and more rounds.
    Memory Match does not save high scores, so you can quit any time you like.
    Players take turns choosing pairs in multiplayer mode.
    Picture Poker
    New SMB's own version of five-card stud. Luigi deals you five cards. The
    picture on each card occupies a space on a hierarchy, arranged as follows:
       Cloud -- (worst)
       Star -- (best)
    What this means is that if you and Luigi both have the same combination of
    cards when it comes time to show your cards, the person with the better symbols
    will win. For example, if you both end up with two pairs, and Luigi has two
    mushrooms and two Luigis, whereas you have two clouds and two Marios, you will
    win the hand because the Mario symbol has the greatest value of all four of
    those symbols.
    As for the combinations - in case you're unfamiliar with basic poker procedure,
    what you're trying to do is get a better combination of cards than your
    opponent. There is also a hierarchy for card combinations, shown here:
       One pair -- (worst)
       Two pairs
       Three of a kind
       Full house (three of one picture, two of another)
       Four of a kind
       Five of a kind -- (best)
    Note that you can still win with one pair if Luigi has nothing.
    When you are dealt your initial five cards, you can get rid of any you don't
    think you'll be needing. You can do this by tapping the cards you want to get
    rid of with the stylus and then tapping the Draw button. You will receive a
    number of new cards equal to the amount you discarded.
    If you are confident that you can win the hand, you can bet up to five coins in
    the initial round. You cannot bet once you have drawn for new cards.
    Initial stakes start out at one coin, and then increase by one coin for every
    five rounds you have won. If you lose a hand, a star (and thus, a win) is taken
    away from your total count (meaning that if you have six stars and you lose a
    hand and get bumped back down to five, the stakes go back from two coins per
    hand to one).
    When you win a hand, you will receive a coin reward based on the amount of
    coins you bet (from one to five) multiplied by a multiplier that is assigned to
    the combination of cards that won you the hand. The multipliers are assigned as
       One pair - 2x
       Two pairs - 3x
       Three of a kind - 4x
       Full house - 6x
       Four of a kind - 8x
       Five of a kind - 16x
    For instance, if you were to bet four coins on a hand and you won the hand with
    a full house, you would receive a payout of 24 coins.
    If you lose a hand, you lose the amount of coins you bet on that hand. There
    are no multipliers for this.
    Picture Poker does not save high scores, so you can quit whenever you like.
    In multiplayer, you and your opponent go five rounds. There is no betting, and
    the payout given for a winning hand is the amount of its usual multiplier (e.g.
    in versus mode, you get four coins for winning with three of a kind).
    On the table are several cards. You must eliminate pairs with matching symbols
    that are aligned either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. When you take
    out a pair, Luigi will put in two more cards. He will continue doing this until
    his deck runs out.
    You win a round by clearing all pairs on the table. If you come to a point
    where you cannot make any more matches and there are still cards lying on the
    table, this counts as a loss. The game is over when you run out of coins. You
    win coins when you win a round, and lose some when you lose a round.
    Unlike the other Table-type minigames, Pair-a-Gone saves high scores.
    In versus mode, you create pairs until you cannot create any more with your
    cards; the leftovers then go into your opponent's deck. The person with fewer
    cards in their deck when the timer reaches zero wins.
       --- | -------
       7.4 | Variety
       --- | -------
    Mario's Slides
    Guide Mario to the star on the touch screen by drawing new lines for him to
    move across. If he runs into a Piranha Plant, that spells game over. When you
    get five stars, you move on to the next round and the bottom screen is erased
    of any lines you've drawn. Later rounds make you deal with multiple Marios at
    the same time. Mario will change direction at each intersection, so you can
    gain an edge by mentally mapping out his path ahead of time and drawing the
    appropriate lines before he reaches the bottom screen so that you don't 
    panic and goof up.
    In versus mode, your bottom screen is the other player's top screen (and vice
    versa). You'll go back and forth until one of you lands in a piranha plant. You
    can get some solid wins by waiting until things speed up and then confusing
    your opponent by drawing lines all over your screen.
    Sort or 'Splode
    Guide the black Bob-Ombs to the black platform and the red ones to the red
    platform. As you progress, Bob-Ombs will start coming out of more doors and
    more will start coming out at once for you to deal with. The game ends if you
    take a Bob-Omb to the wrong platform or one escapes your reach and blows up
    near its opposite platform. This one's a lot of fun.
    In versus mode, you fill numbered tiles with the designated amount of bombs in
    order to send those bombs over to your opponent's screen.
    Bounce and Trounce
    Keep the three Marios in the air by tapping them when they reach the bottom
    screen. The object is to pounce on as many Fly Guys as you can without losing
    all three Marios. You'll start off controlling only one Mario, but quickly move
    on to dealing with as many as three at once. The game ends when you let three
    Marios slip to the bottom of the screen.
    In multiplayer, you have 60 seconds to play. Touch your Mario Bro to make him
    jump. You get one point for hitting a Shyguy, two for bopping the other
    brother, lose five for letting one fall off the screen, and two for getting hit
    by your opponent.
    Bob-Omb Squad
    Use the slingshot to take out the Bob-Ombs parachuting down from above in order
    to protect the Toads' garden. The game ends when all four plants are blown up.
    Pull back on the slingshot by dragging the stylus back, then let up to release
    the shot. You can shoot downwards as well as upwards. Shooting Lakitu destroys
    all the bombs at once, so try to aim for him whenever you see him.
    Trampoline Time
    Draw lines on the touch screen with the stylus to create trampolines for the
    Marios to bounce on. You're trying to get them to the lighted exit. The exit
    sometimes changes positions, so look out. A trampoline you draw disappears
    after it is used once; there is also a large one at the bottom that disappears
    after it is used three times. Once the bottom trampoline disappears, you are
    allowed three misses (that is, three Marios can fall in the pit below) before
       --- | --------------
       7.5 | Vs. Exclusives
       --- | --------------
    Snowball Slam
    You stand on one side of the screen, your opponent on the other. You gain
    points for pegging your friend. You can hide behind the snowmen for a bit of
    defense. If you run out of snowballs, walk into a snowpile to stock up.
    Loves Me...
    The game decides who goes first. From there, you can pick anywhere from one to
    three petals off the flower. It's a game of "loves me, loves me not", and you
    are trying to either end the game with you picking a "loves me" petal or your
    opponent picking a "loves me not" petal. You gain one point for a win, and lose
    one for a loss. After five rounds, the person with the most points wins.
    I don't have an exact formula worked out for surefire winning yet, but I do
    know that if the number of petals on the flower is even, you want your opponent
    to pick the last one, and if it's odd, you want to pick the last petal.
    Two cards are displayed on the table, while you have four cards facing you and
    the rest off to the side in a deck. The object is to take a card from your four
    (using the stylus) that is either one lower or one higher than one of the two
    cards in the middle of the screen. When you put a card down, it's replaced by
    another one in your deck. The winner is the person who uses all the cards in
    their deck first.
    This game can get pretty intense in the right hands.
    Luigi's Thrilling Cards
    In this game, you and your opponent each have a single card. You don't know the
    value of your own card, but you DO know your opponent's card. Knowing your
    opponent's card, you then bet on whether you have a higher card than he/she
    does. A high bet shows confidence that your card possesses the greater value,
    while a low conservative bet can tell your opponent that you're not so sure of
    yourself. The person with more wins after five rounds takes the whole shebang.
    Okay, so "thrilling" might be a slight overstatement, but it's still a fun one.
    This one's just regular blackjack with a few extra twists.
    Of course, in normal blackjack, you're given two cards which only you know the
    values of. 2-10 are as their values state, kings and queens and jacks equal 10,
    and aces can play either as 1 or 11 depending on the situation. Looking at your
    two given cards, you can either hit (draw another card) or stand (stay with
    what you've got). The object is to get as close to 21 as possible without going
    Your payout depends on the outcome of the hand. If neither of you busts (goes
    over 21), your payout is equal to the difference by which you won. For example,
    if you stand with 19 and your opponent stands with 17, you'll win two coins.
    If your opponent busts, he loses five coins and you win five. The reverse holds
    true if you bust.
    Landing on 21 exactly gives you a "Luigi-Jack", in which you are rewarded three
    times the coins you would normally win given your hand. For example, if you get
    21 and your opponent has 18, you'll win nine coins (a difference of three,
    multiplied by three).
    Bob-Omb Reverse
    If you've played Othello or Reversi before, you know how this game works. You
    lay down colored Bob-Ombs on the board. When you set one down, any of your
    opponent's bombs that are located between another of your bombs will turn to
    your color. Whoever has the most bombs of their color on the board when the
    board is full wins.
    Vs. Lakitu Launch
    In this game, use the slingshot to launch ammunition in order to hit Lakitus
    for points. Some Lakitus hold stars which are worth more points than regular
    Lakitus, but be careful to only hit Lakitus holding stars when they're on your
    screen, since the star - and consequently, the points - will go to whichever
    screen the star is on when you kill the Lakitu.
    The player with more points when the timer runs out wins.
    Jumping Sudden Death
    Keep the brother you're in control of alive as the spikes below keep rising
    incrementally. Make your character jump by tapping him with the stylus when he
    reaches the bottom touch screen. First to lose their brothers is out.
    Vs. Trampoline Time
    You and your opponent control two of each Mario Brother, drawing lines to make
    trampolines as in single-player Trampoline Time. However, here you are not
    trying to get the brothers to an exit point, but rather to just stay alive. The
    first person to allow three misses is the loser. You can trip up your opponent
    by stomping on his Marios' (or Luigis') heads.
    Bob-Omb Trampoline
    Kind of like a game of volleyball situated over lava. You control a trampoline
    on the bottom screen by dragging it with the stylus. When the Bob-Omb comes
    your way, bounce it back to your opponent. The first person to miss and let the
    Bob-Omb fall in the lava three times is the loser. The Bob-Omb gets faster the
    longer the match goes on.
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