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    Credits Letter Noise FAQ by Zero_Hero789

    Version: FINAL | Updated: 11/11/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    New Super Mario Bros. Guide to the credits noises!
    By Zero_Hero789
    Copyright 2006 Billy Kirby
    Many of you may have noticed that the credits have a bonus feature: the letters
    make a sound when you touch them! I am here to give you the effects of all the
    letters! Let's a go!
    Legal Warning-------------------------------------------------------------------
    This guide is only for use on GameFAQs, please ask me before printing up a copy.
    Version History-----------------------------------------------------------------
    v1.0: Finished up the guide for the testing. Hopefully I'll get some responses.
    June 9, 2006
    v1.1: Added some sounds, confirmed others, and added more people to the credits!
    June 15, 2006
    v1.2: thanks to junamon and rom_maniac, I found some other sounds and clarified
    others! June 24, 2006
    v1.3: Added the European only acute a sound!
    vFINAL: Well, the mysterious W has finally been found! It was a mystery in Mad,
    Mad, Mad, Mad World, and a mystery here, but thanks to themidget, the guide is
    now complete!
    I found out about the sounds on the message boards (from whom I don't know), so,
    hey tried it out, and it's pretty cool. But lo, the sounds, they are the same
    when you poke the same letter!
    Therefore, I got this bright brainchild, and I worked really hard to get you
    these quality sounds (the problems were Q and X, you'd think you'd see more!)
    In short, I grabbed a Mega Mushroom, marched up to 8-Fortess' door, and went in
    to conquer Bowser! And I got all the sounds in the first run-through!
    I was missing a Q and my Y was wrong (didn't know the Y bit), so I dived back in
    to grab them again. It was by accident that I corrected Y.
    Most of the sounds from the game are in the credits, minus a few minor ones you
    hardly ever hear (then again, I pretty sure no one ever heard T). So, while they
    are missing some (a couple of numbers in there and they could probably squeeze
    some more in), it's pretty much a comlete archive.
    I'm here to help you navigate that archive.
    These sounds are primo and really cool. So hey, grab a Mega Mushroom, save Peach
    and enjoy the credit music with all the wonderful sounds of New Super Mario Bros
    the revolutionary platform game for Nintendo DS!
    It was really tough getting them to you, because I had to work fast, but here
    they are at last!
    No letter - A jump sound
    A - Bowser Jr. says "Ouch!"
    B - Bowser Jr. screams. That "Raagh" one.
    C - Dry Bones hit sound. Just jump on them. (Also the Bowser Jr. shell sound,
    thanks you for pointing this out lancealvers2234)
    D - A bounce sound (as if you hit a Goomba).
    E - Same as D (this was weird, I double tested, too!)
    F - Shell kick knockout (hit an Enemy with a shell).
    G - Mario goes, "Yes!" Well, his portfolio is pretty good...
    H - Mario goes, "Oh!" Oh, yes. Nintendo added this feature and it's cool! If
    you beat the game a Luigi, he says it instead! rom_maniac, thanks!
    I - Bullet Bill fire sound. Or a firework sound. I think they're the same...
    J - The sound on the title screen at the end of the story intro movie: the title
    name appears at the time. You know, shell hits Mario off screen, title falls.
    K - Star Coin sound. 
    L - Peach screams, "Help!" Well, she's in there.
    M - The sound when you shrink from Mega Mario. The sound we all hate and despise
    as well.
    N - Tiny ground pound. I didn't see this one coming.
    O - Tiny jump. Well, I expected this.
    P - The sound when you die. They had to add this one in.
    Q - I have ten-party confirmation there are aboslutely no Q's.
    R - Fire ball sound. Fling em, Mario!
    S - Coin sound. Well duh.
    T - Um, this one is a little weird... I have once again gotten a pipe breaking
    sound from lancealvers2234...
    U - Boing! I forgot where this came from though... but, junamoon came up to
    the plate and announced it is from the trampolines scattered around!
    V - 1-Up! Yippie!
    W - THE MYSTERY HAS BEEN SOLVED AT LAST BY themidget! It is the noise you hear
    when you collect and spend all of the Star Coins! THE GUIDE IS FINALLY COMPLETE!
    X - A shattering sound. Like when Bowser breaks his cauldron (kudos to
    Y - Luigi says, "Okey-dokey!" Yay! Luigi's here too! At first I thought this was
    also Star Coin, but they were right next to each other and, well... This just in
    from rom_maniac! This is only if you beat the game as Luigi! As Mario, he makes
    a shaky "Oh..." like in the opening movie when he gats chased by a shell.
    Z - Peach says, "Thank you!" You went through the credits!
    ' - That's an apostrophe. I have gotten several mails for this sounding like a
    Bullet Bill. I finally found it!
    & - Brick block break. Once again, thank you lancealvers2234
    accent a: It's European only (I only got letters on it after the European
    release!), and it makes a sort of flick sound like a fireball, apparently. Thank
    you, all the Europeans who mailed me about it!
    Pretty crazy, huh? As you can see, there are many many sounds in this game! I'm
    just wondering why there aren't any q's...
    Contact and Credits-------------------------------------------------------------
    See an error, or do you know what W is? Give em to me at:
    Please! I really need to finish this guide!
    Oh, yeah, and no spam, hate mail, or put downs, grammar corrections, etc. I can
    find grammar on my own (and spelling), my mailbox doesn't need junk in it, and
    I hate having to ignore stupid haters (my standard rule, three strikes, you're
    being ignored).
    Also, I would like to thank you, for reading this, and GameFAQs, for posting
    Also to the message boards! You guys have helped me make a guide!
    And me, for mustering up the idea to create this crazy guide.
    And to lancealvers2234, for hooking me up with some of the sounds and confirming
    many, also for the & symbol as well.
    And to everyone who mailed me about the apostrophe! No more! Please!
    And to rom_maniac for pointing out the Luigi/Mario differences!
    And junamon for finding U!
    And themidget for solving the mystery of the W!
    Well, see ya on the flip side!
    Zero_Hero789, signing out. ;)

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