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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TakerVersion1

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 02/22/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Mario Kart DS
    Latest Version: 1.2
    Written by Matthew J. Dyl (a.k.a. TakerVersion1)
    Copyright© TakerVersion1, 2005
    This document was written entirely by me; hence I own all rights to it. If 
    anyone wishes to reproduce this document please contact me. 
    (mjd111989@aol.com) If permission is given, by me and only me, I request the 
    entirety of the walkthrough and this disclaimer remain intact. Since I am the 
    creator and owner I can withdraw permission or request it be taken down, NO 
    Version History
    Version 0.4: 12-15-05: Completed sections 1 – 5.
    Version 0.5: 12-16-05: Completed Character List
    Version 0.7: 12-21-05: Finished up to Level 3 Missions.
    Version 0.8: 12-22-05: Completed Staff Ghosts, Missions still incomplete.
    Version 0.87: 12-23-05: Did up to the Level 5 Missions, should be done soon.
    Version 0.96: 12-24-05: Completed up to Level 7 Missions, should be done 
    after Christmas.
    Version 1.0 12-25-05: Everything in the Table on Contents is done!
    Version 1.2 2-22-06: Added I the “Bunny Hop” tech and added in tags.
    Table of Contents
    1: Introduction                      [INTR0]
    2: Controls & Techniques             [CONTE]
    	-Controls                      [CONTR]
    	-Techniques                    [TECHN]
    3: 1 Player Modes                    [1PLMO]
    	-Grand Prix                    [1PMGP]
    	-Time Trial                    [1PMTT]
           -V.S.                          [1PMVS]
    	-Battle                        [1PMBA]
    	-Mission Mode                  [1PMMM]
    4: Multiplayer Mode                  [MULMO]
    5: Nintendo Wi-Fi                    [NIWFC]
    	-Setting Up                    [WFCSU]
    	-Online Matches                [WFCOM]
    6: Characters                        [CHAR1]
    	-Regular Characters            [REGCH]
    	-Hidden Characters             [HIDCH]
    7: Courses                           [COURS]
    	-Nitro Circuit Courses         [NITRO]
    	-Retro Circuit Courses         [RETRO]
    8: Karts                             [KARTS]
    9: Items                             [ITEMS]
    10: The Un-lockables and Secrets     [UNASE] 
    11: Missions Help                    [MIMOH]
    12: Staff Ghost Times                [STGHT]
    13: Frequently Asked Questions       [1FAQS]
    14: Contact Information              [CINFO]
    15: Credits                          [CREIT]
    1: Introduction                                                      [INTR0]
    After a long wait for a good game to hit the Nintendo DS, Mario Kart has 
    finally arrived. The game lives up to all the hype and includes 12 playable 
    characters, 16 new tracks and 16 old from SMK, MK64, MK:SC and MK:DD! Also 
    with the new Mission Mode and Wi-Fi connections, this game could easily be 
    the best in the series!
    Also you may notice tags in the Table of Contents, those are there to help 
    you find a specific topic. Just Copy the tag, hit Ctrl + F, then paste the 
    tag into the box to find it.
    2: Controls and Tehcniques                                           [CONTE]
    *-* Controls *-*                                                     [CONTR]
    The generic controls have been, for the most part, carried over from the past 
    A Button: Accelerates during a race (must hold) in races, and selects options 
    in the menus.
    B Button: Brakes and reverses (must hold) in races, cancels past selections 
    in the menus.
    X or L Buttons: Uses items in races and can stop the item chooser earlier.
    X or L Buttons + Up: Shoots an item forward if it is not a shell, bomb, or 
    special item (i.e. star or ghost)
    X or L Buttons + Down: Lays an item behind you if it not a regular drop item, 
    or a special item (i.e. star or ghost)
    Y Button: Changes map view on the Touch Screen.
    R Button: Hold to powerslide, or drift while going around corners, and for 
    “snaking” on straight-aways.
    Touch Screen: Changes map view on the Touch Screen.
    Select Button: Blows up balloons in battle mode.
    *-* Techniques *-*                                                 [TECHN]
    A basic move that requires nothing accept accelerating. All you must do is 
    stay close behind someone, your kart will gradually speed up, then you’ll get 
    a quick boost equivalent to a Mushroom. Very good for getting ahead, but be 
    careful, they might drop something if you are right behind them.
    Another good move, good for making hard turns faster and can sometimes lead 
    to a powerslide. Hold R and press Right and Left back and forth to turn 
    sharper, if done right you get a powerslide which is like a weak Mushroom 
    boost (varies on acceleration)
    Another technique returning from MK64 and MK:SC. The powerslide is a great 
    way to turn corners easier and speed up. Simply hold R like you would be 
    drifting, and press Right and Left until you see Red Sparks. Release R to get 
    a boost, if done fast enough around wide turns ou can get 2 to 4 on a regular 
    basis. This is pretty much required to get Triple Stars in Grand Prix.
    Not a “real” move that the programmers made, but wow it pays off. Now this is 
    powersliding on straight-aways! Now to do this, slide to the left and QUICKLY 
    get the boost, slide right and continue over and over. This can rally be 
    great for getting Triple Stars in Grand Prix, good for Time Trials and great 
    for Wi-Fi, but people tend to abuse it. It seems most people who snake aren’t 
    good at it, and if done incorrectly, it will make you lose time. Only a 
    Master of the Snake can be unbeatable in Wi-Fi! Please, do not abuse this 
    online, it pisses people off.
    The Bunny Hop
    Like snaking this is not a “real” technique. However it pays off if you are 
    playing a no MT game, or if you cannot MT a lot. When you do this, instead of 
    holding R keep hitting it so you hop a lot. When in the air you can cut in 
    more, so it’s great for long sharp turns, like at Airship Fortress. I find 
    this is seldom used, but it does pay off very nicely.
    3: 1 Player Modes                                                [1PLMO]      
    *-* Grand Prix *-*                                                [1PMGP]
    Grand Prix is, in a sense, the essence of Mario Kart. Unlike it past games 
    that only had four cups to pick, now we get 8! (4 to start, 2 on each Nitro 
    and Retro), the other 4 must be unlocked. You will race up to seven computer 
    controlled characters, but only a certain two will cone in the top 3 with 
    you. You compete for Gold, Silver, Bronze or embarrassment. You can rankings 
    E through Three Stars in Grand Prix, once you get all Stars in each cup it 
    will be above your name in Wi-Fi matches. (as well as Double and Triple 
    Stars.) The Nitro course are all the new once, whereas the Retro are all 
    older ones, one course from each old game is on each cup. This is divided 
    into four Engine Classes or difficulties, 50cc, 100cc, 150cc, and Mirror Mode 
    150cc. The higher the difficulty the faster the karts go too.
    *-* Time Trials *-*                                               [1PMTT]
    Here you get to race a course alone! Once you complete it once you can choose 
    to race your “ghost” who is your best record on that track. Once you do good 
    enough you race a “Staff Ghost”, see that section for more details.
    *-* V.S. Mode *-*                                                 [1PMVS]
    This a funnier Grand Prix spin-off. You race 7 computer controlled characters 
    and you pick the rest! Engine class, courses, win stipulations, difficulty 
    and even teams or no teams! This is funnier to do than Grand Prix, try doing 
    32 races, Random, MM, its fun!
    *-* Battle Mode *-*                                               [1PMMM]
    In battle you go head to head with 7 opponents and, like in V.S. get to 
    choose the stipulations! However there are two different battle “modes: to 
    pick, Balloon Battle and Shrine Runners.
    Balloon Battle
    The objective here is to hit your opponents until they have no balloons left 
    at all! Now you all get five, but you only start with one. In order to blow 
    them up, hold Select. Also you can steal balloons from opponents by ramming 
    them with a Mushroom Boost. You can have three balloons max. The game ends 
    either once you are eliminated, or once all of your opponents are eliminated.
    Shine Runners
    This game is much easier to win the Balloon Battle, and takes less time. The 
    point is to collect the Shines. They randomly appear over the arenas, and you 
    can steal them from opponents. You must shoot them, and then find the Shine 
    until it lands so you can grab it. Every minute or so a timer goes down and 
    when it hits 0 the character(s) with the least amount of Shines are 
    eliminated, and their Shines are up for grabs. Collect the most Shines to 
    *-* Mission Mode *-*
    Mission mode is a new addition to Mario Kart games. Now these are little 
    tasks to do in the courses and arenas. There are eight missions on each 
    level, and once you beat all 8 you can do the Boss Mission. Beat a Boss to 
    move on to the next level. There are 7 levels total, but you only start with 
    6. In order to get the 7th level you must get at least a Star ranking on each 
    mission in levels 1 – 6. Like with Grand Prix, the rankings go from E to 
    Triple Star. For help on Missions go to the Missions Help Section, or the 
    Missions FAQ, it’s helpful!
    4: Multiplayer Mode                                                [MULMO] 
    This is very similar to Wi-Fi mode, only you can have more people. Now there 
    is Normal Play, which is everyone has a MKDS Cartridge, or Simple Play. Now 
    in Simple, some people don’t have a MKDS Cartridge, so they must download and 
    join the game, and they can only pick Shy Guy! You must remain in 30 feet of 
    each other in order to play. Other then that this can be fun, but its better 
    if everyone has the game.
    5: Nintendo Wi-Fi                                                  [NIWFC]
    *-*Setting Up*-*                                                   [WFCSU] 
    Now this can be a bit confusing for most people. So I will try and make it as 
    simple as possible. Now you need a high-speed internet connection, and either 
    a wireless router, or the Nintendo USB Router. Some local areas, like 
    McDonalds, have deals with Nintendo and you can get on Wi-Fi there. Now 
    choose to set up and search for a connection point. Find your own, or one 
    that will work to establish a connection. Like with everything wireless, the 
    more bars the connection has, the better. After finding a connection point 
    the system will run a test to see if it works right, and it should. After the 
    test return to the main WFC (Wi-Fi) screen and choose to play. It will find 
    you nearest access point you’ve established and then connect. 
    (http://www.nintendowifi.com for more help)
    Also to you can get your friend code on the main WFC Screen.
    *-* Online Matches *-*                                             [WFCOM]
    Now once you’ve connected you must search for players. Regional searches for 
    players in your country. Worldwide, is pretty self-explanatory, if finds 
    players world over and it usually the fastest way to play a game. Friends 
    searches for any friends that you have that are currently searching. Finally 
    I believe Rivals searches for players with about the same Win-Loss Record as 
    you. The game will try to gather a total of 4 racers, if it cannot then 
    you’ll play against 1 or 2.
    Now you must choose a racer and kart, once everyone picks or when the timer 
    runs out the game begins. After you’ll each pick a course, the one with the 
    most votes gets picked, or if any courses are tied, it picks one at random 
    from the ones chosen. You will race in four faces total, and points will be 
    awarded like in Grand Prix. You place 1st you get a win for every other person 
    in the game. Now if someone disconnects before all four races they get a 
    loss, but you don’t get the win, however if you play more then one person, 
    and someone disconnects, they get 2 or 3 losses depending on how many people 
    played. Also if that person disconnects, but you an another racer(s) finish 
    all four, then regardless of what place you get, you receive a win for the 
    person who disconnected.
    6: Characters                                                       [CHAR1]
    Now before reading on, know that characters don’t have “stats”, in the fact 
    everyone is the same, the only thing that makes any difference is the persons 
    weight class. Once you get all the karts for everyone, you’ll have pretty 
    much the same stats for everyone.
    *-*Regular Characters*-*                                            [REGCH]
    Mario is the legendary hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, constantly rescuing 
    Princess Peach from the dreaded Bowser. Recently Mario has traveled many 
    different places in his games, like the Beanbean Kingdom. Mario is truly a 
    man of unlimited ability, being a great hero and athlete in every single 
    sport. Mario is most known for his super jump and he is a Medium Weight in 
    this game.
    Mario’s little brother, Luigi is the second hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. 
    Although it’s clear Luigi is better then Mario, as seen in the “sports” games 
    and multi-player games, he hasn’t starred in as many titles. It wasn’t until 
    “Luigi’s Mansion” he became the hero. Luigi is easily superior to his 
    brother, and is also a Medium Weight.
    Princess Peach
    The damsel in distress who’d daily routine consists of being kidnapped by 
    Bowser and saved by the Mario Bros (or usually Mario.) She has proven she can 
    handle herself in the Mario “sports” games and in Mario Party. There are 
    rumors about that there is a game where she will save the Mario Bros too. 
    Peach is a Light Weight in this game.
    The longtime “side kick” of both Mario and Luigi! Well actually, it was Yoshi 
    who saved the Bros when they were babies. Yoshi has stared in his own games 
    and hi very popular among gamers. These colorful animals are found in almost 
    every Mario game, including Mario Kart. In this game Yoshi is, as always, a 
    Light Weight.
    Another character who makes appearances in almost every Mario game. It’s not 
    really clear is every “Toad” is named Toad or if it’s the same “Toad” in 
    every Mario game. It’s clear the Toad population is high, even in the 
    Beanbean Kingdom. Toad makes his fifth appearance in the Mario Kart series, 
    and is again, a Light Weight.
    Donkey Kong
    A villain turned good, Donkey Kong made his debut back on the Atari system in 
    the game “Donkey Kong” where he battled Mario for Peach. In all recent Kong 
    games he has been aided by the Kong Family, and Mario has not made an 
    appearance. Kong is making his fifth appearance in Mario Kart, despite being 
    a product of Rare, Kong is a Heavy Weight.
    Weither Wario is Mario’s evil twin or just his inverse is still unknown for 
    the most part. Wario debuted in his own game “Wario World” as a “good-bad 
    guy”. Since then he has been in every Mario “sport” game and the Mario 
    Parties. Wario debuted for Mario Kart in MK64, this marks his fourth 
    appearance and he is again a Heavy Weight.
    The famed nemesis of the Mario Bros. His hobbies include kidnapping Peach and 
    making life for the Bros. difficult. Bowser debuted with Mario and Luigi and 
    has been in almost every game since then. Bowser has proven to be “less evil” 
    as the Mario Series continues to release games. This is Bowser’s fifth 
    appearance in Mario Kart, and he is a Heavy Weight.
    Shy Guy
    Only playable if Multiplayer. Shy Guy is a common enemy of the Bros. and has 
    made appearances in some titles. I believe he is a Medium Weight in this 
    *-*Hidden Characters*-*                                             [HIDCH]
    Dry Bones
    This surprise character has made his debut in this and Mario Party 7 as well. 
    He is a regular baddy and member of Bowser’s army. This is also his Mario 
    Kart debut and he has decent stats. Dry Bones reminds a lot of people about 
    Koopa Troopa from Super Mario Kart, and maybe are the same person, but this 
    one is you know…dead. Dry Bones is the fourth and final Light Weight.
    Daisy is commonly called the “other princess”. She debuted in Super Mario or 
    the GameBoy as the damsel in distress in place of Peach. Since Mario Party 3 
    she has been in various “sports” games and the Mario Parties. This his debut 
    in the Mario Kart series along with Dry Bones and R.O.B. It’s still up for 
    debate, but now I say she is a Medium Weight.
    Again, we assume he is the evil Luigi and Wario’s brother. (Wario Bros?) He 
    debuted in Mario Party 3 and has been in many “sport” games since then. He 
    has yet to be in any game of his own, unlike the Mario Bros and even Wario. 
    This is Waluigi’s second Mario Kart appearance, his first being in Double 
    Dash. Waluigi is a Medium Weight.
    I need to say this; R.O.B. is NOT ROB64 from Star Fox64. In fact he is 
    actually a NES device that appeared in many old games for help. R.O.B. makes 
    his long awaited return, jumping from the NES to the DS! When it comes to 
    weight only Bowser is in his league, which makes R.O.B. and Heavy Weight.
    7: Courses                                                         [COURS]
    *-* Nitro Circuit Courses *-*                                      [NITRO]
    Mushroom Cup
    Figure 8 Circuit: The “non-gimmick” course of this game. It makes a simple 
    “8” pattern and is great to get used to the controls and practice 
    powersliding and even snaking. The only downside is on 150cc its harder to 
    catch up if you fall back.
    Yoshi Falls: This race is dividing into an upper and lower level. Now the 
    upper level takes longer, but has more item boxes and a few speed boosts. The 
    bottom is much faster, but it has less item boxes and you run the risk of 
    falling down a waterfall and losing valuable time. With the correct 
    alternating of top and bottom this course is a breeze.
    Cheep Cheep Beach: Ah the typical beach level. These usually have speed jumps 
    everywhere and crabs that can make you spin out. The tide will go in and out, 
    so at certain turns you can cut across exposed beach area to save a few 
    seconds. Powersliding is a breeze here, this level is one of my personal 
    Luigi’s Mansion: This spooky level takes you through the mansion that made 
    Luigi more famous. After passing through the mansion you go through a 
    graveyard then some swamps that slow you down. Again powersliding is key in 
    this course, and avoid the moving trees. This is another fairly simple level, 
    and you should win easily.
    Flower Cup
    Desert Hills: This desert level can be hard, based on how you drive. If you 
    can avoid the pokeys and fireballs this should be easy. Taking the winding 
    turns helps too. Other then that, simply poweslide and don’t fall into the 
    lake near the start and it’s an easy win.
    Delfino Square: A remake of the Mario Sunshine Plaza. This level is pretty 
    straight forward, but be careful the road narrows when going through the 
    city. Now there are two shortcuts, but one is useless without a Mushroom. The 
    first is just after leaving the city, pull left and go up the small “ramp” 
    towered the dock using the mushroom boost. The other is, pass this shortcut, 
    turn sharply right into a small alleyway and boost, or else this was 
    pointless. Near the end is a huge bridge with boosts and powerslide before 
    reaching the finish line.
    Waluigi Pinball: Ok, this level is fun, shame it isn’t there for Wi-Fi 
    Matches. Anyway after shooting up the hole thing, you’ll go on some cool 
    little tracks, but avoid the giant pinballs. After that you’ll be on a big 
    open area, avoid all bumpers, balls and paddles and make your way down to the 
    finish. This level can be difficult at times, especially if you get blinded.
    Shroom Ridge: Despite this level being uber easy, I hate it! It’s fairly open 
    and the only real obstacles are the oncoming traffic! Avoid the cars and 
    again, powersliding is useful. Pay close attention to the touch screen to see 
    on coming traffic, because you could loose valuable time getting hammered by 
    Star Cup
    DK Pass: Possibly one of the best levels due to the awesome item box. This 
    starts up off going up some winding hills to the top of the mountain. Then if 
    you don’t loop around the road and go up the hill through the trees and 
    regardless of your place the item box gives you a Star, Triple Mushrooms or a 
    Red Shell! Make your way down the slope, avoid the snow balls and cross the 
    Tick-Tock Clock: This level is based on the level from Super Mario 64. You 
    start off and you’ll see a big open area with clock hands. Go right or left, 
    use the boost pads and avoid the hands. Get by the pendulum up ahead, then as 
    your cross the gears move with them to save time. There will be another hand 
    ahead, dodge it and head up. Near the end are two giants ramp things, ride 
    the one moving towered the finish for some extra speed. Even on MM 150cc you 
    should be able to win by a lot on this course.
    Mario Circuit: A course with this name always appears in Mario Kart games. 
    Like Figure 8 this is pretty simple, your only task is avoiding the Goombas 
    and Piranha Plant attacks. Beyond those two things this is easily done and 
    powersliding helps you win here, big time.
    Airship Fortress: A great level that is a remake of the MB3 levels. It’s a 
    shame this isn’t in Wi-Fi. You will board the airship after dodging some 
    Bullet Bills. Avoid the wrench guys and enter the ship. Serve around the 
    boxes, dodge the fire, and then turn left to shoot out the cannon! After 
    drive down in a circle to exit the tower and make a feline for the finish. 
    Powersliding down the tower can save a lot of time, but don’t mess it up or 
    it will hurt you.
    Special Cup
    Wario’s Stadium: This course makes a return from MK64, but its not nearly as 
    long. However there are many random rises in the course and many, many speed 
    ramps. At one point there will be four speed ramps, placed over some stuff 
    that slows you down, hit them all so you don’t lose time. Avoid the fire 
    wheels and this level is a snap.
    Peach Gardens: This level is really simple, with many wide turns to 
    powerslide on. However, there are a lot of Chomps, especially within the 
    “hedge maze”. Don’t hit them, powerslide around wide turns until you reach a 
    dirt path. Avoid the moles, then drive along the castle to reach the finish. 
    This level is simple and having Mushrooms near flower gardens is a nice way 
    to save time.
    Bowser’s Castle: The legendary course name returns in this game! Now you head 
    straight and avoid the Thwomps. Head up to a room with a floor moving in the 
    opposite direction, go all the way around to reach a short cut. Head up the 
    spiral ramp and don’t fall in the lava. Crossing the spinning pipe is simple, 
    if you fall you’ll lose a few seconds. Cross the moving platforms, then head 
    to the finish. This course is awesome, and it sucks because it isn’t in Wi-
    Rainbow Road: Once again, this is the final course on the Special Cup! This 
    is infamous for wide turns and no walls! Now you’ll go up a turning road, and 
    use the power boosts to your advantage. Go straight until you go up and 
    around a big loop. After you’ll do some winding turns, do not fall off. 
    You’ll reach another big loop, and after that race to the finish, and do not 
    fall off. I find it’s hard to comeback in this level, but it’s a lot of fun 
    to be Bowser and shove people off the side.
    *-* Retro Circuit Courses *-*                                       [RETRO]
    Shell Cup
    (SNES)Mario Circuit 1: The first course ever on a Mario Kart game! Complete 
    with narrow roads and pipes obstructing you! There’s only one set of item 
    boxes here, so that’s a downer. It’s almost impossible to catch up if you 
    fall back. Powerslide near the end and you might be able to get a cheap win, 
    but a win is a win.
    (N64)Moo Moo Farm: Why they put this in, I have no idea. Anyway it’s pretty 
    simple; the only obstacles are the moles. Powersliding is simple here and 
    essential for the win on harder levels. Well anyway make sure you’re a good 
    distance ahead before the finish, or be ready for someone to quickly speed 
    up, it happens a lot, trust me.
    (GBA)Peach’s Circuit: This course has no obstacles, just a lot of turns. This 
    is a powersliders heaven, and can be done every few seconds. It can be 
    intense at harder speeds, and the long straight away at the ends makes 
    catching up hard if you’re behind. 
    (GCN)Luigi’s Circuit: I absolutely adore this level. Now it’s simple, head 
    straight and right to the turn, avoid the Chomp. Powerslide around the turn 
    and come back out on the straightaway. Now you’ll see the finish to your 
    left, but you must go right, avoid the other Chomp. This turn is smaller, 
    powerslide and cross the finish to win. 
    Banana Cup
    (SNES)Doughnut Plains: This level is pretty simple. With it’s wide turns 
    powersliding is great too. Now after crossing the bridge, if you have a 
    Mushroom boost across the grass through the hole in the wall. Keeping a 
    confident lead is hard on this small course, so be ready.
    (N64)Frappe Snowland: I hate this level, it’s simple, but God I hate it. 
    Anyway the only “difficult” task is dodging the snowmen, and even that is 
    simple. After crossing the field of snowmen you’ll enter a section with snow 
    walls around it. Powerslide and then cross the bridge to the finish, I’ve 
    seen a lot of people lose in the last seconds because they didn’t Powerslide 
    before the bridge.
    (GBA)Bowser Castle 2: This is really simple and very straight forward. Now 
    make sure you get all the speed boosts and dodge all the Thwomps. Eventually 
    you’ll reach first, an area with a lot jumps, make sure you can make the 
    jump, because some are impossible. The second area is the same, only more 
    boosts. Avoid all the impossible jumps then turn right to the finish. Avoid 
    the final Thwomps and cross the finish.
    (GCN)Baby Park: This is the smallest and simplest course, two straights and 
    two curves. Powerslide around the curves for extra speed. This can get 
    confusing because people up front could be lap people in last, messing up the 
    orders a bit on the map. Remember this is 5 laps long, but shouldn’t take 
    much longer then a minute.
    Leaf Cup
    (SNES)Koopa Beach 2: Another classic level, this is rally a simple turn. 
    However avoid the green areas and don’t fall into the dark blue water when 
    you must drier across the shallow water. Other then that, powerslide away and 
    your fine.
    (N64)Chocolate Mountain: God this level rules. It’s a powersliders heaven as 
    the first half is really all about doing the powerslide. Then they next half 
    is a wide-ass turn with falling rocks, don’t fall into the gorge and 
    powerslide a lot more for some speed. Unlike with the N64 version, the fence 
    is never there, so be careful. Finish by going over the three hills just 
    before the end.
    (GBA)Luigi’s Circuit: Hm…this name is popular. Anyway the trick here is to 
    watch the touch screen a lot and powerslide. Dodge all the puddles, as they 
    will make you spin out. Knocking other people into them is great, because 
    they usually hit a wall too. Anyway remember to drift and powerslide and you 
    should win with little to no effort.
    (GCN)Mushroom Bridge: This level is just like Shroom Ridge, and Toad’s 
    Turnpike. Dodge traffic as you normally would and as always, slide around the 
    turns. Now if you have a Mushroom or Star, when you leave the first tunnel 
    there is a shortcut. Go straight up the hill and speed up so the sand doesn’t 
    slow you. After the second tunnel the finish is the close, make sure you have 
    enough room for an easy win.
    Lightning Cup
    (SNES)Chocolate Island 2: This level kicks off with a turn, but if you have a 
    Mushroom or Star, there is a shortcut, like there was in Doughnut Plains. Now 
    this level has received an addition, a giant chocolate puddle that makes you 
    slide and slow down. After is an area with some bumps, these also slow you 
    down so be careful. Slide around the last turn and the finish is right there.
    (N64)Banshee Boardwalk: This level is just how it was, with ghost and lacks 
    of walls in many areas! Now after entering the little building you’ll come 
    out and your almost done. Loop around and head to the finish. Like always, 
    powersliding is huge here, and don’t let the big guys throws you around and 
    hit you off the side.
    (GBA)Sky Garden: This level is sex…in Mario Kart form. After the first turn 
    there is a ramp you can use if you have some Mushrooms, but you must use two 
    to cross. Then is another one after that, where you need one to cross. After 
    some more turns there will be a cloud in the little open area around a turn. 
    Now you do not need a Mushroom for this one, but it helps, if you don’t have 
    one you must hop the gaps. Head to the finish, and if you lose, stop playing 
    this game.
    (GCN)Yoshi Circuit: This level is so freakin boring! It’s really simple and 
    the track is a giant Yoshi outline. You’ll almost always have people behind 
    you, so you must be alert. Powerslide on the many corners this level has and 
    you should easily win.
    8. Karts                                                           [KARTS]
    Now each person starts with two karts, you can unlock another for each, then 
    four more karts of other people’s then finally all 36 for everyone. Once you 
    get all 36 karts for everyone every racer is pretty much the same, give or 
    take a few points on each stat. I have made some rough estimates to the 
    average stats for each kart,
    Mario’s Karts
    	Speed: 6/10
    	Acceleration: 7/10
    	Weight: 7.5/10
    	Handling: 5/10
    	Drift: 5.5/10
    	Items: 10/10
    Standard MR
    	Speed: 7/10
    	Acceleration: 7/10
    	Weight: 6.5/10
    	Handling: 6/10
    	Drift: 6/10
    	Items: 7/10
    Shooting Star
    	Speed: 6.5/10
    	Acceleration: 7/10
    	Weight: 5/10
    	Handling: 6/10
    	Drift: 6/10
    	Items: 3/10
    Luigi’s Karts
    Poltergeist 4000
    	Speed: 7.5/10
    	Acceleration: 8/10
    	Weight: 5/10
    	Handling: 8/10
    	Drift: 3/10
    	Items: 3/10
    Standard LG
    	Speed: 7/10
    	Acceleration: 7.5/10
    	Weight: 6.5/10
    	Handling: 7.5/10
    	Drift: 3/10
    	Items: 7/10
    	Speed: 6.5/10
    	Acceleration: 7.5/10
    	Weight: 5.5/10
    	Handling: 5/10
    	Drift: 3/10
    	Items: 10/10
    Peach’s Karts
    Light Tripper
    	Speed: 5/10
    	Acceleration: 7.5/10
    	Weight: 4/10
    	Handling: 5/10
    	Drift: 10/10
    	Items: 3/10
    Standard PC
    	Speed: 4/10
    	Acceleration: 7/10
    	Weight: 5.5/10
    	Handling: 5/10
    	Drift: 9.5/10
    	Items: 6.5/10
    	Speed: 5/10
    	Acceleration: 7/10
    	Weight: 7/10
    	Handling: 5/10
    	Drift: 9.5/10
    	Items: 10/10
    Yoshi’s Karts
    Egg 1
    	Speed: 6/10
    	Acceleration: 9/10
    	Weight: 3.5/10
    	Handling: 9/10
    	Drift: 4/10
    	Items: 3/10
    Standard YR
    	Speed: 5.5/10
    	Acceleration: 9/10
    	Weight: 5/10
    	Handling: 8.5/10
    	Drift: 5/10
    	Items: 7/10
    	Speed: 5/10
    	Acceleration: 9/10
    	Weight: 6/10
    	Handling: 8/10
    	Drift: 4/10
    	Items: 10/10
    Toad’s Karts
    	Speed: 4/10
    	Acceleration: 9/10
    	Weight: 3.5/10
    	Handling: 7/10
    	Drift: 7/10
    	Items: 3.2/10
    Standard TD
    	Speed: 4/10
    	Acceleration: 8.5/10
    	Weight: 5/10
    	Handling: 6.5/10
    	Drift: 7/10
    	Items: 7/10
    4-Wheel Cradle
    	Speed: 3/10
    	Acceleration: 8.5/10
    	Weight: 6/10
    	Handling: 6/10
    	Drift: 6.5/10
    	Items: 10/10
    Donkey Kong’s Karts
    Rambi Rider
    	Speed: 7.5/10
    	Acceleration: 4/10
    	Weight: 9/10
    	Handling: 3/10
    	Drift: 7.5/10
    	Items: 10/10
    Standard DK
    	Speed: 8/10
    	Acceleration: 5/10
    	Weight: 7.5/10
    	Handling: 3.5/10
    	Drift: 8/10
    	Items: 6.5/10
    	Speed: 8.5/10
    	Acceleration: 5/10
    	Weight: 6.5/10
    	Handling: 4/10
    	Drift: 8/10
    	Items: 3/10
    Wario’s Karts
    	Speed: 9/10
    	Acceleration: 5/10
    	Weight: 7/10
    	Handling: 5/10
    	Drift: 4/10
    	Items: 3/10
    Standard WR
    	Speed: 9/10
    	Acceleration: 5/10
    	Weight: 7.5/10
    	Handling: 5/10
    	Drift: 5/10
    	Items: 6.5/10
    	Speed: 8/10
    	Acceleration: 4.5/10
    	Weight: 9/10
    	Handling: 4.5/10
    	Drift: 4.5/10
    	Items: 10/10
    Bowser’s Karts
    	Speed: 9/10
    	Acceleration: 2.5/10
    	Weight: 10/10
    	Handling: 2.5/10
    	Drift: 6.5/10
    	Items: 10/10
    Standard BW
    	Speed: 9.5/10
    	Acceleration: 3/10
    	Weight: 8/10
    	Handling: 3/10
    	Drift: 7/10
    	Items: 7/10
    	Speed: 10/10
    	Acceleration: 3.5/10
    	Weight: 8/10
    	Handling: 3/10
    	Drift: 7/10
    	Items: 3/10
    Dry Bones’ Karts
    	Speed: 2.5/10
    	Acceleration: 9.5/10
    	Weight: 5/10
    	Handling: 9/10
    	Drift: 4.5/10
    	Items: 10/10
    Standard DB
    	Speed: 3/10
    	Acceleration: 10/10
    	Weight: 4.5/10
    	Handling: 9.5/10
    	Drift: 5/10
    	Items: 6.5/10
    Dry Bomber
    	Speed: 3.5/10
    	Acceleration: 10/10
    	Weight: 4/10
    	Handling: 10/10
    	Drift: 5/10
    	Items: 3/10
    Daisy’s Karts
    Power Flower
    	Speed: 6/10
    	Acceleration: 6/10
    	Weight: 3.5/10
    	Handling: 3.5/10
    	Drift: 8/10
    	Items: 10/10
    Standard DS
    	Speed: 6.5/10
    	Acceleration: 6.5/10
    	Weight: 6/10
    	Handling: 4/10
    	Drift: 9/10
    	Items: 6.5/10
    Light Dancer
    	Speed: 7/10
    	Acceleration: 7/10
    	Weight: 5/10
    	Handling: 4/10
    	Drift: 9/10
    	Items: 3/10
    Waluigi’s Karts
    Gold Mantis
    	Speed: 7.5/10
    	Acceleration: 6.5/10
    	Weight: 6.5/10
    	Handling: 6/10
    	Drift: 6/10
    	Items: 3/10
    Standard WL
    	Speed: 7/10
    	Acceleration: 6/10
    	Weight: 7/10
    	Handling: 5.5/10
    	Drift: 5.5/10
    	Items: 7/10
    	Speed: 6.5/10
    	Acceleration: 6/10
    	Weight: 7/10
    	Handling: 5/10
    	Drift: 5.5/10
    	Items: 10/10
    R.O.B.’s Karts
    	Speed: 10/10
    	Acceleration: 5.5/10
    	Weight: 7.5/10
    	Handling: 7/10
    	Drift: 3/10
    	Items: 3/10
    	Speed: 9/10
    	Acceleration: 5/10
    	Weight: 9/10
    	Handling: 6/10
    	Drift: 2.5/10
    	Items: 10/10
    Standard RB
    	Speed: 9.5/10
    	Acceleration: 5/10
    	Weight: 8/10
    	Handling: 6.5/10
    	Drift: 2.5/10
    	Items: 6.5/10
    9. Items                                                           [ITEMS]
    This is a full list of all the items you can use in this game, as well as 
    their functions. I’ve put them in alphabetical order to make is easier to 
    find specific ones.
    Banana: This old-school item is fairly common in this game, it can be thrown 
    ahead, dropped behind and dragged. If another racer hits a banana they will 
    spin out and depending on the situation, lose about a second or two.
    Blooper: When used it squirts oil onto all the racers ahead of the person who 
    used it. This oil can seeing difficult, you must resort to the Touch Screen. 
    The oil will clear up after a few seconds, or if you used a boost or a 
    Mushroom, powersliding doesn’t remove the oil, and it may vary, you might get 
    the whole screen covered, or a very small area.
    Bob-omb: This item can be throw ahead, dropped behind or dragged, but if you 
    drag it will eventually blow up. Now when you drop it if anyone drives by it, 
    it will explode, hitting those if the direct blast with the force of a shell, 
    and making anyone nearby spin out. Now it’s set to shoot forward, so you must 
    tell it to drop back. If no one drives by it for a few seconds it will 
    explode on its own.
    Boo: This item allows you to steal an item from someone else at random. Also 
    it will turn you invincible for a short period of time, you will not be seen 
    by opponents or on the map. Finally, you are immune to things as you are with 
    a Star.
    Bullet-Bill: When you get this you will become the Bullet-Bill and speed 
    along the course, you do not have to control yourself. Also, anyone you hit 
    will feel the equal effects of a shell or Bob-omb.
    Fake Item Box: This item is very similar to a banana, it’s just larger. It 
    has all the same traits, only it will cause a person to fall forward an flip 
    around, loosing about two seconds.
    Golden Mushroom: This is the best Mushroom, you can use it over, and over, 
    and over until it times out. So keep taping X or L to continuously boost. 
    This is great for making quick cuts across grassy areas and making up lost 
    Green Shell: This is a standard shell, you can shoot it forward or backward, 
    it can be dragged too. It will travel in a straight line until it hits a 
    wall, and it will go away or bounce off. Also if it hits another racer it 
    will go away and that person will lose about two to three seconds. Also if 
    you are dragging one, and you hit anything, it will be dropped, but it will 
    not move, and stay there like a banana or fake item box.
    Lightning: A very rare item, but it’s effects are great. It shrinks down ALL 
    racers, making them loose not only there items, but making them spin a bit, 
    and they will move much slower. This effect is brief, and everyone will soon 
    regrow and regain their normal speed. The further ahead you are the longer it 
    takes to get big again.
    Mushroom: An item that gives you a good boost and varies on your 
    acceleration. It’s great for the various shortcuts in the courses, form 
    recovering after a hit, or winning in the last seconds.
    Red Shell: This shell is superior to its green counterpart. It tracks the 
    nearest enemy and hits them. However I shoot back it will not track someone 
    and like green, will remain motionless if you get hit while dragging it. The 
    only other drawback is that it cannot hit a wall, it does then it’s done. 
    These shells are much “smarter” then they used to be and will almost always 
    hit someone, unless you are in first.
    Spiked (Blue) Shell: This shell tracks down the person in first, the one way 
    to dodge it is to use a Star (really only possible in the DK Pass). Also it 
    will effect all nearby racers like a bomb does, so if your close to first. 
    Last, like with the Red Shells, this one is “smarter” and if you try and drop 
    down to second when it’s shot it will still hit you! Getting hit by this 
    makes you lose from three to five seconds, so make sure you have a good lead.
    Star: The best item in the game, period. This can negate the effects of any 
    item, shells, lighting, and even the spiked shell. Also you’ll speed up when 
    using this like you would with a Mushroom, it has all the same effects. Like 
    I said it makes you immune to everything, it also lasts longer then the Boos 
    do. Ramming people while using the Star makes them lose some time too, it 
    really is the best item in the game.
    Triple Bananas: Instead of getting one banana, you get three. You do not have 
    to hold X or L to drag them and you can drop them whenever you feel. These 
    are great for making Red Shells miss you, or for spinning out nearby racers.
    Triple Mushroom: You will receive Three Mushrooms, and they are great for 
    cutting corners, shortcuts, and getting a fast cheap win. They are really, 
    really good to get and seem as good as the Golden ones…I don’t know what.
    Triple Green/Red Shells: Again, you will get three of the respective shells 
    you get. If you get green, use them as a shield to other people can’t hit you 
    or pass on narrow tracks. If you get red, take your time, and pick off three 
    people ahead of you.
    10. The Un-lockables and Secrets                                    [UNASE]
    Alternate Ending
    To get this you must complete every Cup on every engine class, including MM 
    150cc, and you must get gold in each. Your rating doesn’t matter though.
    All the Cups and Mission Mode, Level 7
    Star Cup: Complete the Mushroom and Flower Cups with Gold in each, must be 
    done foe each engine class, ratings do not matter.
    Special Cup: Complete the Star Cup with Gold, must be done for all engine 
    classes, ratings do not matter.
    Leaf Cup: Complete the Shell and Banana Cups with Gold in each, must be done 
    foe each engine class, ratings do not matter.
    Lightning Cup: Complete the Leaf Cup with Gold, must be done foe each engine 
    class, ratings do not matter.
    Mission Mode Level 7: You must complete all the first 6 level missions with 
    at least a star in each in order to unlock Level 7.
    Mirror Mode
    150cc Mirror Mode: To unlock MM with the 150cc engine class you must get a 
    Gold in every cup on all the engine classes. NOTE: It’s debated you only have 
    to complete the Retro Circuit with Gold in all on 150cc, but it makes for 
    sense for the Gold in all.
    Secret Characters
    Dry Bones: Complete the Nitro Circuit with Gold on each Cup, must be on the 
    50cc engine class, ratings do not matter.
    Daisy: Complete the Retro Circuit with Gold on each Cup, must be done the 
    50cc engine class, ratings do not matter.
    Waluigi: Complete the Retro Circuit with Gold on each Cup, must be done on 
    the 100cc engine class, ratings do not matter.
    R.O.B: Complete the Nitro Circuit with Gold on each Cup, must be done on the 
    MM 150cc engine class, ratings do not matter.
    Getting all the Karts
    Unlock Everyone’s Third Kart: Complete the Nitro Circuit with Gold on each 
    Cup, must be done on the 100cc engine class, ratings do not matter. This 
    gives everyone the their third respective kart.
    Four Extra Karts for Everyone: Complete the Nitro Circuit with Gold on each 
    Cup, must be done on the 150cc engine class, ratings do not matter. This 
    allows up to Seven Karts per racer, their three original and four 
    predetermined ones that belong to other racers.
    All 36 Kats for Everyone: Complete the Retro Circuit with Gold on each Cup, 
    must be done on the MM 150cc engine class, ratings do not matter. This lets 
    anyone drive any Kart, making everyone pretty much the same.
    11. Mission Help                                                   [MIMOH]
    Level 1
    Mission 1-1
           Objective: Drive through all 5 numbered gates in order
    Strategy: This is real simple, drive along the track through all 5 
    gates. There is a good distance between them all, but there are 
    Mushroom Boosts between them all. Getting a good ranking on this is 
    real simple.
    Mission 1-2
           Objective: Collect all 15 coins
    Strategy: Now this is also very easy, but you might end up missing some 
    coins. Take the hard 3rd and 4th turns slowly but try and maintain a good 
    speed. It could take a few shots to get a good ranking for new players.
    Mission 1-3
           Objective: Destroy all ten item boxes.
    Strategy: This is real easy too, and all the boxes contain mushrooms, 
    so use them when you get them. They are mostly located along the top 
    half, with a few towered the middle. This shouldn’t be a challenge, and 
    getting at least a star is easy.
    Mission 1-4
           Objective: Get a Star and use it to hit 5 Cheep-Cheeps.
    Strategy: Here you must grab and item box then use the Star. Don’t go 
    to fast, drive down and start ramming the fish. It shouldn’t take you 
    more then two Stars, don’t go to fast, but don’t go to slow either.
    Mission 1-5
           Objective: Drive through all 6 numbered gates in order.
    Strategy: Pass through the one in front of you, then head up and left. 
    The remaining five gates are along the edge, so don’t fall off. If you 
    can, powerslide to save time. I believe you must do it before the timer 
    gets under 20 seconds for a Star.
    Mission 1-6
           Objective: Drive through the mansion…backwards!
    Strategy: This is simpler then it looks. Hold be and remember, right 
    turns left and left turns right. There are no hard turns and there is 
    little to avoid. Look at the map on the Touch Screen and you’ll easily 
    get at least a Star.
    Mission 1-7
           Objective: Collect all 20 coins
    Strategy: Ok here all the coins are grouped in a straight line. Right 
    off the start you’ll get a Triple Mushroom. Use it on the straight-
    aways for extra speed. Be careful on the wide turns, other then that 
    this mission is very easy.
    Mission 1-8
    	Objective: Perform 4 powerslide turbo-boosts in one lap.
    Strategy: This level has four turns, so it works great. All of the 
    turns are wide enough to powerslide at least once if your lucky you can 
    get two. Be quick, because you have little time to do this.
    Level 1 Boss
    Objective: Use the Mushrooms to crash into the Big Bully and knock him 
    off the stage.
    Strategy: Make sure he doesn’t knock you off the side, if he does you 
    lose a balloon, once you lose all three your out. Drive around and get 
    a Triple Mushroom and then ram the Bully. Repeat the ramming until he 
    falls off the side.
    Level 2
    Mission 2-1
    	Objective: Crash into all 10 wooden crates to destroy them.
    Strategy: There are a few ways to do this, but this tends to work. 
    Crash through the first three, then turn down the dock, hit the one at 
    the top. Go down the dock and hit the one at the end. Quickly spin 
    around and hit all the other ones on the way back up the dock. Turn 
    around, drive along and hit the other ones while powersliding right 
    around the corner. Take a sharp right after the bridge and take out the 
    last box.
    Mission 2-2
    	Objective: Collect all 10 coins
    Strategy: This level tries to trick you. Once you start go in reverse 
    to grab the first coin. Then go forward and grab the next group. Round 
    the corner, stay along the middle of the track and grab the last 
    remaining coins.
    Mission 2-3
    	Objective: Drive through all 5 numbered gates in order.
    Strategy: The first gate is on the track, then grab the Mushroom Boost, 
    cut across the grass and go through the second gate. Continue along the 
    course and powerslide around turns. Gate three and four are close, with 
    some turns and boosts in between. The fifth gate is on the last wide 
    turn, continue to powerslide and get the boosts to get a good rating.
    Mission 2-4
    	Objective: Destroy all 5 item boxes
    Strategy: In this level you must chase down the five item boxes. Stay 
    in sight the entire race to make sure you get a good ranking. Each box 
    contains a Mushroom, and you should be able to get the first one by the 
    time 5 seconds pass. If you don’t slip up this is a real easy.
    Mission 2-5
    	Objective: Collect all 20 coins
    Strategy: This level is a joke, really. Just drive along the coast to 
    grab most of the coins, and you must go over a jump to get a few. This 
    is an easy Triple Star ranking.
    Mission 2-6
    	Objective: Use Bob-ombs to destroy all 5 Pokeys.
    Strategy: This is a little hard. You must drive around a small area and 
    grab Bob-ombs from the item boxes. You must be quick at shooting the 
    Pokeys and grabbing more bob-ombs, or else you’ll lose a lot of time. 
    Also try not to miss, because that will cost you some time. It may take 
    a few attempts to get a good ranking.
    Mission 2-7
     	Objective: Drive through all 10 numbered gates in order.
    Strategy: Since you’re on the GCN Luigi Circuit it may get confusing. 
    Pass through #1, then head strait. Gate #2 is on the left, and #7 will 
    be on the right. Continue straight and you’ll see Gate #3 on the right 
    and #6 on the left. Pass around the long turn, then continue to go 
    through Gates #6 and #7. Go around the last turn to grab the final 
    Gates along the turn.
    Mission 2-8
    	Objective: Perform 6 powerslide turbo boosts in 3 laps.
    Strategy: This one is real easy, I mean it is Baby Circuit, just slide 
    around the turns, don’t go to wide. Grab the Stars from the item boxes 
    to save you some time. This is easy to complete, but getting a Triple 
    Star might prove difficult.
    Level 2 Boss
    	Objective: Hit the Eyerok’s eyeball 3 times with shells.
    Strategy: Now this boss is from Mario 64, but he is different. You must 
    hit him with shells, and only three times total, not three for each 
    eye, just three total. This is real easy and I got a Double Star on my 
    first try.
    Level 3
    Mission 3-1
    	Objective: Destroy all 5 item boxes
    Strategy: This is pretty hard for a Level 3, mostly because it’s played 
    on the pinball area of Waluigi’s Pinball. The boxes will move around 
    the area, and you must dodge balls and bumpers on the process. I’d use 
    the Touch Screen for this, don’t rush to complete it, get good and used 
    to the level, then go for the higher rank.
    Mission 3-2
    	Objective: Drive through all 5 numbered gates in order…backward!
    Strategy: This mission is much easier them some of the previous one, as 
    by now you are used to driving backward. Head straight to get the first 
    two, then at the fork head for Gate #3. Continue around the turn to 
    pass through the final two gates.
    Mission 3-3
    	Objective: Collect all 15 coins while avoiding Chain Chomp
    Strategy: This is another simple mission. Ok there is a circle of coins 
    around the Chomp. So go straight into the circle, then hold Left while 
    you accelerate. If you do it quick enough you’ll avioid Chomp 
    completely and get a good ranking.
    Mission 3-4
    	Objective: Reach the finish before Yoshi
    Strategy: Beating Yoshi in Yoshi Falls is real easy. Make sure you grab 
    all the item boxes, they contain Mushrooms or Stars. Now every now and 
    then half the track will be closed off, so be careful. Stay close to 
    Yoshi and don not slide off any waterfalls.
    Mission 3-5
    	Objective: Drive through all 8 numbered gates in order.
    Strategy: This one looks real hard to begin, but it isn’t. Head right 
    through the first gate, then into the lower right pipe. Ride around the 
    upper level to get the next three gates, then go into the top left 
    pipe. Head straight into Gate #5, then loop around to pass through #6. 
    Go up the ramp again, pass through Gate #7. Drop down to your right and 
    go through the eighth and final gate. This is pretty easy once you 
    memorize the level.
    Mission 3-6
    	Objective: Hit the Monty Moles with a shell 5 times
    Strategy: I don’t have a real strategy for this one. Jusr grab the item 
    boxes, and get your timing down. It took me a few tris to get a Star 
    ranking, but it got easier and easier. Study and learn the timing, and 
    in no time this will become a breeze.
    Mission 3-7
    	Objective: Perform 10 powerslide turbo boosts in 1 lap!
    Strategy: This one is hard, since DK blows at the powerslide. You are 
    on Shroom Ridge, so cars are another problem. Don’t worry to much about 
    the small turns, but try and get at least three on the first big turn, 
    and two on the rest. People tend to forget the turns near the end. You 
    have a lot of time, but getting the Star takes a few attempts.
    Mission 3-8
    	Objective: Collect all 20 coins
    Strategy: This one takes place in the Twilight House and can prove 
    hard. Luckily we have a good map in the FAQ section and I have a 
    strategy. Head straight to grab the first coin then turn left to get 
    the next one. Turn right to grab another coin, head right into the next 
    room near the barrier and grab the 4th one. Quickly back out, head 
    straight and grab the coin to the right on the ledge. Dodge the banana, 
    turn right into the next room to grab a coin. Turn left out of the next 
    one, and grab the coin on the way. Grab the coin near the side of the 
    ledge and turn right. Go around the banana, then take the next coin. 
    Turn right and circle around the room to get two coins then leave and 
    continue right. Grab the next two coins while dodgeing groups of 3 
    bananas and turn right once more. Turn back into the house, grab the 
    lone coin and move left. Circle around the room to get the final coins. 
    It’s not to hard and pretty easy to get a Triple Star.
    Level 3 Boss
    	Objective: Reach the finish before Goomboss.
    Strategy: This race makes you be Toad racing in Baby Circuit for 3 
    laps. Now this is pretty hard the first few times, as Goomboss can 
    easily out race you. Every now and then he’ll slow down to throws 
    Goombas and even Mushrooms at you. You have to powerslide the turns, 
    and every lap he stops for a moment to grow. On the last lap he will 
    jump over and cut about a third off. Stay ahead and don’t let him beat 
    you on the home stretch. Getting a good ranking may take a few 
    Level 4
    Mission 4-1
    	Objective: Reach this finish before Donkey Kong
    Stratagey: Here you will race DK in a slightly modified DK Pass, wait, 
    and it’s backward! Avoid the giant fields of evil snowmen and also the 
    giant snowballs. Remember every item box has a Mushroom or Star, and 
    remember to save one for the awesome short cut over the hill. On the 
    way down the summit it is a lot easier to fall, and there are tons of 
    snowmen before the end. Provided to do this fast enough will few 
    problems, you should get a good rank.
    Mission 4-2
    	Objective: Blast 20 crabs
    Stratagey: You will be on the island battle area, and the crabs will 
    move in on you. Now all the item boxes contain shells or bombs. Now 
    they will multiply fast, so as you play remember that they can make you 
    spin out. Hit them from a distance with the shells, and drop bombs into 
    huge groups of them. This isn’t to hard, but like most of them, getting 
    a good rank may take a few tries.
    Mission 4-3
    	Objective: Reach the finish before the red car.
    Stratagey: This mission is a joke, really. Now you will find yourself 
    on Shroom Ridge and you must outrace a speeding red car. Like all the 
    other levels, the boxes contain mostly Mushrooms and Stars. You should 
    pass the car by the second turn, and remember to powerslide. If you 
    don’t get a good rank on this stop playing…now.
    Mission 4-4
    	Objective: Drive through all 7 numbered gates in order
    Stratagey: This level takes place in the one Desert level. Now head 
    straight and pass through gate #1. Powerslide around the turn and grab 
    the Triple Mushrooms. Now when you get near Gate #2, behind the 
    pyramid, use the Mushrooms and pass #2 and #3, all off course. Head up 
    the hill and pass through number 4. Grab another item box and round the 
    turn through gate #5. Now speed over the hills with the Mushrooms, make 
    sure you don’t miss #6. The final gate is just around the turn near the 
    finish. Getting a triple Star is real easy.
    Mission 4-5
    Objective: Collect all 15 coins, if you get squashed by a Thwomp, you 
    Stratagey: Wow, just look at this. Now the only way to get the first 
    set is to get the turbo start. You will safely pass under the Thwomps, 
    then turn around. Now line up against the front one and wait. The 
    moment the start to rise accelerate, and you should pass through 
    safely, This is pretty easy once you get the timing down.
    Mission 4-6
    	Objective: Collect all 10 item boxes while avoiding the Fake Items!
    Stratagey: This is real easy. You will be on Choco Mountain, and all 
    you must do is not touch any Fakes. Use the Touch Screen, as the Fakes 
    come up as red on it. This mission is another easy one…so make sure to 
    get a Triple Star.
    Mission 4-7
    	Objective: Drive through all 10 gates
    Stratagey: Unlike most, it doesn’t matter how you do this. Heas right 
    down the middle, while avoiding all the bumpers. Once you pass the 
    second gate, head left and follow the arrows. Loop around to the center 
    again, and then take a sharp right. Loop around the other side now, and 
    you just grabbed yourself 10 gates. Use the map if you have problems.
    Mission 4-8
    	Objective: Perform 9 powerslide turbo boosts in 1 lap.
    Stratagey: This one takes place on Luigi Circuit, from the GBA. It’s 
    real easy with all the wide turns, so don’t worry to much. Your only 
    task is maneuvering around the puddles. Other then that, this is real 
    easy, but you will need to powerslide more than 9 times to get a good 
    Level 4 Boss
    	Objective: Collect 50 coins while avoiding King Boo!
    Stratagey: This level is (censored) ridiculous! Ok there are a series 
    of platforms that will all be dotted with coins. Immediately start 
    driving and gather as many as possible. Eventually Boo will steal your 
    coins and all the others will vanish. So you must catch him, then ram 
    him in the front to get them back. To get a good ranking you must be 
    quick at gathering coins, and catching Boo. There is absolutely no way 
    to avoid him stealing your coins, so gather the 50 as fast as you can. 
    A good way to gather coins fast is powersliding around the platforms, 
    then getting the boost at the end. I’ve only been able to get a Single 
    Star on this one so far…
    Level 5
    Mission 5-1
    	Objective: Reach the finish before the stay Chain Chomp
    Strategy: Now here got gotta conserve the Triple Mushroom you get at 
    the start. Use the first to cut through the flowers after the first 
    turn. After going up the hill, use another one to cut those flowers, 
    head into the bush maze. Avoid the Chomps, then use the Mushroom at the 
    top of this hill bu these flowers. Make your way to the end, and 
    remember the Monty Moles ahead. Powersliding in this really helps.
    Mission 5-2
    Objective: Drive backward to grab 15 coins, if you hit a snowman you 
    Strategy: This level is a joke for Level 5. Just accelerate backward 
    and grab the coins, don’t worry about going to fast, since that’s 
    nearly impossible. Just maneuver around the snowmen and your good to 
    Mission 5-3
    	Objective: Destroy all 5 item boxes
    Strategy: This level looks hard, but it isn’t. In fact, I’d try to 
    catch up to the front one, then sit there and let the other 4 run into 
    you. This is a great way to easily beat this level. If not, then be 
    careful of the deep water and try to catch them as fast as you can. If 
    you do it the “real” way then getting a good rank could take a few 
    Mission 5-4
    	Objective: Drive through all 10 numbered gates in order
    Strategy: Here we are in Bowser’s Castle 2. It’s real easy to do, but 
    you need to get a real good time for a good rank. You have to drift 
    around all the turns, avoid all the Thwomps and hit a lot of the speed 
    boosts. Some of the gates are placed in areas that you might not 
    regular drive through, so use the Touch Screen for guidance. This could 
    take a few tries (like always) but once you know where all the Gates 
    are it’s a breeze.
    Mission 5-5
    Objective: Complete 1 lap in the opposite direction within the time 
    Strategy: This is another easy level, and the only hard part is driving 
    around the blocked off areas, while dodging traffic. Other then that 
    this level is a snap, you gotta remember to grab any boosts along the 
    track, and you will have to go over the little shortcut that slows you 
    down. You should get at least a Star on your first try.
    Mission 5-6
    	Objective: Collect all 18 coins
    Strategy: Hm…18 isn’t a random number. Anyway here you are on the worst 
    battle level in history, Tart Top. The coins are set up on a path, 
    kinda, and the only thing you have to do is make sure you don’t miss 
    the coins floating above the ramp. You will loop around, then jump, 
    loop around, then jump, you get the idea. This is pretty annoying, and 
    I’ve only bothered to get a Single Star.
    Mission 5-7
    	Objective: Drive through all 8 numbered gates in order
    Strategy: This level takes place on the snowy field near the end of the 
    DK Pass. You will head up from the finish, backward. The gates 
    themselves are easy to reach, and your only task is maneuvering around 
    the giant snowballs. Up in the hilly area this can be hard, so really 
    look at both maps. If you get hit by even one snowball kiss a good 
    ranking good-bye, so be patient and give it a few tries.
    Mission 5-8
    	Objective: Reach the finish before Mario
    Strategy: You will be Luigi against Mario, finally the true superior 
    will be revealed! Anyway this is on Mario Circuit and is pretty easy. 
    The only thing you have to be aware of are the Gombas, and remember to 
    grab the Mushrooms. Mario is pretty easy to beat, so try and get a good 
    ranking, rather than just winning.
    Level 5 Boss
    	Objective: Hit the Big Bom-omb with 3 Bob-ombs.
    Strategy: The first hit is real easy, just grab a bob-omb from the item 
    box and launch it at him. Now he will start to throw bob-ombs and item 
    boxes around. So grab another bob-omb and hit him a few more times. 
    This is real easy to get a good rank in.
    Level 6
    Mission 6-1
    Objective: Drive backward across the spinning bridge, if you fall, you 
    Strategy: Now you should know how easy it is to do it normally, so 
    remember, falling isn’t the main problem, it’s not mixing up the 
    buttons, since your going backward. This is easy, if you don’t get a 
    good rank then give yourself a timeout. 
    Mission 6-2
    	Objective: Get Stars and run over 15 Rocky Wrenches
    Strategy: This mission isn’t hard, just a bit annoying. I find that 
    getting a star, then driving through the group of them, then grabbing 
    another Star and repeating is a good tactic. So long as you drive out 
    of your way to hit some, this is real easy. It may take some time to 
    get a Triple Star; luck plays some factor in this one.
    Mission 6-3
    	Objective: Collect all 30 coins
    Strategy: For a Level 6 this one has to be a joke. It takes place on a 
    very linear course, and that is Choco Mountain. The coins are all in 
    groups of like 3, and are spaced pretty well. It shouldn’t take you 
    more then oen try to get a good rank here. Once again for a Level 6 
    this is far to easy for you, so don’t do poorly.
    Mission 6-4
    	Objective: Destroy all 10 item boxes
    Strategy: Honestly, this mission is very Level 6 worthy, and I have no 
    real strategy for it, check the Missions FAQ if you need a lot of help. 
    You must navigate the areas and different levels and find the patterns 
    of the boxes. Now you have a lot of time to do this, so don’t worry to 
    much. Getting a Triple Star is still really easy once you know where 
    all the boxes are, and their patterns.
    Mission 6-5
    	Objective: Drive through all 8 numbered gates in order.
    Strategy: This takes place in the ultimate shortcut level, Sky Garden. 
    You must get the item box at the start, or you have no chance of 
    getting a good rank, or even completing it. Drive around, and go 
    through Gate #1. Use a Mushroom before the ramp, then once you lose 
    your boost use another one as you pass along the clouds. Loop around 
    the turn and use the third Mushroom on the other ramp. There is another 
    box ahead, don’t miss it. Go around the turn, then when you see the 
    next gate, use a boost to go over the clouds, use the second one right 
    after. Now continue to the end, and use the last Mushroom whenever. 
    Provided you don’t slip up you will get a Triple Star. BANK ON IT!!!
    Mission 6-6
    	Objective: Perform 14 powerslide turbo boosts in one lap
    Strategy: This level makes you be Yoshi on, dun dun, Yoshi’s Circuit! 
    Now to succeed here you must powerslide on almost every turn, and if 
    you can snake, that’s friggin great!!! I’ve only managed to get a 
    Single Star, so don’t hit anything, powerslide, and snake! That’s all 
    the advice I can give you.
    Mission 6-7
    	Objective: collect All 40 coins
    Strategy: Once again I have no strategy. I got lucky when I got the 
    Single Star. You must simply, not hit anything and avoid the clock 
    hands. That’s all, sorry, check the Missions FAQ again.
    Mission 6-8
    	Objective: Reach the finish before Peach
    Strategy: This race takes place with you as Bowser, racing Peach, 
    backward on Peach’s Garden. One thing to remember is some of the arenas 
    are blocked off, so Stars, and Mushrooms help here. Beating Peach isn’t 
    hard, but doing the race fast enough and getting a good time can be. So 
    it make take a few tries to get a Triple Star, mostly because Bowser’s 
    kart is terrible.
    Level 6 Boss
    Objective: Use Mushrooms to hit Chief Chilly and knock him off the 
    platform 3 times.
    Strategy: This is harder version of the Big Bully Boss, so use that 
    strategy. However the third time he will start to jump out of the way, 
    causing you to go into the water. So, if you can ram him just as he 
    jumps back onto the platform after the second hit, then he won’t jump 
    and you just got a Triple Star.
    Level 7
    Mission 7-1
    	Objective: Perform 6 powerslide turbo boosts in 1 lap.
    Strategy: The thing that makes this hard is that it is Rainbow Road, 
    a.k.a. the easiest place to fall of the side, ever! However this isn’t 
    to hard. You should try to get two slides around the rising turn before 
    the first loop. Try to get a total of 3 before the second loop, and 
    then one more before the end. Provided you don’t hit any walls, or fall 
    for that matter, you should get a good rank.
    Mission 7-2
    	Objective: Reach the finish before Bowser.
    Strategy: This level is fun, it takes place in Bowser’s Castle but 
    remember, some areas will be blocked off. Those are the area with the 
    shortcut (you must take the short cut) and the area with the spinning 
    pipe, you must fall off the side. Every box contains Mushrooms, Stars 
    and Red Shells, so staying ahead isn’t hard. In all this is one of the 
    easier missions on Level 7.
    Mission 7-3
    	Objective: Complete 2 laps within the time limit!
    Strategy: Another real easy Mission, especially for Level 7. You must 
    do two laps on Tick-Tock Clock, within 1:30 seconds. Now every box 
    you’ll find has Mushrooms in it, just to make this easier! After the 
    first lap the clock seems to “stop”, but that’s not an issue really. 
    Getting a good rank here is almost easier then 7-2.
    Mission 7-4
    	Objective: Use shells to defeat the 30 Goombas in the time limit!
    Strategy: This mission is again, really easy. You are on Mario Circuit, 
    and there is a pack of Goombas headed awa from you. So approach them, 
    grab a nearby item box and unload with shells. They will move along the 
    course, so try and remember that. Provided you stop them before the 
    Giant Piranha Plants, you should get a least a Star. This can be 
    annoying, but it is very doable.
    Mission 7-5
    	Objective: Collect all 20 coins.
    Strategy: Once more, another easy Mission for Level 7. You must collect 
    20 coins on Wario Stadium The only difficult aspect of this is some 
    coins are located in midair after some ramps. Provided you don’t hit 
    walls, or miss coins, this is real easy. Level 7 isn’t to hard is it?
    Mission 7-6
    	Objective: Drive through all 8 numbered gates in order.
    Strategy: Easily, the most annoying, not hardest, but annoying mission 
    ever! You are on the giant DS, and the gates are in a circle, in this 
    order, 1, 5, 2, 6, 3, 7, 4, 8. You must pass through the circle twice, 
    within 11 seconds! Now it’s very narrow, and if you miss a Gate, or hit 
    the side of one, forget it. You must drive slowly, but not to slow. 
    It’s very hard to perfect this, and I’ve only been able to finish with 
    a second, getting a Star
    Mission 7-7
    Objective: Drive backward and collect all 12 coins, if you hit a burner 
    you fail.
    Strategy: This isn’t to hard, and trust me, be patient and take your 
    time. You must navigate a box maze located inside an Airship. Now do 
    not go through any boxes, just navigate your way around the maze until 
    your out. After that get the coins situated near the giant burners. 
    This isn’t hard, you like Mission 6-4, and getting a good rank is easy 
    to come by.
    Mission 7-8
    	Objective: Destroy all 10 item boxes, while avoiding the Fake Items.
    Strategy: This level seems simple, I often dozed off and lost. Anyway 
    drive along the Boardwalk, while avoiding Bananas and the Fake Items. 
    Remember, each box contains a Mushroom, so use it once you get it. Once 
    you enter the little house you’ll have to loop around the hole in the 
    ground to grab a box in the corner. Then on the way out there is a line 
    of fake boxes, go around that while getting another box. Continue along 
    the course until you get to the final box, surrounded by Bananas. This 
    is pretty easy, but doing it fast enough to get the Triple Star is 
    Level 7 Boss
    	Objective: Reach the finish before Wiggler!
    Strategy: This final Boss is easy, it all comes down to the 1st lap 
    really. Now right off the start Wiggler will hit over a car, if you can 
    get under it and get the Mushroom fast enough that’s super! Now 
    remember not to miss the Stars in the boxes moving along the course. 
    For the first two laps, do not take the shortcut, because you can grab 
    another Star while looping around it. Knock over Cars to get Mushroom’s 
    Boost, which will also make this easier. The last lap it totally up to 
    you, but you should have enough distance to win. I got a Triple Star on 
    this my first try! =)
    12. Staff Ghost Times                                                [STGHT]
    This, unlike the rest of the FAQ, will not be separated by Retro and Nitro 
    Circuits. Now these times were achieved my Mario Kart DS Staff members. Once 
    you get close to their times you can race their ghosts, and some are really 
    hard to beat. The courses are arranged in alphabetical order. The times are a 
    rough estimate, so give or take a bit.
    Staff Ghost Times
    Airship Fortress: 2:07
    Baby Park: 0:51
    Banshee Boardwalk: 2:14
    Bowser Castle: 2:17
    Bowser Castle 2: 1:52
    Cheep Cheep Beach: 1:54
    Choco Island 2: 1:02
    Choco Mountain: 2:15
    Delfino Plaza: 1:52
    Desert Hills: 1:31
    DK Pass: 2:14
    Donut Plains 1: 1:08
    Figure 8 Circuit: 1:36
    Frappe Snowland: 2:09
    Koopa Beach 2: 0:55
    Luigi Circuit(GCN): 1:29
    Luigi Circuit(GBA): 1:46
    Luigi’s Mansion: 2:00
    Mario Circuit: 1:56
    Mario Circuit1: 0:51
    Moo Moo Farm: 1:18
    Mushroom Bridge: 1:30
    Peach Circuit: 1:12
    Peach Gardens: 1:53
    Rainbow Road: 2:17
    Shroom Ridge: 2:05
    Sky Garden: 1:44
    Tick-Tock Clock: 1:55
    Waluigi Pinball: 2:23
    Wario’s Stadium: 2:15
    Yoshi Circuit: 1:48
    Yoshi Falls: 0:57
    13. Frequently Asked Questions                                    [1FAQS]
    E-Mail me your questions!!!!
    14. Contact Information                                           [CINFO]
    If you have any questions or wish to contribute to this walkthrough please 
    feel free to e-mail me at mjd111989@aol.com. Please do not send me any 
    complaints or hate mail, because I will not take kindly to it. If you provide 
    anything I may have missed for this Walkthrough please give me a name so I 
    can mention you in the credits.
    15. Credits                                                        [CREIT]
    Myself – For spending hours on end to write this up.
    CJayC & GameFAQs – for having this site up and helping me get started writing 
    Nintendo – For making this great game, and a great handheld system.
    My Dad – For buying and making the computer in my room so I can type these in 
    my free time.

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