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Reviewed: 10/12/07 | Updated: 04/09/12

Stay off of my road.

As a new player, I hesitated to try out this game. Never before have I played a Mario Kart game in my life, so I was a bit uneasy about trying out this game. I've never played an online video game either, so this was another new twist for me. Turns out I made one hell of a good decision. Of course, this game has a lot of good reviews mostly because of its massive fan base. It probably has bad reviews from people who are against Nintendo. But if you stay away from Mario Kart because of any of these reasons, you're missing out on a very good game.

The game play in Mario Kart DS is very smooth. There are many different ways to play this game. For those who enjoy solid Grand Prix races, then the Grand Prix is for you. Like setting records? The Time Trials let you go as fast as you desire, in attempts to set records. If you don't like competitive races, or if you just want to practice on a certain course, then the Versus option is a good choice. Battles are small games where you're pitted against others to collect Stars or pop all of the other opponents' balloons, while trying to protect your own. You can also play the Missions mode as a small alternate to the Grand Prix.

The game's sound-track is okay, but not exactly the sound track you would want to listen to day in and day out. But some of the music in the game can get really annoying. People who have played other Super Mario games may notice a few nostalgic remixes from past games...

This game reeks of unlockables. After winning a few cups, you may unlock a few familiar characters. Certain karts can be unlocked, also. Even cups and maybe even a new engine class are just waiting for you to earn them by beating all the others in the Grand Prix. One of the best means of customization in Mario Kart DS is the ability to design an emblem for your kart. Your emblem can be viewed when racing others. The small palette of colors is bothersome for many emblem designers, however.

The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection gives life to Mario Kart DS. There are four modes you can race in on Wi-Fi. The Worldwide mode will put you up against anyone in the world currently playing Mario Kart DS. The Regional mode will hook you up with people in your country. The Rival mode has you against people with your skill level. The Friend mode lets you race against people you have registered in your Friend Roster who are on the Wi-Fi Connection during the time you are on. However, for every online game, there are those who are too childish too accept a loss. So expect a couple of disconnecting racers when you are winning. People also tend to use a controversial exploit called "snaking", so mastering that technique is strongly suggested for online play.

This game is definitely meant to be owned and held onto for years. Go on ahead to your nearest game store and buy it now.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Mario Kart DS (US, 11/14/05)

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