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"Blue Shells, Bullet Bills, Bloopers, Oh My!"

Stuff everything else, the first thing on my mind when I wake up is " Where's My DS?". I got a DS just so I would have Mario Kart for myself. It's absolutely brilliant. Every level is flawless, the graphics are fantastic and, well, if you want to find out what else I think, read on.

Nitro Grand Prix-10/10

First, the Nitro cup in Grand Prix mode. All new tracks, all fantastic. My personal favourites are Shroom Ridge ( Great Music), Waluigi Pinball and Wario Stadium ( Ditto and very cool levels), Rainbow Road (Love the Corkscrew) and Airship Fortress. The cannon on Airship Fortress, and the Vortex on Waluigi Pinball are very well done. I never get bored of these tracks.

Retro Grand Prix-8/10

Yes it's good to see all of you old tracks, but who's missing? Why, all of the Rainbow Roads! I think it would have been really good to have a Rainbow Cup. The SNES tracks. I can't remember most of these. What I do remember is that I HATE Koopa Beach. I have only seen my friend play on the N64 version, but I wish that Nintendo could have squeezed the desert track with the train in. The Gameboy Advance Mario Kart is My Second Favourite ever ( That's not saying much, I've only been on 3). But Why did we have Peach and Luigi circuit? They're so boring!!!!! Put all the Bowser Castles in, they're the best ones (apart from Sky Gardens :-) ) ! I've never played, seen or listened to anything from Double Dash, but all the tracks are good.

Battle Mode-9/10

There's not much to say about Battle Mode. Could have been better, could have been worse. I wish they added in some more arenas. The Blue Shell could have been worked in. Make it go for the person with most Shines or Balloons. Yeah.


Fantastic. The missions are great, I couldn't have thought up half the missions. Only got two more missions to get a star on, until I get to face Wiggler. Once again, Fantastic.

The Karts-100/10

That 100 is a typo. I spotted it, then realised it would work better than 10. Because the carts are so cool. From the racing cars of the B-Dasher, the Streamliner (Which reminds me of a train somehow) and the Brute, to racing with Tractors, Diggers and Cucumbers. Nice.

And Finally the players-10/10

Wow!! What a surprise!! In a game called Mrio Kart, you get to be Mario! and Luigi and Yoshi and Sissy Peach and Wario and Stupid Donkey Kong ( He's Stupid) and Bowser and Toad...(pauses to catch breath) And four secret characters. It's very obvious who one is. What's the point of having Waluigi pinball without Waluigi? And the Koopa Troopa has been replaced by someone like him ( Clue: It's not a Parakoopa or a Magikoopa.).

I think that sums up Mario Kart DS. A really, really, really, really, really fun, cool,amazing game. I'm off. I've got a race against Wario calling me.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/29/07

Game Release: Mario Kart DS (EU, 11/25/05)

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