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Mario Kart, a game series spin-off from the original. Super Mario Kart was the first, then it cam onto the Nintendo 64 as... well, I forgot. Then, it got on the Game Boy Advance as Super Mario Kart Advance. Not long later, Mario Kart: Double Dash for the GameCube featured a co-op system. A rather great game. Racing fans and Mario fans alike have bought the series, I have too. Truly, not a bad game.

The game isn't hard to play, as it attempts to retain controls from previous games. But now, with two screens, there is a but more. Unlike the previous games, you get a detailed and in general map. The map functions on the Touch Screen with the stylus. It will show names of the opposition and show which items they have, an addition great for strategization. The obvious part to this game is it is based on racing. Yes, you get karts. As you play, you unlock more karts and more characters. Eventually, you'll get the most amazing thing: wait... I am not telling you! There are multiple tracks to this game too. Half are new, a total of sixteen, and are interesting and cool, some based on previous games. For example, Tick Tock Clock is based on Super Mario 64. The other half are borrowed from previous games, with minor additions. There are four from the Super Nintendo, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 64, and GameCube. That brings it to sixteen borrowed tracks and 32 total.

Just so you know, this has no story. It is racing only. It has one thing CLOSE to one, relations to previous games.

The graphics are okay. They are okay for a Nintendo DS game; anything else and bye bye! They are rather blockish. you can clearly see the pixels upon zooming in on an object. Most DS games are like this, so no worries on that front. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is the same way. You do noticed that there is no jaggedness or jumpiness. The karts will move like quicksilver. You also get to create a picture that will go on the front of your kart when racing, or just use the default, which varies depending on kart and character.

The music is decent. The motors can clearly be noticed that their power changes throughout 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc. The music for the race is also nice, as it fits the location. Rainbow Road has the best to me, it so up tempo. Well, anyways, the balloons in Balloon Battle can clearly be heard popping and you can easily hear a Homing Red Shell near you. In general, Mario Kart DS has decent music and sound effects. Well, for a Nintendo DS.

The play time is unmeasurable, but it shouldn't take too long to finish. By finish, I mean, unlock everything. As a very rough estimate, I say it would take 24 hours of gameplay time. You can't EXACTLY replay it, but you can keep on playing it and have fun with your friends via Wi-Fi or Nintendo WFC. You will enjoy it, trust me.

Well, yeah, for a game on the Nintendo DS, it is one of my favorites. I hope you can buy this soon, because I was lucky to get it, there was only two at GameStop. So, to the point: do not freaking rent. That is a waste of perfectly good money. It will appeal to all, so yes, buy it. Or steal it, or whatever. Just do not rent. Seriously, the game is awesome.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/24/10

Game Release: Mario Kart DS (US, 11/14/05)

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