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"The same thing, different system."

By my tagline and score you may think I dislike the game, that is most certainly not the case. I had MKDD pre-ordered for a while, and couldn't wait to play it. It is amazing fun, and it is easily worth every penny I spent. With that said, when I rate games I don't base them on my feelings for the game, but more as an overall qualities of the game. The section that brought the score down was originality, but I'll go in deep for each section in a moment.

Button setup is pretty bad for the DS due to the closeness of the buttons. If I want to switch between map modes, which is needed at some points I either need to reach my right thumb across from the a button to the y button. In the process I usually either 1) Hit the b button as well (which causes me to brake), or 2 (hit the x button which will shoot whatever item I may have been saving). The other option is to tap the screen, but I dare not use my right hand and let my thumb off accelerator, so I would have to take a risk of losing the d-pad for a split second. With the way the buttons are set up on the DS it would be hard to not have problems, which is why the overall score did not reflect button placement, since its the DS, not the games fault on that.

Graphics I don't include in the score unless it is a trivial part of the game, which in this case it is not. With that said the graphics are beautiful on the DS, but they don't make the game any better than it would be with the old SNES graphics.

Originality is non existent, they took the same formula, and even the same tracks (although there are many new tracks) as old games, and just put it on a handheld. That is why I rated it so low, its the same thing as before just a few things changed, and those few things brought the games score up a lot higher.

Online is amazing and some of the most fun ever, it is so much better than multiplayer with your friends because at almost any time of day you can play someone you never raced before, so the opponents playstyle changes each time. If you find most people you play too easy, challenge rivals, which pairs you up with other players that share similar records for a challenging race.

The many unlockable characters, and a few new stuff like missions also add to the score, however its the online play that makes this such a great investment.

Overall, yea its the same as before, but if you like Mario Kart, and especially if you have a wi-fi router at your house I definitely suggest getting the game,

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/16/05

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