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"Nintendo does it Right... for once! (Spoilers)"

Mario Kart DS for Nintendo DS is a long time coming for Nintendo fans. Why you ask? One word: On-line capabilities. Okay, it's two words, but still it makes every Nintendo fan happy to see Nintendo finally get into the mainstream of video games with Wi Fi capabilities.

Today, we will spread this review out over a total of 6 categories:
Game-play (Out of 20)
Sound (Out of 20)
Graphics (Out of 10)
Secrets (Out of 30)
Wireless Play (Out of 20)

Okay, when you first play this game, you might notice your second screen. This screen is highly pivotal in the game. Why? Well, during the game, you get on the default map (Showing you, in front, sides, and behind you exclusively). This map shows you your icon, the track layout, current standings (Which items each opponent has as well), obstacles, and incoming weapons. This is a pretty handy feature, especially since one of the weapons does block your site for a few seconds, which allows you to avoid being minimized for the weapon. The basic game-play is around here as well, so nothing new here.
Another treat here is the Classic Tracks. I'm dead serious. Tracks from all Mario Kart games before this are in this game which makes it an additional treat to play.
Score: 19 (Out of 20)

Nothing new about the sound here. You get the same music here from past Mario games, with some slight modifications of course. You can also tell really well when a Big Time Weapon is released at you if you aren't looking at the map.
Score: 16 (Out of 20)

Here we go! The reason why every DS game is underrated. However, this game mostly covers it up pretty well except under Victory laps, and the credits.
Score: 7 (Out of 10)

From what I can tell, this game has many secrets, including multiple tracks (About 16 in all while going through the Grand Prix), characters (I count 4 currently), additional carts, and of course nothing else than pure fun over and over again.
Score: 30 (Out of 30)

Wireless Play
When I first turned on this game, I tried on-line play. And let me tell you, it has 3 settings in Regional, Worldwide, and Friends which is pretty neat. I tried Worldwide, but it took too long, so I went to Regional. The only problem is the needless drop-off of players during play. I noticed it, even though it didn't happen to me it led me to a win after the leader was dropped ^_^. However, the most annoying thing is Random tracks. Each player picks a track, then 1 is selected at random to race on. This happens 4 times per play, so you could race on the same track twice, but not likely.
Score: 18 (Out of 20)

Overall - 90/100 = 9 pts. out of 10
Game-play: 19/20
Sound: 16/20
Graphics: 7/10
Secrets: 30/30
Wireless play: 18/20

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/16/05

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