Review by Link899

Reviewed: 11/28/05

Mario Kart DS is a great game on the DS. Best in the series of the Mario Kart games.

To start Mario Kart has great everything. Fun to play, and it has online play. Its worth getting a DS for. If you have a DS, but don't have this game: Do yourself a huge favor, and get this game. If you are wondering why I love it, here is way more detail.

Graphics: Completely shows off the DS's graphical capabilities. All the characters look awesome, and the courses look really good. Although the older courses (thats right there are courses from older games) didn't get very much of a make over. Either way the newer courses look really good. Also on the lower screen there is a map. On this map it shows the area of the course you are on. It also shows all of your opponents and what item they have. In fact lower screen is good enough to use it to drive with it. Which can be really fun. So overall I have to say Mario Kart DS has fabulous graphics. (9/10)

Sound: Mario Kart DS also has really really good sound. Of course it has all they catchy Mario Kart jingles from previous games, and some new ones. When people get hit with items you can tell they did, by the noises they make. You can hear the sound of the karts while they are driving at full speed, and when they are accelerating. Basically you can tell how things are going, because whenever something happens there is a great sound to go with it. Which makes the game much more enjoyable. Again another thing Nintendo did right on Mario Kart DS. (9/10)

Gameplay: Okay, gameplay is the most important factor in a game. So, how did Nintendo do on Mario Karts gameplay? They did superb, awesome, fantastic! In this game, you have one character in you kart. You can drift to get mini boosts. There is a great selection of Karts and characters. There are eight starting characters, and four unlockable ones. I didn't get an exact count on how mane different karts there are, since some characters have the same one. I think its around 21 or higher, but thats a guess. All I know is there is a lot to choose from. Also now the karts have way more stats that make each kart different. The stats are: Acceleration, top speed, handling, drift, weight, and items. Of course the item distribution is the same. The worse position the better items you get. There are new and old tracks to play on. Online play is really fun. All of this and more is enough to make an awesome experience. (9/10)

In conclusion, get this game, fan of the series or not. I am sure you will love it. If you don't have a DS get one get this game, and go to Mcdonalds to play online. This game just may give Nintendo some hope after all. This game shows all of the DS's capabilities. Thank you for reading my review. Have a nice day. Maybe I'll see you online sometime. But probably not.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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