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"And the Award for best Mario Kart game ever goes to..."

Mario Kart DS. Well this IS the best Mario Kart I've played (I've played all but the SNES one). And trust me, I loved Mario Kart 64; me and my ol friend Jeremy had so many cat's ass times with that game.

Anyway yeah this game is awesome:
Graphics are beautiful, probably the best on DS yet. Sound is also great with familiar sounds, songs and voices. By familiar songs, I mean when you play in Retro mode. The songs that played in their courses in the original versions, are redone on this game.

32 Courses (16 of which are classics from the SNES,N64,GCN and GBA MK's).
Nitro Cups are 4 cups that make up 16 new courses, while Retro Cups are 4 cups that make up 16 old courses that have a nostalgic feel to them.
All are animated very nicely (including the GCN ones; they look practically identical to the original versions).

VS and Battle modes can now be played in single player against computers. See WiFi section for more detail on these.

Mario, Luigi, Toad, Peach, Wario, D.K, Yoshi, Bowser are all available from the start with 2 unique karts of their own. A 3'rd kart can be unlocked for each character. There are also 4 hidden characters with each of them also having 3 karts.
These karts vary in stats (speed, acceleration, weight, handling, drift, items). Each kart is unique, and you can unlock the ability to allow each character to choose from every kart, adding for even more variability (as the character's weight and such can affect the kart's stats as well).

New Mission mode. You select a mission and try to complete the task you are ordered to do (e.g: collecting coins, killing certain enemies, defeating bosses from Super Mario 64 DS). Altogether, there are 7 levels of mission, each containing 9 missions, including boss battles.

Download Play allows for a race of up to 8 people racing off one Mario Kart DS game card (although course selection is very limited; only 8 courses). You may race in VS mode, or battle in balloon mode and shine sprite mode. Battle courses are also limited.

If everyone has the game, then all courses become available (including VS and Battle tracks).

WiFi can allow you to connect to hotspots for internet play. You can raise against specific friends, or against randomly selected people in your region, or worldwide, or people that have generally the same Win/Loss counter as you.

You can make a name for yourself too, by doing well in mission mode. If get high ranks in all the missions, then you'll get stars added to your name, helping your online rep. Also your wins to losses ratio can affect your rep too. Adds a little flair to the online mode.

20 of the 32 course are available to race in, and the races can only contain 4 racers, but there is usually no lag, and is usually fun.

Not a bad try for Nintendo's first real step into internet gaming. It'll be awesome when they have more variety and microphone chat, but for now, this is good.

Fun/Replayability: This game is very, VERY fun. Multiplayer is very fun, both online and local.Mario Kart has always been fun (well I never like the GBA one much, even though it;s currently in the GBA slot of my DS just to match with Mario Kart DS).

Bottom Line: It is THE best Mario Kart, and the best DS game IMO. Deserves a 10.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/29/05

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