"who doesn't love Mario kart?"

You hold in your hands ( Or at least want to hold in your hands) Nintendo's first online game, and it just happens to be Mario Kart for the DS. This game crosses all boundaries..but it's no Xbox Live in the internet sense:

Game Play 10/10

32 tracks, 12 characters, a lot of fun. In this game, the object is to be in first place, standard racing eh?Not a chance. With multitudes of items to hinder the opponents andvance, this game is a psuedo mix of Luck and Skill, and and strategy. Items include notorious figures such as the dreaded Lightning, stopping all opponents, but they also added in new items, such as the Blooper, a creature that shoots ink into the enemies screens. It is this factor that sets Mario Kart apart. The clunky two player thing from double dash was taken away, providing for some very great ,regular, Mario Fun. There are 5 modes in the game, Grand Prix, Time Trial, Vs, Battle, And Mission.Each of these can be done with bots, and Grand Prix can also be played online. There are 16 new tracks, and there are 16 old tracks to play in. 4 SNES, 4 N64, 4 GBA, and 4 GCN.

Story - Not Available

Race..meet friends....race. End of story.You can do missions, such as jumping through flames, but that's about it. If there was a story, it wouldn't really help the game in that sense.


N64 Style graphics. Very good for the DS, it really won't bother you much, unless you own a super computer or something. The animations for the items are nice and well detailed. the only thing lacking is the grass sometime while driving, but even that is ok once you get used to it. The best item in graphics is the Lighting, pure supremacy in that sense. It is better than the N64, that's how to compare. They have a few Gamecube courses that they dumbed down a bit for the DS, but they are still very good to look at graphically. There are alos GBA and SNES courses that they graphically improved upon, meaning that your favorite SNES course is now back, and it's even better.

Online Action 6/10

Not good, not good at all. You can only race with people, you cannot chat with them after or before or during the race. Another thing, there might be slight lag sometimes when you are playing the game. The game also requires Wi-Fi, so you'll need to have to in shape of a Router, Starbucks, or McDonalds. You also have the option of buying Nintendo's own USB connection hub for 35 dollars, but I recommend you buy a router of any kind. But considering it is Nintendos first online game, it is a great acheivment.


Standard enough to be good. With nice sound effects and catchy tunes ,the only thing lacking are better car noises.And a sound room. The music from the old courses was added in as well as the new ones being in .Good all around in my opinion, very good if you like VG music. The items sounds when you hit an enemy is a very sharp distinct sound, not to mention the fact that your character makes a noise whenever you hit the enemy.


Online is equal to almost infinite replay value, since you play against different opponents every time, unless you play with a friend. And there is plenty of stuff to do if you don't have online, such as Time Trials and Battle Mode with bots. And internet is very good to have, since the tactics of the enemies are always changing, unlike the robots controlled by the game itself.


Yes..35 isn't too much to pay for a great game, especially since the release is near Christmas if you get my drift ( for those who celebrate it).But if you don't have online, you might think twice before getting the game as a few of it's features require online acess for completion. But then again most neighboors will have online, so just borrow it from them in that case.

Controls: 9/10

Well made, not clunky. Only problem is that you cannot customize the controls for whatever setup you wish.

Thank you for reading.9/10-Very Good

UD signing off.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/02/05

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