Review by XBOX_DS

Reviewed: 12/12/05

Who ever thought the best Mario Kart would be on a handheld?

I got this game on it's release, awaiting it for weeks. I expected it to be a good ol' Mario Kart game, just as great as the others. I was wrong. It was the best... by far! Except for the down-grade of graphics from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, every thing else about this game is better than the others.

Game play:
To describe the game play short and sweet: Damn amazing! Most of your favourite characters are back, along with four secret ones, two of them never appearing in a Mario Kart game before. The races are great, and it never gets dull racing on 32 different tracks, new and old, while clashing with plenty new items! Battle mode is pretty much the same as the other Mario Kart games, but is more exciting with all the new weapons, new way of blowing up balloons through the microphone and the all new Shine Runners game play all on six battle courses. The new mission mode is great, but not as fun as it looks. But is a real challenge to get a three star rating on all the missions, which keeps you playing. Finally, to add the cherry on top, you can battle online with real people anytime! This is great, because, now the game never gets boring. You can face a friend, of someone random worldwide or regional. Or you can select Rivals, which hooks you up with someone your skill level.

Although they aren't the greatest graphics, the are good and clear enough to enjoy the game. Also games for DS are not expected to have the greatest graphics, and these are probably the DS' finest work of art. They are very smooth, although the details are kinda blocky...
Score: 9

A good game has hard, medium and easy elements to it. This has it all, without the EASY, MEDIUM or HARD selections. It can be easy or hard in many ways. Grand Prix and Mission Mode are easy when you are not trying to get a good rating. The challenge is getting a three star rating on them. If your looking for an easy race, select 50cc, or for a harder one 150cc. And if you want a real challenge play online, where some people are REALLY good!
Score: 10

Why rate sound? Because you don't want to hear that annoying YAHOO! or WAHAA! over and over. Well with all the chaos you hear this a lot, but each character has at least four catch phrases, so you don't hear this repeatedly. Also the music is really great and enjoyable, different on all the tracks, except for some Retro courses.
Score: 9

Course Design:
CRAZY GOOD!! With a whopping 32 tracks, the most ever on a Mario Kart game you have a huge selection. 16 are new divided into the Nitro Grand Prix, and 16 are old, divided into the Retro Grand Prix. The new ones are really great, because they are so creative, most of them are from classic Mario games. Some of these courses are Luigi's Mansion, Tick Tock Clock, Delfino Square and more! The Retro courses are some of the best from previous Mario Kart games, each cup consists of one from SNES, N64, GBA and GCN. The battle courses are great, even though there are only six, two are old, and four are brand new.
Score: 10

Lasting Fun:
FOREVER!! This game will never get boring, unless you can't play online. even so, it will last you a long time. With LAN and Wi-Fi, there is always someone to play other than a computer player. Mission Mode takes a while to get a three star rating on, as well in Grand Prix mode, which is even harder to get three star ratings on. You can trust me on this, this category deserves a perfect....
Score: 10

Good? No. Great? No. Amazing? No. Best combat racing game ever? YES!!!
This is a MUST HAVE for the DS, and probably one of the top ten best DS games that will ever be made!
Score: A perfect 10!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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