Review by TridentWizard

Reviewed: 12/19/05

Possibly the best game for the DS.

In my opinion Mario Kart DS is a 9 out of ten. I believe that this game deserves a 9 out of ten because it is one of the best games for the Nintendo DS that is currently out.

Part 1- Gameplay
This game has a whopping 32 stages, from Yoshi Falls to Peach Gardens, including retro courses from SNES, N64, GBA, and GCN, like Moo Moo Farm and Choco Island 2. It has all of the original characters like Mario, Peach, Bowser and DK. It also has new characters like R.O.B., and Dry Bones. With 3 karts per character this game has a total of 36 karts to choose from. At first you will only have a selection of 2 karts, but as you beat cups and progress in the game you will eventually get 3, then 7 and eventually you will be able to choose from all karts witl every character. There are still the standard karts, but other completely new karts like Dry Bones’ Dry Bomber and Luigi’s Poltergust 4000. The karts all have different stats. The stats are: Speed, the more speed, the faster the top speed for your kart is. Acceleration, how fast your kart can speed up. Weight, the heavier your kart, the harder it will be to get knocked around, the lighter your kart, the easier. Handling, the better the handling, the easier it will be to turn. Drift, the lower your drift, the better the powerslide. Items, if the item stat is high, you will get better items out of dice blocks, the lower, the worse items. The powersliding technique os also in this game. Powersliding begins as a drift while turning, then while holding R, you press left and right a couple of times and red sparks will fly fom your wheels, when this happens you release R and get a little boost. The length of the boost is affected by your acceleration. The game also has several different modes, it has the Grand Prix, the Time Trials, it also has VS mode where you can play against CPUs. It also has a battle mode where you can play the battle with up to 7 CPUs. It also has a new “Missions” game. In missions you have to beat several missions, like going thru some domes, or trying to hit all dice blocks. After you beat them you will be able to face a boss, the boss is just like a mission but is harder. There are a total of 6 missions at first, but it is possible to unlock a 7th. There are also new items like the Bullet Bill, where you temporarily turn into a Bullet Bill and go at high speeds knocking out anyone in your way. In conclusion I rate the gameplay of this game a 9/10.

Part 2- Multiplayer
The multiplayer in this game is pretty good. You can race up to 7 friends wirelessly in a match of Grand Prix, VS or Battle. The Grand Prix os like the in game but you play with friends and CPUs. The VS is just you playing with a friend, or two, or three, or even 7. In battle you have 2 choices balloon battle, or shine runners. I rate the multiplayer for this game a 10/10.

Part 3- Online
The online play for this game is pretty good. You can race 3 others in a race. There are 4 categories for online play, WorldWide, Regional, Friends, and Rivals. In worldwode you search for any player in the world. In regional you search for people that live close to you. In friends you enter a friends “friend code”, a special code given to all people who play MK: DS online. You can obtain other friend codes from friends then enter them in to play your friends online. In rivals, it searches only for players that have equal skill to you. I rate the online play an 8/10

Part 4- The bad points
This game has few flaws. The first is the amount of blue shells in this game, it is ridiculous! The second has to do with online play, a chatting feature would be nice, but there is none. Also some of the stages have been left out in online play.

Than you for taking the time to read this review for Mario Kart DS.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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