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Reviewed: 12/21/05

The Best Mario Kart DS in History!!

Part 1- Gameplay
In this brand new Mario Kart, there is a total of 32 courses to race on. Sixteen of the courses are new, which are called Nitro courses and the other half of the courses are courses from past Mario Karts for SNES, N64, GBA, and GCN, called Retro courses. That's twice as much courses in Mario Kart: Double Dash! Some of the new Nitro courses are Figure-8 Circuit, DK Pass, Waluigi Pinball, Tick-Tock Clock, and of course, brand new forms of Bowser Castle and Rainbow Road. Some of the Retro Courses are Peach's Circuit form GBA, Luigi's Circuit from GCN, Choco Mountain from N64, and Donut Plains 1 from SNES. There's also twelve characters in the game for you to race with, in which four of those characters has to be unlocked. It includes all the original characters: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Donkey Kong, Wario, Bowser, Yoshi and also two brand spankin' new characters: Dry Bones and R.O.B. Every character starts having only two karts: their standard kart and a new kart, but as you get farther in the game by beating cups and winning races, more of their karts will be unlocked. You'll first have two karts for each character, then three karts, then seven karts, and finally you'll have every single kart available for every character. All of the karts in this game are new except the Standard Karts. Some of the new karts are Dry Bomber, Egg 1, B-Dasher, Poltergust 4000, 4-wheeled Cradle, and Tyrant. There's a total of thirty-six karts in all to race in. When you're choosing karts, make sure you check each kart's stat. There's speed, acceleration, weight, handling, drift, and last, but not least, items. The more speed you have, the more of your maximum speed will be. Acceleration is how fast your kart can gain its speed when it starts to move. Weight is how heavy your kart is. If your kart has a heavy weight, then you won't get pushed around easily and if your kart is very light like the Dry Bomber, then you'll get pushed around more easily. Handling is how easily the kart can be driven in straight and curved roads, so the more handling you have, the easier to turn. Drift is good in both way. The more drift you have, the better you can drift around a curved turn. But if you like to do power-slides around a turn, then you'd wanted to have low drift because you can do better power-slides. Items affects how good your items you get from dice blocks are. If you have a low item meter, then you're more likely to get banana peels most of the time and if you have a high item meter, then you're get like red shells and stars. There are many items in this game including two new items: the Bullet Bill and Squid. With Bullet Bill, you transform into one and charge forward and knock out anyone in the way and Squid messes other racers' vision with ink. There's also many techniques in this game: Drafting, drifting, and Power Sliding. Power-sliding is one of the most useful techniques. You drift while turning, then while holding R, you press left and right a couple times and red sparks will fly fom your wheels, when this happens you release R and get a little boost. There's many different modes in this game: Grand Prix, Time Trials, VS and Battle, and Mission mode. In Grand Prix, you race and win trophies. In Time Trials, you try to get the best time possible in a race with no other racers and vs. staff ghosts. In VS and Battle mode, you face computers in any course you choose or have balloon battles and Shine Runners. In Mission mode, you complete seven missions in each level and also defeat bosses in each level. There are a total of six missions, but you can unlock the seventh one by earning at least one star in every mission. I rate the single-player of this game 9/10.

Part 2-Multiplayer
In multi-player mode, You can have up to eight players racing at once. You can either have download play or multi-card play. In download player, you only have two cups to race, but in multi-card play, you can race in all the courses: both Nitro and Retro courses! This part of the game is just like Grand Prix on singleplayer except you can vs your friends instead of computers. You can also ballon battles or shine runners with each other and its loads of fun. I rate the multiplayer part of this game a 9/10.

Part 3-Nintendo Wi-Fi/Online
In Nintendo WFC, you can vs. people all over the world online. All you have to do is obtain other people's friend codes and then type it in your Mario Kart DS Wi-Fi section and search for them in order to race with them. Not everyone have friend codes, only people who have played online and their friend codes were generated. There can be up to four people in an online race at a time. The only ways to play online using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection are either to search for an access point, using an USB connector, or using a wireless router. The bad thing about playing online is that some of the courses were left out and unable to race in. I rate this Nintendo Wi-Fi online play 9/10.

Part 4-Graphics/Sound/Overall
The graphics in this game are in 3-D and is very realistic. It just lacks a little compared to Mario kart: Double Dash for the GCN. The items has awsome graphic and is very detailed. When you use the star, it looks better than ever and the new item, the Bullet Bill, when you transform into one, it looks very real. Much of the Backgrounds in the Nitro courses looks 3-D and fine, but in the Retro courses, the backgrounds doesn't look very 3-D and realistic. The sound in Mario Kart DS are pretty good. Many courses have awesome and cool music and it always speeds up in your final lap. The good things about the sounds are that they let you hear the sound of a blue shell coming and other items. The only thing bad about the sound is the kart noises, it doesn't make any engine sound when you press the A button. It makes engine sound only when you use a mushroom to speed up or when doing power-slides. I rate the graphics and sounds in this game an 8/10. Overall I rate this game, Mario Kart DS, a 9/10.

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Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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