Review by navyaura92

Reviewed: 01/10/06

New favorite DS game!!!

I just love playing all the Mario Kart games, even the SNES one too. Once I heard it would come out on DS I started saving money. Best save I ever made!

Story: 10/10
Yea, I know what most of you are thinking. "What storyline? Is this guy ok?" Well thats the point!!! It's a great game because of it not having a storyline. Most games like Final Fantasy (another favorite) have storylines that can confuse you. Now how much easier can it get? Race, battle, and shoot people. I think if they added a plot to this, replay, gameplay, and story ratings would go down. So a 10/10 baby!!!

Gameplay: 10/10
The games strong point. You pick a character and kart then go race (battle, or whatever you picked). As the game goes on, you unlock 4 more characters (you start with 8) to get a grand total of 12! Also, you unlock more karts throughout the game to get a total of 36. Also, though it's really mostly for fun, a new... MISSION MODE!!!

I love the simplicity of the games controls. A to go, B to brake(question: who brakes?), R to start drifting, and L or X to shoot your weapon. That reminds me... the weapon system in the game is one of the best. Usually on other games you can look for weapons for a while. In this game weapons are always in the same place on the track. Drifting was made easier in this game than in double dash. Even though you power slide the same way, it just fells like you have more control of the kart. Along with powersliding, snaking is as easy as ever. Snaking is drifting from one side to another on straight aways, and a good way to get some speed.

Another note:
Snaking is not for everyone! If you have just bought the game, or your not the type who likes drifting, I would like to suggest something to you... DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! (Pun intended). You need a lot of drifting skills to pull of snaking. Also, snaking's not for every course. Some courses are to narrow, short, wavy, etc., to even attempt snaking, unless you've become a master at it. Trust me on this note. It took me quite a while to pick up snaking at first, since I still used to the GBA and the Gamecube controls. It becomes easier over time.

Graphics: 9.75/10
Well, I think that Nintendo used either the full extent of the DS (or at least most of it) and I thank them for that. Sometimes it is confusing to decide or remember that this is a new game. Because of character and course looks, at points you'll think your playing the SNES and the gamecube all at once! The only thing I have on the graphics is the way some characters (like Bowser and DK) look from the front while driving backwards (missions). Their eyes/face kind of scare me... Oh and also, the legs look as though they're integraded into the kart (Waluigi). If it weren't for those things this would be 10/10 all the way!!! Also, the old courses are just as vivid as ever!
(Extra: I like the way you make the emblems. It can specialize you in Wi-fi!)

Sound: 10/10
Yes!!! A game with very good sound, putting the DS to its extent. They added some of the songs along with including some old favorites (Luigis Circuit). Oh, the voices of the characters are just as quirky as ever! (Bowser: Arg Ugh ahhh! Hehehehe! Translate: Im the best character! Hahahaha!)

Replay: 10/10
Once you play the game, it will probably grow on you. Once you beat the game you can still have a blast redoing Grand Prix's, multiplayer with friends, wi-fi, and beating time trials. It's a game type that you would keep in you memories forever.

Final things to say:

(1) If you don't have this game, go to your parents, wife, etc and say LET'S AGO (pun intended)... to the store to get Mario Kart DS! It's a game that you'll never regret buying. In fact, if the only way to get it was to pay $150 to get the DS and the game, I'd buy another DS just for that.

(2) Do you have a good wi-fi spot at your house or nearby? You should. You can have a lot of fun at Hotspots playing wi-fi battles worldwide. The only thing I have a problem with is that if you don't have a good connection there's lots of lag. People will glitch across the screen and at points look as though they're flying (COOOOL!!!).
Besides that... prepare to be amazed at what fun you'll have. I've loved Mario games since I was a little kid, but as it said above it's my new favorite game!!!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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