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Basically, this game is a homage to both the old 2-D Sonic games and the new 3-D Sonic games. It has the "character wheel" system from Sonic Adventure, you start with Sonic, but after you advance enough in the game, you meet Blaze the Cat, a new feminine character from a parrellel dimension created for Sonic Rush. Then, Blaze becomes available to pick on the character wheel. The game plays out like a mix between the Adventure games and Sonic Heroes , because in Blaze's story you acquire the Sol Emeralds (Blaze's dimension's version of the Chaos Emeralds) at set points in the story. Where as with Sonic, the Chaos Emeralds must be found like they were in Sonic Heroes, meaning that you have to get them through special stages that use the touch screen.

You blaze through the levels (pun intended) and at the end of each level you fight a boss. After defeating the boss, you return to the world map.(yes there's a world map) When you beat both characters' stories and get all the Chaos Emeralds with Sonic, you unlock the final boss to fight and truly end the story.
Unlike the Sonic Advance games and Sonic Heroes, Sonic and Blaze go through their levels in different orders. (Sonic Adventure style)

With wonderfully done cel-shaded character models and lush colorful backgrounds, this game definitely stands out in the DS' line of games just for it's graphics alone. 3-D boss models that look like what giant robot things should look like, seem almost Gundam-style.

I, personally, don't care for most of Sonic Rush's music. But almost everyone else I see who's played the game likes it. I just feel it could have been more exciting, climatic (for the final boss) but it all depends on taste.

Replay Value:
Unfortunately, this is where the game falls short. After beating the game, I had very little desire to play it again. You just don't get the same rush(pun not intended) playing through a level for the 20'th time.

Sonic Rush is a stand-out game for the Sonic series and for the DS and platforming games in general. I give it my blessing with a 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/26/05

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