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    Walkthrough by Matthew_Level20

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    Mission 1- misn1
    Mission 2- misn2
    Mission 3- misn3
    Mission 4- misn4
    Mission 5- misn5
    Splicer Island- misnS
    Rep Missions- misnR
    List of All Xizzles- xzzl
    Minigames- mniG
    Unrelated Information- unif
    Credit to:
    Maxis and EA, for the great game.
    Nintendo, for being a great gaming company ever and making this
    game possible with the DS.
    The Instruction Manual, for explaining the basic ideas of this game
    and saving me a lot of typing.
    The legendary Miniopolis...
    Here you're just an unknown janitor...
    ..fighting for the respect of your fellow (rep group name)
    Your urban adventure begins...
    When you first start the game, you will be asked to pick your urbz's appearance
    and answer some questions.  The first question determines your rep group.
    Having the toughest rep=streetie
    Computer Programming Skills=nerdie
    Bustin' Sweet Rhymes=artsie
    Fat sacks of cash money=richie
    You will have to deal with Sims from all groups, so which one you pick is 
    really just a matter of personal taste.
    The remaining questions will determine what your starting xizzles are.  Once 
    again, all the xizzles are useful, so it's really just a matter of personal 
    After this, there will be a short scene with the janitor, and your first
    mission will began!
    MISSION 1 (misn1)
    1-1:  Slave to the Grind
    -Play "Squeegee Clean
    This is a simple goal to accomplish.  If you go to the left from where you 
    begin, you will see a money sign.  This is the sign for jobs.  Go over to that 
    and press "A" for the game to begin!
    The concept is fairly simple:  dodge the droppings and then wipe them up.  
    After your time is up, Kris will come talk to you some more.
    -Befriend Kris Thistle (relationship 30)
    Just talk to her.  Experiment with the conversation options.  You're gonna be 
    doing this a lot throughout the game, so it's a good idea to get used to it.  
    Once you're at relationship 30 with her:
    -Give Kris your Squeegee and Bucket
    Select the Friendly Stuff option at the bottom of the screen, and then the Give
     a Gift option.  Select your Squeegee n' Bucket and give them to her!
    1-2:  Get Cleaned Up
    -Take a Shower
    Find an elevator and go to level 4 of the building:  the penthouse.  There you
     will find a shower.
    -Take a Nap
    Also in the penthouse is a sofa.  You can take a nap there, or go to level 2 
    and sleep on the bed.
    -Eat Something from the Vending Machine
    Yay!  Free food!  Eat as much as you want from the vending machine in the 
    lobby, or floor 1.
    After you're done talk to Kris for your next mission.
    1-3:  Help Kris Thistle
    -Move the bed to the suite
    Go to level 2 and put the green bed in your pocket.  Go to level 4 and move it 
    Out of your pocket and into the room using the "X" button and your stylus.
    -Repair the Television
    Right next to where you found the bed on level 2, you will find a broken 
    television.  Repair it.
    Once you repair the television, an image of Mr. King, the building's former 
    owner, will appear.  Talk to him, and the first steps of Mission S will be 
    -Repair two drinking fountains
    The two fountains that you need to repair are located on level 1 and level 2, 
    both right next to the elevator.  Fix those and you're done with this mission!
    1-4:  Get the Key
    -Earn one mechanical skill point
    Go to the little bench next to the television that you just fixed.  You can use
     that to get a mechanical skill point!
    -Pick the Lock to Lily Gates' Office
    Lily Gates is the blonde in the pink skirt that you've probably seen standing 
    around King Tower.  To get into her office, simply Go to the left of where the
    TV/bench is and you will see a closed door.  Go up to it and select "Pick the 
    Lock" to complete this goal.
    -Find the Key
    The key to Lily Gates' office is located next to the computer on her desk, 
    right by the blue chair.  Go over there and press "A" until you find the key.
    Once you get the key, Daddy Bigbucks and Lily Gates will confront you.  You 
    have a new home now...in the SimCity jail!
    1-5:  Get out of Jail
    -Befriend Detective Dan (relationship 30)
    This is exactly like befriending Kris.  Just talk to him, good luck!
    -Answer Detective Dan's Questions
    This is slightly harder.  For the first question, any of the answers will work.
    For the second question, you must use the second option:  "The janitor told
     me I could stay."  For the third question, you must answer the first option:
    "Real food, I was tired of eating junk."  For the last question, you must use
    the first option:  "No.  He is finding legal ways to make people miserable."
    After you have done these two things, you will be let out on probation. 
    1-6:  Find a Place to Live
    -Play the Hoopz Minigame
    This game is found on the roof of the jail.  Just go to your right and up the 
    stairs.  This is a fun, basic game that will get you a nice sum of money.
    -Earn $150 for Rent and Taxes
    Just keep playing Hoopz.  You can also collect recyclables like cans and trash
    piles off the ground and sell them in the jail.  If you want to complete the
    Artsies' rep mission you should hold on to all your trash piles, though.
    -Buy a House
    If you go up from the jail, you will some to two houses on either side of a 
    pizza place.  The one of the right, the Small Brownstone, costs $150 with $175
    a week in bills.  The one of the left, the Large Brownstone, costs $200 and 
    $195 a week in bills.  There's not much difference between the two houses, so
    buy whichever one you like better.
    Once you're done, talk to Detective Dan. You're moving on to Mission 2!
    Mission 2 (misn2)
    The goals for this mission can be unlocked in any order, with the exception
    of the last one.
    2-1:  Work Study (talk to Sue Pirnova)
    -Befriend Maximillian Moore (relationship 30)
    Not another one of these!!  He's the guy in the lab coat, frequently found
    in the hospital (2 doors down from the Large Brownstone house).  If you 
    can't find it, just use your map (the icon on the farthest left side of 
    the bottom screen).
    -Give the Artemisia Plant to Max
    Go to the top left of the area.  There you'll see a dumpster with blue
    paint on it.  The plant is in the grassy area in front of that.  Walk
    around there until you see the yellow arrow, and then pick up the plant.  
    Run back to the hospital and give it to him, and you're done with this
    -Write a Doctoral Thesis
    This one is tricky.  Talk to Berkeley Clodd, and he'll sell you a bootleg
    thesis.  The doctor will not accept this.  I think you have to buy it to
    advance in the game, but you can always try to avoid it.  Once you have or
    haven't done that, go to the newspaper office (the farthest left you can
    go in this area, right next to the orange barriers).  Use one of the 
    computers to write your thesis.  If the option doesn’t come up, get to 
    relationship 30 with Lincoln Broadsheet (the guy with red hair in the 
    2-2:  Gotta Finish the Riff (talk to Phoebe Twiddle)
    -Befriend "Cannonball" Coleman (relationship 30)
    See that guy walking around, playing a saxophone?  If he's on the same screen
    as you you'll be able to hear him so he's pretty easy to find.  Just talk to 
    him like you talked to Kris and Dan earlier.
    -Give Saxophone Reed to "Cannonball" Coleman
    You can get this from the thrift shop (the store on the far left side of the 
    screen) for $50.
    -Earn Creativity 1
    Near the barrier in the top left side of the area, there's a dumpster with a
    blue face graphitized on it.  Go over to that and "Critique Graffiti" until 
    you get a skill point.  If you've opened the university, you can go there
    -Finish "Cannonball's" Song
    Talk to Coleman and finish his lyrics.  I don't know if it matters which one
    you choose, but it's not very hard to rhyme the words.
    2-3:  Race for Glory (talk to Dusty Hogg)
    -Give Dusty $500 for renovations
    Just save up the money and talk to him. There's no easy way around this one.
    -Talk to Ewan Watahmee
    This is the guy in the white tank top with the long black hair.  He'll have
    a little exclamation mark bubble above his head, which should make him easy to 
    -Bring Ewan Lunch for 3 Days (12-1 PM)
    Between 12 and 1, Ewan will be in the racing garage (the little place directly
    south of the thrift store).  You can buy him a corndog or soda from the pizza
    place for a very low price.  Note that you do not have to bring him lunch for
    three days in a row, just three days total.
    2-4:  Salesmanship (talk to Berkeley Clodd)
    -Attend an Auction between 5 PM and 7 PM
    Go to the thrift store between those two times.
    -Acquire the Shrunken Head
    Bid on the head during an auction.  Win the auction.
    -Give the Shrunken Head to Berkeley
    He can be hard to find, but around noon he's outside the thrift store.  Once
    you finish this mission, you'll get the Gravboard.  This makes it MUCH easier
    to get around the city.
    2-5:  Club Xizzle (talk to Lottie Cash)
    -Take Crystal out on the Town
    Take Crystal to the pizza place.  She can usually be found near the jail.
    -Buy Crystal pizza
    It's a good idea to buy the pizza beforehand!  If someone is standing in front
    of the pizza counter, you may have to redo the mission!  Once you have the
    pizza, just give it to her.
    -Play a game
    See the DDR type thing in the pizza place, near the stage?  Go dance on that
    and she'll join you.  Be sure to stop once she stops, or she'll get bored!
    -Go shopping
    Go to the Thrift Store.  Be sure to get to this part before 9 PM, when it
    -Buy Crystal Something
    It's good to do this beforehand too.  You need to get her something from
    the vendor outside the pizza place.  Do not buy her something from the
    thrift shop!  If you do you will have to redo this scenario!
    Once you're done, you can finally get into Club Xizzle!  The password is can 
    be found after the xizzles section of this walkthrough.
    2-6:  Road to Sim Quarter (talk to Gramma Hattie)
    -Make 3 Friends
    You need to get three people to a relationship of at least 50.  It's a
    good idea to use the people you already talked to for other missions.
    -Raise $500 for the Cause
    You just need to get the money.
    -Earn 2 Promotions in Local Jobs
    This means you need to get 2 promotions total out of the comedian game
    (in the pizza place) or out of Hoopz.  Any combination will work.
    Once you've done this, you'll be able to get into Sim Quarter, the next 
    area!  Good job!
    Mission 3 (misn3)
    3-1:  Mission for the Mann (talk to Dan D. Mann)
    -Play Moogoo Monkey
    This is the minigame found in the riverboat.  You can reach the boat by
    following the dock near the entrance to Sim Quarter.  Go inside and you
    will see the mingame sign.
    -Follow the Directions on the Bulletin Board
    Go to the bulletin board in the newspaper office and examine it. Obey 
    the instructions, and go to the shrubbery outside the museum (next to 
    where Luthor usually stands).  You will find another note, and your next
    clue.  The next part cannot be completed until you have finished 3-3 and
    opened up the next part of the graveyard.  Once you have done so, look 
    behind the gravestone farthest to the left.  Now go find Berkeley
    Clodd and give him the note.  He will give you a briefcase.
    -Give the "Mysterious Briefcase" to Det. Dan
    Take the briefcase and give it to your favorite (and only) sim detective.
    -Give the "Rigged Briefcase" to Giuseppi
    Give him the new briefcase!  You're all done with this 
    3-2:  Daddy BigBucks and the Xizzle Factory (talk to Lily Gates)
    -Earn Creativity 5
    If you haven't already, you can get two creativity points from the 
    graffiti in Urbania (the area you started in).  After those, you're going
    to have to go to the university and pay for your skill points.
    -Convince Ewan to Fix the Factory (relationship 50)
    Talk to him some more.  Have fun!
    -Challenge and Beat Dusty Hogg (6-7 pm)
    This is pretty hard.  You just need to save money, upgrade your bike, and
    practice, practice, practice!  Once you beat him you'll get a motorcycle,
    which will make getting around Sim City much easier!
    -Convince Polly to  Help at the Factory (relationship 50)
    This is the leader of the Nerdies.  She can be found at the university in 
    the mornings and in Sim Quarter later in the day.
    Once you beat this mission, you'll have access to more xizzles at Club
    Xizzle.  Some of these are very useful!
    3-3:  None Shall Pass (talk to Gramma Hattie)
    -Earn Body 5 or Charisma 5
    There's a weight in the jail to give you body points, and a mirror in the
    thrift shop for charisma.  Take your pick.
    -Meet at the Cemetery between 11PM and 12AM
    The cemetery is pretty easy to find.  Just go down the stairs on the right
    side of Sim Quarter, and you're there!
    -Guard the Cemetery for 4 Hours
    This can be tricky.  Here is a list of people that show up and your 
    responses to them.  I wrote down the ones that I used, but there are
    some occasions where another one will work.
    1.  Daddy Bigbucks
    DB:  (Sims name)?  I must admit I'm rather surprised to find you running 
    around here.  After I had you arrested I assumed you'd be living out the rest 
    of your days behind bars.
    You:  Anything will work.
    DB:  For the time being a suppose.
    You:  Anything will work.
    DB:  ....I have come to eavesdrop on a little meeting I hear is taking 
    place down here.  I suspect Gramma Hattie is up to no good.
    You:  Either one.
    DB:  .....(un-important)
    You:  Only one option here.
    Just do the default options and he's gone.  The next one is where it gets
    2.  Lily Gates
    LG:  Good evening, _______.  I was wondering if I could have a few words 
    with you?
    You:  How many is a few?
    LG:  Just a handful, I promise.  You don't mind answering a few 
    You:  Fine.  Ask whatever you like.
    LG:  Something about Gramma Hattie.
    You:  Yes!  Abandon all hope, ye who enter here!
    LG:  I see...Unfortunately if that's true, you are breaking the law.  
    Miniopolis.....Do you have such a license?
    You:  But code 23.48b makes exceptions for one-time jobs.
    LG:  It does?....all citizens at all times.
    You:  But the graveyard is PRIVATELY owned by the people buried
    LG:  IT is?....a uniform at all times.
    You:  But I am wearing a uniform.  This is the new style.
    LG:  That's a uniform?....I guess.
    Keep in mind that if you do 5 charisma points, Lily comes, and if you
    do 5 body points, Darius comes.  I find Lily much harder to argue
    with, so I put her conversation here.  The conversation with Darius
    is much shorter.
    Once you beat this mission, you can complete 3-1.
    Once you beat this mission, the remained of the graveyard will be unlocked,
    allowing you to complete mission 3-1.
    3-4:  Get on the "List" (talk to Cannonball)
    -Earn REP 2 with your Group
    You can do this by talking to your rep group leader, or getting relationship
    50 with someone in your group.  The leaders and people in the groups are:
    Streeties:  Darius;  Crystal, Ewan, Kris Thistle
    Nerdies:  Polly Nominal;  Sue Pirnova, Maximillian Moore, Lincoln Broadsheet
    Richies:  Luthor L. Bigbucks;  Lily Gates, Misty Waters, Lottie Cash
    Artsies:  Roxanna Moxie;  Theresa Bullhorn, Pritchard Locksley, Cannonball
    -Take Tickets:  2-5AM (Club Zydeco)
    Club Zydeco is in the northern part of Sim Quarter.  It has a big saxophone
    on the front, so it's pretty hard to miss.  You will have to keep Sims from
    one rep group out of the club, depending on which group you belong to.  Here
    is a list of each group:
    Streeties:  Darius;  Crystal, Ewan, Kris Thistle
    Nerdies:  Polly Nominal;  Sue Pirnova, Maximillian Moore, Lincoln Broadsheet
    Richies:  Luthor L. Bigbucks;  Lily Gates, Misty Waters, Lottie Cash
    Artsies:  Roxanna Moxie;  Theresa Bullhorn, Pritchard Locksley, Cannonball
    If you're successful, then you'll get the Golden Fiddle (if you get it, be 
    sure not to sell it).  You want this item, so be very careful!
    3-5:  High Society (talk to Luthor)
    -Find a Curator
    Talk to Roxanna Moxie.  She’s usually near the outside the museum.
    -Purchase one Museum Exhibit
    You need to go into the museum and buy something.  Start saving your money..
    -Give $300 to Roxanna for travel expenses
    More money spending.  Oh joy.
    3-6:  The ballad of Pepper Pete (talk to Mambo Loa)
    -Find a Sailor's Coat
    Go to the thrift store and talk to Phoebe Twiddle.  She'll tell you to 
    look on the rack of coats on the left side of the store.  Do so.
    -Find a Fake Beard
    Talk to Pritchard Locksley.  He'll give you one...for $300...
    -Find a Sailor's Cap
    Go to the Internet Cafe (near the graveyard).  Buy it by going shopping
    Before you do the next step, I recommend putting the Gold Fiddle in
    your pockets if you still have it!
    -Give Costume Items to Mambo Loa
    Once you have all of this in your inventory, go find her.  She's usually
    in her store (next to the museum), or in the Red Lobster restaurant, which
    is next to her store.  Surprise!  You've just aged about 30 years and, if
    your sim is female, gotten a sex change!
    -Talk to Olde Salty
    Once you're dressed, go over to the riverboat and talk to your "younger
    brother".  A scene will unfold.
    Mission 4 (misn4)
    4-1:  The Greatest Fear
    -Prove to Clem you Aren't a Vampire (relationship 30)
    If you answer his questions right, you won't have to do this.  But if you
    make a mistake, you'll have to wait several days until he'll talk to you
    again.  Here are the correct answers to the questions:
    1.  What's your favorite food?
    Answer:  Garlic Ice Cream
    2.  What do you like to do on a nice sunny day?
    Answer:  Sun Bathe on the beach
    3.  If you could have one eccentric pet, what would it be?
    Answer:  A gnat
    After you talk to Clem, I recommend exploring the Bayou yourself.  It is 
    difficult to give accurate instructions for navigating it, and it's a fun
    place to explore.
    -Find the "Dark Tree"
    Leave the house to the right, and you will see a plant-monster.  You should
    try and avoid these, but if one catches you, press B repeatedly to get away.
    Continue to go to the right, until you can go no further.  Then go down and
    continue right.  Continue right.  After you reach the edge of the screen, 
    you should be near a large stump.  Remember this place for later.  Go up, 
    and into the cave entrance that you see.  This is the Dark Tree.  Do not
    go further than the entrance of Dark Tree, as there is a giant Daddy
    Bigbucks that will knock you out.
    -Find a Light
    Now you need a light.  Go almost back to the house, but not all the way. 
    Don't cross the last bridge to the house, and you should be on a screen
    with a rock wall at the top.  Go up to that and around to the right.  There
    should be a light stick guarded by a plant-monster.  Get caught by the 
    monster, then press B to get away.  Take the light and you're ready to 
    confront the big Daddy Bigbucks!
    -Capture the Albino Alligator
    Go back into the Dark Tree and go inside.  When the big Daddy Bigbucks
    appears, you will automatically use the light to deflect him.  Proceed
    to the back of the cave and talk to the alligator.  You will get a piece
    of the trinket that belonged to Bayou Boo and Crawdad Clem's mother.
    4-2:  Fiddle with the Red Man
    -Meet at the Hickory Stump at Midnight
    Remember that big stump outside the Dark Tree?  Go there.  You will 
    see the red man sitting on the stump.
    -Fiddle the Red Man
    Yay!  A new minigame!  This one is fairly straight forward:  press
    the right buttons, get money.  If you have the Golden Fiddle with you,
    you'll get extra simleons with each right button.
    Yahoo!  Another piece of the trinket...
    4-3:  Bye Bye Bayou
    -Convince Clem to Show You Out
    Show the trinket to Clem and he will tell you to go meet Boo.  He's 
    usually at the house, or right outside it.
    -Meet Boo at the Mausoleum Entrance
    Go as far down as you can, and you'll meet Boo.
    -Traverse the Mausoleum
    Just walk through the building, and you'll appear in Glasstown.
    It's finally open!  But there's some new laws in effect..
    4-4: Running from the Law (talk to Gramma Hattie)
    Running is now outlawed.  Thank goodness for the gravboard while
    you try to beat this mission...
    -Find Someone to Write a Letter
    Go to jail.  Go directly to jail.  Do not pass hoopz.  Do not 
    collect simleons.  It's in your best interest really, because 
    jail is where Gramma Hattie is, and she’s your letter writer!
    -Find a Messenger to Paradise Island
    Remember that guy in the university?  Sits in a desk, asleep, 
    never says anything?  Go talk to him.  He's your messenger.
    -Gain Popularity 30
    ...But of course there's a catch.  You didn't think this would be 
    easy, did you?  Gordie won't deliver the letter unless you're 
    popular.  So go talk to people.  The easiest way to do this 
    mission is to get  100 relationship with as many people as possible.
    -Find a Map to Paradise Island
    Go to the very top floor of the riverboat.  There will be a blue
    thing that looks like a bag of potato chips in the right corner
    of the room.  Pick that up.
    -Bring the Map to Gordie
    Go give him the map, and you're done.
    4-5:  Carnivale! (talk to Roxanna Moxie)
    -Capture the Dancing Nutria
    Get on your boat and ride on!  To get to the boat, go down and to
    the right from King Tower until you see a stairway.  Go down it and 
    you'll see the boat.  It's very hard to control, so it might take 
    some time for you to get good at it.  From the dock, go right, and
    then down until you see some trees.  Stick next to those trees and 
    go more down.  Go right to another island, and keep going down.
    You will find yourself sandwiched between two islands.  The left
    one is the one with the dancing nutrias.  They're the little rodents
    hopping around.  Just go pick one up, and ride back to the dock.
    If you can't find it with those instructions, then just ride 
    around the main water area until you see an island with rodents 
    dancing on it.  Those are the nutrias.
    -Give the Dancing Nutria to Roxie
    Just give it to her.  No explanation needed.
    -Give $5000 to Roxanna
    Why do all these people want money!?!?!
    -Find a tightrope walker
    Talk to Misty.  She of course wants something in exchange.
    -Find Misty Waters a date
    Talk to Luthor L. Bigbucks.  He's more than willing to date her...
    but who wouldn't be?  After you talk to him, go talk to her and 
    she'll agree to the job.
    4-6:  The Bigbucks Players (talk to Theresa Bullhorn)
    -Gain Popularity 40
    Talk to more people.  Good luck.
    -Convince Dusty Hogg to Perform (relationship 50)
    More talking.  Yipee!
    -Convince Sue Pirnova to Perform (relationship 50)
    And even more talking.
    -Decorate the Stage
    You need five items for this.  They must be decorative items.
    Potted plants and items that people give you when they visit
    your house work well.  You can also paint two pictures by 
    paying the Street Artist in Sim Quarter $100 for each.  There
    are many different ways to do this mission.
    -Attend the Play
    Go to the theater, and watch Bigbucks get angry.
    Mission 5 (misn5)
    Congratulations!  This is the last mission of the game...
    5-1:  Reality Show (talk to Rep Group leader)
    -Travel to Paradise Island
    Get in your boat in Glasstown and go right.  Turn and go up as soon as you can.
    Ignore the smaller island, and go to the top of the screen.  
    You'll see people gathered around, waiting for the show to begin. 
    Talk to Pritchard to get your instructions.  It's coconut hunting
    time!  I recommend that you save before you talk to him though.
    -Play the Trivia Contest
    This requires you to get Trivia Coconuts and answer questions.
    The coconut locations and question answers are:
    Location: The palm tree on the far left side of the screen.
    Answer: Red
    Location:  Palm tree on the upper left side of the screen.
    Answer:  Urbania
    Location:  Palm tree at the center top of the screen.
    Answer:  Dusty Hogg
    Location:  Palm tree on the far right side of the screen, in 
    the middle.
    Answer:  At the carnival
    -Insult the other contestants
    To win this part, you must anger all the other contestants enough
    that they will refuse to talk to you.  Use rude gesture, tease, 
    call name, intimidate, and insult.  If you can get all of them to
    refuse to talk to you, you will win the contest and $10,000!
    If you're having a problem with your motives going down, try 
    bringing something with you.  Empty your pockets as much as you 
    can before you leave.  When I did this mission, I brought 3 cups
    of coffee and a pizza.  The coffee will fix your energy and your 
    bladder.  There is a shower on the smaller island for hygiene.  The
    pizza will fix hunger.  Make sure to save your game before you leave
    for the island, so that you can try this one multiple times.  The
    $18,000 that you can get is a lifesaver!
    5-2:  Back to the Drawing Board (talk to Luthor)
    The plot thickens!
    -Convince Polly to Talk (relationship 70)
    Yipee!  Even more talking.  Polly can usually be found in the
    university in the mornings.
    -Find the Secret Lab
    Between 3 and 4 AM, you must go into the Executive Office in
    King Tower.  Go over to the bookcase on the upper right side
    of the room and press A.  A secret stairway will open up.
    -Find the Correct Document (logic 6)
    Before your break-in extravaganza, you should really check your
    logic points.  It would be a shame to have to break in all over
    Anyways, once you're inside, go over to the table and pick up
    the papers.  You should also check your pockets before you leave,
    just to make sure that you have space.
    -Return the Blueprints to Luthor
    Give them to him, and this mission is over.
    5-3:  Interview with a Cajun Vampire (talk to Crawdad Clem)
    If you can't find Clem, go to the bayou house and sleep until
    about 7 in the evening.  He usually shows up around then.
    -Find Bayou Boo
    Go into the Mausoleum.  Just walk through it, and you'll see 
    him chained to a wall.
    -Free Bayou Boo (mechanical 7)
    Once you have your skill points, go to the chains and unlock
    them.  The place you need to unlock from is a little to the 
    left of where Boo's chained.
    -Find a cure for Vampirism
    For this one, talk to Mambo Loa.  She'll tell you how to make
    the Giant Chocolate Bunny, which will cure Boo.  Get a mixer and
    three pieces of chocolate.  Mix them together and bake it in an 
    oven.  If your cooking skill is not high enough, then this will
    not work.
    -Feed Boo Chocolate
    Once you have the chocolate, feed it to Boo and he will be cured.
    5-4:  Captured
    To start this mission, go to the upper right corner of the circus.
    The cheat ninja will be standing there, and will capture you.
    -Befriend Harlan King (Relationship 30)
    More talking.
    -Escape the Cell
    You don't have to do anything.  Just sit back, relax, read the 
    conversation, and you're free to go.
    5-5:  Atlantis Premiere Party (talk to Crystal if you're a guy,
    Maximillian Moore if you're a girl)
    This is arguably the hardest mission in the game.  Prepare 
    -Find a premiere ticket
    Talk to Lily Gates.  She'll agree to give you a ticket if you 
    meet certain conditions.
    -Impress Lily (relationship 70, popularity 60)
    This is the hard part.  All I can say is talk, talk, talk!  
    You'll need to work hard to beat this one.  Try and keep 
    people at 100 relationship as much as possible, because a few
    points can give you the popularity that you need.
    Try going to Club Xizzle at different times of the day.  If you
    keep that up, you'll get to popularity 60 pretty quickly.
    -Dress in all Black
    If you have a dresser, use that.  If you don't, you can use the
    clothing racks in the thrift shop.  After you're dressed, go talk
    to your date and you'll find out what to do next.
    -Attend the Premiere
    Go to the theater at 8 PM or after once you're all dressed up.  You'll
    meet your date, and a scene will unfold...
    5-6:  Back in Time (talk to Harlan King)
    This mission will start automatically after the Movie Scene.
    -Find an Inventor
    Talk to Sue Pirnova.
    -Give Sue 10 Nuclear Fuel Rods
    This can be hard.  You can find these rods on the Moon Base, 
    the Bayou, and sometimes in the graveyard.  Just look around until
    you find enough!
    -Find a Contractor
    Talk to Ewan.  He can usually be found in the Chopper Garage or
    near the jail in Urbania.  Unfortunately, he'll want 10,000
    -Find the Correct Date
    Talk to Giuseppi.  He'll tell you what date to go to.
    -Use the Time Machine from the Highest Point
    When you go to the roof of King Tower, you'll notice that the
    rocket is gone.  Put the Time Machine there, and go to the date
    that Giuseppi gave you.
    When you get there, you'll find a living breathing...
    Yup, he's alive.  He'll take Daddy Bigbuck's flag and move it 
    where it belongs:  away from Sim City.
    Congratulations!  You saved the day, and the city is yours!
    Mission S (misnS)
    This is the mission that you unlocked at the beginning of the
    game when you fixed the television.  You can work on this 
    mission throughout the game, but I recommend waiting until the
    end when you'll have more time.
    5-1:  You're my Only Hope!
    -Find the Plans to Splicer Isle
    These are in the dumpster outside the university.  Just go up
    to it and press A.
    -Uncover Details of Splicer Isle
    For this, you need to give Mokey food.  You can buy him a
    soda from the pizza place for 7 simleons.  After you give that 
    to him just sit back and listen (or read).
    -Talk to Sharona Faster
    Look for her on the dock in Sim Quarter.  Talk to her and
    she'll tell you about her old Water Taxi business.
    -Give Sharona $500 for the Water Taxi
    Come on, don't be a penny-pincher.  This is nothing compared
    to the $10,000 Ewan asked for earlier!
    5-2:  Land Ho! (talk to Futo)
    -Give plans to Futo Maki
    See the fat guy on Splicer Isle?  Give him the plans.
    -Pick the Lock on the Gate (mechanical 4)
    Fairly straight forward...
    -Donate $5000 to Start Construction
    Why can't they go back to asking for $500??
    -Find some helpers
    This is an odd mission.  See all those monkeys running
    around?  I think you have to get to relationship 50, but it 
    might be 75.  Try 50, and if that doesn't work play with them
    some more.
    After you're done, talk to Futo.  It's gonna be a while before
    you can go back there, so do some jobs or work on the rep 
    missions.  The last time I played through it took 13 days.  
    When the island is complete, a message from Futo will pop up
    telling you to come by.
    5-3:  The Boys are Back in Town (talk to Futo)
    After many days, the island will be open for business!  But 
    you need a staff...
    -Find a Smoothie Operator
    Go into the riverboat.  You should see a guy named Jack I. Deal.
    Get to relationship 40 with him and then offer him the job of 
    Smoothie Operator.  He'll take it:  1 down and 2 to go.
    -Find an Entertainment Manager
    Go to the lobster restaurant.  Talk to Busta Cruz (the guy in
    the bathroom).  Get to relationship 40 with him and then offer
    him the job of Entertainment Manager.  He'll take it:  only one
    more to go!
    -Find the Long Lost Dr. Mauricio Keys
    Go talk to Mokey in his park in Urbania.  Get 40 relationship with him.  
    He'll ask for a shower, so go meet him at the jail.
    -Get Mokey a Shower
    After talking to Mokey, go to the jail.  He'll take a shower and
    be transformed:  into a genetic scientist!
    5-4:  It's Alive! (talk to Mokey.  He's in the building on the
    rightmost side of Splicer Island, outside the gate)
    -Find some amber
    You've probably seen this stuff lying around throughout the game.
    It's not very hard to find, but if you don't have any you can get
    it in front of the university.
    -Create a pet
    Go to the building on the far right side of Splicer Isle, outside
    the gates.  This is where you make pets.  Go to the lower floor 
    and walk over to the dollar sign.
    Pet making is divided into two parts.  In the first part, you trace 
    the line on your touch screen.  On the second part, you try and 
    pop bubbles with your stylus on the touch screen.  Try to hit the
    bubbles closest to the bottom of the screen first, so as not to
    let any go by.  What kind of pet you get depends on how you do in 
    these minigames.
    5-5:  Dog and Dinosaur Show? (talk to Busta Cruz)
    -Convince 3 People to Compete in the Pet Show
    Talk to Gary Geezer, Cynthia Braintrust, and Maximillian Moore.
    Those are your three contestants.
    Gary is usually near the stairway to the dock in Glasstown, outside
    the Thrift Shop in Urbania, or near the docks in Sim Quarter.
    Cynthia is usually in the basement of the pet-creating building.
    Maximillian Moore is usually in or outside the hospital.
    -Train a Pet for the Show (relationship 50)
    Go talk to your pet until your relationship is high enough.  Then
    it's show time!
    -Win a Pet Show
    The Pet Show game is fairly simple.  Trick cards give you points.
    Red cards make it so that other pets cannot perform tricks.  Green
    cards heal your pet from the effects of red cards.  First person to
    100 points wins.  If you loose, you can just do it again:  you can 
    compete in a pet show an infinite number of times per day, but keep
    in mind that time will go by.
    After the pet show, go pick up the flag from outside the gates.  
    You'll need it later.
    5-6:  Winky Weebucks
    -Investigate the Lab
    Go into the building where you created your pet, and go to the 
    bottom floor.  watch the scene unfold.
    -Find Winky Weebucks
    You're now your pet!  Go up to the top floor of the Riverboat and
    talk to the parrot.  He will only say "Squawk", but then Olde Salty
    will appear in the door.  Talk to him.
    -Find Someone to Stop Winky Weebucks
    After you've talked to Olde Salty, cross the room and talk to the
    -Give a Sail to the Parrot
    Remember that flag you picked up earlier?  Give it to the parrot.
    -Distract Winky Weebucks
    Apparently being able to talk to genetically created animals runs in
    Olde Salty's family.  Go to the circus, and you will meet Pepper Pete.  
    He'll tell you to distract the miniscule menace while he prepares a trap.
    Now you must make your way through the maze.  I recommend saving before
    doing this, as taking the wrong route can freeze your game.
    Go into the little cubical furthest to the left.  Continue until you're
    between the second and third vertical bars.  Then go to your right over
    two and then just go up through the bars.  You'll come into the clearing
    and confront Winky Weebucks.
    Once you've done that, congratulations!  You saved the day again (well
    technically your pet did)!
    Rep Missions (misnR)
    -Seriously annoy Daddy Bigbuckss (relationship -50)
    This works best once you've finished the game.  Go to the nutria island
    or paradise island (the one with the woman selling beds and stuff).
    You'll have to do this a number of times, as eventually he'll tell
    you to go away and won't talk anymore.
    -Convince someone to join the Streeties
    For this goal, get relationship 50 with Ewan Watahmee.
    -Get the highest promotion in Basketball
    Work work work.  That's all you can do.
    -Get best promotion in Dr. Max Stat minigame
    Keep trying.  I find this game easier if I turn the sound off.
    -create a petrified wood chess piece
    This will take you a while.  You can get petrified wood from Paradise
    Island or from the tunnel in the jail (get 100 relationship with Dan
    D. Mann).
    -sell 15 giant bog frogs to the deputy
    Look for these in the bayou.  They'll show up occasionally in Glasstown
    and the Graveyard, but not very often
    -get best promotion in comedy club minigame
    This is a pretty easy game.  Dodge tomatoes, grab flowers.  If your 
    charisma needs a boost, there's a mirror in the thrift shop.
    -bake a strawberry tiramisu
    The cheat ninja sells a piece of paper with the recipe on it.  But 
    just in case you don't want to hunt her down, it's:
    1 Strawberry
    1 Vanilla
    1 flour
    -clean up the city!  Recycle 100 piles of trash
    Don't sell your trash if you want to beat this one.  Just make rounds
    of Urbania each morning and night and you'll have 100 piles in no
    -get best promotion in Moogoo Monkey
    I had trouble with this one.  If you're having trouble with a minigame,
    you can save you game right in front of it and just restart if you
    -own $30,000 of items
    Shopping spree time!!!  If you're having trouble getting money, then 
    try devoting a few sim-days to just going from job to job.  Your money
    will grow quickly!
    -have $10000 in cash
    Pretty basic.  Time for work.
    Xizzle List! (xzzl):
    Xizzle beads can be found throughout the Sims world or can be won by getting a 
    relationship of at least positive 75 with any Sim.  You can only get xizzle  
    beads from each sim once.  Once you have your xizzle beads, you can purchase 
    xizzles at Club Xizzle.  Each xizzle costs 3 beads.
    Sweet Smell:  Hygiene erosion slows 30%
    Inzombiac:  Sleep erosion slows 30%
    Little Piddly Diddle:  Bladder erosion slows 30%
    Chillin' Like a Villain:  All motives decrease 10% less
    Mantis Rapture:  Fun erosion slows 30%
    Eager Eager Hippo:  Hunger erosion slows 30%
    Play it Off:  Comfort erosion slows 30%
    Genial Behavior:  Reduce chance of passing out by 75%
    Night Owl:  Energy erosion slows 50% at night
    Nemesis:  Everyone's relationship goes up +6, one person drops to -100
    All Up Ons:  Opposite sex reacts at +1 relationship
    G'd Up:  Reduces social degradation by +1
    Jibba Jabba:  New conversation option
    Sell Out:  10,000 simleons
    Livin' Large:  Earn 20% more at all minigames
    Off the Grid:  All bills 75% cheaper
    Sale Siren:  Get 20% off all store items
    Quick as a Flash:  Increases running speed by 10%
    Skater Dude:  Increase speed by 10% on Gravboard
    Nerd Level 5:  One free point in each skill
    Street Signs:  
    Any rep group member reacts +1 social (Streeties' special xizzle)
    Spell Champ:
    Unlocks the Spelling Bee minigame (Nerdies' special xizzle)
    Djinn Genius:
    Unlocks the Genie's Lamp (Artsies' special xizzle)
    Gratis Baby:  
    Richie Trust Fund pays $400 monthly stipend (Richies' special xizzle)
    The Password to Club Xizzle is:  
    Minigames (mniG)
    Squeegee Clean:
    Location-Glasstown, roof of King Tower
    Gameplay-dodge the bird droppings and press “A” to squeegee them up.  If you
    get hit, run to one of the buckets to clean yourself off.
    Hours-5 AM to 7 PM
    Location-Urbania, on top of the jail
    Gameplay-press A as the ball goes through the hoop.  Try and line up the 
    vertical and horizontal lines to get simleons.
    Hours-5 AM to 5 PM
    Doctor Max Stat!:
    Location-Urbania, the hospital
    Gameplay-press the icons on the touch screen in the correct pattern to get 
    Hours-6 AM to 11 PM
    Comic Explosion:
    Location-Urbania, pizza place
    Gameplay-dodge the tomatoes and collect the flowers, while telling jokes by
    standing in front of the microphone
    Hours-6PM to 2 AM
    Motocross Mayhem:
    Location-Urbania, motorcycle garage
    Gameplay-win the race to get the most simleons
    Hours-9AM to 6PM
    Moogoo Monkey:
    Location-Sim Quarter, riverboat
    Gameplay-use the touch screen to play this card game:  bet on monkeys and try
    to prevent the ones you bet on from being eliminated.  The monkey with the 
    lowest number under it is eliminated once all monkeys have numbers under them
    Hours-4PM to 2AM
    Soul Music:
    Location-Bayou, the big stump on the far right side of the Bayou
    Gameplay-press the arrows and A key in imitation of the red man for simleons
    Hours-12AM to 8AM
    Sushi Sensei:
    Location-Splicer Island, the sushi place
    Gameplay-slice the right kind of sushi using the touch screen to get simleons
    Hours-11AM to 10PM
    Spelling Bee:
    Location-Glasstown, Rep Group Clubhouse
    Unlock-get the Nerdies’ special xizzle to unlock this minigame
    Gameplay-select “correct” or “incorrect” depending on whether a word
    is spelled correctly or incorrectly.
    PETGAME 1:
    Location-Splicer Island
    Gameplay:  Trace the lines on your touch screen, trying to turn as much of 
    it green as possible.  You get points based upon how well you trace.
    PETGAME 2:
    Location-Splicer Island
    Gameplay:  Pop the bubbles by tapping them with your stylus.  Try not to 
    shrink them or let any get by you.
    Unrelated Information (unif)
    If I have missed anything in this guide that you think needs to be included, 
    or if you find extreme grammar errors that you believe need to be corrected,
    please e-mail me at lairdsheep@yahoo.com.  I will of course give you credit
    for any additions and/or corrections.
    Copyright 2005 Emma Vance
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    private use. The only websites that may use it are:
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