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    FAQ/Walkthrough by GlowingSword

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    Trauma Center: Under The Knife - Atlus
    Copyright 2005 Alex You (GameFAQs)
    v 0.99
    Table of Contents:
    A. The Game: What is it? [tcq]
    B. The Menu              [tcm]
    C. General Controls      [tcc]
    D. Game Walkthrough      [tgw]
    E. Credits               [tcs]
    F. Updates/Contributions [tcu]
    G. Copyright             [tgc]
    -The Game: What is it?-
    Trauma Center: Under the Knife is a game based off surgery. It shares some
    similarities with the Operation! game.
    The story goes like this: Basically, you (Derek Stiles) are a surgeon at
    Hope Hospital in Los Angeles, California. You perform surgery on people,
    people thank you for saving their lives, blahblahblah.
    During the operations, you will have ten different tools (well, 11
    technically, but I'm not gonna get into that) at your disposal.
    There are several things you should watch out for during the operation:
    Vitals (located in a heart on the top-left of the touch screen)- Basically,
    the health of the person that you are operating on. If they reach zero, game
    over, man! Game over! Vitals will normally drop down during most
    times of operation. Vitals will drop faster if you leave disease-ridden
    parts on the patient/patient's organs, leave things bleeding, cutting with
    the scapel unnecessarily, etc.
    Time Limit- A time limit. When this time limit runs out, most of the time
    the operation will end and you will get the "Game Over" screen. Some levels
    do not have a time limit, but rather have you focusing on certain other
    Miss Limit- A limit to how many mistakes you can make. Mistakes are
    basically if you misplace something or if you draw a line wrong. I find it
    odd, though, that scalpelling a yellow dot incorrectly will net you a miss,
    but scalpelling over the rest of the patient's body will just reduce their
    vitals. O_o
    At the end of your operation, you will get graded on your technique during
    the operation. The three categories are:
    Time Bonus: How much time you have left after the operation. The standard
    time limit for most missions is about 5 minutes.
    Vital Bonus: How many vitals you have left at the end, and how well you
    managed their vitals. For instance, keeping a guy at 25 vitals all the time
    better than having him drop to 1-5 and then at the end, restoring them back
    up to, say, 50.
    Special Bonus: This includes many parts of an operation that will be
    specific to that operation. However, If I'm right, miss limits also count
    in this area.
    -The Menu-
    Trauma Center's menu is composed of three options:
    |New Game| Start a new game. You will have three save slots to choose from.
    |Load Game| Continue a previous game from one of three slots.
    |Challenge| Replay any operation that you have successfully completed. You
    can earn better grades in this section if you wish.
    -General Controls-
    +: Select an Option
    A: Confirm
    B: Go back (if applicable)
    X: None
    Y: None
    L: None
    R: None
    Start: None
    Select: None
    Touch Screen: Select and Confirm
    Ingame (before and after operations)-
    +: None
    A: Next
    B: None
    X: None
    Y: None
    L: None
    R: None
    Start: None
    Select: Skip through all text
    Touch Screen: Next
    +: None
    A: Next (text)
    B: None
    X: None
    Y: None
    L: None
    R: None
    Start: Pause
    Select: Skip through all text
    Touch Screen:
    OK, this is the meat of the game. On the touch screen, you have ten different
    tools to choose from:
    Laser- Used for burning off certain things. Can cause damage to vitals if
    used incorrectly for too long.
    Antibiotic Gel- Used for healing small wounds, stopping bleeding, settling
    membranes in, and to restore ample amounts of vitals.
    Drain- Used to suck certain liquids/small solids up.
    Forceps- Used to remove foreign objects from a patient or to insert
    something onto the patient. If you are taking something out, a tray will
    appear on the bottom-right. If you are inserting something, a tray with the
    necessary item will appear on the bottom-left.
    Hand- Used for rubbing in membranes and reviving a heart. Perhaps one of
    the least used tools in the game.
    [slight spoiler]
    Healing Touch (tap the Hand icon 2x after learning it)- Use it to draw an
    imaginary star after you learn it. After you draw it, time will slow down
    for a period of time based on how well you drew the star. You can only use
    this once a mission.
    [end slight spoiler]
    Scanner- Sends out ultrasound waves to find objects such as tumors
    underneath the surface of an organ.
    Magnifier (will be in place of scanner when necessary)- Magnifies certain
    areas of the body. I have no idea why they even made this. To magnify draw
    a circle around the area you wish to magnify. I find drawing a C instead of
    an O works better and more often.
    Scalpel: Used to incise (cut) certain parts of the body. Will cause a drop
    in vitals if held down or moved over unneccessary parts of the body.
    Syringe: Used to inject certain medications. For each mission there will be
    a stabilizer liquid and an injection needed for that mission. YOU WILL NEED
    possible you may need to use it 20x or more in one operation.
    Stitches: Used to close up wounds/large cuts. It is sometimes somewhat
    annoying when trying to suture up large openings.
    Bandages: Used to cover up stiched openings at the very end of an operation.
    Each one of these items has a certain amount of times it can be used. This
    is shown by a tiny bar on the box showing the tool. As it goes down the
    tool will change color. When you completely exhaust it it becomes
    unavailable for a few seconds.
    Other things on the screen:
    Vitals- The health of the patient. Displayed in the heart on the upper-left.
    Electrocardiogram Reading- Shows the heartbeat of the patient (vitals).
    Extends from the vital heart to the right.
    Call- Use to proceed to the next text on the top screen. This is used only
    when someone is talking to you. You may also use the A Button if you wish.
    The top screen:
    Time limit- Shows how much time you have remaining in the operation.
    Miss limit- Shows how many more mistakes you are allowed to make.
    Operation Score- Shows the points you've gotten from operating.
    Text Box (bottom)- Brings up important pieces of info from the surgeons
    during the operation.
    -Game Walkthrough-
    This is a list of every mission in the game (except 7 X Missions you can
    get from completing the game).
    [Kudos to Hitoshi for giving me this list]
    #1 Standard Procedure          [gwa]
    #2 Standard Procedure 2        [gwb]
    #3 A Farewell                  [gwc]
    #4 Singing The Blues           [gwd]
    #5 A Real Doctor               [gwe]
    #6 Life or Death*              [gwf]
    #7 Dormant Ability             [gwg]
    #8 Striving for Asclepius      [gwh]
    #9 Awakening*                  [gwi]
    #10 Just Let Me Die            [gwj]
    #11 Please Let Me Live         [gwk]
    #12 For Everyones Sake         [gwl]
    #13 GUILT                      [gwm]
    #14 Something Precious         [gwn]
    #15 An Explosive Patient*      [gwo]
    #16 Miracle at 9,800 ft        [gwp]
    #17 Forbidden Knowledge*       [gwq]
    #18 Race for the Cure          [gwr]
    #19 Stepping Up                [gws]
    #20 Taking a First Step        [gwt]
    #21 Medical Research           [gwu]
    #22 The Next Step              [gwv]
    #23 New Laser Technology*      [gww]
    #24 Doctors Struggle           [gwx]
    #25 Under the Knife*           [gwy]
    #26 Shifting GUILT*            [gwz]
    #27 GUILT Evolves              [gw0]
    #28 Infection*                 [gw1]
    #29 Devil                      [gw2]
    #30 Death Awaits All*          [gw3]
    #31 First Sin*                 [gw4]
    #32 Second Sin                 [gw5]
    #33 Third Sin*                 [gw6]
    #34 Fourth Sin                 [gw7]
    #35 Fifth Sin                  [gw8]
    #36 Sixth Sin                  [gw9]
    #37 Final Sin*                 [gw=]
    #38 The X Missions*            [gxm]
    *stars indicate commonly asked for missions that I've seen.
    General Procedure              [gpa]
    General Procedure Tips         [gpb]
    Standard Procedure
    Fairly simple. Just follow the nurse's instructions and you'll do fine.
    Basically, the operation is about removing foreign objects, healing small
    cuts, opening areas on the body, suturing, and bandaging.
    Standard Procedure 2
    Once again, if you follow the nurse's instructions, you win.
    Treatment of a tumor, pretty simple. First, use the ultrasound on the
    top-right. Locate the tumor in the stomach. It should be between the
    bottom-left and the bottom. Once it stays completely black, slice down the
    middle of it with the scalpel. Cytoplasm will ooze out. Use the drain to
    suck the fluids out, slice around the tumor, remove it with the forceps,
    apply the membrane onto the bleeding area, apply gel, and rub it in. You win!
    A Farewell
    Inflamation treatment and multiple tumors. You should do fine on this, but
    it is definitely possible to fail if you don't keep track of your vitals.
    First, use the syringe and drain the blue liquid out of the bottle. Then
    inject it into the little white dots. After that, locate the tumors
    (I believe there are two), and apply the membranes. All done! Just keep
    track of your vitals. If they get low (around 30 should be a warning)
    use the green liquid in the syringe menu to restore vitals.
    Singing the Blues
    Polyps forming in the pharnyx. EASY (for me, at least).
    Start by cutting open the person's (insert whatever you call that part).
    After that, you will notice a bleeding area. Use the magnifier (if you're
    having trouble, try a C shape instead of an O shape) to zoom in on the
    bloody area. Drain the blood, and laser the polyps. They will start
    bleeding again. You will have to drain the blood again and apply gel to the
    small holes. If you want to you can smear gel over every single polyp and
    burn as many off. This way the gel will automatically heal the little holes.
    Do this until you get all of the polyps out, then zoom out. Whoops! More
    blood! (But seriously, why didn't it come out until now? Or at least show
    a sign or two...) Zoom in, get rid of them all, zoom out. Whoops! Even more
    blood! Repeat the process until you have gotten rid of all the bloody
    areas. Watch your vitals, as bleeding can cause quite a bit of damage if
    left alone.
    On a side note (not that any of you care) this was my first A rank!
    A Real Doctor
    This is the first mission most people start complaining about. Or at least,
    it was the first one I failed! >.> Anyways, start by opening up the patient.
    using the blue liquid. After you get rid of them RESTORE YOUR VITALS with the
    green syringe liquid. Find all four (yes, four) tumors and get rid of them.
    After you get rid of them, Angie will want you to ultrasound around the area.
    Just check each place, and you will be able to suture the wound.
    Life or Death
    This is definitely THE complained about mission in the first chapter.
    Anyways, you will first notice that this guy's vitals are at 01. Apply gel
    to the moving bar area and move the hand along the black bar. Vitals will
    go up to 30. Keep in mind that what makes this mission a pain in the ***
    is that 30 is his max vitals. Apply gel to the smaller cuts, and pull out
    the glass. Anyways, you might think you are done, but you aren't. Cut along
    the line to gain access to his heart. HOLY CRAP GLASS IN HEART. MAKE SURE
    YOUR VITALS ARE MAXED OUT AT 30. Anyway, start removing the glass, being very
    careful not to make a mistake. Use the green syringe as necessary. After you
    remove all the pieces of glass, uh-oh! Here comes the friggin' huge shard!
    Remove it, being very careful to make sure it is fully pulled out, stop the
    bleeding with the gel, and suture it. Now, the heart will completely rip
    open, and his vitals will drop to 05. However, you will notice Mr. Pretty
    Star thingy that will show up on the screen. You will have time to either
    give him vitals or attempt to suture the wound immediately. It may take a
    few tries to suture the rip. After you do suture it, though, his vitals
    immediately go up to 30. Now, close him up, gel the stitch, and kill him by
    forgetting how to put a bandage on. >.>
    Dormant Ability
    A unique mission that you won't have to do again in the game. Anyways (do I
    use that word too often?) open up the patient. In the veins, you will have
    to do the following to locate one of the thrombi: Ultrasound it until it
    stays visible, forcep it (just touch it), scalpel it, drain it, and use gel.
    Keep doing this until you've removed all of them. More of them come, but
    luckily, Mr. Pretty Star comes along and makes the thrombi move extremely
    slow. Do the same thing until the operation ends. END OF STORY.
    Update: A strategy from Yuria Tayde:
    "I only lost this stage once because all the moving peices intimidated me 
    and I froze, when actually it isn't as hard as it looks. Now I play it 
    again for fun! A trick is to Double up on the thrombi, scan several of 
    them, pinch pinch, slash slash, drain drain, splash gel all over the 
    place, and repeat. I managed to keep almost every one of them back with 
    this trick, especially after using HT."
    Striving for Asclepius
    Omigod, I don't want to write this section, but I have to. Anyway, draw Mr.
    Pretty Star (now known as the Healing Touch) as accurately as possible.
    Depending on how accurately you draw them you'll get a different rank.
    If you can't get an A on this... *sigh*
    DEAR GOD I HATE THIS MISSION. This is by far THE most difficult mission in
    Chapter 2. Going on (hey, I didn't use anyways!), when you open this guy up
    you will see a little vein with a red dot on it. Use the brown sedative
    liquid in the syringe menu to reduce the size of the aneurism. Next,
    scalpel around it, and remove it. Drain the blood, use the forceps to join
    the vessels, and make one little mark down the center of the vein with the
    stitches. Now you've got more to deal with. If you need to zoom out and
    then zoom back in so you can more accurately scalpel aneurisms. Next, more
    aneurisms. From now they have a moderate risk of rupturing. If they do drain
    the blood and keep going from there. Finally, 5 friggin' aneurisms. Barely
    magnifiable at the same time. Geez, that sucks. Use the Healing Touch if you
    want, and start using the sedative on the  aneurisms. If you simply scalpel
    the aneurism but don't remove it it will stay there and won't bleed, so you
    can focus on cutting more of them. It is also a somewhat evil but working
    strategy to simply let them all rupture, keeping vitals high at the same
    time. Remove all the aneurisms, end of story. Now wasn't that fun? *pats on
    Update: A strategy from Yuria Tayde states:
    "This stage pwned me for hours until I realised the same strat you use,
    but I also improved upon it! In the 2nd section when all 5 appear: it IS
    indeed possable to magnifie all of them, even though the ones at the top
    won't have much space for your suction. They appear in a ring shape,
    zoom in at the center. Inject the anti-inflamatory into all of them (I go
    clockwise) until all 5 are small, then slice the last one you injected. Then
    inject the remaining 4 as they'll be growing again, and repeat until all of
    them are sliced. Then you can take your time removing and mending the blood
    Letting them explode does crazy damage to the patient, I wouldn't recomend
    it to anyone."
    I would have to agree. I would not recommend letting the anuerisms rupture
    unless you truly are desperate. If you do decide on this, don't let them
    rupture all at one time.
    Just Let Me Die
    Fairly easy. Notice when you enter Linda's lungs, there are six lacerations,
    three of which are extremely large. First suture the smaller ones, and then
    drain the blood on the large ones, forcep the edges together, and suture it
    like a small wound. You might think there's more but that's really it. Just
    make sure vitals stay high.
    Please Let Me Live
    Oh, so Ms. Suicide Girl has a wittle change of heart, eh? Either way, you
    will see the same cuts. Go ahead and suture them as done last time. Now
    notice that one of your objectives was to find out what was the cause of
    these lacerations. You're about to find out. After suturing all the
    lacerations, you will notice a creepy music change and a laceration formed
    on it's own. Use ultrasound to discover a little creature actually inside
    her lungs. *shudder* Darn, I'm glad we don't have those in our world.
    Ultrasound it so you can see it (like a tumor), scalpel it out, and
    incinerate it with the laser. Keep in mind that the little fishy thing will
    make more lacerations if you don't attend to it immediately. Kill it off by
    using the laser to incinerate it. Anyway, after killing it, more will
    appear. You can try to fish them out with the ultrasound and scalpel, or
    you can focus on stopping the bleeding from the lacerations. However, DO
    NOT suture every single laceration, or else the little things will start
    making more of them. Next, after killing all of them, suture all but one
    laceration, and fully restore your vitals. Suture the last one, and then
    you get three huge lacerations in the shape of an astertik. Fish him out
    using the ultrasound, laser it, tend to a few of the lacerations, and keep
    doing until over. Suture all the lacerations, bring vitals up, and close
    Linda up.
    For Everyone's Sake
    W00t, the type of surgery we'd expect from a game like this! Quite honestly,
    though, it's very easy. Start by opening up her chest. You can see her
    heart. Gel the yellow line and then... the electrocardiogram goes crazy and
    her heart rate flatlines. Use the gel and massage technique to get her
    vitals up, and open up the atrium. Drain the blood, and quickly scalpel the
    right side, the left side, and then the whole thing. If you work fast you
    can remove it before it starts bleeding. Around this time she may suffer
    another flatline. Keep in mind if you do anything while her heart goes
    crazy she will take some damage and you will incur a miss. Drain the blood
    again, take the synthetic valve, suture it, close the atrium, close her
    chest. Done and done.
    Yay, you're at Caduceus. Now all you have to do is pass this little test and
    you get in. OK, just do the same thing you did with Linda. DONE.
    Something Precious
    Yay, you only have to do this one two times in the storyline. Here's the
    deal with Deftera. It's basically a moving tumor (yeah, I know it's
    technically not accurate, shut up). They will leave behind tumors that are
    black or white. Incinerate them with the laser, the larger ones first. When
    they fuse, start draining. When you've drained them enough, they will start
    to swirl and you will be able to scalpel it out. Be warned, as they swirl,
    massive amounts of tumors will be created. Immediately remove the Deftera,
    incinerate the tumors. You would be done, but remember that SECOND glowing
    red dot on the wire frame? Guess what that means! Go on and suture the first
    opening, and cut open the second. You'll notice two pairs of Deftera. Now
    this part can get plain annoying. When two of the same color Deftera collide
    they will create massive amounts of tumors. Also, if two start to fuse, but
    another one crashes into it, they will stop fusing and leave some tumors
    behind. Antibiotic gel can be used as a wall to block out the Deftera. If
    you want to, you can start making one pair fuse, and then keep circling gel
    around that pair so they keep fusing. However, gel excites them, which
    means they won't fuse as fast if you do block them off. Once you get rid of
    one pair, immediately destroy all the tumors. At this point Amy will
    probably be fighting for her life, so restore her vitals as much as
    possible. Get rid of the last pair of Deftera, close her up, and apply
    the bandage. Done!
    Side Note: This level has been known to glitch up a bit, along with any other
    Deftera missions. Sometimes, you will end up with 2.5 or 3 pairs of
    Deftera. If you have 3 pairs you can still complete the operation
    (but it might freeze), but if you have 2.5 you will have to restart.
    An Explosive Patient
    Ladies and gentlemen, introducing... a time bomb! Yes, you have to operate
    on a time bomb. Isn't that fun? When you start you'll be in this funky
    little apparatus thing. Zoom in on the two water tanks on the right. Pull
    out water from the right tank (but don't suck it over the top or you'll lose
    water, which is bad). TAP the stylus on the other tank, and draw it down
    from there. After this, there are several paths you can take. Go down to
    the bottom-left dynamite sticks. Start pulling out the yellow detonators as
    directed. However, on the second one, the dynamite will start to activate.
    You can use gel to cool down the dynamite (the temperature is shown by the
    rising yellow bar), however you do not have enough gel to keep all five down.
    Keep in mind once the rods are removed the water no longer needs to
    be monitored, so by going back you will waste crucial time. Now, I've only
    done this one way, so I'll tell you myway. Probably another one of the FAQs
    on GameFAQs has another strategy.After pulling out all six detonators, I 
    immediately found my way to thechips at the top. From there, you must burn 
    off the chips as told by Dr. Myers. Burn off the chips connected to the Heat
    Sensors, but NOT the bombs (you figure out what happens). Look ahead if you
    want the exact chips, if you want to figure it out, skip ahead.
    *Gameplay spoilers ahead*
    The chips are arranged as follows:
          _______   _______   _______   _______
         |       | |       | |       | |       |
         |   1   | |   2   | |   3   | |   4   |
         |_______| |_______| |_______| |_______|
     _______   _______   _______   _______   _______
    |       | |       | |       | |       | |       |
    |   5   | |   6   | |   7   | |   8   | |   9   |
    |_______| |_______| |_______| |_______| |_______|
    Burn off 3,4,5,7, and 8.
    *end gameplay spoilers*
    OK, after you burnt all the chips off, you're done... NOT! You will have 15
    seconds to cut every one of the red wires. Be precise, make sure your DS is
    properly oriented, and most important, STAY CALM. After this, you're done.
    Fun, no?
    Note that you can use HT on this level if desired, but I personally find
    you don't need it.
    Thanks to Yuria Tayde for pointing out that the chips connected to the
    heat sensors should be burnt out and the proceeding strategy, that the water
    doesn't need to be monitored after the rods are pulled out, and that there
    isn't enough gel to keep the heat sensors completely cooled.
    Miracle at 9,800 Feet
    This mission is a lot like removing tumors, just in a different way. First,
    perform a lobectomy, and you will see the lungs. Use the ultrasound as
    directed to find a small black spot. Remember the tumor operation? First,
    slice the black spot open. Some liquid will come out, and you'll need to
    drain it. Once done close it up with antibiotic gel. There are 10 of these
    spots to find. Once you are halfway done Angie will notify you of that. Now,
    what makes this mission even a little bit hard (it's really not that hard) is
    that you will have to work through turbulence. What happens is kind of like
    the electrocardiogram in For Everyone's Sake. The plane will start shaking
    a little bit. At this time you should make a few adjustments, but cease
    operations after about 5 seconds. When the plane starts rapidly shaking,
    do not do anything or you will poke a hole in the lungs, reduce the vitals,
    and incur a miss. If any of the liquid is exposed during turbulence I believe
    an inflammation will form. Just inject the anti-inflammitory liquid into
    the inflammation.
    Forbidden Knowledge
    Yay, third GUILT strand you will encounter. Note that this level can easily
    change direction depending on how you play it.
    Start by opening up Reuben. You will see all of these triangles and thorns.
    Welcome to Triti! This level can easily be defined as a puzzle. First,
    the leader of Caduceus Europe will tell you to scalpel the thorns out.
    Just grap the forceps, since Angie will say to use the Forceps no matter
    what tool you choose. Start removing the thorns. When you remove three thorns
    from a triangle, you will see the incision dots. When you remove it, you will
    notice that more triangles grew. So, how to counter this?
    There are two basic rules on Triti regeneration:
    A. If a triangle has two thorns on an exposed edge, a new triangle will grow
    off of it when a triangle is removed.
    B. If a triangle is left alone and has at least one thorn, new triangles will
    grow on each side of it.
    So, when removing each triangle, make sure there aren't too many exposed
    edges. To stall regeneration you may want to work from the bottom-right
    to the top-left, since the triangles will stop growing once they reach
    the end of the pancreas. Now, each time the group of triangles flashes,
    Reuben's vitals will drop (I believe it is .33 damage each time per triangle,
    rounded up). If you find a purple triangle, each time it flashes, it will
    cause massive damage to the vitals. Take it out as soon as possible, but
    don't leave sides exposed just to take out the purple one. Finally, don't
    drop a triangle or it will grow a thorn and regenerate as shown in Rule B.
    Race for the Cure
    This mission is very easy. First, you will notice that you have five
    potential locations. You need to gather three types of Tetartri fluid.
    Obviously, there are two of one type, two of another, and one of the last.
    I got lucky and found all three on my first three attempts, though. During
    the operation, you will notice little puffs of toxins coming from whatever
    organ you are operating on. Use ultrasound to locate a little creature
    that looks like a jellyfish. Cut it out like a tumor, and use the serum
    to try and stop it. Once you use the serum it will head under the organ
    again. Just fish it out and keep injecting the serum until it is dead.
    Then move it onto the tray, cut it open, and use the drain to suck out
    the internal fluids. Done and done.
    Stepping Up
    OK, this mission can be a pain if you are even a little bit colorblind.
    Remember the Tetartri from the last mission? Now you have to differentiate
    colors. First, you will notice poison diverticula. Inject the correct color
    serum into the correct diverticula. Incise it, but don't remove it. Work
    on the other diverticula. Once you have incised all of the diverticula,
    remove them and apply the membranes. Note that if you let one grow to the
    fullest size, it will release poison that you will need to stop with
    the gel. Once all three little spots are gone, the tetartri will show up.
    There is one yellow, one green, and one blue Tetartri. You have to inject
    the correct color serum into the correct Tetartri. GO FOR A YELLOW OR GREEN
    ONE FIRST. The blue one is very easy to figure out, but it is easy to forget
    which tetartri is yellow and which one is green. Also, the gases they leave
    behind correspond to the color they represent. Once again, blue is easy
    to distinguish, but yellow and green may be a little hard. DO NOT INJECT
    THE WRONG SERUM. If you do more diverticula will form, and this can be a real
    big pain. Once you've injected the serum into all three the process will
    repeat. Later, they will move faster and retreat quicker. If they retreat you
    will have to re-inject the serum to all three of them to cause damage.
    Healing Touch can help around stages 3 or 4. After this, you are done.
    Simple enough.
    Taking a First Step
    The first of a five-stage series on a new type of GUILT. Anyway, incise the
    skin. Welcome to Pempti! This GUILT is basically a gelatinous substance
    with a core that can replicate itself many times. OK, first, just do as
    Victor says. Use the laser, scalpel, and antibiotic gel as told. Next is the
    colored serum part. You have four serums. First use the one on the right on
    the small concentration of pempti cells. It looks like a big white fungus
    moving around in the gelatinous substance. Then use the one on the mid-right,
    then the one on the mid-left, and finally the one on the left. Keep in mind
    that after you use the one on the mid-left each time the Pempti hits against
    the body you lose one vital. Just something to keep track of. Now, just
    alternate between medicines as told by Victor. First, the right one,
    then the middle-left one, then the middle-right one, and finally the
    neutralizer on the left. Now just cut the cells out. That's actually all
    there is to the mission, but as I said, it's part of a five-stage series.
    Side note: If you must inject the stabilizer, make sure you do not inject it
    into the Pempti fluids or else you will incur a miss and lose some vitals.
    Medical Research
    Complete a puzzle. You don't have a time limit, but you still only have
    a limited amount of time to use the forceps, so don't hold on to a piece
    for longer than you need. Note that the puzzle never changes, so in Challenge
    mode, just remember the position of the pieces, and quickly put them in
    place. DONE.
    *do not read ahead if you want to figure out the puzzle on your own*
    The solution looks something like:
      .   .
    R   R   O
      R   O
    G   W   O
      R   W
    G   B   W
      G   W
    .- Blank
    R- Red Piece Sections
    O- Orange Piece Sections
    G- L. Green Piece Sections
    W- White Piece Sections
    (kind of hard to illustrate, just attempt to read as best as you can.)
    *end gameplay spoilers here*
    The Next Step
    You've made a new nanomachine, YAAY. Next, you have to perform another
    experiment on Pempti. Cut the patient open, and you will be back at the
    Pempti liquid. Inject the nanomachine (handily located at the syringe
    menu) into the concentration of cells. Once it's at the lowest it can be
    you'll see something appear and the entire substance will reform. Luckily
    you don't have to do much after that, so once again, fairly easy mission.
    New Laser Technology
    Complete a puzzle. See Medical Research.
    *puzzle solutions ahead*
    Puzzle 1:
      R   R   B
    W   R   P   B
      W   R   .
    W   R   P   B
      .   P   P
    W   G   O   O
      G   G   O
    Puzzle 2:
      Y   Y   B
    G   Y   B   O
      G   Y   B
    G   Y   R   O
      P   .   O
    P   P   R   O
      P   R   R
    R-Red Piece Sections
    O-Orange Piece Sections
    G-Green Piece Sections
    W-White Piece Sections
    P-Purple Piece Sections
    B-Blue Piece Sections
    Y-Yellow Piece Sections
    *end gameplay spoilers*
    The final stage of the Pempti encounter. Unfortunately, this is fairly
    difficult at the beginning. First, inject the nanomachine like in
    The Next Step. Once the fluids are at the lowest you will see something
    that looks like an eyeball appear. Start to zap it with the laser. However,
    it will start to produce smaller eyeballs. Zap those immediately, because if
    you don't, they will make quick lacerations that you will have to suture,
    wasting time. If it releases all five at once, start zapping them (you should
    be able to get two). It will release the fluids temporarily, and any columns
    in which there were the eyeballs will have tumors in them, which you will
    have to burn off with the laser and use the antibiotic gel to close them.
    Keep zapping the eyeball with the laser until it dies. It's a fairly simple
    concept made difficult by constant distractions.
    Under the Knife
    Now where have we heard that before? ;-) Anyways, don't panic when you see
    the objective. It says you have to operate on 5 patients in 10 minutes or
    less. However you only have to be operating on the third patient when time
    runs out to win. Anyway, it's basically the same thing with the Kyriaki.
    However, this time, a small Kyriaki will also be found with the large one.
    Later, as you progress onto more patients, there will be more Kyriaki in each
    stage of removal. Don't use your HT until at least the third patient.
    Shifting Guilt
    Remember the triangles? Same rules apply, except now thorns will get 
    vaporized very commonly. If they vaporize you must drain the poison before 
    it escapes. However I believe if you let it go on the first patient you get
    an easier second patient, and if you let it go on the second patient you get
    the easiest third patinet. However, if you let gas escape on the third
    patient, game over. So, basically, it's the same, except there are more 
    Triti to deal with. You can try to use an HT at the beginning and pull out 
    all the thorns, but it's a lot harder than previously because of the fact
    that the thorns vaporize. Keep track of your vitals as well,
    because purple triangles will regenerate even if you pull it off.
    Guilt Evolves
    Tetartri mission! Again, it's the same thing as the last Tetartri mission
    (Dr. Kasal). Go for the yellow or green diverticula first, the yellow or
    green Tetartri first. Make sure you don't mismatch colors, or else you
    will have more diverticula to deal with. The only real difference is that
    the Tetartri will be very hard to deal with at the end.
    Hooray, it's Dr. Myers! Anyways, open up her body, and suture the cuts on
    her small intestine. Then, you will see some sort of worm come out. Welcome
    to Paraskevi! This can really be a pain if you don't know what you do or you
    act really recklessly. First, laser the worm's tail. Then slice it with the
    scalpel. OMG UNICELLULAR. It will split in two and cause lacerations. You
    must keep cutting the worms until it is small enough to extract. Keep in mind
    the worm itself will not cause any damage. I believe you must reduce the
    Paraskevi to 1/16 of it's original size to extract it. That means, you will
    to deal with 2+2*2+2*4+2*8 lacerations, or 30 lacerations. So ,if the worm
    will not cause any damage, what makes the mission hard? As you go on, you
    will find that some of the worms will start escaping. After you've extracted
    as many worms as possible and let the rest escape, you will have some time to
    suture the lacerations. Suture all but one, restore the vitals to maximum,
    and suture the last one. There are four stages. You will remember that Victor
    says that if it reached her heart, she's a goner, right? That means the
    fourth stage, is obviously the heart. There's a little space on the fourth
    stage to hopefully extract the rest of the Paraskevi if you haven't already,
    but if you need to cut more on the last stage, more than likely one of the
    Paraskevi will fly into her heart. If even one Paraskevi at it's smallest
    size enters her heart, GAME OVER. So, the obvious way to avoid this is to 
    stop the worms earlier in the operation. I suggest using the stages like
    1. Cut up as many worms as possible, extract one or two.
    2. Use the HT, extract as many worms as possible.
    3. Extract any remaining Paraskevi.
    If you do it correct you won't get to the fourth stage. Also, if you aren't
    sure if you'll be able to extract a Paraskevi because it is too large, don't
    extract it. If you attempt to it will cause lacerations, but if you just let
    it go, it will just start moving again. Also, be sure to suture the
    lacerations as you go along, or they will cause too much damage. Gel stops
    the bleeding, so use that while you suture the lacerations. This is a mission
    that you WILL have to use the green stabilizer.
    Updates: I have received a lot of information regarding strategies to beating
    this level. Here are some tips:
    From Jewl:
    "About the Infection mission, with the Paraskevi, I actually found it easier
    to go about cutting the worms the same way I dealt with rocks in asteroids,
    number control.  Only cut 1 of every 2 worms it splits into, until you can
    remove them.  What makes it even easier is the bigger the worms are, the
    longer they stay frozen with the lazer.  Basically just keep the bigger
    ones frozen whil you work on the littler ones, until they're all gone. 
    Makes damage control from the lacerations a lot easier, and while a couple
    smaller worms will escape to the second level, they aren't difficult to
    take care of, even without using a healing touch."
    From Yuria Tayde:
    "Keep all worms stunned at all times, if one isn't stunned, stop what you're
    doing and lazer it again. If the patient is stable, cut one (only 1) of the
    worms; the smallest one you can find. You'll slowly work your way through
    their ranks this way, and the lower numbers make it much easier to keep them
    from getting away. Letting them all go so you can stabalize the patient
    should be a last resort, but it gives you all the time you need sence they
    won't continue towards the heart until you chase them. 
    (furthermore, cutting them all causes ALOT of cuts, meening you'll need to
    stabalize more often while at the same time handling a higher number of
    much faster worms! My strat just requires less skill to win.)"
    Agreed with both contributions.
    OK, this mission can be easy if you just know what you're up against. First,
    open up the guy's body, and you'll see lacerations. First, suture them up,
    but leave two. Restore vitals, and suture the second-to-last one. Immediately
    grab the laser and get ready. Some little spiders will crawl out of the
    laceration. Welcome to Savato! Luckily this is a very premature and
    undeveloped form. Start to zap them, and close up the laceration. More
    lacerations will appear, followed by more bugs. Be warned, when the bugs
    start to circle around, there is nothing you can do to kill them. Just kill
    off remaining bugs. After a little bit of time, the circling bugs will
    combine into one big blue bug, which reduces your vitals by half and lowers
    the maximum vitals. Try to kill the blue one if possible. Just keep killing
    the spiders and suturing the wounds until the Chiral readings are negative.
    Death Awaits All
    OK, first, notice that you have 10 minutes to complete this mission. You will
    think,"That's a lot of time!", but if it's your first time, it's really not.
    I can almost assure you you will fail the first time. Second, you cannot use
    the Healing Touch in this mission due to factors later. Aside from that, open
    up his chest, and you'll see this spider on his heart, along with a web. Try
    to laser him. He'll move around super-fast. There is nothing you can do about
    this yet. Grab your scalpel and start slicing on the webs. When you slice one
    your scalpel will melt for a little bit. Just wait until it regenerates, and
    then cut more. Occassionally Savato will create a new line of web along with
    some bugs that you don't have to immediately take care of, but I recommend
    you get rid of them as soon as possible. Occassionally the web will start
    to turn red. If this happens, DO NOT LET THE WEB TURN COMPLETELY RED. If you
    do your vitals will drop by 30, no matter what. To avoid this, just cut
    one strand of the web. The web will revert to white, giving you more time.
    There are several stages in which you will have to cut the webs, it's either
    three or four. Once you have cut all the webs Savato won't make any more.
    From here all you have to do is keep lasering Savato. However, using the
    laser speeds him up for a bit, and if you make him speed up too much, a
    laceration with bugs will be created. Also, occassionally, he will make a
    circle of lacerations somewhat shaped like the petals on a flower. When you
    laser him enough (you'll know when you have) use the scalpel on him. Victor
    will arrive with a serum that you'll have to inject. However you will have to
    reduce Savato's shield again with the laser. After you laser him enough and
    scalpel him, inject the serum. You will see a Healing Touch activate. Savato
    will proceed to go crazy and make lots of lacerations. You'll find that if
    you try to inject the serum he'll just move out of the way, and lasering or
    trying to do anything to him will fail. Remember how I told you not to use
    the Healing Touch until a certain time? Now is the time. Use the HT, and
    note how time stops. Yes, stops. And since nothing can move when time stops
    except for the person who initiated the stop, guess what you have to do?
    Inject the serum into Savato. The lacerations will heal, vitals will go up,
    and Savato will explode. Close him up, and kill him by scalpeling "LOL" in
    his chest. That'll feel GREEAT.
    Update: To clear up some confusions, you need to use your own Healing Touch
    ON TOP of the automatically-initiated one.
    First Sin
    Hooray, Kyriaki archeotype. Basically, it's just the same thing. However,
    the Kyriaki now take a long time to incinerate, and many more will come
    during the stages. Try to use the gel on the lacerations before adding
    the stabilizer, as that will reduce the bleeding. If you are having trouble
    controlling the laser, it's better just to TAP a Kyriaki with the laser
    than to hold the laser on it. If you hold it you will most likely burn
    a hole in the small intestine, which can be a pain if you have many more
    lacerations. A good first priority is simply locating every Kyriaki, cutting
    all of them out, and THEN incinerate all of them by tapping them quickly
    in succession.
    If you're good at Kyriaki this should not be a problem.
    Also, this is a small section contributed by Kelvin Tay (see credits):
    "Take your time to fix up the lacerations, and just before you suture the
    final one, ensure the patient has max hp. Get ready for the GUILT; quickly
    suture up the 2 new lacerations, then switch to ultrasound to locate the
    Kyriaki bodies.  Quickly incise both of them ASAP before attending to
    anything else. Once both are exposed, fix up the many, many lacerations they
    caused whilst injecting serum and lasering the Kyriaki in short bursts (to
    prevent them from creating more tears).  You'll have to alternate between
    these 3 steps real quick, and you'll most likely only manage hp at 50-60.
    Once you've defeated 1 of em, quickly prepare to incise the new Kyriaki.
    Repeated the 3 step alternation. Once all 4 are defeated (ensure max hp at
    this stage with no tears, before you finish of the last 1!) the boss will
    appear.  Quickly get the healing touch going, locate and expose the Kyriaki,
    then use the 3-step method of lasering in short bursts, healing with shots,
    and stitching the cuts. After some time you'll complete this super fast-paced
    challenge, which will illustrate how far you've developed as a virtual
    surgeon.  At this point you may want to consider getting a degree in
    surgical medicine lol!"
    Second Sin
    Deftera archeotype. Basically, just do the same thing as you did with Amy.
    However, this time there is more potential for the tumors to wreak havok
    in the second stage than the first time. Just control the tumors, and focus
    on draining one of the pairs of Deftera out of the two in the second stage.
    Once you do that the mission is cake.
    Third Sin
    Triti Archeotype. First, you will notice that there are three "main" bodies
    of Triti. I used an HT, and pulled out the bottom-left body of Triti first.
    After this you will be left with a HUGE section of Triti, but it's easy
    to counter if you can efficiently work on Triti. Just start from the bottom
    and work up. Take off single rows of the Triti at a time, watching out for
    gas. The mist can form new membranes elsewhere, so be careful. Also, if the
    thorns appear to grow back too fast, make sure ALL of them grow back (it is
    easy to miss a thorn, messing up your plan), and then start removing them.
    weapon2000 of GameFAQs contributes this tip:
    "First off, pull out the left-most body of Triti. Then, start at the bottom
    and work your way up. Use HT at the last row, finish it off."
    Fourth Sin
    Tetartri Archeotype. It's really not hard or different at all. Just use the
    previous methods described ([gws] or [gw0]). The only difference is that now
    you have a smaller place to work with (about half the normal size), so it
    is now easier for the Tetartri to overlap, which in turn makes it easier
    to misplace an injection.
    Fifth Sin
    Pempti Archeotype. Currently, I have not completed this level, but here
    are some tips from other players:
    typezero (edited for spelling):
    "I just wanted to tell you what happens in the 5th Sin is the Pempti. The
    beginning is easy, but gets alot harder after you zap the core a couple
    times. It is crazy fast and if you haven't got to this level already, when
    the core spits out those 5 smaller cores and then forms those collumns, if 
    you don' ttake them out fast enough the core will make them again and the 
    collumns will form again, and will kill the tumors which will cause bleeding. 
    I couldn't get past this now, but i think after 6 or 8 zaps the level will
    Dan K.:
    "Pempti is a huge pain in the *** to deal with. Basically I have a few tips:
    Make sure the patient is at max Vitals before you lazer the main core. After
    that happens, you need to do your best to laser away the little cores that
    come out. The lacerations are a pain, but quick to fix. Also, when the small
    tumors appear, take them out right away. I save time by dousing the area in
    gel and quickly lasering them so it repairs the hole right away.  When the
    core makes the 5 mini cores spin around it, just hold the laser down over
    the outside of it to quickly destroy them. There is no real strategy to this
    GUILT, just timing."
    Sixth Sin
    I haven't completed it, but here's a tip from Dan K.:
    "Paraskevi is not any more difficult then it was before. My strategy
    was to cut it down as much as possible, not worrying about extracting
    the pieces of it until they are ready to go. If you slice them up as much
    as you can, then take time to heal the patient, you should be able to get
    rid of some of them by the second to last stage, and enough will be left
    for you to HT and remove in the heart chamber."
    Final Sin
    Obviously, I haven't done it, but another tip from Dan K.:
    "Savato is again, a pain in the ass. First off, as strange as this may
    Keep slicing the webs and use the syrum to raise the vitals. I tried
    keeping up with the bugs, but there will just be too many to deal with
    as the level progresses. When the bugs go into it (there are varying
    rounds of how many times you have to slice the web), dont laser it yet.
    Heal the max vitals, then laser it in short bursts. This doesnt
    completely preven the lacerations from forming, but slows it down.
    Attack the bugs and suture the lacerations right away when they are
    formed, administering the vital syrum as needed. When the shield is
    gone, attack with scalpel. The second and third times are strange. This
    GUILT reacts more powerfully as the Vitals of the patient rise. Keep him
    around or under 50 at all times, and the it won't give you near as much
    trouble as it will if it max out. If it starts spinning and makes 3
    lacerations over and over again, suture as fast as possible and heal.
    Repeat until the third time. After this the operation is pretty much
    over. Inject it, it goes crazy, wait for the HT to auto activate, then
    use yours, inject again. Game over. You won."
    [gxm] The X Missions
    OK, these are the extra missions you gain after you beat the last chapter.
    First, be warned, THESE ARE NOT PUSHOVERS. If you have tons of stress from
    trying to beat the game, good luck finishing these.
    And second, the X Missions each involve a particular type of GUILT, just
    likethe Sinner missions did. Finishing one will unlock the next (X1 unlocks
    X2, X4 to X5, etc.).
    X1: Kyriaki
    Haven't completed it, but here's a helpful tip from Dan K.:
    "If you are a total and complete expert on the Kyriaki strain, this will
    still be almost too much for you. I haven't beaten it yet, but can at least
    warn you what to exepect. They don't wait for you to finish suturing the
    initial wounds before they appear, usually abour 40 seconds into the
    operation. Also, THREE of them appear initially, and they slice almost
    continuously before and after they are exposed. That is hard enough. And the
    next batch won't wait for you to finish the first batch, again slicing fast
    and over and over again. I haven't gotten more than 1:30 into the mission
    yet. Good luck!"
    X2-X7: No info available.
    ---End Game Walkthrough
    -General Procedure-
    This section contains how to successfully complete an objective. It only
    shows things that take more than one menu (IE no suturing wounds).
    Interferences may or may not be included.
    Small Foreign Object Removal- Forceps, Remove Object, Antibiotic Gel.
    Large Foreign Object Removal- Forceps, Remove Object, Stitches.
    Removing a Tumor- Ultrasound, Scalpel, Drain, Scalpel, Forceps, Remove,
    Forceps, Apply Membrane, Antibiotic Gel, Hand.
    Inflammation- Syringe, Blue Anti-Inflammatory Liquid, Release Syringe into
    Polyps- Laser, Drain, Gel.
    Cardiac Revival- Gel the Box, Move Hand along moving bar.
    Thrombi- Ultrasound, Forceps, Scalpel, Drain, Gel.
    Aneurisms- Syringe, Brown Sedative, Release Syringe into aneurism, Scalpel,
    Forceps, Move aneurism into tray, Drain, Forceps, Place vein together,
    Suture Large Wounds- Drain, Forceps, pull wound together, Stitches.
    Heart Valve Replacement- Scalpel x3, Forceps, Move heart valve to tray,
    take synthetic valve, move synthetic valve to artery, suture.
    Edera- Ultrasound, scalpel
    Note: Effects of GUILT (like tumors from the Deftera) are not covered
    in this section. This only shows how to defeat a GUILT.
    Kyriaki- Ultrasound, Scalpel, Laser.
    Large Kyriaki- (Ultrasound, Scalpel, Laser)<--Repeat as necessary
    Deftera- (Wait until fusion, drain)<--Repeat as necessary, scalpel,
    forceps, move Deftera fusion onto tray
    Triti- (Forcep, pull out thorns as necessary, scalpel, forceps, move triangle
    to tray)<--Repeat as necessary
    Infant Tetartri- (Ultrasound, scalpel, syringe, serum)<--repeat as necessary,
    forceps, move tetartri to tray
    Tetartri- (Syringe, corresponding serum, release syringe into corresponding
    Tetartri)<--Repeat as necessary
    Pempti- Nanomachine x3, laser.
    Paraskevi- (Laser, scalpel, laser, forceps, remove if it is small enough to
    tray)<--Repeat as necessary
    Stage 1 (web):
    Stage 2 (non-web):
    (Laser)<--Repeat as necessary, scalpel, Syringe, Serum, Release Syringe on
    Stage 3 (Auto HT):
    Healing Touch, Syringe, Serum, Release Syringe on Savato
    -General Procedure Tips-
    This section shows how to more effectively follow procedures
    Small Foreign Object Removal- Spread antibiotic gel immediately before
    removal. The gel will immediately cover the cut after you place the glass
    on the tray.
    Large Foreign Object Removal- Spread the gel immediately before removal. The
    gel will slow down the bleeding. After doing so spread some more gel to
    further forristal bleeding and proceed to do whatever you need to do.
    Removing a Tumor- If there are multiple tumors, just cut off the tumors,
    but don't excise them. After you drain all the tumors then remove all
    of them, apply all the membranes, apply the gel, and use the hand.
    Inflammation- Well, just get rid of it as soon as possible. Nothing big.
    Polyps- Spread gel over polyps immediately before using the laser. The polyps
    will automatically heal and you won't have any blood left over.
    Cardiac Revival- Use the gel, because it makes the process faster. Thanks
    to NiCk Is tEh RoXX0r for reminding me to put this here.
    Thrombi- Don't worry about if the Thrombi pass through. Just focus on taking
    each out one by one. It does minimal damge if it passes through.
    Aneurisms- Incise the aneurism, but don't remove it. This way you will have
    more time to work on other aneurisms before they burst.
    Heart Valve Replacement- Nothing big. Just work fast, and don't work
    while the heart goes crazy.
    Edera- Find about two or three sections of liquid at a time. At this rate you
    should be able to gain good progress before turbulence hits.
    GUILT (some info might be outdated, for more info, look in a corresponding
    mission in the walkthrough)
    Kyriaki- Locate every Kyriaki within an organ before attempting to incinerate
    it. After doing so, grab the laser and TAP, I repeat, TAP, the laser on
    the Kyriaki. It's the exact same as holding the laser. Just tap the laser
    on each of the Kyriaki in quick succession. Also, when suturing lacerations,
    use the gel and syringe combination to increase vitals fast.
    Deftera- Coming soon.
    Triti- If you don't mind getting a very low rank, start with an HT. On the
    more advance levels, pull out about half of the thorns, and start scalpelling
    away. More than likely a lot of thorns are going to vaporize, so you won't
    have enough time to pull all of the thorns out. Then scribble over the
    yellow dots with the scalpel and pull them out.
    Also, if you are left with about two or three Triti, and thorns keep growing
    back before you can remove the triangles, let all of the thorns grow back,
    THEN remove them. This way they will all grow back over the same period of
    time than every one or two seconds.
    Summary: Don't rush, make sure you can tell what you are doing and where
    it's going. If you just back it up into a corner then you should do fine.
    Also, remember to pump the stabilizer in at a good rate. On any triti
    mission, you can do fine to HT at the very beginning and pull about half
    of the triangles out.
    Tetartri- I'd highly suggest, as emphasized in the Tetartri sections of the
    FAQ, to avoid the diverticula as much as possible, as that can just be a
    pain. Other than that, work fast, and definitely look for the yellow
    or green Tetartri first.
    Pempti- Coming Soon.
    Paraskevi- Coming Soon.
    Savato- Coming Soon.
    Hotashi, for supplying me with the names of all the missions when I lent out
    my game.
    ??? (dj_kostex@yahoo.ca), for reminding me that Shifting Guilt is a Triti
    Kelvin Tay (arkrex@hotmail.com), for contributing a section to the First
    Sin mission.
    Tony Tran (typezero), for contributing a tip on 5th sin.
    Jewl, for contributing a tip on Paraskevi.
    NiCk Is tEh RoXX0r, for reminding me that using antibiotic gel with
    cardiac revival speeds up the process.
    Yuria Tayde, for contributing many tips on certain missions, such as
    Dormant Ability (gwg), Awakening (gwi), An Explosive Patient (gwo),
    Triti in general, and Paraskevi in general.
    Dan Kegerreis, for contributing many tips on the last few sinner missions
    and the first X mission, thus completing the main walkthrough.
    weapon2000, for giving an alternate Third Sin strategy.
    GameFAQs, for letting me put this on their site.
    Atlus, for making such a challenging yet fun game.
    You, for buying this game so that this guide wouldn't be obsolete.
    If you notice a mistake in my guide (which most likely there is one or two),
    please notify me about it. If you wish to contribute something to my FAQ,
    please tell me what it is as well.
    e-mail: LuminescentSword@aim.com
    Or, attempt to notify me on the GameFAQs boards. My username is GlowingSword. 
    Copyright?2005 Alex You. This may be not be reproduced under any
    circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any
    web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written
    permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any
    public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

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