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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kenri

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    i:;:ii:; 7MS  X0      8; iMi.Z  ,@  0@X      ZX       Z2     W  .MX :::i,ii:;:i
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    :,: 8;   82   i MM     7MX8S:                ,20M2  Z    X7    22;   :M7 ii:i::
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    Trauma Center: Under the Knife
    Trauma Centre: Under the Knife
    Chou Shittou Caduceus
    --[Table of Contents]--
    - About the Guide.......................[AB.GU]
    - Story.................................[ST.RY]
    - Characters............................[CH.AR]
    - Equipment, Tools, and Items...........[CN.TR]
    - Basic Operations......................[BA.OP]
    - GUILT and How to Deal With Them.......[GU.DE]
    - Frequently Asked Questions............[FA.QS]
    - Walkthrough and Guide.................[WA.LK]
    ---Standard Procedure...................[OP.01]
    ---Standard Procedure 2.................[OP.02]
    ---A Farewell...........................[OP.03]
    ---Singing the Blues....................[OP.04]
    ---A Real Doctor........................[OP.05]
    ---Life or Death........................[OP.06]
    ---Dormant Ability......................[OP.07]
    ---Striving for Asclepius...............[OP.08]
    ---Just Let Me Die......................[OP.10]
    ---Please Let Me Live...................[OP.11]
    ---For Everyone's Sake..................[OP.12]
    ---Something Precious...................[OP.14]
    ---An Explosive Patient.................[OP.15]
    ---Miracle at 9,800ft...................[OP.16]
    ---Forbidden Knowledge..................[OP.17]
    ---Race for the Cure....................[OP.18]
    ---Stepping Up..........................[OP.19]
    ---Taking a First Step..................[OP.20]
    ---Medical Research.....................[OP.21]
    ---The Next Step........................[OP.22]
    ---New Laser Technology.................[OP.23]
    ---Doctors' Struggle....................[OP.24]
    ---Under the Knife......................[OP.25]
    ---Shifting GUILT.......................[OP.26]
    ---GUILT Evolves........................[OP.27]
    ---Death Awaits All.....................[OP.30]
    ---First Sin............................[OP.31]
    ---Second Sin...........................[OP.32]
    ---Third Sin............................[OP.33]
    ---Fourth Sin...........................[OP.34]
    ---Fifth Sin............................[OP.35]
    ---Sixth Sin............................[OP.36]
    ---Final Sin............................[OP.37]
    - The X Missions........................[XX.XX]
    ---X1: Kyriaki..........................[XX.X1]
    ---X2: Deftera..........................[XX.X2]
    ---X3: Triti............................[XX.X3]
    ---X4: Tetarti..........................[XX.X4]
    - Version Info..........................[VE.IN]
    - Legal and Copyright...................[LE.CO]
    - Credits and Thanks....................[TH.NX]
    =About the Guide= - [AB.GU]
    This is my first FAQ ever, and hopefully I won't make too many mistakes. That 
    said, you do not need to follow this FAQ from beginning to end. Due to the 
    type of game Trauma Center: Under the Knife is, you can simply jump to where 
    ever you are in the game and you don't need to worry about missing me mention 
    some ultra-important item you need.
    Plot spoilers will be omitted where ever possible; however, due to the type of
    game this is, if you want to "solve" the operations yourself, this guide is 
    very counter-productive.
    =Story= - [ST.RY]
    Very slight plot spoilers follow. Read at your own risk.
    You are Derek Stiles, a rookie doctor working at Hope Hospital. It is year 2018
    and most incurable diseases are a thing of the past. But now, a mysterious new
    disease - a form of medical terrorism - has threatened to destroy humanity.
    Earth's only hope may be the Caduceus organization, who specialize in curing 
    the incurable. But GUILT may be too much for even them...
    =Characters= - [CH.AR]
    Slight plot spoilers follow. Read at your own risk.
    Some information taken from the Trauma Center instruction booklet.
    Derek Stiles
    Age 26
    Profession: Surgeon
    The main character. A surgeon with a big heart who never gives up. He believes 
    a doctor must work together with a patient to cure a disease, and he vows never
    to lose a patient. Determined, if a bit cocky.
    Angie Thompson
    Age 21
    Profession: Nurse
    Your nurse for the the majority of the game. She's young but experienced, and 
    although she isn't very impressed with your skills are first, she quickly 
    becomes quite attached to you. She may be moody at times, but she always has 
    everyone's best interests at heart.
    Mary Fulton
    Age 39
    Profession: Surgical Assistant
    Your nurse for the first few operations of the game. She later transfers to a 
    different hospital and Angie takes her place. She looks after the younger 
    staff, including Derek.
    Greg Kasal
    Age 35
    Profession: Senior Surgeon
    A cool and collected surgeon at Hope Hospital. He's the manager of all personal
    at Hope Hospital, and although he takes his position seriously and expects 
    others to do the same, he's very kind and trusts Derek.
    Robert Hoffman
    Age 62
    Profession: Director of Hope Hospital
    Used to be an exceptional surgeon, but retired to become a director. He may be 
    hiding something extraordinary...
    =Equipment, Tools, and Items= - [CN.TR]
    During operations, there are several pieces of medical equipment you can use.
    These appear on the left and right of your touch screen, and each has a 
    specific use. Most of them have a meter "below" the icon of the item that shows
    how many "uses" the item has left. If this depletes completely, the item is 
    useless for a few seconds, and this can seriously screw you over.
    From top to bottom, left to right:
    Used to burn away small tumors and other nuisances. Simply touch the bottom 
    screen where you want to the laser to burn. Be careful, if you laser bare skin
    the patient will start bleeding.
    High Tech Laser (takes the place of Laser when needed)
    On certain operations, you'll get an upgraded laser. This is the same as the 
    normal laser, except it can be used infinitely. Very useful.
    Antibiotic Gel
    A very useful gel that can heal minor wounds such as the leftover cuts after 
    removing foreign objects or tumors. At the beginning of most operations, put 
    this on the yellow dotted line before making your incision. Can also be used 
    to "cool off" certain things and to "steer" some GUILT. Simply "rub" the gel 
    over the area you wish to disinfect.
    Used to drain blood, water, vapor, tumor fluid, and some very small objects. 
    This is one of the hardest tools to use. Place it on the area you wish to 
    remove fluid from, then rub upwards on the drain. If the fluid is still in 
    the drain, return to the bottom and rub upwards again until you get the little
    "success" noise.
    Used to pull on and extract some objects. This is one of the most used tools 
    in the game. It's used to remove glass, defeated GUILT, excised tumors, etc.
    Touch the object you wish to extract/pull, then either pull it out and drop it 
    on the tray that should appear to your bottom left, or pull it to where you
    want it to go (if, for example, you need to close up large wounds).
    Membrane (appears in a tray at the bottom left when needed)
    Apply these with the forceps to certain wounds (they'll appear automatically), 
    then apply the gel to the membrane, then wound it on with your hand until it 
    disappears and you get a "success" noise.
    Used very rarely. Used in certain missions to massage the heart or to apply 
    membranes. Rub the screen in the necessary area depending on what you're doing.
    Healing Touch
    After you learn the Healing Touch, you can use it by double tapping on the hand
    icon. You will then have to draw a star on the touch screen. Time will slow 
    down, and you'll be able to preform procedures that you weren't fast enough to 
    do otherwise.
    Used to locate objects under the skins surface, such as certain types of tumors
    and some types of GUILT. Tap the area you want to ultrasound and, if the object
    is present, you'll see a black outline. Otherwise, try somewhere else. Easy to 
    Magnifier (replaces Ultrasound when necessary)
    Used to zoom in on an area. Not used very often. Often you'll be prompted to 
    magnify the area, but sometimes you must use it at your own discretion. To 
    magnify, draw a "C" shape around the area you want to magnify. The game says 
    to draw a circle, but doing so will result in a miss.
    Used to make incisions into a patient before most operations, to excise some 
    foreign objects, to cut open skin and some objects, to defeat certain GUILT, 
    and some other stuff. This is one of the most used tools and is necessary. In 
    certain operations, your scalpel will break and you'll need to wait for your 
    nurse to get a new one. This is meant to happen and will not happen during 
    "normal" missions. To use the scalpel, trace along the yellow/green dotted line
    until you get the "success" noise. If there is no line, cutting across the 
    center of the object should work. If you're "stabbing" a GUILT, just tap on it.
    Used to "suture" cuts. Draw a lig-zag pattern from one end of the cut to the 
    other end. 90% of the time, if the stitches didn't work, you didn't cover the
    entire cut. This seems to be the hardest tool to use for a lot of people, but 
    once you get the hang of it it should be pretty easy. And you'll need to get 
    the hang of it, as you'll use it a LOT.
    When you select the syringe icon, several bottles will appear at the bottom of 
    your screen. Trace upwards from the bottle to fill your syringe. The green 
    liquid is always present, and is the Stabilizer. This is the most used tool in 
    the game, because it increases your patient's vitals. You'll find yourself 
    using this over twenty times during one operation in later parts of the game.
    Other liquids you can use change depending on the mission, but they tend to 
    either damage GUILT or destroy some types of tumors. To inject, tap and hold on
    the screen, then trace downwards until your syringe empties.
    Used at the end of nearly every operation to bandage up the cut you made at the
    beginning of the operation. If you don't apply the gel before using a bandage, 
    you'll get a "BAD" when using the bandages. These things control really poorly,
    and are hard to explain. You basically trace the line you want for the bandage,
    except it can't change directions, so moving opposite the wound will make the
    whole bandage change direction... Try to get the hang of them early.
    =Basic Operations= - [BA.OP]
    This only deals with operations you'll have to perform a lot. If a procedure is
    exclusive to one mission, I'll one cover it in the main guide.
    Small Foreign Object - Remove with forceps, apply gel to wound.
    Large Foreign Object - Remove with forceps, suture wound.
    Small wound - Apply gel.
    Large wound - Suture.
    Small circular wound - Apply gel.
    Large circular wound - Apply membrane with forceps, apply gel to membrane, 
    massage membrane.
    Gash - Drain blood, pinch shut with forceps, suture.
    Polyps (often referred to as tumors throughout this guide) - Laser, apply gel.
    (Alternately, apply gel and then laser.)
    Tumor - Locate with ultrasound, cut open with scalpel, drain green stuff, 
    excise with scalpel, remove with forceps, place membrane, use gel on membrane, 
    massage membrane in.
    Yellow/Black Tumor - Laser.
    Diverticula - Inject appropriate serum. Excise with scalpel, remove with 
    forceps and drop into tray, place membrane with forceps, gel membrane, massage.
    Blood Buildup - Drain blood, apply gel to wound.
    Beginning incision - Apply gel to the yellow line. Cut across the line with the
    Your earlier incision - Suture.
    Stitched up wound - Apply gel, use bandage.
    =GUILT and How to Deal With Them= - [GU.DE]
    Note that this only tells you how to kill the GUILT themselves, not the wounds 
    and effects they create. By the time you get to GUILT, you should be familiar 
    with their effects. Some of the HP counts may not be exact.
    This section contains many plot spoilers, especially towards the end.
    Read with caution.
    Infant Kyriaki
    HP: 2 (early) or 3 (concentrated)
    Weapon of choice: Laser
    Use the ultrasound to find the kyriaki bodies. Use the scalpel to get them out 
    of the person's skin. Laser them two or three times. Defeat!
    Matured Kyriaki
    HP: 3 (early) up to 4 (concentrated)
    Weapon of choice: Laser
    Use the ultrasound to find the kyriaki. Use the scalpel to get it out. Laser 
    it. It'll go back under the patient's skin, so repeat the process until it 
    dies. Defeat!
    HP: 3
    Weapon of choice: Drain
    Wait for the two Deftera halves to touch each other and combine. If you want, 
    you can use the gel to "steer" them, but it does more harm than help in my 
    opinion. When they combine, use the drain on them until you get a "success" 
    noise and their color starts to fade. Repeat. They'll now be almost black and 
    white, so due it once more. The "compound" Deftera will start going crazy and 
    bouncing, so wait for that to start, then QUICKLY cut it out with the scalpel, 
    as it will start making the yellow and black tumors like crazy. Defeat! Grab it
    with the forceps, drop it in the tray, and apply a membrane to the wound.
    HP: A lot, and it can regenerate
    Weapon of choice: Forceps and scalpel
    Oh man, I hate these bastards. Triti are the bane of my existence, and to be 
    honest, I beat all the triti levels with pure dumb luck. So now I shall pass 
    down to you my strategies, assuming you, like me, have no damn idea how to beat
    these little jerks.
    To start, triti have three "phases". Forceps, scalpel, forceps. Triti cling 
    together like a puzzle, and the way to beat them is to pull out all three of a 
    single piece's needles, scalpel it, and then drop it in your tray. The puzzles 
    are many. One, it can regenerate, very quickly. Two, sometimes the needles turn
    to vapor, which will spawn more triti. Remove the vapor with your drain. Three,
    there are triti pieces that will blink purple occasionally. This decreases your
    vitals by quite a bit. These pieces also respawn faster than other pieces.
    Basically, the way to kill this GUILT is to remove all the pieces. Now, 
    obviously it can only respawn if it has room. So try to back it into a corner. 
    There are two main strategies here:
    1. Healing Touch at the beginning of the operation. Pull out a lot of needles, 
    scribble over all the yellow dots with the scalpel, pull out the triti. Hope it
    doesn't regenerate really fast and murder you when the HT stops.
    2. Quickly but CAREFULLY back it into a corner. Then HT and finish it off while
    it can't defend itself as well.
    I prefer strategy 1, but I admit that it relies a lot on dumb luck. I just 
    happen to have that abundance, so it works well for me. So overall I recommend 
    strategy 2.
    I hate these things...
    OniwabanAoshi13 has brought to my attention that each Triti has a "corner" of 
    the patient's vitals that you can back Triti into. The following is unaltered 
    from its original form:
    [What I discovered is that each Triti mission has a different corner to back
    them into: ie; it works better based on the regeneration pattern. On 
    "Forbidden Knowledge" the best way is to back it into the top left corner of
    the touch screen, because the Triti tend to respawn to the lower right.
    On the next Triti mission, "Shifting GUILT", it pays off to push them to the
    top right corner.
    For the Third Sin Triti, the bottom left.
    I haven't beaten Final Sin yet, so I'll get back to you on X3.
    Also, letting the thorns vaporize is mission suicide, I'm not sure if you 
    included that, but by the time you finish fixing your mistake, you either time
    out or die trying. Same with dropping the sections (happens to my 
    battle-scarred DS... run over a scratch.)
    Another thing I noticed: The game gives priority to the purple triangles. 
    excising those while securing the other areas (pulling out every other needle
    to prevent multiplication) works wonders... The game will heal inside first,
    giving you a few seconds.]
    Karppa sent me an email explaining Triti in much greater detail:
    "First of all, I've noticed that Triti regenerates EVERY time when you pull out
    some of the hardened membrane ( triangles) after cutting them IF there are two 
    needles next to eachother, and free space next to them. If you have one "space"
    between needles, you won't get more of the hardened membrane. This is the only 
    hope against Triti, but since the cursed thing keeps vaporizing the needles and
    the needles regenerate a little too fast in my oppinion, it's always a little 
    hopeless. I'd rate all Triti around the same difficulty as trying to save Amy 
    from the two Defetra. You just need luck to beat them.
    Still, with Triti you can rely a bit more on skill, since you can prevent 
    regeration by moving every "second" needle."
    Infant Tetarti
    HP: 4
    Weapon of choice: Serum (Syringe)
    You'll only have to fight these a few times, during the mission "Race for the 
    Cure." They serve as a plot device so Derek can learn how to kill the real 
    Tetarti, which are basically three of the infants.
    Start by injecting the reddish serum. The Tetarti will go beneath the skin, so
    use the ultrasound, then use the scalpel, then the syringe again. Repeat twice 
    more. Defeat! Now grab the dead Tetarti with the forceps, drop it on the tray,
    cut it open with the scalpel, and drain the innards of it until you get a 
    "success" noise.
    Tetarti (Purple, Yellow, Green)
    HP: 4+
    Weapon of choice: Serum (Syringe)
    I love these little buggers. After drawing them out, you should notice they 
    just sit around and let you watch them for a second or two. Quickly locate the
    purple one and the green one while extracting the purple serum. Now they'll 
    lose their colors and start running around. Inject your purple serum into the 
    purple one (you kept track of it, RIGHT?), get the green serum, and inject it 
    into the green one (you kept track of this one too, RIGHT?!), then inject the
    yellow serum into the last one before the other two can recover. Then repeat 
    this until they die. Defeat! 
    What makes this difficult is how they get faster with each "round", sometimes 
    becoming so fast that a Healing Touch is all but necessary. If you happen to
    inject the wrong color serum into one, not only will you not damage it, not  
    only will the round end, but they'll also create three of those different 
    colored tumors. Basically, if you inject the wrong color, restart the level, as
    having to deal with the three tumors and their bleeding while trying to kill 
    the Tetarti is really hard. It's easier to just quit if you mess up.
    HP: A lot (If I had to guess, 8. At least.)
    Weapon of choice: Laser
    After you actually figure out how to kill this guy (which takes like four 
    operations), it's actually pretty simple.
    Inject the serum into the moving white object. Then do it again. Now the core 
    surfaces. Laser the core until it dies. Now it'll come back, and this time it's
    actually a threat. It has three main ways of attacking, all of which involve 
    smaller cores.
    1. It forms a group of mini-cores around the big core. As they circle around, 
    they decrease vitals. Follow them around with the laser, and try to get the 
    laser in such a position that you can damage the main core too.
    2. It'll spawn several mini-cores at once on the outside of its body. Laser 
    these FAST. In a few seconds, it will convulse, and all mini-cores will leave
    tumors behind, as well as destroying any previous tumors (which leads to blood 
    loss and dropping vitals). Kill these FAST and you won't have to worry about 
    a build up of tumors.
    3. The most dangerous attack. It will spawn a single mini-core at a time, which
    will then make a large cut and commit suicide. It does this about six times 
    total. This can drop your vitals INSANELY quickly, and you need to be REALLY
    fast to kill all the mini-cores it generates before they cut up the patient.
    Whenever you have some free time (not killing mini-cores, healing wounds, or 
    injecting stabilizer), you should laser the main core, assuming it's "active".
    Angie will tell you when it's at 50% health, and after that you're in the home 
    stretch. Laser it around 8 times and Defeat!
    HP: 15?
    Weapon of choice: Scalpel, laser, forceps
    Ok, here's how this works. Paraskevi will make its way from point A to point D,
    making stops at point B and C. Basically if it gets to point D you have a few
    seconds to finish it before it gets into your patient's heart and kills them 
    However, Paraskevi splits up into smaller pieces when cut with the scalpel. So 
    what you need to do is split it up until it's as small as it's gonna get, then 
    extract it.
    Start by lasering the tail of the huge Paraskevi. Now cut it into two. Laser 
    both of these so they don't go anywhere, then cut one of them. Now laser all 
    three that should exist now. Cut both the smaller ones in half if you have the
    vitals to survive four cuts, otherwise use the stabilizer, laser them again, 
    then make the cut. Now laser all five, and use the forceps to remove the four 
    tiny ones, placing them on the tray at your bottom right. If some escape to 
    area B, don't worry. Make sure you get rid of all the small ones before moving 
    on to the other big one. Do the same thing - laser, cut, laser, cut, laser, 
    remove, using the stabilizer when necessary. When you remove the last Paraskevi
    single unit, Defeat!
    Whenever you're about move on to another area, leave one wound open and use the
    stabilizer to get vitals to max, then close the last wound and move on. The 
    Paraskevi will not move on or hurt the patient while you're doing this.
    If you get to the "outside the heart" fourth area, and you're not almost done, 
    you will probably lose, so try to win in area C or earlier.
    Try to keep all Paraskevi still by lasering them, so they won't get away. 
    When you're good, they should only get away if they're in their invincible 
    Unlike previously thought, you don't need to remove all of Paraskevi in Area A 
    to S-rank the mission. It helps, though.
    You may want to save your Healing Touch, just in case you screw up. In can save
    you when Paraskevi is right outside the heart.
    Ace Of Hearts SE suggests the following strategy to get an S-rank on Paraskevi 
    "After suturing all the initial wounds, freeze and cut the initial Paraskevi.
    After that, freeze the two semi-long ones, and from there, my general strategy
    is to go to town on one of those two semi-long segments (freeze, chop it up, 
    and remove all the tiny Paraskevi), and then the other.  Specifically, though, 
    you'll notice that every time you chop a Paraskevi in half, you create a 
    laceration; once you've got three or four on the screen, take a moment to 
    freeze all the Paraskevi as fast as you can, then suture up those
    lacerations / heal vitals before continuing.  When going for an S, re-freezing 
    anything that starts to move again takes priority over everything else, 'cause 
    if anything escapes into area B, your S is shot (the S-rank condition is to 
    defeat the whole thing in area A without using the Healing Touch or getting any
    misses).  With all this attention being paid to healing/suturing, you'll 
    probably have less than a minute left on the timer at the end, but you'll still
    get your S."
    The only thing I can't confirm is the requirement of finishing in Area A, so 
    far this has been confirmed by at least 4 people and denied by at least 2 
    Baby Savato
    HP: 1
    Weapon of choice: Laser
    Laser these guys before they can form a big one. If five get together, they 
    form a bigger one which is still easy to kill with a laser. They almost never 
    kill your patient themselves. Easy to handle.
    HP: "2"
    Weapon of choice: Serum (Syringe), Scalpel, Laser
    Don't get excited at his low HP count, it's in quotation marks for a reason. 
    This guy is a real bastard and the closest thing to a boss fight you'll find in
    the game. DO NOT USE HEALING TOUCH. Using Healing Touch prematurely will 
    prevent you from being able to kill Savato.
    Web phase:
    Use your scalpel to cut a strand of web away. Your scalpel will dissolve, and 
    you're forced to wait for Angie to get you another one. During this point you
    should be stabilizing your patient. IGNORE THE BABY SAVATO. They really can't 
    hurt your patient much. Just keep stabilizing, cutting the webs, and trying to 
    get on to the next portion. You may notice the web turning red. DON'T LET IT 
    TURN RED. If it "explodes", it knocks your vitals down by something like thirty
    points. Ouch. Cutting a strand of web will "reset" the redness timer. Savato 
    missions generally have three different webs.
    If you continually "pester" Savato with the laser, he'll be less likely to make
    webs. At first I thought this was just random luck that when I was annoying him
    he made the webs less, but after several people gave me tips on this, I figured
    it was more than a coincidence.
    It has also been pointed out to me that the more Baby Savato the matured Savato
    absorbs after you detsroy his final web, the stronger his shield will be. This
    is not a huge deal, but if you get a chance to blow a few away before he can
    absorb them, by all means do so. I know I told you to ignore them, but Savato 
    with a big shield can be infuriating.
    Shell phase:
    All the bugs from the previous phase will disappear. Use the laser to take off 
    this guy's protective shell. Continue ignoring the Baby Savato he spawns; 
    they're still worthless. However, Savato himself can do a NASTY three-cut move,
    and he can use it several times in quick succession. Nine lacerations in the 
    timespan of a few seconds is REALLY bad. This phase is mainly luck-based. You 
    need to hope he spawns more babies instead of doing the three cuts. Continue 
    lasering him until his shell disappears completely and Angie tells you to stab 
    him. Use the scalpel, tap on him, and he's stay still for a few seconds. Don't 
    celebrate. In the first Savato mission, you must laser him once more until his
    shield is down. In the later missions you need to do it SEVERAL more times 
    before he allows you to enter the...
    Injection phase:
    Once you are able to stab him and are prompted to inject the serum, do so. 
    Savato will appear to be defeated, and then go nuts and trigger the...
    Healing Touch phase
    Savato will get pissy and attack by forming NINE large cuts on the heart. NINE.
    Don't attempt to heal suture these. Derek will say that he won't let the
    patient die and a Healing Touch will activate automatically. You can attempt to
    inject the serum, but Savato is still way too fast, even in Healing Touch mode.
    Select the Healing Touch icon to your left, and draw a star. Derek will 
    activate a second Healing Touch over the first one, which stops time 
    altogether. Savato is completely immobilized, so savor the sweet taste of 
    injecting the serum into him for the final blow. Savato does a little death
    dance and all the wounds are healed. Defeat!
    Ace Of Hearts SE submitted some helpful advice for Savato missions:
    "I'm also told that touching Savato on any mission with anything other than 
    the laser or scalpel will only piss him off and make him create lacerations or 
    bugs (moreso in later operations than early on); so try to avoid coming into 
    contact with Savato with anything other than what you need to use on him at the
    moment.  (This is different from "pestering" him with the laser, as detailed 
    in your FAQ, which, by the way, is very workable as a way to keep Savato in a 
    relatively mellow mood.)"
    =Frequently Asked Questions= - [FA.QS]
    -Questions About the Game-
    Q: What is this game?
    A: You're in the wrong place. Trauma Center: Under the Knife is a part action,
    part puzzle, part point and click adventure game released by Atlus for the DS.
    It's already hard to find as of writing this (as is the Atlus tradition), so if
    you want a copy, eBay is your best bet.
    Q: I'm squeamish. Can I still play this game?
    A: I get emailed this question about once a day. The answer: I don't know. I
    have no idea how squeamish you are, and I have no way to relate to you, since 
    I'm not squeamish and I don't know anyone who is. I really can't answer this.
    Q: How do I fight Triti without the Healing Touch?
    A: With great caution.
    Q: No, seriously.
    A: Triti guide. Up there. ^
    Q: How do I beat Savato?!
    A: Scroll up about one page.
    Q: I can't use the magnifying glass!
    A: Draw a "C" shape, not a circle.
    Q: How do I delete saved data?
    A: On the "start up" screen for your DS, when you select the DS game or the GBA
    game, hold L, hold R, hold Up on the Control Pad, hold start, and then select 
    the DS game. This will bring up a prompt asking you if you want to reformat the
    game data.
    As far as I know, you can't delete single saved game files, but you can just 
    save a new file over them, so that's no big problem.
    Q: How does the scoring system work?
    A: I'm not sure, exactly. To get a high score, work fast, get all "Cool" 
    rankings as opposed to "Good" or "Bad", maintain your vitals well and end the 
    operation with them at max, and try to fulfill whatever the "special" 
    requirement is for the given level. I'm barely able to beat most missions with 
    a C rank, so don't expect a lot of help from me.
    Q: I can't beat An Explosive Patient... WTF do I actually have to do?!
    A: Hold down Ctrl, press F. Type in [OP.15]. Click "Find". Follow instructions.
    Q: The ESRB content rating says "Partial Nudity"...
    A: During the breifing before some operations you can see the outline of the 
    female body. It's completely tasteful and nothing you haven't seen on a poster 
    in health class.
    Q: What are some other games like this?
    A: There aren't any that I know of. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is another 
    hard to find DS game that requires a lot of thinking, but gameplay-wise they're
    nothing alike.
    Q: Can I use your Walkthrough on my site?
    A: Maybe. Send me an email with your site's address and policies for this kind
    of thing and I'll decide based on my own discretion. If your site has a history
    of theft, the answer is "No".
    Q: I can't draw the Healing Touch right.
    A: Practice practice practice. And I don't mean that tutorial mission. The game
    judges your star on size, shape, and speed drawn.
    Try to draw it in, at MOST, 3 seconds. Preferrably 1.5 or less.
    Make it fill up most of the screen.
    Don't make it look stupid. If it can't be easily recognized as a star, the game
    won't register it.
    Q: Did you know the main character's initials are DS?! / Did you know the main 
    character's last name sounds like Stylus?!
    A: Yes. Yes I did.
    Q: So, um... What exactly are the X missions (plot wise)?
    A: I plan to have an "X Mission Theories" section up just as soon as I beat 
    them. If I ever do.
    -Questions About the FAQ/the Author-
    Q: Will you answer my question and put it here?
    A: Email me with your question. Put "Trauma Center question" in the subject 
    line. I'll probably feature it here if it isn't answered already.
    Q: Okay, so what's your email?
    A: KenriofDarkness@aol.com. Put "Trauma Center question" in the subject if you
    have a question about the game or "Trauma Center FAQ" in the subject if you 
    have a question/comment/correction/etc about the actual FAQ. I will not read 
    emails with very poor grammar/spelling, all caps, or anything overly rude, and
    I will not under any cirsumstances read an email with an attachment.
    Just a note: I won't reply to every email. I've been pretty busy lately and 
    honestly, school takes priority over this FAQ. Sorry for any inconvience.
    Q: Any other ways I can contact you?
    A: My AIM is a closed list only and the board I frequent is de-linked, so...
    No, not really.
    Q: I noticed an inaccuracy, either a typo or a piece of incorrect information.
    A: Great. Email me about it, following the guidelines above. Even if it's a 
    minor typo, I'd like to know about it.
    Q: I have a great strategy for...
    A: Excellent. Email me using the guidelines above. If I use the strategy I'll
    give you credit.
    =Walkthrough and Guide= - [WA.LK]
    There are 37 main operations in this game. This will walk you through all of 
    them, from Standard Procedure to The Final Sin.
    ---Standard Procedure--- - [OP.01]
    This is really a tutorial mission. Get used the controls and memorize the basic
    steps, such as putting gel on before making your incision or putting on the 
    Start by suturing the two wounds. Remember to go from one end to the other, 
    not just the middle. The game will stop you after you suture the first wound 
    to tell you "good job" and so forth. After this "cutscene" finishes, suture 
    the second wound. The game will tell you select the forceps. Extract the glass 
    one at the time, dropping it into the tray. Quickly drab the antibiotic gel and
    heal the wounds.
    Gel the yellow line and select the scalpel. Make your incision.
    Okay, now you have three pieces of glass. Quickly extract them one at a time 
    and drop them into the tray. Grab the gel and heal the three wounds.
    Now suture up the incision you made. Gel the wound, and apply the bandage. Fin.
    Ace Of Hearts SE informed me on how to achieve an S-rank for this mission:
    "Gel Healing / S on 1st Mission Note: it took me until I saw the videos of the
    Japanese boy to figure this out, but on the very first mission, have you ever 
    noticed how no matter how well you do, you still seem to get a C?  The S-Rank 
    conditions include (as well as the typical "don't get any misses" condition, 
    and lots of people say you must finish this mission with over 4:30 left on the 
    timer) having 99 HP at the end of the operation.  Then you look at your tools 
    and find out that this early in the game, the syringe/stabilizer isn't 
    available yet!  (You don't learn how to use it until the next operation.)  So 
    what do you do?  You might not have your stabilizer, but you ARE taught how to
    use the gel in this operation, and that's how you're going to accomplish this. 
    See, a full swipe of gel will heal vitals by 1 or 2 HP (a "full" swipe meaning 
    from the time you place the stylus on the screen until it won't let you rub in 
    any more until you lift the stylus off the screen again); thus, before you 
    close up the patient, smear on a whole lot of gel to bring the vitals to a full
    99 points.  (The best way to do this is to draw a rather large circle or the 
    popular "M" shape on the screen with the gel; for best effect, do it as quickly
    as you can, and do it at least six or seven times in a row.)"
    ---Standard Procedure 2--- - [OP.02]
    Gel, make your incision. The patient's vitals will drop, so you'll have to 
    apply the stabilizer twice.
    Select the ultrasound. Tap in the lower right, in that narrower area. You'll 
    see the silhouette of the tumor. Scalpel down the center of it. Use the drain 
    to remove the green stuff. Now select the scalpel again and trace along the 
    yellow dots. If you miss one, just tap the dot - you don't need to do the whole
    cut again.
    Now choose the forceps, grab the tumor, and drop it in the tray. Use the 
    forceps to place the membrane on the wound. Apply the gel. Select the hand icon
    and rub the membrane until it disappears.
    Suture the wound, apply the gel, apply the bandage. Fin.
    ---A Farewell--- - [OP.03]
    Gel the line and make your incision. You'll be prompted to select the syringe 
    and use the blue fluid to destroy the inflammed areas. Do this quickly before 
    they burst and you lose vitals.
    There are three tumors. Just use the ultrasound to find the tumors. One is in 
    the middle bottom, just slightly to the right.
    Make your incision on it, drain the green stuff, excise the tumor, extract it
    with the forceps, place the membrane, apply the gel, and massage the membrane.
    The next one is just a bit up and left of the first one. Repeat the process. 
    The last one is straight up and slightly to the right of the second one. Just 
    do the same procedure as before. This should be easy for you by now.
    You're finished. Suture the wound, apply the gel, and bandage the wound. Fin.
    ---Singing the Blues--- - [OP.04]
    Yay, Angie! Ok, this is your first non-tutorial mission, but it's still fairly 
    easy. Gel the line, make your incision. You'll be told to magify the bleeding 
    area. Select the magnifier/ultrasound, and draw a "C" shape around the area. 
    You'll magnify. Use the drain to remove the blood and select the laser. The 
    trick to the laser is not to use it for too long, or else the patient will 
    start bleeding again. Don't worry, though, it's easier than it sounds. Laser 
    some "polyps" (I'll forget this term by operation 7 or so and start calling 
    them tumors again. Guaranteed.). Blood will start to build up again. This is a
    scripted event - even if you're good, it will happen. Drain the blood.
    Now you'll learn that you have to apply gel after using the laser. You won't 
    have to use it nearly as fast as the game implies, though. Use the gel on the 
    wounds you already made, then laser the rest of the polyps and gel the wound. 
    Draw another C shape with the magnifier to zoom out. Zoom in on the next area 
    that's bleeding.
    Drain the blood. Repeat the process of lasering several, applying the gel, and
    repeating. When all the polyps are gone, zoom out and zoom in on the next area.
    Drain the blood. This is the most polyps you've seen yet, but they're still not
    a challenge. Just don't laser too many at once or blood will form quickly. If 
    it does, drain it. Finish off the polyps. Inject some stabilizer if necessary, 
    then zoom out. Zoom in on the next area. 
    Drain the blood. Wow, this one looks tame compared to the last one. You know 
    what to do - laser, gel, repeat. Zoom out.
    Another one. Zoom in, drain the blood. Getting annoyed yet? Laser them, gel the
    wounds. Zoom out.
    Angie tells you that's the last of them. Suture the wound. Apply the gel. Use 
    the bandage. Fin. Angie will mock you.
    ---A Real Doctor--- - [OP.05]
    Gel. Incision. You should know how to do this by now.
    Angie will yell "What is that?!" Actually, it's just just some inflammation. 
    Select the syringe and use the blue fluid on them, one at the time, the three 
    big ones first.
    When those are all gone, you need to get rid of the actual tumors. The first 
    one is in the upper right. Use the Powell method (ultrasound, scalpel, drain, 
    scalpel, forceps, membrane, gel, massage). The next one is in the bottom right.
    Use the same method of find it, cutting across it, draining the green, cut it 
    out, remove it, place the membrane, gel it, massage it on. The next is a bit up
    and to the left. Same method. The next one is right in the middle of the body.
    Cut, drain, cut, remove, membrane, gel, massage.
    Angie is still concerned. She'll tell you to use the ultrasound again. Quickly 
    use it about ten times. You won't find anything, and you'll be told to finish 
    up the operation. Suture the wound, apply the gel, and put on the bandage. Fin.
    ---Life or Death--- - [OP.06]
    Okay, when you start out the patient will already be at 01 vitals, and he's 
    got multiple lacerations and some glass in his chest. This is bad. You'll be 
    walked through the next few steps and learn how to restart the person's heart.
    However, this is generally useless as you'll use it like, twice in the entire 
    First, apply the gel to that blue rectangle. Then select your hand and follow 
    the dark bar that moves up and down as it...moves up and down. After a few 
    seconds the person will be saved with 30 vitals.
    Okay, now on to the operation. First suture the three large cuts, then use the
    stabilizer as his vitals should have dropped about 10 points. Use the gel on 
    the smaller wounds. Now for the glass. Use the ol' grab and drop with the 
    forceps, using the gel after the first two pieces are extracted and again after
    the last two to heal the small wounds.
    Angie says his vitals are dropping fast. They're really not, but be careful 
    anyway. Gel the yellow line and make an incision.
    Angie says that this is out of your league you that you should wait for Dr. 
    Kasal. Are you gonna listen to her, though? Hell no. Extract the glass while 
    being EXTREMELY careful. Gel after every two or so pieces and use the 
    stabilizer when necessary.
    When you heal the last wound with the gel, his vitals will go critical again. 
    Use the gel on the rectangle and follow the bar with your hand just like at the
    beginning of the operation. His vitals will return to the mid-twenties.
    Now a cut will form and you'll see a piece of glass begin to jut out. Angie 
    tells you to remove it but be careful. She's right - be careful. Messing up 
    here can drop the patient's vitals VERY fast. Fortunately, this piece of glass 
    isn't much different from the smaller ones. Use the forceps and pull straight 
    up, and continue pulling until it is completely extracted (you'll get the 
    "success" noise). Keep your hand VERY steady.
    He'll start bleeding and a huge gash will appear. "Dammit! Don't die on me!" 
    A yellow star will be automatically drawn on the screen and time will slow down
    to a crawl. Welcome to the Healing Touch.
    Suture up the large cut. This is difficult due to the "VITAL WARNING" message 
    that blocks your view. If you can't get it to work, try to suture from the 
    opposite end. You'll be dealing with cuts this size a lot later in the game, 
    so try to get in the habit of dealing with them.
    Suturing the gash will trigger the zoom out, so suture your incision, apply the
    gel, and bandage up the cut. Fin.
    ---Dormant Ability--- - [OP.07]
    I hate this operation, and I never really got the hang of it.
    Ok, start as normal by gelling the line and making an incision. Magnify the 
    area where all the lines converge. You should see a bunch of "balls" flicker in
    and out of view while moving towards the exit.
    To kill these, do the following:
    Choose one and ultrasound it.
    Select the forceps. Pull on it to make it stop moving.
    Cut it with the scalpel.
    Use the drain until you get a "success" noise.
    Use gel on the wound.
    Repeat for all of them. In all my tries, I haven't once been able to get them 
    all, so don't worry. Some will get through and reduce the vitals, but you can 
    (and should) use the stabilizer when needed.
    Everything will seem fine, then a bunch more will appear. Healing Touch will 
    automatically activate again. Start with the one closest to the exit and work 
    towards the ones furthest back. When you get rid of them all, you'll have to 
    suture up your incision, use the gel, and bandage the wound. Fin.
    I'm trying to figure out a better method and when I do the guide will be 
    updated accordingly. For now, though, this will get you through the operation.
    ---Striving for Asclepius--- - [OP.08]
    This is a training mission to teach you how to use the Healing Touch. After 
    this operation, you can use the Healing Touch whenever you want by double 
    tapping on the hand icon (a star icon will replace it). You can't lose this 
    operation, so instead of guiding you through it, I'll give you advice on how to
    end it really quickly and get an S rank.
    Note the star shape it gives you. To start, simply trace that, starting from 
    the bottom left point and going diagonally up and to the right. Then go down 
    and right, up and left, straight across to the right, and down and left to the 
    point where you started. Try to do this in about 1.5 seconds.
    Next the star outline will fade slightly. Trace it again, using the same path 
    as shown above.
    Now the star outline will disappear completely. Try to remember where the star 
    was, and "trace" it again the same way. If done right, the mission should end 
    now and you'll have a score of 0 (operation), 0 (time), 0 (vitals), and 2000 
    (special), which will net you an S rank. Fin.
    ---Awakening--- - [OP.09]
    By FAR the hardest mission so far, and I can't give you much advice. Quick 
    reflexes are a BIG help. A quick note - if you're losing repeatedly, try just 
    excising the aneurisms, but not removing them. Do this for all of them then 
    finish one at a time. I can't pull off this strategy very well myself, but a 
    lot of people use it.
    To start, gel and make an incision. Magnify the aneurism by drawing a "C" 
    shape. Inject the brown serum, cut it out, extract it with the forceps. Blood
    will build up so drain it with the...drain. Select the forceps and connect the
    two parts of the vessel (resembles a string). Connect the vessel and suture it 
    shut. You don't need to suture the entire thing, just the area where they were
    Zoom out, and zoom in on the new one. Repeat what you did before. Everything 
    seems fine, and then... Several more appear. Didn't see that coming! Zoom out 
    and zoom back in near the middle of all the red things so you can deal with 
    them all at once. This is the NUMBER ONE reason people fail the mission - there
    will be one off screen and they won't zoom out, and it will burst and sap the 
    at the vitals. Inject the brown serum if one looks like it's getting too big, 
    and quickly but carefully deal with them one at a time. If one looks like it's
    getting too big, drop everything and inject it. If one bursts, it'll drop the 
    vitals by about 20. So if two burst at once you'll probably lose right there.
    Once you finish that group, another group will appear. Again, zoom out and in 
    on the middle so you can deal with them all. This part is hard. Use the HT if 
    you don't care about rankings, and try to deal with several of them. One or two
    will probably burst during this section if you aren't really good (like me), so
    don't worry. If they burst, drain the blood and then connect the two vessels 
    and suture them like normal. Make sure you use the stabilizer if your vitals 
    ever drop to 20 or less. Just keep at it and try very hard not to let them 
    When you finish them off, suture your incision, gel the cut, and use the 
    bandages. Fin.
    (Better strategy coming soon.)
    [weapon2000 suggests this strategy for the hard part of Awakening:
    - HT 
    - Magnify over as many aneurysms as possible 
    - Inject sedative to 2 or 3 aneurysms 
    - Cut but DO NOT REMOVE 
    - Repeat process 
    - Finish up]
    ---Just Let Me Die--- - [OP.10]
    First off, notice you have three minutes instead of the normal five. Gel the 
    line and make your incision.
    Okay, this is the first time you've seen the large lacerations. For convenience
    I'll be calling them "gashes". To fix a gash, drain the blood, use the forceps 
    to pull one side to the other side (this can take a while to get the hang of), 
    then finally suture it normally.
    Start out by draining from all three gashes, otherwise the vitals will drop 
    quick. Now "close" all the gashes with the forceps. Then suture them all. After
    the main threat is gone, use the stabilizer if you need to, then suture the 
    smaller cuts.
    Alternate strategy: Quickly suture the smaller cuts, then inject the stabilizer
    before your vitals drop way too low. Now drain the blood from one gash, use the
    forceps to close it, and suture it normally. Repeat for the other two.
    Strategy 1 is harder to pull off but faster, 2 is easier to do but takes a bit 
    more time. Choose whichever is right for you.
    Either way, suture your incision, apply the gel, and use the bandage. Fin.
    ---Please Let Me Live--- - [OP.11]
    Same patient as before. This is the follow-up to the last mission, so expect 
    similar stuff. This is also the first operation with GUILT.
    Gel the line, make your incision.
    You'll be faced with the same wounds as the last operation. The EXACT same 
    wounds. However, your patient's vitals are higher, so they're not as much of a
    Follow the same strategy as shown above, except for one thing. Leave one of the
    smaller cuts alone until you've finished everything else. Use the stabilizer to
    get your vitals up to max, the suture the last cut.
    You'll be ready to finish the operation, when another cut appears. You'll be 
    prompted to use the ultrasound. Find the GUILT - welcome to Kyriaki. These baby
    Kyriaki are not much of a threat if you get them out quickly. Use the scalpel 
    across the silhouette like with tumors, then zap it with the laser once. It'll 
    run. Zap it again and it'll die.
    Now two more Kyriaki will show up. Before cut them both out before trying to 
    kill them. Kill them both quickly. You'll now be given time to fix the wounds. 
    Leave one wound, use the stabilizer to get the vitals up to max, then suture or
    gel the last wound. Now three large cuts will appear.
    Use the ultrasound to find the large Kyriaki. Cut it out and laser it. It'll 
    hide back under the skin. Use the ultrasound and find it again. Ignore the cuts
    but use the stabilizer when necessary. After lasering it three times, it'll be 
    defeated. Now you have time to suture and gel all the wounds before closing up 
    the patient, so do so.
    Suture your incision, use the gel on the cut, and use the bandage. Fin.
    ---For Everyone's Sake--- - [OP.12]
    Gel. Incision. You should have this down.
    You zoom in on her heart. Before you can make a second incision, she'll go into
    convulsions. Angie will save her using a defibulator. You'll need to massage 
    her heart, so quickly use the gel and then massage her heart by following the
    bar with your hand.
    Now make the second incision. Gel, scalpel.
    Magnify the bleeding area. You'll be prompted to drain the blood before 
    continuing. Now cut the left side where prompted. Now you're told to excise the
    right side, so do so. You may need to drain more blood beforehand, though. Now 
    cut out the whole whole thing at once.
    Drain more blood if necessary. Use the forceps to remove the valve and place 
    the artificial replacement in the same place. Suture across the area to secure 
    it in place. You may need to drain more blood some time during those steps. 
    Cease magnification.
    Suture both incisions, gel the cut, and place the bandage. Fin.
    ---GUILT--- - [OP.13]
    Kyriaki again. Yay. Gel, incision.
    Just like before. Drain the blood from the gashes, close them with the forceps,
    and suture them. Then suture all the normal cuts except one. Pump the vitals to
    max with the stabilizer, then suture the last cut.
    Two Kyriaki will appear. Ignore the cuts. Find them with the ultrasound and get
    them both out before attacking them with the laser. Two shots each.
    Now three Kyriaki will attack. Your vitals will drop from the cuts, so use the
    stabilizer, then quickly cut them out before they can do more damage. Kill two 
    of the three with your laser and hit the third once, just stabilize a bit. Kill
    the third one and suture/gel all the wounds except one. Pump your vitals up to 
    max, then suture the last cut.
    Another big Kyriaki will appear and make three cuts. Quickly do the ultrasound,
    scalpel, laser, repeat technique to kill it in a few seconds. After you kill 
    it, suture and gel the cuts.
    Suture your incision, gel the cut, and bandage to end. Fin.
    ---Something Precious--- - [OP.14]
    Welcome to the second strand of GUILT - Deftera. These things are annoying as 
    hell the first time you face them, but later they're not so bad.
    Gel, incise.
    First, laser the black and yellow tumors to destroy them. Start with the big 
    tumors, then kill the small ones.
    Okay, here's how Deftera work. There are two colors, red and blue. When the two
    come close to each other, they combine and can be destroyed.
    This, and all Deftera missions, is highly based on luck. They bounce around on 
    their own, and you have to hope they touch each other. You can try using the 
    gel to steer them, but I don't recommend it.
    When they DO combine use the drain quickly on them until you get the "success" 
    sound. They'll fade a bit, and start bouncing around again. Do this three times
    total, and it'll die. Meanwhile, they may form tumors. When you do drain them a
    third time, they'll get pissed and start convulsing, followed by making tons of
    tumors. Ignore the tumors and cut the thing out. Grab it with the forceps and 
    drop it in the tray. Now laser the tumors that are present, place the membrane 
    with the forceps, gel it, and massage it on with your hand.
    Suture the incision, gel the cut, and place a bandage. Fi...what, there are 
    more?! Damn. Well, your vitals were autmatically restored to max, at least. 
    Okay, gel and make your second incision. Looks like Deftera is back, and he 
    brought a friend! Round two - fight!
    One Deftera was a minor nuisance. Two are annoying bastards. First, a red and 
    blue are specific pairs. So RedA can only form up with BlueA, not BlueB. Also, 
    if RedA and BlueA are formed up and RedB or BlueB gets near them, it'll knock 
    them apart and form tumors. Basically wait for them to form up, drain them, and
    keep an eye on your vitals. If the tumors get out of hand, laser them, but try 
    to ignore them if they're not an immediate threat. Once you kill the first 
    Deftera, ignore the second one while you excise it, place the membrane, and 
    laser the tumors.
    Now it should get a LOT easier. Finish off the second Deftera, excise it, laser
    the tumors, apply the membrane (forceps to place it, gel, massage with hand).
    Now kill any remaining tumors (if there are any), suture your incision, gel the
    cut, apply the bandage. Fin.
    ---An Explosive Patient--- - [OP.15]
    Let me just point out that this mission is completely awesome and also totally 
    First off, you're operating on a BOMB. This means you really shouldn't randomly
    hack away at stuff. The bomb is made of four main parts.
    In the order that you handle them. Keep this in mind.
    First magnify the water tanks (1). Drain from the cup on the right until you 
    get a message from Ms. Myers. Now move to the left cup and drop the water into
    it. Cease magnification.
    Now magnify the dynamite (2). See those yellow nubs the arrows are pointing to?
    Use the forceps to pull those out. They're fairly long, but you don't need to 
    place them on the tray. Try to do this quickly, but be careful.
    After pulling all the yellow nubs, you don't need to worry about the water 
    trigger - it'll be disabled.
    About halfway through the trigger mechanism will activate and you'll need to 
    watch the meters on each dynamite. If it gets too high, rub the gel on it to 
    lower it. So remove all the yellow triggers.
    If the meters go red, they'll start climbing fast. Be careful of this.
    I've been informed recently that you can actually inject the meters with the 
    stabilizer instead of using the gel. It works a lot better and makes the meters
    stay very low for several seconds, so I hughly recommend using the stabilizer 
    instead of the gel.
    Now cease magnification and magnify the microchips area (3). You'll need to 
    laser certain microchips. They're those black things. You're supposed to follow
    the wires and only laser the microchips that connect to the bottom, but... I 
    could not follow those wires. At all. If you want to figure this out yourself,
    skip ahead. Otherwise, please refer to the poorly created diagram below:
        _  _  _  _
       _  _  _  _  _
    Y = Yes, laser!
    N = No, don't laser!
    If you can't figure that out, note the microchips. Top row: Ignore the first 
    two, laser the second two. Bottom row: Laser the first, not the second, then 
    the next two, but not the final one.
    Ok, the bomb is diffus...Oh crap. You walked into a trap! The clock drops to 15
    seconds. You're automatically zoomed in on area 4, and you need to use the 
    scalpel to cut all the red wires. If you cut a white wire, it's over. If time
    runs out, it's over. Stay calm and oriented. It isn't hard, but it certainly 
    isn't easy.
    Note: I have no idea whether Healing Touch would help with any part of this 
    operation. I was always too caught up to use it.
    ---Miracle at 9,800ft--- - [OP.16]
    Yay, another fun mission. This is also the last "normal" mission of the game; 
    every mission following it has you fighting GUILT, I believe.
    Okay, you're on an airplane, which means turbulance. You can still operate 
    during the slight bumpiness, but when the plane really starts shaking, stop
    whatever you're doing or you'll get a Miss and possibly injure your patient.
    Gel and make your incision.
    Use the ultrasound to locate a small black patch. Scalpel across it and drain 
    the blue fluid. Then use the gel to heal the wound. You really only need to 
    repeat this until you've gotten all the patches, while not operating during the
    turbulance. I believe you have to remove seven of them. You'll probably run 
    into three fits of turbulance while doing this. Once you've finished seven of
    these (you should be able to do two or three between each fit of turbulance), 
    the operation will end.
    Suture up your incision, use the gel, and apply the bandage. Fin.
    ---Forbidden Knowledge--- - [OP.17]
    Yay, Triti! I hate these bastards! They are the bane of my existence!
    If you don't mind a low score (and if you do, boy are you reading the wrong 
    guide), there's a very easy way to end this operation.
    Gel the line, make your incision. Now perform a Healing Touch. If you can 
    manage a HT of about 1800 (look at the lower left when in HT to see), you're 
    fine. Otherwise, restart and draw a better star next time.
    Select the forceps. Angie will say you can't get them off that way and 
    recommend using the forceps. Ignore her, she's delusional. Quickly pull off all
    the needles (the white pointy things) carefully, dropping them in your tray. 
    Then select the scalpel and basically scribble over the GUILT to cut all of the
    yellow lines. Now, starting from the lower right, grab the Triti one at a time 
    with your forceps and drop the pieces into your tray. You should finish before 
    your HT ends and before Triti can multiply.
    For more info, check my [GU.DE] in this guide, and find the Triti section.
    Anyway, suture up your incision, apply the gel, use a bandage. Fin.
    ---Race for the Cure--- - [OP.18]
    (This may be a bit off. I'm working off of the Challenge part of the game, and
    this mission is completely different in that from the in normal game. So I'm 
    doing this on memory alone.)
    This works a little different from a normal mission. You get to select from one
    of five destinations. Your goal is to find three different types of the infant 
    GUILT in order to develop a cure for the mature one. There are three types of 
    GUILT total - you need a sample from each. Purple, green, and yellow.
    Pick a destination. You're given three minutes for each operation here.
    Gel, incision. You'll see the Tetarti running around, creating poison. Use the
    reddish serum and inject it into the Tetarti. It'll hide, so use an ultrasound.
    When you find it, use the scalpel like with Kyriaki. Now inject the serum 
    again. Repeat. On the fourth time injecting the serum, it'll die, so pick it up
    and drop it on your tray. Select the scalpel and cut it down the middle. Now 
    select the drain and drain its innards all the way up until you get a "success"
    Now use the gel on any wounds you may have made cutting the thing out, suture 
    the incision, gel, and bandage. Fin.
    Repeat this as necessary until you get all three samples. All the operations 
    are exactly the same.
    ---Stepping Up--- - [OP.19]
    Gel, incision.
    Remember the infant Tetarti from the last mission? Well, a "mature" one is 
    actually a group of three infants! But before you can kill the multicolored 
    squid, you have to deal with diverticula. Wait for the diverticula to get 
    bigger so you can see what color they are, then inject the serum into each of 
    them. New excise them, one at a time. Then use the forceps to drop each of them
    into your tray. Apply three membranes, gel over all three, and massage in two 
    of them. Now pump your vitals up to max. Massage the last membrane, and get 
    ready for Tetarti!
    Basically, you have to stun all three with the correct serum. When they're all
    stunned at once, one "damage" is dealt. When you deal four damage, they die. So
    what you do is wait for them to appear. Get a syringe full of purple serum 
    ready, and keep track of both the purple Tetarti and the yellow one. When they 
    lose their colors and start moving around, inject the purple into the one that
    used to be purple, then the yellow into the one that you were following that 
    used to be yellow, then finally green into the only one that isn't stunned.
    Each "round", the Tetarti will get a bit faster and stay stunned for a bit less
    long. However, they're still fairly easy.
    HOWEVER. If you inject the wrong serum into a Tetarti, three new diverticula 
    will form, and you'll need to deal with those. My advice is to not mess up, and
    if you do, restart (kill your patient and select "Retry"). It's simply not 
    worth it to deal with more diverticula.
    When you kill the Tetarti, suture up your incision, apply the gel, and use a
    bandage. Fin.
    ---Taking a First Step--- - [OP.20]
    Yay, new GUILT! Yay, more Victor! I heart Victor. Basically, this is an info 
    gathering mission. Objective: Do everything Victor tells you to.
    Gel the line, make your incision.
    You'll see Pempti. It's that big glob. Yes, the whole thing. First he tells you
    to try the scalpel. Run the scalpel along the full outline of the Pempti until 
    you get the "success" noise. "...So that didn't work."
    Next, you try the laser. Simply apply the laser on the middle of Pemti's body,
    keeping it in place, until the laser runs out. "...That didn't work either?"
    Next, the antibiotic gel. Just rub it all over Pempti until you get the 
    "success" noise. "Still no use!? ...Damn, this is starting to annoy me."
    I agree, Victor. I agree.
    Select the syringe. You'll have four serums you can use (besides the normal
    stabilizer, of course). Use the blue one first. See that shady object moving 
    around? Try to inject it into that. The Pempti will "react", but nothing will 
    happen. Next, pink. Again, in the shady object. Now, orange. In the object 
    again. The Pempti will react violently now. Use the white serum in the shady 
    object to stabilize the Pempti. This may take a few tries since the thing is 
    bit hard to see with Pempti shaking.
    Victor suggests using multiple serums. Inject the blue serum in the object, 
    then the orange serum. Same as before. Now use the pink followed by the white.
    Now you extract a sample. Cut along the yellow line that appears, pick the 
    thing up with your forceps, and drop it in the tray.
    Suture the incision, use the gel, apply a bandage. Fin.
    ---Medical Research--- - [OP.21]
    This is a puzzle. There is no way for me to walk you through without totally 
    doing the operation for you, so don't read on if you don't want to be spoiled.
    Look at the top screen. Use the pieces below to form the example.
     - -
    R R O
     R O
    G B O
     R B
    G - B
     G B
    R = Red
    O = Orange
    G = Green
    B = Blue
    - = Blank
    Hopefully that's easy enough to follow.
    ---The Next Step--- - [OP.22]
    Another attempt to kill Pempti. Hate this thing yet?
    Gel, incision.
    Now you have a new serum - a "nanomachine". Looks like orange juice to me, but 
    meh. Inject it into the shady moving object. Pempti will react and slightly 
    decrease in size. Use it again. Pempti creates some tumors, so laser them off 
    and apply the gel to the wounds. Now inject the nanomachine again.
    Pempti will shrink down to a very small state. Victor says to extract it, but 
    you can't, so don't even try. The "core" will show itself. Quickly laser it, 
    and while it looks dead, laser and gel the four or so tumors that have popped 
    up. Pempti will regrow and Victor will say he screwed up... Gee, ya think?!
    Inject the nanomachine again, and a once more. Now laser and gel the tumors. 
    Inject the nanomachine one more time and core will surface again. Laser it, and
    this time you'll get a chance to extract it. Trace around the yellow line with 
    the scalpel, as usual, then use the forceps to move the defeated core to your 
    tray. However, the core will regrow again. Victor tells you to try again, but
    you're forced to abort the mission.
    Suture up the incision, use the gel, use a bandage. Fin.
    ---New Laser Technology--- - [OP.23]
    Yay, another puzzle! I hate these things. Don't read on if you want to do the
    puzzle yourself.
     R R B
    W R P B
     W R - 
    W R P B
     - P P
    W G O O
     G G O
    R = Red
    W = White
    P = Purple
    G = Green
    O = Orange
    B = Blue
    - = Blank
    Joy! There's another puzzle!
     Y Y B
    G Y B O
     G Y B
    G Y R O
     P - O
    P P R O
     P R R
    R = Red
    Y = Yellow
    P = Purple
    G = Green
    O = Orange
    B = Blue
    - = Blank
    ---The Doctor's Struggle--- - [OP.24]
    YES! We finally get to kill that damned Pempti!
    AND we get an upgraded laser for this mission! It's like my birthday!
    Gel. Incision. Ready to kill that bastard?
    Use the nanomachine just like in the previous operation by injecting it into 
    the shady object. Use it again. The core will surface.
    Grab the laser and smoke it. It'll poof out of existence! Yay, we win! ...But 
    the little "Defeat!" didn't show up... 
    Well, the core is back, and it brought friends! Refer to [GU.DE] for how to 
    deal with each of the mini-cores. By the way, this is the game breaker right 
    here. Don't let ANY of the mini-cores it spawns at this point make cuts, or 
    you'll pretty much lose. Just laser them as soon as they show up and you'll be
    I believe that after this it's random what type of mini-core it spawns. So 
    you SHOULD read the [GU.DE] section on Pempti for how to kill them. Try not to
    let any do damage to the patient, although getting some tumors is unavoidable.
    Simply kill the mini-cores that created the polyps then deal with the polyps 
    Just keep it up. Whenever the core becomes "active", and you're not killing 
    mini-cores, laser it.
    Tip: A quick way to kill the tumors is to put gel on them, THEN laser them. The
    gel will take effect immediately and save you precious seconds. However, you 
    won't be able to see the tumors, so don't do this if you're not comfortable 
    with it.
    If things get too hectic, IGNORE THE POLYPS. If they're not bleeding, they 
    won't drop the vitals much at all. Focus on Pempti itself. After about five to
    eight times "killing" the core, it should be defeated. 
    Remove any tumors and suture any cuts, the suture your incision, use the gel,
    and apply a bandage. Fin.
    ---Under the Knife--- - [OP.25]
    Why hello there namesake.
    This operation is the bastard to end all bastards. You have to treat five 
    Kyriaki patients within 10 minutes. Well, that's what the game says. Actually,
    if you're on the third patient or further when time runs out, you're in the 
    clear. But you won't get a good rank.
    First patient: Suture the wounds, leave one gash. Pump your vitals up, suture 
    the gash. One Kyriaki infant appears - kill it. Two Kyriaki infants appear,
    kill them. Suture up the wounds and use the stabilizer. Mature Kyriaki phase.
    Only one, though. Kill it fast - four hits should finish it. Suture the wounds,
    close up the patient.
    Second patient: Now we're getting somewhere. Suture the wounds and all but one
    gash, pump up vitals, suture the last gash. Two infant Kyriaki - kill 'em fast.
    Now three infants - kill them really fast. Suture the wounds and pump up vitals
    before the mature Kyriaki phase starts. Mature Kyriaki is still only one adult,
    but this one is hyper and will make cuts much quicker. Keep it occupied by 
    uprooting it and lasering it before it can do anything.
    Third patient: Oh man, I hate this operation. Suture all but one gash, pump up
    vitals, suture last gash. Same as last time. Now kill the two Kyriaki infants 
    and two more will appear. Kill these ones as well. Try to do this before they
    can hack up your patient too much. Suture all the wounds but one and pump up 
    your vitals. Now the mature phase will begin, but this time before you can 
    anything, five cuts will be made. Ultrasound to find both Kyriaki - one infant 
    and one mature. Uproot them both, kill the infant quickly, then kill the mature
    one as usual. 
    Fourth patient: I highly recommend stalling during the "treat the wounds" phase
    until time runs out, unless you care about your score... Anyway, treat the 
    wounds the same as the last three operations. Now two Kyriaki infants will 
    appear. As soon as you kill one of them, two more will appear. Kill them all.
    Suture all but one wound and pump your vitals. Now suture the last wound and 
    get ready. You'll be facing the same combination of one adult and one baby, but
    they're hyper. Quickly kill the child, then kill the adult. Time should have 
    run out by now, so Angie will prompt you to close the patient up.
    ---Shifting GUILT--- - [OP.26]
    Oh god, more Triti. This is also the first Triti mission with vaporing needles.
    When you pull a needle out, it may turn into a white vapor which can be bad. If
    this happens, use the drain quickly to remove the vapor.
    Gel and make an incision.
    Quickly switch to Healing Touch and draw a star. Make sure you get at least 
    2000 (check the bottom left to see the "time" for your HT) or you won't make 
    it. Quickly remove all the needles, drain the vapor if necessary. After 
    removing all the needles from both groups of Triti, switch to the scalpel and 
    scribble over both groups, making sure you get all the yellow dots. Now switch 
    to forceps and remove the entire lower right group, carefully. Move on to the 
    last group and remove it all. If you're quick and lucky enough to not get many 
    vaporized needles, you should finish with about 0100 left on your HT.
    Suture your incision, gel the cut, use a bandage. Fin.
    ---GUILT Evolves--- - [OP.27]
    Yay, Tetarti. I heart these little squid guys.
    Gel and make an incision.
    Before you can kill the GUILT you have to handle the diverticula, so wait until
    you can tell what color they are, then inject the correct serum into all of 
    them, excise them all, remove them all with the forceps, place the membranes,
    use the gel on them all, and massage two of them in. Now use the stabilizer to
    get your vitals up to max and massage in the last membrane.
    Now the easy part - the Tetarti. Use the same strategy as the last time you 
    faced Tetarti. There's only one difference - now the Tetarti will move around 
    normally during their "colored" period. This is still easy - have a syringe of
    purple serum ready and follow both the purple and the yellow Tetarti, then 
    inject the purple serum, get the yellow serum and inject it in the yellow 
    Tetarti, and inject the green serum in the remaining one. After four or five 
    times, the Tetarti will die. If you're having trouble, use the Healing Touch to
    slow them down, but I don't find it necessary.
    As usual, if they spawn more diverticula due to you messing up, just restart.
    Suture your incision, use the gel, and use a bandage. Fin.
    ---Infection--- - [OP.28]
    Yay, more Victor! And a new strand of GUILT - welcome to Paraskevi.
    There's no real trick to Paraskevi. Just keep it lasered so it doesn't get 
    ahead of you, and try to extract at least four of the smallest Paraskevi pieces
    in the first area.
    Before you move to the next area to chase the GUILT, suture all but one wound, 
    then pump your vitals up to max with the stabilizer. Suture the last wound and 
    move on.
    All the Paraskevi missions are basically the same, so check [GU.DE] for a more 
    detailed way to kill the thing.
    When you remove the last piece of Paraskevi, suture your incision, use the gel,
    and use a bandage. Fin.
    ---Devil--- - [OP.29]
    Whee, premature form of the last GUILT! Welcome to Savato!
    Gel and make your incision. Start suturing the wounds. When you have one or two
    wounds left, the baby Savato will appear. There are five of them. Immediately 
    switch to the laser and kill all but one, then finish suturing any wounds. Kill
    the last one.
    A large cut will form and five more will appear. Again, kill four and suture 
    the cut, then kill the last one with the laser.
    Now this will start getting crazy. A cut will form and around ten will appear.
    They'll quickly form up and spawn a blue Savato.
    Whenever five Savato get together, they'll form a blue Savato, which drops the 
    vitals by half. While you're trying to deal with these Savato, two more cuts 
    and twenty more Savato will form. Just keep using the laser, killing the small
    ones and the larger blue ones before they can spawn more. This isn't too hard -
    just keep your vitals above 20 or so. When you kill all the Savato, suture the 
    wounds, and you're done.
    Suture your incision, gel the wound, and apply a bandage. Fin.
    ---Death Awaits All--- - [OP.30]
    Final round. Mature Savato. Boss fight! CUE THE BATTLE THEME!
    Okay, gel and make your incision.
    Grab the scalpel and you'll trigger a talk with Angie. She'll tell you to 
    attack the web. So use the scapel across the middle of a single strand of web.
    Your scapel will melt and Angie will go to get another one, so use the 
    stabilizer while you're waiting for another scalpel. Then immediately switch to
    the scalpel and cut another web. Repeat this. Sometimes Savato will make a new
    strand of web and release five baby Savato. if this happens, and your vitals 
    are high, and you're waiting for another scalpel, you should laser then, but 
    otherwise just ignore them. They're not really a threat. Don't let the web turn
    red; if it does, it will "explode" and deal a lot of damage. To stop it from 
    turning red, just cut a strand normally.
    Pestering Savato with your laser can stop him from remaking the web. For more
    information, see the Savato section of [GU.DE].
    The more Baby Savato the matured Savato absorbs before moving on to the "battle
    phase", the stronger his shield/shell will be. For more information, see the
    Savato section of [GU.DE].
    After you get through two to three webs, the battle phase starts.
    Select the laser and target Savato. Keep the laser on it until it "attacks". 
    This means that you dropped its shell a notch. Do this four times and the shell
    will be completely destroyed. At this point select the scalpel and tap on 
    Savato to damage it slightly. Repeat this process one more time, using the 
    stabilizer when necessary. Do not suture the cuts, but you can attempt to kill 
    some of the baby Savato, if you want.
    After the second time using the scalpel on Savato, Victor will show up with a
    new serum. Now you can finally damage Savato for real. Use the laser like 
    before until you destroy the shell. Scalpel it to make it stay still, then use 
    the new serum on it. All the bugs will disappear and the cuts will heal, so 
    use some stabilizer during this brief safe period.
    Savato will create nine large cuts and start moving a lot faster. A Healing 
    Touch will trigger automatically, but Savato is still too fast. Look at the 
    icon on the bottom right of your screen. Healing Touch has replaced the hand
    even though you never selected it... You should know what to do.
    Draw a star and you'll active a second Healing Touch. Time will stop, which 
    means Savato can't move at all. Inject the serum. Savato will go crazy and die.
    Quickly use some stabilizer before you suture your incision. It's really 
    annoying to die here after all that. Suture the incision, use the gel, use a 
    bandage. Fin.
    The Sin Missions
    The Sin Missions are a string of seven missions, dealing with each GUILT, in 
    order, in their strongest form. Let's get this party started!
    ---First Sin--- - [OP.31]
    Kyriaki. This is the second hardest sin mission in my opinion.
    Gel and make your operation.
    Suture all the cuts and gashes except one gash, then pump your vitals up to
    max, then suture the gash.
    Several baby Kyriaki will appear. Quickly ultrasound them and use the scalpel 
    to uproot them. Laser them dead, stabilizing when necessary.
    Several more baby Kyriaki will show up, and do a lot of damage. Unless your 
    vitals are in critical, ultrasound them and scalpel them out really fast. Kill 
    Now the mature Kyriaki phase will start, with the normal three cuts. Quickly 
    uproot both Kyriaki. Kill the small Kyriaki, then the bigger one.
    This is nothing you haven't done before, just harder. When you win (it'll take 
    a few tries), suture the incision, use the gel, and bandage. Fin.
    ---Second Sin--- - [OP.32]
    Deftera. They're still lucked based and still span from easy to hard.
    This is another two phase Deftera mission, with one Deftera in the first part 
    and two Deftera in the second part. You've done this same mission before.
    Get lucky. Finish the Deftera. Try not to let tumors linger around and kill 
    you, but they shouldn't be your priority. During the second phase, after you 
    kill the first Deftera, the mission is basically over.
    When you win (and you will, this is easy compared to the First Sin), suture 
    your incision, use the gel, and bandage. Fin.
    ---Third Sin--- - [OP.33]
    I still suck at these. Triti is still a bastard. Etc.
    Gel and make your incision. Draw a Healing Touch and remove all the needles, 
    then "scribble" over all the yellow dots, then extract all the pieces of Triti,
    one at the time, starting at the lower left and ending with the two pieces that
    look like this: <|> in the top right. A 2000 Healing Touch should be enough if
    you're quick and not many needles vaporize.
    When you remove all the Triti, suture your incision, gel the cut, and use a
    bandage. Fin.
    ---Fourth Sin--- - [OP.34]
    This is the same as all Tetarti missions.
    Gel and make your incision.
    First get rid of the diverticula like normal. Damage the Tetarti in the same
    way you normally do, and keep it up until you can't quite stun them all in 
    before the first Tetarti start moving again. At this point, wait until they're 
    about to appear in the colored before, then draw a Healing Touch so it takes 
    effect right as they appear. Now you should be able to stun them all in time,
    and your Healing Touch should be long enough to deal the last two damage.
    Suture your incision, gel the wound, apply a bandage. Fin.
    ---Fifth Sin--- - [OP.35]
    Pempti is the third hardest sin mission - easier than Kyriaki though. The type 
    of mini-cores that Pempti generates is still random, so as long as you can
    deal with them before they do a lot of damage, you should be fine.
    Gel. Incision.
    The first half of the mission is easy and relatively slow paced. Nothing you
    haven't done before in the other Pempti missions.
    However, when Angie says you're 50% done, things start getting crazy. You will
    rarely get a chance to heal cuts, destroy tumors, or restore vitals, so you 
    have to kill the cut making mini-cores and the rotating mini-cores before they
    can do any damage. The tumor ones are unavoidable - just make sure you kill 
    them before they can "surge" again and destroy the tumors. The normal tumors do
    minor damage, but if they're destroyed and the wound start bleeding, the damage
    will almost double. So just let them sit there.
    Have patient and damage the main core whenever you can. Eventually you'll win 
    in a very anti-climactic way. Afterwards, suture any wounds (there shouldn't be
    many), destroy any tumors, suture the incision, use the gel, use a bandage.
    ---Sixth Sin--- - [OP.36]
    This is almost an exact repeat of Operation 28, except now you should know what
    to do.
    Try to get four out before moving on to the second area, and try to finish 
    before area four. This is in no way harder than Operation 28, so for more info
    on how to kill this thing, check [GU.DE] (the Paraskevi section) and [OP.28].
    Really not that hard, compared to the other sin missions. Suture, gel, and 
    bandage, as always. Fin.
    ---Final Sin--- - [OP.37]
    The final "plot" mission of the game. Cue the battle theme!
    First off, there are some changes from Operation 30. The most noticable one is
    a lack of "cutscenes". Another change is that you should totally ignore the 
    bugs. Don't EVER try to kill them, it does more harm than good.
    Pestering Savato with your laser can stop him from remaking the web. For more
    information, see the Savato section of [GU.DE].
    The more Baby Savato the matured Savato absorbs before moving on to the "battle
    phase", the stronger his shield/shell will be. For more information, see the
    Savato section of [GU.DE].
    Destroy the first web as normal.
    Destroy the second web as normal as well. Now you'll either move on to a third
    web or to the battle phase - which one seems to be random.
    In the battle phase, Savato will absorb all the baby Savato. Use this time to
    inject some stabilizer. Now get ready for the toughest part of the battle.
    You have to get lucky here, as Savato has two attacks. One makes a single cut 
    and spawns some babies, and the other makes three cuts but spawns no babies. 
    The babies are almost harmless. The cuts can kill you in a few seconds. Just
    keep alternating between attacking Savato with the laser and using stabilizer.
    After you hit Savato for the fourth time with the scalpel, you can FINALLY use 
    the serum. Again, Savato will absorb the bugs and heal the cuts, then make nine
    large cuts. A Healing Touch will trigger automatically, so wait for the HT to 
    become usable again, then draw a second HT, just like in Operation 30. Inject 
    the serum when time is stopped, and you'll finally kill Savato.
    Suture the wound, apply the gel (unless you're short on time), then use a 
    Congratulations, you've beaten the game!
    =The X Missions= - [XX.XX]
    When you beat the game, go to the Challenge menu, and all the way to the end.
    You should see "X1: Kyriaki" after "Final Sin". This is the first X mission.
    Beating X1 will unlock X2, and so forth. There are a total of seven X missions,
    and they are REALLY damn hard. However, they're completely optional, so I don't
    expect many people to do them.
    Once I actually finish these, I'll provide a guide for them. However, if you 
    had no trouble with the Sin missions, these should be simple enough for you.
    There's nothing really new in any of the missions. Just a harder form of the 
    GUILT you've already beaten. (Thanks to someone who's actually beaten these for
    this possibly incorrect information. Couh cough.)
    ---X1: Kyriaki ~ "The Invisible Blades"--- - [XX.X1]
    "Man created swords to kill, and was in turn killed by swords."
    This is the hardest mission so far. You will lose a lot before you finally 
    succeed. To win, your hand must move like water. It must adapt immediately. 
    There is no time to think "I need the scalpel", you must simply become the 
    scalpel. And there is no room for error.
    Start double tapping on the hand icon so Healing Touch is ready to be used. 
    You'll need it. Now disinfect and make your incision.
    Quickly suture the three smaller wounds. Now there are four gashes left:
    Quickly drain the blood from 1, 3, and 4. Then pinch 1, 3, and 4 shut with the
    forceps. Then suture them. Now drain 2 and shut it. Quickly inject the 
    stabilizer until your vitals are at 99. Wait for the wound to reopen and 
    quickly close it. Draw a Healing Touch (if you don't get over 2100, restart), 
    suture the wound, and get ready.
    Switch to your ultrasound and locate all three Kyriaki. Quickly scalpel all 
    three of them, and as they're making their "uprooting" cuts, inject a dose
    of stabilizer. Laser all three once, use a stabilizer, laser all three, 
    stabilize, and quickly kill all three with the laser. Switch to the ultrasound 
    as they're dying.
    Quickly ultrasound the two Kyriaki, and repeat the same steps as before. This 
    seems like it would be easier because there are only two Kyriaki, but the cuts 
    will be draining a LOT from your vitals. Don't let your vitals drop too much, 
    but don't leave the Kyriaki alone either, or they may go on a slashing spree.
    Your HT should end right as you kill these guys - of you're lucky you'll have 
    around 500 left to suture some wounds.
    Now, you have no Kyriaki left, but you have what looks like cow after going 
    through a blender on your screen. Just because there are no GUILT doesn't mean 
    you can relax, either. Use a technique of drawing an "M" shape across the cuts 
    with the gel to momentarily stop the bleeding, and use the time to inject a 
    stabilizer. Repeat until your vitals at at 40, then start suturing some cuts.
    Because where the cuts appear is random, I can't help you much, but there 
    should be exactly ten of the large cuts if you did this correctly. Leave one,
    and alternate back and forth between gelling the last wound and using the 
    stabilizer. When your vitals are at 99, get ready and suture the cut.
    QUICKLY select the gel and make an M shape in the middle of the screen while 
    the * shaped cuts are appearing. This makes sure that once the cuts appear, 
    they won't immediately kill your vitals with blood loss. Ultrasound both 
    Kyriaki (an infant and a mature one) and scalpel them.
    From here on it is a battle of endurance, and follows a fairly simple format:
    1. Gel wounds. (M shape)
    2. Inject stabilizer.
    3. Gel wounds. (M shape)
    4. If vitals are higher than 40, laser Kyriaki. Else, go to 2.
    Start by killing the infant Kyriaki. You may be able to get in two hits before
    the gel disappears, but this depends on where the Kyriaki moves. Do NOT, for 
    ANY reason, laser the mature Kyriaki. This means that if the two of them are 
    very close to each other, wait for them to move away. Once the infant is dead,
    get ready, it's the hardest part of the mission.
    See the process above for what to do. Except this time, you need to account for
    the mature Kyriaki's uprooting cut, which can and will kill you. So you must be
    very cautious. Once you get your vitals to around 45-50, begin your assault.
    There should already be 9-10 cuts, so you don't need to worry about the Kyriaki
    going on a slashing spree as long as you don't suture them. This is because 
    there is a maximum number of cuts that can exist at once. However, the Kyriaki
    bypass this limit when they make their uprooting cut.
    Splash on some gel, laser the Kyriaki. Switch back to the gel, apply some, use
    the ultrasound to find the Kyriaki. Use gel between each use of the ultrasound.
    When you find the Kyriaki, scalpel it and immediately use some gel.
    Make sure your vitals are stable (40 or so), and repeat. Each time you do this,
    the minimum vitals you should have decreases by 5. So you should have 30+ 
    vitals before you deliver the finishing blow. If you're patient with keeping 
    your vitals up, this part isn't TOO hard.
    Now comes the section you're most likely to die during. You really NEED around 
    a minute to suture all the wounds, and if you have less than 30 seconds, you're
    definitely screwed. Carefully suture the wounds, only do one or two at a time,
    while keeping your vitals in the 30ish range using the gel/stabilizer formula.
    As long as you keep this up and have enough time, you should live.
    As soon as you zoom out, inject some stabilizer to bring your vitals up to 40+,
    and pause your game. Why? Because it REALLY sucks to rack up ten misses trying
    to apply the bandage. When the shakes are gone from your hands, suture the 
    incision wound, gel the cut if you have time (you might not), and apply a
    ---X2: Deftera ~ "The Creeping Tumors"--- - [XX.X2]
    "Man crawls on the earth like vermin, breeding and fighting for eternity."
    After X1, X2 seems like a walk in the park. However, like always, Deftera are 
    fairly luck based, so you could still lose a lot.
    This is the same basic Deftera mission you've done several times before - there
    are two parts to the operation, the first with one Deftera and the second with
    two Deftera. In fact, the only real differences from the previous Deftera 
    missions are:
    1. The Deftera twins move faster and seem to be having seizures. They'll change
    directions, flail around, and bounce like crazy. Basically, they're faster. No 
    big deal, and this can actually make the "steer them with gel" method somewhat 
    2. Tumors generate way more often and way faster. This is self-explanatory. 
    Also, more tumors form when two Deftera parts of the same color "bump" into 
    each other.
    Start by gelling up and making your incision. You'll first have to kill some 
    tumors to draw the Deftera out, so do so. Leave one small one and pump up your
    vitals, then kill it.
    The Deftera will appear. You know how to do this - wait for them to form 
    together, then drain them. Whenever they're not merging, have your laser ready
    to zap the lasers. When your vitals are dropping, use the stabilizer. Take it
    slow and be careful, this part is easy.
    When you drain the Deftera for the third time, quickly excise it as tumors 
    spawn at a rate of about two per second while it's waiting to be removed. Then
    slap on a membrane, lazer the tumors, gel the membrane, and massage it in.
    Suture your incision, gel the wound, apply a bandage.
    Your vitals will automatically be restored to full, so gel and make your 
    Get ready, as this can be a very annoying segment. Just hope the Deftera don't
    decide to go to town on each other, and try to laser tumors quickly. However, 
    draining a combined Deftera takes priority over tumor-zapping.
    When you drain the first Deftera for the third time, if you don't care about 
    rank, quickly draw a Healing Touch. Then excise it, apply the membrane, zap 
    some tumors, gel the membrane, massage it, zap some more tumors, and inject 
    some stabilizer. Now you'll probably have to wait for the Healing Touch to 
    expire, as the Deftera move REALLY slowly during the HT and probably won't 
    touch each other. 
    When you only have the one Deftera left, just take care of it normally. The 
    hard part is over, so this shouldn't be a problem. Keep your vitals high and 
    excise it quickly after the third draining, or those tumors may kill you.
    When the Deftera are gone, zap any tumors that may or may not exist, and suture
    your incision. Apply the gel, put on a bandage. Fin.
    ---X3: Triti ~ "Contagious Nightmare"--- - [XX.X3]
    My own sheer dumb luck never ceases to amaze me. Every strategy I tried... No 
    good. The "correct order" strategy? Nope. The "HT and then work like a madman" 
    strategy? Yeah right. And then someone tells me "You don't need a strategy. 
    Just work from the top left to the bottom right." And this, amazingly, works on
    the FIRST TIME I TRIED IT. You know who you are, and you're mentioned in the 
    Anyway, no badass quote from Adam this time. We do get a little bit of story,
    but it's not directly related to anything, so we don't care. Time to go.
    Note that despite me beating this level, my strategy is flimsy at best...
    Gel. Double tap on your hand icon to get it ready, but don't use a HT just yet.
    Make your incision.
    Here's the thing about this level. Always remove Triti in pairs of two. And 
    those pairs of two should look like this: <|>. Although they'll be in different
    directions, of course... Anyway, remove in groups of two or more. Never remove 
    a single Triti, as this seems to trigger Triti's "oh HELL no" mode where it 
    completely owns you. The one exception is getting rid of the purple Triti 
    pieces, and that should be a priority, as they do a lot more damage here than 
    in any other Triti level, and they can kill you if you ignore them.
    Start by getting rid of the top-left most <|>. This should trigger an explosion
    of growth, but don't worry. Work down, and to the right, removing pairs, but 
    keep the top under control too.
    The Triti will respawn, but you should be cornering them, thus not giving them
    much room to respawn. When you're down to about eleven (?) Triti, they should 
    have a hexagon like shape. Now activate your HT. You better hope you get a 2000
    points or more HT, too, or you're pretty much screwed. Pull the thorns, and 
    hope you don't get too many evaporating thorns. Quickly scribble over the 
    yellow dots and remove the Triti.
    Suture the wound, gel the wound, apply the bandage.
    See, I told you my strategy was flimsy. But hey, if that doesn't work, there's 
    a guide specifically for Triti on GameFAQs, and the person who made it 
    obviously gets how Triti work, which, amazingly, I still don't.
    ---X4: Tetarti ~ "Synchronized Poison"--- - [XX.X4]
    "Nature mandates that mankind will eventually succumb to its poison."
    Okay. This is by far the easiest X mission so far. In fact, the "pre-mission" 
    diverticula are harder than the actual Tetarti.
    Because all Tetarti missions are basically the same, you may want to check 
    [GU.DE] for general help on this strain of GUILT, if this strategy isn't 
    thorough enough. I'm assuming that, by this point in the game, you've figured 
    out a good strategy against each GUILT, though. (Granted I still don't have a 
    good strategy for Triti...)
    Gel and make your incision. I'm sure you're getting sick of me saying that, but
    I feel it's necessary.
    As usual with Tetarti missions, there are three diverticula. However, this time
    they sap your vitals MUCH faster, they grow faster, and they heal quicker from 
    being cut. So inject the correct serum into a single diverticula, and cut it, 
    but don't excise it. Repeat for the second one. Then the third - you should 
    still have time before it grows to full size. Now one by one, remove the 
    diverticula and place a membrane on the wound. Gel all three membranes, and 
    massage two of them on. Get your vitals up to max, wait for your syringe to 
    regenerate its uses, then massage the last membrane on.
    If you remember Fourth Sin, Tetarti had a lot of health, but it couldn't really
    DO anything unless you hit it with the wrong color serum. Well, this is the 
    same, except they have less health in exchange for doing a bit more damage and 
    moving faster.
    You should easily be able to do the first four hits without using the HT, but 
    the last hit may require you to use it. Either way, suture the wound, add gel, 
    and apply a bandage.
    ---X5: Pempti ~ "Armored Bacteria"--- - [XX.X5]
    "You continue to consume everything until even your host is laid waste. Is your
    survival that important?"
    This one can be tricky, and the best way to beat it is trial and error, just 
    like when you first encountered Pempti. In other words, play the operation a 
    couple times and get a hang of the timing.
    As the operation starts, double tap your Hand tool to get the HT ready - you 
    may not need it, but you should have it just in case. Now gel and make your 
    You should be used to pre-Pempti by now - inject the "shadowy object" twice 
    with the orange serum then laser the core. Now get your vitals up to 99 and get
    The first round is always the same - the slashing cores. If you're quick, you
    can get all of these, but often you'll miss one or two. If you miss more than 
    three, restart.
    The spinning cores are no longer the easiest - they can sap your vitals VERY 
    fast, and should not be left alone for more than 5 seconds, if that.
    The polyp generating cores will actually help you. Don't even worry about 
    lasering the polyps they generate, just take care of the cores. When the NEXT 
    wave of polyp cores show up, spread some gel on the polyps - they'll burst the
    cores when they "surge" and the wounds will immediately heal. Easy.
    And, as always, whenever you have free time, focus on the main core.
    After you get close to the end, you will no longer be able to keep up with the 
    slashing cores. Attack every other one if possible, or just ignore them all 
    together if your vitals can take it. Focus on the main core and hope for the 
    When you win, you'll have to get rid of any polyps and cuts, so do that quickly
    and then stitch up your incision. Gel the incision, and apply a bandage.
    ---X6: Paraskevi ~ "Arrow to the Heart"--- - [XX.X6]
    "In young forests at the dawn of time, plants were born with the ability to 
    kill humans. ...Such simple, perfect beings."
    I don't even feel the need to provide a strategy for this, as it is a mirror 
    copy of the Sixth Sin as far as I can tell.
    Sorry, but I'm not gonna write the same strategy twice.
    Just one thing - watch out for the time limit. It seems to disappear really 
    =Version Info= - [VE.IN]
    Version 0.1 - 2/7/06 - Finished ASCII, Table of Contents, and legal info.
    Version 0.2 - 2/8/06 - Finished About, Story, Characters, Tools, and FAQ 
    sections. Next up: The actual walkthrough!
    Version 0.3 - 2/9/06 - Finished up to operation 16.
    Version 0.4 - 2/9-10/06 - Up to operation 26.
    Version 1.0 - 2/10/06 - Finished all operations. About to submit to GameFAQs.
    Version 1.01 - 2/12/06 - Pulled from submittion to fix multiple typos, 
    including my use of "scapel" instead of "scalpel" roughly nine thousand forty 
    eight times. Gah.
    Version 1.02 - 2/13/06 - Fixed a few minor typos; fixed the HP count on Mature 
    Version 1.03 - 2/14/06 - Fixed a few typos; Neoseeker.com is now allowed to 
    host this guide.
    Version 1.04 - 2/18/06 - Fixed a few typos, added a new frequently asked 
    question, new strategy for Awakening, corrected the terminology in Awakening,
    added credits for various people. Also saw Brokeback Mountain today; it was 
    Version 1.05 - 2/20/06 - Minor updates all around! Huzzah!
    Version 1.06 - 2/21/06 - Their name is Kyriaki, and they put up a good bout,
    and although they may be deadly, X1 was just crossed out.
    Poems are cool!
    Version 1.07 - 2/23/06 - Their name is Deftera, and they sure pack a bite,
    but this is the end of an era, X2 did not put up a fight.
    Also corrected some terminoloy and typos.
    Version 1.08 - 2/27/06 - X3 continues to get the best of me. Corrected some 
    typos, and thanks to various helpful people, added some tips for Operation 15 
    and the Savato missions. Whee.
    Version 1.09 - 3/2/06 - Fixed credits and maybe a typo. I forget.
    Version 1.1 - 4/1/06 - A few new FAQs. Unless I beat the X missions, this is 
    probably my last update. If I do beat the X missions, expect a lot of new 
    Version 1.11 - 4/1/06 - Their name is Triti, and they screwed with my head, but
    I don't need your pity, because X3 is finally dead.
    Version 1.12 - 4/2/06 - Their name is Tetarti, and they just barely hurt, so 
    don't cancel the party, because X4 has hit the dirt.
    Version 1.13 - 5/31/06 - Its name is Pempti, and it had a large core;
    it tried to defend itself, but now X5 is no more.
    Version 1.14 - 5/31/06 - Its name is Paraskevi, on my face was a scowl;
    it took long enough, but X6 threw in the towel.
    Version 1.15 - 7/18/06 - Sorry, still no progress on X7. I did add quite a bit
    of information (most of which is thanks to other people helping me).
    =Legal and Copyright= - [LE.CO]
    This guide is Copyright (c) 2006 Kenri
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    This Walkthrough/FAQ may only appear on the following websites:
    www.TheFluxNet.net / www.TheFluxNet.org
    =Credits and Thanks= - [TH.NX]
    CJayC, Sailor Bacon, and all the GameFAQs staff - For making GameFAQs an 
    enjoyable website, both to post on and to contribute to.
    Cross - For making sure I knew how horribly difficult the X missions were.
    Tempoblade - For helping me beat the Triti missions, and for providing moral 
    support for mission X3.
    Atlus - For this game.
    ASCGen - For making the ASCII of Angie at the beginning of this FAQ. You can 
    find the link in the Help Files on GameFAQs.
    Senera  - For correcting my terminology in several operations.
    weapon2000 - Suggested a new strategy for "Awakening".
    OniwabanAoshi13 - Provided some much needed information on Triti.
    I<3 LA - Informed me of the use of stabilizer during "An Explosive Patient".
    Samus Man - Provided a lot of information on Savato, including tips about the 
    red web, pestering Savato, and how strong the shield is.
    Sakabatou-samurai - Corrected some typos.
    Karppa - Corrected a lot of stuff, mainly strategies and terminology.
    Ace Of Hearts SE - Provided tons of information. Also supplied me with the new
    poems for Pempti and Paraskevi.

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