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    FAQ/Walkthrough by bluedragon946

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        ________   _______      __________   __    ___  _______________   __________
       /        / /  __   \    /  __     /  /  /  /  / /               / /  __     /
      /__    __/ /  /  /  /   /  /__/   /  /  /  /  / /   __    __    / /  /__/   /
        /   /   /  /__/  /   /   __    /  /  /  /  / /   / /   / /   / /   __    /
       /   /   /       /    /   / /   /  /  /  /  / /   / /   / /   / /   / /   /
      /   /   /   /\  \    /   / /   /  /  /__/  / /   / /   / /   / /   / /   /
     /   /   /   /  \  \  /   / /   /  /        / /   / /   / /   / /   / /   /
    /___/   /___/    \__\/___/ /___/  /________/ /___/ /___/ /___/ /___/ /___/
           ________   ________  __         ___  ________   ________  _______    __
          /       /  /       / /  \       /  / /        / /       / /  __   \  /  /
         /   ____/  /  _____/ /    \     /  / /__    __/ /  _____/ /  /  /  / /__/
        /   /      /  /____  /      \   /  /    /   /   /  /____  /  /__/  /
       /   /      /  _____/ /   /\   \ /  /    /   /   /  _____/ /       /  
      /   /____  /  /____  /   /  \   /  /    /   /   /  /____  /   /\  \    __
     /        / /       / /   /    \    /    /   /   /       / /   /  \  \  /  /
    /________/ /_______/ /___/      \__/    /___/   /_______/ /___/    \__\/__/
           __    __   __         ___  _______      ________  _______
          /  /  /  / /  \       /  / /       \    /       / /  __   \
         /  /  /  / /    \     /  / /  ____   \  /  _____/ /  /  /  /
        /  /  /  / /      \   /  / /  /   /   / /  /____  /  /__/  /
       /  /  /  / /   /\   \ /  / /  /   /   / /  _____/ /       /
      /  /__/  / /   /  \   /  / /  /___/   / /  /____  /   /\  \
     /        / /   /    \    / /          / /       / /   /  \  \
    /________/ /___/      \__/ /__________/ /_______/ /___/    \__\
        ________   ___   __   ________
       /        / /  /  /  / /       /
      /__    __/ /  /  /  / /  _____/
        /   /   /  /__/  / /  /____        
       /   /   /        / /  _____/      
      /   /   /   __   / /  /____       
     /   /   /  /  /  / /       /      
    /___/   /__/  /__/ /_______/      
           ___   ___    __         ___  ____  ________  ________
          /  /  /  /   /  \       /  / /   / /       / /       / 
         /  / /  /    /    \     /  / /   / /  _____/ /  _____/
        /  //  /     /      \   /  / /   / /  /____  /  /____
       /     /      /   /\   \ /  / /   / /  _____/ /  _____/
      /  //  \     /   /  \   /  / /   / /  /      /  /____    
     /  / /   \   /   /    \    / /   / /  /      /       /
    /__/   /___\ /___/      \__/ /___/ /__/      /_______/
    Trauma Center: Under the Knife 
    By: Atlus Co.
    Platform: Nintendo DS
    Released: 10/04/05
    Genre: Simulation
    Table Of Contents:
    Section 1: Controls, Story, and what-not.
    Introduction         	   (S1/IN)
    Explaining my Guide  	   (S1/EG)
    Controls             	   (S1/CN)
    Tools                	   (S1/TS)
    Playing the Game           (S1/PG)
    Story Outline        	   (S1/SO)
    My take on the Game  	   (S1/MT)
    Spoiler Warnings     	   (S1/SW)
    Section 2: Story Mode and How To Win
    Chapter 1
    "Dr. Stiles"
    Prequel              	    (S2/PR)
    Standard Procedure   	    (S2/O1)
    Standard Procedure 2 	    (S2/O2)
    A Farewell           	    (S2/O3)
    Nurse Angie          	    (S2/C1)
    Singing the Blues    	    (S2/O4)
    A Real Doctor        	    (S2/O5)
    Downpour             	    (S2/C2)
    Life or Death        	    (S2/O6)
    Chapter 2
    "Healing Touch"
    Dormant Ability      	    (S2/O7)
    Master Surgery       	    (S2/C3)
    Striving for Asclepius      (S2/O8)
    Awakening                   (S2/O9)
    Paying the Price            (S2/C4)
    Just Let Me Die             (S2/O10)
    Reasons Why                 (S2/C5)
    Reconciliation              (S2/C6)
    Please Let Me Live          (S2/O11)
    Caduceus                    (S2/C7)
    For Everyone's Sake         (S2/O12)
    Chapter 3
    New Beginnings 		    (S2/C8)
    GUILT                       (S2/O13)
    The Darkness Within         (S2/C9)
    Something Precious          (S2/O14)
    International Conference    (S2/C10)
    An Explosive Patient        (S2/O15)
    Footfalls of Terror         (S2/C11)
    Miracle at 9,800 Feet       (S2/O16)
    Deserted Village            (S2/C12)
    Forbidden Knowledge         (S2/O17)
    Chapter 4
    "Bio Terror"
    Hope Under Attack           (S2/C13)
    Race for the Cure           (S2/O18)
    Nothing to Do but Wait      (S2/C14)
    Stepping Up                 (S2/O19)
    Foreboding Clues            (S2/C15)
    Taking a First Step         (S2/O20)
    Medical Research            (S2/O21)
    The Next Step               (S2/O22)
    New Laser Technology        (S2/O23)
    Doctors' Struggle           (S2/O24)
    Incurable Disease           (S2/C16)
    Chapter 5
    "It Never Ends"
    Caduceus in Action          (S2/C17)
    Under the Knife             (S2/O25)
    Shifting GUILT              (S2/O26)
    GUILT Evolves               (S2/O27)
    Infiltration                (S2/C18)
    Infection                   (S2/O28)
    Delphi                      (S2/C19)
    Devil                       (S2/O29)
    Death Awaits All            (S2/O30)
    Chapter 6
    "Original Sin"
    Delphi HQ                   (S2/C20)
    First Sin                   (S2/O31)
    Second Sin                  (S2/O32)
    Third Sin                   (S2/O33)
    Fourth Sin                  (S2/O34)
    Fifth Sin                   (S2/O35)
    Sixth Sin                   (S2/O36)
    Final Sin                   (S2/O37)
    Adam                        (S2/C21)
    Epilogue                    (S2/C22)
    The X Missions              (S2/XX)
    Section 3: The Boring Stuff
    Common Treatments           (S3/CT)
    Contact Information         (S3/CI)
    Timeline                    (S3/TL)
    Credits                     (S3/CR)
    Copyright                   (S3/CO)
    --SECTION 1--
    --Introduction (S1/IN)--
    Welcome! This is my guide to the game "Trauma Center: Under the Knife".
    This is my first submission to GameFAQs, so forgive me if I screw up at all.
    --Explaining my Guide (S1/EG)--
    OK, after thinking about how to set this up, I finally decided on the 
    following format.
    For operations, I will set it up like so:
    --Operation #X: Name of operation. (Code for mission.)--
    Pre-Op: This is some story before the operation briefing that I will 
    summerize for you.  If any new characters are introduced, I'll show it here.
    Briefing: This is where you will see the patient's chart. 
    This will include vital information about the patient. Also, 
    you will be told what to do on the top screen, so pay attention.
    You will also receive your operation objective.
    Objective: I'll put down what your objective is here. 
    If you aren't given one, I'll make one up.
    Chart: Everything under this heading is information on your patient's medical
    chart, shown on the touch screen.
    Name: Name of patient.
    Height: Patient's height (in centimeters.)
    Weight: Patient's weight (in pounds.)
    Time Limit: Your time limit for the operation.
    Starting Vitals: The patient's vitals at the beginning of the operation.*
    Max. Vitals: The patients highest vitals.*
    *These aren't in the game, but I decided to include them anyway.
    Condition: All the information in the condition part of the chart.
    --Operation walkthrough--
    OK, this is the main part of the game. Here is where you will 
    operate on the patient to fix whatever happens to be wrong with him/her.
    I'll be walking you through it, step by step.
    Post-op: I'll describe what happens in the story after 
    you complete the operation.
    For cutscenes, or chapters where you won't do any operating, will 
    be set up like so:
    --Cutscene #X: Name of cutscene (Code of cutscene.)--
    Here is where I'll summerize what happens in the story at this point.
    If there's any new characters introduced, I'll show it here.
    --Controls  (S1/CN)--
    Menu screen:
    Control pad: Cycle through menu choices
    A button: Confirm selection
    B button: Cancel selection
    X button: Not used
    Y button: Not used
    Select: Not used
    Start: Not used
    Touch screen: Make and confirm menu choices
    Text screen:
    Control pad: Not used
    A button: Continue/ speed up text.
    B button: Not used
    X button: Not used
    Y button: Not used
    Select: Speed through entire conversations
    Start: Pause the game
    Touch screen: Continue text.
    Operation screen:
    Control pad: Not used
    A button: Continue through text on the top screen.
    B button: Not used
    X button: Not used
    Y button: Not used
    Select: Not used
    Start: Pause the game
    Touch screen: Everything (yes everything.)
    --Tools  (S1/TS)--
    In the game you have 13 tools to work with, two of which only available 
    in select missions. Each tool has a small meter to the left/right of the 
    picture. As you use the tool, the meter decreases. When it is almost empty,
    the tool icon turns red. When it empties, the icon turns gray and the tool 
    becomes unusable for several seconds.
    Here they are starting at the top left, to the bottom left, 
    then top right to bottom right.
    Medical laser used for burning tumors, polyps, and parasites. (read: GUILT)
    How to apply: Hold the stylus on the touch screen for as long as you 
    want to burn something.
    Appearance: A thin blue beam of light will appear from the top right
    off-screen and burn at the selected area.
    How it runs out: As you hold the stylus on the screen, the meter decreases.
    Risks: Holding the laser on bare skin/organ tissue will cause small burns. 
    Continuing to hold it will result in bleeding.
    *Spoilers ahead*
    --Special Laser--
    A new laser that you only get in mission 24.
    How to apply: Same as old laser.
    Appearance: A thicker, red beam of light.
    How it runs out: It doesn't.
    *End spoilers*
    --Antibiotic Gel--
    A potent medication that is used to dis-infect areas and can heal 
    small cuts instantly.
    How to apply: Simply move the stylus on the touch screen over the area
    you wish to "gel"
    Appearance: A greenish liquid.
    How it runs out: As you rub gel on the patient, the meter decreases. Also, 
    there is a special condition to this. You can only apply about half a meter's
    worth of gel before you have to lift the stylus off the screen. 
    Then, you can continue to apply.
    A drain that can suck up various fluids. ie blood, cytoplasm etc.
    How to apply: Touch the area you want on the touch screen. The tube will drop.
    Then move the stylus upwards on the tube. Slowly works best.
    Appearance: A long thin tube.
    How it runs out: As you suck up stuff, the meter decreases. 
    But only when you're moving the stylus upwards and liquid is flowing 
    in the tube.
    Medical tweezers that can be used to remove foreign objects.
    How to apply: Touch the stylus to the object you wish to remove. 
    Extract it, then keeping your stylus on the screen, move the object
    to the tray.
    Appearance: Small tweezers the close upon the object you're touching.
    How it runs out: As you hold the object in "mid-air" the meter steadily 
    Risks: If you drop something, you will incur a miss, 
    lose vitals and possibly even worse.
    Your gloved hand. Used to massage the heart in the event of cardiac arrest,
    and massage in protein membranes.
    How to apply: Touch the area you want to massage with the stylus.
    Appearance: A small hand will appear if you're rubbing the right area.
    How it runs out: It doesn't.
    *Spoilers ahead*
    --Healing Touch--
    A special surgical power. Slows down time for 20 seconds or so,
    to allow you time to fix the patient faster.
    How to apply: Double tap the hand icon. Draw a star with the stylus.
    Appearance: When you're drawing, the line appears in bright yellow.
    When the HT activates, the screen loses all color and turns gray.
    How it runs out: You only have a limited amount of time in HT mode.
    When it runs out, that's it.
    You're only allowed one per operation.
    *End spoilers*
    A scanning device that can detect tumors, parasites etc.
    under the patient's skin.
    How to apply: Tap the area you wish to scan.
    Appearance: A small blue circle appears, then radiates outward as it 
    fades. Scanned objects under the tissue show as a black shadow.
    How it runs out: Every time you tap the screen and scan an area,
    the meter goes down by one.
    A device that takes the place of the ultrasound when needed.
    Used to zoom in on certain problem areas in a patient.
    How to apply: Quickly draw a circle or "C" around the area you wish
    to zoom in on.
    Appearance: You draw the circle, then you get closer to where you drew the
    How it runs out: Every time you zoom IN, not out, the meter goes down by one.
    Sharp surgery tool used to incise into the skin at the start of the operation,
    or excising foreign objects.
    How to apply: Simply "draw" on the area you wish to cut.
    Appearance: A red line following your stylus.
    How it runs out: As you continue to "draw" without lifting the stylus,
    the meter decreases.
    Risks: Scalpeling the wrong area will reduce vitals, and sometimes cause
    --Needle and Surgical Thread--
    Used to suture wounds.
    How to apply: "Draw" where you want to suture. Zig-zagging works best.
    Appearance: A blue, then white, line follows your stylus.
    How it runs out: As you suture without taking a break, the meter goes down.
    Risks: Suturing your original incision incorrectly incurs a miss.
    Needle used to inject the all-important stabilizer and other medicine.
    How to apply: Touch a bottle, slide up until the syringe is full, 
    then touch and hold until empty.
    Appearance: A syringe. (What did you expect?)
    How it runs out: A full load of medicine reduces the meter by two.
    Risks: Injecting a special medicine in the wrong place incurs a miss.
    Fixing tape used to finish an operation by covering your original incision.
    How to apply: Slide the stylus over the entire stitched-up incision.
    Appearance: A roll of bandage following your stylus,
    leaving a trail of bandage behind it.
    How it runs out: It doesn't.
    Risks: Starting/ending in the wrong place incurs a miss.
    And that is all the tools you'll have at your disposal.
    You WILL use some alot more than others, believe me.
    --Playing the Game  (S1/PG)--
    Trauma Center: Under the Knife is basically a puzzle game.
    When you operate, you use the stylus to select your tools and use them.
    Meanwhile, your patients vitals are dropping all the time, so it's very
    important to keep an eye on it, pumping them back up with the stabilizer
    when necessary. If they bottom out, or you run out of time,
    or miss too many times, then you have failed the operation and must
    start over again from the beginning of that operation. 
    There is no second chances.
    The bottom screen is taken up by the patient,
    but there are several other things on there besides
    the tools that need to be watched:
    Vital number: In the top left hand corner, there is a pulsing heart image with
    a number on it. This is your patients vitals. The heart image will start
    at dark blue, then light blue, yellow, and red as the  number drops.
    When it hits -01, game over. I know it sounds weird,
    but the patient can survive at 00, as long as it doesn't drop any lower.
    Electrocardiogram reading: This is a measure of your patient's heartbeat.
    It's mostly just for show, but it will change significantly if your
    patient's vitals drop below 25 into the red zone. Sometimes
    it will show an anomaly in your patient's pulse, 
    but only in a couple of missions.
    Call button: Found in the top right hand corner, tap this when your 
    assistant is talking to make them keep talking. The A button works too.
    Extraction tray: Found in the bottom right hand corner, 
    it appears when you have extracted a foreign
    object and need to get it out of the patient.
    Membrane tray: Found in the bottom left hand corner, 
    it appears when you have the forceps selected and
    need to cover a circular wound with a synthetic membrane.
    And that's the game screen. Refer to the instruction booklet if you need 
    a visual guide.
    On the top screen you'll find operation data and your assistant.
    Operation Score: This number shows you what your score for the operation is.
    Your best one will be saved in the "Challenge" menu.
    Time Limit: This is the amount of time you have left in the operation before 
    Game Over. The game will start telling you when you're cutting it close after
    30 seconds.
    Miss Limit: This is how many times you're allowed to incur a miss during that
    operation. Every blue diamond represents one miss. When you run out, "Game
    Assistant: The doctor/nurse who's assisting you during this operation. They
    will provide information on how to fix the patient. When they say something,
    you'd better pay attention.
    And that's all the information on the two screens. 
    --Story Outline  (S1/SO)--
    What is about to follow is the introduction in the instruction booklet.
    *Plot spoilers are ahead. Even though this is the introduction in the booklet,
    they still spoil it for us*
    In the year 2018, mankind has overcome a number of diseases once thought 
    incurable. Cancer, AIDS and TFTA are nearly things of the past. 
    However, a new plague has emerged to threaten humanity...
    ...it's called GUILT (Gangliated Utrophin Immuno Latency Toxin)
    Very little is known about this new disease, but rumor has it that GUILT might 
    be the first biological weapon used for "medical terrorism." Our only hope may 
    lie in Caduceus International--a semi-covert organization designed to research 
    and treat the world's most "untreatable" diseases. Caduceus has managed to keep
    GUILT hidden from the public so far, but how can they possibly eliminate a 
    disease they don't even know how to treat properly?
    Meanwhile, Derek Stiles has just completed his residency and joined the surgical
    team at Hope Hospital, where routine clinical cases are about to become 
    something far more serious...
    *End of spoilers*
    --My Take on the Game  (S1/MT)--
    Trauma Center is one of my favorite games to date. Most of my friends 
    just blew it off, but I managed to convince one of them to play it simply by
    leaving it out. From the first operation he was hooked.
    I guess this shows how fiendishly addictive it can be. 
    I also think some of the later missions are as hard as university. 
    Real medical school is probably easier than this. 
    You will need fast reflexes for this game. If you don't have them, don't worry,
    you will develop them soon enough.
    If it gets frustrating, just turn off your DS, go do something else, 
    and come back to it a half-hour later. You'll feel better, trust me.
    And that's what I think about this game.
    --Spoiler Warning  (S1/SW)--
    I know I've been pretty clear on spoilers so far, but this is the big one:
    As I've included all the story elements in my guide as well, 
    reading ahead in the guide WILL SPOIL THE PLOT FOR YOU!!! 
    I had to type that BIG so you would see it. 
    Don't e-mail me saying that I didn't warn you, I just did.
    --END OF SECTION 1--
    Wash your hands. Time to operate!
    --SECTION 2--
    OK, this is the real deal. The whole of the game is ahead of you.
    Let's get started, Doctor. 
    --Chapter 1: Dr. Stiles--
    --Prequel  (S2/PR)--
    You start at Hope Hospital in the city of Angeles Bay. 
    One of the doctors here (you) needs a helping hand.
    He is always striving to improve, 
    and soon Dr. Derek Stiles will realize his full potential.
    --Operation #1: Standard Procedure  (S2/O1)--
    Pre-Op: A nurse will come on-screen talking about a patient.
    NEW CHARACTER: Mary Fulton
    Age: 39
    The hospital's veteran surgical assistant. 
    She's kind and well-liked, but tends to ramble too much.
    She then describes the patient's injuries.
    A man comes on-screen.
    NEW CHARACTER: Dr. Greg Kasal
    The head of the surgical department at Hope. Nothing rattles him,
    but he's strict and expects perfection from others.
    He then says Derek will operate. Enter Derek.
    NEW CHARACTER: Derek Stiles (You, the player)
    Age: 26
    A surgeon, and the story's main character. He just completed his residency and
    accepted a position at Hope. 
    (the new guy's doing the surgery? Not on ME thank you.)
    He tries to weasel out of it, but is stopped by Mary. 
    She tells him to prep for the operation.
    Greg reassures you that it's a simple extraction. 
    And tells you to keep it calm and steady.(Follow that advice.)
    Briefing: Mary tells you how the patient received his injuries. 
    She also tells you that the lacerations are hemorrhaging, or bleeding. 
    Not good. There are also glass shards near his shoulder. 
    She tells you that you'll have to stitch him up. 
    Then she gives you two objectives. 
    Objectives: 1.) Suture any lacerations.
    	    2.) Extract fragments of glass from underneath the skin.
    Name: Kevin Turk
    Height: 172.3 cm
    Weight: 155.4 lbs
    Time Limit: 5:00
    Starting Vitals: 80
    Max. Vitals: You aren't allowed the syringe/stabilizer so I don't know.
    But I'd guess 99.
    Condition: Lacerations and foreign objects in upper right brachium. 
    Requires removal of the foreign objects and suturing.
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    This is an easy one. Just pay attention to Mary and you'll be fine.
    She'll tell you to start with the lacerations. Select the needle icon.
    Then suture the laceration in a zig-zag. Then do the other one.
    She'll talk in-between the two.
    Then she tells you to move on to the glass. 
    Select the forceps and grab a fragment. Be sure to pull directly AWAY 
    from the patient, in other words, in the direction of entry. 
    ie if it came in from the top, then pull towards the top. 
    Do the same to the other one. BE SURE to drop them in the tray.
    Next, you'll have to heal the small cuts. Select the gel, 
    and rub some on the cut. It will heal instantly (woah). 
    Repeat for the other one.
    Now you'll see a yellow guide line appear on the inside of his elbow and 
    Mary will start talking again. (blah blah blah) Trace this line with gel 
    until all the dots are green and the OK message/noise appears.
    Now for the tricky part. Select the scalpel and SLOWLY trace the line. 
    Don't think about going fast until you gain more experience. 
    When you're finished, you'll see your incision appear and you'll zoom into it.
    Three more shards are in here. Simply extract them like you did before,
    then heal the resulting wounds with the gel. Don't worry about vital loss,
    the bleeding is too small and slow to be any danger.
    After you're done, you'll zoom back out. Suture the wound, making sure
    the line touches both sides and both ends, or you might get a miss.
    Now you'll see the resulting stitches. Disinfect the stitches with the gel.
    It takes more than you might think. Keep gelling until you get the OK
    thing and the bleeding stops.
    Now to finish, apply a bandage. Just start at one end, then go up,
    covering the entire incision, then lift the stylus once the center of the roll
    is OFF the end of the sutured part. That's it, you're done.
    Post-Op: Mary will congratulate you, and Derek will flirt with her. She'll tell
    you to keep practicing. (Take that advice to heart.)
    --Operation #2: Standard Procedure 2  (S2/O2)--
    Pre-Op: Mary will comment on where a tumor is in your patient. It's benign,
    so don't worry. She'll ask you something. Only thing is, Derek isn't
    paying any attention. He gets scolded by Mary, who then demands to know if
    you've been getting enough sleep. Dr. Kasal will ask you about a report,
    which you haven't read.(Some doctor you are.) Mary will ask if they have to
    open an investigation on your medical/social development.
    Then Dr. Kasal will tell Mary that he spoke with the hospital director about
    something she won't tell you about.
    Briefing: Dr. Kasal will inform you what is going on with the tumor
    you'll be extracting. Apparently it's grown and starting to hemorrhage.
    That may be a problem. As it could become malignant,
    the patient has decided to have it removed. Then you'll get your objective.
    Finally he'll tell you to use the Powell Procedure. More on that later.
    Objectives: 1.) Excise and remove a tumor from the distal stomach.
    Name: Noah Laurie
    Height: 179.9 cm
    Weight: 141.7 lbs
    Time Limit: 5:00
    Starting Vitals: 99
    Max. Vitals: 99
    Condition: Tumor confirmed at the surface of the stomach. 
    It should be removed before it becomes malignant.
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    Time to slice open a guy's abdomen! What fun!
    Gel the line, then make your incision with the scalpel.
    Uh oh. His vitals will then quickly drop to 60 and stay there.
    Mary will tell you to stabilize him. Select the syringe and fill it with
    the green stuff. That's your stabilizer and it'll always be there for you.
    Inject it anywhere into the stomach by touching and HOLDING there.
    You don't have to slide downwards.
    Nothing will happen right away, but his vitals will go up to 70.
    In any other operation, THIS ISN'T HOW IT'LL WORK. When you inject it,
    the patient's vitals will go up as long as you're injecting.
    A full load increases the vitals by about 12.
    Moving on. 
    Mary will tell you to use the ultrasound. Select it, then start tapping the
    screen to "ping" the patient. When you find the tumor, it'll appear as
    a dark shadow. Incise down the middle, it doesn't matter how but
    I recommend vertically, and it'll appear on the surface.
    It's oozing fluid, so you'll need to drain it. Select the drain,
    touch the tumor, then slide slowly upwards. The cytoplasm will move up the tube
    and the tumor will turn pink. That's your cue to excise it by tracing the
    yellow guideline with the scalpel. Slowly works best. If you miss a dot,
    just trace over it, you don't have to do it all over again.
    Now it'll turn dark purple-ish. Grab the forceps and extract it.
    Remember to put it in the tray!
    Time to treat the wound. Select the forceps, grab the yellow sheet.
    That's a synthetic membrane. Place it on the wound.
    Smear gel on it until it turn green and you get OK. Use the hand to rub
    it until it disappears. Be sure to rub all over it.
    Suture your original incision, it's a wider incision so be careful,
    disinfect the stitches and slap on a bandage.
    Post-Op: Greg will comment on your nice work,
    then reminds you that the patient's safety always comes first.
    Mary will also pass on her kudos to you.
    --Operation #3: A Farewell   (S2/O3)--
    Pre-Op: It turns out that Mary is leaving us. Oh noes! She'll wax poetic
    about how she'll continue to help patient's and so on and so forth.
    Greg will wish her good luck and Derek will be depressed about it. Also, turns
    out that Mary is hesistant to leave because of Derek.
    She even considered not leaving. But she is. In walks Dr. Hoffman.
    NEW CHARACTER: Dr. Robert Hoffman
    Age: 62
    The director and founder of Hope Hospital. He used to be a renowed surgeon,
    but works in management now.
    The good doctor stopped by to say good-bye to Mary. He thanks her for all
    her service and says she's the best nurse Hope ever had. How nice.
    She asks if he can thank him, and he says by continuing to help people
    as a nurse. He says she's learned everything possible from him and he's proud.
    Mary will comment on some incident involving Dr.Hoffman,
    then Greg will start the briefing.
    Briefing: Because of your work on the last operation, Greg wants you to handle
    today's operation. He'll inform you that it's another tumor excision, and that
    there's more than one. Mary will tell you not to be disappointed that she's
    leaving,and that you should only be concentrating on the patient. Then, she'll
    give you your objective. This is your last operation with Mary.
    Don't disappoint her. 
    Objectives: 1.) Excise and remove all tumors from the pancreas.
    Name: Neil Spence
    Height: 161.3 cm
    Weight: 183.4 lbs
    Time Limit: 5:00
    Starting Vitals: 99
    Max. Vitals: 99
    Condition: Multiple (!) tumors confirmed in the pancreas. They may lead to a
    loss of stamina, so immediate removal is nescessary.
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    First thing you'll notice is that you'll have access to all the tools. That
    doesn't mean you should use them though. The laser isn't for making incisions
    ya know.
    Gel the line and make your incision.
    See those little bumps that are throbbing? Those are inflamed area of the
    patient's pancreas. Inject the blue anti-inflammatory into them to make them
    disappear. It takes half a syringe full for each.
    Time to move on to the tumors.
    Use the ultrasound just like before to locate one, incise down the center,
    drain, excise and extract.
    Apply membrane, gel membrane, rub membrane.
    It's the same for all of them, so I'll just tell you where they are.
    I can't hold your hand all the time you know. 
    Tumor #1: Near the bottom, slightly off-center to the right.
    Tumor #2: Up and to the left of the first tumor.
    Tumor #3: Top of the organ, slightly to the right of the second tumor.
    After extracting all three and applying the membranes you're done.
    Suture the incision, gel the stitches and bandage him up.
    Post-Op: Mary will say what a great job you did. She'll ask you to keep
    helping the people of Angeles Bay.
    You will, won't you?
    --Cutscene #1: Nurse Angie  (S2/C1)--
    The scene starts with Mary receiving a gift for her 18 years at Hope Hospital.
    Greg will comment on how she looked after everyone on the staff. Mary will
    ask if they would be glad to be free of her nagging (Hell YES!), Greg will 
    say no, that he's worried that Derek will start coming to work late. Derek 
    will say that he'll be fine, and Mary will ask him if that means that she 
    won't recieve any more sobbing phone calls from him. Derek will deny this 
    (naturally). Mary will calm him and say that she's proud of him. Some other 
    nurses will be talking about someone who's late. That would be Mary's 
    replacement, and your new surgical assistant. Then she comes in.
    The two screens will then show a picture of the new nurse.
    NEW CHARACTER: Angie Thompson
    Age: 21
    Hope Hospital's newest employee. Angie is part German, born into a very
    well-educated family. She also has an Internation Nursing License.
    Angie will say she's late because some guy on the bus had a heart attack, and
    she helped with the procedure. The paperwork took forever (naturally) and so
    she's late. A phone call will then come in for her. Mary and Greg are both
    --Operation #4: Singing the Blues  (S2/O4)--
    Pre-Op: You'll come in late and Angie will quietly ream you a new one
    about it. Mr. Cox will come in. He's your next patient.
    Derek will describe the surgery and ask if he's feeling any different.
    Mr. Cox will say he doesn't know. (naturally) Then he'll get himself worked
    up about how he might never sing in concerts again. Derek TRIES to calm him,
    but only makes it worse. Derek tries again, but he's too far gone to notice.
    Angie will step in to take his blood pressure, and lead him out.
    Then she comes back and loudly reams you another one.
    She'll tell Derek about his crappy bedside manner.
    Could NOT agree more...
    Briefing: Apparently, Elliot here strained his bronchial tubes, and now has a
    poylp in his throat, causing him to cough up blood and have trouble breathing.
    Considering his career, you'll need to surgically intervene. Greg will approve
    what Angie says. Then, she'll give you THREE (!!) objectives. Finally, she'll
    inform you that you'll be using the magnification tool. Learn how to do so,
    you'll be using it in later missions.
    Objectives: 1.) Drain the overflowing blood.
    	    2.) Locate the problem area.
    	    3.) Use the laser to remove it.
    Name: Elliot Cox
    Height: 185.2 cm
    Weight: 210.1 lbs
    Time Limit: 5:00
    Staring Vitals: 99
    Max. Vitals: 99
    Condition: Poylp clusters confirmed in the trachea. Due to internal
    hemorrhaging, a laser hemostatis procedure is required.
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    The first thing Angie says is how careful you'll need to be.
    We know. Now hush.
    Gel and incise.
    You'll see a silver tube vetically across the screen, with his lungs
    on either side. A small section will be bleeding. Draw a circle around it
    with the magnification tool to zoom in. Sometimes a circle won't work, in that
    case, draw a "C".
    Drain the blood to expose small bumps on the trachea. These are the poylps.
    Select the laser and begin burning off the poylps, being careful not to cause
    addtional bleeding.
    Once you burn a couple away, blood will once again obstruct your view. Angie
    will tell you to apply gel after burning away a poylp. It's not as urgent
    as she says it is, but you should anyway. Several bleeding poylps can cause the
    vitals to drop rather quickly. So it's a good idea to heal the holes left by
    the burnt-away poylps quickly.
    After treating all the poylps, Angie will say another area is hemorrhaging.
    Cease magnification. After doing so, you'll notice the area.
    Zoom in here, drain the blood, laser a few poylps and apply the gel to heal the
    holes. Repeat until done here.
    Zoom out. Oh crap! More.
    Zoom in, drain, laser and gel repeating as necessary. Zoom out.
    ......How much does this guy sing? Sheesh.
    Zoom in and treat them. Zoom out.
    Zoom in and treat the last area. You'll then zoom out of the patient.
    Suture, gel, bandage.
    Post-Op: Derek will tell Mr. Cox that the operation was a success. Then he'll
    joke about getting tickets to Mr. Cox's next concert. Angie will do the
    "......." thing. One can only assume she's looking on in disgust.
    --Operation #5: A Real Doctor  (S2/O5)--
    Pre-Op: This mission starts with Derek ending with his walk-in patients. He'll
    tell Angie when they should begin prepping for the day's operation. She'll ask
    if you should've examined the walk-in person more carefully, as there were
    signs of cyanosis, an indicator of asthma. But Derek will blow it off. She'll
    tell you to start acting more like a real doctor, and stop calling you
    "Dr." Stiles. I don't think she trusts you.
    Briefing: Apparently, Greg is away, so Angie's doing the briefing. Fine by me.
    It's yet another tumor extraction. Derek will say once he takes it out, the
    patient'll recover. However, Angie says the blood test results of the patient
    were strange. Derek will, of course, blow it off. He'll continue with his plan
    to simply extract the tumor. Angie will reluctantly okay this, and give you
    your objectives. 
    Objectives: 1.) Treat the inflamed epithelium in his small intestine.
    	    2.) Excise and remove all tumors in the small intestine.
    Name: Sean West
    Height: 181.1 cm
    Weight: 163.4 lbs
    Time Limit: 5:00
    Starting Vitals: 70
    Max. Vitals: 80 
    Condition: Multiple tumors comfirmed in the small intestine, resulting in
    several other inflammations.
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    First thing you'll notice is that the patient's vitals aren't as strong as
    your other patients so far. Not a good thing.
    Gel and incise.
    Angie will say "What is that?!" You'll see seven inflammed areas. All over the
    intestinal membrane, not confined to where they were supposed to be. DEFINATLY
    not a good thing. Derek will say that they should keep going, even though Angie
    wants to close him up.
    Anyway, start injecting the blue anti-inflammatory into the inflammed areas.
    This is your first priority, because they drop the vitals pretty quickly.
    After you're done, Angie will try to voice a concern, but stop. Oh well.
    There's four tumors to find. Treat them all using the Powell Procedure. For
    those of you who've forgotten, it goes like so:
    Ultrasound, incise down the shadow, drain, excise, extract. Place membrane,
    gel membrane and massage it in.
    Now to show you where to apply said procedure:
    Tumor #1: At the bottom right of the incision.
    Tumor #2: Slightly higher than the first tumor and close to the left of the
    Tumor #3: Slightly up and to the right of the second tumor.
    Tumor #4: At the top right corner of the third tumor, about one tumor-length
    from the third tumor.
    Through-out the operation, Angie will keep saying something's not right. After
    you finish treating the tumors, Angie will say his vitals aren't stabilizing.
    Use the ultrasound after you regain control. Just keep "pinging" until you can
    zoom out of the patient.
    Suture, gel, bandage. And you're done.
    Post-Op: Angie will corner you afterwards and point out some of the patient's
    blood test results. His white blood cell and globulin counts are shooting up,
    and his peritonium in inflammed. She wants to talk to his doctor and re-examine
    him. Derek however says he has to meet with some people and walks out.
    You're taken to the Citywalk and night falls. Derek is just finishing up with
    the people he was talking with when his cellphone rings. Guess who. Angie will
    tell you to get back to Hope Hospital as the patient is in critical condition.
    Turns out a tumor metastasized (read: formed) behind his lungs, which began
    swelling. It festered and burst. Now he's in shock, suffering from acute
    peritonitis and being operated on. She takes you to show you the result of
    your carelessness. Nice job, Doctor.
    --Cutscene #2: Downpour  (S2/C2)--
    You'll be sitting in Dr. Hoffman's office. He understands how you couldn't have
    been sure about what was going on, but the lab left you memos and you dumped
    your responsibilities onto poor Angie. Angie will then burst in with something
    to say. She will then tell you about how she can't work with you because of the
    way you act, and how you shouldn't even be a doctor. 
    You'll then head to the Citywalk and it starts raining. Derek will feel sorry
    because how he almost cost the patient his life. He'll say he's no doctor, and
    I agree. Some guy will ask if you should be getting back to the hospital, and
    Derek says no, because they don't want him there.
    Then you overhear a guy on a cellphone talking about some accident with a truck
    and SUV. Now both drivers are in the streets. Not good.
    Derek will realize that there isn't any emergency doctors on call. Uh oh.
    --Operation #6: Life or Death  (S2/O6)--
    Pre-Op: First thing you'll notice is the awesome music. It was from the
    trailer you know.
    Anyway, Derek got the patients here and asks where they are. He'll go inside
    and ask Angie. She'll say one of them is suffering cardiac arrest, his heart
    isn't beating, and she couldn't revive him. She almost breaks down and you'll
    get her to take you to the O.R.
    Briefing: Derek will ask what's going on. Angie will say he has no pulse and
    almost loses it. You'll calm her down and she'll say you need a pulse first.
    You won't be given an objective though, so I've done it for you.
    Objectives: 1.) Recover pulse.
                2.) Suture lacerations and remove foregin objects.
    	    3.) Remove foregin objects in the chest.
    Name: Omar Flynn
    Height: 132.6 cm
    Weight: 74.9 lbs
    Time Limit: 5:00 (kinda)
    Starting Vitals: 01 (!!!!!)
    Max. Vitals: 30 (!!!!!)
    Condition: Patient suffered cardiac arrest as the result of a car accident.
    Multiple lacerations of the epithelium and problems in the abdomen.
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    First off, you'll notice the vitals at 01 and the electrocardiogram at a
    flatline. You have 1:00 to recover the heartbeat. 
    Rub some gel on the rectangle with the sliding bar, or it won't work.
    Then, select the hand and touch and follow the bar until it disappears. You'll
    get the OK message and vitals will max out at 30. Angie will regain her
    composure and you can get to work.
    Suture the three big lacerations and gel the three smaller wounds. Then extract
    the glass ONE AT A TIME and gel the wound right after. Any mistakes here can
    kill the patient pretty quick. Plus his vitals drop faster than most other
    patients. Not cool.
    After your done all the surface work, you'll have to open up his chest.
    Gel and incise.
    You'll zoom in on the heart, and notice 8 shards of glass in the heart. That
    might be a problem. Angie will tell you to wait for Greg. Don't listen to her.
    Extract a shard, then gel the wound right after. His vitals will drop VERY fast
    after you remove a shard and the wound starts bleeding, so hurry. You should
    inject the stabilizer if his vitals dip below 20.
    After you've done that, his heart will stop again. Gel the rectangle and start
    following the pulse bar with the hand again. You'll save him and his vitals
    will go back to what they were.
    Then, a small laceration will form and a HUGE shard of glass will begin to jut
    out. Grab it after Angie tells you to and VERY carefully pull it out and
    drop it in the tray. Now suture the laceration.
    Angie will says he's going to make it. Then something pretty bad happens.
    You'll see clouds of blood spurt out of the heart in a line, then a HUGE
    laceration will form and begin to spew blood. That might be a problem.
    A star will be drawn on-screen, the screen will go grey and time will slow.
    This is the Healing Touch.
    His vitals will drop to 05 and that become his new maximum vitals.
    Grab the needle and suture that wound ASAP.
    Once you do, the HT will end, vitals will max out at 30 and you will zoom out
    of the patient. Angie will wonder how you did it. Like you'll tell her.
    Suture, gel, and bandage in that order. It would suck to lose him now.
    Post-Op: Derek will have an epiphany and understand what it's like to be a real
    doctor. He'll say they need to contact the other doctors, and Angie will say
    that it's already been taken care of. She'll tell you to take a rest and you'll
    accept that. Then Derek says how she was right about what she said that
    morning. Derek says he'll stay as a surgeon to make her proud. She'll tell you
    to come to work on time, do your paperwork, and fix your hair. Then he'll head
    off to take a nap. 
    --Chapter 2: Healing Touch--
    --Operation #7: Dormant Ability  (S2/O7)--
    Pre-Op: Derek will be wondering what happened in the previous operation. He
    suspects that time slowed, and he knew exactly what to do. Greg will get after
    you for not paying attention. Then he says to take your job seriously. Yeah,
    right. Then Greg says for Angie to prep for the operation.
    Briefing: Mr. Pratt has been dizzy and nauseous lately, due to waste blockage
    in his spleen. Greg will say the contrast medium was administered by IV.
    I think thats some kind of dye to help show the thrombi, but meh. Greg will
    then say how to remove them, I'll go over that later. Also, Greg will say
    that if any more waste blockage occurs, vitals will drop. Be careful of this.
    Objectives: 1.) Remove all thrombi in the vessels.
    Name: Jesse Pratt
    Height: 165.0 cm
    Weight: 132.7 lbs
    Time Limit: 5:00
    Starting Vitals: 80
    Max. Vitals: 99
    Condition: Multiple thrombi due to waste blockage. Immediate removal is
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    Gel, incise. If you don't have this down, well I can't help you there.
    You'll see the spleen with the blood vessels highlighted by the aforementioned
    dye. Magnify the area.
    You'll then see one little ball come out of each of the brancing paths. That's
    a thrombus. If one goes through the spleen, vitals go down by 6. Don't let it
    happen too much. Personally, I can't get them all, but oh well.
    Ultrasound over one to see it fully. Touch it with the forceps to make it stop.
    Then make a small cut over it with the scalpel. Insert the drain, and drain 
    until you get OK, and you should see the thrombus moving up the tube. Gel the
    resulting wound. Repeat for as many as you can. After you treat some, 
    Angie will say that the thrombi are diminishing, and the blood flow has 
    Soon after Angie says this, a bunch of thrombi will shoot through at overdrive.
    Get back in control ASAP by quickly going through the text. Right after you do,
    a Healing Touch will automatically activate again.
    Now the thrombi will be moving very slowly. You should be able to get them all
    easily. Work from the "exit" back.
    However, your vitals could be down due to the thrombi moving at light
    speed back then. So inject some stabilizer if you must.
    Once you're done, the HT will stop, and Angie will be surprised that the
    thrombi are gone. 
    Gee, I wonder why?
    Suture, gel, bandage. 
    Post-Op: Angie will say that you might be a pretty good surgeon. Derek will be
    surprised. She'll say that he was pratically a different person in the O.R. 
    Derek will think that it did feel that he was someone else. Angie will say that
    if he that focused, she wouldn't have to worry so much. Derek will ask if she
    worries about him. Well, she worries about his patients... Greg will ask for
    the footage of the operation. He suspects something...
    --Cutscene #3: Master Surgery  (S2/C3)--
    You'll be in Dr. Hoffman's office. He's called you here to warn you about
    something. Greg has told him that you may be able to use the "Healing Touch".
    Derek will ask what that is. Turns out that any doctor with the Healing Touch
    can cure incurable diseases. They can save those who are at the brink of death.
    The Greeks believed that doctors with the HT descended from the Greek God of
    Medicine, Asclepius. Derek is in a state of mild shock over this. Hell, I would
    be too. Dr. Hoffman willl say that those have uncanny judgement, perfect focus,
    and unmatched surgical skill. He'll ask you if you've noticed anything change
    when you're operating. Derek will say that it feels like time is slowing down.
    Dr. Hoffman will say that's so because of your concentration. So, you definatly
    are capable of the HT. But Dr. Hoffman will tell you to forget about it. If you
    persue the powers, you will become an amazing surgeon, but pain will come your
    way. Dr. Hoffman says how responsible you'll become with the HT. You have to
    only be a regular doctor to be happy. Then he says an analogy about you wanting
    the HT. Then he'll tell you to go take a break from surgery.
    --Operation #8: Striving for Asclepius  (S2/O8)--
    Pre-Op: Greg will ask you what's wrong, as Derek looks down in the dumps. He'll
    ask Greg if he should stop improving as a doctor. Greg will say he'd hoped that
    the news that Derek had the HT would motivate Dr. Hoffman to start operating
    again. Turns out he has the HT too, but a mistake way back when caused him to
    stop operating. Derek will wonder if he can master the HT. Greg will say that
    you have to take command of the power. Greg will say for you to use your focus
    to command the power. Derek will remember what his dad said about picking a
    shape and concentrating on it. Derek will use a star.
    Briefing: This isn't an operation per se, but meh. Derek will say that he has
    to recall what happened during the operation and to focus on the star. Should
    be simple enough right?
    Objectives: 1.) Learn the Healing Touch.
    Name: --
    Height: --
    Weight: --
    Time Limit: Infinite
    Starting Vitals: --
    Max. Vitals: --
    Condition: Personal training exercise. Gain focus and practice superhuman
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    I don't want to type all this, it's easy as hell. *sigh* Oh well. Here we go.
    Derek will say that he can do this. The game will make you select the hand 
    tool, so do so. You'll see a wireframe of a heart appear, and the game will
    point at the hand tool again. Tap it once more, and you'll see a star replace
    the hand tool.
    A green star will appear. Trace it. Everytime you do this, you'll hear a sound,
    and the "heart" will beat once or twice.
    The green star will fade some. Trace it again.
    Now it will fade completely and Derek will talk. Skip through the text.
    Now trace the star shape a third time. 
    C'mon! A fourth time!
    Almost! One last time!
    Now the sound will be louder, and the "heart" will keeping beating, the 
    wireframe will go grey and time will slow. You've mastered the Healing Touch!
    Derek will say he has a headache. He's a doctor, he can treat it. 
    Post-Op: Derek will say he's getting the hang of it. He might just be able to
    control the Healing Touch. Well good for him.
    NOTE: Now you can do the HT in any operation from here on out. For a more
    detailed description of it, go take a look at its description in the "Tools"
    section of my guide.
    --Operation #9: Awakening  (S2/O9)--
    Pre-Op: Greg is just wrapping up a medical meeting and tells those involved in
    the breifing to stick around for it. Derek isn't paying attention, he's 
    thinking about the HT. Angie will wonder what he's concentrating on. 
    Briefing: Turns out your next patient isn't doing so hot. He's got some 
    aneurisms on his large intestine. Some ruptured, and he's at risk for anemia.
    He needs to have them removed. Then you'll get your objective. Then Greg'll 
    tell you how to treat one. More on that in the walkthrough area. You'll be
    using the magnifier again, and you'll be able to use it at whim. Hooray!
    Objectives: 1.) Treat the aneurisms on the outer membrane of the large 
    Name: Mario Kovac
    Height: 155.2 cm
    Weight: 143.0 lbs
    Time Limit: 5:00
    Starting Vitals: 70
    Max. Vitals: 80 
    Condition: Multiple aneurisms have formed on the surface of the large 
    intestine. Requires sedative treatment and suturing of the vessel.
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    Be careful during this operation. A wrong magification will cost you time, and
    an aneurism could burst while you get your bearings.
    Gel, incise. Lets do it. 
    You see a small red dot on a red line. The line's the blood vessel and the dot
    is the aneurism. Magnify around it.
    First thing you may notice is that it gets bigger. It can and WILL burst if you
    don't hurry. 
    First off, inject the brown serum into it. You'll see it shrink and the yellow
    cutting guide line appear around it. Scalpel that line quickly, or you'll have
    to inject the brown serum into it again.
    After you've excised it, grab it with the forceps and drop it in the tray. The
    two halves of the artery will start bleeding, drain the blood. Now with the 
    forceps, grab one end and drag it over to the other end. Now suture straight
    across the area where they connect. The halves will be connected and the artery
    will disappear. Cease magnification.
    You'll see another aneurism appear. Uh oh. 
    Start treating the one that appeared. After you suture the artery shut, two
    more will appear.
    After you treat one, two more will appear, now there's three of the things.
    Just treat them all normally, if one looks too big, just inject some brown
    serum into it to give yourself some more time. 
    After you treat all three, Angie will tell you to wait a second before you 
    close him up. 
    FIVE aneurisms will appear. This is the worst part of the mission. If one 
    bursts, the vitals will go down by about 20 or so. All five popping will
    kill your patient straight out even at full vitals. If his vitals are
    down from when you were treating the other aneurisms, just one bursting
    and bleeding may end it.
    Try not to let that happen.
    Now, here you could either,
    A.) HT, then treat each as you have before, injecting the brown serum into
    those ready to burst.
    B.) Excise each, but not extract them, then go from there one at a time.
    Each has its pros and cons, so do whichever one suits you. However, you may
    need the HT no matter what you do, as when the artery halves are bleeding,
    his vitals drop pretty badly. Couple that with a couple aneurisms bursting
    and you've got problems. 
    After you treat all of them, Angie will wonder about the HT and its abilities.
    Suture, gel, bandage. 
    Post-Op: Greg will say that you managed to control the Healing Touch. He'll say
    not to rely on it too much, and to build you basic surgical skills. The screen
    will black out for a second. Derek will wonder what just happened. Greg's still
    talking about your job as a doctor as the screen blacks out for good this time.
    Greg will ask you if you're listening. Then he'll ask what's wrong.
    You don't answer, as you're passed out on the floor. 
    --Cutscene #4: Paying the Price  (S2/C4)--
    A voice will be telling Derek to forget about the HT. It will ask him if he
    would give up his life and happiness. Derek will say that he became a doctor to
    help people. Then he'll come to.
    He'll be in a room at Hope Hospital. Angie will be surprised that you're awake.
    Greg will say that after the last operation you collapsed, and have been asleep
    for three days. Derek will get frantic about his job, but Greg reassures him
    that the other doctors have it covered. Then he'll forbid you from using the
    Healing Touch. It puts a huge strain on your body, and if you faint while in 
    the middle of surgery... Derek will protest that without it, Mr. Kovac might
    have died. Greg will say that's why you can't abandon the HT. Only use it when
    you really need it. You shouldn't be relying on it exclusivly and should hone
    your natural skills. Then Greg will say just take it slowly, and you'll be able
    to harness the full power of the Healing Touch.
    --Operation #10: Just Let Me Die  (S2/O10)--
    Pre-Op: I love this music so much!
    An emergency patient was just admitted. Vitals at 60, CS is 300. Oh noes!
    She's in shock and losing alot of blood, better operate quickly!
    Briefing: She's got alot of bleeding in her lung cavaity. We need to open
    her up and fix that pronto. You'll get your objective. Then Greg will tell
    you how to treat a big laceration. I'll go over that later, as usual. 
    Objectives: 1.) Treat all injuries within the thoracic cavity.
    Name: Linda Reid
    Height: 150.4 cm
    Weight: 95.2 lbs
    Time Limit: 3:00
    Starting Vitals: 45
    Max. Vitals: 65
    Condition: Several bleeding lacerations found in the right lung. Patient's
    vitals are unstable and require extreme caution.
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    Angie will tell you to hurry up. She's right, all the lacerations will drain
    your patient's vitals kinda quick-like, so don't dawdle.
    Gel, incise. Like we do it any other way.
    You'll zoom in on her lung and see all the injuries. Greg will wonder how this
    could've happened without any injuries on the outside. Wonder later. Treat now.
    There are three huge laceration and 6 regular ones. The huge ones need your 
    attention first.
    To treat one, drain the blood. Now using the forceps, grab one side and pull it
    over until you get OK. Now suture it like you would any other wound. Repeat for
    the other two. 
    Now you can suture the other 6 like you normally would. 
    You will need the stabilizer, so don't shy from using it.
    Once you treat all of the lacerations, you can close her up. 
    Suture, gel, bandage. Simple as that.
    Post-Op: Angie will wonder how she got those lacerations. Greg will say it'll
    probably take a while to figure it out. She's going to be in the hospital for
    a few days, so you can keep an eye on her. Angie will ask if anyone noticed
    the cuts across her wrists. Looks like this patient is suicidal. Derek will
    say that her real sickness is deeper then they thought, and they might see 
    more complications. 
    --Cutscene #5: Reasons Why  (S2/C5)--
    You'll be in Linda Reid's room. She was your last patient. She tell you to get
    away, and she never asked to be saved. Derek will try to calm her, but she'll
    say that her chest was on fire, and that she was going to be set free. Looks
    like she doesn't want to live. Derek will give her the "don't do it" speech,
    but she'll keep saying that her life sucks, and she has all these problems, and
    that her outlook can't help at all. Angie will step in. Oh, will she ever step
    in. She says that maybe she should just die. People have to fight to breathe in
    the hospital, and Angie says for all she cares, Linda can go ahead and do it.
    Bravo, Angie! Bravo.
    Derek will get after her, and Angie will leave. Linda says she's sorry Derek 
    wasted his time operating on her. Derek says that it isn't a waste, but Linda
    will say just to leave her alone. Then, Derek will share a story about his cat,
    and how he got run over. He then told his mom that it was his fault, and he 
    should die for that. Derek's mom then proceeded to slap him. Hard. She said she
    was ashamed of him, and that Tama, the cat, would be too. And he should be
    ashamed of himself too. Then, he'll ask Linda who she has in her life. And if
    she could look them in the eye, and say she wants to die. He'll then give her a
    mirror, and tell her to look herself in the eye, and say "I want to die." She
    can't do it, and apologizes. Derek'll say just live to make herself happy and
    not other people. Linda thanks him for this, and says he's a good doctor.
    How nice.
    --Cutscene #6: Reconciliation  (S2/C6)--
    Derek and Angie are taking a break from something, and she'll say she passed by
    Linda's room that day. Her parents were there, and all three of them were 
    crying and apologizing to each other. Alot of stuff has been going on, but it's
    just that stuff everyone worries about in high school. Then, Angie says that
    it's a good thing she was brought to Hope Hospital. She's been hearing rumors
    about a "death doctor". If she'd asked for death during treatment, well... 
    she'd have got it. Derek can't understand why anyone would want to die.
    --Operation #11: Please Let Me Live  (S2/O11)--
    Pre-Op:  Greg will say that they got some weird results back on Linda. Turns 
    out she's got very high levels of syprohedrine in her blood. It's an 
    antihistamine, used to treat allergies. Derek will ask why she didn't say she
    was on medication. That's because she wasn't. All drugs with syprohedrine are
    still in the trial phase. Plus, she's got 24 times the suggested dosage. 
    Side effects from an overdose explain her symptoms perfectly, except for her
    lung bleeding. Then a nurse will rush in and say that Linda's condition is
    worsening! She's got pain in her chest again. You'll rush to her room, and 
    she'll say that she wants to live. Well good for her. Lets try to make that
    wish come true huh?
    Briefing: Her blood pressure is taking a dive, so she's probably bleeding 
    in her lungs again. Greg will say that there has to be some reason why this
    is happening and gives you your objectives. Greg's going to be your 
    assistant along with Angie, so you'll have his help too. Joy!
    Objectives: 1.) Treat any bleeding injuries within the thoracic cavity.
    	    2.) Discover what's causing the lacerations.
    Name: Linda Reid
    Height: 150.4 cm
    Weight: 95.2 lbs
    Time Limit: 5:00
    Starting Vitals: 80
    Max. Vitals: 99
    Condition: Hemorrhaging lacerations have re-formed in the right lung. Please
    conduct an investigation while performing hemostatic treatment.
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    Now poor Linda wants to be saved. That's more like it! 
    Gel and incise. Again.
    You'll see lacerations on her lung. Pretty much THE EXACT SAME ones you fixed
    in the last operation. Greg and Angie will wonder how that happened. Doesn't
    matter. Fix all of them just like you did before.
    Greg will say that they should close her up and examine her later. He'll say
    to suture the incision and finish up. But something interrupts him.
    You'll see a laceration form all by itself. The music will change and Angie
    and Greg will wonder what's going on. Angie will tell you to use the 
    ultrasound. Another laceration will form on its own. Ping near the end of it.
    Oh. My. GOD!!!
    You'll see something resembling a shark swimming in Linda's lungs. That would
    be GUILT. Scalpel across it to excise it and it'll start swimming on top of her
    lungs and you'll get a good look at it.
    Welcome to Kyriaki. 
    It'll be green with blue stripes down the sides and a whip-like tail colored
    blue on the end.
    Not a good thing to have in your body slicing you up from the inside out.
    Anyway, Angie will say to use the laser. Just tap on it and it'll writhe in 
    pain and scoot off. After it stops flashing, tap it again. It'll vanish in a 
    blue puff and "DEFEAT" will show up instead of "OK". Huh.
    After Greg commends Angie on her idea to laser the thing, another laceration
    will form. More of the little buggers. 
    There are two this time, and they have a trick that you'll see now. After you
    scalpel it out, it'll automatically "skate" across the lung and make a 
    laceration in its wake. These will drop your vitals by around 6, so keep this
    in mind.
    Simply laser them like you did before. A tap is all you need, holding just 
    causes more injuries, bleeding and vital loss. 
    Now suture the lacerations the Kyriaki made, and gel the wounds you made 
    scalpelling the Kyriaki out. Make sure to leave one laceration/wound and
    pump up your vitals to full, as you're not done yet. After you're at 99
    treat the last laceration/wound and get ready.
    Three lacerations in the shape of an asterisk will appear and when you
    ultrasound, you'll see a big Kyriaki. This is the last one, and it has a trick
    too. It'll make lacerations after you scalpel it out just like the little ones,
    but after you damage it with the laser, it'll go back into the lung, and you'll
    have to find it all over again. Do this three times and it'll die. Nice job,
    Doctor. Now suture all the lacerations made by the Kyriaki, gel the scalpel
    marks, and you'll zoom out. 
    After you zoom out, Greg and Angie will wonder if that little thing could've
    been GUILT. Looks like they know more then they're letting on. 
    Suture, gel, bandage. Nice work.
    Post-Op: Greg will say that this operation is to be confidential. He asks for
    Linda's medical files and says that's all for the day. Angie will ask if that
    was GUILT. Greg'll be surprised that she knows about it and asks her how she
    knows. She saw it in her father's research and as he has a medical researcher,
    that's probably how he came across it. Greg'll tell both Derek and Angie to not
    mention GUILT to anyone, and Derek'll wonder just what is GUILT.
    You'll find out soon enough.
    --Cutscene #7: Caduceus  (S2/C7)--
    Derek has been called into Dr. Hoffman's office yet again. Greg's there, and
    he'll show you some exam charts for Linda Reid. There's weird headings on them.
    "Positive Chiral Reaction, GUILT: Positive, Spectral Analysis, G1-R" These 
    tests have been done by an outside organization. Turns out in the last few 
    years, a strange disease has broken out in a few isolated cases. The one common
    factor is that everyone's body turned against itself, and everyone died. So,
    they believe everyone was infected by GUILT (Gangliated Utrophin Immuno Latency
    Toxin). And poor Linda was infected by GUILT, and Dr. Hoffman is impressed that
    you managed to treat her. So, the organization wants you. They're called
    Caduceus. They specialize in curing the incurable diseases that threaten many
    people on a worldwide scale. Derek is in shock over this. And Dr. Hoffman is
    against you joining them. He doens't think a reasearch lab is the place for 
    Derek if he wants to help people face to face. Then, Dr. Hoffman gives you a
    letter entitled "Kyriaki-Sunday" and it reads "Death is denied those who want
    it, though it be their destiny. They search for it like a treasure, but the
    modern age conceals it." It came after Linda was admitted and the letters come
    before GUILT sets in. Therefore, GUILT isn't natural. It's man-made, and is
    being considered terrorism. Caduceus is anticipating a large outbreak, and they
    need good doctors to treat it. Dr. Hoffman tells Derek to give it heavy
    --Operation #12: For Everyone's Sake  (S2/O12)--
    Pre-Op: Derek is discharging a man who had appendicitis. Derek thinks that 
    talking with his patients is his favourite part of being a doctor, and if he
    could give that up. Greg then comes to get you for the breifing.
    Briefing: Today you'll be doing heart surgery on a young girl from the 
    pediatrics ward. She has a disease in one of her heart valves. Greg will give
    you your objectives, then tell you how to excise the valve. I'll go over that
    later as usual. You'll recieve some words of caution from Greg, then he'll turn
    it over to you.
    Objectives: 1.) Replace a valve in her heart with a synthetic one.
    Name: Elisa Chalke
    Height: 138.7 cm
    Weight: 84.4 lbs
    Time Limit: 5:00
    Starting Vitals: 99
    Max. Vitals: 99
    Condition: Mitral prolapse and regurgitation. Since complications may arise, it
    is necessary to place the valve with a synthetic valve.
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    Time for some real heart surgery. Be careful, which you always should be 
    Gel, incise.
    You'll zoom in on her heart. It'll show a cutting guide line. Grab the scalpel,
    but then something happens.
    The electrocardiogram will show an abnormality in the heartbeat. Then all hell
    breaks loose.
    The heart will begin to go crazy and the reading will show a sawtooth rhythem.
    She in ventrical fibrillation! Angie will shock her with a defibrillator and
    the heart will flatline, vitals will drop to 10 and you need to save her! Gel
    and massage the heart just like you did back in Operation 6 and her heart will
    start beating again. Phew! Angie will warn you that her heart may do that 
    again, and be ready to revive her quickly. She's right, so be ready.
    Now gel and incise into her heart.
    Magnify the bleeding area of the incision and drain the blood. You'll see the
    Now scalpel the left side in a "C" pattern. The guideline will be there so
    don't sweat it. Now do the same on the right. Finally, scalpel around the valve
    itself to completely excise it. Now grab it with the forceps and drop it in the
    tray. Now you can set the replacement. Grab it with the forceps, it'll be in 
    the left tray, and drop it into the hole. Now suture all around it. 
    Cease magnification and suture the incision in her heart. 
    Note that her heart may go crazy again at any time up to when you suture your 
    incision in her heart. After here you're fine. 
    Now you can zoom out of the patient.
    Suture, gel, bandage. Congratulations! You've just accomplished heart surgery.
    Post-Op: Elisa's mom is worried about her daughter. Derek reassures her that
    the operation was a success. And she'll need about two months recovery. That'll
    be right fun. Derek tells her that modern medicine allows much higher success
    rates then 5-10 years ago. He tells the mom to take good care of Elisa. Then
    Derek has a flashback.
    A doctor is telling Derek and his mom that medicine hasn't advanced enough to
    treat his father successfully. Young Derek can't seem to grasp that his father
    isn't gonna make it. The doctor tells him that no doctor in the world could 
    save his father. End flashback.
    Derek goes into Dr. Hoffman's office and says that he's going to go work at
    Caduceus. Dr. Hoffman asks if he's willing to throw away his happiness. Derek
    says that he knows what's coming to him. But Derek doesn't care. Derek will
    then say he'll make sure that no one ever has to hear that someone they love
    can't be cured.
    Bravo, Derek. Bravo.
    --Chapter 3: Caduceus--
    --Cutscene #8: New Beginnings  (S2/C8)--
    Dr. Hoffman and Greg are talking about how Derek and Angie are starting at
    Caduceus that day. Dr. Hoffman wonders if Derek can handle the pressure. Greg
    says that he didn't get a chance to tell Derek about someone named Sidney.
    A bit of background on Caduceus:
    It's an international organization trying to eradicate all disease. You are
    at "Caduceus USA" the American branch. There's two other branches in Europe and
    Japan. At the US branch, special anti-infection measure are researched as well.
    Oringinally established in 1980, they can act on their own without any
    government approval. Cool.
    You'll see Derek in his new Caduceus uniform. Damn, I'd love a shirt like that
    with the stripe and that awesome logo...
    Anyway, you'll see someone new.
    NEW CHARACTER: Sidney Kasal
    Age: 35
    Chief Director of Caduceus. He dedicated his life to the study of clinical
    medicine after his wife died of illness. 
    Derek will remember that Greg said he had a brother. Then Angie comes in, 
    sporting her new uniform. Sidney will say that he looks forward to what the
    two of you will do at Caduceus. Then Sidney says that the Secretary of Health
    is stopping by to meet you. Then he walks in.
    NEW CHARACTER: Richard Anderson
    Current Secretary of Health and Human Services. After a long career in 
    politics, he became the Director of Caduceus. 
    He'll then thank you for accepting the job. He says that GUILT puts the surgeon
    at risk too, and no one knows what's sprending it yet. He'll tell you your
    responsibility to research and treat diseases. 
    Sidney then takes you on a tour of the building and introduces you to everyone.
    NEW CHARACTER: Stephen Clarks
    Age: 42
    Caduceus's head surgeon--has a wife and 2 kids. His kind demeanor has comforted
    many sick patients.
    He'll introduce himself, then Sidney introduces the anesthesiologist.
    NEW CHARACTER: Cybil Myers
    Well respected Anesthesiology specialist. She used to be a police officer, but
    left the force to practice medicine. She's intelligent and very spirited. Some
    call her the "Iron Vixen."
    She'll ask if you're from Hope Hospital and say that her and Greg go back to
    medical school. Angie will say it's nice to meet her.
    Stephen will ask if having two new people will lighten their workloads, but 
    sadly no. There's a huge list of incoming patients. Stephen says that they are
    on the verge of an outbreak of GUILT, although they got a budget increase, 
    that's not good enough. You'll be treating patients the next day. So, today
    you'll be doing all kinds of paperwork. Oh joy.
    Later that night, you and Angie are just finishing and Derek asks why Angie 
    came to Caduceus too. She says she just wants to be a master surgical 
    assistant. Then, you'll hear someone else who'll then come on screen. Looks 
    like Derek and him know each other.
    NEW CHARACTER: Tyler Chase
    A Caduceus surgeon. He went to med school with Derek. Tyler is very optimistic,
    and tries to keep everyone in a good mood. 
    Derek is surprised to see him and Tyler is really happy that Derek is his 
    collegue now. Tyler says that he can see just how far him and Derek have 
    progressed and then says good-bye. Derek can't believe that Tyler works here,
    and Angie guessed that him and Tyler go back. Derek the wonders why Tyler was
    talking about potassium chloride before.
    --Operation #13: GUILT  (S2/O13)--
    Pre-Op: Sidney will tell you that several people infected with GUILT are 
    currently at Caduceus. They have to treat them, but don't know how. So, they're
    simply trying to slow it down. Today will be similar to what happened with 
    Linda Reid, Sidney is looking forward to seeing you in action. Cybil will 
    be handing the anestheia and Tyler warns you not toscrew up or she won't 
    work with you ever again. She tells him to stop trying to scare you. 
    She tells you just to do your best. Then Sidney will start the breifing.
    Briefing: Sidney tells you that you'll be operating on Kyriaki. It hides
    in organs and causes lacerations. Like we didn't know that already.
    Basically it's just a test, real simple. You'll get your objective and
    Sidney says that the rest is up to you. So you'll have a bit of freedom
    in this operation. Then, you'll see Derek's "getting ready" animation
    on the top screen. Damn, but that's cool!
    Objectives: 1.) Remove the Kyriaki. 
    Name: Jack Reyes
    Height: 163.3 cm
    Weight: 152.8 lbs
    Time Limit: 5:00
    Starting Vitals: 99
    Max. Vitals: 99
    Condition: Postive Chiral reaction--Kyriaki bodies detected. Immediate removal
    is required to prevent futher complications.
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    Angie will say that this GUILT is the same kind Linda Reid got.
    She just loves to point out the obvious doesn't she?
    Gel, incise.
    You'll see the small intestine in a bit of a mess. 3 large lacerations and 5
    others. Treat the small ones first, then move on to the big ones.
    Just like before: Drain, forceps the sides together, suture it shut. When 
    there's only one laceration left, pump your vitals up to full, treat it and
    get ready for the GUILT.
    Two Kyriaki will make lacerations. Ultrasound near the place where the
    laceration stopped forming to find the little buggers. Scalpel them out. 
    Tap both with the laser. Wait for the flashing to stop and laser again. 
    Presto. Two dead Kyriaki.
    Three more will appear. Just stay calm and do what you did before. Remember
    to pump up vitals when necessary. If vitals drop too fast, smear gel all over
    the lacerations to stop the bleeding and vital loss, then inject the stabilizer.
    It also has the added bonus of healing any of your scalpel marks.
    After you kill the last one, suture the lacerations, gel the wounds. Be sure
    to leave one laceration/wound while you pump the vitals to max, then treat it.
    The adult Kyriaki will join the party with its trade mark triple slash. Just
    ultrasound it, scalpel, laser and repeat. It takes three hits like last time to
    kill it. After you do, Sidney will say that the Chiral reaction is negative,
    then say to treat his wounds. Just suture any lacerations, gel any wounds, and
    you can zoom out.
    Angie will ask him about the Chiral thingy and they will talk about it. I don't
    understand what that all means, but I think it's something about the GUILT
    making cells that give off some kinda wavelength that the Chiron test
    equipment can pick up or something. I don't know or care. Then he'll say sorry
    for wasting time and tell you to finish up.
    Suture, gel, bandage. One less GUILT patient to worry about.
    Post-Op: Everyone says how amazing you were. You finished a half-hour earlier
    than they thought you would. Sheesh, only took me three minutes. Sidney says
    he hopes that the patient will recovery quickly and Tyler says that times have
    --Cutscene #9: The Darkness Within  (S2/C9)--
    Derek will walk into the conference room looking for Tyler and spots a thesis
    by him. Inside it talks about euthanasia. The death drug. Derek wonders why 
    Tyler would have a file on it when he spots a letter. It thanks Tyler for 
    giving some lady's husband peace. Then Tyler is heard coming back. Derek 
    quickly puts them back when Tyler strolls in. Derek, you got some 'splainin to
    do! He quickly covers by saying he wanted to ask Tyler about medication for the
    GUILT patients. Tyler says that he doesn't know of any. Derek makes a break for
    it, but Tyler says he wants to show you something and takes you to a recovery
    You'll see a little girl come on-screen. That's Amy Chase. Tyler's little 
    sister. She's been at Caduceus for two years. Wow, I couldn't stand being in 
    the hospital for two minutes. Tyler says that Amy is the reason Tyler came to
    Caduceus in the first place. He introduces Derek to Amy and says for her to go
    easy on him. Then, another nurse comes on-screen.
    NEW CHARACTER: Leslie Sears
    Age: 26
    One of the many nurses on staff at Caduceus. She currently looks after several
    GUILT patients, including Amy Chase. 
    She then tells Tyler that Amy hasn't been doing her homework. Amy protests, but
    Tyler says that she should do it or she'll end up dumb like him. What a great
    guy. :) 
    Outside, Derek says that Tyler must be going through alot. Then, Tyler fesses
    up what he's been doing. Turns out that HE'S the death doctor. *GASP* Derek
    asks why, and Tyler says that one professor he had died of cancer. Tyler then
    says how he doesn't think that people should go through that kind of suffering
    before they die. So, he gave him the "gift" of a painless death. Derek 
    struggles for words and Tyler then says how he knows that people would only 
    want to live, but then says are you really living if you have no hope of 
    recovery. Derek can't believe this. Tyler says that if Derek wants to turn him
    in, at least wait until his sister is gone. Derek then says he won't let Tyler
    do that to Amy.
    --Operation #14: Something Precious  (S2/O14)--
    Pre-Op: Leslie will come saying that Amy's condition is getting worse. Stephen
    tells everyone to get ready to operate. Derek tells Tyler to hurry, but Tyler
    says that they can't operate on her. Tyler will say that the GUILT is migrating
    in her body. Derek will ask if he's just going to let her die, and Tyler 
    replies saying that not even Stephen could help her. Tyler says that they 
    should just let her alone so she won't suffer. Derek asks if he'll let the 
    GUILT kill her, and Tyler says that he'd rather end her life himself. Tyler 
    says that Amy comes first and then Angie comes in and tells you both to get
    going to the O.R.
    In the O.R., Stephen says that they may not be able to operate, the GUILT has 
    moved into Amy's lungs. Derek says that they could seperate the operation into
    two procedures, but Stephen will say that you have to completly take out the
    GUILT, or you'll be right back where you started. Derek will say that he'll
    operate and Tyler tells him to leave her be. Then Amy will wake up for a 
    second. She'll tell you to go ahead with the operation. Tyler will realize what
    a jerk he was being, and will brief you on the GUILT Amy has: Deftera.
    Briefing: Tyler says that Deftera is basically a tumor. A really weird tumor.
    Turns out it can move! It copies itself to other locations, so it just appears
    to be moving, but close enough. So, it just keeps making new tumors. Then Tyler
    says they know its weakpoint. Hurrah! Deftera come in pairs: One red Deftera,
    one blue. When they hit each other, they try to eat each other (ewwww) and 
    since they're equal in strength, they just stop there. And that's when you can
    attack them. As usual, I'll go over it in detail during the walkthrough. Tyler
    warns you that there is no room for error, and gives you your objectives. Tyler
    says sorry for what he said before, but Derek will say that he understands.
    Objectives: 1.) Remove the GUILT from...the patient's stomach and lungs.
    Name: Amy Chase
    Height: 119.9 cm
    Weight: 60.4 lbs
    Time Limit: 5:00
    Starting Vitals: 75
    Max. Vitals: 99
    Condition: Chiral reaction positive--Deftera bodies detected. Complete removal
    from the stomach and lungs is required.
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    Time for GUILT Type #2. Ready?
    Gel, incise. 
    On Amy's stomach, you'll see several large yellow spots, and several large 
    black spots. Those are tumors created by Deftera, use the laser to burn them
    off. Remember to be careful, although burning the tissue is pretty common, I do
    it all the time in this mission. So just gel the spots, and you're fine. 
    Also, smaller tumors will appear. Ignore them until you've taken care of the 
    big ones, then burn them.
    After you've burned away all the tumors, you'll have a quick "safe" period. 
    Inject some stabilizer, grab the drain (yes the drain) and get ready.
    The GUILT will appear.
    Welcome to Deftera.
    They both look sort of like comets. With a circular "head" and a trail behind
    them. One will be red, the other blue.
    First off, they will leave tumors behind them every now and again, so be 
    ready to burn them away. Second, you can sort of direct them with the 
    antibiotic gel, but it doesn't work that well in my opinion. But it works
    awesomely a little later. I'll tell you about it then.
    But for now, just have the drain ready. When they collide, they'll merge and 
    sorta look like the yin-yang symbol. Now's your chance. Insert the drain and 
    suck out the GUILT's tissue. When you get OK they will split and their colors
    will be a bit faded. When they combine again, drain a second time. Now the red
    one will be black, and the blue one white. When they combine a third time, 
    drain them for the final time.
    The Deftera will start pulsing. Grab the scalpel. When they shrink down, 
    several things will start to happen, most of them bad.
    The screen will start pulsing red, and the Deftera will start making ALOT of 
    tumors. Don't even bother with them for now. Use the scalpel and trace the
    guideline that appeared around the GUILT. When you finish, the Deftera will
    stop making tumors, DEFEAT will show up, and it'll sit there, dead. Grab it 
    with the forceps and drop it in the tray. Now grab a membrane, put it over the
    wound, gel and massage it in. After you've done this, burn off any tumors.
    Now you can zoom out, Tyler will be relieved.
    Suture, gel, bandage. Halfway there!
    Time for the lungs.
    Gel, incise.
    You'll see two pairs of Deftera and no tumors. Diving right in this time!
    New rules apply now:
    First off, if two same colored Deftera bump into each other, they will drop the 
    vitals by around 10 or so and create some tumors.
    Also, if another Deftera bumps into two that are combined, they will seperate,
    vitals will drop and tumors will be formed. This is where the gel comes in.
    When a pair combines, draw a circle of gel around them. This "shield" will 
    steer the other two away, allowing you to make with the draining.
    Same as before, drain three times, excise, extract, membrane. Apply gel and
    massage in membrane.
    Also, tumors can build up rapidly if like colored Deftera bump into each other
    three times in a row. True story. Just laser some off, even if you get a chance
    to drain a Deftera. All the draining in the world can't help you if your vitals
    are dropping at light speed. Remember: The stabilizer is your friend!
    After you remove one pair, it's that much easier. It may even be easier than
    Phase 1 of this operation if you've already drained the second pair once or 
    After both are removed, laser any tumors, treat any burns and you can zoom out.
    Tyler will commend you, and say that he respects you. How nice.
    Suture, gel, bandage. Tyler will ask how he can repay you.
    Post-Op: Tyler will say he doesn't care what you do to him for being the Death
    Doctor, he's just glad Amy's okay. Derek tells him to re-edit the thesis and
    donate it to Caduceus. Derek says all he wants is for Tyler to use the 
    information in the thesis to help people. Tyler says it's no problem. Leslie
    comes in and says that Amy's going to wake up soon. Derek will say he'll go 
    check on her. 
    --Cutscene #10: International Conference  (S2/C10)--
    Sidney has called Derek into his office, and is currently looking at a video 
    of the operation on Amy. Turns out the good Director would like you to attend
    some kind of event, but is interrupted when some other guy walks in.
    NEW CHARACTER: Victor Niguel
    Age: 26
    Head of the Caduceus research division. He's responsible for a lot of Caduceus
    medical technology. 
    Victor came barging in asking for a signature, when he notices you. He doesn't
    know you've even started working at Caduceus because he's a lab rat. Huh. He
    introduces himself, collects his papers and walks out. Sidney apologizes for
    Victor acting like an idiot, then goes over your trip. He wants you to go to 
    a conference there in Angeles Bay. It's focusing on the outbreak of medical
    terrorism. And he wants you to go as Caduceus USA's rep and talk about the 
    GUILT you've operated on. Derek tries to get out of it, but Sidney says that 
    footage from your operations is being presented. Beside, the ever-lovely Dr.
    Myers is going with you. Best get it over with eh?
    At the conference center, you're just wrapping up. Derek thanks Cybil, and she 
    says that you should work more on presenting to a big group of people. Cybil
    remembers how she and Greg would work hard on his presentations. Derek asks
    about her realtionship with Greg, but fortunatly for Derek's life, the next 
    presentation starts. 
    An update on medical terrorism follows, presenting it is the cheif of Caduceus
    Europe, Langston Miller. Mr. Miller comes on-screen and talks about medical
    terrorism. The group behind it is called "Delphi". The Greek oracle. Then
    he'll go on and on about them and GUILT. Thens he says something remotely
    interesting. Turns out there's an abandonded Delphi lab in Africa and used the
    village people nearby to develop GUILT. Bastards. He says that Caduceus should
    send a research team to investigate it. Good plan.
    --Operation #15: An Explosive Patient  (S2/O15)--
    Pre-Op: It's now nighttime. The conference is over. Cybil will be lamenting
    about the summery she has to write when the lights go out. The emergency lights
    will come on and everyone will wonder what's going on when the shutters drop. 
    Then a voice will come over the PA speakers saying how all doctors should die. 
    That's when all hell breaks loose. Some people will discover something.
    A bomb.
    That awesome music will start. But that's besides the point. You are now 
    trapped in a closed room. With a BOMB. Looks like it's curtains. Then Cybil
    will tell you to follow her over to where the bomb is. Derek will say that he 
    wants to run, but Cybil yells at him, saying to be a man. Derek pulls together
    and follows her to the bomb. Looks like you get to disarm the damn thing with
    Dr. Myers helping. Oh joy. Derek will say he can't but Cybil will ask if he's
    just going to sit there and cry for help. She calls for everyone to give them
    room and set up a barricade of tables and chairs. 
    Briefing: Cybil tells you to follow her instructions exactly. Derek will ask 
    her if she's scared. She's say yeah, but why worry about it? Derek says she's
    brave, and she will say that's how she got the nickname "Iron Vixin". She got
    that back when she was a cop. Also, she dated some guy on the bomb squad, so
    she, should, know what she's doing. Derek will say they should start. *gulp*
    Objectives: 1.) Disarm the bomb.
    Type: Time Bomb
    Time Limit: 10:00
    Condition: It's a bomb. Blindly cutting at it would be extremly...bad. 
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    First thing I'd like to say is that this operation is beyond cool.
    You'll be looking at the bomb. You'll see two small water tanks to the right.
    The timer above them. A circuit board to the left of the timer, and the 
    explosives and detonators beneath it. Simple right?
    Anyway, magnify the water tanks. The water flows from left to right. When the
    left tank empties, BOOM. When you regain control, grab the drain. Insert the 
    tube into the right one and draw up some water. Now put the tube into the left
    tank and move the stylus down the tube instead of up. You'll refill the left
    one, buying you some time. Cease magnification.
    Cybil tells you to move on to the explosive. Magnify the dynamite sticks. 
    You'll see arrows pointing at little sticks poking out of the dynamite. That's
    the detonator. You have to remove them. Grab one with your forceps and pull
    upwards until it's all the way out. Keep going up until it goes off-screen on
    its own. Repeat.
    Once you pull out a second one, the trigger activates. Not cool. See those 
    silver boxes between the sticks or dynamite? Those set off the bomb. When the
    temperature gauge on one hits max, BOOM. To lower the temp. rub gel on it. The
    meter will turn blue and drop. Sometimes a meter will turn red and rise faster
    than normal, just rub gel on it until it turns back to normal.
    Now continue pulling out the yellow rods, keeping the temperature and 
    water level in mind. After you pull out all six, cease magnification. 
    Note that after you pull out all six detonators, the water level isn't a 
    problem any more, so from here on ignore the water tanks.
    Now magnify the circuit board. There are 5 chips you have to burn off with
    your laser. Each one corresponds to a silver box. Once you burn off the 
    matching chip, that silver box will shut off. Here's a guide to which 
    chips to destroy.
       - - X X
      X - X X -
    X = Destroy.
    - = Don't destroy.
    After you destroy all 5, you'll automatically zoom in on the timer. The numbers
    will go nuts then drop to 15 seconds! Oh crap... Grab the scalpel and cut every
    red wire. You can just tap one to cut it if need be. DO NOT cut a white wire, 
    or, BOOM. Way too many things make this bomb blow up.
    After you cut all of them, the timer will stop and shut off. WHEW. You did it.
    Suture, gel, bandage. Nah, just kidding. 
    Post-Op: Derek will say that he's dizzy and can't feel his hands. Well neither
    can I. Cybil says that it wasn't a big deal, only a bomb. The lights come back
    on and Cybil tells everyone that it's safe to come out. Cybil congratualates
    Derek and everyone else cheers for them. Mr. Miller says that he's found the
    perfect man to go to Africa.
    --Cutscene #11: Footfalls of Terror  (S2/C11)--
    Sidney will sat that you got a letter of thanks from the Conference Directors,
    I guess that they're grateful for you saving everyone. Derek says that it was
    all thanks to Cybil, and Sidney says to ask her about some stuff she did back
    when she was a cop. Then Sidney remembers that there was another letter, one
    requesting that you go to Africa and raid the Delphi lab. Derek says he 
    shouldn't go, but Sidney reminds him of what he's accomplished so far. Derek
    says that he's never left the country before, but Sidney says that he's already
    accepted the offer. You've got no choice. Next stop: Africa.
    Outside, Derek says he couldn't believe how stubborn Sidney was, and Cybil says
    the fights him and Greg would get into. The only reason he went to school 
    overseas is because he was told not to. What a rebel.
    --Operation #16: Miracle at 9,800 Feet  (S2/O16)--
    Pre-Op: On the flight to Rubora, Africa, Angie says how long it is: Three
    tranfers and 33 hours of total travel time. I've only done like 9 hours 
    of total travel time, not fun. Derek will complain that he doesn't like 
    flying, and  Angie reminds him to be careful with himself, or risk being sent 
    to the  hospital. Then an announcement will come over the speakers, asking if 
    there's  a doctor on board because some guy's sick and they don't know how 
    to treat him. Looks like you're up, Doctor.
    Briefing: Looks like this guy had a lung disease. He was given medication and
    given the OK to go home, but travelling aggravated his symptoms. You'll have
    to drain the fluid in his lungs. You'll have to perform surgery on the plane,
    not the best place, but better then letting the guy drown in his own body.
    Angie will give you your objective and then tell you how to treat it. I'll go
    over it later, as usual.
    Objectives: 1.) Drain pleural fluid from inside the patient's lungs.
    Name: Chi McGinley
    Height: 183.4 cm
    Weight: 160.2 lbs
    Time Limit: 5:00
    Starting Vitals: 90
    Max. Vitals: 99
    Condition: Edema of the lungs has worsened, causing respiratory failure. Fluid
    must be drained from the lungs to secure respiratory tract.
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    Angie will warn you that there's a storm up ahead, and there will be some
    turbulance. Be careful.
    Gel, incise. 
    You'll see his lung, looking fine. Ultrasound until you see a small shadow that
    looks like a really tiny tumor. Scalpel across it to release the fluid. Now
    insert the drain and, well, drain the fluid. After it's all gone, gel the
    When turbulance srikes, it'll start to shake a bit. Immediately drain any 
    released fluid and hold on tight. It'll start to shake very violently, then
    stop. Don't even touch the screen until it's stabilized. Otherwise you'll incur
    a miss. Also, if any fluid is on the lungs, it'll cause the lung to become
    inflamed. Just inject the blue medicine into them to treat them.
    Simply treat all the fluid-filled areas, and you can zoom out.
    Suture, gel, bandage.
    Post-Op: Derek will say that he'll be okay. Angie has contacted a hospital, and
    you'll take him there once you land. Derek will comment that doctors are always
    on call.
    --Cutscene #12: Deserted Village  (S2/C12)--
    Upon arriving at Rubora, you'll discover that it's completely deserted. Then,
    Mr. Miller will call Derek and Angie over. Mr. Miller says that they don't
    exactly know where the lab is. A soldier will say that they haven't found it
    yet, and Mr. Miller will say to keep looking. Derek and Angie comment on how
    much it must suck, then Mr. Miller tells them to help search, gives then a map
    and sends them on their way. 
    6 hours later...
    The soldier asks if Angie is OK, and she says that the jeep is a bumpy ride.
    Then, she sees someone left in a house.
    1 hour later...
    Back at base camp, Mr. Miller says that the kid you found answers to Reuben,
    they think. Derek asks if they'll take him back to his family, but looks like
    Reuben knows where the research lab is. Derek says that'd be great if Reuben 
    showed them.
    At the abandoned research lab, you'll see that it's completely deserted. Angie
    takes samples from the walls and floor, in case there's something there. Mr.
    Miller says that they'll have to dis-infect themselves afterwards and asks
    Reuben to wait outside. Then Mr. Miller hopes that it's worth it.
    --Operation #17: Forbidden Knowledge  (S2/O17)--
    Pre-Op: Angie will complain that they still don't know anything about Delphi.
    The African GUILT victims have been taken to Caduceus Europe. Then Mr. Miller
    says that Reuben has been infected by GUILT! 
    Briefing: Reuben tested positive for GUILT. Looks like a brand-new strain of
    it. They found something on his pancreas, but that's all they know. Mr. 
    Miller will ask you what you're going to do. Derek will say that he'll try.
    Objectives: 1.) Discover what GUILT the patient has.
    	    2.) Treat it.
    Name: Reuben
    Height: 112.5 cm
    Weight: 74.0 lbs
    Time Limit: 5:00
    Starting Vitals: 85
    Max. Vitals: 99
    Condition: Chiral reaction positive--unknown infection detected. Extreme care
    is necessary during treatment. 
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    Looks like you're going in blind. Don't worry, you have my guide! 
    Are you ready?
    Gel, incise.
    You'll zoom in on Reuben's pancreas. You'll see the GUILT.
    Welcome to Triti.
    You'll see pink triangles with white veiny stuff on them. A thorn will be on
    each point of the triangles.
    Mr. Miller will seem to recognize it. Then he'll say to grab the scalpel. Do
    so. Then Angie will stop you and point out the thorns fastening the GUILT to 
    the organ. Switch to the forceps and grab one, pull up until it's all the
    way out. It's longer than it looks. Finally, drop it in the tray. 
    After you remove all thorms from a triangle, I recommend the bottom most one,
    you can scalpel around it, and extract it. You'll see more triangles growing!
    Uh oh.
    Okay, now we know that this GUILT can spread, now we just need to figure out 
    how to remove it without it regenerating itself. I already know, so I now pass
    my knowledge onto you. 
    Basically, Triti won't spread until you extract a triangle, so restore vitals
    if need be at any time. If there is two needles side-by-side, a triangle will
    grow out of it. Every place with two needles side-by-side will grow a new one.
    Not good. So, simply make sure that there isn't any adjecent needles, and 
    you'll be fine.
    Also, if a triangle is seperated from the main "body" of Triti, it'll grow new
    triangles on each side of itself, if it has one needle on it.
    Plus, the needles grow back. Nothing you can do about that. Plus, on VERY
    rare occasions the needle will turn into a mist. Just drain it. I've only had
    that happen twice in all my plays in this operation. 
    The last thing to be aware of? Some triangles will flash purple,  these drop 
    your vitals very quickly, so extract them quickly, but don't leave any room for 
    Triti to spread!
    So now you know how to kill this guy. Time to tell you how you should apply
    the techniques I just taught you. 
    Work from bottom-right to top left. Don't let the GUILT spread to the bottom-
    right, but if it grows side-to-side, don't worry too much, you're cornering it
    as you work. Try to remove it in rows almost. To do this, remove all needles
    from the front line, then all of them from the next line down, now run your 
    scalpel down the three main lines of dots, and extract the triangles.
    When you get down to the last few triangles, about 2-4 of them, it gets a 
    little tricky. Try your best to get it down to two, let the needles grow back,
    then quickly remove the needles and the last of the triangles. Or, you can use
    your HT and then it becomes much easier. Because if one triangle is left all
    be itself and it grows a needle back, you may have up to three extra triangles
    to deal with. This can sap time quickly, so try to work faster then it can.
    Once you remove the last triangle, DEFEAT with show up on your tray, and you
    can zoom out.
    Suture, gel, bandage. Whew.
    Post-Op: Angie will tell Reuben not to move. Derek says that maybe he should go
    to England for treatment, but Angie will say that they're going to drop Reuben
    off at a Red Cross outpost. Then, Reuben will give Angie a file folder. Derek 
    will look through it, and see that it's entitled GUILT. Derek will thank him,
    then Mr. Miller will come up with some really bad news. He gives Derek a 
    telegram from back home, and Derek will see that Greg has been admitted at
    Caduceus! He's been infected by another new strain of GUILT! Well, crap.
    --Chapter #4: Bio Terror--
    --Cutscene #13: Hope Under Attack  (S2/C13)--
    Sidney will say that it's good that you're back. Greg is stable, but weaker.
    Sidney doesn't think he'll be able to survive an operation. Then he sends Derek
    to go see Greg. 
    Poor Greg will be in patient attire, and not looking so good. Leslie will get
    after him for getting up, and Derek will say not to strain himself. Greg
    berates himself for not realizing he was infected with GUILT. Angie asks if 
    they know what strain it is, but no, not yet. Then, Sidney will come in and say
    that they just got detailed information on this strain from the file folder
    Reuben gave you. The files should be able to give you a treatment plan. Then,
    Sidney tells his brother not to give up. Greg says that he believes in 
    Caduceus. That's why he sent Derek to work there. 
    Back in Sidney's office, sometime later, Sidney says that they found a cure. 
    They can create a serum to kill the GUILT, but they need samples of its 
    antigen. Turns out while you were on another continent, there was a GUILT 
    outbreak that was highly toxic, and while treating a patient, Greg got infected
    too. You should be able to get samples from any other victims, if the infection
    isn't full-blown yet. Sidney gives you a list of GUILT victims and sends you
    off on a quest for the cure. Reminding you that Greg is his brother. Try not to
    let him down huh?
    --Operation #18: Race for the Cure  (S2/O18)--
    Pre-Op: There is no pre-op for this operation really. You'll see an aerial shot
    of Angeles Bay. The top screen will ask you to select a destination. This 
    operation is special, because will be doing 3-5 operations in this level. You
    see, there are three different antigens you need, you require one of each, but
    there are 5 patients. I never get all three right away, I get at least one
    double, every time. Just select a location, and away you go. 
    After you go to the first location, Derek and Angie will go over some biosafety
    procedures, then bring in the patient. 
    Briefing: I'm only going over one patient, the other operations are all but
    identical, except for one tiny detail I'll go over at the end. Angie will say
    how to get the antigen, give you your objective, and send you on your way.
    Objectives: 1.) Use the general serum to stop the GUILT and obtain its fluids.
    Name: Varies on location. 
    Height: Varies on location.
    Weight: Varies on location.
    Time Limit: 3:00
    Starting Vitals: 90
    Max. Vitals: 99
    Condition: Chiral reaction positive--Tetarti bodies detected. Extract GUILT to
    procure antibody samples.
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    Ready for another GUILT strain?
    Gel, incise.
    You'll zoom in on whatever organ the GUILT is on. You'll see little clouds of
    poison, then the GUILT itself.
    Welcome to Tetarti.
    It'll look kinda like a skull/squid hybrid. It'll move around using little 
    frond things at the bottom.
    This GUILT is only an infant,so it's easy to kill it. Simply draw up some red 
    serum, and inject it into the Tetarti. After the injection, it'll hide in the
    organ. Use ultrasound to find it, follow the poison clouds, and excise it with
    the scalpel. I find it hard to excise because it's bigger then a Kyriaki. If 
    you can't seem to excise it, draw a circle around it with the scalpel, that'll
    It takes 4 injections to stop it. Now move it to the tray with your forceps,
    slice down its middle with the scalpel. It'll split in two. Now insert the 
    drain, and keep draining until the tiny bit of fluid you get moves all the way
    up, and you get OK.
    HOWEVER, there is a special condition to this part. When your operating on the
    patient with the last antigen sample you need the Tetarti will go nuts after 
    the fourth injection and start zipping across the organ and drain the vitals.
    Angie says to use the gel. All it does it slow the little bastard down and stop
    the vital loss. After a set amount of time, the Tetarti will automatically die.
    Then you can move it to your tray, slice it open and extract the antigen. This
    is a pain in the butt, true, but it only happens once.
    Heal any scalpel marks, and you can zoom out.
    Suture, gel, bandage. 
    After you get all three samples, you're done the mission.
    Post-Op: Basically, you'll find out what sample you got, and which ones you
    still need. After you get all three, Derek will say that they should get back
    to Caduceus.
    --Cutscene #14: Nothing to Do but Wait  (S2/C14)--
    The samples you've collected are being used to make a serum. Cybil asks if 
    it'll be done in time, but Sidney will reply that they just have to trust 
    Victor. Cybil will ask if there's anything she can do, but Derek tells her to
    stay calm. She freaks out, demanding how he can say that when his mentor is
    dying. Sidney will tell her to stop, and she'll apologize and go to lie down. 
    Tyler is shocked, Cybil hasn't ever acted like that before. Sidney says that 
    she's emotional about the history between her and Greg. 
    In the conference room, you'll hear a clock ticking. Derek will think that this
    is how patients' families feel. Cybil will be surprised that waiting could hurt
    this much. Sidney is just silent. Then, Victor comes in to say that the serum
    is ready and being dripped into Greg. Yay!! But the Tetarti is still in him,
    and Sidney assigns Stephen to operate on Greg, with Derek assisting. Derek's
    not too thrilled about it.
    --Operation #19: Stepping Up  (S2/O19)--
    Pre-Op: Stephen comes in and says that you'll be operating on Greg. Derek asks
    why, and Greg himself comes in to tell you why. He wanted Stephen to switch
    with you. Derek asks why, but Greg knows that he asked Sidney not to operate on
    Greg. Greg will then say that he wants to know why. Derek struggles for words,
    how he could make a mistake. Greg will ask if Derek's worried that he won't
    survive. Derek answers no, and Greg then says to operate on him. He then says
    that he forgot to teach you something: To be able to ignore your friendships,
    that any relationships can't affect your surgical abilities. Greg says to think
    of his operation as a trial. Then Greg asks who will be operating on him, Derek
    says that he will, and take good care of him. Good for you, Derek. 
    Briefing: Stephen will be briefing you on this GUILT. The Tetarti work in 
    threes, and work together to poison the victim. You need to inject the serum
    Victor made to kill them. As you inject the serum, they'll get weaker, but make
    sure to pay attention to colors. Explanations in the walkthrough area. 
    Objectives: 1.) Kill the GUILT cells in the liver by injecting the correct 
    Name: Greg Kasal
    Height: 169.9 cm
    Weight: 145.3 lbs
    Time Limit: 5:00
    Starting Vitals: 70
    Max. Vitals: 75
    Condition: Tetarti bodies confirmed in the liver. Inject the newly designed
    serum to eliminate them.
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    Time to save your friend's life.
    Gel, incise.
    You'll see little bumps on the liver. Those are diverticula, formed by the 
    Tetarti. You need to remove them before they grow to full size and release
    poison. Let them grow a bit until you can see the colors of them. Now inject
    the corresponding serum into each. You'll see that familiar guide line. Scalpel
    around it to excise it, but don't take it out yet. After you do all three, take
    one out, and put a membrane on the resulting hole. Repeat for the other two. 
    Now gel the membranes and massage two in, restore vitals to max, and now
    massage in the last one. The Tetarti will appear shortly after.
    They will appear on the liver, one will be yellow, another green, and the last
    one purple. Then, they will lose their colors and start moving. This is your
    chance to inject the serum. I have no trouble remembering which is which, so
    killing Tetarti is easy for me. But for those of you who can't remember colors,
    here's the part for you.
    Keeping track of two that are close to each other, draw up the serum of one of
    them. When it starts to move, inject the serum into it. It should start 
    flashing red and will stop moving. Now draw up the serum of the other one you 
    were keeping track of (you were, weren't you?) and inject it. Now use the serum
    you haven't yet on the last one. Be quick, as you only have so long to do this.
    It takes 4 rounds of injections to kill them. 
    I bet you're thinking, "Tetarti is a push-over then. It can't do squat." Oh 
    yeah? If you inject the wrong serum into a Tetarti, they will make more
    diverticula. Plus, any Tetarti you injected before you screwed up will shake 
    off the drug. On top of that, you'll get a MISS. So, if you lose track of any, 
    just forget about hurting them this time, restore your vitals, and wait for 
    the next time.
    After you kill them, you can zoom out.
    Suture, gel, bandage. You've saved Dr. Kasal! Give yourself a pat on the back
    my friend, you deserve it.
    Post-Op: Cybil will ask if he's OK. Derek says that he removed all traces of 
    the GUILT, now we just have to wait to see if the serum eliminates all the 
    toxin. Angie will say that Greg will want to return to Hope right away, and
    Derek isn't surprised at all. Then, Angie will ask Cybil if she would like to
    help over at Hope Hospital for a while. Cybil accepts.
    --Cutscene #15: Foreboding Clues  (S2/C15)--
    At city hall, Secretary Anderson is giving a speech on how Caduceus needs a
    budget increase. Then, he complains about pain in his chest, and someone calls
    an ambulance. Uh oh.
    In his office, Sidney is reading a strange letter. He wonders what it is, then
    begins to relialize what it is when Angie bursts in. She says something about
    Richard Anderson, then Sidney fully understands the letter. "Pempti--Thursday"
    "As each death is sacrificed, man furnishes his dwelling in hell. But who will
    take record of the sins of our modern age." Sidney demands what Secretary 
    Anderson's condition is. Angie will then say that they don't have the test 
    results back yet, but it's likely GUILT. Sidney says that they need a plan, 
    and orders in the entire staff. 
    --Operation #20: Taking a First Step  (S2/O20)--
    Pre-Op: Derek comes in and asks how Mr. Anderson is doing. Sidney says that 
    it's another new strain of GUILT. They haven't been able to do anything against
    it. Looks like Victor's up. He'll be working with you to find a treatment that
    In Mr. Anderson's room, the good Secretary is in his bed. And he is NOT too
    happy about the turn of events. He apologizes for causing them all this 
    trouble, and asks Victor what his chances are. Victor ballparks it at around
    25%, and he's being generous about it. Sidney gets after Victor for it, but Mr.
    Anderson shushes Sidney. He then asks Victor if he can find a treatment. Victor
    says he's trying, but as Mr. Anderson is the first victim of this GUILT... Mr.
    Anderson understands that his treatment is that much more important, and gives
    Caduceus full discretion over his treatment. Victor asks if he's sure, and Mr.
    Anderson says that he wants his results used to make a cure for this GUILT.
    Then, Victor accepts his challenge. He warns him that it might hurt, then vows
    to find a cure.
    Briefing: Victor says that he's done some tests, and Pempti is not going to 
    simply roll over and die. He will say that he thinks it's hopeless, but every
    disease can be cured, right? So, it's up to you and Victor to advance create a 
    cure for Pempti. And hey, worst-case senario, at least you'll know more about
    it. Victor then says that Anderson is an OK guy, and they owe it to him to find
    a cure for it. Victor gives you your objective, and Derek will protest. Victor
    says that he's the head of R&D, and if you'd like to think up the treatment.
    That pretty much shuts Derek up, and you can begin the operation.
    Objectives: 1.) Do everything Victor tells you to.
    Name: Richard Anderson
    Height: 158.5 cm
    Weight: 213.3 lbs
    Time Limit: 5:00
    Starting Vitals: 90
    Max. Vitals: 99
    Condition: Chiral reaction positive--Pempti bodies detected. Perform lobectomy
    and examine the strain for futher study.
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    Time to find out how to cure this new strain of GUILT.
    Gel, incise.
    You'll see the GUILT straight away.
    Welcome to Pempti.
    It's basically a big purple glob with what looks like veins in it, and a fuzzy
    round thing moving inside of it.
    This little bastard is filling Mr. Anderson's lung. Couldn't they just give him
    a transplant?
    Anyway, time to do what Victor says. 
    Plan A--Scalpel.
    Run the scalpel over Pempti until you get OK.
    Hmmm, didn't work. Plan B--Laser.
    Simply hold the laser on one spot until you get OK.
    Huh, not even a scratch. OK, Plan C--Antibiotic Gel 
    Rub the gel all over it until you get OK. 
    Dammit, nothing! Does that jiggling mean it's laughing at us?! OK, now I'm mad.
    Time for the medicine. Fill your syringe with the blue serum and inject it into
    the fuzzy thing. Pempti will glow, but that's it.
    Pink medicine, inject it into the fuzzy thing. It'll glow again, but still no
    major effect. Victor will then say that they can't do anything against Pempti,
    and simply have to collect data in this operation. 
    Time for the orange medicine. Inject it and you'll get a major reaction! The
    Pempti will start pulsing and reduce the vitals by one every time the screen
    flashes. Hurry and inject the white medicine! If you can't see it because of
    all the shaking, then activate a HT, it's much easier then.
    Pempti will stop, and you can keep operating. Time for medicine combos! Inject
    the blue, then the orange medicine. After Victor tells you, inject the pink,
    then the white medicine. Pempti will "restart", but don't worry. Now cut the
    guide line, take out the sample of Pempti, and you can zoom out.
    Suture, gel, bandage. 
    Post-Op: Sidney will say that all they can do now is wait for the test results
    to come back in. 
    --Operation #21: Medical Research  (S2/O21)--
    Pre-Op: Victor is finishing up his analysis, and says that the Pempti has a 
    weakness. There's a part of its DNA that they can change easily. If they inject
    a nanomachine to change the DNA, they might be able to get the Pempti to kill
    itself. However, there's a part of the machine that Victor can't get, so he
    needs your help. 
    Briefing: All you need to do is figure out a puzzle. Victor needs to see how
    other people would solve it. Don't worry, just figure out the puzzle, and don't
    Objectives: 1.) Solve the puzzle.
    Model: Research
    Level: B
    Case: Q. 1
    Time Limit: Infinite
    Condition: Help create a new nanomachine by figuring out a simple puzzle. How
    hard could it be?
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    All you need to do is figure out this puzzle, it's really easy. Just put the
    pieces like so using your forceps:
       -   -
     R   R   O
       R   O
     G   W   O
       R   W
     G   -   W
       G   W
    See? It's easy when someone else is doing it for you.
    Post-Op: Victor will realize what to do to make the nanomachine, thank you, and
    go off to make it. 
    --Operation #22: The Next Step  (S2/O22)--
    Pre-Op: Victor has some theories about this GUILT, and has prepared some things
    to counter it.
    Briefing: Basically, this thing is impossible to just remove. But, as the DNA
    section will collapse if attacked, by say a nanomachine, it's easy to instigate
    necrosis, the death of cells, and kill the thing. He tried it, and it took like
    8 seconds to kill the sample. Once you shrink it, it should be easy to remove 
    it. Victor then gives you your objectives and Sidney tells you to get ready.
    Objectives: 1.) Perform a lobectomy and inject the nanomachine directly.
    	    2.) Then, excise the GUILT and any surrounding tissue.
    Name: Richard Anderson
    Height: 158.5 cm
    Weight: 197.4 lbs
    Time Limit: 5:00
    Starting Vitals: 85
    Max. Vitals: 90
    Condition: Chiral reaction positive--Pempti bodies detected. Lung functions 
    have decreases due to GUILT invasion. New treatment is scheduled for use.
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    Ready to make the Pempti kill itself?
    Gel, incise.
    The Pempti will still be there, killing Mr. Anderson. Grab your syringe, and 
    inject the nanomachine. It's the orange vial. Yeah, I know.
    Anyway, the Pempti will shrink, and vitals will go down by 5. Inject the
    nanomachine again, the Pempti will shrink more, vitals will drop by 5 again,
    and you'll see little tumors and the lung.  Just laser them off and apply 
    gel to the resulting wound. Restore vitals as necessary.
    Inject the nanomachine a final time and Pempti will be the size of a baseball.
    Quickly treat any tumors, grab the laser and get ready.
    What looks like an eyeball will appear in the fluid. That's the Pempti core,
    and it's controlling the whole thing. Laser it until it's burnt black. You'll
    be thinking "Cool! I killed it." Oh yeah? The core will come back, all the
    tissue will grow back and the core will vanish. Aw man...
    Looks like you'll have to abort, but Victor tells you to try it again. Inject
    the nanomachine like before, treating tumors as you go. When the core appears
    again, laser it, then scalpel around it and move it to the tray. 
    Victor will compliment you, then the core will appear, again! The tissue will
    grow back and Victor will tell you to try again. But Sidney will step in and
    tell you to abort. Damn...
    Suture, gel, bandage. I'll get you next time!
    Post-Op: Victor is not to pleased with himself. Since the Pempti has a huge
    glaring flaw in its DNA, it has something to protect it. Sidney tells Victor to
    grow up, that everyone makes mistakes, and at least you got another sample of
    the GUILT. Victor promises to use it to find the treatment.
    --Operation #23: New Laser Technology  (S2/O23)--
    Pre-Op: Looks like the good Dr. Hoffman has come to visit the Secretary. Mr.
    Anderson asks why here, and Dr. Hoffman will reply that he has too much time on
    his hands as hospital director. Mr. Anderson says that maybe he came to see 
    Derek, when Derek actually walks in, and is surprised to see Dr. Hoffman. 
    Dr. Hoffman tells Mr. Anderson that he just came to see him, and not Derek. Mr.
    Anderson apologizes that their visit is in the hospital, but Dr. Hoffman waves
    it off. Leslie comes in to take the Secretary's vitals, and Dr. Hoffman gets
    out of her way. Dr. Hoffman says that he's going to be taking part in the 
    briefing, strictly as an advisor. Mr. Anderson will understand, and only wants
    his friend to do his best. Then, Dr. Hoffman wanders off in search of Sidney. 
    Meanwhile, in the conference room, Victor will ask Derek to help him with 
    another puzzle. Derek will very reluctantly accept.
    Briefing: Victor has two puzzles this time around. So, it's going to take a 
    little while longer.
    Objectives: 1.) Complete the first puzzle.
    	    2.) Complete the second puzzle.
    Model: Research
    Level: A
    Case: Q. 2
    Time Limit: Infinite
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    Time for two of the stupid things. I truly hate the first one. Lets get it over
       R   R   B
     W   R   P   B
       W   R   -
     W   R   P   B
       -   P   P
     W   G   O   O
       G   G   O
    Half-way there...
       Y   Y   B
     G   Y   B   O
       G   Y   B
     G   Y   R   O
       P   -   O
     P   P   R   O
       P   R   R
    And there we have it.
    Post-Op: Victor gives you an almost compliment, then says you only contributed
    1% overall. Turns out all of Caduceus helped out this time around, so he should
    be done in no time. Tyler asks if he can do it, and Victor will say thats why
    he's here.
    Back in Secretary Anderson's room, he's not doing all that great. He never got
    sick before, and having GUILT like this makes him understand how vital it is to
    stop Delphi. But, he's glad, as since he's not a doctor, being a test patient
    is the only way he can help them eradicate all strains of GUILT. Bravo.
    --Operation #24: Doctors' Struggle  (S2/O24)--
    Pre-Op: In the conference room, Sidney says that Mr. Anderson's condition is
    getting worse every day. But, he's fighting hard to stay alive. Your job to is
    kill that GUILT suffocating him from the inside. Then, he calls on Victor to
    explain how you're going to do it.
    Briefing: Victor's made a new laser for this operation. For a more detailed 
    description of it, go look at it in the "Tools" section of the guide. Last time
    around, we saw the core of the GUILT, and how it can heal everything. Plus, if
    the core is gone, a new one will be formed due to some kind of thingy in all 
    the cells. Victor will give you your objectives, then Sidney asks if he's sure
    the laser will work. Victor says that it leaves behind less than 1% of core 
    protein. That's about less than 1% too much left, but meh. Then, he warns you
    that the laser will severly damage human tissue, but that's a lie. So don't
    worry about causing laser burns. 
    Objectives: 1.) Use the nanomachine to lure out the core, just like last time.
                2.) Use the new laser to destroy the core as it tries to rebuild
    Name: Richard Anderson
    Height: 158.5 cm 
    Weight: 189.1 lbs
    Time Limit: 5:00
    Starting Vitals: 75
    Max. Vitals: 85
    Condition: Chiral reaction positive--Pempti bodies detected. Lung condition has
    dropped to critical. Prototype laser treatment is the only option. 
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    Ready to kill that accursed Pempti? I thought so.
    Gel, incise.
    Inject the nanomachine just like last time, and Pempti will shrink. Vitals will
    still drop by 5, but no tumors. Inject it again and the core will show up. Hit
    it with the laser until you get OK. It'll shake and then vanish in the blue 
    poof we all know. Victor is happy that they got it, but Angie thinks otherwise.
    This is where things go from bad to downright crappy.
    The Pempti will attack you by making little cores that can do one of three 
    things. These are its attacks.
    1.) It'll make one core, which will zoom to the edge of the Pempti, then zoom
    out onto the lung leaving a laceration in its wake. It'll do this multiple 
    2.) Make 5 cores at once, then pulse onto the lung, and the cores will leave
    tumors behind. If it pulses and there are some tumors there, the tumors will
    disappear and start to bleed.
    3.) Make a few cores which will go around the main core, and reduce the vitals.
    All of these can be countered with the laser. Just hold it on the mini-core to 
    kill it. Simple.
    Victor and Angie will start going on about adaptable mutation. But I don't know
    what that means, nor do I care. I just wanna kill that stupid Pempti, dammit!!
    Anyway, after it does all its attacks once, Angie will realize that the laser
    must be working. Now, the true battle starts.
    To kill this damn thing, you have to laser the core until you get OK when it
    shows itself on the surface of the main body. Make sure to laser the mini-cores
    too, defending against them is more important then damaging the core.
    The main core takes 6 hits not counting the hit at the start of the operation.
    Then, the tissue will vanish, and you can zoom out. Thank God...
    Suture, gel, bandage. Mr. Anderson's condition is now stable. Looks like he's
    gonna make it! Yay!
    Post-Op: Sidney will comgratulate everyone, and Victor will say that it was Mr.
    Anderson who did all the work. After all, he did survive for so long. Victor
    then says that he's going home, and leaves.
    In Mr. Anderson's room, Angie asks Dr. Hoffman how the Secretary is doing. Dr.
    Hoffman doesn't know, as it's a miracle that he even lasted through all that.
    Also, turns out that Pempti attack the nerves first off, so the Secretary must
    have been in a lot of pain. But he didn't take pain killers, for fear of 
    messing up test results. Looks like the Secretary fought the battle against
    Pempti with a lot of valour. Angie will ask if he'll wake up, and Dr. Hoffman
    can't say for sure. All they can do now is hope and pray...
    --Cutscene #16: Incurable Disease  (S2/C16)--
    Three days after the operation where you killed Pempti, Mr. Anderson awakens!
    Sidney rushes to his room.
    In the Secretary's room, Sidney says how worried everyone was. Mr. Anderson 
    says that he's sorry for causing so much trouble, and then asks Sidney to call
    Dr. Hoffman for him. Looks like the Secretary has something important to say.
    Angie asks what he means, and then Sidney tells her to call Dr. Hoffman, and
    assemble the GUILT team. 
    Outside of Mr. Anderson's room, Angie will ask Sidney what's going on. Sidney
    will reply that she should already know, as the last operation took a major
    toll on his body. Combine that with the GUILT invasion and your two failed
    attempts to kill it. Angie will say that isn't fair. I could not agree more...
    Back in Mr. Anderson's room, Dr. Hoffman has come back in. Mr. Anderson will 
    say that he forgot to ask him about a request. Dr. Hoffman will remember that,
    and Mr. Anderson says that he's leaving Caduceus with Dr. Hoffman. Dr. Hoffman
    is in shock at the mention of this, and Sidney says that Dr. Hoffman WAS a
    great doctor once. Dr. Hoffman will ask what a doctor that can't perform 
    surgery can do for Caduceus. Mr. Anderson is surprised that he stopped, as he's
    the last person who he say would stop operating. Dr. Hoffman will say, in a 
    roundabout way I might add, that he can't take the burden of trying to save 
    every patient. Mr. Anderson will say that he doesn't have to fight the war 
    against disease alone, as he's got other doctors and nurses alongside him. 
    Then, he'll say that the patient is fighting too, and that they ask the medical
    persons to fight alongside them. Mr. Anderson remembers that Dr. Hoffman always
    said that no one should ever hear that they have an incurable disease. Mr.
    Anderson won't blame him for no longer feeling that way, but he still wants
    the Doctor to take over Caduceus for him. Dr. Hoffman tells him to stop talking
    like that, that they should wait until he's released from the hospital. But,
    Mr. Anderson won't be leaving...
    Dr. Hoffman will release what he's been doing, or should I say, not been doing.
    Sheesh, you're a doctor, you're supposed to help people! It's your job! Anyway,
    Dr. Hoffman will promise to take care of Caduceus...
    I'd just like to say that this really ticked me off, as we went through 3 
    operations and 2 puzzles, and Mr. Anderson went and died on us. *sigh* At least
    we know how to treat that damn Pempti now...
    --Chapter 5: It Never Ends--
    --Cutscene #17: Caduceus in Action  (S2/C17)--
    Looks like Dr. Hoffman took over Caduceus after all. He then says how great Mr.
    Anderson was, and how he was a great politician in the field of medicine. 
    Dr. Hoffman promises to help fight back against GUILT. Stephen says that he's
    finished putting together all the GUILT treatment stuff, but Sidney will say
    that Delphi seems to be acting more and more deliberate. They need to construct
    full-scale countermeasure scenarios. That's when it hits the fan. BIG TIME.
    An announcement comes one that says that there is a lot of reports coming in
    about possible GUILT victims, and that there is a risk for a wide-spread 
    outbreak. Uh oh... Sidney says for everyone to get their supplies and get out 
    At the Citywalk, Angie says that people just started collapsing. Sidney starts
    calling out order to treat the most advanced symptoms first, and for Stephen to
    get to the hospitals and tell the doctors how to treat the GUILT. He then calls
    for you and Tyler to get ready to operate, and for Cybil to get ready to handle
    anesthesia. Then, Dr. Hoffman comes up, offering to help. He's looked over the
    surgical footage, and know how to treat the GUILT. Looks like you'll be having
    some extra help on this one.
    --Operation #25: Under the Knife  (S2/O25)--
    Pre-Op: Great title, don't you think? Anyways, out on the streets, Dr. Hoffman
    has just finished treating a GUILT victim. Derek is in awe at seeing the HT 
    with his own eyes. Then Angie calls you over for the operation.
    Briefing: Angie says that five patients with Kyriaki are coming for treatment,
    and that it's going to be a long day. She's right. Now let's get cracking.
    Objectives: 1.) Treat all the Kyriaki patients.
    Name: GUILT victim
    Height: --
    Weight: --
    Time Limit: 10:00
    Starting Vitals: 99
    Max. Vitals: 99
    Condition: Chiral reaction positive--Kyriaki bodies detected. Multiple patients
    are in need of immediate attention.
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    Five patients with Kyriaki. FIVE. FIVE!!! FIIIVVEEE!!!!!! However, you only 
    have to treat three within 10 minutes, but you'll get a crappy ranking. As they
    all have Kyriaki, and we all know how to treat that, I'll just put down how 
    many waves of Kyriaki there are, and how many per wave, for each patient. You 
    only get one HT, use it however you wish. Be warned though, the mature ones 
    take four hits now instead of three.
    First patient:
    Gel, incise.
    Six lacerations. Three small, three gaping. Suture them up.
    First wave: One infant. Yeah, just one.
    Second wave: Two infants.
    Third wave: One mature. 
    Treat any wounds, zoom out.
    Suture, gel, bandage. 20%
    Second patient:
    Gel, incise.
    Six lacerations. Three small, three gaping. You know what to do.
    First wave: Two infants.
    Second wave: Three infants.
    Third wave: One mature.
    Treat any wounds, zoom out.
    Suture, gel, bandage. 40%
    Third patient:
    Gel, incise.
    Six lacerations. Three small, three gaping. Do I have to say it?
    First wave: Two infants.
    Second wave: Two infants. Again.
    Third wave: One infant, and one mature.
    Treat any wounds, zoom out.
    Suture, gel, bandage. 60%
    Fourth patient:
    Gel, incise.
    Six lacerations. Three small, three gaping. Go for it.
    First wave: Two infants.
    Second wave: Two infants. They come after you've killed one of the first two.
    Third wave: One infant and one mature.
    Treat any wounds, zoom out.
    Suture, gel, bandage. 80%
    Fifth patient:
    Gel, incise.
    Six lacerations. Three small, three gaping. Last one, hang in there!
    First wave: Three infants.
    Second wave: Two infants. They come after you've killed two of the first three.
    Third wave: One infant and one mature.
    Treat any wounds, zoom out.
    Suture, gel, bandage. 100% Yay!
    Post-Op: Dr. Hoffman will comment on how far you've come. Then Sidney will tell
    you to prepare for the next patient. Sure, no problem! Ugh...
    --Operation #26: Shifting GUILT  (S2/O26)--
    Pre-Op: Uh oh, looks like the outbreak is bigger than you thought, as people 
    are collapsing outside the perimeter. Cybil says that Sidney has ordered you to
    get out there and treat them. You'll move to the Suburbs.
    Tyler's there, and he will say that it looks like a brand-new strain has broken
    out. And it's airborne to boot! If it spreads...we just can't let that happen.
    Leslie informs you that the cops are widening the perimeter. I would quarentine
    the entire city, but that's just me. Tyler passes you the torch and heads off 
    to work on some other GUILT victims. 
    Briefing: Turns out that this isn't a new strain after all, just a variation of
    Triti. Only now it's highly contagious. If a thorn turns into mist, the 
    infection will spread. So you have to drain the mist. Not all thorns will turn
    to vapour, but it WILL happen. So get ready to grab the drain at a moment's 
    Objectives: 1.) Remove the Triti while draining any thorns that vapourize.
    Name: Hugh Vogler
    Height: 165.4 cm
    Weight: 148.8 lbs
    Time Limit: 5:00
    Starting Vitals: 85
    Max. Vitals: 99
    Condition: Chiral reaction positive--Tetri bodies detected. Airborne properties
    create a high risk for infection.
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    Semi-new GUILT, semi-new game plan. Ready?
    Gel, incise.
    You'll zoom in on the pancreas and see two bodies of Triti. Each with 5 
    triangles. If they merge, you'll have a huge mass of Triti to deal with, and 
    that will either kill the patient or cause you to time out. So we have to back
    it into the same corner as before: top-left.
    BUT, and this is important folks, the thorns can vapourize and turn into a 
    white cloud that will drift around. You have to drain it, and this will eat up
    time and Triti may grow back its thorns and throw you off. On top of that, if 
    you let it go past the edge of the screen, Greg will come take over, but it's
    not Game Over. You'll move to a different patient with Triti, but in a 
    different formation. If the mist escapes this time, Dr. Hoffman will come and
    you'll move on yet again. If it happens a third time, Game Over. Three strikes
    and you're out. Sometimes, the mist will grow new triangles, but that's only
    happened once for me because the mist usually just moves off-screen and 
    I'm just going to give you my strategy for the first patient, because if you 
    can kill Triti in Operation 17, you can do it here too.
    Anyway, time to remove the GUILT. First off, remove three of the five thorns on
    the left body of Triti so that there isn't any adjecent ones. Now you can focus
    on the right one. Quickly remove all the thorns and scalpel the whole thing.
    Now just remove it piece by piece. If the left body spreads to the top-left, 
    don't worry, you'll deal with it soon.
    After you've completely removed the right body, remove the left one, working
    bottom-right to top-left. Use a HT whenever you wish, but I recommend it in one
    of two times in the operation.
    1.) Right after you remove the three thorns on the left one. This will make 
    removing the right one child's play.
    2.) Right at the end when removing the last couple of pieces.
    I recommend number two as I always have trouble right at the end when my hand
    is tired and I can't seem to get both pieces quick enough. But it's your call.
    However you do it, after all the Triti is gone, you're done. Just remember to
    drop everything and drain the mist when a thorn vapourizes. Also, if the thorns
    grow back on the left side, just work as fast as you can. If you're lucky, it 
    won't grow too much. But if all the thorns grow back before you've removed two
    pieces of the right body, pull the thorns back out and continue on.
    Anyway, you can zoom out after removing the Triti.
    Suture, gel, bandage.
    Post-Op: Leslie will ask you if you think if it'll be over soon. Then Angie
    comes in saying that Tetarti has been confirmed nearby. Looks like it ain't 
    over just yet. Time to kill more GUILT! Away!
    --Operation #27: GUILT Evolves  (S2/O27)--
    Pre-Op: The patient with Tetarti arrives and it turns out that it's highly
    contagious as well. Huh. Stephen moves onto a different hospital and you'll 
    take over.
    Briefing: Angie comments on the victim's condition, then tells you to hurry.
    Tetarti is the same, so don't worry, I'm here for ya.
    Objectives: 1.) Kill the Tetarti.
    Name: Eric Dorian
    Height: 166.6 cm
    Weight: 155.0 lbs
    Time Limit: 5:00
    Starting Vitals: 90
    Max. Vitals: 99
    Condition: Chiral reaction positive--Tetarti bodies detected. This mutation is
    resistant to serum and much stronger than before.
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    Ready to waste more GUILT?
    Gel, incise.
    You'll zoom in on the patient's...something. It's pink and that's all I know.
    Look, I'm here to tell you how to beat the game, not about every organ in the
    human body.
    Anyway, you'll see three diverticula. Just like before, inject the 
    corresponding serum, excise. Repeat for the other two. Extract and place a 
    membrane on the wound. Repeat. Gel all three, massage two in, max out vitals 
    and rub the last one in.
    The Tetarti will appear on the surface. Use the same strategy that you did back
    in Operation 19 to win here easily. Only difference? It takes 5 rounds of 
    injections instead of four, and they move faster. Use a HT near the end if you
    After you killed them, you can zoom out.
    Suture, gel, bandage. Looks like the outbreak's contained. Hooray!!
    Post-Op: Looks like the outbreak is all across California. Sidney sent out 
    medicine and treatment instructions to hospitals in the infected cities. Now we
    can only hope that those doctors can handle it. Then, Sidney gets a phone call.
    It's the new Secretary of Health. He's calling to say that you can't send out
    those shipments of medicine to the hospitals as they haven't even gone to the
    FDA yet. You have to treat all the patients at Caduceus if you still want to 
    use that medicine. Sidney refuses to listen to him and hangs up. Dr. Hoffman 
    comments that Mr. Anderson must have been holding the politicians back when he
    was Secretary. Sidney says that he needs to talk to Victor and calls him.
    Back at Caduceus, Victor picks up the phone and asks what Sidney wants. He 
    wants copies of GUILT reports sent to all major hospitals. Victor then says 
    that he predicted that and already has them ready. Sidney tells him to send 
    them out. 
    Dr. Hoffman says that Sidney is very forceful. Turns out Sidney never lost a 
    --Meanwhile on a flight to San Francisco.--
    A flight attendant asks a man from Caduceus if he's okay. He says that he's 
    just in the care of something important. Looks like he's carrying some GUILT
    reports with him. The flight attendant walks away. The captain comes over the 
    PA to say that they'll be arriving early due to a "tailwind". Cool.
    In a hospital in San Diego, guess who's watching a GUILT treatment video? Mary,
    your old surgical assistant. Mary tells another nurse to get ready for the OR.
    Then she promises not to let you show her up. 
    Isn't it great to see so many people banded together to treat GUILT?
    --Cutscene #18: Infiltration  (S2/C18)--
    Back at Caduceus, Cybil will say that they managed to get the outbreak under
    control. Looks like Delphi might need to try harder next time. Angie will be 
    worried about Sidney, but Cybil reassures her that he couldn't possibly be 
    fired now, as he's a hero politically. Derek says that the CTU is getting 
    involved and the President is coming to meet them. Leslie will complain that 
    she had to cancel hers. Then an announcement comes on that says unidentified 
    people have entered Caduceus!!
    Back in the conference room, Sidney will say that there were several people,
    some already got away. Tyler says that they should go look for them themselves.
    Sidney agrees and says that anyone who can defend themselves should pair off
    and start looking.
    Out in a corrider, Derek and Angie are looking around when they hear a crash.
    Cybil is chasing after someone from Delphi right towards Derek and Angie. Looks
    like you've got him! Then Angie lets him by. 
    After he gets away, Cybil says that it's probably good they didn't catch him,
    as he was armed. Also, turns out that she managed to catch him on film! Then,
    she doubles over in pain and faints. Aw crap...
    --Operation #28: Infection  (S2/O28)--
    Pre-Op: Derek asks how she is, and Sidney says that it's GUILT and you have to
    operate right away. Plus, it's a new strain. Victor's analyzing it, and we can
    only hope that he gets results ASAP. Angie is quiet and won't tell Derek what's
    wrong. Hmmmmm...
    Briefing: This new GUILT is fibrous, and a pain in the ass according to Victor.
    He tells you to get ready now, and Derek will say that he hasn't been told how
    to treat it yet. Victor says that there's no time, it's heading for her heart,
    once it reaches it, she's dead. It's in the intestine, looks like you have some
    time yet! 
    Objectives: 1.) Remove the GUILT before it reaches her heart.
    Name: Cybil Myers
    Height: 166.4 cm
    Weight: 106.0 lbs
    Time Limit: 5:00
    Starting Vitals: 95
    Max. Vitals: 99
    Condition: Chiral reaction positive--Paraskevi bodies detected. Must be removed
    before reaching the heart.
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    Damn you, Delphi!!
    Let's save another friend's life shall we?
    Gel, incise.
    You'll see three lacerations. Suture two, max out vitals, and suture the last
    one to make the GUILT appear.
    Welcome to Paraskevi.
    It'll be a worm with a point on one end, a frond thingy on the other, and 16 
    little circle segments. It'll be green and blue in color.
    I bet you're thinking "OMG how do i remove this thing?!?!" Ready to find out?
    Tap the laser on the frond thing. It'll stop moving and turn gold. Now to 
    remove it. Victor will say how to remove it. He's such a big help isn't he?
    Basically, you have to cut it with the scalpel until it's small, then you can 
    remove it.
    Anyway, slice across the GUILT with the scalpel, it'll split in half and make
    lacerations. It'll also flash, indicating temporary immunity to the laser. Wait
    for the flashing to stop, and repeat.
    This thing can cut up your patient in a huge hurry, so if need be, stun them 
    and suture some of the lacerations and boost your vitals.
    You'll also notice some of the Paraskevi escape to the top of the screen. It's 
    heading for her heart, but don't worry. You have 4 chances to take the whole 
    thing out, each time at a different location in the body. If it moves to the
    top of the screen in location 4, the heart, she dies.
    So, you have to take it out in the first three stages, if it moves to the 
    fourth area and there's still 4+ pieces left, you'll probably lose. Use your HT
    on the fourth stage, even if there's only one piece left, as the smallest ones
    move really fast and may make a beeline for the heart.
    Anyway, try to remove at least a third of the GUILT in the intestine, let some 
    pieces escape if you can't stun all of them at once. Cut them up until only one
    circle is between the two ends, then stun it and extract it. Repeat until 
    there isn't any Paraskevi left. If some escaped, then you have time to suture 
    the lacerations. Suture all but one, max out vitals, suture the last one, and 
    you'll automatically move to the next location.
    Alex Taylor suggests this alternate strategy:
    (I edited this a bit. It was slightly illegible. See? I'm there for ya.)
    In the intestine, cut up the Paraskevi into 8 pieces, but don't remove any. 
    In the stomach, remove as many as possible, and clean up the remnants in the
    Use whichever method you think is best.
    Once you've extracted all the pieces, you can zoom out.
    Suture, gel, bandage. You saved Dr. Myers! Give yourself a hand, you've earned
    Post-Op: Sidney congratulates you, then asks about the picture. Everyone takes
    a look at it, and Stephen recognizes him as Professor Blackwell. Angie confirms
    that, and then spills the beans: He's her father. Woah...
    --Cutscene #19: Delphi  (S2/C19)--
    You're all in Dr. Hoffman office, where he will be telling you that they found
    Professor Blackwell. He's hiding in a pharmaceutical lab. Dr. Hoffman doesn't 
    think that the company knows he's even there. The FBI is going to raid the lab
    and has asked for help to avoid a GUILT outbreak. Derek accepts the offer. But,
    there's a problem, and her name is Angie. Derek knows she'd want to go, that's 
    when she bursts in. She says that you're right, that she wants to see the truth
    for herself. The other two decide to let her go.
    In the conference room, Derek asks if she'll be alright. Angie says that she 
    wants to know why Blackwell joined Delphi. She says that she always respected 
    him and he's the reason why she got into medicine. Then she breaks down. She'll
    start crying and says that she'll be fine tomorrow.
    --Operation #29: Devil  (S2/O29)--
    Pre-Op: Back at Caduceus, the media is going on about how police have blocked
    off the research lab. Dr. Hoffman and Sidney wish you luck.
    In the lab there's a biohazard area, and a researcher is gasping and sweating.
    Derek orders him to be put out immediately for the operation. Derek says that
    he's here to help the poor guy, but he will wave you off, saying to go save the
    Professor. Then, his vitals start dropping. Derek and Angie prepare a table for 
    the operation.
    Briefing: Angie has contacted HQ, but it looks like we have a brand-new strain
    of GUILT on our hands. Derek and Angie will wonder how the people got infected,
    as they would know how dangerous GUILT is. Hmmmm, can you say "cover-up"?
    Objectives: 1.) Treat the GUILT.
    Name: Ludwig Milan
    Height: 174.5 cm
    Weight: 160.0 lbs
    Time Limit: 5:00
    Starting Vitals: 90
    Max. Vitals: 99
    Condition: Chiral reaction positive--unknown infection detected. Extreme care 
    is necessary during treatment.
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    Going in without a clue what to do again. Good thing you have me!
    Gel, incise.
    You'll see five lacerations. Treat all but the smaller two, max out vitals, 
    then suture another one. You'll see the GUILT come out of the last laceration.
    Welcome to Savato.
    They'll be like little spiders with blue bodies and red legs.
    Fortunatly, these are easy to kill, just laser them. After you kill the five 
    that appear, another laceration will form and 5 more will come out. Treat them.
    Then, it's an all-out Savato spree. About seven will appear, then another 4 or
    so. If five of them start going in circles around each other, look out. A big 
    one with a black body and blue legs will form. This will inflict serious damage
    on the vitals AND reduce your max. vitals! Ouch. There can be a maximum of 
    three at a time, and your max. vitals will drop to 75, then 50, finally 35. 
    Kill them with the laser too. Also, if you leave them for too long, they will
    "explode" into 10 regular Savato. On a side-note, the five that formed the big
    one don't combine, they circle and then break apart, so if a blue one forms, 
    you won't have less reds to deal with. Just a word of caution.
    As you kill them, more will come out of the lung. Just keep lasering them.
    After you've killed all the Savato that pop up, you can suture any
    lacerations and zoom out. Be sure to give priority killing to the blue ones.
    Suture, gel, bandage. Angie will wonder about the GUILT.
    Post-Op: The police will have moved the researcher to Caduceus. Derek and Angie
    will realize that her father is here and will rush off to find him.
    --Operation #30: Death Awaits All  (S2/O30)--
    Pre-Op: In the lab proper, you'll find Prof. Blackwell, infected with GUILT.
    Derek will say that he's going to operate on him. But he'll refuse, saying that
    he's impressed that you could treat all the other strains, but the GUILT in him
    is unreal. Angie will demand why he created GUILT, why he threw his life away,
    and why he ran away from his family. Blackwell is surprised that it's her, then
    begs them to just let him die. Angie refuses to let him die, and Blackwell 
    warns them that they can't stop it, referring to it as "Death". Uh oh...
    Briefing: Looks like it's the same GUILT as before. Angie will start thinking
    about her father, and pleads that you save him. Derek swears that he will. 
    Objectives: 1.) Save Professor Blackwell's life.
    Name: Kenneth Blackwell
    Height: 180.5 cm
    Weight: 157.4 lbs
    Time Limit: 10:00
    Starting Vitals: 90
    Max. Vitals: 99
    Condition: Chiral reaction positive--unknown infection detected. Pulse has 
    dropped, so cardiac complications are extremely likely.
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    This is it. If you don't have plenty of patience, shut off the game and go get
    some. I'll wait.
    Gel, incise.
    You'll zoom in on the heart, and get a good look at the last type of GUILT.
    Welcome to Savato. Death incarnate.
    It'll be a bigger version of the tiny red ones from before, and appear to be on
    fire. It'll be sitting on top of a web that's criss-crossing the heart.
    Before we get started, I have something to say: DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT use the
    HT. I mean it. You won't be able to beat the mission without using it at the 
    absolute right time. So don't even think about double-tapping the hand icon.
    Angie will say to attack it. Try it and it'll zoom out of the way ultra-quick.
    Grab the scalpel instead. Angie will recieve Victor's report on it. It says to
    cut the web. Hold the scalpel over a strand until it breaks. Also, your scalpel
    will melt. Huh. Looks like Savato has a couple tricks up its sleeve.
    Anyway, start poking Savato. Without a tool. Yes without a tool. Why? Because
    if you don't, Savato will spin a new strand and create more babies. You can use
    a tool to poke it, but this way is quicker as you can go right from scalpel to 
    poking and back again because once you get a new scalpel, you'll automatically 
    have it selected. Also, if the web starts to go red, cut a strand ASAP, as once 
    it does, vitals will drop by 30. If you have blues on the field, you might lose 
    right then and there.
    After Angie gets you a new scalpel, cut another strand. If Savato creates 
    babies, laser them. Try to keep the baby count below five so no blues form. If
    Savato absorbs babies, the next part of the operation will be harder. The more
    he absorbs, the harder it gets, so try to keep the baby count down. If you 
    can't seem to keep up, ignore the babies, it won't get so hard as to screw you
    over, but it can be a pain in the ass.
    Anyways, keep cutting the web, poking Savato, lasering babies and restoring 
    vitals until the whole web is gone. Savato will make a new one, but no babies
    will appear. Keep it up until you've destroyed this second one. Savato will 
    spin another one. Cut the third one, and Savato will make a web that should 
    look familiar to you. Cut this final one. Savato will absorb any babies, red 
    and blue, and you can move to phase two.
    Another report from Victor will come in. It says that you can now attack it.
    Laser time! Start lasering it, it'll speed up, keep the laser on it. This is
    where it might be hard, as the more babies Savato absorbed before, the 
    stronger his shield is. So it might take a bit. Soon, it'll form a 
    laceration and more babies will come out. Ignore them, they don't do much 
    from here on out. 
    But be careful, as sometimes Savato will do a 360 and triple cut the heart. 
    This can and may very well kill the patient right there. Plus, these 
    lacerations do much more damage then the baby spawning ones, so you'll need to
    suture them. AND he can do it in quick succession. Twice in a row, plus a blue
    or two, equals big problems.
    After you've removed the shield, Angie will say, "Doctor." This is your cue to 
    pick up your scalpel and stab it by poking it yet again. This will do some real
    damage. Savato will flash red, then the shield will re-form. Do the same thing
    as before, laser the shield off, then stab it when Angie says, "Doctor". 
    Victor and Sidney will come in with a new serum for Savato. Victor says that 
    the researcher helped them make it, and to inject it into Savato. But the 
    sheild has re-formed. Let's finish this. Laser the shield off, and stab it. 
    Savato will absorb the babies, but it doesn't matter. Inject the black serum
    once it's finished absorbing the babies and begins to move around slowly. This 
    is the time where things just go downhill. Or more accuratly, off a damn cliff.
    Savato will move to the center of the heart, and make nine lacerations. Plus,
    his three cut move will get upgraded to five cuts. Derek will swear to kill it
    and a Healing Touch will activate automatically. But Savato is still too fast!
    It'll keep moving out of the way of the syringe like it did back in phase one.
    What to do? See how the hand icon automatically changed to a star?
    Activate your Healing Touch a second time, and time will stop. The timer will 
    stop, the vital loss will stop, and most importantly Savato will stop. Inject 
    the serum into it a second time. Savato will dance around,  then poof away. 
    Time will restart and Savato will be gone. Zoom out.
    Suture, gel, bandage. Kudos to you my friend, you've beaten the final boss.
    Post-Op: Angie is overcome by the fact that you saved her dad. Derek says that
    he's proud of her, and they carry Prof. Blackwell outside.
    --Chapter #6: Original Sin--
    --Cutscene #20: Delphi HQ  (S2/C20)--
    Yes that's right. There's more. Although you saved Angie's dad and shut down
    that lab, the nutbar behind all this is still at large. Best find him before he
    creates even more GUILT strains.
    Out on a ship, Derek and Angie are there. Before you can yell "Plothole!", all
    is revealed in a flashback.
    --3 days ago--
    The good professor has shed some light on Delphi. Turns out their HQ is on a 
    ship in the middle of the ocean. The British Navy found it, but they want a 
    GUILT specialist to go with them. That's where Derek, and you, come in. Dr. 
    Hoffman will ask Derek if he wants to go, and Derek accepts. 
    Mr. Miller will give you command of the soldiers and send you off to clear the
    --Operation #31: First Sin  (S2/O31)--
    Pre-Op: Lt. Hughes is leading you deeper into the ship. Then, it will skip back
    to Los Angeles. It will do this in all the missions. Kinda a way to tell you 
    the whole story, I guess.
    Looks like they used people as subjects for GUILT. But they needed young 
    tissue. Looks like the bastards used kids to grow GUILT.
    Back in the present, Lt. Hughes will go "...Dear God..." and you'll see why.
    You'll see one of the GUILT subjects all intubated and what-not. Derek will 
    tell Angie to prep for the operation.
    Briefing: Angie will notice something on the console. "Sinner 1." Looks like
    these jerks are trying to justify all this. Let's show them what modern 
    medicine is made of.
    Objectives: 1.) Eradicate Kryiaki.
    Name: 1st Sinner
    Height: ?
    Weight: ?
    Time Limit: 5:00
    Starting Vitals: 99
    Max. Vitals: 99
    Condition: Kyriaki archetype. Use extreme care, as this is GUILT in its most
    concentrated state.
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    Kyriaki yet again. This is the last one though. Treat this, and Kyriaki will be
    completely eliminated. 
    Gel, incise.
    You'll see Kyriaki's trademark lacerations. Three gaping, five normal. As 
    usual, treat the smaller ones first, treat two of the gaping ones. Max out 
    vitals and treat the last one to lure out the GUILT.
    Two Kyriaki will show up. Ultrasound, and scalpel them both out before grabbing
    the laser. This time around, they each take three laser hits. So it'll be that 
    much worse. Use your HT if/when you need it.
    After you kill one, two more will show up. Ultrasound, scalpel them out, and
    burn them. If your vitals are just dropping rapidly, gel over the lacerations,
    and inject the stabilizer. You should be able to get in two full loads before
    the gel wears off and the vitals drop again. Use this technique to pump vitals
    back up, and burn the Kyriaki without worrying about vital loss.
    Once they're all dead, suture any lacerations, gel any wounds, leaving one of 
    either. Max your vitals and fix the last laceration/wound.
    The mature one will do the triple-cut we all know and hate. Plus, it has an
    infant with it. Ultrasound, scalpel both out, and kill the little one. Now you
    should have the mature one on top, and several lacerations on the intestine. 
    Just as before, it will take four hits to kill, and it will hide after each 
    hit. This is the last Kyriaki, don't mess up.
    After it's dead, treat any lacerations/wounds and you can zoom out.
    Suture, gel, bandage. Kyriaki: Defeated.
    Post-Op: Derek will turn the child over to the Lieutenant. He'll be amazed at
    the both of you.
    --Operation #32: Second Sin  (S2/O32)--
    Pre-Op: Derek and Angie will be talking about what Delphi has done when they 
    find another child.
    Sidney wonders why Prof. Blackwell joined Delphi, and Dr. Hoffman says that 
    Delphi only tested on children with a certain DNA composition. Angie has that
    kind of DNA, and they held her hostage so Blackwell would help them. Harsh...
    --End Flashback--
    Derek will ask Angie to carry the kid to the operating table.
    Briefing: Looks like there's a pattern to this. The second "sinner" is 
    infected with Deftera. That means seven strains equals seven victims.
    No matter, we'll just annailate each strain, one at a time. 
    Objectives: 1.) Eradicate Deftera.
    Name: 2nd Sinner
    Height: ?
    Weight: ?
    Time Limit: 5:00
    Starting Vitals: 99
    Max. Vitals: 99
    Condition: Deftera archetype. Use extreme care, as this is GUILT in its most
    concentrated state.
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    Angie will point out that this is the same GUILT Amy had.
    What is with her and pointing out the obvious? I mean come on...
    Gel, incise.
    You'll zoom in on what appears to be the large intestine. Beats me though.
    What makes this mission so hard is that vitals drop super fast compared to 
    Amy. And the Deftera make tumors faster, and vitals take a bigger hit when 
    like colors hit each other.
    Anyway, like before, burn off the big tumors first, then all but one small one,
    treat any burns, max out vitals, and burn off the last one.
    The two Deftera will appear. Wait for them to join. And be sure to burn off any
    tumors that they make. The vital loss is worse this time around. Having 25+ 
    tumors can kill you quickly. 35 or more, and you'll have problems. Just keep 
    burning off tumors, giving him a shot of stabilizer as needed, until they 
    combine. Then, drain them just like before.
    After you drain them three times, they will start shaking. Grab the scalpel,
    and get ready to excise it. Once the line appears, trace it quickly, the vital
    loss is significant here too. Once it's dead, extract it, put on a membrane, 
    gel it, and massage it in. Burn off any tumors and you can zoom out.
    Suture, gel, bandage. Area 1 is clear.
    Time for the lungs.
    Gel, incise.
    Two pairs, like before. Make sure to make a "shield" of gel around a combined
    pair to stop the other two from hitting them. Also, if two alike colors keep
    hitting each other, gel a line between them. It might keep them apart, but it
    might bring them together again. This will lead to rapid vital loss. Tack on 
    losses due to tumors, and you may lose.
    Like you've done before, drain three times, excise, extract. Place membrane,
    gel, massage in. But, if there are a crapload of tumors around, just place 
    the membrane, restore vitals, laser some off, restore vitals more, and then 
    apply the membrane.
    After you've removed both pairs and burned off any tumors and/or healed burn
    marks, you can zoom out.
    Suture, gel, bandage. Deftera: Defeated.
    Post-Op: Angie will commend you on the operation. Derek will wish that after
    today, they never have to operate on a GUILT patient ever again. 
    --Operation #33: Third Sin  (S2/O33)--
    Pre-Op: Derek and Angie get Lt. Hughes to get the second child outside, and get
    him to bring back some antibiotic gel and blankets.
    --Flashback, again--
    Angie knows why her dad joined Delphi, and she's feeling guilty over it, even 
    though it's not her fault. She will cry over the fact that another child had to
    suffer instead of her.
    --End flashback--
    Derek will say that these kids deserve alot more than being GUILT test 
    Briefing: Derek will promise Angie that she can make up for her father's 
    mistake right here. And that he's here to help. And by him, I mean you.
    Objectives: 1.) Eradicate Triti.
    Name: 3rd Sinner
    Height: ?
    Weight: ?
    Time Limit: 5:00
    Starting Vitals: 99
    Max. Vitals: 99
    Condition: Triti archetype. Use extreme care, as this is GUILT in its most
    concentrated state.
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    Time for Triti. The mist won't escape this time around. But drain it ASAP, as
    usual, before it spawns more triangles. Vitals drop quicker in this operation, 
    as they do in all "Sin" missions.
    Gel, incise.
    The Triti is right in the middle of the stomach this time. Meaning that you can
    back it into either corner you like. I'd go for the bottom-left, as the narrow
    area will restrict side-to-side growth.
    Start by removing all the thorns on the five pieces on the uppermost right.
    Then, scalpel them out and extract them, starting with the top two pieces and 
    working down. This will cause multiplication, but don't sweat it.
    Now, you should have two rows of Triti with a few pieces in a third row. Take
    out any pieces not in the bottom two rows, being sure to removes the thorns 
    from the right side to prevent it spreading to the rest of the organ.
    Once you're down to the two rows at the bottom, remove them, working from right
    to left, taking them out in groups of four using the row-by-row method.
    When there's only a few pieces left, either use your HT to get them out easy,
    or do it as you have before, working quicker. If you're short on time from 
    before, and the last piece keeps growing new triangles, you'll want to use your
    HT, or risk timing out.
    After all the Triti are removed, you're done.
    Suture, gel, bandage. Triti: Defeated.
    Post-Op: Lt. Hughes will report that they are ready for the next child, and 
    asks if there will be more. Angie says that there will be. He thinks about when
    his daughter was sick and how he would've done anything to make her better. He
    says he realizes why you two are doing this and sends you to find the next 
    --Operation #34: Fourth Sin  (S2/O34)--
    Pre-Op: Derek will whine because he's not getting a break. Angie asks if he's
    okay, and he'll pull himself together and keep at it.
    --Yet another flashback--
    Turns out Eidoth Pharmaceuticals was just a front for Delphi. All the money 
    they made allowed funding to be poured into making GUILT. The guy behind all 
    this is supposed to be from Europe, but they don't know for sure.
    --End flashback--
    Derek will be still thinking about the flashback. Apparently, the leader calls
    himself "Adam."
    Briefing: Angie will complain about some Delphi propaganda crap that reads: A
    time to accept death. Derek will wonder if death isn't all that bad, and if we
    just want to feel needed. Beats me, but definatly food for thought.
    Objectives: 1.) Eradicate Tetarti.
    Name: 4th Sinner
    Height: ?
    Weight: ?
    Time Limit: 5:00
    Starting Vitals: 99
    Max. Vitals: 99
    Condition: Tetarti archetype. Use extreme care, as this is GUILT in its most
    concentrated state.
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    Let's wipe out Tetarti for good.
    Gel, incise.
    On the lung this time? That's new. Anyway, treat the diverticula like you did
    before. Inject the corresponding serum, excise. Repeat for the other two. 
    Extract, place membrane. Repeat for the other two. Gel all three, massage in 
    two, max out vitals and massage in the last one.
    The Tetarti will appear now. This is similar to the other two Tetarti missions,
    but they move faster. You might even need the HT for the last round. Aside from
    that, it's no different, so just treat them like you did before in Operations'
    19 and 27. It will take five rounds of injections to kill them.
    After they die, you can zoom out.
    Suture, gel, bandage. Tetarti: Defeated.
    Post-Op: Angie will ask where the kids are being transported to, and Derek will
    say that they're be moved to Caduceus Europe. 
    --Operation #35: Fifth Sin  (S2/O35)--
    Pre-Op: Lt. Hughes will come in reporting that most of the ship is under 
    control and that backup is coming. Derek tells him to hold off on the backup 
    for now. Angie will question this, and Derek replies saying that he doesn't 
    want to operate in a war zone.
    --Flashback time!--
    Looks like Delphi wanted to rule the world after GUILT had ravaged it. Sidney
    and Dr. Hoffman will talk about how doctors do more then save someone's life,
    they give it back to them. But what if someone doesn't have a life? Heh heh...
    --End flashback--
    Angie finds the fifth child. Derek comes over to operate.
    Briefing: Angie will check to make sure that you remember how to treat Pempti.
    Like we'll ever forget...
    Objectives: 1.) Eradicate Pempti.
    Name: 5th Sinner
    Height: ?
    Weight: ?
    Time Limit: 5:00
    Starting Vitals: 99
    Max. Vitals: 99
    Condition: Pempti archetype. Use extreme care, as this is GUILT in its most
    concentrated state.
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    This is the strain that killed Secretary Anderson. Let's have our revenge.
    Gel, incise.
    You'll zoom in on the liver this time. Inject the nanomachine. Pempti will 
    shrink about 25%. Inject it a second time and it'll be at 50%. Grab the laser
    and burn the core when it appears.
    It'll evolve again. It will use the exact same attacks as before: The 
    laceration causing mini-cores. The five tumor dropping ones. And the ones that
    circle the main core, dropping vitals as they go. The laser will still work, 
    but there's a catch. Since the Pempti is bigger side-to-side then last time, it
    may be harder to get the cores in time. This is really bad if you start missing
    a bunch of the lacerating ones. The tumor ones are slightly more spaced apart,
    but not as bad as the cutting ones. And the circling ones still hug the main
    core, so no harder there. 
    Prioritize killing the laceration cores, even if you have a shot at the main
    core, as they are the most deadly in this mission. If any tumors start 
    bleeding, gel them quickly. And kill the circling core as soon as they appear. 
    If you can keep all this in check, you'll have an easy time.
    It takes 7 hits with the laser to kill it not including the one at the very 
    start of the mission. After the core dies, the rest of the GUILT will 
    disappear and you'll zoom out.
    Suture, gel, bandage. Pempti: Defeated.
    Post-Op: Lt. Hughes will come in with some good news. They'll getting a 
    transport plane for the children. The UN is mad because they planes are for 
    VIPs only. Oh well.
    --Operation #36: Sixth Sin  (S2/O36)--
    Pre-Op: Angie once again points out the obvious by stating that there should
    only be two infected children left. 
    --It's teh flashback!!--
    Basically everyone is wishing you good luck in destroying Delphi once and for 
    all. And by everyone, I mean Cybil, Tyler and Greg.
    --End flashback--
    Derek comments that he didn't think he'd be operating in a place like this. You
    know what? Neither did I.
    Briefing: Angie will once again comment on the fact that the children are in a
    lab, and not being with their families. How about you shut up about that and
    help us take out strain number six. M'kay?
    Objectives: 1.) Eradicate Paraskevi.
    Name: 6th Sinner
    Height: ?
    Weight: ?
    Time Limit: 5:00
    Starting Vitals: 99
    Max. Vitals: 99
    Condition: Paraskevi archetype. Use extreme care, as this is GUILT in its most
    concentrated state.
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    If you had no trouble with Operation 28, this'll be a breeze for you.
    Gel, incise.
    You'll see several lacerations. Suture all but one, max out vitals, and suture
    the last one.
    Paraskevi will come out. It's the exact same as it was before, except that 
    vitals drop faster. As is the norm in this chapter.
    Just do what you did before, and this should be no sweat. You know the drill,
    laser, cut, repeat until small enough, laser, remove. There's no need for a 
    different strategy for this mission.
    After it's removed, you can zoom out.
    Suture, gel, bandage. Paraskevi: Defeated.
    Post-Op: Angie will make sure you're okay to keep going. Derek will say that
    the only thing on his mind is the patients, and Angie will say that he's OK to
    keep going.
    --Operation #37: Final Sin  (S2/O37)--
    Pre-Op: Lt. Hughes will report that they have the sixth child, but they may 
    need to take a break. But Derek will say that he's going to keep going.
    --Last flashback--
    Now Dr. Hoffman and Sidney will wish you luck. Angie promises to go with you,
    and that she's proud of the doctor you've become.
    --End flashback--
    Angie will ask why Derek so happy. He'll explain why he became a doctor. Lt.
    Hughes reports that they found the last child. Time to end this.
    Briefing: Derek muses how people feel as they fight a disease. And that 
    he'll always be a doctor. That's nice. Now let's take out GUILT, once and
    for all.
    Objectives: 1.) Eradicate Savato.
    Name: Final Sinner
    Height: ?
    Weight: ?
    Time Limit: 10:00
    Starting Vitals: 99
    Max. Vitals: 99
    Condition: Savato archetype. Use extreme care, as this is GUILT in its most
    concentrated state.
    --Operation Walkthrough--
    We've come this far, we can't fail now! 
    Gel, incise.
    Hello again Savato. Same thing as Operation #30.
    However, it is slightly different. When the web starts to go red, if you cut a
    strand, it will go back to white, but it will start to go red again quicker. 
    When it becomes too quick and the scalpel doesn't get replaced quick enough,
    just let it go red, restore vitals, and keep going.
    Other than that, your strategy should be the same: Keep cutting the web while
    poking at Savato and restoring vitals. As for the babies, laser them if you 
    can, but it's really hard to keep track of the web, Savato, vitals and the
    babies all at once, so maybe it's best to just forget about them. Plus, more 
    spawn, and they form blues quicker. Just keep injecting the stabilizer to
    counter the major vital loss. 
    There are 3-4 webs to deal with. You'll know when you're done when Savato 
    absorbs all the babies. 
    Laser off the shield, and stab him. Be sure to listen for Angie to say 
    "Doctor." You have to repeat this twice more before he absorbs all the 
    babies again. Be careful though, he's much more aggresive this time, and will
    slash up the heart pretty quickly if you let him. So keep up your offensive,
    if you don't, he'll do his three-cut move multiple times and kill you. Ignore
    the babies, they won't do much if you keep Savato from cutting up the heart.
    Anyway, inject him with the black serum when you're supposed to and wait for 
    the HT to activate. Once it does, restore vitals some while waiting for the 
    second HT to become available. When it is, activate it and inject Savato the 
    second and final time. Savour the moment as he dies.
    Suture, gel, bandage. Savato: Defeated. GUILT has been elimanated. For good.
    Post-Op: Angie asks if it's all over. Derek will say that they saved all seven
    children, but they still need to find out who's behind all this, and the truth
    behind GUILT.
    --Cutscene #21: Adam  (S2/C21)
    It's time to find out the truth behind all this. Derek gets ready to find Adam
    when Mr. Miller walks in. He wants you to get back up to the deck. Derek 
    protests, and Mr. Miller will let you in on some confidential stuff. Turns out
    the front for Delphi, Eidoth International was run by Adam himself. He was born
    in Austria as Erich von Raitenau, in 1897. 1897?! If he was still alive now, in
    2018, he'd be 121 years old! The only thing that's probably left is his diary
    or whatever, and Mr. Miller has classified that as top secret. Angie protests,
    and then something even weirder happens.
    Adam's voice comes over the ship's P.A. system. He'll spout some more Delphi
    crap, and Derek and Angie will go to check it out.
    --In the Creator's Chamber--
    Derek and Angie will get a good look at Adam, and so will you. 
    My God...
    He's not even alive! He'll talk about how he's all perfect and disperses GUILT.
    What a self-centered jerk. 
    Angie will realize that he can't be talking. Derek will demand to know what he
    was trying to do. Adam will reveal that there is one final GUILT, named
    "Bliss." He'll say that those who follow him will recieve it. Derek accuses him
    of just wanting to cause death. 
    Suddenly, it will all go black. Derek will argue that medicine is there to help
    people. Adam says that we're just screwing over the future. Derek finishes by
    demanding to know what gives Adam the right to decide people's fate. Then, him
    and Angie black out. The soldiers radio in that they were exposed to an 
    airborne hallucinogen and go in to get them. 
    --Cutscene #22: Epilogue  (S2/C22)--
    Well you've beaten the game and uncovered the truth behind GUILT. I'm not going
    to spoil the ending for you. Watch the cinema scene, you've earned it.
    --The "X" Missions  (S2/XX)--
    "What? There's more?!" Yep.
    The X missions can be accessed from the "Challenge" menu. Beat the first to 
    unlock the second. Beat the second to unlock the third etc. They have uber-hard
    versions of the Sin missions basically. I haven't beaten X1 yet. Once I do 
    though, expect strategies for them in this section.
    --END OF SECTION 2--
    --SECTION 3--
    --Common Treatments  (S2/CT)--
    Stuck on suturing? Tired of tumors? Ticked at Tetarti? Then this is the
    section for you. Basically, this is a real quick guide on how to fix little
    problems, as well as basic strategies for killing GUILT. If you want an 
    in-depth strategy for killing a GUILT, head back to section two and look for a
    mission with that GUILT in it. 
    Quick head's up, I'm only going over problems that appear more than once, stuff
    like replacing a heart valve only happens once. So it's really not worth it.
    Normal Stuff and GUILT effects
    Small Wound: Antibiotic Gel.
    Laceration: Suture.
    Large Laceration: Drain, Forcep closed, Suture.
    Tumor: Ultrasound, Scalpel across it, Drain, Scalpel around, Forceps.
    Circular Wound: Forceps place membrane, Gel, Hand.
    Glass: Forceps remove it direction it went in.
    Heart Massage: Gel rectangle, Hand follow pulse bar.
    Deftera Tumor: Laser.
    Triti Mist: Drain.
    Diverticula: Inject proper serum, Scalpel around, Forceps.
    Pempti Tumor: Laser, Gel.
    Savato Web: Scalpel.
    Kryiaki: Ultrasound, Scalpel, Laser. Repeat laser as necessary.
    Mature Kyriaki: Ultrasound, Scalpel, Laser. Repeat entire procedure as 
    Deftera: Drain when combined three times, Scalpel, Forceps.
    Triti: Forceps thorns from each point, Scalpel, Forceps.
    Tetarti: Inject correct serum into each.
    Pempti: Inject nanomachine twice, Laser.
    Paraskevi: Laser, Scalpel. Repeat steps until small enough. Laser, Forceps.
    Baby Savato: Laser.
    Savato: Laser, Scalpel. Repeat as necessary. Inject serum, Healing Touch,
    Inject serum again.
    --Contact Information  (S3/CI)--
    My e-mail address is bluedragon946@hotmail.com. I would prefer it if you used
    e-mail, but you can also instant message me via MSN. 
    You can e-mail me about anything. See a typo? Tell me about it. Have an 
    alternate solution for an operation? Send it to me. Think a different format
    for the guide would work better? I'd love to know. Fan/Hate mail? Go right
    But no 1337 or leet or whatever the hell it's called. I'm serious, I do not 
    want to have to take two hours to decode an e-mail. If you can't type in 
    normal English, then don't bother. 
    If you want to use my guide on your site, e-mail me first. If your site has a
    good reputation, I'll probably let you.
    Just don't be a pest if I don't reply to any e-mail, as I do have a life 
    --Timeline  (S3/TL)--
    This guide took alot longer to write then I thought.
    May 1st: Started guide. I had to go through story mode twice, once to get the
    entire table of contents, the other time to get down all the strategy.
    Version 0.0
    June 28th: Finished guide. Yeah, two months it took me. I took it pretty slow,
    as I can't stand doing something for extended periods of time.
    Version 1.0
    June 28th: 1UP.com is now allowed to host this guide.
    Version 1.01
    June 29th: Fixed the ASCII header. I mis-spelled "Trauma." That was fun to
    fix. Plus a couple of other typos. My guide is well on the way to becoming 
    error-free. Yay! And neoseeker.com can host this guide now.
    Version 1.1
    July 10th: supercheats.com can now host this guide. Fixed some typos too. 
    Also got bested by X1 once again. GOD, I hate whoever made that mission.
    And now contains half the fat!
    Version 1.2
    July 12th: gamerhelp.com can now host this guide. I cannot believe how 
    popular this has become. And updated the contact thing to screen out 
    the idiots who type in 1337 or whatever.
    Version 1.3
    August 20th: Someone finally suggested an alternate strategy for a 
    mission. Yay! I haven't been playing the game much, as I'm currently tied
    up in my new job. And I'm addicted to KH2. On a different note, I'm going
    to be writing another FAQ soon. I'll slide updates into this general area 
    of this FAQ as I go, if I update this FAQ anymore. Damn the bastard who 
    thought up the X missions!
    Version 1.4
    --Credits  (S3/CR)--
    Atlus: For making such a sweet game.
    Nintendo: For making the DS, the perfect system for this game.
    Dell: For making my computer so I could write this.
    My parents: For allowing me to work on the computer so much.
    My friends: For granting me a bit of moral support.
    You: For reading.
    Rocker: For helping me fix the ASCII header.
    Cucumber: For helping to edit out some typos and what-not.
    Peter Robinson: Another kind soul helping with typos. 
    Alex Taylor: Suggested a different strategy for Operation 28.
    --Copyright  (S3/CO)--
    Copyright: 2006, Nick Broad.
    All trademarks in this here guide are property of their respective owners.
    All violations of my copyright will be met with legal action, and an
    aluminum baseball bat to the head.
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