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    GUILT Guide by TAMIC0

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                                   Under The Knife
                                   GUILT Guide/FAQ
                                     By: Tamico
    --+ 0.1 Product Info +--
    Developer: Atlas Co.
    ESRB rating: T | Blood, Mild Language, Mild Violence, Partial Nudity
    Genre: Simulation
    --+ 0.1.1 Pre-guide note +--
    This is VERY IMPORTANT for GameFAQs:
    Dear GameFAQs,
    I know that you didn't accept my guide because it was "overspecified", but
    please e-mail me to give me more information on what you mean so I can fix
    it. I want to know what you think is wrong. (DOESN'T APPLY ANYMORE)
    Yours truly,
    --+ 0.2 Table of Contents +--
    - 0.1 Product Info
      - 0.1.1 Pre-guide note
    - 0.2 Table of Contents
    - 0.3 About this FAQ/Guide
      - 0.3.1 Contact Me
      - 0.3.2 Version History
      - 0.3.3 Spoiler Warning
    - 0.4.a GUILT Guide
      - 0.4.b Heads Up
      - 0.4.1 What is GUILT?
      - 0.4.2 Kyriaki
      - 0.4.3 Deftera
      - 0.4.4 Triti
      - 0.4.5 Tetarti
      - 0.4.6 Pempti
      - 0.4.7 Paraskevi
      - 0.4.8 Savato
      - 0.4.9 Note on Bliss
    - 0.5 Recieved Strategies/Tips
      - 0.5.1 GUILT Strategies
      - 0.5.2 Regular Injuries
    - 0.6 Frequently Asked Questions
      - 0.6.1 Guide FAQs
      - 0.6.2 Operating FAQs
      - 0.6.3 Stupid FAQs
    - 0.7 Copyrights
      - 0.7.1 Want this Guide on your site?
      - 0.7.2 Allowed sites
    - 0.8 GameFAQs note
      - 0.8.1 To Do List
    - 0.9 Special Thanks
      - 0.9.1 Not so special thanks
    --+ 0.3 About This FAQ/Guide +--
    This is my first guide ever sent to GameFAQs. I know it's small, but what did
    you expect? It's just a freakin' strategy guide. And don't laugh at it. I'll
    come to your house and hit you.
    --+ 0.3.1 Contact Me +--
    The only way I'll read your e-mail is that it follows these conditions:
    - No ALL CAPS or slangs or anything. Write in normal english.
    - Only send a strategy/question/discussion.
    - Make the e-mail title "Guide Suggestion".
    - I will report you immediately to the authorities in case of privacy
    invasion and/or creepy pedophiles and/or spyware/viruses.
    I also accept if you spot a typo. Even if it's minor, I want to know about it.
    Contact my e-mail at jakeismypet(*at*)hotmail.com. (Replace *at* with @. Anti-
    spam reasons.)
    --+ 0.3.2 Version History +--
    06/06/06, Version 0.01
    YES, I KNOW! I know I started writing this on the Apocalypse day!
    Suposedly, we're all supposed to die on this day. It's in the Bible. Anyways,
    I had to beat the game twice to get used to it. It's not so hard after a
    while. I have to beat it again to test different strategies. It took me 2
    months. Gah!
    06/17/06, Version 0.30
    I haven't been able to write this a couple of times so I've only finished the
    table of contents and everything up to here. But don't blame me! I've got
    things to do and stuff to see. Hopefully, I won't put any more version
    history until it's done.
    I lied.
    06/24/06, Version 0.80
    I can't believe how long this is taking! GameFAQs, if you're reading this,
    look in the GameFAQs note section. By the way I finished this year of school.
    FINALY! Now I'll have more time to write this. I expect to finish at the
    begining of July.
    07/03/06, Version 1.00
    I'm done! I submitted it to GameFAQs, I hope they accept. I also sent it to my
    friend to inspect it. He found a buch of typos and stupid mistakes. I had a
    fun time fixing those. Stop e-mailing me about the 'wedding' instead of
    'webbing'. I had to block some people for that.
    07/25/06, Version 2.00
    Guess what? GameFAQs rejected this guide because they said it was
    "overspecified". I worked my ass off for this! I had to do an entire rewrite.
    Big surprize!
    07/27/06, Version 2.10
    I added the "Note on Bliss" section (You don't actually get to cure this
    GUILT). I corrected a few mistakes, instead of writting "serum" I wrote
    "sirum". By the way, GameFAQs finally accepted my guide. HAZZA!
    07/28/06, Version 2.20
    Neoseeker.com AND supercheats.com are allowed sites. I also updated my
    08/10/06, Version 2.30
    Added a new ASCII header. Also, GameHelp.com is allowed to host this FAQ.
    11/19/06, Version 3.00
    It's been a long time. I think I've been ignoring this guide until someone
    sent me a request To fix a typo. I said "fine", and then I started correcting.
    I also added new sections and some catch phrases. Look in "To do list" section
    for upcoming updates.
    11/30/06, Version 3.10
    Neko Gutamoto sent me a faccinating e-mail about the GUILT "Bliss". Thanks.
    12/12/06, Version 3.20
    I redid the ASCII title. Cool, eh? I also added more dynamic subtitles.
    --+ 0.3.3 Spoiler Warning +--
    My friend says that this guide would be a spoiler to anyone who hasn't
    beaten the "Please let me live" mission. Anyone who can't beat that needs
    psychological attention imediately or brain surgery.
    Also, the information that's in this FAQ/Guide contains spoilers. Especially
    the Bliss thing. That can certainly ruin the plot for you. If you don't want
    me to spoil it for you, listen carefully: Click the "Back" button on the
    address bar at the top of the page.
    --+ 0.4.a GUILT Guide +--
    Just in case you were wondering...THIS IS THE ACTUAL GUIDE. If you
    don't like it, go cry to your mom. I'll wait.
    --+ 0.4.b Heads Up +--
    Just to let you know, there are several way to operate:
    I recomend you follow my FAQ/Guide to take it easy a bit. It's about the
    easiest way to operate.
    My friend seems to follow his motto: "If it moves, incinerate it. If it's
    dead, incinerate it some more." Unfortunately, this is NOT the best strategy
    for this game. It might prove usefull for Resident Evil or something, but not
    here. Take it elsewhere.
    --+ 0.4.1 What is GUILT? +--
    GOD! Do I really need this section?!?
    According to the booklet, (Yes, there's even spoilers in the booklet!) it
    In the year 2018, mankind has overcome a number of diseases once
    thought incurable. Cancer, AIDS and TFTA are nearly things of the past.
    However, a new plague has emerged to threaten humanity...
    ...it's called GUILT (Gangliated Utrophin Immuno Latency Toxin)
    Very little is known about this new disease, but rumor has it that GUILT
    might be the first biological weapon used for "medical terrorism." Our only
    hope may lie in Caduceus International--a semi-covert organization
    designed to research and treat the world's most "untreatable" diseases.
    Caduceus has managed to keep GUILT hidden from the public so far, but
    how can they possibly eliminate a disease they don't even know how to
    treat properly?
    Meanwhile, Derek Stiles has just completed his residency and joined the
    surgical team at Hope Hospital, where routine clinical cases are about to
    become something far more serious...
    I have a much simpler explanation. GUILT is basically a disease that some
    psycho created and is injecting them into people without them knowing.
    --+ 0.4.2 Kyriaki +--
    This is the first type of GUILT you'll encounter. I'll start by the immature
    Strain = Immature Kyriaki
    HP = 2-3
    Way to kill = Laser
    To me, these things are just annoyances keeping you from getting to the "Big
    Cheese", which is the mature one. I can't believe that some people find these
    When you open the guy up, he'll have several cuts 'n bruses. Fix all of 'em
    except one. Max out your vitals, THEN fix the last one. There will be some
    lacerations that appear out of nowhere. That's Kyriaki's cue.
    The only way to kill these is to use ultrasound to find them, since they live
    in the organ's tissue, and once you see their black shadow, use the scalpel
    to cut them out. Then laser them to death. Don't burn the skin. DO NOT, and I
    repeat, DO NOT use the Healing Touch on these things. You're wasting it.
    They keep appearing once you kill the ones on the screen. Theres about 4-8
    of these in one operation. Theres more in the later missions. Once you get
    them all, the mature Kyriaki comes in.
    Strain = Mature Kyriaki
    HP = 3-4
    Way to kill = laser
    I still think these are easy. Sometimes, the mature Kyriaki appears with an
    immature one, still too easy. When this guy enters, he makes 3 freakin' huge
    lacerations that looks kinda like a star. Don't sweat it. Ignore the
    lacerations until he's dead.
    Like the immature ones, this thing hides in the tissue. Ultrasound, then cut
    it. Unlike the immature ones, it hides again once you laser it. Just keep
    finding and lasering it until it dies. Fix the lacerations and you're done.
    I told you it was easy!
    I almost forgot! Don't forget to use the stablizer to keep your vitals up!
    --+ 0.4.3 Deftera +--
    Strain = Deftera (obvious)
    HP = 3
    Way to kill = suck 'em dry, scalpel
    God dam Deftera! I hate these things. I can't beat that X2 mission because of
    these. Deftera is deffinetly not my skill. Good thing you only have to deal
    with them in 3 cases.
    As soon as you open the guy up, you'll see some random yellow and black
    dots around the organ. Wtf did this guy eat? Anyways, laser all except a
    small one, then max out your vitals, then laser the last one. Those were
    TUMORS. When you get that last one, two little glowing drop things start
    floating around. Wait for them to start eating each other, and then suck
    'em dry! Seriously, when they eat each other they're one big tumor. You'll
    have to drain them 3 times before you can cut that dam tumor out. But that
    was the easy part...
    ...Once you close him up, you have to have to open him up again! GOOD LORD!
    You'll find 4 more floating things around another organ. The problem with
    Deftera is that they keep spawning little tumors. Just ignore them. When two
    floaty thingies start eating each other, put the cream around it: the other
    two ones will often try to ram into the ones you're sucking up. The cream
    acts as a barrier. Use the stabilizer if your vitals fall below 40. Keep
    sucking them up and cutting them out until both die. Fix the tumors and
    close him up.
    It's tricky because you have to concentrate on your vitals, both pairs of
    floaty things, putting the cream, etc... AND, your vitals go down really fast
    in the later levels.
    --+ 0.4.4 Triti +--
    These are, by my opinion, the easiest and time consuming GUILT types.
    Strain = Triti (also obvious)
    HP = regenerates quickly
    Way to kill = forceps, scalpel, then forceps
    You're probably thinking: Omfg, how can he think these are easy?!? I have
    one simple answer. I have found a way to get all of them or half of them at
    once (depending on the size of Triti).
    When you start, you'll find a bunch of triangles attached with thorns to an
    organ. That what you've gotta kill. 
    First, use your Healing Touch to slow things down. Draw the star good, ok? If
    you make it look stupid, you're screwed. Quickly pull out all the thorns, then
    scribble on all the yellow dots with your scalpel. Pull out as many triangles
    as you possibly can. If a thorn turns into gaz, suck it up ASAP.
    When your HT ends, keep using the stabilizer until the remaining thorns
    regenerate. You should now see only a few triangles left. Pull out all the
    thorns fast and you should be able to take the triangles one by one. If there
    are two thorns next to each other, DON'T PULL ANY TRIANGLES OUT. They'll just
    regenerate where the thorns are. The thorns regenerate after about 10 seconds,
    so you need to be quick.
    Well, I'm done with Triti. Moving on.
    --+ 0.4.5 Tetarti +--
    The mature form is more like a memory game. I'll start with the immature:
    Strain = Immature Tetarti
    HP = 4
    Way to kill = inject serum
    These are special because you only get them in one mission. You get a special
    serum to kill them.
    First, you'll it swimming around in the organ leaving poison clouds behind.
    Don't worry, the clouds just disappear. Inject the serum into the tetarti. It
    will hide in the tissue, so use ultrasound to find it and then cut it. 
    Continue injecting the serum. It'll keep disappearing after you inject it, so
    keep finding it.
    It'll die after 4 injections. When it dies, take it and put it on a tray. You
    also have to cut it and suck it's fluids out. When you're done, close the guy
    up and congratulations.
    You'll have to operate on 3 patients with this disease. The reason you had to
    suck out the fluids is that you need to find a new serum for the mature one.
    Strain = Mature Tetarti
    HP = 4-7
    Way to kill = Inject PROPER serum
    There will be 3 diverticula on the organ at the start. Diverticula are little
    bumps that get bigger over time. When they reach full size, they release
    poison. Have you noticed that you start with 3 serums(purple, yellow and
    green)? When the diverticula get bigger, you'll also notice that they are
    different colors. Inject the correct serum (same color serum) into the correct
    diverticula. You'll have to cut them out and put them on a tray. Basicly,
    they're just weird tumors. Put the membranes on and max out your vitals.
    Once you massage the membranes, the tetarti appear to reconstruct the
    diverticula (I hate that word). Notice how the 3 tetarti are different
    colors, aswell. Keep track of the yellow and green ones as you fill up the
    yellow serum. When they stop showing their colors, you can inject the yellow
    serum into the yellow tetarti (I hope you remembered which one's yellow).
    Then, quickly inject the green serum into the green tetarti. The last one
    will need the purple serum.
    Do this fast before they disappear. When you get them, you'll need to wait
    for them to reappear. They should be dead after about 4-7 rounds of
    injections. Don't inject the wrong one! If you do, 3 more diverticula appear.
    Also, I might need to point out that every round goes faster.
    Wash your hands, dude!
    --+ 0.4.6 Pempti +--
    This one is more complicated and might take you more tries.
    Strain = Pemti (did I really have to say that?)
    HP = "7"
    Way to kill = inject nanomachine, laser
    I put the "7" in apostraphies because i'm not quite sure. HP is around 7.
    Like Deftera, you only meet this 3 times. 
    Pempti has some unique special attacks that I'll mention right now:
    - Laceration attack
         Watch out for this one. Pempti creates mini-cores that jump up and make
         huge lacerations. Fix the lacerations after you kill the Pempti.
    - Tumor attack
         Pempti creates mini-cores that rise and lower constantly. They form
         tumors on the organ when they lower. Laser the tumors when you kill the
    - Spining attack
         Pempti creates mini-cores that spin around, causing damage (I don't see
         how). Concentrate your laser on one spot anywhere around Pempti where
         the mini-cores are spinning.
    At the begining, the organ is filled with a large bag of some sort that
    contains Pempti. You have to inject the nanomachine (orange stuff) into the
    glowing part. This will shrink the bag thing. Shink it again and the Pempti
    core shows up.
    Here's where it gets complicated. You have to laser the core until you see
    the OK. The Pempti will use it's laceration attack. Quickly, laser all the
    mini-cores that come out of the core. If you get a few lacerations, ignore
    them. The Pempti will either use the tumor attack or the spining attack. Both
    cases, laser the mini-cores. Laser and heal any tumors, they take a big chunk
    out of your vitals.
    Between attacks, either laser the big core OR restore your vitals. You'll
    have to laser the big core around 7 times to kill it.
    Good job, assuming that you have beaten that Pempti. Give yourself a pat on
    the back. It only goes downhill from here.
    --+ 0.4.7 Paraskevi +--
    This thing is one big pain in the ass.
    Strain = Paraskevi (GOD!)
    HP = 16
    Way to kill = laser, scalpel
    Luckly, this GUILT also appears only in 3 missions. This one is some kind of
    worm that tries to get to your heart. Sounds romantic? Absolutely not. If it
    reaches the patient's heart, you LOSE. You have 3 chances during this
    operation. It starts on an organ and makes it's way to the heart. It stops at
    2 other organs before getting there. When it's at the heart, you only have a
    couple seconds to kill it.
    But wait, there's a catch: you have to cut it again and again to make it
    smaller. Why? Because if you remove it right here and now, there will be
    massive bleeding, which will obviously kill the patient. Therefore, you need
    to cut it until it's small enough to extract.
    You start looking at what looks like a tapeworm. Laser the tail to paralyze it,
    then chop it in two. Only concentrate on one of the semi-worms. Chop it in two.
    By now, there should be 3 worms. Paralyze them all to keep them from escaping
    while you restore your vitals. Chop one of the smaller ones in two. Paralyze
    all of them, then cut the two smallest ones. Paralyse again and extract the 4
    that you just got. Try not to let any escape, though. Continue chopping the
    smaller ones.
    Don't worry. It gets easy once you got a whole half of the original worm.
    --+ 0.4.8 Savato +--
    The grandaddy of all GUILT. I'd better start with the infant types.
    Strain = Red Immature Savato
    HP = 1
    Way to kill = laser
    These are like little spiders that the mature Savato spawns (except for the
    mission where there's no real Savato). If there are five of these together,
    they can spawn a blue infant savato.
    The red ones don't do much damage. They just walk around causing your vitals
    to drop. They will occasionaly start biting at the organ's tissue, but it
    dosen't make much difference. In other words, they're harmless.
    To kill them, just laser them to death. It's not that hard. But there's a lot
    of them at one point. Just scribble all over the place, if you want to get
    them all. The olny way they can be dangerous is by spawning the blue ones.
    Strain = Blue Immature Savato
    HP = 1
    Way to kill = laser
    These guys are a lot more dangerous than the red ones. However, they're still
    no real danger. They also move slower, but they are harder to kill. They only
    appear when 5 red infant Savato spawn it.
    One of the ways that this can be a danger is because it causes more damage
    when it walks around. It can also explode on the organ and drop your vitals
    down 20 (or kill the patient, depending on your current vitals). Kill it if
    it starts to flash red, it's getting ready to explode.
    Another way this is dangerous is that it significantly reduces the maximum of
    your vitals.
    For example:
    - If you have 1 blue currently on the screen, the maximum that your vitals
      can go is 50.
    - If you have 2, your vitals can only go up to 35.
    It's still very simple to kill them. Just do the same as the red ones. Laser
    them to death. No problem, right? It might take a little longer until they die,
    though. Time for the real Savato.
    Strain = Savato (the Godfather)
    HP = "2"
    Way to kill = nuke it (just kidding)
    I put the "2" in brackets for a reason, ya know. It only dies when you inject
    Victor's serum twice.
    This dam thing is tricky. As soon as you notice the Savato and the webbing,
    I assume that you will have no freakin' idea how to kill it. You only figure
    it out when Angie tells you what to do. There's 3 phases to go through.
    IMPORTANT: DO NOT use your HT until I tell you, or else you screwed yourself!
    Phase 1:
    You could also call this the webbing phase. Not wedding, webbing. If you can't
    read that, go get glasses. If you already have glasses, go get thicker ones.
    The first thing you need to do is take out your scalpel, then Angie will start
    talking. Blah blah blah. All jiberish. Use the scalpel and cut at the web. Oh
    no! You're scalpel melted! Good thing you brought spares.
    While Angie's gone to get another one, just keep poking at Savato while your
    highlight is in the scalpel tool. Why? Because I said so. And or else, Savato
    will just keep fixing the web and spawning more babies.
    Cut the whole web to find out that Savato just made another one. Don't sweat
    it. He can only make 3 webs. Oh, one more thing: Ignore the red infant Savato
    that he spawns. They down do anything. Well, it might suck if you had one or
    two blues visible, that will deffinetly loosen your vitals. If you happen to
    have vitals lower than 30, use the stabilizer like crazy. Once you're done
    destroying Savato's webs, it's on to Phase 2.
    Phase 2:
    Ok, this is somewhat easier. Savato will absorb all the babies on the field.
    The more babies he absorbs, the stronger his shield will be (so I hear). Don't
    worry about that. His shield will still be all too easy to take care of.
    Savato gets all pissed off that you cut his webs, so he makes 3 large
    lacerations. This is one of his moves. He also has a move where he spawns more
    babies. He will continue to use these moves throughout this phase.
    To eliminate Savato's shield, laser it like crazy. Don't remove the laser
    until you hear the game say "Doctor", unless you have low vitals. While you're
    lasering him, you may also want to laser some infant Savato. You'll know when
    Savato's shield is down, so stab him with the scalpel.
    After you stab him, his shield will recover. You'll have to redo the last
    paragraph to get his shield down again. Stab him, then Victor and Dr. Kasal
    come in. Victor will give you a special serum to kill Savato. Before you can
    inject it, you have to down his shield...AGAIN. Kill his shield, and inject
    the serum. You are now in Phase 3.
    Phase 3:
    The easiest of all phases, and the shortest. Injection successful. Savato is
    reacting quite strangely. It's not over yet. HOLY CRAP! 9 LACERATIONS! No big
    deal. Your guy will go into Healing touch mode, like in that "life or death"
    If you use the serum again, Savato will just dodge it. JEEZ! He's even too
    fast in HT mode! But wait! You can use HT a second time. I hope you didn't use
    it before, because if you did, you're more screwed that thing in the toolbox:
    a screw. Use HT a second time and time itself completely stops. Everything
    stops moving. Don't enjoy it, it'll run out soon. Inject the serum and you've
    won. Sweet, sweet victory. Restore your vitals though. It would suck if you
    died right there.
    P.S.: Stuff like Victor and Dr. Kasal coming to help dosen't happen in "Final
    sin" and "X7" missions.
    --+ 0.4.9 Note on Bliss +--
    This section contains HEAVY SPOILERS. Reader discretion is advised.
    You'll only hear about Bliss once you beat the main game. Adam talks about it
    and that's the only time you'll ever hear about it. He says something like
    "There is yet another strain of GUILT. It is called Bliss. Anyone who follows
    me shall receive it."
    Derek asks why he would to something like that and points out that he
    shouldn't even be alive (in the game, Adam is over 120 years old). Adam
    "I am infected with Bliss (or something like that). Don't you see? I am dead,
    yet, I still live..."
    I also want to point out that I haven't beaten that dam hard X2 mission. I
    don't know anyone who beat all the X missions, either. So? I have reason to
    believe that there is an 8th X mission: Bliss. It's just a theory though, so
    don't e-mail me all kinds of crap saying that it's not. However, if you
    happen to have beaten the X missions, and have solid facts that there is or
    is not an 8th X mission, please e-mail me ASAP so I can post it.
    If I'm wrong, no big deal. But if I'm right, we shall have me of the story
    behind Bliss, the 8th GUILT strain.
    ---            ---          ---         ---         ---        ---        ---
    IMPORTANT!!!! I have recieved an e-mail about this from Micheal Jerome:
    "I just beat all the X missions and there are only seven. No Bliss. I think
    they'll save that for Trauma Center: Second Opinion."
    Thanks man.
    ---            ---          ---         ---         ---        ---        ---
    IMPORTANT!!!! I have recieved another e-mail about this from Neko Gutamoto:
    First of all, I'd like to say I'm very impressed with your guide.
    Absolutely superb.
    Onto more pressing matters, I saw your mention on "Bliss." It turns out, it
    IS in Second Opinion; I just reached that level. In fact, the whole sixth
    chapter of Under the Knife was cut out and replaced with SO's sixth, focused
    around the eighth GUILT.
                          ***SPOILER ALERT***
    Caduceus Europe had taken Adam's corpse back to their base and had been
    experimenting on his body. They found that his cells were able to purify
    and rebuild all tissue needed -- like stem cells that knew what to do. They
    had twenty-seven (27) people test it, all with some near-fatal injury. The
    wounds simply repaired themselves. At a conference where they showed the
    effects of the neo-cells, or "Z-cells" as they like to call them, the patient
    who had benefitted from Z-cells collapsed, spitting blood after a doctor
    pointed out if it was related to GUILT, it would backfire.
    From what I've operated on, it seems it just sprouts a random GUILT with
    twice the horsepower. The first victim has Pempti, and a gnarly one that goes
    twice as fast. I'm stuck on the Triti victim, which is much like the Triti
    archetype in Under the Knife's sixth chapter, but even worse. Agh, right?
    With that, I look forward to your guide for this and many others to come.
    Double thanks man.
    --+ 0.5 Recieved Strategies +--
    This is where I put the strategies you send me (If they work). Just send me
    your best strategies for common injuries or killing GUILT.
    --+ 0.5.1 GUILT Strategies +--
    -=I haven't recieved any yet=-
    --+ 0.5.2 Regular injuries +--
    -=Still waiting=-
    --+ 0.6 Frequently Asked Questions +--
    This is where I put the most common questions I recieve via e-mail.
    --+ 0.6.1 Guide FAQs +--
    Q = How do I use the Find thing?
    A = Press Ctrl+F and write the number of the section. Example: Write 0.4.2 to
        find the Kyriaki section.
    Q = It didn't work.
    A = You have to click either page up or page down to tell the Find what
        direction the section is.
    Q = It still didn't work.
    A = Then you typed it wrong.
    Q = I typed it right and it still won't work.
    Q = There's no point to this game.
    A = Thats not a question.
    Q = I saw a mistake in your guide.
    A = Ok, tell me what it is and I'll fix it.
    Q = Is there another way I can contact you besides e-mail?
    A = No.
    --+ 0.6.2 Operating FAQs +--
    Q = How do I beat Triti?
    A = I wrote a guide. Look up there.^
    Q = I have a better strategy.
    A = Good. I'll post it then.
    --+ 0.6.3 Stupid FAQs +--
    Q = Where do you live?
    A = I'm not answering.
    Q = Duhhh...
    A = ?
    Q = What's your e-mail?
    A = Look in the Contact Me section.
    Q = Duuhhhhh....?
    A = Leave me alone.
    --+ 0.7 Copyrights +--
    I declair this guide/FAQ copyrighted: July 3rd, 2006, Tamico Niuges.
    I demand that you respect my copyright. Since I'm generous, you can use ideas
    from this guide and use it in your own. But whatever you do, don't plagerize.
    I MEAN IT! I'll find out where you live and I'll hit you. I don't care if you
    print it out, send it to a friend, or even tape it to your fridge. Don't
    copy/paste this on your guide and take credit. I'll hit you twice as hard.
    Just to point this out, I din't copy this guide from ANYONE. All the ideas
    and unique discriptions came from me. Besides, no one else made a GUILT guide.
    Did you? No? Then shut up. I don't need your e-mails saying I copied you. You
    don't even have a GUILT guide!
    --+ 0.7.1 Want this guide on your site? +--
    E-mail me first. I'll check your site, and if it's good enough, you can host
    this FAQ/guide. If not, I'll report you to the athorities. Just kidding.
    --+ 0.7.2 Allowed Sites +--
    Here are the sites you'll find my guide on:
    - GameFAQs.com
    - Neoseeker.com
    - Supercheats.com
    - GameHelp.com
    --+ 0.8 GameFAQs Note +--
    To whom it may concern...
    This guide means a lot to me. Please find it in your heart to post this on your
    And to whom it may not concern...
    Stop e-mailing me about this section! If I get one more e-mail about it, I'll
    remove it. I'm serious.
    --+ 0.8.1 To Do List +--
    My To Do list:
    - Add more strategies
    - Update Version History
    - Double check for typos
    - Add operating tools section
    - Add a couple more info sections
    --+ 0.9 Special Thanks +--
    Very special thanks to:
      To my mom, for letting me write this long.
      To the guys at school, for inspiring me.
      To Michael Jerome, for letting me know something on Bliss.
      To Neko Gutamoto, for filling the Bliss section even more.
      To Atlas Co., for creating this game.
      To Cisnet, for making my PC.
      To Nintendo, for making my DS.
      To GameFAQS, for post this guide.
      To those of you that sent typos, for helping me spot mistakes.
      To you, for reading this.
    If you think that you're being left out and want to be mentioned in the
    special thanks list, E-mail me.
    --+ 0.9.1 Not so special thanks +--
    Not so special thanks to:
      To the people who e-mailed stupid questions, for adding to my Stupid FAQs.
      To pedophiles, for harrasing children.
      To virus makers, for speading viruses.
      To McAffee, for making that dam useless antivirus.
      To my neighboor, for nothing.
    If you think that you're being left out and want to be mentioned in the not so
    special thanks list, E-mail me.
                                 THANKS GUYS!
        /\                    /\                 /\
    ___/  \  /\____/\    ____/  \  /\_______  /\/  \      _____/\  ______________
           \/        \  /        \/         \/      \  /\/       \/
                      \/                             \/

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