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    FAQ/Walkthrough by strawhat

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 11/21/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    | Trauma Center: Under the Knife(DS)          |
    | FAQ/Walkthrough                             |
    | By strawhat                                 |
    | Version 1.1                                 |
    | Last Update: 11/21/06                       |
    | E-mail: plasmad00d13smooth{at}gmail[dot]com |
    The latest version of this FAQ will always be at Gamefaqs.com or IGN.com.
                                Table of Contents 
                             {1.0} Introduction
                             {2.0} Basics
                             {3.0} Walkthrough
                                 [3.1] Chapter 1
                                 [3.2] Chapter 2
                                 [3.3] Chapter 3
                                 [3.4] Chapter 4
                                 [3.5] Chapter 5
                                 [3.6] Chapter 6
                             {4.0} The X Missions
                             {5.0} Mini-Rankings
                             {6.0} FAQ
                             {7.0} Conclusion
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    Version History:
    1.1: Learnt how to empty the water on mission 19. Hmph.
    1.0: Completed the FAQ.
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                /                                                        ||_____||
    ============                 {1.0} Introduction                      ||_____||
                \                                                        ||     ||
    In my opinion, Trauma Center is one of the best games for the Nintendo DS as
    of current. There are very few other games that uses the touch screen in such
    an impressive fasion with a creative story to boot. It certainly is a gem and
    a great addition to anybody's DS collection. It's becoming harder and harder
    to find this game, so if you find a copy I recommend that you pick it up as
    soon as possible. It's really an excellent game.
    This FAQ is dedicated to all who own this game. The main purpose of this FAQ
    is to help those who need it, whoever that may be. I am by far an expert of
    this game, but I will try to do whatever I can to satisfy your need for help.
    If you need further assistance with this game, feel free to E-mail me, which
    is located at the very bottom of this FAQ.
    There will be spoilers in this FAQ, but I'll try to keep it to a minimum.
                /                                                        ||_____||
    ============                    {2.0} Basics                         ||_____||
                \                                                        ||     ||
    Everything in this game can be controlled with the touch screen. You will be
    required to use the touch screen in all operations.
    | Button      | Effect                           |
    | A           | Confirm, next paragraph of text. |
    | B           | Cancel in menu.                  |
    | Start       | Pause.                           |
    | Select      | Skip scene. Press again to stop. |
    All other buttons are not used in this game.
    | Playing the Game |
    This game is set between cutscenes and operations. You don't have to do
    anything in a cutscene except scroll through texts. Each cutscene and
    operation is one "episode" in the game. You can save between each episode,
    even if it's just a cutscene. There are six chapters in the game separated by
    different numbers of episodes.
    You don't have to do anything during a cutscene. The real work begins when
    you start an operation. Before an operation, you will recieve a briefing
    scene where a character will tell your mission and goals in the operation.
    On most levels, you'll be told what to do, especially when you meet new
    obstacles. If you need more help, you can read this guide.
    On the main menu, there are three modes to select. New Game begins a new
    game, Continue allows you to continue your saved file, and Challenge allows
    you to re-play operations that you beat during the game and saves your grade
    and high score.
    | Game Screen |
    Besides the tools which are described below, there are several things that
    you need to look out for.
    First is the vitals, located in the upper left of the touch screen. Once this
    drops to zero, it's game over and you fail the operation. It slowly drops as
    you play. If you make any mistakes, such as doodling with the scalpel, the
    vitals will greatly drop. Some missions will have vitals dropping more than
    others(such as X1, etc.). When there are more cuts on the patient, vitals
    drop faster.
    There are several ways to increase vitals. You can draw circles around all the
    cuts with the antibiotic gel to stop bleeding, or inject the green stuff with
    the syringe. Be sure to suture up any cuts that may further accelerate the
    speed of vitals dropping.
    Next is the call button. Sometimes, your assistant or another character will
    talk to you. The timer will stop and a call button will appear on the upper
    right of the touch screen. Tap it or press A to continue with the operation.
    The timer represents how much time you have left to complete the operation.
    It's located on the top screen towards the bottom. Usually you'll have five
    minutes to complete an operation, but on several missions you'll have ten or
    three. Either way, complete the operation before the time runs out.
    Miss Limit
    As you know, if you do something wrong such as slashing the patient with a
    scalpel, you'll see a miss. There's only a certain number of times that you
    can miss. The amount is located right above the timer on the top screen. If
    you go past the miss limit, you lose the operation.
    Operation Score
    This is just your score. It's located above the miss limit. If you get a cool
    rating for anything you do, you'll get a bigger bonus added to your score.
    Score really doesn't matter in the game unless you're going for an S Rank.
    After completing the mission, you'll get some more points added to your score.
    You get a bonus for completing the operation quickly and also not missing.
    | Tools |
    Starting from the upper left hand corner, going down, then back to the upper
    right hand corner.
    1. Laser: The laser burns off polyps, viruses, and many other things. Be sure
              not to hold it too long or it will open up a small bruise on your
    2. Antibiotic Gel: This stuff instantly cures small cuts and slightly raises
    3. Drain: The drain absorbs liquids that get in the way, such as blood. Place
              it on a liquid and drag upwards until it shows OK!
    4. Forceps: The forceps grab things. You can remove stuff like tumors and
                place them on the tray, as well as apply certain things.
    5. Hand: The hand is used to give heart messages. Later in the game, if you
             tap the hand twice, you'll be able to do the Healing Touch. Just
             draw a large star for more time.
    6. Magnifier/Ultrasound: This is the magnifying glass at the upper right.
              One replaces the other when necessary. Ultrasound is like a radar.
              Tap a body part to see if there are any tumors etc underneath the
              skin. You'll usually do stuff after that, explained later. The
              Magnifyer zooms in on a spot if you draw a circle on the screen, or
              a tight C. This tool is also known as a scanner. Note that each use
              of the ultrasound takes away from your operation score.
    7. Scalpel: Cuts stuff. Probably the tool you'll be using the most because you
                need it to make incisions.
    8. Stitches: Use this to suture cuts. Just draw an even zigzag line that
                 covers every part of the cut.
    9. Syringe: Usually, there will by only one vial when you tap this on the
                bottom right of the screen. This green fluid recovers vitals and
                is very useful. On several operations however, different fluids
                will also be added. They will be explained when necessary. To use
                it, tap the fluid and drag up, then place onto an orgran and just
                hold the stylus in place.
    10. Bandages: After closing up a cut, apply a bandage to make the patient
                  feel happy.
    | Common Applications |
    There are many things that you will be doing often in the game. Here's a
    quick reference to them.
    1. Opening a cut
    You start every operation by opening up the patient. Apply gel onto the
    dotted yellow line, then apply a straight cut.
    2. Stitching up a patient
    At the end of every operations, you close up a patient by using stitches
    across the opening. Next, apply gel on the wound until it says OK and apply
    a bandage across the wound.
    3. Healing wounds
    Whether you overused the scapel by accident, held the laser just a bit too
    long, or viruses cut open your patient, there will almost always be some kind
    of cut that you need to remedy. Use stitches across large cuts and antibiotic
    gel on the smaller cuts. One or the other will heal the cuts, and if it 
    doesn't work then you are doing something wrong.
    4. Removing a tumor
    First, use ultrasound to locate the tumor. If you hit it, you'll see a black
    shadow. Quickly switch to the scalpel and make a cut across it. Drain the
    cytoplasm with the drain, then cut around it with a scalpel. Remove it with
    the forceps. Next, place a membrane across the hole. Use gel on it, then rub
    it into place with the hand icon. This takes a lot less time that it seems.
    Note that using ultrasound takes away from your score. If you're absolutely
    sure where the tumor is, give it a cut. Very important for those going for an
    S Rank.
                /                                                        ||_____||
    ============                  {3.0} Walkthrough                      ||_____||
                \                                                        ||     ||
    When you select New Game, the first episode begins. This walkthrough will
    cover the operations in the game. Note that I'm not a perfectionist. My goal
    is to get you through the game so that you can beat it, not to S Rank every
    operation. Most folks aren't perfectionists and just want to beat the game.
                                   [3.1] Chapter 1
    Note that the first few operations are really easy. Like the game, I'll walk
    you through them slowly but I expect that you'll know all the different parts
    of things like removing a tumor and opening up a patient. The first few
    missions aren't very challenging. They're mostly doing basic procedures such
    as removing tumors.
    OPERATION 1 - Standard Procedure
    This is a really easy procedure. It's just one of those tutorial stages where
    the game basically hold your hand throughout the level, and the skill you
    learn here will be used throughout the game.
    Anyway, start by picking suture icon, then draw a zigzag pattern over the
    cuts. Next, pick the forceps. Drag the shards of glass out. Be sure not to
    push them into the cut! After removing the glass, pick the antibiotic gel and
    just rub it over the small cuts.
    After doing this, Mary will tell you to open up the patient. Rub some gel down
    the dotted yellow line, then pick the scapel. Cut down the dotted line. After
    successfully doing this, you'll see three more shards of glass. Whip out the
    forceps again and drag them out the same way as before. Also like before,
    pick the gel afterwards and rub them on the small cut to make it go away.
    Suture up the wound, place gel on the cut, then bandage over it. Operation
    OPERATION 2 - Standard Procedure 2
    Another stage where our hands are held throughout the level. First, open up
    the patient. Don't forget to put the gel before doing the incision. Use the
    scalpel to open up the patient. Once there, Mary will inform you that the
    vitals are dropping. Pick the syringe icon on the lower right and select the
    green fluid. Hold your stylus down on the orgran to refill the vitals.
    After this, select ultrasound at the upper right and tap the lower area or
    the stomach, slightly left of the center line. You'll find a tumor. Select
    the scalpel and make a slash across it. Drain the cytoplasm by selecting the
    drain on the left, placing it on the tumor, and dragging the stylus up. Next,
    pick up the scalpel again and draw a circle around the tumor following the
    yellow lines. Next, remove the tumor by using the forceps. Drop it onto the
    tray that appears on the lower right. Next, select the forceps again and pick
    up the membrane on the lower left. Drag it onto where the tumor was. Rub the
    gel over it, then use the hand to rub it into place.
    After this, the operation is over. Remember how to close up the patient?
    Suture the wound, use gel on the wound to stop the bleeding, then apply the
    bandage down the length of the incision. Operation complete.
    OPERATION 3 - A Farewell
    First, open up the patient. You should know how by now as you've done it the
    previous two operations. Inside the patient, you'll see inflamed areas which
    look like white dots. Choose the syringe to the right and pick the blue vial.
    Inject it into the inflamed area, then choose the ultrasound. We're looking
    for three tumors which are all close to each other. The rest of this is
    basically turmor removal. Open the tumors, remove the cytoplasm, cut out the
    tumors, place a membrance over it, gel, hands, done. It's what you did on
    the previous level three times.
    After removing the tumors, close up the wound. Gel, bandage, finish. Easy.
    OPERATION 4 - Singing the Blues
    Open up the patient and you'll see a hemorrhage on the lower part of the
    screen. Use the magnifyer and zoom in by drawing a circle over it. Next,
    drain the blood. This will expose a bunch of polyps that look like dots. Use
    the laser to get rid of them. This will leave a few holes behind which can
    be remedied with the gel. If you take too long, blood will fill up. Just
    drain it again so you can get to the holes with the gel.
    Zoom out and you'll see another hemorrage. Do the same thing several more
    times and the operation will be over. Another easy mission.
    OPERATION 5 - A Real Doctor
    Open up the patient. You'll see several inflamations. Like in Operation 3,
    pick the syringe and use the stuff from the blue vial. Inject it into the
    inflamed areas. After that, there will be four tumors we need to find. Use
    ultrasound and extract them, also like in Operation 3. After that, Angie will
    want to make sure that there's nothing there, so just use ultrasound and tap
    the patient a few times. When she's done, finish up. Gel, bandage, and finish.
    OPERATION 6 - Life or Death
    OK, first, we don't have to open the patient yet. You haven't done a heart
    massage before, but it's pretty easy. Apply gel onto the bar in the middle
    until it turns green. Next, pick the hand icon and follow the dark bar that
    goes up and down. Keep in rhythm with it and the pulse will be recovered.
    We'll be doing this several time in this operation and also in the future.
    Vitals will be at thirty. You can't get any higher than that in this
    operation, so don't bother with the green syringe unless you're at dangerously
    low vitals.
    The patient has a bunch of glass on his skin. Pull them out with the forceps
    and place them on the tray. Next, quickly rub the gel around all the small
    cuts to heal them in one go. There will be three cuts left, in which you can
    quickly suture.
    After this, we'll have to open up the patient. Do so and we'll be at his
    heart. There's a shitload of glass here. Grab your forceps and get to work.
    Pull out three at a time or so, then heal the wounds with the gel. If you pull
    out too many, vitals will drop too quickly and it'll be difficult.
    We'll need to perform another heart massage after pulling out all the glass
    from the patient's heart. Do the same as before: use gel on the bar, then
    follow the dark spot with the hand. Vitals will recover. Next you'll have to
    pull out another piece of glass. This glass is huge though; be sure you pulled
    out the entire thing before moving it to the tray.
    Just one more step before finishing the operation. A giant cut will appear on
    the heart. The game will go into slow motion. ;) If you can't see the cut,
    use the gel first to stop the bleeding. Suture it straight up. Close the
    wound and end the operation.
                                   [3.2] Chapter 2
    Chapter 1 wasn't challenging at all. Chapter 2 isn't so hard either, but don't
    expect the game to hold your hand anymore. Expect more operations like number
    6. The only exception is Operation 9.
    OPERATION 7 - Dormant Ability
    Open up the patient. Zoom in on the upper right corner of the organ. We must
    remove the thrombi, the little moving circles in the patient's veins. There
    are several steps to this. First, use the ultrasound to clearly see the
    thrombus. Next, use the forceps to stop its movement. After that, make a small
    slash across it with the scalpel, then drain the blood and use the gel to
    heal the wound. Oh, and I must add that you can only heal one thrumbus at a
    time. Any thrumbus that passes through the spleen(area where all the thrombi
    meet to the right) will reduce your vitals a bit. Nothing to worry about
    Do this several times until Angie says the rate has quickened. The game will
    go into slow motion again. Keep doing the same thing as before. It should be
    even easier now that it's slower. When you cut out all the thrombi, bandage
    the patient and finish the mission.
    OPERATION 8 - Striving for Asclepius
    The EASIEST mission in the game, if you can even call it that. All you have
    to do is tap the hand icon twice and you'll see a star icon, the Healing
    Touch icon. Tap it, then draw a star in the shape of the outline. Keep
    drawing stars and finish the level. You can't fail this. For an easy S rank,
    draw stars as big as possible. Also, drawing these big stars gets you more
    time when doing Healing Touch, which is now available after this mission.
    OPERATION 9 - Awakening
    OK, first let me say that this is a REALLY hard mission. You're not the only
    one with problems beating this stage. It IS however, easily beatable and
    easier than some other missions in the game. (coughX1cough)
    Open up the patient and you'll see a lump. That is the aneurism. Zoom in on
    it with the magnifyer. We're going to be using the magnifyer very often in
    this level. Inject the brown sedative into the aneurism. Next, follow the
    yellow lines and cut it out with the scalpel. Remove it with the forceps,
    then drain the blood that comes out. After that, use the forceps again and
    connect the two strands. Suture it drawing a line over where the two pieces
    were connected. No need for any zigzags here.
    Be sure to do this quickly. If you don't inject the sedative, the aneurism
    will slowly grow and it'll take more than one "needleful" of sedative to be
    able to cut the aneurism. If the aneurism grows too big, the aneurism will
    explode and take nice, healthy chunk out of your vitals.
    After finishing the first aneurism, zoom out and there will be another one
    towards the bottom of the screen. Zoom in there and finish that one. After
    that, there will be two more. Two more come after that, then there will be
    FIVE aneurisms for you to handle. Before suturing the aneurism before the
    five appear, use the syringe to restore vitals to as high as possible.
    This is the part where most people have trouble. See, zoom in so that you can
    see as many aneurisms as possible. Pick one aneurism and inject the sedative.
    Cut it, but DO NOT remove it. Leave it there so it won't explode, then work
    on the other aneurisms. Do the same thing; inject the sedative and cut them
    but don't remove them.
    After all the aneurisms have been cut and are no longer in danger of
    exploding, remove them one by one, drain the blood, connect, suture. If you
    are having trouble, use the Healing Touch.
    OPERATION 10 - Just Let Me Die
    At the beginning, Angie says that vitals are dropping fast. This is actually
    not true, so don't panic about it. We do, however, only have three minutes to
    complete this procedure. Open up the patient to see a ton of cuts. The normal
    ones can be sutured up normally, but the large ones will take a few more
    steps to heal. You'll see these large cuts in the future, so pay attention to
    how to heal these.
    First, drain the blood. Next, close the large cut with the forceps by pulling
    one side to the other. Now it's ready to be sutured. Do this will all the
    large cuts and suture the normal ones...well, normally. Finish the mission.
    Pretty easy, but it's only introducing you to how to close the large cuts.
    OPERATION 11 - Let Me Live
    Open up the patient, then do the same as before suturing both large and small
    cuts. Next, you'll see a cut reform. Quickly switch over to ultrasound and
    look around where the end of the cut formed. You'll see a small shadow. Use
    the scalpel and cut it out just like a tumor. It'll leave a cut as it
    surfaces. Ignore the cut for now and just go after the creature. Use the laser
    and tap the creature to hurt it. Just a tap will do. After it stops moving
    around like crazy, tap it again to kill it.
    These creatures are called Kyriaki and you'll see them throughout the game.
    This is how you deal with them. After killing the first Kyriaki, two more
    will appear. Continue to ignore the cuts and just use the ultrasound to find
    the Kyriaki shadows. Cut them both out and use the laser again. Once they're
    destroyed, start to suture the cuts. BEFORE suturing the last cut, restore
    vitals to as high as possible.
    After suturing the last cut, three large incisions will appear. Use the
    ultrasound to pick up the adult Kyriaki. Cut, then use the laser. It'll
    disappear back under the organ. Use the ultrasound again and cut it open. Use
    the laser and once more, it'll go under the organ. Ignore the cuts that it
    makes when it reappears and focus on killing the Kyriaki first. After the
    adult Kyriaki's dead, suture up the cuts and finish the mission.
    OPERATION 12 - For Everyone's Sake
    Start the operation by making two incisions. On the second cut, you'll need
    to perform a heart massage. Use the gel on the bar, then use the hand icon
    and stay with the dark bar moving up and down. This will be happening at
    several, random times in the game. After her vitals have recovered, you will
    go deeper inside the heart. Also, note that if you have perform a heart
    massage again, you'll have to re-zoom into the area.
    Magnify the area, thendrain the blood. Make a cut along the left side of the
    atrium, then the right side, then around the entire thing. Remove the thing
    you just cut with the forceps. Select the forceps again and there will be an
    artificial valve on the tray to the left. Place it onto the area you just cut.
    Suture the area by drawing a line across the artificial valve, then the
    operation will be complete. Suture the two openings, apply a bandage, and
                                   [3.3] Chapter 3
    Chapter 3 features many different operations which require you to do different
    things. The difficulty also gets a real kick from the previous two chapters
    and you'll be dealing with GUILT much more often. You'll meet brand new
    strains and revisit Kyriaki.
    Remember Kyriaki? The GUILT bodies that make big cuts? We'll face them again
    here. First, suture the small cuts, then the large ones. Before suturing the
    last cut, restore vitals to the max with the syringe. Two Kyriaki will appear.
    Use ultrasound to find their shadows, then the scalpel to cut them and make
    them come out. Use the laser two destroy them. They'll be gone in two hits.
    After the first two Kyriaki are dead, three more will appear. Do the same as
    before. Just be a bit more careful about your vitals. The three opening cuts
    will probably do some damage, so use the green syringe if necessary. After
    those three are dead, then suture the cuts. Like before, restore vitals close
    to max before suturing the last cut because the adult Kyriaki will be coming
    out soon after.
    You've dealt with this before. It's the same thing. Use the ultrasound to find
    the adult Kyriaki. Use the scalpel to extract it, then the last to kill it.
    It'll go back under. Rinse and repeat. Restore vitals if necessary, then
    finish the operation.
    OPERATION 14 - Something Precious
    This operation features a brand new GUILT, Deftera. After cutting open the
    patient, use the laser to burn off the spots. Deftera should soon appear.
    Use the syringe to restore vitals while you wait for it. To kill Deftera,
    we have to wait for the two colors to combine into a blob. From there, use
    the drain. Repeat this several times. It'll take a bit of luck since you have
    to wait for the two cells to combine. While you're waiting, you can use the
    laser to destroy the other spots that appear from Deftera or restore vitals.
    After draining the Deftera enough times, it'll go crazy. Quickly cut it so
    it doesn't take a big chunk from your vitals and remove it like a tumor. Place
    the membrane on the hole, use the gel, then hands to mold it into place.
    Destroy all the other colored tumors, then suture the cut.
    We're not done yet. This patient also has Deftera in another body part. Make
    another incision. You'll see that this time, there are two sets of Deftera.
    It'll be a little tougher this time because if two of the same color bodies
    meet, they'll create a bunch of colored tumors and eat some of your vitals.
    There's really nothing you can do about this, though. Just use the laser to
    destroy all the tumors while waiting for the Deftera to create a colored blob
    and raise vitals. You have to be a bit lucky since you have to wait for the
    Deftera to come together. There's nothing you can do in your power to make
    them come together.
    Once both Deftera are drained and defeated, close up the patient. Operation
    OPERATION 15 - An Explosive Patient
    I hate this "operation". It can be misleading at times. There are several
    things you need to know about this. First, there are four sections that you
    can magnify. You can ignore the lower right after the beginning and the upper
    right. You get ten minutes for this mission, which incidentally is the amount
    of time on the bomb as well. You're not going to use even half of it. Also,
    there is no operation score for this mission. You only get bonus points at
    the end of the mission. So if you want an S, do everything right and don't
    Anyway, start the mission. First, zoom in on the water tanks to the right.
    You have to drain the water from the right tank(keep the water in the tube)
    and release it on the left. Do so. To be honest, I don't know how to empty
    the water on the left tank. Try tapping the screen so the drain appears, then
    tap the water inside the drain and drag it down. I think that's how you're
    supposed to do it. Anyway, it's not like it matters since we won't be coming
    back to this section.
    Zoom in on the section to the lower left. There are yellow knobs sticking out
    of the top of the dynamite. Use the forceps and slowly drag them up and out
    of every dynamite. Once all of them are extracted, the bomb is no longer in
    danger of exploding, so you don't have to worry about transferring the water.
    However, you do have to worry about the little bars on the dynamite. They
    slowly rise over time. You can use either the gel or the green syringe to
    lower them. If the any of the bars reach the top, KA-BOOM! Game Over. If you
    take too long on the next section(doubt it), come back here and make sure that
    the bars aren't near the top.
    Zoom in on the upper left after removing the yellow sticks. I have no idea
    what they're talking about here. You'll see nine microchips above the wires.
    Use the laser to destroy numbers 3, 4, 5, 7, and 8 listed below.
      1  2  3  4
     5  6  7  8  9
    After this, the game will zoom in on the timer. You must cut the red wires in
    ten seconds. Be sure not to cut the white ones, or all your hard work will be
    wasted. Just a tap with the scalpel will cut them. After this, the mission
    will be complete.
    OPERATION 16 - Miracle at 9,800ft
    Since we're in an airplane during the operation, there will be turbulence.
    While there's turbulence, DON'T touch the touch screen or you'll get a miss.
    After starting the mission, create an incision and switch to the ultrasound.
    Look for a small shadow, much like a tumor. Cut it, then drain the water.
    If turbulence occurs before the water is drained, inflamed areas will appear.
    Use the blue syringe to cure the inflamed areas.
    Continue to drain water from the patient. This is basically the entire
    operation, draining water without missing because of turbulence. If you miss,
    a random cut may appear as well as several inflamed areas which you should
    take care of immediately. You must predict when the turbulence will affect
    you enough that you should stop and not get a miss.
    OPERATION 17 - Forbidden Knowledge
    This operations introduces a new strain of GUILT, known as Triti. It's also
    my least favorite strain of GUILT. Triti contains of a bunch of triangles
    and thorns. Once they are all extracted, you complete the operation. To
    extract a piece of Triti, you must remove the needles by pulling them up with
    the forceps and dropping them on a tray. Next, use the scalpel to cut the
    triangular piece out and drop that on the tray too.
    However, it's not that simple and easy. First, the thorns will reappear after
    a certain amount of time. Second, the triangles will regenerate. If there are
    two thorns adjacent to each other and a space, then a triangle will reppear
    on that spot after you remove a piece. This can be a problem. It's a little
    hard to explain, so here's a picture:
             1 / \ 4
          2 / \   /
          |/___\ / 3
    Since there are two adjacent needles to the upper left, spots 1 and 2 will
    reproduce a triangle. Since there are no two adjacent needles on the right
    side, spots 3 and 4 will not reproduce a triangle. Understand? And one more
    thing, if a triangle is at the very edge of the orgran, it will not reproduce
    past it even if it has two adjacent needles. This is a very valuable strategy
    that you should use.
    Now, to getting rid of these things. The hard way is by removing the needles
    in such a fashion that there are no two adjacent needles. This is really hard
    to do, especially if you screw up once and like 12 triangles regenerate. If
    you do it this way, you must remove more than a few needles at a time and
    scribble along the yellow dotted lines quickly.
    The second way to beat this missoin is much easier. It's called Healing Touch.
    Use it(be sure to get the max time by drawing a big star), then remove every
    needle, scribble across the dotted yellow lines, then remove them one by one
    until Triti is gone. Without needles, it will not regenerate. :) This will
    not get you an S Rank, but it will definitely get you an easy ticket out of
    this mission. And honestly, that's what I did since I hate Triti so much.
    One last thing of note. It's pretty rare for this to happen, but sometimes
    one of the needles can turn into a poisonous mist when you pull it out. If
    this happens, just drain it, then continue on what you were doing before. If
    you let it spread, I THINK you'll fail the operation.
                                   [3.4] Chapter 4
    Chapter 4 basically deals with only one strain of GUILT: Pempti. This chapter
    deals with research, has several puzzles, and trains you to defeat Pempti.
    Not all that hard of a chapter, though.
    OPERATION 18 - Race for the Cure
    We will now face a new breed of GUILT, Tetarti. After opening up the patient,
    choose the red syringe and inject it into Tatarti. After that, it will hide.
    Use the ultrasound to find its shadow, then give it a cut with the scalpel
    like a Kyriaki or tumor. Your scalpel will leave a cut that gel should easily
    cure. Inject more syrum into it. Repeat this several times until it stops
    moving. From there, use the forceps to grab it and place it on the tray. Cut
    it in half with the scalpel, then use the drain to drain its fluids. After
    this, heal any wounds still on the patient and close him up.
    OPERATION 19 - Stepping Up
    OK, now we have to deal with the real thing. First, there will be three tumors
    of different colors. They slowly expand. Use the right serum with the syringe
    on each one. Match the colors. Use the purple serum on the purple tumor on
    the left, yellow on the one in the middle, and green on the one in the right.
    After using the syringe, cut them out with the scalpel. Treat it like a normal
    turmor. Place the membrane on it, gel, hands, and done. Do this with all of
    the tumors before they get too big and explode. If they explode, you'll lose
    a lot of vitals and have to clean up after the tumors.
    After this, there will be a brief moment where the Tetarti will appear. In
    this short break, quickly raise your vitals back to a high point. When the
    three creatures appear, use the syringe and the appropriate color serum on
    each creature. At the very beginning, you'll see each Tetarti as a different
    color. At this time, remember two of them and go to your syringe filling it up
    with one color. When the colors of Tetarti fade, remember which color was
    which and begin filling them with serum. If the color of the serum matches
    the color of the Tetarti, it will react. If it's wrong, then all three will
    disappear and leave ugly tumors for you to fix.
    Each time you hit all three Tetarti, they'll lose a bit of health. They get
    faster and faster after every "round." Once you hit them about four or five
    times, they'll all die. Close up the patient and finish the operation.
    One more note. If you don't remember all the colors of the Tetarti, wait for
    them to disappear and reappear again. The last thing you want to do is hit
    the wrong one. The tumors it leaves are much harder to take care of than just
    waiting for Tetarti to reappear. Always take care of the tumors first if you
    do miss one.
    OPERATION 20 - Taking a First Step
    Another new strain of GUILT! It's Pempti. We're only running some tests here,
    though. This mission is mostly easy. Just listen to everything you're told
    to do. First, open up the patient. Next, scribble the organ with your stylus.
    After that, you'll be told to use the laser. Pick it, then scribble around
    with it. Then, use the gel. Scribble around with it. OK, we're done with the
    scribbling now.
    Now you'll be told to use stuff from the blue vial. Select the syringe, then
    the blue vial. See the moving colored spot in the orgran? We have to inject
    it in there. It's moving though, so you're going to have to be careful. I
    hated this part. Be sure you fill up the vial to the max, or there will be no
    effect. After the blue vial, you'll be told to use the pink one, then the
    orange. After that, we'll need to use the white neutralizer. Make sure you
    inject each of these serums into the moving hazy spot, or you'll be rewarded
    a miss for your carelessness. After the orange serum, the organ will start to
    shake and your vitals will drop a bit quicker than usual, but it's nothing
    to worry about.
    After this, restore vitals back up to 80 with the syringe. Inject it into the
    upper left corner of the organ, NOT on the GUILT body. Now, we need to inject
    more stuff into the hazy part. Alternate between the blue and the orange,
    then the pink and the neutralizer. That'll be all. One last thing before
    closing up the patient: use the scalpel to cut a small sample of Pempti.
    Follow the yellow dotted lines and drop it on the tray. Finish the operation.
    OPERATION 21 - Medical Research
    This is not an operation. It's a puzzle. To solve it, place the pieces onto
    the grid above so that it matches the top screen. Here's the solution:
     R R O
      R O
     G B O
      R B
     G   B
      G B
    Sorry, that's the best that I can do in text. You should easily get an S Rank
    here since I just gave you the answer. :3
    Here's a map I made, if you need extra help. Please copy and paste the link:
    OPERATION 22 - The Next Step
    Okay, open up the patient. Victor will provide you with an orange serum that
    you should inject into the blue hazy spot with the syringe. Each time you
    successfully do this, Pempti will shrink. Once it's down to its smallest size,
    you'll see some polyps. Laser them off, then use the gel to heal the wounds
    that it creates. Be absolutely sure you do this, or vitals will drop very
    quickly. Next, the core will appear. Use the laser to burn it off. After a
    while Pempti will restore itself. Quickly use the green syringe to restore
    vitals if you have time, then resume progress.
    Inject the orange serum into the blue hazy spot again. We're basically
    repeating the same thing again. Once Pempti has shrunk down to its smallest
    size possible and the core reappears, use the laser to burn it off again.
    This time, we're going to quickly use the scalpel to cut a sample following
    the dotted yellow lines. Place the sample on the tray and close up the
    patient. Oh, and don't worry about the polyps that are still there. Those
    won't matter.
    OPERATION 23 - New Laser Technology
    It's another puzzle level. Oh joy. There's two in this "operation", but lucky
    for you the answers are right here below. And again, I'm sorry that it's so
    hard to represent this in text.
    Puzzle 1:
     R R B
    W R P B
     W R   
    W R P B
       P P
    W G O O
     G G O
    Puzzle 2:
     Y Y B
    G Y B O
     G Y B
    G Y R O
     P   O
    P P R O
     P R R
    Here's a map I made, if you need extra help. Please copy and paste the link:
    OPERATION 24 - Doctors' Struggle
    OK, we're finally going to get rid of Pempti. Open up the patient, then
    inject the brown serum like before. After two injections, the core will
    appear. Switch to the laser and start burning that baby. Once you've
    destroyed it, restore vitals while listening to Angie and Victor talk. The
    core should soon reappear, along with some offensive reinforcements.
    Pempti's offense rotates around three attacks which are random. In the first
    attack, one cell will come out at a time from the core. Quickly burn off the
    cells or they will create a long slash on your patient. There will usually be
    about five cells that come out. ALWAYS make sure that you burn off the cells
    first, even if you missed one and it made a cut. If you go to suture a cut,
    then the other cells will wreck havoc on your patient and then you'll have to
    deal with vitals too. You can always suture cuts later. In my opinion, this
    is Pempti's strongest attack since the cuts will give you something extra to
    do AND take a large chunk of your vitals.
    Another offensive attack is when about five cells appear near the edge of
    Pempti. The large Pempti cell will raise up, then crash down leaving many
    polyps. Unlike in the previous Pempti operation, we must take care of the
    polyps. The wave of cells will continue until you destroy all the cells. Like
    in the previous attack, destroy the cells first with the laser so you won't
    have to deal with any more polyps than the first stage. Next, quickly laser
    off all the polyps and rub gel over them. Then head back over to the main
    core and burn it off or wait for the next attack.
    The last attack that Pempti has is really easy to kill. It'll just rotate
    small cores around the cell. The vitals will drop a bit quicker, and that's
    it. Just choose the laser and hold the stylus on one area. Each time the cell
    passes through that area, it'll get damaged. After a second or two, they'll
    be all gone.
    During the time where Pempti switches its attack, attack the core or restore
    vitals. The core will become solid after some time. Burn it do inflict damage.
    The core will then become more transparent, meaning you can't use the laser
    on it anymore. Just wait a bit and the core will become solid again. Continue
    to burn off the core between attacks to defeat Pempti.
    After Pempti is defeated, laser off any polyps, suture any cuts, then close
    up the patient and apply a bandage to finish the operation. Whew!
                                   [3.5] Chapter 5
    In this chapter, we're going to revisit all of the strains of GUILT that were
    faced so far, as well as introduce the rest of the GUILT crew. The last two
    new stains will be introduced here. Learn to deal with them. We're almost at
    the end of the game.
    OPERATION 25 - Under the Knife
    We have to operate five patient in 10 minutes here. Let me just say, you'll
    most likely be using all ten of those minutes. You MUST be on the fourth
    patient in order to pass this operation. If the timer hits 0 while on the
    fourth patient, you'll finish him up then the operation will end. However, if
    you're skilled enough, you CAN make it to the fifth patient.
    OK, onto patient number one. This patient has a Kyriaki strain. It's pretty
    much the same as the other Kyriaki patients you've faced so far. Open up the
    patient and you'll find big and small cuts. Suture the small ones first, then
    do two of the big ones. Restore vitals, then suture the last one. Before the
    first Kyriaki appears, switch to the ultrasound. Quickly use it to locate it
    during its opening cut to save time. Next, laser it once, then rub a bit of
    gel onto the cuts to stop the bleeding and save vitals. As soon as you can
    hit Kyriaki again, switch back to the laser and hit. Repeat until it's dead.
    From there, two more Kyriaki will appear. Treat this the same as the last one.
    As the first one is dying, switch to the ultrasound and locate the two new
    Kyriaki as they make their first two cuts. Then, once you can see them, so the
    same as last time. Use a bit of gel to keep vitals up, then laser the Kyriaki.
    Repeat until dead.
    At this point, suture all the cuts. One the last one, restore vitals, then
    suture up the cut so the adult Kyriaki will appear. As it makes its opening
    cuts, suture one of them, then switch to ultrasound and look for the Kyriaki.
    Once you find it, cut it out, then laser it. Sew up its uprooting cut, then
    look for it again. Rinse and repeat. You've already dealt with this before.
    After the last Kyriaki is dead, suture up the patient. Don't worry about
    vitals. You'll always start with 99 on the next one. As long as it's over 0,
    you're fine.
    OK, the next few patients are all the same, except with different numbers of
    Kyriaki. Treat all of these patients teh same way. The only thing different
    about these patients compared to the others is that on the last wave of
    Kyriaki, the adult one, it will sometimes be accompanied by a baby Kyriaki.
    When this happens, always get rid of the baby one first. Cut them both out,
    then aim the laser at the baby. Gel, laser, and repeat. If your vitals get
    low while handling the last wave, use gel to stop the bleeding, quickly inject
    some green serum and suture up a cut. The amount of time between when the
    adult Kyriaki makes cuts actually is pretty long, so you may have more time
    than you think to heal yourself.
    OPERATION 26 - Shifting Guilt
    ARGH, Triti again. If you don't remember the pattern, then read Operation 17,
    Chapter 3. This time, Triti isn't conveniently placed into a corner. I used
    the Healing Touch and took out all the pins, scribbled, and removed the pieces
    all before time ran out. This is the easy way out.
    As for the hard way, you can corner it in the lower right. Remove the needles
    from the left side and work your way down to the lower right, letting Triti
    regenerate there. After it hits a certain spot, it will no longer be able to
    regenerate in that direction no matter how many needles are there. It WILL
    be able to generate in the other direction however, so be sure not to leave
    any needles on the left side.
    There will be a higher chance of needles evaporating into mist on this level.
    Be sure to drain the mist first before doing anything. If the mist goes off
    the screen, you won't fail, but you'll move onto another patient with a
    different pattern of Triti. This will happen up to four times, then you'll
    fail the operation if another mist of Triti leaves the patient. Be sure to
    drain the mist or you'll lose a lot of hard work and points!
    OPERATION 27 - GUILT Evolves
    In this operation, we'll be dealing with Tetarti. It's the same as before,
    only this time the creatures move a bit faster, so you'll have to also. After
    opening up the patient, you'll see three poisonous sacs with three different
    colors. Inject the proper serum with the syringe into each one, then cut them
    out and place membranes on them. Use the gel, then circle around with the
    hands. Restore some vitals and Tetarti will appear.
    There's more of the same. You'll see each creature's colors, then they start
    moving. Inject the proper color serum into them in order to make them lose
    health. If you inject the wrong color into one, it'll leave poisonous sacs for
    you to fix. Always take care of the sacs first. Tetarti won't actually damage
    you, but the sacs will if they get too big and explode.
    After a while, Tetarti will be moving while its colors are showing. This isn't
    that big of a deal. I'm sure that most of you have a good enough eyesight for
    this. If not, there's nothing you can do about it because that's what you're
    relying to finish this operation. There's also less time for you to inject
    the serum into Tetarti. If you're too slow, it's nothing that Healing Touch
    won't solve.
    OPERATION 28 - Infection
    Paraskevi is introduced in this level. These monsters are the same on most
    levels, so listen up. Paraskevi is one long worm. In order to defeat it,
    first, you must stop it by using the laser on its tail, the blue part. After
    that, it will freeze. From here, take the scalpel and give it a nice slice
    down the middle. Paraskevi will then split into two parts, as well as cut up
    your patient a bit, similar to Kyriaki. Repeat this until Paraskevi is small
    enough to be picked up with the forceps(after being frozen of course) and
    dropped onto the tray.
    There are several precautions about this operation. First, don't let your
    patient look like she just went through the blender. While the paraskevi are
    frozen, very quickly suture a few cuts so you won't lag the game. Also, focus
    on a few of them at a time. Don't continue to slice apart all the parts at
    the same time. That will leave you with a monster amount of cuts to suture
    as well as rapidly dropping vitals. Focus on one half of Paraskevi at a time.
    This is the most important thing about handling Paraskevi.
    The last thing of note is that if you don't get rid of Paraskevi quick enough,
    it will move from one part of the body to another. If they escape and you
    have to move on to the next part of the body, you must first suture all the
    cuts the little buggers make. The Paraskevi chase will end at the heart. If
    you get to the heart, quickly use Healing Touch and try to cut the Paraskevi
    and take them out fast. If they get into the heart, it's Game Over.
    OPERATION 29 - Devil
    On this level, we're going to learn how to deal with baby Savato, the last
    strain of GUILT that you will face. This isn't the mature Savato yet, so don't
    be all joyous when you find this operation really easy.
    When you open up your patient, you'll find several cuts. Suture up all of
    them, then we'll be in a waiting period. At this point, restore vitals back
    up to a nice, healthy point. After waiting for about ten seconds or so, a cut
    will open and you'll see a bunch of bugs come out. This is baby Savato. To
    get rid of them, pick the laser and just burn those suckers. As you burn
    those, more cuts will appear with baby Savato coming out. Take care of the
    Savato first. A few cuts on our patient won't hurt us.
    At times, you'll notice several small Savato start circling around. Shortly
    after, it will turn into a Blue Savato. The blue beetles will halve your
    current vitals and reduce your maximum vitals from 99 to 75. If there are two,
    the max will drop to 50, and finally 35. Be sure to destroy the blue beetles
    so you can keep your vitals high and your patient living. In this mission,
    they'll be your first priority.
    There isn't an unlimited number of baby Savato in this operation. Destroy all
    the ones that appear. When they stop appearing, suture the cuts, then close
    up the patient. Finish the operation.
    OPERATION 30 - Death Awaits All
    This operation haves you deal with the adult, mature Savato. And yes, it is
    much, MUCH harder than the previous operation. You have ten minutes to beat
    this stage. There are many strategies that people use to beat Savato, but
    I'll tell you what I did to beat this mission. Oh, and DO NOT use Healing
    Touch at any time during this mission until you have to. Otherwise, you won't
    be able to finish the operation.
    When you open up the patient, you'll see a large creature(Savato) sitting in
    a mass of web. Pick the scalpel, then hold it down on a strand of web. The
    web will diminish, but so will your scalpel. Don't worry, just wait a little
    while and you'll be able to use it again. At this time, just restore your
    vitals a bit. When your scalpel comes back, burn off another piece of web.
    Soon after though, Savato will create a few new strands of web with baby
    Savato coming out. Nothing we can do about this. When Savato does this,
    instead of just restoring vitals after losing your scalpel, take some time
    to get rid of a few baby Savatos, namely the blue one. Vitals should still
    take a priority, however. Continue this pattern to keep your vitals up. You
    have plenty of time to kill Savato, so don't rush it. If the web turns red at
    any time, quickly take priorety in burning off a strand. A red web takes away
    TONS and TONS of vitals, which is something that we don't want to deal with.
    After successfully burning out through one web, Savato will create another
    one. Don't be discouraged. Continue burning out the web two more times while
    doing the same thing as before. After this, the next stage of Savato will
    If there are any leftover baby Savato, the mature Savato will absorb all of
    them and make his "shield" stronger. Take your laser and keep it on Savato.
    Savato will run. Don't let your stylus off of it. The less baby Savato it
    absorbed after the web, the less time it takes for you to burn off its shield.
    After Savato's shield is burned off, you must cut it with your scalpel. Don't
    worry, this time your Scalpel won't temporarily disappear ;).
    Cutting Savato will deal damage to it. After this, its shield will return and
    you'll have to do the same thing again, burning off Savato's shield. This
    time, Savato will make a few more cuts into your patient where those little
    baby Savato appear from. Ignore the cuts. Just keep burning the shield. Don't
    even kill the baby Savato. The only reason you should stop is if your laser
    runs out or if your vitals are low, in which you should use the gel/syringe in
    both cases to bring back the vitals.
    After cutting it again for the second time, you'll have a new serum given to
    you. Burn off Savato's shield just one more time, following all of the
    instructions given above. After the shield is burned off, give it a cut and
    it'll stop moving. Quickly inject the black serum into Savato. If you're too
    slow, Savato will regain its shield and you'll have to burn it off again.
    After the serum is injected, Savato will create several cuts and the baby
    Savato will disappear. A Healing Touch will automatically start. However, if
    you try to inject more serum into Savato, it will still be able to get away.
    If you look at the lower left, the hand will be replaced with the Healing
    Touch. Since I told you not to use it in this mission until you have to, you
    should still have it. This is the time.
    Use Healing Touch and time will stop. Inject the serum into Savato and watch
    it die. The cuts and all damage that was on the patient will disappear. Close
    up the patient and finish up.
    The most important thing about Savato is to know what to fix and what to
    ignore. The baby Savato aren't necessary to kill, but it can make your life
    easier IF you have the time to kill them. Vitals are top priorety, next being
    actually damaging Savato. The cuts don't need to be sutured. Keep all of
    these things in mind while you tackle the last strain of GUILT.
                                   [3.6] Chapter 6
    In this chapter, we'll revisit every strain of GUILT again, yes, including
    Savato, except that they will be much harder. Basically, if you have trouble
    with these operation, practice on the operations in the chapter before and
    get S Ranks on them. These aren't painfully hard, but it's still not a
    OPERATION 31 - First Sin
    Ah, Kyriaki again. Like al the strains of GUILT in this chapter, they will be
    much harder to kill and is the second hardest Kyriaki stage. Open up the
    patient and you'll see the standard big and small cuts. Take care of the small
    cuts first. If you do the large ones first, the baby Kyriaki will arrive
    sooner. Anyway, On the last large cut, drain the blood and restore vitals.
    Suture it up and two baby Kyriaki will appear.
    You've dealt with Kyriaki many times, but this will be the most difficult so
    far. After suturing the last cut, be very sure to switch to the ultrasound
    while the Kyriaki are appearing. Locate them as soon as the finish their
    opening cut and slice them out. It's much harder to find the Kyriaki after
    their opening cut and these babies move much faster than all the other ones
    you've faced so far. They also cut up your patient quicker and vitals drop
    Alternate between burning the Kyriaki with the laser and using the gel on the
    cuts so your vitals won't drop too much. After a few hits, the Kyriaki will
    die and two more will immediately appear. Use the same tactic as before.
    As the first two Kyriaki are dying, switch to ultrasound and look for shadows
    of the two that just appeared, making their appearance noticable with their
    opening cuts. Gel, cut, gel until dead.
    If you're having trouble during this part of the operation, use gel on the
    cuts the Kyriaki make so your vitals stay high. After the baby Kyriaki are all
    dead, start suturing up the cuts. On the last one, raise your vitals to the
    OK, now the mature Kyriaki appears along with a baby one. While the cuts are
    appearing, use the gel to keep vitals stable, then quickly switch to the
    ultrasound and uproot both of them. Like before, alternate between lasering
    the Kyriaki and using the gel on the cuts. ALWAYS kill the baby Kyriaki first.
    If your game starts to lag because of the number of cuts on the screen, use
    gel then suture up a big one instead of looking for the adult Kyriaki.
    After this, use the gel on the wounds so you won't die, then suture up all the
    cuts. Apply the bandage on the patient and move on to the next operation.
    OPERATION 32 - Second Sin
    We will face Deftera again in this mission. Deftera is really luck based, so
    there's not really much I can do to help you. Like in the previous Deftera
    mission, this operation has two parts to it. The first part has one Deftera
    and the second part has two.
    There's not much difference between this and Operation 14, except that vitals
    drop a bit faster. You still have to rely on luck for the two colors to meet
    and mix together. Once they do, drain them to take some life. Once Deftera
    is fully drained, it will warp. Cut it out when the yellow lines appear and
    use the forceps to drop it on the tray.
    There are a few things that you should be doing while you wait for the Deftera
    to mix together. Get rid of the tumors that it leaves behind with the laser.
    Also, keep vitals high with the syringe.
    After excising all the Deftera, close up the patient and prepare for the next
    OPERATION 33 - Third Sin
    Triti is still beast for those who don't like puzzle, ie me. You can still
    take the easy way out of this by using Healing Touch with 2000+ time and
    pulling out all the needles and scribble along the yellow lines. It'll give
    you enough time to remove all the pieces of Triti without much effort.
    If you want to do this the hard way though, then try to work your way to the
    lower left corner. There will be a lot more needles that turn into mist on
    this level. The mist will turn into other triangles of Triti, so it's best
    that you drain them. Remove all the needles from the right side and work your
    way down. You would also want to try to make on solid block of Triti without
    too many edges.
    OPERATION 34 - Fourth Sin
    Tetarti's next. This operation relies heavily on your eyesight. Just like
    before, the mission will start with three colored tumors. Inject the right
    color into each one of them and cut them one by one before the serum wears
    off. Then, remove each one of them and place the membranes. Use gel, then
    hands to mold them into place. Beware though, the tumors will grow bigger much
    faster than the previous missions. If it explodes, use the gel wipe off the
    mess. You'll still have to inject the serum to get rid of it.
    At this time, Tetarti will soon appear. Quickly raise your vitals before it
    does, then get a syringe full of a colored serum ready. This time, Tetarti
    will be moving when it shows its colors at the very start. Keep your eye on
    the right color and inject the correct serum into each one of them.
    After every round, this Tetarti will get faster and you'll have less time to
    inject serum into them. They get deadly fast near the end. Try to inject serum
    to the ones closest to the bottom of the screen where the bottles of serum
    are. This way, there will be less between moving your stylus from the bottles
    to the Tetarti. If you're really slow, a Healing Touch should be enough for
    you to catch up to them.
    Whatever you do, DON'T MISS. Missing will force you to deal with those tumors
    that they leave behind which can take a chunk out of vitals as well as consume
    time. Tetarti can't leave a dent on your vitals, but those things they leave
    definitely can.
    OPERATION 35 - Fifth Sin
    In this mission, Pempti becomes much faster, so your vitals will be taking
    more of a hit. Open up the patient and you'll see the same blob. Pick the
    syringe and inject the serum into the blue hazy spot. Keep injecting it until
    the core becomes visible. Now, we start the hard part.
    Pempti will have the same three typs of attacks, but the cycles are quicker.
    During the first attack where mini-cores slash the patient, you'll have to be
    ultra fast in order to burn them out before the cut. If you don't manage to
    stop it in time, a second core will appear before the first one finishes the
    cut. Go straight to that one to prevent further damage. Suture the cuts if
    you find you have some free time.
    The second and third attacks will remain the same as the previous mission. Do
    the same strategy(plus Healing Touch if needed) and you will be able to beat
    Pempti. Between each stage of attack, burn the core or restore vitals.
    OPERATION 36 - Sixth Sin
    This is a Paraskevi mission that is really similar to the previous one.
    Everything is the same except that vitals drop a bit faster, so just use the
    same strategy to beat this one. Freeze Paraskevi's tail, then cut it in half.
    Each piece then makes a cut. Work on one half at a time. Pretty much the
    same as the previous Paraskevi mission. Nothing new.
    OPERATION 37 - Final Sin
    OK, it's time for Savato again. It's a bit harder than last time, but still
    mostly the same. Open up the patient to see Savato sitting all nice and comfy
    in its web. Take our your scalpel and start burning some web. Like before,
    your scalpel will disappear after successfully burning one piece of web. Also
    like before, Savato will create new strands of web once in a while with little
    Savato coming out.
    Use the same strategy. Burn a web, recover vitals/destroy baby Savato. This
    time, be a bit quicker and more cautios about the web. The web turns red much
    more often than before. This should be a first priority. Red webs will hurt
    you much more than anything else. Bugs take a last priority on this mission.
    After cutting the web twice like before, you'll go into the second phase. The
    second phase is a little different from before. You still have to use the
    laser to burn through Savato's shield, but the time between its attacks are
    much, much shorter. Savato has two attacks. It'll create one cut with a bunch
    of baby Savato or do a triple cut. The triple cut is by far more dangerous.
    Either way, leave the cuts since they'll disappear after injecting the serum
    anyway, same with the bugs.
    In this stage, leave the babies. They won't really deal that much damage to
    us. Just be sure to keep your vitals high, especially after a triple cut by
    Savato. After Savato's shield breaks, cut it with the scalpel. You'll have
    to repeat this process four times before Savato makes nine cuts and auto-
    Healing Touch activates, in which you should do another Healing Touch so you
    can inject the serum and kill Savato.
    That's it! Congratulations, you beat Trauma Center's story mode. Watch the
                /                                                        ||_____||
    ============                 {4.0} The X Missions                    ||_____||
                \                                                        ||     ||
    After beating story mode, you'll unlock X1 in Challenge Mode. X Missions are
    really, really hard and are real challenges. To unlock more X missions, you
    must beat them in order. Ex: Beat X1 to unlock X2, beat X2 to unlock X3, etc.
    These missions are very difficult and will most likely require many tries
    before you actually beat it.
    OPERATION 38 - X1: Kyriaki
    X1 is probably the second hardest operation in the game. See, the thing about
    this mission is that you must always be doing something. Something will always
    need your attention. The next thing you should know is, like the Savato
    operations, you need to know what has a higher priority than others. Vitals
    drop very fast in this game, and the cuts that Kyriaki make don't help.
    Okay, so open up your patient when the operations starts. You'll see three
    large cuts and a bunch of smaller ones. Drain three large cuts, close them,
    then suture them and the smaller cuts. This will leave us one large cut left
    to deal with. At this time, double tap the hand icon so it switches to Healing
    Touch, but don't use it yet. Restore vitals to max, then suture the last cut
    and use Healing Touch. Make sure to have the maximum amount of time, a little
    above 2000.
    As the first three baby Kyriaki make their opening cut, use the ultrasound to
    locate all three of them and cut them out right as they finish their cut.
    From there, quickly switch to gel and draw a quick circle around the cuts that
    were just made. Right after that, switch to the laser and hit all three
    Kyriaki at a time. While the Kyriaki are recovering, switch back to gel and
    make a quick circle. Repeat this until the Kyriaki are dead. Healing Touch
    should still have plenty of time. If your vitals are low, start using the
    gel, then syringe. Vitals are priortity. 
    When the three Kyriaki are dying, switch to ultrasound and locate the two new
    ones with their opening cuts. Cut them out, then do the same as before. Gel,
    laser, gel, laser until dead. At this point, your vitals are probably pretty
    low with all the cuts Kyriaki made. Use gel to slow them down, then quickly
    suture them and restore vitals. Use the gel, then syringe to get the most
    vitals restored. Suture all the cuts once your vitals are stable. Restore
    your vitals to max before suturing the last cut. Healing Touch will run out
    right as you first start suturing.
    With no Healing Touch, tackling this last part is going to be a bit harder.
    OK, when the adult Kyriaki makes its three opening cuts, quickly dab some gel
    on it. While the gel is there, use the ultrasound to pick up the mother and
    baby Kyriaki. Cut them out, then use some more gel and suture a cut or two.
    Then, laser the baby Kyriaki. Gel, then laser again like before until the
    baby is dead. Now we only have to deal with one.
    The mature Kyriaki can be taken down the same way as before, except we have to
    take in the account that an extra cut will be made each time we uncover it.
    If you have more than about 10 cuts, your game will lag and it will REALLY
    mess with your ability to beat the level. So, after you uncover the adult
    Kyriaki and use some gel, take some time once in a while to quickly suture a
    cut or two, then lasering the Kyriaki. Or, suture after lasering the Kyriaki
    in the period where it goes under the skin.
    After the adult dies, start suturing the cuts. First, restore your vitals
    using the gel, then syringe method. If your patient has many cuts, you'll
    probably only be able to suture a few at a time. That's fine, as long as you
    have the time to do so. The worst is over. As long as you can keep your vitals
    up, you're safe. Finish the operation.
    OPERATION 39 - X2: Deftera
    X2 is much easier than X1, but like other Deftera missions, it's still very
    luck based. When you open up your patient, you'll see a bunch of tumors. Use
    the laser to quickly take them out, then restore vitals right before Deftera
    appears. Like before, this is a two part mission.
    Deftera moves much faster than in the missions before and also spawns more
    tumors. Open up the patient and you'll find two Deftera cells. This part is
    easy. Just use the laser on any tumors that appear. As soon as the Deftera
    mix together, use the drain. After draining them a few times, it'll start to
    warp. While it's warping, you can't do anything, so just get rid of any
    leftover tumors and restore vitals. As soon as you can cut it, do it really
    quickly because it will spawn many tumors during that stage that take away
    a lot of vitals. After that, place them membrane and gel + hands into place.
    Don't worry about vitals, unless they're dangerously low. Get rid of any
    tumors, then close up the patient.
    As you begin your second cut, you'll notice that your vitals will be restored.
    Make your cut and you'll see two Deftera cells. This part will be harder.
    If you can, try to steer one Deftera cell to another with gel, or just to
    seperate two of the same color cells. The cells will move away from where the
    gel is, so use this to your advantage. If two of the same color cells crash
    into each other, many tumors will form. Use gel to prevent that, but if it
    happens, quickly use the laser to get rid of the tumors.
    Continue to drain the cells like before. Be sure not to kill two at the same
    time. Cutting out two Deftera instead of one will leave more time for them to
    create tumors and sap at your vitals. Take them out one at a time and increase
    vitals when necessary. Zap all the tumors when you're done with the Deftera,
    then close up the patient and move on to the next operation.
    OPERATION 40 - X3: Triti
    OK, for those of you who took the easy way out with Healing Touch, it's not
    going to work here. There are way too many needles to pull out even if you
    could have two Healing Touches. Oh, and the purple piece will burn vitals
    much quicker than in previous levels. What you want to do is corner the Triti
    on the lower right so it can't reproduce anymore. Start by pulling the needles
    on the upper left. More triangles will reform, but that's all right. The more
    of a block they are, the easier.
    Pull out all the thorn on the left side(drain the evaportaed ones), then
    scribble on the yellow lines. Pluck out the triangles, then move on to the
    next row. That's all it takes to beat Triti! Just one note. Be absolutely
    sure to take out the purple triangles. They will sap at your health quickly.
    OPERATION 41 - X4: Tetarti
    Tetarti is also pretty similar to the Fourth Sin mission. When the three
    colored tumors appear, inject the right serum into each one of them as usual.
    Don't remove them one at a time. Just inject the serum and cut them, then
    move on to the next so the rapidly-growing tumors won't get too big and
    explode. The tumors grow faster and do more damage, but you should be able to
    prevent all of that. Restore vitals after destroying the three tumors.
    Now, onto Tetarti. See, Tetarti still can't actually do any damage to you
    unless you inject the wrong serum into it. So do your very best not to do
    that. If you're unsure which is which, just wait until the next round to do
    so. You'll still see the colors at the beginning. Inject the right color
    serum into each one. If they start moving too fast for you, Healing Touch will
    easily fix that problem. This is a really easy, if not the easiest, X mission
    so far. You should be able to beat this with few problems.
    OPERATION 42 - X5: Pempti
    X5 is a difficult, although not as hard as X1. Like many other X missions,
    the main difference here is that vitals drop much quicker and everything gets
    a speed boost. You'll need to work quickly to beat this mission. I probably
    don't even have to tell you that. >_>
    Open up your patient. Inject the serum into the hazy object in the middle. Be
    sure not to miss. Once Pempti shrinks and the core is about to show, restore
    vitals to the max. Once the core appears, the real battle begins.
    Pempti still has its three different attacks. The slashing cells, the wave
    that generates polyps, and the rotating cores. The rotating cores will take
    out your vitals much quicker, so it's very important to get rid of those now
    than before. The wave that creates polyps is easy to deal with. Just ignore
    it and use the time to burn the core. Once you see the polyps, rub gel on
    them and the next wave should kill it. For the slashing ones, you'll probably
    be too slow to catch up to them. Get rid of whatever you can, but if you're
    slow, just use Healing Touch or suture the cuts that they make right when they
    appear, then restore vitals.
    Focus on the core as much as possible. If you can afford to ignore Pempti's
    attacks, do so. The more we burn the core, the shorter this mission will be
    and the less we'll have to deal with the attacks.
    OPERATION 43 - X6: Paraskevi
    Paraskevi is the same as Sixth Sin, except with the obvious quicker vital
    draining. Open up your patient, then suture the cuts. As Paraskevi's
    appearing, restore your vitals to the max and laser the tail. Give it a slice
    down the middle, then as the cuts are appearing, suture them and laser the
    tails of both Paraskevi pieces. Cut ONE of them, then do the same as before
    suturing the cuts as they appear. Work on one half at a time, like before.
    Be sure to suture up the cuts and laser the tails of all the pieces to keep
    them still at all times. We don't want them escaping.
    There's not much more I can say about this. It's really extremely similar to
    Sixth Sin and isn't that hard to beat, unless you suck at Sixth Sin too.
    Just practice on that if you have trouble with X6.
    OPERATION 44 - X7: Savato
    OK, X7 is hard. The hardest mission in the game in my opinion. Remember, we
    can't use Healing Touch in this mission until the end. Open up the patient
    and you'll see the web that Savato lies on. Use the scalpel and draw a circle
    around the webs until one of them breaks. This way, you'll weaken all the
    strands at once so when the web turns red, you can destroy a strand right
    away. After your scalpel breaks, spend a bit of time restoring vitals and
    zapping a few bugs. But as soon as your scalpel comes back, break another
    strand of web. Bugs are last priority. You can just leave them if you want,
    they won't affect you that much later on. Always keep your health above 15.
    Around 20-30 is nice.
    After torching the webs, you'll have to follow it around with the laser.
    Savato has its two attacks, the triple cut and the one where it spawns babies.
    Hope that you don't get the triple cut. Whatever happens, suture the cuts so
    your vitals don't drop dangerously fast. Don't forget that with blue bugs
    around, you won't be able to recover vitals as much. Continue keeping the
    laser on Savato until its shield breaks. Tap it with the scalpel to damage it.
    Do this several more times until Savato stops. Inject the serum.
    This time, Healing Touch will take a bit longer to activate than before. While
    Savato makes its nine cuts, quickly start suturing. Once Healing Touch
    activates, you're safe. Inject the serum to kill Savato. If you want some
    extra points, suture every cut and restore vitals to 99.
                /                                                        ||_____||
    ============                 {5.0} Mini-Rankings                     ||_____||
                \                                                        ||     ||
    As you may have noticed, some actions in the game get you mini-rankings. These
    mini-rankings are Bad, Good, and Cool. They add points to your operation
    score. Here's how to get Cool on most mini-rankings.
    Be quick, and don't suture more than what's necessary. Don't leave a trace on
    areas that are not the cut. Having an even zigzag pattern helps too.
    After using the gel on the membranes that cover tumors, use the hands and
    draw a quick circle motion around the edge. Be sure to hit the corners.
    Use the forceps to pull things such as glass or needles. Getting a Cool
    ranking here means that you pulled the item straight out and fast, without
    much side-to-side movement. Also be sure to place it on the tray, although the
    speed getting there does not matter.
    At the start of almost every operation, you must open up the patient. Be
    absolutely sure you placed gel on the cut first, then draw a fast line down
    the dotted yellow lines. The gel should still be active and it'll be slightly
    At the end of almost every operation, we must place a bandage on the patient.
    Be sure that gel is there and you see some slight green when you place the
    bandage. Make sure you cover the length of the cut and leave no traces of
                /                                                        ||_____||
    ============                       {6.0} FAQ                         ||_____||
                \                                                        ||     ||
    Q: Is there any nudity in this game?
    A: No. Only polygonal outlines and colors.
    Q: Is there any blood in this game?
    A: Nothing that looks disgusting. It just looks like red water, so nothing to
       be afraid of.
    Q: How do I get an S Ranking?
    A: First, you mustn't miss. Second, the majority of your "mini-rankings" must
       be cool. Third, some operations require you to have a certain time limit
       to get an S Rank.
    Q: After I get many cuts on my patient, my game starts to lag! Is this normal?
    A: Yeah. It really sucks especially for more difficult operations like X1.
       You just have to adapt to this by making sure you suture at least a few
       cuts so you can still play at a high level.
    Q: I hear gel can recover you vitals.
    A: Yes, the gel recovers your vitals just a little bit. Just rub it around in
       a circle. It also stops bleeding from cuts such as those made by Kyriaki,
       so it slows down the rate of vitals dropping. It won't recover vitals as
       fast a the syringe, though. The best way to recover vitals in a tight
       situation is to use gel, then quickly switch to the syringe.
    Q: Who's this Japanese guy?
    A: http://www.geocities.jp/bugloderunner/junk/kadoke_e.html
       Possible the best Trauma Center player worldwide. If you ever have trouble
       with a mission, look at this guy for inspiration.
    Q: Why do some people call Triti Tetarti?
    A: In Japanese, the GUILT with triangles is known as Tetarti, although in the
       US it's known as Triti. Japanese Triti is known as Tetarti in the US.
       So in other words, their names got switched around.
                /                                                        ||_____||
    ============                   {7.0} Conclusion                      ||_____||
                \                                                        ||     ||
    I hope that the game script FAQ has helped you, entertained you, or filled
    your needs in some way. If you need to contact me, feel free to E-mail me at:
    Be sure to include the game's name somewhere in your E-mail.
    If you have any further tips on X1-X7, I'd be glad to hear it.
    ~Special thanks to CJayC for the disclaimer
    Copyright 2006 {c} MG(Strawhat)                                    END OF FILE

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