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"About 1000x better than I thought it would be."

When I first saw this game in my gaming magazine, I thought what kind of moron could like that game. Then I saw the trailer on a DVD I received from said magazine.

Holy crap.

The characters, graphics, you name it, was all redone and looking amazing. It stayed with me since then, and recently, I bought a DS and got the game off of eBay. I couldn't be happier.


Basically this game is all about surgery. Fixing tumors, lacerations etc. However, the game makes it both challenging and really fun. If you strip it down to basics, it's simply a puzzle game. This game came to our shores in late 2005 thanks to Atlus.

Game play:

You control this game via the touch screen on your DS. Simple as that. Here's where my major complaint comes in. The controls can be a bit screwy and won't recognize what your doing at a critical moment. My DS is almost new, so I almost never have this issue.

This game is hard. Not as "throw the system out the window" hard as some games, but a little more challenging then need be. Some of the later patients can really be a pain, but it isn't too bad.

This game is fun. No question. The game play is very smooth and couldn't be much better. Atlus managed to make things we would hate to do in real-life very fun and engaging. It's a pick-up-and-play game. You can take 5 minutes and do an operation.


Ah the story. Sci-Fi in nature, it's a little reaching, but not too much.

Basically, you are Dr. Derek Stiles, a rookie surgeon at Hope Hospital in the fictional Japanese city of Angeles Bay. It's the year 2018, and most diseases we know today (Cancer, AIDS, H5-N1 [bird flu]) are gone. However, a new disease has emerged, and is running rampant.

It's called GUILT (Gangliated Utrophin Immuno Latency Toxin). It's considered a bio-weapon in medical terrorism. A secret medical facility called Caduceus is trying to treat it, but all they can is slow it down, and hide it from the public. You soon join them in their efforts.


The graphics are some of the best on the DS. Some parts of the body are a little off, but they still look very life-like. Sound is another thing. Most characters have some canned phrases during the operations. Your assistant for example, always says "Doctor." That basically means they have something to say. All your tools have their own unique SFX and they suit them well.

Play Time/Replayability

Took me about 6 hours the first time through, not counting all my retries. You can replay any mission from the "Challenge" menu, and that helps. Due to this, you don't have to replay the game, but if you want the whole story, you can.

Final Recommendation

A must-own game for the DS. Although the difficulty can be severe at times, and the story is a little strange, it's still an amazing game that somehow manages to make surgery much more fun then you'd think.

A well-deserved 10/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/16/06

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